Match-day morning

Mayo team AIQF 2014

Right, match-day itself has arrived and many of you are probably on the road at this moment, heading to Dublin where later on at Croke Park our minors and seniors face off against Kerry in their respective All-Ireland semi-finals.

It’s yet another big day for the county, the fourth year in a row that James Horan’s senior team have contested a match at this stage of the championship and when the ball is throw in on the big match at 3.30pm this afternoon his charges will be bidding to make it three semi-final wins in successive years. I don’t think many of us who were in Pearse Park, Longford, back in 2010 saw such a run on the way. I certainly didn’t.

We know full well the scale of the challenge facing us today. There’s only one more difficult stage to be playing Kerry in the championship than in an All-Ireland semi-final and that’s in the final itself and we’ve the scars to show from previous encounters there to know what what they’re capable of doing if they get a run at us.

We’ll only win today if we’re primed to perfection for the job that awaits us. It’s a measure of how far along this road we’ve travelled over the past four years, however, that we can, with justification, head to Croke Park today expecting the lads to do the business once more, as 81% of you who voted in the poll have said we’ll do.

Two extremely tough assignments lie ahead of the minor and senior teams today but their respective jobs will, surely, be made easier if we support them to the hilt from the stands. This is a big day, a day of big tests, but one that I feel we’re all ready for. It’s time for action. Up Mayo!

11 thoughts on “Match-day morning

  1. Well said Wllie joe, I’ve done a sweepstake on the final score 2day, I’ve gone for mayo 1-13 Kerry 2-12 in the minor, and mayo 1-15!kerry 3-10 in the senior, I think they will both be close games, can win a €1000.00 if I’m right, come on mayo noore excuses.

  2. U have lost ur money on the senior game mayoforsam. Come on lads do us proud today. Maigh Eo Abu

  3. Keep it tight in the first 15 and the game is ours, kerry will want to blitz us at the start too knock the stuffin out of us, if we do that, mayo by 6

  4. We’ll never get a better chance than today to knock the complete shite out of that Kerry team and make them feel like we did at the end of the ’04 and 0’6 finals. Bury them lads and bury them deep !!! C’mon Mayo

  5. For folks outside of Ireland, the minor match is streaming live in website. Go to the TG4 player and select GAA Beo. Up mayo !

  6. Holy jesus what a game-our lads are something else fair fucks to them has there ever been a mayo team with more guts?

  7. We go again we had to play the ref, no bother the next day, up mayo even against the ref

  8. We should have won, Kerry could have won….we should have won…we did more than enough to win that second half…five pts up, 5 mins to go….
    anyway considering, happy we get to fight another day.

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