Match day panel for Derry game named

We’ve just named our match day panel for the Derry game. Here it is:

Mayo (All-Ireland SFC preliminary quarter-final v Derry, 22/6/2024): Colm Reape (Knockmore); Jack Coyne (Ballyhaunis), David McBrien (Ballaghaderreen), Donnacha McHugh (Castlebar Mitchels); Rory Brickenden (Westport), Sam Callinan (Ballina Stephenites), Eoghan McLaughlin (Westport); Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore, captain), Matthew Ruane (Breaffy); Tommy Conroy (The Neale), Darren McHale (Knockmore), Jordan Flynn (Crossmolina Deel Rovers); Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Jack Carney (Kilmeena), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet). Subs: Rob Hennelly (Raheny, Dublin), James Carr (Ardagh), Enda Hession (Garrymore), Conor Loftus (Crossmolina Deel Rovers), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber), Eoin O’Donoghue (Belmullet), Pádraig O’Hora (Ballina Stephenites), Michael Plunkett (Ballintubber), Paul Towey (Charlestown Sarsfields), Bob Tuohy (Castlebar Mitchels).

So it’s the same team that started against the Dubs, with Rory Brickenden named at wing-back, which sees Stephen Coen shifting to midfield and Jack Carney to full-forward. How we line up – and, indeed, line out – come 6.30pm tomorrow is, of course, another matter entirely.

Derry named their team and subs last night, full details of which are here.

The best of luck to our lads tomorrow evening.

78 thoughts on “Match day panel for Derry game named

  1. As good as we could hoped for with eoghan and matty fit .
    Excellent come on Mayo.

  2. No big surprises, I actually think that team will start as named.
    Diarmuid first cab off the rank.

    Coen to be the extra man at 6, McHugh on Rogers, McBrien on McGuigan

  3. Behind all the negativity over the last few months, mcstay and co have quietly built a very strong squad of players to role out at the Business end of the season.

  4. It will be interesting to see if we do go with the twin towers full forward line approach. One or other to midfield for spells if needed I’d imagine but Derry could have their hands full in there minding the big lads if we bomb a few in.
    A bit of a new departure to keep everyone guessing perhaps.

  5. A veritable game of chess for the first third, and part of me thinks go with the quick high ball in when Derry are most likely assuming McStay will adjust tact. Mayo must be ahead in the final quarter, absolute prerequisite. We’ll see if the rumoured disquiet in the Derry camp is untrue when they’re chasing a deficit. That’s when the tempers will flare.

  6. Id suspect there was a bit of bother in the camp but if thats resolved now and they are galvanised from it , makes not a blind bit of difference in fact it could reignite the flame pre supposed unrest .

    Anyway we have a job to do and thats what our bucks will be concentrating on , weve plenty to give and thats all that matters is that we give it . Bench is impressive if all are 100 percent . Love to see carr stretch the legs if we were in a good position on 50 min mark

  7. Highly unlikely McLaughlin plays tomorrow, Diarmuid the obvious man in . Was behind mayo dugout last weekend, there’s no way he’s playing 6 days on from kicking the hammer .

    -DOC for McLaughlin.
    -Anyone saying that Carney will line @14 needs their head examined . DOC, Carney Ruane , Flynn make up the engine room.
    -McHugh to continue in his spoiling services on Glass. -Expect McBrien to start off on McGuigan, likely job share with Sam.
    -Irrespective of what McStay / anyone says , Brickenden a massive weaklink in that defensive line , expect Derry to target him .

    I’d take a 2-1 win .Maigh Eo Abu

  8. With all things considered it would be hard for McStay not to reward last weeks starting team and say more of the same with just some positional / tactical changes

  9. Mark, that’s an interesting point about seeing the mettle of a team when they’re chasing a deficit. If Derry were, for example, I’d say they’d feckin well play for each other and where they’ve come from rather than heed a whit about Mickey. They were there before him and might well be there when he’s managing somewhere else. I read that at least 4 of the Derry team played in that Derry v Mayo 2017 qualifier game in Castlebar when they were in Division 4. There’s character in that team and we know what that means and feels like.
    That said, I have no sentiment here. This is our game and I want us to go out there and win it. We’re coming for it. Dig in early, get the scores going, come in waves and don’t let up until the end.

  10. I understand that the bother in the Derry camp on holiday was between the players.
    Nothing to do with Mickey Harte.
    He is a master at getting into the opposition heads.
    Discipline will be all important.
    Expect a lot of sledgling.

  11. What about a dark horse and play Irwin at centre forward, can kick long range points or is he not ready yet

  12. Great to see no carry over injuries from last week, I’m still holding the belief that we will see the learnings from last year in the next two games, so think we’ll win but there are no given games from here on out. Best of luck to the lads, bold prediction is Mayo by 6(James Carr to score two wonder goals that belong in the Euros’s, and a Derry player being sent off for an attack on a team-mate);)

  13. @Swallow, my last say on the matter is Mayo’s last performance was top drawer and that carries serious weight into an inevitable battle of the ages. I see a huge contradiction in how people see Mickey from within this forum..if, as so many believe, he goes all out to win every game then how can people reconcile that with believing he’s “shrewd” when his team has lost three from the last four. I don’t get it but I know going on the road to face a rejuvenant Mayo was not on his wishlist.
    Go at them lads and we’ll see if they’ve feet of clay.

  14. If we can build a good lead in the first half and rotate players to rest some will be our best option with the quarter final in mind. I know we have to take it one game at a time but we have to have one eye on the quarter final.

  15. I’ve been saying it for a long time ref the Twin Towers approach. Placing Jordan and Aido in around the Full Forward Zone and kick high ball in to them. We have the fielders here laying off the ball to incoming Tommy or Ryan goals have to come. We are not scoring enough goals to win matches. Has Mc Stay and Management finally seen the light? Hit Derry hard on the counter as Donegal did. No line passing or kicking backwards the ball needs to be moved fast with pace off the shoulder. Once in the scoring zone score. Now is our time lads go out and do it. We have proven ourselves against the Dubs and now let’s Ratchet it up again.Mayo to win it by 6.
    Go neirigh an tadh le Mhuigheo.

  16. A 1 point victory will do me,and everyone to come through unscathed-no need for wild predictions.

  17. Will Harte have to drop Rogers or Glass back to deal with the aerial stuff? If so it would give us an advantage around the diamond I’d reckon.

  18. I would think if the management intended using carney at full forward then it is fairly unlikely that would name him there today.This is a dangerous game for mayo in what will be an entirely different set up to what we faced last Sunday so no point thinking ahead to potential quarter final

  19. @you three haha loved that comment!

    Best of luck guys we can do this who knows how far we will go but I guarantee this not one personvoutsude of mayo thought we would draw the dubs and v favourites against derry.

    My Dublin mates want another crack at us still fuming they didn’t beat us ha.

    Can’t wait for this!

  20. I dont buy the problems in the Derry camp and them falling out with eachother etc. Bottom line…. they know that if they can beat Mayo no one will even care about what happened in the last month and they are fully capable of doing that. There are real experienced winners in that line up at both club and intercounty level and they have a manager who is a winner as well.
    I would argue that the last 20 years in football has been a story of Tyrone not Dublin. Tyrone went into that period with no All Ireland and came out of it with 4…….Mickey Harte was the main architect of that…..that deserves respect

  21. I think we’ll definitely see one or two changes to that lineup. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Cillian go from the start for a home game in Castlebar.

    Will also be interesting to see what we do with Boland if his appeal is successful this evening,

  22. Be great to see Carr back, even for a cameo. Think this will start out defensive as its knock out but as the game opens up it should get interesting. Fingers crossed Boland gets the green light.
    Midfield and kick outs key again. May as well just go for it.
    Feels like an eternity from last week.

  23. Think people are reading too much into Carney being named at 14 and a potential twin towers approach, thats just where he is numbered. Numbers mean nothing, he won’t play there.

    There has been no hint at any point in the past few years that Mayo are going to start aimlessly hoofing high balls in on top of tall men. We have never played that way and I doubt it will start out of the blue on Saturday

  24. Thanks Clare and Swallow, I might be an idiot but I love living by my belief in this team, if its a false fallacy so be it, I’ll hurt like the rest of us. I’d like to add an observation though, looking back on the Dublin game, I think all of us, pundits included, have no idea on how to analyse the mechanics of the game today, very easy to pull out man on man battles, but there is so much movement and game management on the field today(eg McHugh being in a position to take a goal chance from a Coen handpass), the lads on the pod do well in this but most don’t

  25. I might be in the minority but I didn’t think Cillian played great against either Roscommon or Dublin. Playing both Cilluan and AOS together in ff line will not work – not enough pace there to open up the top defensive teams.
    Cannot judge any forward on the Cavan game as Roscommon scored 3-20 and Dublin put up a big score against them as well.

  26. It’s the same team named as last week so no chance Carney plays FF. Tommy, Ryan and Aidan will be the 3 players furthest forward again.

  27. @Clare definitely not fuming we didn’t beat you. Our aim was to top the group, it was last gasp but achieved. But definitely want to see the rematch ( All Ireland Final ) Two teams that don’t fear each other, and play football the right way. Easily the game of the season. If people put county dislike ( Or Dublin dislike lol ) what neutral wouldn’t want to see a re-run. We always bring out the best in each other. On Mayo this weekend, I can see Mayo by 4/5. Derry have emptied the tank. Mayo look re-energised. Always a better more interesting championship the longer certain counties go into it. Mayo definitely one of those counties.

  28. Agree @Southmayo Exile. Cillian very quiet lately apart from the odd quality point or two.
    Not sure he fits into the FF setup as well as Aido. Glad to see him on the bench all the same. Still has killer instinct but either has not had enough opportunities or is not fully match fit. Hopefully I’m giving him a man of the match vote on Saturday evening.

  29. Carney did do a job at 14 for horan alongside carr but I don’t think thay will be approach tomorrow burt all same could be a tactic for likes of donegal or Kerry who don’t like the high .

    Taking flynn away from his role would be determental to this team, his role is only missed when he’s not there , I expect he’s coming back into top form and will produce the goods tomorrow .

    Ya I agree hard to see Eoghan Mac starting but as someone else said on previous blog , nobody seems to be able to recover quicker from injuries than him .
    Coyne out Loftus in with brick dropping back I’d say .
    Probably too soon to start diarmuid, I’d like to see Mchale keep his place as he did really well against dubs and will have learnt alot . A run of games is all he needs, he’d sneak a goal chance and he’s a great man to run on the shoulder, so if tommy get space I’d imagine you could see Mchale running of his shoulder and tagging on few points

  30. Its worth searching in You Tube ”The best of Andy Moran” and also ”The best of Lee Keegan”.
    Notice the amount of final passes from both Cillian O Connor and Aiden O Shea which split the defense for both Andy and Lee to score. Cillian can appear to be quiet but he has an enormous influence on the game which goes unnoticed. Had Cillian been fit for the All Ireland against Tyrone then that penalty would have been scored and we may have had a different result. Cillian always gives the pass to the player in the better position – Not greedy going for his own score

  31. This is a really tough game to be playing 6 days after, that big effort against the Dubs. Can we recover mentally and physically in 6 days and are the likes of Eoghan, Diarmuid and Jack 100% fit. Its a big ask, I fear we will be in serious trouble tomorrow if Derry are at it. Derry will not give the same space for the likes of Tommy, Ryan and Mattie to exploit as the Dubs did the last day. This will be a totally different game to last weekend and may require a lot of patience from players and supporters alike. Remember the borefest against Louth last year and spot the common denominator. I am usually more optimistic on our chances but I fear for the result tomorrow.

  32. Cillian Marshalls the forward line like an army general.Essential member of this squad.If he had been near Kilkenny last Sunday I’d hazard a guess that the pass to McCaffrey would never have happened.

  33. Outside of the boot, I must have been watching a different McHale v Dublin
    Thought he was flat footed all day, the speed of the game completely by passed him . Turned over at a crucial stage too. Maybe the smaller confides of McHale park will suit him but the pace of the Dublin backs did not suit him.

  34. Im a bit concerned about Sam Callinan at this level he coughed up a lot of scores the last day against Dublin and was cleaned by Clifford in both the league and sigerson now in fairness Clifford cleans most defenders but I have just a little concern about him. Would Eoin O Donoghue be a better option?

  35. Just booking the match on GAAGo. Unfortunately won’t get to Mc Hale this weekend.
    Noticed that any of the previous matches are free to watch, possibly if you have paid for a few already.
    Going to watch Derry Vs Westmeath anyway before tomorrow.

  36. Glorydays – when has Sam ever played against Clifford in sigerson? He has been marking Sean O’Shea the last couple of Mayo games vs Kerry.

  37. I think Glory days was thinking of Darragh Canavan who in fairness done well on Sam. I firmly believe Sam has the attributes to be a top class 6 or sweeper but is not the strongest corner back

  38. Robert, McHale won turned over balls twice as well I think that led to scores. Was in on goal and should have been played in for a finish but think Ryan or someone took the shot instead. Another time in second half he’d peeled into space and was calling but Tommy I think it was took to many plays out of it and chance was lost.
    If look at replacement options, Loftus got good point when brought in but hit two bad efforts. Gave away cheap free in front of posts and was turned over as well. So if be inclined to stick with McHale as Conor has proven effective off bench.

  39. A dangerous game for Mayo. While I am more confident than last Sunday we are falling into a similar trap as we often did before. Everything is based on the last game. Just because Aido Ryan Tommy et al all played well the last day doesn’t mean it’s a definite to happen again. Just because Derry were poor v Westmeath doesn’t mean they are sure to be poor against us. So many of our team did really well Sunday. They targeted the game, got themselves up brilliantly and must have been devastated not to win. They now have to lift themselves to play against this “beaten docket “ that 8 weeks ago were good enough to win the AI. Dublin will let you play but Derry will be ultra defensive and we are not good v defensive set ups. If Derry have absolutely anything about them they have to put in a performance Saturday. The amount of sh1t that has been written about them since donegal beat them must surely hurt. And they have an old master on the sidelines who will feed into that. Not so long ago Derry and Dublin were considered to be in the top 3 in the country . If Mayo can produce 2 great performances in 6 days against these two it says a huge amount about our team. Maigh Eo Abu

  40. My apologies and thanks for correcting me our time has come I was indeed thinking of Darragh Canavan. I.agree Sam will make a brillant no 6 and he’s a great lad with a terrific attitude but I worry about him sometimes at corner back

  41. I am waiting for Cillian to play a brilliant devastating game for us. It will come.

  42. That’s seems to be a good powerful team & the bench looks good, hopefully they can get it right for Saturday evening, I believe Mayo will win, come on.

  43. Derry have good players and I’m sure they will give everything for the cause, so dead right we have to be ready for this. Although I don’t think we will be caught wanting on this front which may have happened if we got a so-called handier draw.
    On Mickey Harte, I can’t help but feel that his day has passed. No doubt he created a somewhat novel approach 20 years ago, and of course he can bring a certain discipline etc. to a group of players. But is he the Special One that he once was?
    I expect a tough challenge with no quarters given and am hopeful we can make the quarter final draw

  44. I’d expect Boland’s suspension to be lifted and he could possibly start the game. Mayo were impressive last week but can they put back to back performances?. They will have to be more streetwise tomorrow and hammer the hammer when taking scores , this week was all about recovery so can’t imagine they done much on grass except planing on how to beat the ultra defence they will face tomorrow. I think is likely that we will see 3 changes to the starting team selected to add fresh legs . I’d like to see mayo rattle the net early tomorrow drive on from there because Derry will want to slow the pace of the game down and dictate terms. Mayo by 6 points if we keep 15 on the park and don’t do anything stupid.

  45. @glorydays I would ignore Sigerson as you are surrounded by lots of players with little or no experience.
    Yees he was cleaned in the league against Tyrone as were most on the Mayo team that day.

  46. Just watched Derry Vs Westmeath. Derry look like a division 3 side. Can’t believe how poor they were.
    Bar Mc Closkey at 2 all were terrible. Massive amount of turnovers. Gives me confidence for Saturday

  47. @Hill16 didn’t say all divs were fuming ye didn’t beat us but I know a fair few who are annoyed they didn’t beat us and still moaning about the ref..

    Anyway onto tommorow derry were great in league but have slipped look flat but knowing our luck they will come flying out tommorow but mayo still to win and Aido to put in another big perfermance!

  48. Galway just got over the line against Sligo and then turned around and beat us. It’s all about who you are playing on the day and this game against Derry has all the hallmarks of an ambush if we are not fully clued in from early doors. The longer Derry stay in the game the harder it will be for us to shake free of them. If we hit them for goals and get ahead then they could easily fold if their confidence is shot like everyone is saying. I don’t see it.. I think this is going to be a low scoring tough slog. Hope I’m wrong and we put them to the sword early on

  49. I’ll take an injury time one point win or whatever it takes.
    It’s all about winning games from now on.
    Simple as that.
    It’s harder than it looks.

  50. Its a game that’s there for Mayo to win but ye will need to be on it from the get go as if Derry sniff a chance its possible they could raise their game but if you are from Derry its a hope not based on anything seen recently. Going on the Dublin game vs Derry performance against what is a good defensive team in Westmeath you would expect Mayo to be able to put up a score and hurt Derry. Tommy Conroy is hitting form and Ryan always delivers and Aidan is in good form too. Everyone is writing Derry off and rightly so given their performances in last few games so if Mayo deliver a performance on par with the Dublin performance I will go for Mayo to win by 5-6 points.

    As for Galway the style of play is very hard to watch and its likely we will leave Monaghan right there until the death so I’m not confident. I hope they come out and attack hard but I have not seen it and its unlikely Joyce will deviate from his “style”.

  51. Good panel picked, one thing we can be sure of is Mickey Harte will have his team prepared well. See if we can break them down. A 1 point win will do. Any talk of a lead on 55 mins and give lads a run for the sake of it is soft in the head. Subs will be tactical. The odds on another system’s failure for Derry are slim, their manager is well capable of altering the plan and even if throwing a curve ball selection and approach. Winning this game will require a similar level performance to Sunday, persistence and positive attitude. There are no easy games left. Looking forward to it.

  52. So much hype on here because of last weekend great display against the dubs. We tend to get carried away when we preduce a big performance and this hype can get through to the players who I’ve no doubt are aware of what’s going on on the outside.
    I’m very worried about the outcome of this match and suggesting that their might be agro among the Derry player or the manager will only steel them into a backs to the wall mentality which could make a difference in a tight game.
    I would like to be very very wrong about all this negative thinking but the thought of being out of the Champions next Sunday evening scares the life out of me ?

  53. @John +mchale why is it then whenever we produce a great perfermance like we did last weekend against the all ireland chpuins it’s hype…

    Keerty, dubs whenever they put in great displays they are favourites for sam.

    It’s time as I always say we adopt that winning mentality I know that’s hard sometimes with mayo but they us so proud most of the tone yes not crossed the line but by God they give us great days out.

    Just because you back your team to do the job doesn’t mean it’s hype. Mayo are the bookies favourites tomorrow as most say bookies don’t get it wrong often.

    Derry will bring it to us no doubt about it but they made the mistake of going 100 miles an hour during the league like we did last year. Championship is where it matters.

    Everyone had said we were average during league but came alive when it matters most against the dubs Sunday the best display under mcstay and sorry for the essay bug that’s not hype it’s saying the truth we are a good team always have been maybe lost the confidence and bad injuries but we are a top team.

    Anyway mayo by 4 or 5 good luck guys I know ye will do us proud.

  54. Is there any chance of a limit on the amount of posts that someone can post here WJ? Its exhausting reading the same over and over again….

  55. @johnmc you pretty much sum up how most of us feel. Sundays performance was unexpected but welcomed.. I think most people accept if that game was a straight knockout in CP it may have had a different outcome. Derry were second favourite for the All-ireland on merit a few weeks ago and have scorers all over the field as well as a defensive set up that we struggle with.
    What encouraged me last week was we handled the situation we were in better than the Galway game. We created space and took scores when we needed to in the second half. Hopefully we can do that in the first half this time around. Hopefully we see a bit of steel throughout the team tomorrow and no lad will be allowed to pat one of our lads on the head again!

  56. I believe the pat on the head was a turning point for this team Moose79. Tomorrow will be tight however no matter what anyone says. Mickey Harte knows Mayo struggle against the blanket so no prizes for guessing what way they will set up. Horses for courses, aido out around the middle tomorrow and hopefully we squeeze through, Derry have quality players, let’s respect that but be better and hungrier than them – Mayo by 3

  57. Moose79, I wouldn’t get too bothered by a pat on the head. The Mayo lad’s first responsibility is to stay on the pitch. If he hits a lad a belt or picks up 2 yellows in close proximity the odds swing awy form us.. isn’t worth reacting for. If loads of lads want to come flying in to roar at the perpeprator and push him around a bit, then his aim has been achieved which is to rile either the opposition or the player.
    The best reaction I’ve ever seen was Derry’s Enda Gormley in the 1993 final coming under a good bit of rough treatment from Niall Cahalane. He kicked three points in quick succession and wagged the finger at Cahalane saying provoke me and I’ll keep doing that. Cahalane kept quiet and toned down the rough stuff on him for the rest of the game as he knew it wouldn’t work on that lad. Needs a fair bit of self discipline to do what Gormley did which was to become twice as determined as he already was. Opposition teams generally don’t get away with too much nowadays as there are a good few officials around and the TV cameras spot more than they ever did so reputations develop. Mick Lyons was perceived as a dirty player for Meath but it was said at the time Liam Harnan was worse, yet no one ever saw him do much. Hard to know if it was urban myth or he was even cuter than Lyons. Nowadays, the refs would have their officials on the lookout for the bad boys and there are very few of those. More damage is done by teams complaining in the media (e.g. the Dubs complaining about Lee for tough marking of Connolly). The cards are dished out easier and the black adds a 3rd option/ Not saying there aren’t teak tough players out today there playing right on the limit but it’s a bit harder to get away with kicking and digging lads off the ball. Fergal (a clean player by default) was spotted doing whatever he did the other week (I for one didn’t see anything and many here didn’t but the officials caught it). The Dubs eye gouge of Gooch was one of the last examples of really cynical bad boy stuff that wasn’t caught and that’s probably back in 2012. The recent banning of a Derry player showed it’s harder to get away with. Philly tried a bit of soccer style diving in against us 2022 after an Aido challenge and I think the ref ignored his antics.
    I think it’s a lot more important to focus on the ball game than get distracted by provokation. By all means let the ref know or Captain can do the complaining but continue to play ball.

  58. Chesneycat, it’s hard to warm to Joyce as manager. He was a great player and leader on the pitch and has the same determined mentality in management but is fairly prone to blaming the officials if things don’t go his way. I live in Galway and if they last longer than us, will definitely support them as my no. 2 as I always do. I believe ye have a very good crop of players if ye can get them all fit at the same time. Culhane didn’t look great on the Sunday game blowing a chance at an important time of the game even though he looked a right handful in the league but I guess that often happens. Fergal boland probably won’t start for Mayo in any games we’ve left despite being our standout player (he will get some game time alright if we survive Derry). Ye always have a chance with Walsh in the team and most of the forwards are very good. But ye could do with Comer back as he’s potentially unmarkable and the media says he’s back in contention. He’s been very injury prone the last number of years but there’s a fair difference between him playing and not. If you examine Galway’s first team injury free ye’re possibly stronger 1-15 than Kerry or the Dubs bar kickouts and the associated pressure but there’s a fair drop off if ye’re down a few. I have a sense Joyce is just that bit too negative as an individual and it can transfer to the players even just a bit. I wouldn’t think Dessie is the best around either (doesn’t fill me with confidence) but he’s blessed with some great leaders. Dublin would never win the last day without Kilkenny and McCaffrey as we had more of the momentum near the end and when those 2 and McCarthy eventually depart along with Cluxton, that’s huge. I don’t see that level of leaders in many other teams. It probably comes from winning so many games they’re never afraid of losing. The O’ Connors for us are probably the best for those clutch moments where a game needs to be dragged by the scruff of the neck. Kelly certainly is a leader for ye although likely carrying something over from last year, not the same attacking threat but still a leader. Others show leadership but not necessarily in those instants an intervention out of the ordinary is needed which is what Kilkenny did the last day. That’s what will keep the Dubs so hard to beat this year. They’re actually there for the taking at the business end when things level out but opposition teams need to do the same thing as the Dubs in those moments. Kerry had them last year when White handed them a goal but there was psychological pressure on and the Dubs made fewer mistakes.
    Relegated Monaghan are likely in decline and ye should win. A bit like Ros with us, they gave us a game twice but fell a bit short.

  59. Good team. I wanted Derry, and I think they are the best team for us to play, but we have to treat them with respect. If they get a run on us, it’s curtains. They will think, Mayo, yeah they’re always beatable, always give you a chance, always frustrated if we frustrate them. We have to go big and keep big.

  60. We enjoyed our performance last weekend, which was our best for some time, but Saturdays game will be very different. As it is now straight knockout, I expect it to be more physical and intense and Derry will set up in a more defensive formation than Dublin and try to hit us on the break and we all know the problems we have against that kind of set-up. I would not write Derry off, as some of their results and performances have been down to injuries and red cards. They have not become a bad team overnight and, with most of their panel now available, they will provide stiff opposition. After last weeks performance and with everybody, except Paddy, available, I am cautiously optimistic about Saturday.

  61. Agree with Goagain about multiple posts.I like reading different takes and opinions re players and games,but less so the bland,repetitive posts, banging out the same mantra over and over.

  62. We have an example of it closer to home @Shuffly and more recent in the Clifford/PO’H duel.

  63. Keep it up I enjoy almost all posts, so don’t worry about a couple of people who must have old devices

  64. I’m very very nervous about this one. I can almost see Mickey Harte smirking on the sideline after a horrible game which they win by a point or two already

  65. @catcol You can’t seriously think Derry was the best draw for us,it was the worst by far as Colm Keyes said on the pod.
    A wounded animal who were the best team in the country 10 weeks ago.Their manager has been winning regularly in machale Park for decades with defensive football which we struggle against. Throw in the fact that everybody is tipping Mayo and it has ambush written all over it.
    I don’t care about the performance, if we’re still in the championship this evening I’ll be delighted.

  66. Very good Mayo1 and Corrick. Where would we be without repetition. No harm in it at all ?

  67. Side issue but I was talking to a couple of Derry die-hards outside a shopping centre in letterkenny ( Donegal rally crowd) last night and they most certainly don’t agree with Keys et al regarding Mayo being a great draw for them. The feeling in the county is there’s a fly in the ointment somewhere.

  68. Shuffly Deck, you say Fergal boland probably won’t start for Mayo in any games we’ve left despite being ‘our standout player’.
    If available, he could have done a better job than McHale (who had an off day) last Sunday but ‘stand out player’ slipped in there is going a bit Taylor Swift mania style.
    Mayo’s stand-out player by a country mile is Ryan O’Donohue – Outstanding!!

  69. 7500 tickets sold according to the pod last night , sweet divine what has happened to the great Mayo following . Im just here putting two flags on the aul bamboo , if everyone did the same might look like thers 15k there haha, fookin mad ted , youd get more at an fbd game one time .

  70. Shuffly Deck I find it hard to reconcile PJ the player with PJ the manager. Christ Joyce always led, always took shots on while in management its all about the safe chance and constant recycling to get in position to take it. In his defence McDaid, Tommo and Finnerty missed simple chances that must have been unacceptable to Joyce the last day. We are missing probably two out and out scoring forwards and there is hope that Tommo, O Currain and O Conghaile will become those players but not just yet.
    Mayo are playing a more attractive brand of football but as we all know that doesnt necessarily mean success. Kelly is being played out of position as Fitzgerald has nailed down the 3 slot. Its an awful pity for Comer the man how his career is blighted by injury, reminds unfortunately of Meehan and the injuries that prevented him delivering on his true potential.

  71. In 2025 Mayo will have a year off from going overseas as it was New York in 2024 on the line up for London in 2026 Connacht championship.

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