Match-day panel named for Dublin game

We’ve just named our match-day 26 for Sunday’s All-Ireland SFC quarter-final against Dublin at Croke Park (throw-in 4pm). Here it is:

Mayo (All-Ireland SFC quarter-final v Dublin, 2/7/2023): Colm Reape (Knockmore); Jack Coyne (Ballyhaunis), David McBrien (Ballaghaderreen), Padraig O’Hora (Ballina Stephenites); Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels, captain)Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), Eoghan McLaughlin (Westport); Matthew Ruane (Breaffy), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); Jason Doherty (Burrishoole), Jack Carney (Kilmeena), Jordan Flynn (Crossmolina Deel Rovers); Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Tommy Conroy (The Neale), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet). Subs: Rory Byrne (Castlebar Mitchels), Sam Callinan (Ballina Stephenites), James Carr (Ardagh), Enda Hession (Garrymore), Conor Loftus (Crossmolina Deel Rovers), Fionn McDonagh (Westport), Darren McHale (Knockmore), Donnacha McHugh (Castlebar Mitchels), Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore, Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Bob Tuohy (Castlebar Mitchels).

So it’s two changes from the team that started against Galway. Fit-again Padraig O’Hora and Matthew Ruane come in, replacing Sam Callinan and Kevin McLoughlin. The knock-on effect of Swanee’s return means that Aiden Orme, a late addition to the subs list for Salthill, drops off the match-day 26, which is otherwise unchanged.

The best of luck to the lads on Sunday.

135 thoughts on “Match-day panel named for Dublin game

  1. Unless he’s injured I cannot see Sam Callinan not starting. He’s been one of our best defenders. I’m also surprised that Ends Hession is being left off again. There may be changes and that will keep the Dubs second guessing which is a good thing.

  2. Callinan in for O Hora or Eoghan Mc is the only change I’d expect
    Maybe Kevin mc in for Jas Doc but I doubt it

    Both teams will be pretty much as selected

  3. Id have Callinan starting and Towe on the panel instead of Conor Loftus Towey will be shooting the lights out in Chicago in August

  4. Fully expect sam to start. Probably a change in the J line and one in defence. For me only cillian and enda would improve the quality of the team off the bench and the rest probably keep team at the same level which I suppose is better than our usual weakening the team with replacements. Maybe I’m wrong.

  5. I can see at least two changes to the starting 15. We’re unlikely to leave the pace of Callinan and Hession on the bench – maybe one but not both.

    Similarly, I think Dublin won’t leave all three of Murchin, Mannion and Costello in reserve.

  6. A few tight calls but can’t argue with that team. Pace and experience starting…pace and experience to come in so let’s hope we get the blend correct. Up Mayo.

  7. We should all probably take a minute to appreciate the prodigious talent of Sam Callinan .
    Unbelievable really how he has just made the step up and we all wanting him to start in a quarter final against Dublin

  8. I’d definitely have Carr starting ahead of Doherty in the forwards, with Cillo obviously coming on early in second half. I like Jason but has he done enough this year??

    One of Hession or Callinan (or both) must start. Moreso Callinan in my view as a man marker. Especially against the Durbs.

    I’d worry about Coen as he just doesn’t inject pace or change the game like the others. Being ‘Solid’ simply isn’t good enough anymore.

    O’Hora probably deserves a crack at it. But Hesh is much more suited to the expanse of Croker. Huge decisions to be made. But look, we’re spoiled for choice here so I’m not gonna lose much sleep over it either way. We’ve fine players to choose from in the back 6.

  9. I’d be usually shocked if Murchan didn’t start, although he has struggled a bit with injury this year, so it may be legit

    However the lack of a recognised free-taker up front – huge responsibility for Basquel/Small – makes me feel there’ll be a change in the FF line for sure

  10. That’s a solid starting team and I would hope there are no changes. OHaras experience is more important for this match as against Callinan s youth , speed and undoubted potential. see you all on Sunday!

  11. Callinan will start – Doherty won’t.

    We need Hession for pace in second half.

    Remember they had the extra weeks rest.

  12. I know Hennelly hasn’t seen much action, I think his only appearance this year was v Monaghan, but I would prefer to have him as our sub GK with the amount of big game experience he has. Why isn’t he on the panel, is he injured?

  13. The last quarter is where the game will be won and lost. We need serious impact subs, so that there is no loss in intensity.
    Coming to grips with Con O Callaghan is key imo Also John Small’s forages forward.
    We have plenty to worry Dublin. It will be interesting to see how Dubs try to cope with Tommy Conroy. Provided we have recovered from last week’s exertions, the hunger to win could be enough to topple the Dubs

  14. I think Sam starts for Eoghan.
    And Hession in for Doherty, to put Jack on the back foot. If not, I would love to see Durcan in that role.
    Eoghan McLaughlin to come off the bench in half forward line.

    Reape to try a few big bombs towards Aido on the far 45. It could cause carnage if we win it

  15. Callinan will start without a doubt, probably for doherty. I just have a hunch that Carr may get a start too

    As for dublin unless murchan is injured he will come in to take conroy and they have nobody to take a free so reckon costello in for basquel also

  16. Like others not convinced that team starts. Same for Dublin, bit of mind games going on. Callinan consistently good every game, I expect he’ll play.

  17. Aidan needs to stay inside. There is no obvious match up for him in there from a Dublin perspective.

  18. The very best of luck to Mayo players and management on Sunday. Hard to see Dublin starting without a consistent free taker. And almost certain to be one switch for Mayo to allow Eoghan McL play a vital role for us.
    Jordan v’s James McC is worth the entrance fee alone never mind all of the other intriguing pairings. What a weekend in store, we are lucky supporters in so many ways and we just what a squeeze more luck for the players this year.

  19. Did people notice how many bad tackles which could be potential yellow cards Eoghan Mclaughlin made against Galway? Can he tackle properly? Although he has pace and uses it well sometimes, does he ever kick pass if a forward makes a run? Is he worth a starting spot? I don’t think so. I’d prefer the other Mclaughlin personally. I’d be worried he will get sent off.

  20. Fair Analysis – I have similar concerns re McLaughlin. He was very lucky against Galway imo. Made a ton of bad and careless tackles. And his basic skills are lacking. His pace masks a lot.

  21. There’s no doubt McLaughlin was a mixed bag against Galway, but he can be a huge asset in the wide expanses of Croker. I’m sure the likes of Donie Buckley is working with him to tidy up his tackling etc.

  22. I think Fitzsimmons would be more than happy marking Aido. However he’s around 35 now, so someone explosive like James Carr could cause him trouble.

  23. If Eoghan McLaughlin is picking up Kilkenny then I am deeply worried. Not for his for athletic ability but more for his football head. I could see Kilkenny pulling him to places he shouldn’t be and worse Kilkenny will easily drift away from him during attacks. Huge battle in the middle too. Big ask for Mattie considering he’s struggling for form just as Fenton and Howard look to be getting going. Need another big game from DOC. We can win but it’s going to be a battle

  24. Leave The Bear in the Square, Dublin have nobody with the height or strength to mark him, but he has to get plenty of ball played in to him and lay it off to in rushing players ,like the McBrien pass the last day. Callinan , Hessen , Cillian and Carr have to play some part in the game, great subs to have.

  25. I have two Upper Davin tickets, section 718. Think there is only Nally left on Ticketmaster.

  26. Excited for Sunday , Draw … Extra Time …. Penalties , as long as Mayo win and AI semi in fortnight.

  27. Fair anslysis/ dreamy..Agreed on the tackling issue..
    One of concerns for Sunday and if we know it then the Dubs will too and will expose it..We cannot afford red cards/ two yellows in this kinda game..

  28. I have one ticket for the Cusack stand (section 305) that I won’t be using. Selling at face value (€40) if someone wants it. M:0872471600

  29. Eoghan McLaughlin we all know has serious pace, add to this his additional power makes him a lethal weapon, he has bulked up since the Mayo meeting with the Dubs in 2021.
    Expect a few surprises from the Dubs selection as they appear to be lacking height in the full back line area.

  30. We have been here before that Dublin don’t have the height or strength to deal with O Shea.going back to 2015 With the bould Philly and his pulling and dragging and persistent fouling of all kinds being totally ignored by officials is one of their methods.I would think looking at Dublin line up that McCarthy will go to full back as he did on Michael Murphy on a few occasions

  31. Hession and MacLoughlian may be kept as an impact from the bench to insert serious pace when the game opens up. You can’t just have pace all over the field and you need experienced heads. The game will start cagey in my opinion. Callinan will likely start. Cillain to be introduced in the 2nd half.

    Dublin team looks strong and Eoin Murchan will start if fit.

  32. Think Gough will be very good for any off the ball stuff 1985. Hopefully we’ve also learnt our lesson re the potential for a penalty to be awarded where there’s a goal threat.

  33. Eoghan can be frustrating. I mean, he has the best attributes, ie fearless in the tackle and puts his body on the line. But yes, he is in danger of getting a yellow card, black or red. He needs serious input and time from Buckley. Because he’s worth the persistence. He’s still very young. Huge talent.

  34. @BateTheBlanket – I agree regarding Eoghans pace and strength but his primary role is to defend. It’s the same issue we had with Conor Loftus at CB. We can’t just have every player going mad for road up the field leaving space to be attacked on turnovers. Mayo over the last decade have always had half backs who are more focused on attack then defence and I just don’t think it will win us an All Ireland. Clever footballers, which Dublin have plenty of could really hurt us in this regard.

  35. While Mcgloughlin might have been a little awkward in some of his tackling, I think they are frees rather than cards and hopefully they will have done a little work with him during the week.

  36. I see Jack Carney not starting. If he picked up an injury, likelihood is that he won’t be 100%. Fionn will start.

  37. Far too many pundits tipping mayo for my liking, just listening to otb pod here and james o donoghue and Tommy Rooney both tipping Mayo.
    I feel more comfortable when we are getting roundly written off :-0

  38. With Eoghan, you have to take the rough with the smooth if you are playing him.

    He only got into football late in life so his ballskills are still very raw and poor and his decision making can be suspect too.

    What he does give you is serious pace and energy though and he keeps going

    I’d still be picking a hession or callinan ahead of him in defence all things considered

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  41. @Supermac: Wouldn’t be shocked to see him asked to do a job around Jack McCaffrey (likely a toss up between Paddy, Jordan and Eoghan [assuming they’re not using Jack to do a job on Tommy – which also could happen] for that job with pros and cons to each – including giving them up to do other jobs). He has the pace and physicality to cause Dublin problems in both directions there. Has also been used in the past to do a defensive job in midfield on James McCarthy and stop his playmaking or string pulling, another possibility at the weekend.

    I’d not be shocked with either/both Enda and Sam starting at the weekend. Not sure it would necessarily be Eoghan (though it obviously could be) they’d be replacing if we do see them.

  42. From what I’ve seen with Eoghan, most of the time when he fouls it’s when he is chasing back. I wouldn’t say he’s the greatest tackler in the world but I don’t think he’s too bad when he’s fronted up.

    So for me there’s two things here:

    1.) Eoghans tackling technique, which can be worked on, almost certainly is being worked, and most likely has improved. Eoghan has definitely been working on his goal shooting, and improvements we’ve seen there suggests that there will be improvements in his tackling

    2.) I think there’s a strong reactive element here, as in when Eoghan is caught out of position, he reacts instinctively, tries to get back but ultimately in the moment forgets about his tackling technique. This for me is a much more difficult thing to coach out of Eoghan or any player. That calmness in the moment, is either something you have or you don’t, and you can only gain it through experience.

    Just to put in context, should Eoghan get caught wrong side and rush back on Sunday, there’ll be 30 odd thousand fans, our management team and probably half of our own players screaming at him not to foul. There’s probably only two people in that scenario capable of getting through to Eoghan in that moment, the opposition player he’s chasing and whoever on our side is engaging said opposition player ie the two players Eoghan is focused on.

    It’s a big ask for a player who is defending, to notice Eoghan coming in and tell him to stop, although we have a few guys with the experience necessary. It’s not something you can bank on in a competitive game but having that tackling player literally stop and tell Eoghan not to foul is how I’d try and address in training

  43. I don’t remember us flagging up Eoghan’s tackling or discipline previously for Mayo or in the Sigerson maybe since coming back from injury he was just a bit too pumped in trying to break back into the team. I’m sure they will get him to relax a bit and use his pace and agression to better effect.
    As someone said here earlier I’d prefer to see him in from the start than coming on with 15 left… albeit he saved our bacon late on in Salthill.

  44. Spare ticket for Sunday in the Upper Hogan folks if anyone wants it at face value

  45. We must start with lots of pace as a compete and contain measure.
    Then move towards an experience and decision making team to finish out the last quarter.

  46. Mayo 45. I would be happy enough with Byrne as Sub goalkeeper. He has a lot of Croke park experience, with Castlebar and indeed he was Mayo’s man of the match in the 2022 League Final against Kerry. I don’t think when he was give the chance he has let down Mayo since that either. I attended the Game V Monaghan and I thought Rob was away of the pace. I don’t think he is injured either as he has played several games with his new Dublin Club Team. Management appear to know what they are doing so it’s really down to them.

  47. Say what you like about Eoghan Mc but we wouldn’t have beaten Galway in 2020 had he not brought down Sean Kelly and we wouldn’t have beaten them last week either without his goal line clearance at the end.
    Sounds like good defending to me.
    He gets himself into some great attacking positions. One day he’ll come off the pitch with 1-03.
    Let’s hope it’s Sunday.

  48. i for one has full confidence in our manager and selecters to pick the best team for the dubs. we are only two days away from the big match and its time to get behind the team. mayo to win by one point will do nicely . UP MAYO

  49. @ John Regan
    Hi John is that ticket for 305 Cusack still available?

  50. With a week’s turnaround, energy will be crucial and Eoghan’s athletic ability means that, unless he’s carrying an injury, he’s one of the guys I’d be most confident I can get 70 minutes out of.

    Makes him one of the first names on my team sheet

  51. Strong team named but Kevin has made changes most days and will probably do so again on Sunday so I don’t really see the point in saying X should start instead of Y etc. We have a strong panel and if we are able to keep in the game we have the players to finish strongly. The in game changes v Kerry worked very well. They did not work so well v Cork. Essential that we are disciplined and careful with our tackling. Gough is a good ref. I reckon referees discuss players as Ryan has been unable to buy a free in last two games and his altercation with Kelly won’t do him any favours either. Dubs often get big decisions in Croker so we need to be calm and measured in everything we do.

  52. Hi Upyaboya
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  53. Any one with a spare juvenile ticket going? Preferably lower Cusack as that is where family are sat.

  54. Eoghans tackling has been an issue for a long time, in particular giving away silly frees in Scorable positions. It’s an improvement we’d like to see on Sunday because he has so much else to offer. No Fear.
    Responding to Dub substitutions will be an important tactic. I’m sure McStay is replaying various scenarios in his head all week…The Dubs have always placed a marker and man in front of O Shea to make him difficult to find, but if it takes 2 to mark him that’s fine too…

  55. You may recall Napoleon’s demand that his generals be “lucky” – many people interpret that as people make their own luck by having an instinctive ability to make the right decisions.
    Stephen Coen has grown into the role since he replaced Coen replaced Lee Keegan as a substitute in the 2016 final. As we know Coen captained both Mayo minor and Mayo under-21 teams to All-Ireland titles in 2013 and 2016. He also captained the UCD senior team to win the 2017/18 Sigerson Cup. He doesn’t have the explosive pace of some of the others in HB line but he’s an excellent marker, doesn’t give the ball away (granted he likes that damn lateral pass a bit too much!), hardly ever fouls, can take a score and is a proven leader (rated very highly by opposing teams & colleagues).
    Kevin Mussen captained Down to the All-Ireland title in 1960 – he was the least spectacular player in the team but he was there for a reason – leadership (and probably a dose of the Napoleonic element of luck also). Coen reminds me of Mussen – he knits the team together – he reads the play better than anyone which keeps the foul red card count very low (unforced errors – an underated sin!).

  56. Changing the subject – Willie Joe I have, as promised, contacted my club (Castlebar Mitchels) about the difficulties of people who are colour blind in identifying their team’s colours. I am hopeful that they will take up the matter with the appropriate authorities. I think the problem won’t arise on Sunday?

  57. Bring it on. As someone mentioned on the other thread, this feels like bonus territory to be in so let’s go and give it our all. I didn’t think we would beat Galway but I feel we have a good chance against Dublin if we keep our heads.

    We need intelligence and discipline. When in doubt, do the right thing.

  58. 2hops it’s been a long term issue, but he has many other great attributes.
    He didn’t play as much in formative years with the cycling, so cannot expect miracles. But would hope to see improvements with small fortune being spent on tackling guru.

  59. @MC Mayo I have a spare juvenile ticket but it’s upper cusack.. you can have it free if you want it, maybe get you into the stadium and you might be able to pick up an empty seat close by if Cork or Derry fans leave

  60. Dathi – I don’t see how a quarter final can be considered bonus territory. We put ourselves in a hole by losing to Cork, but there’s no doubt in my mind our team/squad is one of the top 2 or 3 in the country.

  61. I see Cormac Costello trying to talk the Dubs down a bit stating they only played one Div1 side this year and struggled. He then goes on to say they don’t know where they are at. You can actually say the exact same thing about Mayo. Where are Mayo at? Did well in early rounds of a league, not so great twoard the end of it, despite winning and let’s face it it’s a competition that doesn’t really matter when push comes to shove. We then lost to the team that the dubs drew with…beat Kerry in their own back yard, albeit Kerry looked all at sea so I’d not read hugely into it, then won against louth altho it felt more like a loss…crumbled in a final quarter against a div 2 side, Cork, and then wobbled over the line against a misfiring and injury riddled Galway. I have no idea where we are at!? What is clear to me is that we have still quite a bit of work to tighten up at the back – that’s a real concern ahead of Dublin on Sunday. We need to do much better at winning primary possession in midfield – our ingame pay here is decent and our forwards are doing ok, but not creating or scoring enough goals. I think on our day we can beat anyone, but genuinely believe that Mayo need a huge improvement to do it on Sunday.

  62. @Dathi

    A quarter final is a passing grade for me.

    Even then, elimination for the second year in a row a this stage, even if it’s by the eventual champions, and given that the preceding didn’t have quarter finals, would represent a tangible regression for us.

    There’s no bonus territory when you only have one plan

  63. I think people critizing our mid field diamond could be in for a rude awakening.
    Salthill wind and no Mattie last Sunday can not be overrated.
    Media putting our midfield under pressure is just the tonic we need.

  64. I think Doc will start. He has started 3 out of the last 4 games and got significant time in the 4th. On the other hand, Fionn got time as a sub in only one game. Match ups will be interesting. Coen on Kilkenny? Who takes Con?

  65. Height & strengthwise I’d say McB is most suited to get stuck into COC. I’m sure O’Hora and himself will cross swords at stages too though.
    Each of our backs will need to be fully in tune but they are well capable.

  66. The most exciting match up of the entire weekend is Jordan Flynn and John Small.

  67. Haha definitely not @2 hop!! I’ll be well back in the stands!

  68. I’m not sure if this is as match up crucial as other games, at least in defense.

    I’m pretty confident in our defenders to take care of their man. It’d be the matchups around the middle Fenton, McCarthy and McCaffrey I would be worried about.

    Dublin on the other imo do need to get their matchups right

  69. If both Derry and Tyrone win their quarter finals, then Derry would play Tyrone in one semi-final with the winners of Armagh/Monaghan and Dublin/Mayo meeting in the other semi-final. But that to worry about hopefully after weekend

  70. Will the real Mayo please stand up!!! Our performances so far this year have been hit or miss. The potential is definitely there, lads just need to preform and go for it and play positive attacking football. Keegan is right if we can bring a frenzied control to our game on Sunday then we will be close. Some of these younger players need to show up on Sunday. Carr, Ruane and McGloughlinn, If we play to our potential we have every chance of winning this. We need at least 2 Goals to beat Dublin. If our forwards and attack click finally this summer like it did in Killarney, then we should have enough to take Dublin out in style. If our defense closes Dublin’s attacking channels and curtails the supply of ball to Dublin forwards they will struggle. Great league, poor against Monaghan, poor in the league final, still won playing badly, Dreadful against the Rossies a week later. A six week break beat Kerry well, O Shea won the game against Louth, switched off in the last 15 mins against Cork. Haven’t been firing for a full game apart from the win in Killarney. Positives for us it’s Croker, top class surface for running and playing attacking football. More pressure on Dublin as favorite’s. Have Dublin honestly been tested by quality opposition this year. Time will tell. I see us winning this by 2-3 points. If we don’t show up Dublin will run riot. Hopefully we make a big statement win on Sunday.

  71. Eoghan Mcloughlin is made for Croke Park. Have to play him. Under normal circumstances Mayo would beat Dublin. The one problem is the three tough consecutive matches. Lots of auld lads on the Dublin team past their prime. I hope our lads run rings around them. Must improve on our own kick outs and be willing to take the odd forty yard point. The full panel will be needed. Hope Mattie is rearing to go and I think Conor Loftus will feature. Both Conor and Mattie could be our match winners. Fresh for this match.

  72. One ticket available for the upper Hogan, section 727. 0851354706 if interested.

  73. @Wide Ball – That is exactly why I consider this ‘bonus territory’. We lost to Cork and I wasn’t expecting a win against Galway.

  74. I’m glad for McStay that he got us to at least a quarter, into the Collosseum. That’s not defeatist, but if we lose on Sunday the year can still be regarded as fairly positive overall.

  75. People wanted James Horan ran for losing an All Ireland final not so long ago. How have our standards dropped so much that McStay, Rochford, Buckley et al can say reaching a quarter final is bonus territory?

    If we don’t win this weekend our championship has been a clear failure. However, I think we’ve a good chance.

  76. Eoghan McLaughlin is for me a serious weak link on the team. He concedes scores, possessions and picks up cards. Yes he has blistering pace but the rest of his game is off the standard required. Bring him on in forwards for last 10 minutes when its chaos and he might get a goal but thats it.
    I think Dublin will really push up on kickouts to force Mayo long and they will feel they can overpower us at midfield where we have malfunctioned last 3 games.. AOS, Diarmaid ,Jason and Ruane need to bring huge physicality to midfield if we are to have a chance.. Dublin should win with a bit to spare but Mayo have always punched above their weight against them…so anything is possible…

  77. Hi there. I’m looking for a juvenile ticket. Upper Cusack if possible. Thank you. 0872783982

  78. Because it’s largely a new team and we’ve failed to win 7 All Irelands in a decade, Wide Ball. That’s why. Come on.

  79. There’s six other strong teams that have justifiably strong reasons to win also.

    Do you think we have a right to an Al Ireland final every year??

  80. Liberal about 18 of our panel have played in all Ireland finals.
    And won league final this year. Only one new player added squad this year.

  81. It was largely a new team in 2020 and 2021 as well, so I don’t accept that as a reason.

    Last year our panel was decimated by injuries and we still made a quarter final, so it would be a disappointment for me if we don’t improve on that.

    Don’t think we have a right to an All Ireland final every year, but we have almost a completely healthy squad at the moment. There’s also no real standout number 1 county this season. We’ve already beaten Kerry and Galway, Dublin are up there admittedly.

    Strike while the iron’s hot comes to mind. No guarantee next year or the year after will present a better opportunity.

  82. Absolutely wide ball – the off season is a long 6-7 months. None of us want this years journey to end and if anything I finally feel the hangover from the 21 final has lifted for us. Let’s keep ‘er lit and send cluxton back into retirement on a low

  83. Time for another podcast episode? Oh, go on, then – last one before the game, this one is a chat with Billy Joe about the team selections and what changes might be made on the day. Up on Patreon now.

  84. I hear you Wide Ball, and you make very fair points but sport doesn’t always work like that. There are always peaks and troughs. There’s a mountain of psychological pressure on Mayo Gaa, despite the amount of new blood there. It’s inescapable. Just listen to Zippy’s recent interview on OTB, and he knows a lot better than you or me. The losses matter. He makes the point for me.

    And it’s not just the players that feel the pinch. It’s the whole Mayo gaa ‘system’, and that can’t simply be wiped clean by installing new management. It’s multifactorial!!

    All teams need rebuilding and it takes time. I’ve said it many times on this blog before (and I’m posting since 2012….yikes!), that I’m astounded at how we can consistently achieve at the highest level given the losses and excruciating close calls we’ve suffered. It’s incredible, and dammit we should have reached the promised land at this stage. And I often think that if the team just gave up and said ‘it’s never gonna happen’ etc, who could blame them? Yet they keep going.

    But time moves on if you don’t take your chances, and in life you only get so many. No pity.

    So we are where we are. Still competing, regularly blooding fine players, and once again find ourselves in the cauldron. Yet if we lose on Sunday I’ll be as pissed off as anyone.

    The aim for Sunday? To echo a poster above, let’s send Clucko back onto his sofa!!!
    Up Mayo.

  85. 3 Hill Tickets available, number 0876728591. Selling on someone else’s behalf this time.

  86. Few observations
    1) The Monaghan game is just about as irrelevant as any game outside the FBD this year
    2) The best ref in the Country has the whistle, Aido will be protected from serial foulers as will Ryan.
    3) Has the feel of Galway game part 2 in that there’s injury concerns around 3 Dublin players who might start but who might be below their normal standard as the Galway lads were. A penny fell out of my pocket the Friday before the Galway game , I took it as an omen and same thing happened again today. We I think have everyone fit for this. I’m not normally superstitious so pinch of salt
    there but I do think we’ve a half decent chance and that’s reflected in nervousness on Reservoir Dubs website. Their fans are on unsteady ground. We’re not as good without the 2 departed but our panel is definitely stronger and the Dubs are not as good either, certainly air of invincibility is gone and there’s doubts about the hunger of a few if their older players. A serious challenge but we’re in a good place in Croker , a place that suits us in the last 8 vs Dubs. Roll on Sunday. Players live for that kind of challenge. Dubs will be more afraid of us than any of the other QF possibilities.

  87. Liberal – what psychological pressure is on Mayo this weekend? The prize on offer is a semi final place, something we’ve played 10 times in the last 12 years.

    That shows (as per my initial post) a quarter final is definitely not bonus territory for Mayo.

  88. Ah shuffly deck..I think your trying to convince yourself..Mayo are the Match we wanted and needed..full panel no injuries and this is the quarter finals to kick us into life..see you all on Sunday

  89. I think the teams will line up as per the below

    Mayo will do something left field to start bet is Hession on McCaffrey

    Colm Reape v Stephen Cluxton
    Jack Coyne v Paddy Small
    David McBrien v Con O Callaghan
    Padraig O’Hora v Cormac Costello
    Paddy Durcan v Ciaran Kilkenny
    Conor Loftus v Sean Bugler
    Sam Callinan v Niall Scully
    Stephen Coen V Brian Fenton
    Diarmuid O’Connor v Brian Howard
    Enda Hession v Jack McCaffrey
    Jack Carney v john Small
    Jordan Flynn v Lee Gannon
    Aidan O’Shea v James McCarthy
    Tommy Conroy v Eoin Murchan
    Ryan O’Donoghue v Mick Fitzsimmons
    Rory Byrne v Evan Comerford
    Jason Doherty v Colm Basquel
    James Carr v Daire Newcombe
    Eoghan McLaughlin v Lorcan O Dell
    Matthew Ruane v Tom Lahiff
    Fionn McDonagh v Cian Murphy
    Darren McHale v Dean Rock
    Donnacha McHugh v Paul Mannion
    Kevin McLoughlin v Sean McMahon
    Cillian O’Connor v David Byrne
    Bob Tuohy v Craig Diaz

  90. Seems to be a common consensus Con will play inside, I don’t think that will be the case.. I’d expect an inside two of Kilkenny and Small

  91. Agree with outta the blue, from a Dublin perspective they’ve been sleepwalking a bit this year but I think mayo is exactly the matchup they need to spring them to life. I think a Monaghan or cork were actually more dangerous for them at this point due to potential complacency

    Binged on highlights of their last few matches last night. Take back what I said about paddy small, he’s been a revelation. And Bugler is now crucial to them. Think a lot of fans are falling into the trap of writing off some of their more unheralded players, in truth lee Gannon has been one of their best players the last two seasons but many mayo fans are so familiar with the 2010s crop it’s as if they’ve become conditioned to discounting their recent additions off hand

  92. I’m enjoying these posts this morning, esp Shuffly deck and Liberal Role … Can’t wait to get on the road tomorrow an to take my seat and watch our lads do battle once again. I hope we’ve recovered well since the battle of Salthill!
    In case anyone’s wondering, depending on weekend results, there’ll be a draw on RTE TV tomorrow eve after the Mayo-Dub game.
    I spotted this earlier;

    A semi-final draw?

    Another change for this championship season sees the ending of the rota system to decide the pairings for the last four. A draw, which will be carried out after the conclusion of Dublin v Mayo on RTÉ2 television on Sunday, may be required to finalise the semi-final fixtures on the weekend of 15/16 July.

    An avoidance of repeat pairings from earlier in the championship will be the main determinant as to the semi-final line-ups.

    Possible repeat pairings: Kerry v Cork, Kerry v Mayo, Cork v Mayo, Tyrone v Armagh, Tyrone v Monaghan, Armagh v Derry & Monaghan v Derry.

    If Kerry, Cork & Mayo win, a repeat pairing can’t be avoided, so we will have a draw.

    If Tyrone & Derry win, no draw is required, as both teams have played Armagh & Monaghan, and the pairings would be Tyrone v Derry and the winner of Armagh/Monaghan v winner of Dublin/Mayo.

    Anyways, good luck to all travelling this weekend, and thanks as always Willie Joe.
    Up Mayo!

  93. 1 upper Hogan ticket still available, section 727, row U. Happy to let it go for €30. Contact on 085 1354706 if interested

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