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I could end up sounding like Old Mr Brennan extolling the virtues of Facebook here but not to worry, the Lord loves a trier and all that.  A few more tech-savvy friends of mine have been blathering on at me for some time now about Twitter so, in the spirit of constant innovation and all that, I’ve decided to give it a lash on match days and see how it goes.

Those of you who already know about this social networking phenomenon can, I dunno, do some work or make a cuppa or something at this juncture (while those of you that don’t could do a whole load worse than looking at this excellent primer).  I’ve set up my own Twitter identity, downloaded the app to my mobile and got my good friend TJ to add the relevant widget to the sidebar on the site (it’s languishing down at the bottom at the minute but I plan to shift it up to top-of-the-right for match-days) so I’m pretty much Twitter-enabled at this stage.

So, starting with this coming Sunday’s match with Derry, I’m planning to stick up some tweets (see? I’m starting to get the hang of this already) about what’s happening during the game and these will appear, pretty much in real-time, here on the site.  Just over there to your right, to be exact.  Apparently, if you’re into this kind of stuff, you can follow me and even become my friend in Twitterland but that, I must confess, is where I start to lose concentration. I can see that getting updates in this way on your mobile might be a nifty means of keeping in touch with the action if you’re out and about but I’m fucked if I know how one might go about doing this.  For now, I think the during-the-match updates to the site that will occur constitute enough of a technological leap to be getting on with.

Today’s bread today and all that.  Tweet, tweet!

3 thoughts on “Match-day twitterings

  1. I just signed up for this craic, seeing as I’m in the states it appears I’ll get ur updates as text messages straight to my phone. Better be good news Willie Joe.
    On another tech issue it appears the “live bookmarks” update thing on Firefox no longer picks up your updates, perhaps an issue for TJ.
    Here’s what it says.

    Feed Address:

    HTTP Error (Code) and Message: (404) Feed not found error: FeedBurner cannot locate this feed URI.

  2. That live update issue is now sorted – TJ got his cyber-wrench out and did the needful on it.

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