Match day panel named for Sunday

We’ve just named our 26-player panel for Sunday’s Connacht SFC semi-final against Roscommon at Dr Hyde Park (throw-in 4pm). Here it is:

Mayo (Connacht SFC semi-final v Roscommon, 21/4/2024): Colm Reape (Knockmore); Jack Coyne (Ballyhaunis), Rory Brickenden (Westport), Sam Callinan (Ballina Stephenites); Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels, captain), David McBrien (Ballaghaderreen), Enda Hession (Garrymore); Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), Matthew Ruane (Breaffy); Bob Tuohy (Castlebar Mitchels), Fergal Boland (Aghamore), Jack Carney (Kilmeena); Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Tommy Conroy (The Neale), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet). Subs: Rob Hennelly (Raheny, Dublin), James Carr (Ardagh), Jordan Flynn (Crossmolina Deel Rovers), Conor Hunt (Aghamore), Conor Loftus (Crossmolina Deel Rovers), Darren McHale (Knockmore), Donnacha McHugh (Castlebar Mitchels), Padraig O’Hora (Ballina Stephenites), Michael Plunkett (Ballintubber), Kevin Quinn (Ballinrobe), Paul Towey (Charlestown Sarsfields).

So it’s just the one change from the Bronx, with Enda Hession replacing Eoghan McLaughlin, who doesn’t feature in the match day panel. Neither do Cillian nor Diarmuid O’Connor, by the way.

On the bench James Carr, Jordan Flynn, Conor Loftus and Donnacha McHugh come in, while, as well as Cillian, Aaron McDonnell, Conor McStay and Fenton Kelly all drop out of the 26.

Just a reminder that Roscommon named their team and subs last night, details are here.

The best of luck to the lads on Sunday.

74 thoughts on “Match day panel named for Sunday

  1. Eoghan McLaughlin is a loss. Roscommon couldn’t handle his pace in the league game, although Paddy is available this time.

    Diarmuid is out a long time. Think it’s 8 weeks now since he hurt the hamstring.

    Pretty confident of a win all the same. We’re in better form and have the hurt from last year as well.

  2. One thing I don’t like (assuming that team starts) is again we’ve picked 7 backs and 4 natural midfielders in the team. It’s hard to get many scores from play out of the forwards when you only pick 3!

  3. Eoghan McLaughlin, and Diarmuid O’Connor missing a disappointment. Also be suprised if Ben O’Carrol doesn’t start for Rossies, which in fairness is a very good forward line. Mayo need to be at this from start, as can see Rossie scoring one or more goals, and we need to take chances that come our way to hit the onion bag. Looking forward to Sunday, and hoping for a Mayo win. by 3 points, my prediction

  4. Huge loss is E Mcloughlin you cant beat power and pace and he has that in bucket loads. The Full back line and Midfield wouldn’t inspire confidence if that team starts as named. Madness if McBrien doesn’t start full back.

  5. I’d be another giving Jordan odds on of starting (likely for Bob, potentially for Stephen) and a 50/50 of Donnacha getting the nod to start too (for any of Jack/Rory/Stephen or Enda depending on the matchups they’d like).

    You’d expect at least 1 or anywhere up to 3 changes on the Roscommon side too, depending on the fitness of the lads.

  6. You can take the starting lineup, with a pitch of salt, could be 3 changes for match. I find it very annoying that teams, dont be named correctly before matches. What advantage is it, very little I imagine. If team named need to be changed, due to injury or whatever, then team should have one less sub to use on match day. Stop alot of foolishness, in my opinion. But that discussion for another day

  7. Roscommon Half forward line named is defensive but Harney will go Midfield and Smith to half forwards and Ronan Daly will switch with Fallon who played most his football at wing forward before playing wing back for Brigids this year.

  8. Nevermind the 15 I’d be skeptical on the 26 in particular James Carr and Conor Loftus – good to see Conor back though.

    I think the 15 on the day will give us a good insight into management’s thinking. It looks like our best available 15, but maybe not our ideal 15 for playing Roscommon.

    Will we focus on imposing our game on the Rossies?
    Or will we spring a surprise to specifically target their key players or exploit a weakness in their setup?

  9. Someone mentioned earlier the roscommon fb line can be got at , well let me tell ye theyll be feeling the same .

  10. Roscommon will almost certainly use the same tactics that worked last year.I would be very concerned if we go with a midfield of ruane and coen.I genuinely hope this great surprise that people are expecting the management to spring makes some sort of appearance at some stage

  11. i would be very happy if we just dropped the two defenders in our h/f line back and zoned O Donoghue, if we repeat what we did in the league by dropping everyone back and trying hit on the counter its going to be a long day. Huge positives us yea are missing strong ball carriers in DOC and Mc Laughlin. i also feel we have a better scoring threat from the bench. but i feel both teams will play copycat tactics and whoever gets a goal/s will win

  12. Not blown away by that, I have to admit.
    I cannot see that 15 starting and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a change to those named on the bench either. Kinda underwhelmed that after a full league campaign and one championship match where the focus all year has been this game v Roscommon, that we arrive at it naming 5 lads on the bench that have little or no competitve gametime and a keeper that stepped away from the panel last year. All this while McStay says that everyone is fit and available?? He’s taking his lead from Horan there maybe??
    Anyway, it’s matterless, I’d be shocked if there are no changes to the 15 and bench but DOC is defo out because the word from NYC back then was that he wouldn’t feature v Roscommon. To be honest, if we can’t beat these after what happened last year in Castlebar, we don’t deserve a Connaught final appearance, never be mentioned as possible AI semi finalists.
    I expect a win and believe we will win. However I feel we need to send a message to Galway/Sligo by producing a solid 70 mins of controlled, aggressive, front foot football. Not a backward step taken on Sunday, with or witout the ball. A clean sheet will be very important as will getting out in front early on to force them on the attack.

  13. Pebblesmeller – Hennelly was on the panel all last year. Also, it’s not possible to make changes to the named subs for championship games.

  14. Can that 26 change I wonder – assume it can. Surprising to see Cillian EMc, Diarmuid all missing with most recent updates suggesting all were available and training (ok Diarmuid may not be 100% so his occlusion could be understandable). Anyway those 3 are a collective big loss from the 26. Also a quick glance at the Roscommon team tells me there are 6 or possibly 7 changes from the team we played last year. With that may changes and league form this year I see more scope for regression than improvement. Jordan has to start if fit to you’d assume

  15. I’m not as bullish as you Pebbles, but your last paragraph sums up well what our attitude should be.
    I’d like to see Donnacha in there to target some of those Rossie forwards, who, if they all click together, could give us a torrid time.

  16. McBrien has to be at number 3. If he’s not, the Roscommon forwards will make hay.

  17. Neither team likely to line out as selected. I would be a lot happier to see both Flynn and McLaughlin starting. I agree with other posters,we may lack a bit of fire power but in fairness, that’s as good as we are and we will be well strong enough to take care of Roscommon.
    Defence could be about matchups?

  18. Assuming Eoghan McLaughlin or Diarmuid O’Connor are not parachuted into the panel on Sunday, here is a team that that should tame the Rossie Roar:
    Colm Reape
    Jack Coyne
    David McBrien
    Sam Callinan
    Donnacha McHugh
    Paddy Durcan
    Enda Hession
    Jack Carney
    Matthew Ruane
    Darren McHale
    Fergal Boland
    Jordan Flynn
    Tommy Conroy
    Aidan O’Shea
    Ryan O’Donoghue

  19. Hession will mark Cregg, Coyne on Donnie, Brickendon in Murtagh, Callinan on Enda. Coen on Harney,

    The rest are meaningless.

    They will put Ruane on Durcan to try and nullify him…

    What are the odds Murray will get booked lads?

    If O’Shea can’t run a muck against that full back line we might has less pack it in and get ready for the Olympics…

  20. You can have 4 players on standby in addition to the 26, so changes can be made but believe it’s only for an illness or an injury to a goalie.

    To be honest I just don’t see the spark in our team anymore. Quality just isn’t there

  21. @Thedarkyfinn: Yeah, for a couple of changes. We’d have named 4 alternatives yesterday morning that can come into the 26 if there’s an injury/medical need in any of the players named.

    Though I wouldn’t expect our medical team, or any in the country, to look too kindly on management asking them to be involved in shenanigans for mind games. If or when those changes are used, I’d expect it to be genuine medical need rather than just trying to spring a surprise.

  22. Yep, as usual TsuDho is on the money, there is the the wriggle room there to get a doctors note to parachutes a lad into the named 26 nut no doctor is going his name to that kind of shenanigans so publicly so you take it as 99% certainty that’s the 26

  23. I’d imagine we’ll go back to the early league shape we had – Coyne and Brickenden will pickup Murtagh and D Smith, Callinan Cregg and McBrien will play as a pushed up 3 with Reape sweeping in behind.

    Coen will likely drop back as a Plus 1 initially until we find our feet.

    I’m not sure who will pickup Enda Smith – maybe Hession if we start as named.

    Attacking wise, it’ll be interesting to see if try to use Hession similarly to how we were using MacLaughlin – ie clearing space on the left side of our attack to make space for Enda to run into.

    Whatever about Aidan, I feel Hurson’s approach to the advantage rule will suit Conroy. Tommy is IMO just over working things ATM and Hurson will be generous with the advantage rule, pull things back for frees when Tommy overthinks it.

  24. Rossies won’t get away this year with Physio on field nearly full time, slowing down the play.

  25. I’m old enough to remember when we waited for the team to be announced so we could debate it ad-nauseum.
    Sadly now the debates are over management’s shenanigans and how much of what they tell us we can believe. Not even going to get involved in this discussion over a so-called selection.
    Is it even worth doing a pre-match pod any more Willie Joe?

  26. Mayos worst starting 6 forwards since 2003?
    A good few of them names I would not consider to be in the best 26 footballers in Mayo.Aidan Orme is a huge loss in terms of a threat.Bar Towey we have no proven forward capable of scoring off the bench on Sunday.

  27. Brian Stack, Roscommons best defender will surely tag Ryan o’D which will mean AOS and Conroy should be up against fairly ordinary lightweight cornerback, if those pair don’t finally show up and give a match winning performance then we need to look at other options in future games as they have had countless chances.

    I am confident they will perform though

  28. Flynn and McLaughlin and 2 O Connors big loss to team but should have enough to beat the Rossies , if not no point in thinking we will get anywhere this year.. Where are the scores coming from , maybe Ryan 6pts, Conroy a goal and 2 pts from Boland and maybe 1 pt from Aiden, hardly enough to win with not many scores from defenders as in previous years. Could be a few changes to that team before start.

  29. I’m glass half full, even though we will miss the 3 guys. I think we will have enough to beat Ros by 5 or 6 points and we should be well up for it after last year. The team looked like a team that was in very hard training in the last couple of rounds of the league and that is what I would have expected with our Div 1 status secured. I am hoping that we will see the results of that starting tomorrow. I agree with what’s been said here on the full back position, I would also have thought that is a no brainer. In terms of what we’re planning to do to provide more scoring opportunities and a wider breadth of scorers, I am also hoping we were holding back in the league. Hope springs eternal. Maigh Eo Abu.

  30. @Sam og, bit of a stretch to describe Orme as a huge loss? Two different management teams didn’t have him down as a starter in an area where we have been short on personnel for years now. After seeing the team I’m slightly worried about Sunday. We finally find a strong FB in McBrien and what do we do, play him in CHB of course. I don’t think Brickenden has done enough to have nailed down that spot for championship. Same with Coen in midfield. Surely he should be in CHB, with Flynn or Carney pairing with Ruane instead? I guess Callinan has been tagged with marking Smith. Boland deserves his starting spot but he will find the going difficult against the primrose blanket. Unless Roscommon have failed to find any form since the league we could be in for a tough day on Sunday.

    But then again, we’re already qualified anyhow.

  31. Simply put, I think our backs are better than theirs, but their forwards are better tahn ours. Whichever defensive unit gets on top early on will go a long way to deciding things.
    On paper, we have a lot of options…. we could drop Coen as a plus 1, bring Carney to midfield and bring Ryan or Conroy out to the half forward line to create some space inside for ball popped intoi O’Shea with runners come off him, or, if the Rossie back stays inside and not follow his man out the field it will create an overload out in our half forward line where we should take advantage. We could drop Coen in for Hession and allow Hession to play further up the field using his pace in the running game, or as we did in the league once or twice switch Tuohy inside as a target man and bring O’Shea out the field.
    Problem is, the game isn’t played on paper and we won’t really know who is starting until the ball is thrown in.

  32. @sam og. Orme had more than enough chances to show what he can do. Didn’t work out for him unfortunately

  33. Eoghans pace up the wing is a massive loss. Also worrying to see Diarmuid absent so long, taking into account it’ll take him a few matches to get up to speed whenever he does make it back.

  34. @Sam og: James Carr has 9-36 in 26/15 (starts/sub appearances) while Darren McHale has 4-18 in 9/14 along with Paul Towey’s 2-24 in 6/14.

    The only ‘unproven’ forward on the bench is Kevin Quinn, who was the outstanding forward last year in the club championship. We haven’t seen nearly enough from Kevin to be judging him yet, but we certainly haven’t seen anything to suggest he isn’t well deserved of his place on the panel or on a 26.

    The likes of Loftus and Flynn are covering the midfield and pseudo-midfield wing forward roles we’re using, so won’t be coming from the higher scorers in the county.

    Plenty of room to dislike the current setup, playing pseudo-midfielders rather than attacking wing forwards, but in a side missing a likely starting wing-forward/midfielder in DO’C and a likely 1st/2nd forward sub in CO’C (or potential starter if he gets a run of form) I’d have thought that’s pretty solid scoring threat to have available off the bench. Lots of folks were hoping for either Darren or James to be in the starting 15 fairly recently, so certainly no massive drop in quality if/when we make changes.

  35. I have one ticket in row 16 of uncovered stand for sale face value 25 euro. Can arrange for transfer of ticket by text or email and payment by revolut if anyone wants to buy it

  36. We are shooting blind here. Management performance can certainly be analysed after the game but they have to trusted that this is the way to go from what they have seen in league and in training.
    At worst, we are a last eight team, I can’t see us tripping ourselves up at the very first hurdle. Most important that old faults are eradicated, in particular allowing weaker sides to come back at us in the last quarter.
    Looking forward to seeing Mayo play on a good wide pitch, and with surfaces drying, we are getting into Conroy conditions

  37. A subdued build up to game, but I’m sure Croke Park aren’t too bothered about the promotion of our games rather toasting a 82,300 sellout in Croker in May for Leinster Rugby. Out of touch.

  38. • Conor Hunt
    • Kevin Quinn
    What do they bring to the table? I don’t know anything about the lads as I can’t really follow any club action and I don’t recall seeing them feature in the league.

  39. I can’t see anything but an easy Mayo victory,eight to points at least we are a first division team after all

  40. That’s a very good panel bar Quinn who I know nothing of other than what’s posted above which is positive.
    A few subs might be better than some named starters but we’ll see what happens. I’d prefer McHugh in than Bric with McBrien shoring up the back. Needs must in that position. Bric can play ball but prefer not in FB line where stickiness is so important. Jack and Sam have had a few challenges lately but they’re young and will keep improving so fine with them in; take our chances and others further out should help reduce the danger albeit Diarmaid will be missed for that. Might put McHugh midfield again and use Coen’s experience CHB or else bring Jack or Bob back. Otherwise Coen totally as sweeper to help Bric out and leaving McBrien to make runs but I doubt it’s that even though Coen is the best reader of the game we have. In any event I agree with trusting management, at least some of the omissions must be injuries or lads only back to 80% so why risk them.

  41. Lads have we seriously not got a better option than AOS at full forward? It seems we don’t

  42. Davy Bourke won’t find anything on this blog to throw as a bone to the Rossies, that’s for sure.

  43. I am worried about Reape, He seems to panic when the opposition push up on kick outs
    Brickenden and Callinan weak enough in the Full Back Line

  44. Davey burke might read this blog who knows and I am sure he will be surprised to hear about doctors sick notes to get players replaced on match days and pseudo midfielders .Roscommon operated as a division one team this year.They will operate as a division two team next year.very surprising to be dismissing a county that has beaten us twice in championship in the last 5 years.I think we will have enough to win it but it could turn into a battle but I agree we have to trust the management to get it done.very disappointing that cillian isn’t available though.

  45. @brock I’d love to see him have a big game. Probably his last year and after a certain photograph from last years game, I’d hope he has the fire in his belly to really go for it, but I’m not sure it’s there.
    We need someone to click though, and by click I mean score goals…

  46. @Mayo45: Kevin played the last few minutes of the Derry game for his debut. Conor making his playing a few minutes in the 2nd half of the New York game.

    Kevin was arguably the form forward in the Club Championship last year, being one of the driving forces in Ballinrobe reaching the Intermediate County Final. His goal early in the final a great cameo of what he can bring to the table ( Accurate, clever, can kick from long range and an eye for goal with the pace to get there… one a few (myself included) had hoped to see get a little more time to get his eye in during the league.

    Conor is a solid, athletic, tough defender from Aghamore. One of the few to come out of the FBD game this year against London showing fairly well. Well able to pop up and kick a score, what Mayo half back can’t, but you’d imagine in there for his more abrasive stopping abilities than most of our other options.

    You’d imagine, though mind-reading management never an accurate task, Conor a little further down the pecking order for CHB than Kevin might be at corner forward or the odd time we might switch to a more attacking wing forward option.

  47. Lets be honest about it, this is far from a great Mayo team, the reason being we are not blessed with great players at the moment. Added to that is we are missing a few really important lads as well. Roscommon are no great shakes either and I dont expect any of us to be featuring on AI final day .You could go through the entire team and pick holes in every single line. Who is going to score for us. Can our backs stop a threatening looking Roscommon attack. Will our midfield be cleaned out. Will our goalie cope if we are under pressure. But in truth you could say the same about most other teams bar 3 or 4. I dont know why people get so worked up about our management making some changes to the named team. So what. It is their perogative to do as they see fit and most other counties do the same thing anyway. Likewise if Cillian, Diarmaid, Eoghan Mac etc are not on the 26, there must be a valid reason. Looking at the two sets of forwards, Roscommon have the greater scoring potential. Looking at the two sets of backs Id give a tentative vote to our lads. We dont need to put down a marker for Galway/ Sligo next Sunday. We simply need to beat Roscommon and qualify for a Connacht final. If we cant beat them we dont deserve to be in a Connacht final and need to prepare for the group stages, by which time we might be a bit stronger with some key players returning. Anyway best of luck to players and management. A win would give us all a lift after the u 20 nightmare. Maigh Eo abu.

  48. @TsuDhoNim – Thank you for that excellent response and the links provided. Looking forward to seeing Kevin Quinn feature some time in the near future.

  49. Great to see an Aghamore man on the panel, they gave us some great players, from memory,Tom Snee,Pat Glavey,Ray Folliard, Jimmy Bourke,Freeman and Harrison.
    Sometimes they got a raw deal, but great servants, thanks

  50. This is the real deal and the shadow boxing is over am not overly confident about this and we need to be really up for it, because Roscommon will be. I feel that we will need at least 2 goals, as I can’t see us keeping a clean sheet. Diarmuid, Cillian and Eoghan are big losses. I hope we are not making the same mistake with Rory at FB as with Conor last year. Rory is a lovely footballer, but you need to be a tight marker to play in the full-back line and Rory is too loose. I would like to see him swapped with McBrien and tried at 6,or as a sweeper. I don’t agree with those who say the Connacht Championship doesn’t matter. Not so much the winning of it, but we need to be getting a settled team, getting our structure and systems sorted and building momentum now and gaining confidence. Winning is a good habit to have.

  51. Agreed glas and Dearg just said same in other post.
    We a little too flat a little to same same from no.8 to 13.
    Hope it goes well but truth is I have no great interest in discussing the starting 15 as probably wont be thay anyway .

    God be with the days you be listening to Willie the shoes show and hearing the starting 15 .
    Pat fallon midfield in 97 was the shock with mchale at 14 but very little change ever .

    Never were an impact of subs like 1999 in tuam with fallen and mcdonald coming on and pushing us over the line .

  52. Truth is nobody knows what this campaign holds for this team, and who’s to say that’s not a good thing, considering the inglorious exit last yr after so much expectation. Maybe McStay has dampened down the hype deliberately. He’s shrewd enough to know the wolves will be at his door if he gets it wrong.

  53. I presume Jordan Flynn is not fully fit. He is surely one of our best players. I would even consider him at 6. McBrien needs to go to FB. Sam is not a corner back but no other options there. Plunkett proper footballer I would like to see him in team. He can score so even HF berth would be good for him. Conroy up front is a risk. I think he has scored one point all season.. it would be interesting to know stats on his assists and frees won etc but Towey would take more scores but can he create the chances for himself. Similarly it will be interesting to see if Boland can win his own ball in championship game. Presumably COC is injured also as he could be a match winner of the bench.
    I think Mayo will win but I am very unconvinced by the team..

  54. Jordans original injury was meant keep him out for up to 8 weeks. So he’s done well to get back so soon.
    There will be change or changes to the bench personnel before the game tomorrow.
    Lahanman, that’s the balancing act, I’d guess Tommy has won more scores from frees than Towey got in his limited chances. He struggled to win ball, especially the day he was taken off after half time. When games open up he could be a good option perhaps. Tommy isn’t our only FF player who hasn’t caused RSI issues for scoreboard operators.

  55. @Lahanman in the new york game 1 /10 or something points came from frees where new york went for conroy and fouled him when he was in a scoring position he also does so much work to let Ryan O D get the scores also people don’t see that.

    If opposition don’t foul conroy they know he’s gone out of sight with his pace and will score.

    Towey is a good player but no where near the likes of Conroy a half on form conroy is still better then no conroy at all he’s a half forward to he needs space to run at the opposition he’s not a full forward.

  56. Think it was Tim Snee.This is a poor Mayo team and management not exactly shining through.Bringing lads in with practically no experience or game time in league poor.Flynn vital to team and Brickenden could do well here but needs to improve going forward.Roscommon quite bullish but surely Dalys and Donie Smith and Murray past it by now.

  57. @PaDraig O Neill OK

    wouldn’t say it’s a poor team people out injured like the diarmuid & cillian are big loses as well as eoghan mc. Not much management can do with the bench with guys like that out injured to be fair.

    I’d say Jordan flynn will start if he’s anyway near fit.

  58. Let’s wait till Sunday evening to make a call on our forward line, strategy and individual performance. Sunday is the first real game of the championship and some players have been completely written off .

    Billy Joe Padden was right to question the fluency of our forward play during the league on the pod but did we always show our full hand and will we attack with difference intent this Sunday.

    And who’s to say that T.Conroy won’t kick a few scores tomorrow and AOS won’t link play effectively at FF or RCF.

    The real business starts tomorrow !!

  59. Have to wait to see what team starts , but if McBrien is not full back and Conroy is left at full forward then I will have to say Management is not on the same wavelength as me and many more on here. But result is what counts

  60. Tommy should be tried further out towards a wing forward area , running in towards the d breaking at speed . We are making our foward play to easy for a defensive zone , its just a cluster fick of bodies bursting into tommy and aido , im convinced its why we create so little goal chances . Spread out the play a biteen and let the shower of ahem come and play football . Be great to see a bit of revenge in the hearts tomorrow , show theres something about ye still . Aido goal would be a nice dish to be served . Hon Mayo

  61. Looking out our bench for tomorrow Hennelly, O’Hora, Plunkett, Loftus and McHale were starters back in 2021 when we won Connacht and reached the AI final.

    None of them are over the hill age-wise yet either, but management obviously think there are better options available.

  62. @JR – I was just doing the rounds and spotted that myself. I’d imagine that they have stuff already written for tomorrow morning though.

    Examiner has an interview with Oisin Mullin
    The Times’s new columnist Dean Rock has a piece on our game.

    No mention in either Eamon Fitzmaurice’s or Enda McGinley’s pieces – they prefer to talk about the “challengers” – which I don’t really mind because when people are writing us out of the conversation, we have a good habit of reminding them we exist 🙂

    Feeling a bit like 2013 to me – although I don’t think the gap between ourselves and everyone else is quite as a large.

  63. The 2013 team was far superior to the current team .still have nightmares about losing that year’s final.colm Boyle doesnt appear very convinced by what he has seen but hopefully he is wrong about moving mcbrien to midfield.Along with ruane we would have two midfielders doing basically the same job

  64. McBrien will be back at FB. I have no worries on that score and can’t believe people are making such a big deal about it.

    I’d like to see a bit of flexibility with our forwards on Sunday. Aidan doesn’t add a lot inside if we can’t kick it so he might need to drift out to CHF.

    We really do need something from Conroy on Sunday. To be fair he’s winning frees, but it would lift the whole team if he starts troubling the score board.

    Rossies will go back to bases and sit back. So can Boland and Flynn kick from distance to draw them out?

    Would hope we have a plan to impose ourselves early and avoid leaking goals.

  65. I think there’s too much focus on whether McBrien plays full back tbh. It’s all about match ups. Does it really matter whether Brickenden or McBrien is marking Murtagh? I don’t see that being the winning or losing of the game.

    McBrien is obviously our most physically imposing defender but Roscommon don’t have a Comer/Con/Rian O’Neill/Aidan O’Shea style inside forward.

  66. with a natural full back, better chance of stopping the soft goals we are famous for conceeding in most games.

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