Match day panel named for Roscommon game

We named our match day panel a short while ago for tomorrow evening’s match against Roscommon. Here it is:

Mayo (All-Ireland SFC Group Stage Round 2 v Roscommon, 1/6/2024): Colm Reape (Knockmore); Jack Coyne (Ballyhaunis), David McBrien (Ballaghaderreen), Donnacha McHugh (Castlebar Mitchels); Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore, captain), Sam Callinan (Ballina Stephenites), Eoghan McLaughlin (Westport); Jack Carney (Kilmeena), Matthew Ruane (Breaffy); Darren McHale (Knockmore), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet), Jordan Flynn (Crossmolina Deel Rovers); Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Tommy Conroy (The Neale), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber). Subs: Rob Hennelly (Raheny, Dublin), Fergal Boland (Aghamore), Diarmuid Duffy (Ballinrobe), Enda Hession (Garrymore), Conor Loftus (Crossmolina Deel Rovers), Conor McStay (Ballina Stephenites), Eoin O’Donoghue (Belmullet), Pádraig O’Hora (Ballina Stephenites), Michael Plunkett (Ballintubber), Paul Towey (Charlestown Sarsfields), Bob Tuohy (Castlebar Mitchels).

So it’s one change – as well as a number of positional switches – from the team that started against Cavan last time out and, unfortunately, it’s a big one. Out goes the injured Diarmuid O’Connor and he’s replaced in the starting fifteen by Aidan O’Shea.

Coming hot on the heels of Paddy Durcan’s cruciate, Diarmuid’s latest injury – which I understand will also keep him out of the Dublin game and, let’s be honest, most likely means he’ll play no significant part for us from here on this year – is a further big setback for us. The Ballintubber player did much to keep us on the front foot the last day and his industry and game intelligence will be sorely missed tomorrow and, in all probability, for the rest of the summer too.

There are also two changes to the bench. Rory Brickenden – until recently a certain starter – drops out of the match day panel as does the luckless Paddy Durcan. Into the 26 come Diarmuid Duffy and Michael Plunkett.

We’ll have reaction to and discussion on the team news in our Here Comes the Weekend podcast show, which will be up on Patreon later on today. Details on joining the club are here.

The best of luck to the lads in tomorrow evening’s game.

62 thoughts on “Match day panel named for Roscommon game

  1. Diarmuid o Connor is a big loss. Nearly every year we seem to have either season ending injuries or key players out.

    Interesting to see Ryan O D moved back.

    Best of luck guys still going with mayo by 3 or 4 with some nervy moments but we should still win

  2. Diarmuid is massive loss. I learned of his absence last week but I don’t know if it happened against Cavan or in training. I felt he was excellent last day out and we need his experience around the middle. Time for some lads who haven’t been brilliant in recent months to get going now. At the moment, given we’re missing arguably 2 of our most important players, a Quarter Final looks like the furthest we can reasonably get to this year.

  3. I hope we have a right ‘cut’ at Roscommon. That the players are allowed to cut loose and express themselves as the talented footballers they are. Far two many players underperforming and I’m blaming it on the over coached disciplined system we play. The players have minds of their own. Time to shine.

  4. Subs bench looks weak, granted there is argument of two decent subs maybe 3 but paddy and Diarmuid has had a huge knock on effect on the panel. Still, we have enough to win this.

  5. Paddy and Diarmuid are two big losses. Looking back at the team we played in the last game against the Rossies it’s two changes. Eoghan and Darren McHale in for Paddy and Rory. Happy with Eoghan instead of Rory but no replacing Paddy.

  6. Eoghan for Paddy and Aidan for Diarmuid is more than decent replacements. The most attacking line up McStay has selected this year?

  7. It appears to be (yet another) muscle one, Doc. I was at the Cavan game and he had no issue then, he played all the way to the end.

  8. I can’t understand why Padraig O Hora is not starting as we need steel in the backline

  9. Two massive blows, dampened my spirits, wishing Diarmuid the best in his recovery. But I think James Horan was right when talking about Galway and their injuries, we can’t dwell on players that aren’t there, its a team game, we have panels for this reason. Still believe we have more than enough to put the Rossies to bed. Just hope that those now given a chance live up to their potential

  10. Our continuing history with muscle injuries occuring and recurring for a few years now must be a concern

  11. Agree Mayoman. I’d have him in as sweeper. I think we are gonna be under pressure at the back.
    We can’t go man to man against Dublin so tomorrow was a chance to sure up the back a bit…
    Our lack of new blood during league is showing now.

  12. I often wonder do the newbies get properly checked late in the season. You’d expect to a good few % stronger and fitter after all the months of training.

  13. When you look around the country at teams that are suffering with injury it points once more to the lobsided nature of things in championship. Galway without Kelly/finnerty/comer are screwed

    It’s only the big guns in Connacht and ulster that are suffering, the inequality of the province’s means the likes of derry/armagh/mayo/galway/rassies/cavan etc needed to be at full tilt now since April 1st….

    Whereas as per usual Kerry and Dublin are able to tip about in 2nd gear and mind themselves until the QFs, until that inequality is gone Dublin and Kerry will forever be the 1st and 2nd favourites as the other top sides have to flog themselves just to get to a quarter final

  14. On that Supermac, the fact that Dublin and Kerry are not subjected to a gruelling campaign by virtue of their location, I had an idea a few years back.
    I suggested it to some Dublin colleagues, real stalwart GAA fans, when I worked in the city. They stared at me with open eyes.
    This was 2019 and the Dublin reign seemed destined to go on forever.
    I suggested – move Dublin into Ulster for a year. Put it in with the Ulster counties for a change and have it take part in the Ulster Championship. Then maybe put one Ulster county in with Leinster.
    Why not throw a bit of a wildcard move in once in a while?
    It is a little far-fetched but it would achieve results.

  15. Having ryan in centre forward and cillian starting could be the change we needed. I have been hoping for this change and I expect if to deliver ryan and cillian both playing. Hessian should be in over coen and boland in over mchale and it would be perfect in my opinion. Huge losses with paddy and diarmud, our two vest players I believe. This team still had enough quality to match anyone. Hoping for a big win this weekend

  16. Agree Supermac.
    So disappointing news on D O’Connor. Wouldn’t you think losing Paddy was enough.

  17. @Supermac: Dublin are missing James McCarthy, Evan Comerford (ACL), Lee Gannon and Cian Murphy (who was having a smashing year and seeing more minutes than anyone, including himself, would have dreamed of). 2 likely starters, 1 probable given the year he was having and even a few in Dublin that expected Comerford to pressure Cluxton this year too.

    They’d be huge losses for any other team in the country. It’s just less noticeable for Dublin given the strength of the squad they have to fill in around them.

  18. Alway seems to the chasing pack, that gets injured. Never seems to be Dublin or Kerry

  19. Evan comerford is number two , james mcarthy is not long term , are the other two long term?

    Weve just lost two of our top 5 men for the season , no comparison imho .

  20. Has it been confirmed by Mayo Gaa that Diarmuid is out for season? Or will Kevin Mcstay let us know tomorrow ?

  21. Auds, no all still unsubstantiated rumours as they say as no official source yet. But as WJ alludes more than likely month or two you be talking about.

  22. Two of our top three players for me.Along with Ryan they always perform.Bench lacking physicality except for Swanie and hes not played much ball.The team itself looks balanced and i am hoping for more creativity.Management are coming under more scrutiny as we go on and so it should be.Time to man up.

  23. Saw the post about under 20s hurling vs football attendance, seen a lot of this chat, the elephant in the room that’s always missing is that we all know every counties end will come when they meet the dubs. For me that is the biggest turn off for folks attending matches, every country supporter has two exits- be beat by Dublin or be beat by a team who will eventually be beaten by Dublin. In I don’t have a fix but when hope is removed what’s left is empty stadiums

  24. @Auds: No, not on the common/general rumours bouncing around. They’re saying it’s a hamstring (anything from 1 week to +12) and he’s out for Roscommon and Dublin games.

    People just extrapolating from that with a potential pQF a week after the Dublin game and a potential QF a week after that. Not much time to get back to match sharpness & game ready even if the injury is behind you, it’d certainly be an uphill battle to be fit & ready for the red hot conditions of a QF/SF/Final.

    @Sean burke: Gannon did his hamstring back in the league against us, so he’s out about 15 weeks at this point. Not heard any updates on when they expect him back, so might easily show up against us in a fortnights time. Murphy picked up the injury towards the end of the Roscommon game, looked pretty uncomfortable going off. Not heard any updates on that one, so no idea if it’s a short term bump or if there might be damage done.

    Not trying to make a comparison with our own injury nightmares. We’ve been massively unlucky to lose 2 of our top 3 players. As have Galway losing the same (with an argument they’ve lost 2 of their top 2 on form). I don’t even disagree with Supermac’s point, teams in Ulster & Connacht do have to hit gear earlier & place themselves in more risk of injury going full tilt for longer, I just wished to add some further factual context to the comment not everyone might have been following along close enough to notice.

  25. @TsuDhoNim
    Lee Gannon is gone for year with ACL according to club sources up here in the capital

  26. @Supermac: Ouch. Hadn’t heard any mention of that around. A crazy horrid run on them the last few weeks.

    I’d have put my house on it being the hammy sniper (as would nearly every journalist in the country, given all the commentary around that game & his injury recovery since) when it happened. Looked textbook.

    I did wonder after Dessie commented on James’ injury after the Roscommon game but no question/word on Lee. Fingers crossed for his recovery if that’s the case, you wouldn’t wish that one on anybody.

  27. Tone deaf announcement by the GAA. Rising ticket prices for the All Ireland finals. I know it’s shooting fish in a barrel but will further sour the mood and will affect attendance/attitude and participation down along the chain.

  28. I hope with Darren and Ryan in the half forward line we might see a bit more directness in our approach tomorrow. Our slow transition especially on turnovers has to change. Tommy Conroy is suffering big time with the lack of fast ball into our full forward line. Why play him if our current tactical set up dosn’t look to exploit his pace and directness. Here’s hoping we mix our game up a bit tomorrow.

  29. Have ya ever known such a mess of a championship . The only thing that could save it now is some kind of fairytale ending with paddy durcan been lifted up on crutches to the steps of the hogan to collect Sam , lol.

    On a serious note though , it will probably liven up come qf stage proper .

    It is a mess though be lucky to get 10k at the hyde tomorrow . I know people who would usually never miss and them saying not a hope im goin to the hyde to watch that shite .

  30. The football championship is nowhere near as bad as people are making out. Will get going in the last round of group games. The PQFs and the quarters themselves. Hopefully on into the semis and finals. I’ve loved watching Donegal’s revival in particular.

    If people want to make changes then it should be to the structures and the equivalent of what hurling has done and just have two provincial championships. Put Dublin into Ulster. Put Kerry and Cork into Connacht. And remove all Division 3 and 4 teams to the Taillteann Cup leaving only 5 teams in Connacht and 5 in Ulster and run the thing the exact same as hurling. Watch the interest explode because of all the equal matches. Home and away venues.

  31. I came across and old vhs tape of the 2006 all Ireland semi final the other day and decided to watch the whole thing back from hillgate to the end.I don’t think I ever experienced such an incredible atmosphere at a game .The game was end to end with the crowd totally engaged in every play.even the groups of Roscommon and Leitrim supporters added to it .unfortunately the current game is totally unrecognisable from that extraordinary day where people now sit in almost total silence watching endless bouts of back and forth across the field.Even watching the Winning point that day where Clarke kicks the ball out and pat Harte soars into the air to win it passes on to McDonald who releases zippy charging up the field at 100 miles an hour.Yea it probably was all very innocent but Jesus it was entertaining compared to the total borefest that the game has now become and in my opinion the attendances will continue to drop.I don’t think anyone that was in croker that day will ever forget it

  32. Other than towey do we have anyone on the bench who can play in the forward line? I feel this has been a huge error on managements side, the fact that they have not given more forwards game time during the league.

  33. Fergal Boland, Conor Loftus, Diarmuid Duffy and Conor McStay are all options in the forwards, Plunkett, and your namesake Michael Plunkett could be too. With Paddy and Diarmuid gone, though, the bench is definitely weaker than it was.

  34. @Plunkett: Towey, McStay and Boland all attacking forwards.

    Then any of Loftus, Tuohy, Duffy, Hession and Plunkett have played a lot of time up there & can offer specific roles too.

    Wouldn’t be entirely shocked to see a switch with another defender coming in (likely Hession or PO’H) and any of Carney/O’Shea/O’Connor/Conroy/McHale/Flynn coming back to the bench. A lot will depend on where Roscommon deploy Smith, where that drags Donnacha, if they drop back a sweeper and if try and free up David to sweep again (or Sam or Jack).

  35. With Ryan, Cillian, Aiden and Tommy all down to start, the injury to James Carr leaves us light on scoring options to bring on, particularly to get a goal .

  36. Loftus and boland fair enough but duffy and mcstay have too little match time. Thought duffy was lively when he played in the league but he didn’t play much. Same goes for conor mcstay and Michael Plunkett didn’t play much. None of these players have played a full 70 or even gotten to 60 as far as i know (i could be wrong). My point is that the bench is light on forwards who have a good amount of minutes under their belts and management should have at least given someone like kevin quinn or frank irwin some game time (outside of FBD)

  37. Yes In the City, add James Carr to Paddy and Diarmuid and that makes it three serious hitters gone, no matter how you slice it or dice it. Diarmuid Duffy is an interesting add to the bench though.

  38. @Plunkett: Duffy played over 60 minutes against Tyrone, along with the majority of the 2nd half against Galway. Plunkett played the majority of both the Tyrone and Monaghan games, getting ~50 in both.

    Any squad missing experience like Paddy, Diarmuid and James (not clear yet if Rory is an injury or form, I’d imagine injury) will look a lot lighter than they might on the bench. That said, we had as wide a spread of players and minutes as anyone in the league, way more than most. We’ve a total of +1500 league minutes on the (weakened) bench, with +1000 of those coming from recognised forwards (Boland, Tuohy, Towey, Duffy, McStay & Loftus).

    Plenty of issue you can take with lack of physicality, lack of potential scores, lack of pace (only really Enda) on the bench…. not so sure lack of minutes is one that holds up especially well on inspection.

  39. Is Frank Irwin is still on the panel, Diarmuid Duffy didn’t have a good u20 campaign and now he jumped ahead of what look like Frank Irwin, Conor Reid and Kevin Quinn. And we wonder why Aidan Orme get pisses off and lefted,
    Not sure why Conor McStay is on the bench as he is to much like Boland. We alrighty have Towey a smaller forward on the bench. Need options.
    What has happen to Aaron McDonnell, play well against Derry and hasn’t been seen since

  40. @mayomessi conor reid is injured, isn’t he? Thought Irwin was worth a shot in the league seems to be a fine footballer

  41. I really think Diarmuid Duffy is a serious young talent lots to learn no doubt but he’s a serious prospect.

    We’ve got great talents coming up to.

    Awful for diarmuid he’s been a key player for us like paddy there’s just no replacing that kind of talent .

    Others need to step up.

    We need to be ready for rossies tommorow yes they are fully confident rossies they will get a win but when are they not..

    2 big blows for us our 2 best players gone.

    See Galway have 3 massive blows for them as well soo many games and soo much training at once takes it toll though the gaa superpowers just want the money and with the hike in the tickets for final stages is taking the piss if I’m honest…

    Best of luck guys as always I’ll be cheering for ye.

  42. Mayomessi, you’re not comparing like with like there. Frank Irwin doesn’t stand out for Ballina and he barely stood out for the Mayo underage teams he played for. Duffy looks to have a way higher ceiling. Also Mayo need pace and energy to replace Paddy Durcan. They need a middle third type player. Quinn and Orme are inside forwards. Also, Orme is not at the level. Looks like they’ve chosen Duffy, I’d have picked Sean Morahan personally but it’s great to see them add a teenager to the matchday panel.

    Mayo haven’t a notion of winning the thing out this year without Paddy so they may as well blood some more young talent.

  43. Managment are managment for a reason and will have their own choices and yes Mcstay was very good against Knockmore when albeit either side of his black card, he tagged on nice score or two v corofin but still has alot to prove .
    A loose forward like James Maheady a maveric type I’d prefer to see in the panel as we have too many functional pidegeon holed type players .
    Boland a play maker, towey a nifty corner forward, Carney a steady eddy, towey a up and coming but a season too son physically.

    I don’t think orme was the answer Gibbons of castlebar, o malley of ballintubber both showed well and after that it’s Irwin that were stand outs but at time even was the other irwin who played the better .
    Luke Feeneys a talent a Mcshane of Tyrone type and whilst a season too soon maybe he was worth a look . Anyways we are where we are but without Dirmo and paddy we alot lighter so hopefully diarmuid not too serious

  44. @Nephin/GBXI: He picked up a knock for Mitchels in their Belmullet match the weekend of the Cavan match (about 20 minutes in, a few minutes after scoring a goal) so you’d have been worried about an injury alright.

    Thankfully, he came on again as a 2nd half sub in the match against Ballyhaunis last weekend so looks like it wasn’t anything too serious.

  45. Outside of the boot. Compare what McStay has done in his club games (including a couple of weeks ago v Parke) what Towey and Orme do for their clubs.

    Irwin is injured, Feeney is in leaving very and I am not sure I’d agree with the McShane comparison there at all! McShane is deceptively quick for one.

    James Mahedy didn’t get into the U20 panel where his own club men are involved in management.

    Sean Morahan is in the extended panel with Duffy.

  46. Aido, Cillian, Tommy and Ryan all starting sounds exciting. However who comes on when Aido and Cillian run out of gas!

  47. Plunkett Hession EOD all fine footballers on the bench. I’d expect a couple changes before throw in. AOS and COC both lack pace. Leaves us vulnerable to their markers runs. Play AoS further back to create stranglehold in middle.. ROD in Ff line and Mchale the kick passer in to Ryan and COC. T Conroy surely needs to start scoring to stay on pitch on Sunday. Towey can score against that Roscommon defense.
    Interesting Lee keegan. Billy padden and Boyler all seem to be warning rossies have a real chance. Matt Ruane needs a huge game now in absence of paddy. To close to call maybe….

  48. Paddy and Diarmuid are big losses no doubt but it creates opportunities for others. It may have also forced our hand a bit in bringing Ryan out to 11 which may not be the worst outcome. Ryan spent a bit of time at 11 in the Derry game and set up Toweys goal and sent a lovely ball in for Bob to point from close range also. I’d back Ryan to score as many from 11 as he would inside so it shouldn’t hinder us.
    From a defensive point of view I think that is where we’ll miss Paddy and Diarmuids knowhow most. I’d be looking for a big performance from Stephen Coen who has the experience to marshall things back there.
    It looks an attacking enough line up to me and it could be an open game which will suit us.
    I still think we have decent bench options and I expect us to get the job done.
    Mind the House at all times.

  49. Not much point in “what ifs”. We have the panel we have and it looks strong enough to get the job done today. Worry about future matches when they come round because you never know how a team can evolve and gain momentum.
    On the question of Dublin and Kerry having it too easy up to the quarters, it’s obvious to everyone but I’m not sure about moving them to different provinces. Surely making the league the determining factor for All Ireland progression would put the same onus on all counties to perform.
    Finally. Anybody worried about the price or availability of All Ireland final tickets should do what I’ve been doing. Every day different politicians are calling to the door and I’ve already been promised premium seats by at least 6 different ones.

  50. Good man JoeG, well that’s you covered. I hope you keep the other lads here in mind for the other five. No way would they break a promise.

  51. We will go out and set up to play a bland boring style of football. I’m not saying we have to go out and play a reckless style of devil may care football. Manager’s number one priority is not to win the game but to make sure we don’t lose. That’s fine and prudent to a point but when it gets to different stages of the game as it will when all we will be doing is kicking the ball sideways and back for fairly long periods it’s so difficult to watch.

  52. @Mind the house, I agree that Ryan is ideally suited for centre forward unlike some other corner forwards.
    He is brave,able to win his own ball and has great vision.
    Could be the man to sweep up the so called dirty ball around the middle.

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