Match reports and reaction + more on the Strategic Action Plan

There’s plenty in the morning papers and elsewhere about yesterday’s match, as well as some stuff about Saturday night’s launch of the  Strategic Action Plan and so, without further ado, here’s what’s out there.

First the nationals, where Colm Keys does the honours in the Indo, Keith Duggan gets the job of telling the tale of another Mayo loss to Kerry in the Times while John Fogarty provides his account in the Examiner.

All three have quotes from James Horan (who said the penalty decision was “unbelievable” but who also said that it was our own fault as we’d failed to clear the ball in the run-up to the incident) and Jack O’Connor (which, as you’d expect, was of the ‘you win some, you lose some’ variety).  If you want to hear these quotes for yourself, Colm Gannon has provided audio clips of both (here’s the one with James Horan and here’s the one with Jack O’Connor) and it goes without saying that his match report for the Mayo Advertiser was up on the web yesterday evening well before anyone else’s.  RTÉ, to be fair to them, had their one up soon after, as did Hogan Stand.

That’s it on yesterday’s game.  We can argue as much as we want about the penalty but, of course, we know well by now that this won’t change the result.  Instead we need to focus on Galway next weekend and while our first win of the campaign should be well on our radar in Tuam, it’ll take a far better performance in our forward line if we’re to do it.

Back to the papers, where there’s also some coverage on Saturday evening’s launch of the Strategic Action Plan.  Colm Keys sifts through the details in the Indo, focusing on the financial issues raised in the Plan, while John Fogarty in the Examiner takes his cue from Liam Horan’s inspirational address at the Plan’s launch on Saturday night.  Both Liam’s address and the Plan itself are accessible here on the site and I see that they’re now on the official Mayo GAA site as well.

The Plan should be essential reading for anyone with an interest in Mayo GAA and, in particular, for those of you who are involved with the association at club level within the county. A decision on whether or not to adopt the Plan as the county’s template for reform and rejuvenation will be taken at the next County Board meeting in a few weeks time and so clubs need to make sure that the delegates they send to this meeting come fully informed of the Plan’s contents and are ready to vote on it on its merits.

That’s all for now – back later on with this week’s prediction results.

One thought on “Match reports and reaction + more on the Strategic Action Plan

  1. think horan hit the nail on the head in the post match comments. There were many positives not least the backs. Why oh why did the keeper have to pull sullivan down though and undo all the good work both by himself and the backs….was at the game and my initial reaction was peno so i cant really point the finger at the ref on this one. Once a keeper wraps his hands around a forward he makes the refs decision an easy one. Before the game i thought the forwards would do well and the backs would struggle…it turned out to be the other way around but i was encouraged bu the backs display….gutsy & skillfull in equal measure but i still think we are going to have probs at CHB. Feeney looks like he will get another run at FB and on yest showing he deserves it after a sterling performance. This wasnt like conroy marking donaghy in the last few years, feeney looked to be more athletic, more aware and more determined. We could be onto something here..

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