Match day panel for Dublin game named

We’ve just named our team and subs for Sunday’s All-Ireland SFC Group Stage Round 3 match with Dublin at Dr Hyde Park (throw-in 3.45pm). Here’s the full list:

Mayo (All-Ireland SFC Group Stage Round 3 v Dublin, 16/6/2024): Colm Reape (Knockmore); Jack Coyne (Ballyhaunis), David McBrien (Ballaghaderreen), Donnacha McHugh (Castlebar Mitchels); Sam Callinan (Ballina Stephenites), Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore, captain), Eoghan McLaughlin (Westport); Jack Carney (Kilmeena), Matthew Ruane (Breaffy); Tommy Conroy (The Neale), Darren McHale (Knockmore), Jordan Flynn (Crossmolina Deel Rovers); Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet). Subs: Rob Hennelly (Raheny, Dublin), Rory Brickenden (Westport), James Carr (Ardagh), Enda Hession (Garrymore), Conor Loftus (Crossmolina Deel Rovers), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber), Eoin O’Donoghue (Belmullet), Pádraig O’Hora (Ballina Stephenites), Michael Plunkett (Ballintubber), Paul Towey (Charlestown Sarsfields), Bob Tuohy (Castlebar Mitchels).

So it’s one change from the team that lined out against Roscommon. Back into the starting fifteen comes Tommy Conroy and he replaces Padraig o’Hora, who was a late change for Tommy the last day.

There are three changes – significant ones too – to the bench. Back into the replacements come Rory Brickenden, James Carr and Diarmuid O’Connor, replacing Fergal Boland, Aaron McDonnell and Conor McStay.

Dublin have also named their match day 26 for Sunday, full details of which are here. The team they’ve named is the same as the one that started against Cavan in Round 2.

The best of luck to our lads on Sunday.

115 thoughts on “Match day panel for Dublin game named

  1. All good news with that panel announcement.
    McBrien and Diarmuid named in squad is massive, even if they don’t start we know they must b very close. Same for James Carr, didn’t think we wud be seeing him all summer. A huge option to have.

    Bar paddy Durcan that is as strong as we could hope for so no excuses

    I expect there will be 1 or 2 changes for sure, still don’t think they will start both cillian and AoS given the huge deficit in pace against the dubs

    Feeling confident of an ambush win now.
    If not now, then when

  2. ….also looks like it will be pissing rain all weekend which should be a leveller

  3. That’s a strong starting 15 plus great to see Carr And Diarmuid back on the bench. Looking forward to seeing Tommy tear into them from the half forward line. Show no fear. Mayo with a narrow win for this one

  4. Jesus that’s as good as we could have hoped for .James Carr back is an unexpected boost and I didn’t expect to see diarmaid in the running

  5. Great news with the 3 lads named in the squad. Like Supermac I didn’t expect to see James again this year with what I was told at the time he got injured.

  6. What’s the story with Boland? Team nearly being built around him for the league and now he’s out of the 26! Only thing I can think of is Carr isn’t really fit and Boland will replace him on the bench but why try that kind of “mind game”?

  7. Mike K – Fergal is suspended! He got a straight red the last day and, if there was an appeal, it went nowhere so he’s out for this game.

  8. I like this team including the bench. We will be fresh and have a good chance. I think the lads will relish the opportunity to beat the Dubs.

  9. That is a really strong team considering the players we have missing! And Tommy C moved back so he has space to run great move. Wonder how many cards John small will get..

    Feel even more positive now!

  10. Need a big game from Tommy Conroy i think he’s lucky to be starting. Good to see Eoin baker and Diarmuid and Carr back in the panel. Have a feeling Mayo will win this one

  11. As good as could expect,we are awaiting a brilliant performance from them,we need to make sure that we break the Dubs confidence,Mayo by five

  12. Strong, no doubt, and it’ll need to be to take them down. Mayo by the shortest possible margin or a draw is my Paddy Power wager.

  13. Match day panel good news if we believe that this will the team and panel on the day. Not a great history of that.

  14. Delighted with that panel, I know folks don’t like to hear it but the biggest lesson Kevin and Co should’ve taken from last year is that the championship starts this weekend. Best of luck to the lads!

  15. Glory days. Would you not think carney is more lucky to be starting than Tommy

  16. Reading the various forums and chat in general , i have come to the conclusion this Mayo panel in 2024 is ridiculously underated but that is actually a grand place to be . I have every confidence in these players to show well sunday afternoon . Mayo by 5 for me . Our coach stephen rochford will be relishing this challenge .

    Get to the hyde if ye can at all folks , there are thousands of tickets left .

  17. Wonder wil it be mostly mayo folk there and not many dubs there thought they would travel in thousands anyplace and anywhere wonder did mcmahon book his train ticket..

  18. I dont think we can take the high ground there at all Clare . They will probably outnumber us even in a game down the west , they have a fantastic following for league games and always bring a sense of occasion to Castlebar .

  19. Seán Burke, I couldn’t agree more with what you have said.
    I agree with You Three that the championship starts here and that Mayo’s work all year was leading to the latter stages of the Championship and with teams like Dublin in mind.
    Fingers crossed!

  20. Wouldn’t mind Philly’s comments. He’s all about cementing his TV and newspaper careers now. Heard one die hard Jack giving out loads about himself and Rock betraying Jim Gavin’s code of saying nothing twice in every interview. Other side of the cameras now.

  21. @sean Burke ah sure I know we can’t take the high ground they might outnumber us in the Hyde but some of my hard core dub mates are not even bothering to go so it’s hard to tell.

    Hopefully we won’t be outnumbered.

  22. Really hope that team starts
    I’ve been crying waiting for Tommy to start at the half foward line,so much better running at them then a corner foward,Cillian coming into great form,that’s a scary full foward line and one Dublin will not want to see,I think Mayo by 1 and this has the making to be game of the championship to date

  23. I posted this on the other thread but worth resending I think – One thing learned over the last week or 2 on injuries is only listen to what is communicated from the Mayo camp. Outside media and other podcasts are only using rumours as click bate. Officially McBrien was fit Diarmuid was close and Carr now being the pleasant surprise – they are the only ones that provided accurate information.

    Delighted with the squad named. Lets have a lash

  24. Also think it’s nuts this game ain’t sold out
    If I was back in my beloved mayo I’d be in the Hyde giving it loads,first time since 1906 since we played Dublin in championship outside croker,guys anyone on the fence about going should go,roar on the lads and let the dubs have it,make the Hyde our hill 16
    Man what I wouldn’t do to be there

  25. @craggy boglands yes I think both of them are lucky to be starting. But we are not blessed with strong midfielders as in days of yore

  26. If we beat the dubs on sunday, we should definitely nominate “da hyde” as our home venue next year…
    Happy with team\panel named – Hopefully the named team starts….especially mcBrien… also Great if we could start Carr as a bolter… Mayo supporters need to hoover tickets up (what are people waiting for Semi-finals???). Time for crowd to bring some “may-yo may-yo may-yo” to the party… If Reape has a good day on kick-outs, i think we have a chance… hope we can bring something unexpected as well

  27. I’d imagine there will be a couple of changes b4 throw in and wonder if Mcbrien will start giving games coming thick and fast. I can see the argument for not expanding too much energy in this game considering what lies ahead but for me it’s go for it win the game and if they meet again the seeds of doubt will be well planted in the dubs heads.

  28. On paper that close to full strenght of course you dont know how fit or otherwise DOC and McBrien really are and Carr has played no football.

  29. Will be interesting to see if the panel is as named. Rarely is but looking at that bench it gives us firepower if everyone is ‘fit’ . Here’s hoping.

  30. Much stronger panel than I expected and it changes the outlook for Sunday. With the exception of Paddy we are at full strength and great to see James Carr back in the 26. I think the named team will start and I expect to see Jack Carney going on Fenton from the start.
    Dublin have also named a strong team and have the likes of McCarthy and McCaffrey on the bench.
    I know a few Dublin supporters that are travelling but not as many as I expected and there’s no way we’ll be outnumbered for this one.

  31. Very strong Dublin team named. Bit surprised Manion kept his spot as he wasn’t great against Roscommon. In saying that now, he’ll probably have a stormer.
    Genuinely can’t see us having enough to win this one but no doubt the lads will be up for it and give it plenty.
    Flynn needs to be hungry around middle to mop breaks and get Tommy goin on the attack. That’s how to go at dublin. The over and back stuff won’t cut it. Aido due a goal against them… I can feel it…

  32. I’d say Kevin named that team and panel in an effort to get more Mayo supporters to turn up. If as someone else said it’s only 14000 tickets at the moment then that’s shocking. We were almost getting that on Saturday night league games in Castlebar. The dubs are the biggest attraction in Gaelic football and we used to be the second biggest but that appears to have changed. While I hope that team starts I’d be surprised if it does. Doubt if he will play both Aido and Cillian from the start and I’d also like to see someone like Tommy come on early in the second half when the game opens up. Good to see Carr and DOC on bench. Hopefully it’s not a ploy or mind games. Having said that I would risk no one with any sort of niggle at all. While some may argue the championship starts Sunday I think it starts with the knockout games next weekend

  33. Match day train they put on from dublin is sold out online . Of the 14k going i reckon there will be more dubs . I know i keep bangin on but isnt awful we cant get a decent crowd to go .

  34. Could be alot of mayo people travelling up from Dublin on those sold out trains to Hyde to Sean fingers crossed we aren’t outnumbered!

  35. The ~14k is coming from the Ian Cooney in the Roscommon Herald, so you’d expect it pretty accurate.

    Ian mentioned on Twitter there wasn’t a bed to be booked around Roscommon for the weekend. You’d imagine the Mayo folks coming down would be popping back across the border for home turf before settling down (the case with any of my own family travelling, though always exceptions to stuff like that), so you’d expect decent Dublin numbers down alright.

    To be fair, their diehards do consistently travel well (the odd time they have to) and always bring great craic.

  36. There’s more than 14k sold already, near 18k. Would expect another thousand or two between now and thrown in.

  37. Ahh for gods sake clare sometimes its not always positive , Mayo support is a negative at this time . There are other factors at play like structure , lack of jeoprady (for some ), cost of living etc but theres no denying even factoring in all the stuff every other county has to deal with as well , mayo support is especially down on numbers . Galway outnumbered and out roared us for example .

  38. I remember being at the qualifier V Limerick in 2018 with about 15,000 in attendence and now it’s a struggle to sell out 20,000 against Dublin. There was 15k at the League game V Dublin.

    It would be great to sell another 5k tickets to Mayo fans and get behind the team. Or are the fair weather fans waiting for an All Ireland Final.

  39. @sean Burke right fair enough?. I’m just saying there could be more mayo people there then you think won’t know till Sunday if dubs will outnumber us or not.

  40. Full panel apart from Paddy. Great bench if Diarmuid and Carr are fit to play along with Hession and a few more and remember dublin dont have McCafferty or McCarthy starting, they always gave us plenty of trouble.

  41. I see it’s reported “As of Friday morning, up to 14,000 tickets have been sold for the game, which is a long way short of Dr. Hyde Park’s current capacity of 23,900”

  42. Question – if Murchan runs, who will follow him, or how would ye suggest we deal with that?
    The Dubs will want to have a mismatch on one of our forwards or pull Aidan out of position. They had Murchan marking Aidan before essentially wasting Aidan’s strength in that line. I want to see Aidan being dangerous in our full forward line and ‘causing wreck’ as Tomás Ó Sé once said in his commentary, possibly about Aidan. As a poster said above, I don’t see why he wouldn’t whack in a goal.
    We look to have a brilliant six forwards and I hope we use them and not fall foul to any Dublin tricks. Last year they aimed to pull McBrien out of position in our full back line.
    I think their full back line can be got at.

  43. The team announcement whether it’s accurate or not has given everyone a lift and maybe dampened the negativity a bit but the fact is alot of die hard mayo supporters have stopped going to games for various reasons. One of them being that they don’t trust this team to deliver under pressure. I have spoken recently to quite a few that never missed a game that just don’t have the emotional energy for it anymore and certainly don’t feel they owe it anyone to have to go.i remember talking to a cousin of mine on the phone on the way up to the the 2017 final and I asked him where he was watching the game and he said “what game “so each to their own.Anyway I actually bit more optimistic about the result on Sunday now if we can get any sort of a handle on midfield but I don’t believe that carney is a match for Fenton either in the air or on the ground so the match up there and how con o Callaghan is managed will be crucial

  44. Just on the talk on attendances…. Mick Foley dropped a great/awful stat on Off The Ball.

    “It was the lowest crowd at a Leinster Final in Croke Park involving Dublin since 1933.”
    (22,113 at the Leinster Final this year, a little over 50% of the ’23 crowd [40,115] involving the same two sides)

  45. Up on that Fergal Boland received a two match ban. So he’ll also miss the next game a prem Quarter or Quarter final.

  46. How tf has boland got 2 games and connaire mackin got 1 for kicking someone in the head.

  47. @Cp: Connaire’s falls under Category III as “with minimal force”. Fergie’s a Category IV “with force”.

  48. CP degree of danger was likely a factor. I E. Speed of movement of the strike could likely cause more damage v the drag of the boot. That’s only thing can think of.

  49. The same supporters who have dropped off will be the first ones whinging about the County board about not been able to get tickets for an All Ireland Final if it happen to come around .This is the very reason the season ticket holders should never be left in the situtation they were for the 2021All Ireland final where only 500 got tickets out of a special draw.

  50. 30 euro for the 2. If you want to send on phone number or email then il contact you

  51. “While the “Blue Army” is coming to town, the game doesn’t appear to have captured the imagination of the Mayo public”

    Christ does that not stick in yer craw .

  52. I think it’s more a Blue platoon Sean. There’s little interest in the gaa clubs I knock about in, I can tell you. The soccer is starting tonight so that could be a factor.

  53. Listening to Lee Keegan he appears to really appreciate the expertise of D Buckley in his defensive strategy,I rate Lee as a great defender,so the few euros expenses that he gets for travelling from Kerry to Castlebar is worth it

  54. Just a shame he can’t seem to teach all the current crop how to stop leaking goal chances Corick. But as a man/woman used to cruising around globe. Wouldn’t expect you to blink at half a million euro 😉

  55. I agree @corrick. Donnie Buckley is a real GAA man and we are really lucky to have him as a defensive coach. Like every Kerry Man he breathes Gaelic Football.
    This is what I want to see on Sunday afternoon. A Mayo Team that stand up to the Dubs. The very first sign of an off the ball incident from the Dubs on a Mayo player I want to see 5/6 Mayo lads squaring up immediately to the offender. No lying down, No pulling out of tackles, No Lateral / Backwards Bullshit, No pulling out in scoring Areas. Full Throttle like the Mayo way of Old. This is our opportunity to put one over on the Dubs and lay down our Marker for the All Ireland. Let’s roar The Hyde down on Sunday. Mayo by 3.
    Safe travelling to All.

  56. Especially when you see Croke Park sold out to simis and finals,surely the players must look up and say we are entitled to far more expenses

  57. Back to this total nonsense again denying facts that 10 year old children know all about

  58. The heather is rising, while I like your sentiment it has to be measured and not hot headed silly stuff. We know so dearly how much that can cost us on a big day.

  59. @ James Fleming. Did you get sorted for tickets yet ? I will have one spare ticket for the match on Sunday.

  60. Fair enough @ Gizmobbs but we need to see a more ruthless Mayo from now on, i feel we are far to gentlemanly on the field of play. its time to Man up and go for it. out in front of our markers, take no shite from the Dubs and get stuck in from the start, anything else and we are foddermeat.

  61. I don’t understand that headline in the Roscommon paper.
    The game hasn’t sold out so the logic is dubs will travel and Mayo won’t?

    Also,all the beds in Roscommon Town being booked would be the case for any decent sized match there.Its not a tourist town and likely only has a couple of hundred beds.

    I think Leeroys comment might be getting up their noses a bit!

    Out of my own matchday crew more are going to this game than any other this year.
    A good Mayo crowd will turn up.

  62. Here Comes the Weekend pod is up now on Patreon. Rob and Billy Joe are on it, reviewing the two match day panels, discussing Fergal Boland’s ludicrously harsh two-match suspension and more.

  63. @FW agree with you there..

    Typical rossie newspaper sure us beating them 3 times this year has really gotten to them as others said to and keagans comments to as you say!

    I know loads of mayo ones going to this. As I said I know some dubs who wouldn’t muss a game but not heading to this one so it’s hard to tell but one thing I know is if we beat the dubs Sunday the world is our oyster..

    Feel bad for fergal bolands 2 match ban I’ve seen dubs do WAY worse and no cards what’s so ever ridiculous it was unintentional bolands. We could look back to John small and Eoghan mcs broken jaw I mean..

  64. I work with a lad that is on the Dublin panel and is a sound solid guy.

    hes sayin that they are all going out to make a big statement in the champo,

    this could be a bad day in the office for us

  65. @Baz Ham ah sure when do they ever not say that when playing us..

    I think it’ll be a bad day in the office for the dubs just have this feeling we are going get pay back for last year’s hammering in quarters. Even if we win by a point I’ll take it any day over them.

  66. One point win would do yes so Clare I take it you haven’t changed your mind that Mayo will win the game

  67. While I like the look of our team it may only be good enough to match the Dubs stride for stride in the first half – just like Louth did in the Leinster final and the Rossies did a few weeks back. We have to be ready for their usual third quarter surge – that would be progress if we can emerge from that unscathed and still remain in the game heading into the last 20 mins. There’s no convincing evidence so far that our bench will give us the same filip that there’s usually does for them or that we’ll make the right switches at the right times on the line. This may be one of many reasons why this game hasnt yet sold out – we need to take down a big beast in convincing fashion to set our season alight – do this and there’ll be plenty of demand for Mayo tickets for here on in!

  68. Liamontherunsince51 – last year we hammered Kerry in the championship yet a very poor crowd turned up in castlebar for the Louth game 2 weeks afterwards.

    Also, Dublin have only lost 4 championship games since winning Sam in 2011 (two of them against us). It’s a bit harsh to suggest Mayo need to beat them to earn more support.

  69. I take your point Wide Ball that it comes across a bit harsh but all I’m saying is if we manage somehow to beat the Dubs in the Hyde on Sunday and top the group – there might be a few more people looking for tickets for our All-Ireland QF match than if we lose as it would give us momentum, boost optimism and support on the back of the feel-good factor around the team. Yes it was surprising alright that it didnt happen after the Kerry game last year but there’s more riding on Sunday’s game as there’s a place straight into the QF for the winners.

  70. Sean Burke you are correct. I would say the provincial final this year was the first time we outnumbered ye since the ’99 Connacht final in Tuam. I would say the support was pretty even for the 2023 and 2005 provincial finals in the then newly refurbished Pearse Stadium. Other than that we it has being weighted towards ye as we depend on our decent core as the casuals tend to swing to the hurlers when they are going well. The support thing is interesting. Speaking to a few of your fans locally here during the week the ’21 final really hit hard on a few. That hangover may still persist and let’s be honest there is a bandwagon element in all counties. Look at Cork hurlers. Apparently all trains from Cork to Dublin are booked out on the weekend of the hurling semi finals yet Cork have two (very winnable rounds to negotiate first I admit). But yes if ye cannot get up for the Dubs in the Hyde then the final of three years ago certainly disillusioned a few and that remains seemingly.

  71. The Heather is rising,I agree completely with you,I believe that we will win and change the narrative about our team

  72. I sincerely hope you are correct Corick Bridge, but our performances over the past two years wouldn’t suggest that we have improved one bit since the 21 final. Many might say we have actually gone back. Our scoring returns aren’t hectic and we still look very suspect at the back. Hopefully on Sunday we will get a great performance and result. Should be a cracker and the small venue should really generate a super atmosphere.

  73. @ The West is Best .
    Think there isn’t a huge improvement in this team too.
    I do think that one of the main reasons is a poor club championship over the last few years and not a lot of new lads good enough to add to the panel
    Bar Fergal, who had a good league and good addition to the panel, there wasn’t anyone else really .
    Think the Dubs will win tomorrow, not because we are a poor team . Our bucks alway give 100% and I think we actually have a very good management team who are doing their best with the talent available
    . I believe Cluxton will go long and high quiet often
    Our panel looks strong for tomorrow and my wish is that we are competitive for 70plus minutes.
    Think they will the game at midfield and possibly cluxton will go long and high for a lot of kickouts as they have 2 excellent high fielders, which we don’t.
    They could expose our older players (2) who are lacking a bit of pace .
    I’ll be travelling with a car load of kids

  74. My Ball – one of those older players will be marked by a 36 year old Dublin defender.

  75. Interesting looking at the named 15 ages (with the caveat both likely to see a change or two before throw-in). Slight apples with oranges here as the only ages I have for Dublin are current age & for Mayo it’s age via playing tiers, so basically age on Dec 31st. Still, gives a little insight.

    Dublin just a shade over 29 (29.27) and Mayo just a shade over 26 (26.33). (Even taking out Cluxton & Fitzsimons Dublin up around ~28)

    You’d imagine some of Dublin’s youngest players (McGinnis 23 & Newcombe 25) among the more likely to be swapped around for them with lads +30 potentially coming in (McCarthy 34 & McCaffrey 30 would both be pushing hard you’d imagine), while a couple of our more experienced lads (Aido 34, Cillian 32 or Darren 30) more probably to be swapped around with younger lads (Brick or Enda, both 24).

    Won’t have any direct bearing on today, if you’re good enough you’re young/old enough, but interesting to look at in terms of the assumed trajectory of the squads in the coming years.

  76. The third quarter surge might be a bit stale now with the media bandying it about so much. Absolute concentration from start to finish up to the final whistle is required. Dublin won’t wait until the second half if they smell doubt.
    I’ve a lucky 15 in football terms done anyway… Mayo, Donegal, Tyrone and Cavan.
    I’m expecting four winners out of that.

  77. Dublin’s 36 year old defender (Fitzsimons) the greatest defender in the FB line in the history of the game IMHO, has been managed perfectly this year.

    He’s played 4 maybe 5 League/ Championship games and has more pace then our two bucks that are named in the F.F line. Not saying Aidan and Cillian are bad players, quite the opposite but at least one of them will have to play out of their skin to give us a chance. Also hoping for a nice spread of scores from out lads tomorrow.

  78. What i seen of both ros and cavan in the flesh , id expect nothing else but a ros victory , the lack of intensity in the cavan team was shocking , they would have to turn it up about 50% to have any hope . Ros to win that one for me.

    Donegal , handy . Odds are astronomical , 1/20 , not much reward unless youre a very large stake pundit.

    Tyrone v Cork is hard to gauge . Id probably leave that one out but for value id go with Cork @15/8 . Where is the venue fir that game?

    Mayo the overall value bet of the weekend for small stake punters like me .

    Whacky bet €5 on Donnacha mchugh to be motm at 50/1

  79. @Sean burke: That one’s on in Tullamore. Double header with the Cork hurlers playing Offaly there too after the football match, so you’d expect a fairly pro-Cork crowd.

  80. Sean, they won’t be skinning me alive anyway with my miserly fiver. I’ve been told it’s a four fold by the brother in law so guess you can see what I know ?. Bit of interest behind a busy weekend is all.

  81. PJ – I’m not saying Fitzsimmons is a weak link, but he won’t be tearing up the field kicking points like a Tom O’Sullivan would.

    Cillian and Aidan are regularly marked by players faster than them yet both have had excellent intercounty careers.

  82. Absolutely Mark , i certainly wouldnt be advising anyway , ive spent most my life scrunching losing dockets in my hand . I was just adding to the chat as in which way id go .

  83. Wide Ball 100% right he won’t be flying up the pitch scoring for fun. He’s an old school out and out defender and in the latter years has thrown plenty of cynicism and dirt into his playbook, ie his shoulder on Leeroy in 2020 final, which I would love to see by our lads all over the pitch tomorrow.

    Imagine Cillian or Aidan nailing Fitzsimons with a hefty shoulder to the chest early doors tomorrow. Yes please!

  84. Very dangerous game for the Rossies against Cavan. They’ve been playing better than their results have shown over what must be one of the toughest series of games for any team ever – us 3 times, then Derry, Dublin and Kerry.

    This is exactly the kind of opposition that they’ve been exiting the championship to. You can see them comfortably having too much for Cavan, not padding the scoreboard enough and getting caught late – but the way their season is going I wouldn’t be surprised if they win this and get rewarded with a trip to Salthill.

  85. Have a ticket going spare for tomorrow if anybody wants one late in the day for €15

  86. I think there will be more Mayo supporters there than Dubs. I also expect a good mix of neutrals coming there to see a potential cracker of a game. I’ll be there with three Rossies that will all be supporting Mayo.
    Most importantly tomorrow, it is essential that we do not risk any player that isn’t 100pc fit – they may be badly needed in just a week.
    That said, I believe that if we are in it as we enter the fourth quarter, I think we might just win the battle of the Hyde, but our lads will have to play their most clinical game of the year so far. Hon Mayo!

  87. Jaysus rossies getting 3 goals v cavan and my rossie mate just messaged me going yup we are going to win the all Ireland I’d swear some are on cloud 9 half the time haha

    Getting nervous for our game tommorow but have full faith in our guys.

  88. Roscommon definitely have the forwards if let play. Cavan have conceded heavily in all their games . Shipped eight goals in their 3 games but none v Mayo. Yet some here are expecting our forwards to give Fitzsimons and co the run around from us. Being honest I think we will do really well if we keep within the bookies spread of 5. AS always here before a big game we start convincing ourselves that we might win. Nothing wrong with a bit of optimism at all but I hope those optimists dont start laying into the team and management after 30 / 40 minutes if things are going badly. As for the negativists, well they probably wont even wait for 30 minutes, they are usually laying into the team long before that. Best of luck to them all tomorrow. I am not too confident, but that wont stop me going and supporting my county tomorrow. Maigh Eo abu.

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