Match day panel for Cavan game named

We’ve named our match day panel for tomorrow evening’s opening round All-Ireland SFC Group Stage match against Cavan. Here’s the full list:

Mayo (All-Ireland SFC Group Stage Round 1 v Cavan, 18/5/2024): Colm Reape (Knockmore); Jack Coyne (Ballyhaunis), David McBrien (Ballaghaderreen), Donnacha McHugh (Castlebar Mitchels); Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore, captain), Sam Callinan (Ballina Stephenites), Eoghan McLaughlin (Westport); Matthew Ruane (Breaffy), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); Jack Carney (Kilmeena), Darren McHale (Knockmore), Jordan Flynn (Crossmolina Deel Rovers); Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Tommy Conroy (The Neale), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet). Subs: Rob Hennelly (Raheny, Dublin), Fergal Boland (Aghamore), Rory Brickenden (Westport), Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels), Enda Hession (Garrymore), Conor Loftus (Crossmolina Deel Rovers), Conor McStay (Ballina Stephenites), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Padraig O’Hora (Ballina Stephenites), Paul Towey (Charlestown Sarsfields), Bob Tuohy (Castlebar Mitchels).

So on the starting team it’s two changes from Pearse Stadium. Into the first fifteen come Diarmuid O’Connor and Darren McHale (his first Championship start since the downing of the Dubs All-Ireland semi-final back in 2021), out go Rory Brickenden and Fergal Boland. There are also two changes to the subs list, with Conor McStay replacing Kevin Quinn and Paddy Durcan (a last-minute withdrawal the last day) replacing Eoin O’Donoghue.

Jersey numbers mean little nowadays but it’s still worth noting that we’ve made a few switches in that regard too. David McBrien is back at 3, Donnacha McHugh shifts back to 4, Stephen Coen switches back too, from midfield to 5, while Sam Callinan moves up to 6. Eoghan McLaughlin reverts to his favoured wing position at 7.

The best of luck to the lads tomorrow evening.

79 thoughts on “Match day panel for Cavan game named

  1. Paddy Durcan back in the squad also, on paper at least, after not togging out against Galway. You’d have to imagine if he has gotten over the injury (wishful thinking??) and is named in the 26 then he has to start?

  2. Boland dropped, that’s certainly a choice. Our top scorer in open play from the league, gets 1 point and 45 minutes against Galway, and he’s the first man taken off.

    Sure why not double down on last year’s mistakes by keeping natural scorers on the bench or even off the panel altogether? Towey is as well to be checking flights to Chicago in late June/July, he’ll be able to stretch the legs a bit over there at least.

    Good to see McBrien back at FB, his best position by far. Our half backs are probably the strongest line in our team, great talent there.

    Hopefully Diarmuid is able to steady the ship at midfield, because Ruane and Carney just haven’t been at the races there at all, although Matty is one of the best point takers.

    The full forward line looks good, I hope AOS gets plenty of early ball in and around the square, and he’s not pulled out to the middle of the field.

    Ryan is Ryan, probably another MOTM display in him, and I reckon Tommy turned a corner in his last game and is ready to catch fire.

    Mayo by 4-6 in the end against a hard working Cavan team.

  3. Definitely a stronger looking team. I’m settled that Fergal Boland and Paul Towey don’t have the strength and athleticism to start, but they can be good impact subs.
    We need to get this dropped thing out of our heads or “will surely now start!”.
    It’s an important thing to have scoring quality on the bench. We can’t start a mix and match team.
    What suits us is pace, size and power. Then we bring in lads who notch some scores from the bench.

  4. A sign of a strong squad in that Conor Mcstay aside you could make a case and argue that any of the other subs could or should be in the starting 15.
    Good to see Mcbrien back at 3 and Sam at 6. The way forward without doubt.

  5. @JP you are 100% correct. It’s a 20 man + game now. Look at the great Dublin team of the 2010s. They often started with perceived weaker players, but had massive quality off the bench. Subs are just as important as the starting players, sometimes subs can make just as much of an impact/more of an impact as if they start.

    The team is more like what I’d pick but I’d be holding either Carney/Flynn & Eoghan McLaughlin for bench impact.

    We shall see but I’m a little more enthused with this team than previous games

  6. Much better scoring forwards than Conor McStay on display in the Division 1 Senior Club league games if current management even bother there head going to watch them. Aidan Orme and Stephen O’Malley of Ballintubber come to mind.Another thing will Kevin let the players outside the 26 play for there clubs this weekend.Be something positive with all the negativity.

  7. I would have liked another change or two to freshen things up.

    Interested to see what Darren McHale can bring – I’d have questions over his strength and athleticism similar to Boland and Towey, but for me the problem with these players is more to do with the opposition knowing what is coming. All can be big assets but not IMO if the opposition knows exactly where and how they will play.

    Similar to other posters I would have liked to see Cillian start and Aidan finish, particularly if we tog as named which is probably as tall a middle eight as we can tog – Ruane, Carney, Diarmuid and Flynn all there. Either those four can live without Aidan or we looking to pull a giraffe out of the hat.

    Would have also liked to see Hession in the fullback line – might not come into play much tomorrow but against the big teams who will press all the time, I think we could use Enda as a short kick out option.

    I think we’re on a hiding to nothing this weekend. Damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Very similar looking to our Connacht campaign. Two pressure games where the result is first and foremost but everyone will be seeing the Dublin game as the moment of truth.

    Our performances have been consistent if not great. Maintaining that level and keeping clean sheets in these two games is probably the most important thing for me. If we can keep the goals out then we should be better able for the preliminary Quarter final route, and competing with the Dubs.

  8. Sorry to see Fergal Boland not on the starting 15 I believe that currently Fergal is our best playmaker and long range shooter. I think Cavan will defend very deep. Also very disappointed not to see
    James Carr on the 26 .Hopefully Paddy Durcan will get some game time . Have a strong feeling one or two named wont start, I always have that feeling.

  9. @Mind the house
    I agree that bench looks strong on paper but we haven’t been seeing an impact from the bench in practice, it’s an area we have been reaping no rewards from for whatever reason, Armagh/donegal/galway in recent weeks with huge match winning contributions off the bench.

    No real arguments with the team named to start, I don’t think we lose much by trying mchale over Boland tbh, also if its a choice between mchugh and brick mchugh, has earned his spot. Brickenden had lots of chances.

    Few others very lucky to be starting based on this years form (Flynn, AOS, Conroy) so time for some of those guys to sh1t or get off the pot at this stage

  10. Orme opted out of the panel. He got very little playing time under this management team, less than McStay for example but agree that players not on the 26 should be allowed play for their clubs.they need game time and an opptunity to feel good about themselves after all the hard work they put in. They should not be penalized for helping improve panel training. I would rate Irwin a better player and prospect than McStay.

  11. @FrostTHammer: “…particularly if we tog as named”

    Haven’t double-checked it, so very open to correction, but sure I heard someone mention we haven’t started a named 15 in Championship in over 2 years. Feels about right if nothing else.

    Plenty of chatter bouncing around of an unfortunate heavy coming together at training, some stitches and an expected charge or two to both team and panel. So even more doubts on the named 15 than we’d normally have coming into this one.

    Good strong 26 (even with a change or two possible) that you’d hope will handle anything Cavan can throw at us and cause them plenty of problems at the other end. Get the attitude & intensity right (big if, fingers crossed) and you’d expect us by 6-8 after a tough battle. Cavan well capable of turning us over if we come in anything less than full pace.

  12. It was reported on 8/9 th of may , James Carr had knee surgery. Poor buck is very unlucky with injuries , surgery a week ago or so , i doubt very much we will see him this year .

  13. Changing CHF hopefully is a signal for change of style of forward play.
    We will wait and see

  14. Good panel. The twenty six is what counts not the fifteen.

    As I said before, prepare for a borefest. Winnable but that’s all I’ll say. Cavan will be coming to Castlebar with a lot more than hope – any team will.

  15. Really strong team. Great to see Diarmuid o Connor back we’ve missed him badly.

    Also paddy Durcan great to see on bench I’ve no doubt of we had him v galway we would have won he’s such a leader and gets a few scores to.

    Mood is definetly low across the board but as colm Boyle says we need a statement win to lift the team and supporters.

    If any team can dust themselves down after the connacht final loss it’s mayo.

    Best of luck guys mayo by 5!

  16. Glad to see a change at centre forward. Need someone that will direct play and move ball forward at speed. Boland a great man for a wonder score but doesnt fill the centre forward role the way it should be and i felt he slowed play down or went backwards or sidesways allot with the ball. Good man to bring on but the better teams just swat him aside.

  17. Mcbrien played at 3 against the hearn chokers. So the shirt dont matters. What does matter is that we dont have extra man to cover as sweeper. Against con or cliff it would be good night irene and all her sisters. Horan would not play with sweeper. It seems this bus load of management dont either. Every team know this so its advantage no 14 for them. Were not learning?? Why is that?? These is observation not criticism.

  18. @Spectre: McBrien started as a sweeper in the recent Roscommon semi-final. We’ve used one predominantly in over half of this managements games (and sporadically in many of the others, often Aidan dropping back in there for a number of phases) over the 2 years they’ve been in charge.

  19. I’ve no problem with that starting team .
    Actually looks more balanced than the last team .
    I like Mchale . Clever footballer and can score .
    Fergal had a great league but didn’t bring that form to championship.
    Good to see Doc back and we have good options from the bench .
    I wouldn’t agree with the Statement win craic .
    Cavan are no slouches.
    Will clog up defence and be difficult to break down.
    Just win and move on would be my hope.

  20. TSuDhonim if the player requiring stitches no concussion symptoms then they should be fine to play.
    The poor unfortunate with damaged teeth you’d imagine most likely one who could drop out.

  21. @fortycoats, that comment is so inaccurate. McHale is arguably less physical than Boland and very often turns over ball in the tackle at inter county level. Also, Boland is a fine playmaker. Again arguably the best we have.

    The management are so obsessed we their lack of height and ball winners at midfield that Jordan Flynn and Jack Carney are undroppable despite their average or below average performances. Net result is Boland is dropped despite proving he is Mayo’s best from play scoring forward.

    At least they did the right thing and dropped Brickenden. Hopefully Paddy starts instead of Coen. How does Hession not start?

  22. Mayo67 msctay seems to be releasing players not on 26.
    Rory Byrne played for Mitchell’s last weekend.
    Eoin o d played for belmullet in comortas and I’m sure others were allowed too

  23. Gizmobobs, can you expand more on that and tell us who the players were involved in this collision?

  24. @GBXI. .. Fergal still a good option from the bench especially if the game opens up in the second half .
    As said previously Mchale is a good option to start.
    Similar in cuteness to FB .
    Hopefully DOC gets a good 60plus mins into the legs, we will need him going forward.
    Cavan have a good mid field , so if we can hold our own there, we should have enough for them

  25. Adult and Juvenile ticket available for the game tomorrow. Face value is 30 euro and I’ll be happy to give the tickets to someone if they can make a donation of 20 euro (more if they like) to charity – suggestions being Croí, Mayo Roscommon Hospice, MNDA Ireland, CF Ireland, or AsIAm Ireland.
    Let me know if interested.

  26. Mayo season ticket All Ireland series ticket offer 3 matches for 50 euro sold out.Attendence might not be as bad as people think.

  27. @Gizmobobs: Yeah.

    The other one just the (usual at this stage) doubts on Paddy. The limp against Roscommon looked fierce like a muscle injury, so super ambitious having him back in 4 weeks if it were, you’d still have doubts for the Roscommon game. Lots of uncertainty around that one, despite the official word on him being close for Galway.

    (You’d totally understand giving Cavan or Galway management headaches like Paddy to have to deal with, even if he’s not going to be available. No issue with any smoke and mirrors there.)

  28. Tickets have a seat reference on them GA1 – G44 – Seat Number. Does this mean anything or is it a first come basis for the stand?

  29. TH between 8 and 9k sold so far, which not bad as imagine a lot just buy day of when know if can go and what weather like.

  30. Deel River – please stop fishing for this kind of information. You should know that posting unsubstantiated stuff of that kind isn’t allowed here and, in fairness to Gizmobobs, no names have been mentioned.

  31. Fair enough. However, I don’t see the point in mentioning these things if people can’t be named.

  32. I doubt Carney will start and hes place will be tskrn by boland of loftus.
    In mchale you are looking for quicker distribution than boland but it comes with a major caveate as he’s not great at winning ball.

    Loftus hS the best ditrubtion and ability to win his own ball aswell as few points per game aswell as having been a great partner to Ruane 2 or 3 years ago .

    It’s early rounds I wouldn’t worry about any changes or introduction of any player as worth a look at .
    Come on Mayo

  33. The bottom line for me is that if players are named in that context, it needs to be substantiated by way of a press report or some kind of official statement. Otherwise it’s just a rumour and I’ve always opposed this place becoming Rumour HQ.

  34. Gizmo there were 18k sold the day before connacht final so i wouldnt imagine there will be much more than 10-11k max .

  35. Interesting team named .For some it is wrong dropping Boland, for others he is not physically strong enough. Similar tight calls in other areas so it’s a game of opinions. If the guy you want on ,doesn’t play and we lose then you’re a better manager than McStay. If the guy who replaces your man, plays well and we win you won’t praise the managers choice. You will say nothing until the next day when you’re proved right. That’s the beauty of being a supporter. The manager has no such luxuries. He lives and dies by his choices. Anyway they’re all Mayo men and they represent us on the field so best of luck to them all tomorrow

  36. Cavan will be no slouches but i’d expect us to get over the line with the team named. In years gone by this is usually when we had our best seasons, when we are written off and nothing expected from us, unfortunately i don’t think the same can be expected from this squad of players just yet.

    A win tomorrow for Mayo with no new injury’s and some signs of good football and i’ll be a happy supporter. The game in Salthill should be a cracker, Galway with a full strength squad against Derry who have a point to prove after losing to Donegal.

  37. A very strong team named,we should have far too much for Cavan,probably by eight

  38. Looks a pretty strong team, on paper. Seems like management were reading some of our posts on here and have taken note of our suggestions. McBrien back in his rightful place at FB, finally realized that Rory is not an FB,delighted to see Sam at 6,which I feel will be his position going forward, they had to find a place for McHugh, one of our best defenders and we look more balanced with Eoghan on the left. Great to see Diarmuid back at midfield too. A little puzzled by McHale in for Boland, but Fergal did struggle against Galway’s physical aggression, as I feared he would and maybe Darren is worth a go, with probably Fergal to come in as defences open up later on. If we turn up and start with the right positive attitude, we should be good enough to win, but anything less and we could be in trouble. I doubt if Paddy will be risked, unless we are in trouble later on. I would love to see us throw off the shackles and really go for it.

  39. Here Comes the Weekend pod is up now on Patreon. Mike, Colm Boyle and Dasmien Donohue of the We Are Cavan podcast are on it.

  40. Naming teams is a waste of time as we rarely start with the team named. Realistically the following should be starters if they are fit. Reape, McBrien, Durcan, McLaughlin, O’Connor, Ruane, Flynn, OShea, Conroy and O’Donoghue. The other 5 are a tossup. On the team named I would prefer O’Hora to Coen and Touhy to midfield and Diarmuid to move into McHales position. Hopefully we vary our play a bit more and play on the front foot. Anyone lining out against us can never be confident they will beat us so it has been a great decade and more following Mayo so we better enjoy it.

  41. Some not happy about Boland been dropped but he failed to get on the ball much against Galway, and in the Roscommon game too so I am not surprised to see him dropped.If your supposed to be a playmaker you have to demand it and be physical enough to get on it.Kevin McLoughlin had more or less the same slight build as Fergal but he always got on the ball.
    My concern is we are still playing to many players who are not taking shots at goal Aido and Jack Carney particularly, the 60/40 shots.I would like to see Aidan have 3 or 4 shots tomorrow and wouldnt care if they all went wide at least he tried.

  42. Unfortunately I don’t think Tuohy has showed anything near enough warranting a starting midfield spot. He has had the odd great catch and he can kick a point if he gets the time and space, but he was anonymous for much of the time he was on the pitch this year.
    He has time on his side, but I remember John Reilly, Kilmeena manager, saying Tuohy had to show he really wanted it – I don’t think he’s done enough of that.

  43. Think we will come out bouncing for this one as others said hope we throw off the shackles and go for it need to get back on track anything but a good win here with cavans main men missing would be a disaster.

    I’m also expecting Derry to come out firing and beat Galway by at least 5 or so.

    Feel bad for boland he has been good but not v galway let’s see how mchale goes instead great to see Eoghan mc back to…

    Will be listening on Midwest as can’t make the game but love their coverage of it also!

    Best of luck guys

  44. @Sticksforthereek. I’m inclined to agree with you about O Hora, not necessarily replacing Coen. But he does have the big of ‘dog’ that I like. We need lads out there who can mix it up and play with a bit of dash and unpredictability. We’re a bit too cautious and programmed I feel.

  45. A stupid question, bringing an 8 year old to the game tomorrow. Are under 16s free entry???

  46. The way we set up you could have Michael Fitzsimons playing FB in his prime for Mayo and we would still get ‘roasted’ as some people like to call it. If you don’t have protection in the foam of a sweeper in front of the FB line forget about it.

    McBrien needs a big game there considering his performance on Comer. Brickenden who was caught out a few times and has been hung out to dry without the added protection. Let’s not forget Rory’s brillant double clearence off the line that kept us in the game. Both lads need a sweeper in front of them when they play.

    Hoping for the half forward line to have a big game and score from play to justify Boland’s inclusion. I also believe a strong middle third could provide the platform for Boland to get into positions to score and not rely on his slight build. Also hoping for Tommy to keep his current good form up.

  47. @Moyside not a stupid question at all as far as I know I think they are free but not 100% sure.

  48. It was a huge mistake not to play O’Hora on Finnerty in Connaught final. There would be no head pats from Finnerty and very few scores.

  49. Call it old school but if you’re man beat you to the first 2 or 3 balls in you would be told in no uncertain terms to f**n cop yourself on and make sure it didn’t happen again. You would not be getting yourself a present of a sweeper to help you out. You would change your method or resort to what might be nowadays called the ‘dark arts’ but pride dictated how your swung things in your favour. If you simply weren’t up to it, you got the curly finger…oh the shame a that.

  50. The names not as important as the way they play.
    I doubt if Cavan will be over-concerned by our pedestrian midfield. Hope to God I’m wrong but I’m fearful of Cavan in Castlebar – a venue where the Mayo players rarely perform, could it be as a result of the groans from the crowd.
    That’s all the more reason to take them (Cavan) on every time.

  51. I think the back look better and certainly positioned better for this one. I agree Bric should not be FB without a sweeper but McBrien is tight , fast and strong enough to get the better of the vast majority of FF’s. Comer had an exceptional game last day but some fine margins on one or two (a 50 50 free and one point in off the post with decent pressure). Kept him quieter in 2nd half bar one high catch Eoghan was easily side stepped for the 2nd half point as was McBrien for the goal chance.
    My only change would be OHora for Eoghan Mac as one player does 90+ % of the right things and the other doesn’t but can pose lots of problems for the
    opposition. Eogan has defo improved but still not sure he should be starting so often. And most of these calls are marginal anyway. Wouldn’t drop Coen, just don’t play him midfield. Does 95% + right decisions and turns up in times of trouble.
    Re sweeper, nearly every team has a more conservative defensive structure than us so I accept that more protection is needed not just for FB but the line. We’ve kept the goal count low but there’s been some luck involved. McHugh comes up to score points more often than Hession (he could take a jersey in Coyne’s position but McHugh is in good form).
    I’m fine with McHale on, I don’t think he’s gotten enough chances this year. Can be very direct and score plenty from 11.. I’ve seen him get 4 from there a few times for Mayo. I don’t think Boland has done much wrong, just that bit quieter in Championship but still making an impact with passes and the odd score so marginal call. Could say the same for Loftus so 3 options. Tuohy made a good start for Mayo but hasn’t kicked on since.
    One big advantage for McHale on is balance, he’s probably a good left footed free taker and all the media have noted our low scoring rate from the right side from play.

  52. Both Brickenden and Boland have had poor good championships so far but we do not know if changes were boggles or injury related. I f Boland was not physical enough or a good enough ball winner I don’t know if McHale is the answer but we will see

  53. There’s no comparison between Brickenden and Boland. Boland’s class is there for all to see. Regularly stands out as one of the best players in Mayo club football and was comfortably Mayo’s most reliable player to score from play so far this year. Brickenden on the other hand doesn’t stand out for Westport and no one can say other than a decent kick pass what he brings to the party. By the way, O’Hora is not the answer for Mayo either. He’s been shown up so many times against top forwards. Eoghan Mc is a huge asset for Mayo and the management are rightly putting a lot of faith in him.

  54. Too late to change it now, but I think our real problem in defence is that we must be one of the very few teams that use a one v one man marking system, whereas most use a zonal space marking system and also, we are not physical/aggressive enough in the tackle. I have only got around to watching the first half of the Galway game, so far, but it confirmed the opinion I had at the game and emphasized my point. We were looser and not as aggressive in defence and left big holes thro’ the middle, probably not helped by McBrien tracking Comer in the corner. This allowed Galway to run direct at us and probably contributed to some of the late, albeit, wrongly awarded frees. On the other hand, Galway marked space and clogged up the middle, forcing us to go down the flanks, Happy that we were less likely to score from our wide-admittedly, we were not helped by being unbalanced with Eoghan on the right, tho’ I thought he had a decent game. With our man marking we need to use a sweeper and Coen would be my choice, as he reads the game so we’ll.

  55. Shuffle deck if its RTe you heard that (i heard it there) I have to call out RTE’s pathetic research yet again.. they said we didn’t score any points from the right hand side against Galway. McHugh & Conroy scored from right hand side in 1st half. Rod scored a mark from the right hand side. I’m 99% sure Ruane got a score in 2nd half from right hand side also. There just examples off the top of my head

  56. Debates still ongoing over fb line, hb line, midfield and hf line. Surely to God after this long in the job most of the team should pick itself other than injuries.

  57. I wouldn’t agree Boland has been poor in championship. Is scoring less and still playing plenty of heads up and good passes but not a dominant 11 and wasn’t during the league either in many games but the numbers were good. He’s a player who pops up and makes an impact, more incisive. It’s a question of how much is that worth. The best 11 at the minute is probably Paudie Clifford combining running, passing and scoring. Good at all 3 although has been marked out a few times including by us. We have many options at 11 all with different styles. Hard to say what’s best.

  58. McHale is a player who likes to score and does most of his scoring from the middle but as a natural left footer offers a better option from the right. While stats in individual games may disagree I’d say long term, the stats on which side our points come from are correct.

  59. @Mayo man in meath as others have said I don’t think O ‘Hora is the answer he got roasted by the dubs forwards roasted by kerrys and other big teams he’s a good player but an impact sub maybe but he’s not the answer to our problems.

  60. I see the rossie beat Galway in minor semi final , whwre is the final being held ?

  61. O Hora wasnt the only one who got roasted by Dublin forwards and Clifford!!

  62. @Clare
    Good players like O Hora and excellent players like McBrien are going to get roasted by any top name forward if they have zero help.

    We are the only team in the country who do this,it’s mind boggling.

    I really hope we see some sort of defensive plan today and going forward.

  63. Still a lack of experience and hardness in our backline.
    It showed against Galway. It will be a bigger reason why
    we do not progress this year in the Championship
    than a lack of scores up front. However, experience is earned by what you learn from loosing and what you do about that! It’s a slow cooker.
    It would be good to see Padraig O’Hora get 20-25
    minutes on a Cavan forward that needs to be quietened
    and Paddy If he’s fit enough and if needed in the last quarter..
    Finally, Conor Loftus needs game time to sharpen him
    up for his needed contribution to the middle third, and
    good for a score or two.

  64. I fail to see if Padraig o hora gets roasted by everyone what would use he be as an impact sub .very strange logic.o hora is not a tight marking corner back but has attributes that could be used elsewhere

  65. Time to shake off shackles in terms of the team and the dark cliud over us fans.
    We all have our health to attend or support matches let’s get behind them.
    We should have could have beat Galway but there be some depression after playing Derry to then face Armagh to be physically battered and mentally drained, so count it as a blessing and let’s get behind the lads .

    First game out nice win over cavan , get more fluid and faster in use of ball, get diarmuid fit, conroy confident, gametime in flynn, Loftus, eoin Mac and cillian.
    Competition for places with and progress to the game v rossies, fitter sharper more together.
    Beat the rossies and play dublin.
    Remember not all that long ago last year we were every bit as good if not better than them in first half.
    I was disappointed we hadn’t a game plan for them at start of second half and that’s where Mannion made hay.
    So take all that in context , get rhythm and confidence going , 90% of the Galway game was decent , we were just too passive and lack of understanding at end of game to ruthlessly kill it but we learn from it and move on.
    Sam at 6, eoin Mac, diarmuid and ruane , let’s motor up the field , hopefully flynn plays himself back into form , again he’s doing alot right but shot taken is not his usual sharp self.
    Mchale is a sweet type of player and not that long ago after we best kildare in championship he had stats wise the greatest influence on our scores and was a ole gunnar coming off the bench.
    I think he’s in there for the overlapping game and will actually rotate with Tommy as getting Mchales hand on the ball around the d is where he’s most effective.

    Fullforward line is finest play themselves into form and purple patch
    So shake of the darkness , let’s go lads tear into them , 3 group games 2 wins and free shot at other game , before a quarter where other teams will have beat themselves up in harder groups

  66. Could Brickenden be an option for midfield, in the long term.
    And I agree with others above who call for O’Hora’s inclusion.
    He is exactly what we need in defense. We are lucky to have him. USE HIM.

  67. O hora is a fans player but reality is he just not that calibre of player to A be a man marker or B an attacking wingback , so he falls into a cameo role or player for games in tighter spaces .
    Just on the man marking and how tight he is etc remember it’s Sam that Ballina put on Knockmores main man in Darren Mchale .
    So you imagine both coaches can’t be wrong .
    So yes he’s a great bit of stuff and does his mighty best bt he’s not Gary Ruane debate of good few years ago .
    Remember him rocking it to Michael Meehan, Ruane was one he’ll of a man marker as was Tom Nallen a great man to nullify opposition main men but in a different way by playing on front and backing himself .
    We had some talent then and all were fully grown men, now we’re in a period of transition ans need to trust the lads to allow them get experience.
    If it were backs to the wall job I’d go with Eoin o donghue if you can give him a little cover onfront .
    Jack coyne looked to be shaping up as a Harrison MK2 but seems to be told to be more ball player than that tough corner back he started out as

  68. O’Hora isn’t an out and out man-marker by the modern definition, but if you were a Galway forward two weeks
    ago, who else other than McBrien would you not want
    to be looking over you shoulder to see who’s coming for you?
    We have a lack of hardness, and experience in this side
    and O’Hora is a player that opponents would not like to
    see coming for them fresh off the bench. Not all old
    -school should be abandoned. Other more successful counties value it more than we do.
    Afterall, defence is the foundation and when you wrap
    that up with a good system, hard work, and steeliness ,
    you can move forward. In rugby, forwards win the ball
    and the collisions, before their backs win the game.
    O’Hora has a steel that his fellow players admire and
    rivals don’t like. We should be building on that, if we
    want to be winners, and not stay as the nearly-men.
    If we can’t look in the mirror, then we should look at Armagh as another example these days.

  69. @up mayo in regards to Brick I think so yes. He should be tried there over the winter. Good footballer, just haven’t found the right spot with him but look how kerry pin point a weak area and mould a player over the winter.. that’s one area we could work on next league.

  70. Only place for O’Hora at Inter County level is Half back line.Sam Callinan aswell.
    Certain players cannot play corner back.Its a specialist position marking the best forwards in Ireland.We seem to get this wrong in Mayo for years.Oisin Mullin who was an out an out half back played at full back in 2021 and was exposed badly for the 2nd Tyrone goal from Cathal McShane which a good traditional fyll back would have dealt with. Colm Boyle was another.Got roasted by Cormac Bane in 2008 in a Connacht Final and wasnt seen till 2012 because of it.
    I can remember he got caught ball watching back in the full back line for a Diarmuid Connolly free that led to a goal from Rock in 2016 All Ireland .
    But when he was out at half back he was a Rolls Royce footballer.
    David Heaney who was a brillant half back played full back on Dara O Cinneide and Kieran Donaghy in 2004 and 2006.Roasted both times.
    Pat Holmes another half back on Maurice Fitzgerald in 1997 roasted.

  71. I think in most, maybe all them cases we had no other viable options at the time. A bit unfortunate for the lads.

  72. @75 I agree, the best corner back I ever saw was Robbie O’Malley, always seemed to be in the right place at the right time.
    It is a very difficult position to play, great going forward doesn’t cut the mustard with me.

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