Match-day panel named for Galway game

We’ve just named our match-day panel of 26 for Sunday’s All-Ireland SFC preliminary quarter-final against Galway (throw-in 3pm). Here it is:

Mayo (All-Ireland SFC preliminary quarter-final v Galway, 25/6/2023): Colm Reape (Knockmore); Jack Coyne (Ballyhaunis), David McBrien (Ballaghaderreen), Padraig O’Hora (Ballina Stephenites); Sam Callinan (Ballina Stephenites), Conor Loftus (Crossmolina Deel Rovers), Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels, captain); Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), Matthew Ruane (Breaffy); Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber), Jack Carney (Kilmeena), Jordan Flynn (Crossmolina Deel Rovers); Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), James Carr (Ardagh), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet). Subs: Rory Byrne (Castlebar Mitchels), Tommy Conroy (The Neale), Jason Doherty (Burrishoole), Enda Hession (Garrymore), Fionn McDonagh (Westport), Darren McHale (Knockmore), Donnacha McHugh (Castlebar Mitchels), Eoghan McLaughlin (Westport), Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore, Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Bob Tuohy (Castlebar Mitchels).

So, on paper at least, it’s just change from the team that lined out against Cork. Sam Callinan – who was picked to play but for some unknown reason didn’t feature at all last Sunday – comes in and Donnacha McHugh drops out. There’s just one change on the bench too but it’s a significant one. Cillian O’Connor comes in, replacing Paul Towey.

No more than Galway last night, I’d imagine there’s a fair bit of going through the motions with this team announcement. I think we can expect a few changes to both named teams before the ball is thrown in at Pearse Stadium on Sunday.

The best of luck to the lads in this pivotal clash.

170 thoughts on “Match-day panel named for Galway game

  1. I am glad to see Sam Callinan starting ,also i can see Tommy Conroy starting from the start as well as Cillian . Come on Mayo ye can do it.

  2. Its the strongest 26 we have apart from Michael Plunkett.
    There are 5 on the bench who lots would feel should be in the starting 15. ,Enda, Eoghan Mc, Tommy, Cillian and Fionn.
    Its a deep panel alright but it will count for nothing if we topple on Sunday.

    Hon Mayo.

  3. It looks like he is staying with the tried but not trusted team.

    I’m expecting at least 3 changes

    We have to go for broke?

    What was the story with callinan last week?

  4. Strong team named great to see cillian and Sam calinan back wouldn’t be a bit surprised if cillian & Tommy did start @James Fleming maybe hession to .

    Think sam calinan will make a lot of difference in defence to we were missing him badly v cork.

    Good luck guys

  5. Won’t know either team until throw in. For what it’s worth delighted to see Callinan start and Cillian back in the 26 is excellent. I’d expect to see two changes before throw in, especially around the midfield/half forward position.

    Having worked all year with Loftus there wasn’t going to be a change there, you’d hope some tactical changes so he isn’t left exposed with Galway runners attacking him.

  6. Weather is wet and windy for Sunday.
    I don’t believe we’ll take any account of that.
    With that weather there is zero point in having a ‘nice footballer at cehrre back.
    That weather is a height, power, workrate and pace battle.

  7. Can’t trust team announcements at all but if I take it a face value, I’m glad to see Cillian back – a steadying influence if nothing else – and Sam Callinan is definitely a big plus to start. He may yet start Hession too. I feel that Ruane needs a big game in him – he has been inconsistent for a long time – we can’t afford for Conroy, Maher and co to get the run on him. I’m hopeful a big performance coming.

  8. Wet weather doesn’t bode well for us I’m afraid. Galway will slow it right down and aim to frustrate. The weather absolutely benefitted Roscommon the day we played them, those conditions favour a slower, cagey affair, which unfortunately we don’t seem capable of playing.

  9. I don’t think I will watch this game, if that team plays / starts.
    How many kicks in the hole do we need to realise that we need a few big changes.

  10. Well let’s see what Mayo do this week. Happy to see Cillian and Sam back in the picture. It really is crunch time for this team… for both teams actually. So I imagine it’ll come down to who keeps the head and has the stomach for a full blooded encounter. Mayo surely need to show some fight (not fighting) for this one. No room for lying back, having your belly tickled or worse!!
    It’s one thing I find hard to see in our teams. We rarely get really stuck into teams. I live in hope.
    Maigheo Abu

  11. Forecast has changed slightly – little rain and a lesser wind but this can change again

    15:00 17 °c 16 °c 100% 0.1mm 66% Wind from W (281°) 13mph 16mph

    Think TC will start and Cillian will be brought on later (sooner if not going well and later if going well for the close out and his leadership). Markers and tracking runner very important for Walshe, Comer, Cooke, Kelly, McDaid, Maher, – in same order O’Hora, McBrien, Cone, Paddy, Callinan, Jordan

  12. This is the lineup I’d like to see early on.
    Play defensive and long kick passing into a physical FF line. Try and create a physical mismatch there.
    Foul where necessary no goal concessions.
    Galway will look to put goals on us.








    Impact Subs

  13. @Bate the blanket who would you put on instead?

    I certainly wouldn’t change colm reape anyway .

    I would definitely start cillian o Connor Tommy c & Ryan o d .
    Enda hession to I’d say we will see changes though .

  14. Look, simple as some fellas just cannot be dropped while some others are not getting a fair chance, one would who picks the teams.

    We will lambasted right through the middle of the defence if this team takes to the field, a certain definition comes to mind of doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.

  15. Loftus…….
    Interesting that Coen is named midfield though with Diarmuid half forward
    There might be a plan in there somewhere

    Surely Conroy starts ahead of carr

  16. I totally with you Clare regarding Hession ,he should start

    him as a sweeper.

  17. Debates about selection aside… that’s a very strong 26 man panel. Would be a travesty if we don’t even make a quarter final.

  18. Absolutely wide ball
    He is what I hope (but don’t necessarily expect to happen)
    Coen to 6
    Diarmuid to MF
    Hession in for Loftus (extra defender as one will be assigned to follow Walsh)
    Conroy for Carr

    It is somewhat ironic how poorly we have finished our last few games when we have been holding players in reserve
    Start our best team Sunday . Still plenty on the bench

  19. Actually think that team looks fairly legit!

    Though I could see McL coming in at 7 and Durcan moving to 6. I think Carr might get the nod again

  20. The funny thing about starting our best players in some people’s eyes is the fact that against both Cork and Louth when we had those players on the pitch,was when we collapsed,make of that what you will

  21. As always hard to read too much into either lineup until 2.50pm Sunday as there are guaranteed changes on both sides.

    If I had to guess, I’d say 1 change for Galway with Kelly dropping out and someone like cathal sweeney coming in and a bit of a reshuffle. Comer should be good to go I reckon. Kelly won’t be

    For Mayo I suspect one change also with Conroy coming in, probably for Carr. The management seem wedded to 2 main tactical pillars which is loftus at chb and AoS at ff and probably won’t change tack on those at this stage. I personally would have hession in there somewhere and cillian coming in no later than 50 min

    It’s the strongest we have had in years in terms of player availability for years so no excuses

  22. You would wonder how our best player in the league by a country mile Enda Hession has seen so little action in championship despite being available for months now

  23. If both teams start as named we’re in serious trouble. A fit Kelly and Comer will be hard to hold and I think the Peter Cooke placement says only one thing – they have spotted a weakness! However, I see something in Mayo’s positional changes and this is me with limited knowledge of tactics – any chance Conor Loftus could go to midfield with Coen dropping back to CHB ?

  24. Are we asking to lose or something?
    If Cooke plays in the middle at CHF he will make hay.

  25. Matchups then.I think we have good match ups.

    Callinan on Burke?
    Mcbrien on comer?
    Durcan on Tierney?
    Coen on Cooke?
    O’hora on walsh

    On the other side of the pitch…
    McDaid on Flynn
    Young Hernon on AoS
    Glynn on Conroy
    McGrath on ROD
    DoC and Conroy to batter lumps out of each other

  26. I think we might tweak a few things but I don’t see any more than one or two changes before the throw/in.

    Firstly, I’m relieved we haven’t named Fionn to start as we’ve done that for a few games now. It’s not fair on the lad and has to erode a bit of confidence.

    I can see the logic in starting Carr. He’s been quiet of late but hasn’t got much service either. He has a decent record against Galway and I think it’s better we see how goes from the off rather than relying on him to make an impact with ten to go.

    Personally I’d hold Cillian back for as long as we can. We need him operating at full tilt as we come down the stretch.

    The one change I really want to see is Coen to CB, Diarmuid to MF and TC to half forward, with Loftus dropping to the bench. I don’t think it will happen but I think it would strengthen us in both directions.

  27. BateTheBlanket – I think you’ve made that point more than adequately, and more than once, at this stage. You don’t need to keep repeating it, it serves no purpose.

    Also, what’s this with the change of handle? Your previous one was one you’d used for years and there was no good reason to change it.

  28. Have ye not been watching Mayo all year?

    Loftus won’t be marking Cooke. Sure Callinan marked Sean O’Shea a few weeks ago. Not saying I agree with it, but Loftus is there as a sweeper not a man marker.

  29. I thought wind has lightened but ye know yerselves it will be a gale! Great to see Sean and Damien are playing both only light knocks Sean tried to walk off the kick should be fine. Our front six are due to click, overdue in my view and if its Sunday Mayo backs will have a torrid time.

  30. Paper never refused ink. Both Mayo and Galway will have changes before throw in and none of us know who will start. Management’s probably don’t even know yet with injuries etc.
    A lot of talk about us having a sweeper but I don’t see the point in a sweeper as Galway are going to park the bus anyway. All our defenders have to do is understand that they are defenders first and foremost and stop running up the field like kids in a play yard. Get back to basics and remember the ball will travel faster that them. Might not be modern or sexy but who cares once we get a result.

  31. Very happy with the 26. I’m sure some here would have liked to find a spot for Towey but someone with good potential was sure to lose out. We already have a packed panel in FF line.
    I’d say there’s an altered defensive plan. It’s knockout stuff (serious) and we know McStay is a good game analyst and loads of experience in the management team so I trust they’re looking at our weak points as well as our threat to opponents. In 2016 drawn game we (under Rochford) went extremely defensively vs Dublin in the 1st half using Andy as a target man and it took the Dubs about 25 mins to score a single point. Now Andy won some ball the Dubs might say he’d no right to win. By that time in the game they had 2 freak OG’s to be level although there was pressure on us for those so on another day maybe one of the 2 would be bagged by Dublin without requiring an OG. I think Dublin’s final score that day was about 2-8 or 2-10 so we know we can play that way. Dubs probably got 4 points in 2nd half. We had the likes of Boyler and Leroy in our backs so we were more experienced than the present 15 but plenty of talent on our team today and on and bench. If Hession and Eoghan Mc come we need them to bring all their street smarts not just their serious pace because we could need that to close out the game.
    The Galway defenders today man for man are nowhere near as good as our 6 ton 2016 but Galway do have a system (effective) and the best defensive record (I think) in the land. Rochford has taken risks in the past, not always working but had the balls to go for it. He’s sure to have a strong influence on McStay.
    Not sure TC will start. It makes more sense to get a strong 1st half from James Carr and tell him we need his absolute max for 35, then Tommy comes on at half time and Cillian for perhaps a half back with Diarmaid and Coen each moving back 1 line as it’s hard to see Aido, Ryan, Jordan being taken off. Maybe Jack Carney with Ryan or Tommy going out to the 40. However Jack’s height could be needed. If it’s a choice between Jack and Cillian for 2nd half, I’d pick Cillian. Not only is the experience invaluable, we’ll also need to run the subs early anyway to keep players as fresh as possible for hypothetical QF. Another possibility is Aido spending a good bit of time in midfield to cancel and hopefully tip the scales against Conroy. Not all the match but in parts. We might need him because Galway have 5 midfielders in the zone, Maher, Conroy, McDaid, Tierney and Cooke. One of the few teams around to match us for height and bulk. We have 5 as well but the strongest ball winner of the 5 is FF and Maher and Conroy are more traditional ball winners than Mattie and Diarmaid. Aido has the pace to keep with Conroy if that’s what’s needed. If Aido comes out , it gives an option of Diarmaid ghosting into FF line. I’d say pretty much 50 50 if all of Galway’s panel are available which would make for a great occasion if they are. Too close to call as per league final.
    Good news on the weather (wind) front, it’s been downgraded from 30kph to 20kph so less chance of the game being spoiled as a spectacle. Can expect a few light showers but nothing too heavy during the game. Solstice time, I’ll be bringing the sunscreen anyway, just got the lecture from the GP’s nurse about the Irish and the sun so it’s fresh in the head.

  32. I said it on a previous thread, Galway will come to this game to intimidate, bully and boss. That’s so important (in my opinion) why I think Cillian O’ Connor should be involved, he takes no sh*t and is very cute himself when he needs to be. Also, Jason Doherty, a man who has come back because he believes he still can contribute something. We have a few young guys who will never have experienced an atmosphere like they will face on Sunday. They need old, seasoned, cute heads around them to see this through.

  33. Whatever happens on Sunday, I think we’re in a decent place going forward. We have a really strong group of players there, and another pre-season for the likes of Bob Tuohy and others will just further benefit us.

  34. @Wide Ball: You might want to have a watch back of that Kerry game. Sam was sweeping that day (very well it has to be said) not marking Seanie, with Conor tagging Dara Moynihan. He got two fantastic turnovers on Seanie that day so might have felt at times like he was on him but just the way those moves had progressed and where the two had found themselves.

    Loftus also spent the league final tagging Johnny Heaney up until Johnny’s injury with Diarmuid doing the sweeper role.

  35. When Cillian comes on I wonder who goes off. Many seemed to think both himself and OShea cant play in the same FF line.

  36. It seems to me that our game deteriorates after we bring on subs. We tend to try and attack more rather than be more defensive. If we are leading with 10 minutes to go , why bring on a forwards sub or an attack minded back? Will we ever learn? I hope the team named actually starts

  37. Shuffly deck are you being tongue in cheek or serious?
    We haven’t seen an alternative defensive plan all year, if we even have a plan. Hard see that changing in space of 6 days when hasn’t changed since October.

    Once again teamsheets likely to count for nout. I really hate that petty nonsense. If your team is good enough to win they will win.

  38. Freethebank there’s the option of subbing a HF E.g. Jack and bringing out either Ryan, TC or putting Cillian there. Jack is a fine footballer gaining plenty of experience but Cillian’s as experienced and battle hardened as they come and wily as a fox. If we had to sacrifice someone he’s the likely option, otherwise sub a half back but move Diarmaid or Stephen Coen back a line to compensate or as above Aido can go out to midfield. We won’t have Cillian for many more seasons whereas Jack and others have a long career to play for Mayo. We need to maximise use of Cillian for the games we have left. If we win there’s a 66% chance of Armagh or Derry afterwards who are both beatable in 1 week turnaround and Cillian needs some game time too.
    We will likely end up subbing off lads who are going well and let fans not be getting frustrated about this, we absolutely need to use the panel well and hopefully run all 6 subs. In the backs of a danger man comes on for Galway e.g. Finnerty or Culhane spring a fresh sub as marker.

  39. Has to start Enda Hession, Tommy Conroy and Eoin McLaughlin….all 3 are proven winners…its do or die…with Cillian in as an impact sub….lads to make way are clear from last 2 weeks performances…. management have to be brave and put loyalties aside….and those lads that are dropped will have all the more to prove off the bench….

  40. @chesneychet yeah they’ll give our backs a horrid time by fouling them & feigning injuries alright…. ha

    Can’t see Shane walsh clicking he hasn’t clicked all year but then again knowing our luck he will have the game of his life Sunday as others said he might haha bet Kelly will be named on the bench for ye to can’t can’t him full match fit .

    As others pointed out so important we have cillian back he stands his ground and takes no nonsense from opposition and won’t be bullied around the place he’s been such a servant to been so unlucky with injuries the last while what a player though .

  41. Exactly what Mayo for Sam says. Has to be at least 3 changes from the start. I think we all know which 3 should be benched for this one. We can’t have some of our best players as impact subs off the bench on current form

  42. @batetheblanket.cooke won’t make hay as there’s rain promised Sunday. I don’t like commenting on Loftus as he’s getting a hard time from enough on here but i can’t see him being dropped for this game. Imagine the shitstorm that would come management way if mayo win with Loftus not featuring would be worse than mayo lose with him playing.

  43. Galway, one of the favourites to win the All Ireland, will be under a lot of pressure to win this game.
    No more than ourselves Galway didn’t want this extra game and will want to get through it with the least amount of effort, knowing another tough match awaits them the following weekend.
    This could could play into our hands as we, now outsiders, can afford to go at them full throttle and not care about injuries or burn out.
    If we can get a few big hits in early while at the same time notch a few scores and maybe a goal, one never know how things might go.
    For Mayo it’s backs to the wall stuff and if we’re to loose let’s put down a marker for next year!!!
    Up Mayo ?

  44. Best of luck to the lads, nothing between these teams. The better game management on field and on sidelines wins this one.
    Carr is unpredictable and that is one of the really hard things to plan for as an opposition, the same goes for Walsh. So i’d be starting James. Getting spun as a corner back is so deflating to the support base and so Sam has to be corner back and move POH to half back line. Hession, O’Connor, Conroy and Tuohy can really influence this game if deployed at the right time and especially in the position most needed in at the time.
    Looking forward to this one.

  45. Gizmo , not tongue in cheek, I take your point but it’s the serious end now and I’m convinced this point won’t be lost on management. They know our weaknesses better than us and we can see them. Top management teams adapt. I hope I turn out to be right as it’s a make or break game for them too. We’ve seen Tyrone win several AI’s because of their ability to adapt well into the championship.
    If management doesn’t change the specific personnel then they need to change how we set up especially for the end game and I expect them to have that plan.
    But even if management makes mostly the right calls on the day Galway are a formidable outfit so we could play very well and still not win.
    Also it’s down to the players, managers can make a plan and players can ignore it. McBrien makes great runs and is not passed to very often when in goal scoring positions. Many find it quite curious Kelly does that for Galway from FB but he scores because they give him the ball. McBrien is a very confident guy so do we tell others to lay it off or for him or else stay back in his FB position. Not sure his tactic of FB forward runs is actually following management orders, possibly not. Either allow it in game plan and cover the gap or be strict on the player. Eoghan Mac is another, came with a very positive impact vs Kerry but several times in the past has run down blind alleys and got turned over. Loftus and Coen almost never run down blind alleys and seek a man in a better position so one of them needs to finish the game out. Hession is a line breaker but not renowned for his kick passing. If Galway block our running game effectively, is he actually the wisest sub to bring on? No point asking for good ball into AOS and Ryan if we haven’t enough incisive kick passers on the field. We’re already crying out for TC another runner to play so we need a balance. Our 2nd best kick passer Kevin Mc Is entering the twilight of his career. Most don’t see a role apart from RHF and if there was another it would likely be in the same role as Conor… who would do it better, a 28 year old at physical peak not known for pure pace or an experienced but slowing 35 year old speedster? Bar those 2 we’d be looking to the O Connors and Ryan OD to kick in accurate ball but 2 of those 3 are already earmarked for FF line as default positions. I’m not saying Conor has to wear 6 on his back but I’d have him on the field somewhere perhaps as 7th defender sweeper / mopper upper as soon as we lose the ball as he’s the best of the lot at safely getting the ball out of defence. And I still prefer him as chief ball handler & he offers the best chance at moving the ball forward at pace rather than laterally or finding an incisive pass or a pass inside for a mark (which we’ll probably need a few of the next day as it’s one tactic that actually bates the blanket).

  46. Galway keeper – serious weak link on high ball and not decisive on kickouts. Has to be exploited. Without Kelly (if gone) his cover is blown.

  47. Folks, am feeling very nervous. Just announcing that.
    It means it’s all in the melting pot and things can go any way.
    Will Mayo beat the blanket?
    Will our players, especially our forwards, stand up with gumption, confidence and character and kick the ball over the bar with no one to stop them on Sunday?
    Will we find flow?
    Will we turn rampant?
    Will we clamp down on the goals and say ‘not today, Damo, Seán or anyone else’?
    Will Diarmuid drill some flyers over the bar? And Cillian? And Jordan?
    Will Aidan bury the ball in the back of the net?
    Will we force Galway seriously onto the back foot?
    Will we contain Walsh?
    Will we show them we mean business?

  48. Well, I will tell ya what I have never known the Galway crowd (around here anyway) to get so nervy and angsty about a match / they see this as an absolute must must win & it’s nothing to do with making the 1/4 final or making up for last week – it’s all down to the rivalry – it’s must must win for them, they feel they cannot let us beat them when it matters most again and esp in their own back yard.

    My gut feeling is Mayo people don’t have that same absolute must win feeling. It was there for the league final for Mayo – going up to Croke Park for the league final, I’ll admit I didn’t think we’d win but the thought of being beat by Galway in Croke Park brought up not nice emotions at all.

    May the best team win but let Mayo remember we didn’t go up to Croke Park to beat them in league final only to be overturned by them at the 1st knockout stage of the championship.

    Not sure I will be able to watch this game!!!

    Up Mayo!

  49. Apart from a small number of gloomers it is a must win for Mayo, a must and will win. There is also the view this is the game Mayo need to see where they are really at. A test a proper test that they must pass. This will be different to anything we’ve seen all year I am very sure of that. We have TC, Cillain, E. McL , POH, and Enda that we didnt have for the league final – no argument needed these are great additions..Bring it on !

  50. @Maoigheogalingallimh I’d say mayo people do take it as a must must win game ha well I for one do anyway :p
    It’ll be a long couple of weeks if Galway do beat us thats for sure ha .

    We can win this but if not we will go again next year like we always do .

    The rivalry always makes us play our best to .

    I can imagine it’s hard work being a mayo person in Galway this week haha

  51. Let’s face it – we just caved in when we went 6 points up vs Cork – “men against boys time”, rudderless, leaderless and we threw in the towel after the penalty. These are situations where Cillian can shine, quite apart from his deadly accuracy. If he’s only on 1 leg he must be on the field for the last 20-30 min. Coen’s leadership was missed in the closing stages also – he could do a job as sweeper. Time to channel our inner Peter O’Mahony? Maigh Eo Abù!

  52. So “Aido has the pace to keep with Conroy if that’s what’s needed” – we wish but God forbid?

  53. Clare, tell me about it ! I went for a few pints yesterday evening and to be honest it was tough listening to some of the crap especially from people with one too many in. However, most of the punters are of the opinion that it’s a pity that one of us will be gone come Sunday evening.

  54. As a general critical (but hopefully objective) observation of Mayo, 2023. My perception is that Mayo seem to expect to control the game’s and that the expectation is that the system will take care of the result. Mayo’s DNA for want of a better word seems to be the we are not (Yet) fully suited to this mindset, its hard to get the balance right. The old Kevin Walsh ‘Galway Shawl’ (Great song, not great entertainment as a Gaelic Football tactic) is easier to implement for the 70 plus minutes, and its been implemented by Galway with some success especially v Mayo for 6 or 7 years now. We are less experienced at it than Galway. For a player like, James Carr our system does not suit his spontaneous and sometimes explosive interventions. The most Tweeted video clip of any GAA moment was his ‘Carradona’ super goal in Limerick, it went viral all over the world, millions of views, especially in Argentina, no doubt the similarity with the greatest goal goal of all time, scored by Maradona in 1986 v England. You could replace James Carr with Tommy Conroy as a starter but our ‘System’ now does not really encourage the spontaneous and explosive interventions with the searing pace of Tommy Conroy either. Its hard to get the balance right between offence and defence, back in 2016/17 Stephen Rochford got the balance in the end of the season, even in defeat Mayo played arguably some of the greatest football of all time, in fairness to Dublin, they met us with front foot football and came to battle by outscoring us. But earlier in those championship seasons of 2016/17 we struggled with our ‘system’. To be fair to Padraig Joyce he got the balance right in last years All Ireland Final, even in defeat Galway played their best game for over 20 years. There is plenty of attacking and defending talent in both Galway and Mayo, I wish both teams would just go for it a bit more than both have been of late. One team is going to win, and one is going to lose, thats going to happen regardless of how conservative both teams play, Foxford Wollen blankets or Galway Shawls, or the endless recycling that would bore the Nation and the loser season is over, the winner will hopefully defy logic and win again next week. Hopefully that team will be Mayo, if not we will have to wish our rivals Galway the best of luck. And best of luck to Roscommon v Cork as well while I’m at it.

  55. Looking at the 26 for Sunday and the thing that sticks out to me is that 17 of them have played in All Ireland Senior finals and if Eoghan McLaughlin hadn’t suffered a broken jaw in ’21 it would be 18.
    Sure we have a young fullback line and goalie but in fairness they have stood up all year. So I can’t really into the inexperienced angle. There’s loads of seasoned heads and bundles of talent in that group so no excuses. Just throw everything at Galway and let’s get the job done!

  56. Your right Shuffle Deck. I like the 26. We will need them all over the next fortnight. It is now down to game plan, strategy and passion. I have a feeling we will prevail and all will be forgiven. Don’t be hard on Conor. If you have a wave of players coming at you life can be very difficult for a centre half back. Half forwards have to track players makin breaks from the opposition back line. No ball watching. 100% concentration for all the match including extra time. Hope the team stays injury free. Great excitement lads. Win loose or draw we are having great fun. We owe Mayo football a lot.

  57. Very objective @leantimes and well said.. our dna is chaos but right that we bring some sort of system … let’s home we get balance right.. I will be shouting for cork though (smiley)

  58. @Seaningalway I can only imagine what the Galway ones were saying with a few to many in haha they won’t be laughing come Sunday ( I hope they won’t anyway )
    That would drive me mad ha

    Sure even last year after we got knocked out of the quarters we got abuse from Galway fans walking back to town ha now there’s bad fans in every county includong our own but I was in no mood for it haha.

    I really think we can pull off a shock as most people do think it’s a shock if we win outside of mayo anyway ..we always tend to turn up when people don’t think we will guarantee the guys have been fuming all week to at themselves so my feeling is they are going to do everything they possibly can to win and will come with a bounce!

  59. JoeG? – Eoghan played in the 2020 final vs Dublin. However by my count it’s 16 of the 26 who have featured in senior AI finals.

  60. Lean times I’m not one of the posters being hard on Conor, quite the opposite I can see the positive attributes he brings but we need to cover the gaps in the central channel because he’s only suited to slowing play not stopping an attack in its tracks. For balance sake I want him to play before springing our 2 running back subs so we maximise our chances of getting good ball inside. I think we’ll see 7 defenders the next day (Fionn isn’t starting) with Coen a deep lying 6 and Conor tracking attackers further out. Coen is the best reader of the game we have in defence, give him that freedom as sweeper 6 and he’ll do a great job. One caveat is if we go full on sweeper, it allows 1 Galway player to be free further out so intensity needs to be very high against the player with the ball. Our forwards need to be combative coming back to block the free channels to the spare player. It’s still 50 50 but my confidence is growing that we can do it.

  61. You know, over the last couple of weeks we have been distracted with the various permutations about topping the group and what might happen down the line. Let’s face it, many believed we were going to win the group after we beat Kerry and I for one had been planning for the quarter finals. Silly me!
    Well now we have one thing to focus on and that is beating Galway.
    We have played some good stuff this year to date. The 15 minute collapse against Cork when we were in a winning position, I put that down to lack of focus. It shouldn’t have happened, of course not. But surely that can’t come into it on Sunday. There is too much at stake.
    Forget Sam. Forget the quarters. Let’s win this one!

  62. Really hope something has been learned re the centre of the defence. Shaping up to be a real dogfight. Best of luck to all involved.

  63. I’m actually fearing a hiding from Galway on Sunday. Our performances in championship outside of Kerry have been very poor and Galway were done for being overly negative the last day when all they needed was a draw, rather than them being terrible.

  64. Hope it’s an entertaining game and not 70mins of puke football.
    Hope Mayo win.
    Hope Conor Loftus has a MOTM performance. That man has given us many top performances. And to see an article in Mayo News this week entitled “Mayo’s Defensive Dilemmas” focusing solely on him is so unfair. It’s a team game and hopefully the squad and management are all on board agreeing that a much better performance from everyone is needed on Sunday. I’m sure Conor’s team mates have stood by him this week.

  65. 12 starting team Sunday next are same team that started the charity game in January v Sligo. The only 3 that didn’t start that day back in early January were Paddy Durkan, Swanee both out due to injury and O’Shea was away on holidays.
    Management seemed to have team picked before the show started.

    Hope you right shuffly deck, if you are it’s an audacious move by management concealing their true intent and gameplay in 20 or so inter-county games, only to spring it from bag at knock out time 🙂

    If Kelly doesn’t start I think we will win.

  66. Would anyone put money on the two selected teams starting on Sunday? This game will come down to a number of factors such as:

    – Strategy including team selection, seems we have decided to stick but will we be bold in terms of approach? Maybe but not sure..
    – Leadership, management need to have clear & concise expectations and the players need to step up especially coming down the stretch. To me, this is biggest unknown at the moment.
    – Game management- surely this can be easily addressed by management?
    – Attitude, need to be brave and driven, I think O’Hora, Cillian have this but have to see this from all of those who play. I think this will be OK.

    Galway will be marginal favourites, have more pressure on them but this may also give more motivation. On a gut feel I think that we will win, the only thing that would surprise me was if someone wins by 4 / 5 or more.

  67. Wide Ball. You’re correct on Eoghan in 2020 so that makes 17.
    Kevin Mc
    Steven Coen
    Darren Coen
    Eoghan McLaughlin

  68. A lot of what is being said about the game on Sunday is the same as I read before the league final.

    It is pretty much a 50/50 game. The bookies odds are almost identical to the league final with Galway the slightest of slight favourites as they were for the final.

    Of course we can win and I reckon the fact we are away from Castlebar does us no harm at all. There is a strong bench and that might just swing it for us late in the day.

  69. @joeG?.Darren coen not on the panel as for the game itself it could be decided by something unknown like a red card or a bad ref decision or bad kickout. In truth both teams are pretty even and whoever implements the game plan the best will more than likely be in the draw Monday morning.

  70. Really frustrated with Lee Keegan’s comments this week re Shane Walsh as not being an elite forward. Now I do to an extent agree with him but why say it the week of a knockout game against Galway. Timing absolutely terrible. Don’t need to give them any extra motivation.

  71. Lee Keegan an all-time great but he has an animus against Galway that he needs to get over? They’re our neighbours – Up Mayo.

  72. What is it with ex Mayo players and putting there foot it in during the week leading up to big games – we saw it with McHale and Brady previously.
    Dispite all new modern training techniques – the old – “see what these lads think of us – we will some these shower on Sunday etc etc motivational speech still has a role to play.

  73. @Tomny+Joe ah no way if we do loose certainly won’t be a hiding. Galway are no world beaters and they haven’t hit top form in any of their games so far I you ask me.

    I mean they haven’t blown teams away . Beat a 14 man struggling Tyrone team and and without their star .

    We are the better team but I think it’ll be closer call for sure my nerves already ha.

    I agree as much time as I have for lee keegan don’t think he should have said anything about walah it’ll only infuriate walsh and bet he’ll come out with a bang sun ha

    Still mayo by 2 or 3!

  74. Completely agree Southmayo. Mayo pundits simply never learn and I’d expect Shane Walsh to tear the ground up on Sunday as a result. It’s often the way it goes.

  75. To quote the late Padraig Pearse “O wise men, riddle me this”

    How can Mayo management, who I still believe in and fully backed their appointments this year, name the selected panel for Sunday that has failed miserably to score in last four games and most likely will face a defensive wall similar to Cork game plan.
    Specifically, I am talking about the exclusion of Paul Towey who can actually score from play for 30+ yards, and the continued inclusion of Jason Doherty, Kevin Mcloughlin (Both incredible servants to Mayo football since 2011), who at this points find it difficult to score. Unfortunately, Fionn McDonagh who puts in a great amount effort, is also not someone who can score as he is totally one footed and is more often than not forced onto his right.
    I re watched the Cork game in full two evenings ago, For Stephen Coen, every pass is a 20 yard lateral pass or a 15-20 yard pass along the sideline, the opponents know at this point that he has been instructed not to shoot, therefore he will not be getting any one-two passes to make an incision to opposing defenses, and if he does they just back off him. Coyne operating in a similar type mode, except he is way faster but twice last week, he got the ball inside Cork 30 yard line, fairly open, he turns back and recycles. Now I am not for reckless shooting but FFS you still need to score 17-18 points to win most games. Our scoring has basically centered around, O Donoughue, Flynn, AOS and Conroy off the bench. None of our other forwards are consistently scoring and I mean even one point a game.

    It is also very apparent that Diarmuid O Connor is not fully fit, he is a man that has ran himself into the ground for Mayo since since the day he put on that Mayo jersey , yet 20 mins into first half he was in the middle of the field with his hands on his knees, from the second half throw him he also did not look right. He also got caught 10-15 yards away from Ian McGuire for the Cork goal. Major problem for Mayo midfield, as last week there was no plan B for that area.

    I genuinely hope as I am way off on my prediction, but if Kelly, Comer and Walsh play, I cannot see how Mayo will get within five or six points of them. I keep thinking back to the league final where Galway had four clear Goal chances.
    I also watched the Galway V Armagh game back, the tackling of Armagh when Galway were in possession was absolutely incredible. Can Mayo match that, to they credit they did play like that in some games this year, but at this stage to be able to regain that level of tackling intensity will be quiet the stretch.
    Maybe Mayo will score 2-3 goals, only possible way I see them winning, as point scoring is obviously not our forte.
    Please let me be wrong.

  76. There will be no lack of motivation in both camps. Neither are ready to leave the dance floor at first knockout hurdle.
    There’s a big game in Galway, there is so much quality there.
    Not sure what to make of Mayo. .but agree with a lot of Joe’s comments above. Early wins in the league were down to superior fitness, problems with the way we defend were raising were evident but not addressed.
    One thing we do have in my opinion is strength in depth and we need to be active in using bench.
    Has the makings of the usual classic these two teams serve up. Hope we are not talking about the ref on Monday. Mayo God help us, Galway be glad to get us……

  77. I think lee keegan was just pointing out the lack of consistency from Shane Walsh doesn’t put him at the same level as Clifford and o Callaghan.keegan is a pundit now and is paid to give his opinion.Shane Walsh has not played well this year and doesn’t seem fully tuned in .whatever the reason is I would doubt he can suddenly flick a switch because lee keegan has called things as he sees them.Galway have loaded the midfield area with big men and obviously see this a serious weekness with our lack of ballwinners in this area.Huge test now for mcstay and his management team to counter this .I hope stubbornness doesn’t prevent the right calls being made

  78. Talking to a few in Galway and the general consensus is if Kelly is fit they expect to win and win well. They see themselves overpowering us at midfield and making hay up the middle.
    They are well entitled to believe that. They thought they’d win the league final too. That’s okay, I admire their confidence…
    They have a system that works, we are obviously hoping a main cog in that wheel won’t be there…

    There was a journalist from galway on OTB a few minutes ago, I didn’t get his name…. Paid to give his honest opinion…. And he gave every reason why Galway could lose… And even said if Kelly isn’t playing, it’s mayo to win….

    He didn’t sound like anyone iv spoken to this week in Galway…. He didn’t say anything that could be put up on a wall though..

    PJ hates losing and losing to us in this game is will not be thought of.
    The crowd will be the same.
    Going out and doing what we have done game after game won’t cut it.
    But the big thing here is, and we all seem to differ is what do ya do….
    Mind the house? Hope aido, Ryan, flynn can score? Or bring on the speed, but then the back gate is open…

    I’d be of the the thought of keeping it tight and frustrate… Then when it opens up see what happens. We’d all love a fast start but closing seems to be our issue..

    I dunno.

  79. One thing thing sure I am is I’m soo glad it’s in salthill & not mchale Park. We actually have a good record in knock out matches to of winning in salt Hill.

    If it was other way around I’d be way more cautious ha.

    Time to get behind the guys bring as much noise& colour. Is the game sold out or close to I wonder?

  80. joemamas – when was the last time Galway “out-pointed” us at senior level?

    The opposite is the case. When Galway beat us it’s by getting goals.

  81. i think it will be interesting to see who wins the toss and which way we are playing in the first half.
    I f we play with the breeze and have a good lead and like the cork game we need to be defensive and run the clock does it make sense or any benefit to bring on attack minded speedy players?
    Have we any plan b if we are losing the middle third against a very big Galway middle third. We have not so far this year.
    What is Coens role now. Is he an extra mid fielder does he drop back and become an extra back or is he a forward.
    Whatever his new role it did not work out against Cork. Again the wind is a factor here. If we are holding on towards the end he needs to be on the field.
    If we are attacking with the breeze in the first half we need our best attackers on the field.

  82. Breeze is often tricky cross wind. But Plenty of width. Will suit both teams and provided ball is moved forward, skillful players should get space.

  83. Definitely have to go out with intention to bank an early lead or at least not go behind. Do that and chance game is more open weather permitting. Shite weather and Galway ahead and they’ll shut up shop and be very hard to break down.

  84. One more pre-match pod for the road! New episode up on Patreon inside the last hour, this one with Mike and Colm Boyle running the rule over the two team selections announced for Sunday’s game.

  85. @Corrick Bridge I agree with you to coen is a really important player… in the interview I saw in off the ball Tommy Rooney also said why take off Stephen coen he thought it was mad decision .

    I don’t think Stephen coen gets enough credit he’s so good off the ball stuff to there’s a reason he’s vice captain after all .

  86. prefer to see Mayo a few points down entering last few minutes of game than 5 or 6 up. With best team on the field and game played in Pearse do expect Mayo to win by one or two points

  87. We have to find a way to get a goal or two in this game. Only time against Louth or Cork we looked remotely like doing so was in that short-lived purple patch the last day when Tommy Conroy netted for us. It really was an outlier as we never even threatened at any other time in those 2 games. The only way to do it is kicking fast diagonal ball into O’Shea and Co in the full forwards and getting our runners in from different angles for quick return ball. They did it to great effect in the league and against Kerry in the championship but completely eschewed that tactic against the Rossies, Louth and Cork. Why stop doing something that worked so well? Why can we never stick with a playing style and revert to type when we hit a rough patch? Surely that’s the time to double down on a playing philosophy if management truly believes in it. Kick passing needs to return on Sunday or we’ll all die of boredom and frustration watching lateral passing and soul destroying turnovers like the last day. Time to be brave and play proper front foot intelligent football. Its the only way we’ll beat Galway.

  88. I would advise all to park in Galway city and walk to salthill. As the town is like mayhem on game day. Especially a mayo game

  89. No tickets on ticketmaster a couple of hours now , you never know with them though but maybe the full house sign will be going up after all .

  90. Looking forward to the game and I can’t see us being beat.

    Happy that coyne and mcbrien have enough pace power and center of gravities to mark Walsh and comer.
    Drop coen on front of them and safe as houses.

    Loftus on heaney, Sam into 6 on Cooke (as he did v louth, despite Loftus getting slack for louth running down middle ), paddy Durk on Tierney.

    Diarmuid and Ruane midfield
    Jack will have hell if battle with Daly, mcdaid v Jordan will be the plan to make Jordan go backwards, I think Eoghan Mc at 12 later in the game will be the game changer.

    I’d agree Tommy conroy for Carr is probably the way they will go , dropping Tommy a little deeper and letting him run onto AOS be a good plan and won’t give Kelly the forward momentum.

    We’ve a great bench, plenty power and pace and old heads for the long slog.
    Keep the cool especially Diarmuid and we tag on a few early score like the league and dictate the tempo

  91. @Pacar if you still have that ticket, I would like to buy it off you. If you have it contact me at 087 2593050 and we can make arrangements. If you leave a text, I will call you back

  92. The sooner Colm Boyle is involved in the senior management set up, the better. Listening to the man makes the adrenalin pump and ready to tog out myself!! Ya can only imagine what he’d be like in a dressing room. There wouldn’t be a door left on a hinge!! Can’t wait for the day he takes the reins.

  93. “Erris head “. Totally agree , he’d have ya banging counter tops listening to him . I don’t know is it because it’s Boyler but he has this unique way of just strikin a chord . His gra for Mayo though is infectious, it’s a thing of beauty . Listening to him gets ya caught up in the moment , when he was on about Sean Kelly and lining him up for a bit of old fashioned how are ya , I was actually making dinner at the time had a jar of sauce in my paw and had to stop myself peggin it out the window .

  94. Hahaha I like that Sean Burke. I recall when I had a job had me up 5am,Id be listening to Boyler and pacing the house ready to tog 🙂

  95. Rochy left him out of our starting team against Galway back around ’17? In which Galway beat us. Big mistake. You don’t leave a border man our of those contests.

  96. Is the stand tomorrow designated seating or first come first serve. Thanks

  97. According to ticketmaster the Galway v Mayo game is the only sell out at moment. Even the hurling quarter final double header in Limerick this evening still has available tickets. Donal Og won’t be impressed

  98. @moose79 that’s Maurice Brosnan. To be fair he’s by far and away the best GAA journalist around at the moment and seems completely impartial

  99. @stephenite I totally agree. He is excellent and very fair. Just making the point that a couple of days before a game isn’t the best time to add oxygen..

  100. Regarding colm boyle for me if I had to pick one person who encapsulated everything about mayo it would be the great boyler. Full of heart, passion, never say die attitude, neck on the line stuff (maybe they’re all the same). He never backed down and always got the pulse racing no more so than the penalty won in 15 draw. He is my mr mayo. Maybe b4 the next thread blows up would any of ye care to add your choice.

  101. Looking for 2 tickets anything available would be greatly appreciated 0876817100

  102. 2 adult and 1 juvenile stand tickets available, can’t make due to other commitments, face value.

  103. I have an Adult ticket and a juvenile ticket for sale, both terrace. Happy to throw the juvenile ticket in for free.

  104. Great great thing about being a dual county is today is all about the hurlers and those Tipp lads, a massive knockout game , don’t know how I’ll get through the weekend!!

  105. A huge Boyler fan – favourite player along with the Crossmolina Deel Rovers wizard Ciaran McD. Colm B was badly missed in the 2020 and 2021 finals due to ACL tear.

  106. Just drove through Salthill and up by Pearse Stadium. Galway flags all along the prom, the corpo I guess, I should object (I’m not paying my local property tax for that, no way). Guys working real hard at Pearse Stadium, I stopped and had a walk in the gate, it looks fabulous, bring it on !

    By the way why does Mayo have a park at McHale road and Galway have a stadium in Salthill ?

  107. James+Fleming Okay. How do we go about this? I could transfer to your phone. Face value okay with you?

  108. Mayogal and no doubt, I also love Colm
    Boyle. No more words needed.

    My other great Mayo favourite is Keith Higgins.

  109. Pocket talking here but for me Galway have proven thus far a huge disappointment.Beaten by a point in last years final and to me anyway they had strengthened the squad sufifciently to be very close to favs for Sam.Beating Roscommon in a Connacht final may not be enough to save PJ from the boot.Mcstay has the League Final win and in his first year will get more time as the jury is out on the new management.I would expect Galway to win tomorrow but anything can happen and all the pressure is on the home side.

  110. My honest feeling is that Galway are stronger and more composed than we are. They also feel they can snare us up in the Galway Shawl and slow the game down, playing it on their terms.
    On the other hand, I have another distinct feeling that there’s more in Mayo than we saw in Limerick and that they simply have to show it. It must come out and I feel it will.
    My head says Galway are stronger.
    My gut says Mayo will come out here.
    The crazy part of me says a Mayo win.
    Therefore I’m going with a Mayo win although I think Galway have a lot of aces.

  111. Hi Shadow Boxing. Yes I still have them. If you send on your email or number I’ll give you a shout

  112. All I got sorted (Thanks Sean Burke)…….thanks to everyone who offered to help.

  113. Way of the oak, Number is 0872974703 if you want to drop us a message and we can try and sort it

  114. SeaninGalway – it’s funny I drove I into the city last night and it made me think why Salthill might be a more suitable venue for this game for us – the futher in I got the stronger the emotions were getting and I can imagine for the team heading down to Galway tomorrow and as they pass through the city that it will be the same – it was an emotion if we must and will do this.

    If we are good enough we will.

  115. MaigheogalinGallimh, that’s an interesting bit of info and perspective there. Thanks for sharing this.

  116. Hi – Anyone got spare ticket to sell for this. Hadn’t expected it to sell out. Don’t mind where located. Number is 0879707172 if anything available. Thanks.

  117. Ya still available, give me an email Erris man. sideline ball I may have one left over as I may not make it myself, I’ll let you know soon here if I can’t make it.

  118. Uncharitable but at least we’ve had a longer stay in the championship than the Rossies again, whatever happens

  119. Sean Burke you have brought a bubble of delight to my day. I can see that jar of sauce shattered between the window and the great outdoors… I love the imagery!!
    We need a chunk of that Boyler passion on this Mayo team…. Feckit I’ll throw my sauce out too #
    Maigheo Abu

  120. Windy morning here in galway but had a constant downpour of rain from 2-5 lastnight which will make pitch greasy and won’t make for ideal conditions for football. Promised dry for time match is on but showers beforehand. With windy conditions I’m guessing whoever wins the toss will elect to play against wind in first half and sit back and force opposition to try build up a score in first half and have elements behind them for 2nd half. That will have huge bearing for this mayo team as the impact of Cillian and Conroy in 2nd half might be nullified somewhat if playing into strong wind in 2nd half and difficult to get the ball up to full forward line.

  121. Game day. Really looking forward to this one. Proper knockout championship. Hopefully Mayo will come out the right side on this one. Too hard to call it. Likely sean Kelly will be playing today and Comer will feature also. But there are 15 Galway players v 15 Mayo players. I would be very very surprised if Tommy Conroy is not in from the start today. We need him to cause havoc with his pace. Cillian cuteness and experience is vital also.

  122. If only we had the same commitment and determination against Louth and Cork,a lot of stress would have been avoided. Have to admire Leeroy for being so honest and forthright as a pundit.Hope lessons have been learned.

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