Yesterday’s match reports

A bit late with this, it’s been a bit of a hectic Monday.  As I’m away all of next week too (work, not play, I hasten to add), I’m not expecting the coming days to be much more relaxed either.

Right, match reports.  As you can imagine, some of the papers had a bit of fun drawing electoral analogies from yesterday’s match and the particular part played by the county in the outcome of GE11 – here’s how the Times and the Examiner played it.  Martin Breheny in the Indo and also Mike Finnerty in the Mayo News chose to focus instead on the curiously one-sided nature of what has historically been a close rivalry (though, mind you, we’ve both handed out a fair few thumpings to each other down the years).  Mike also did an audio report on the game.

There are also match reports on RTÉ (with some audio from Brian Carthy, if high-pitched, excitable stuff is to your taste), SetantaHogan Stand, Sports News Ireland and Breaking News.  Pride of place, once again, must however go to Colm Gannon in the Mayo Advertiser who, despite the fact that he was still tweeting furiously at the count centre in Castlebar at 4 am on Sunday morning, managed to make it to Tuam for the game and get his match report filed yesterday evening before, one assumes, his face collided with his laptop.  Top performance.

It’ll be tomorrow now before I get round to sorting out what’s what with the weekend predictions but all you need to know for now is that I’m up to second in the mini-league and starting to feel a bit pompous.

Oh, before I sign off – I’ve stuck a poll up on the site to test the mood out there about how you think the vote on the Strategic Action Plan will go at the County Board meeting on Thursday.  This is not how you think the vote on the plan should go, just how you think it will go.


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