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Okay, it’s the morning after the day and night before so it’s time to face all those match reports and stuff about our dice with disaster in Ruislip yesterday.

Nationals first – Irish Times, Independent and Examiner. Then there’s the Mayo Advertiser, Mayo NewsHogan Stand, RTÉ, and Breaking News. Both Club Mayo Dublin and Sports News Ireland (who seem to have only the one picture of James Horan that they keep re-using) provide match tracker information detailing who scored what and when. As usual, I’ll gather up all the links I come across to the various match reports and place them for posterity in the results section of the site.

If it’s after-match reaction you’re looking for, there are plenty of quotes peppered about the place in those match reports and there are also bespoke pieces in the Examiner and Hogan Stand.  Colm Gannon has also posted two post-match audios, with James Horan and with Andy Moran.  The former’s take on how the match panned out is, I have to say, a bit rambling and unfocused while the latter is a good deal more blunt in his assessment of the game.

That’s the lot – plenty there to digest and mull over before thoughts turn to facing Galway on June 26th.

10 thoughts on “Match reports and reaction

  1. “London were organised” implies we werent
    “We stuck at it and came strong at the end” !!
    Doesnt even seem to know who scored for us.
    “we got through it, that was the objective coming over”. What to scrape through and do so much chopping and changing and subbing that after the first championship match out no-one still knows whats what.
    He was also making some comment about the number of changes from the league, as if thats a good thing. By the end of the league the team should be settled. I know its either a feast or a famine with us but most of us are intelligent enough to know when there’s a bit of logic and thought at work but maybe you dont get the bounce of the ball. From talking to those who were there it really doesnt sound like the management had much of a clue what was going on.

  2. I was at the game yesterday and I never saw such an inept performance from a Mayo team and I include management in this. Firstsy lets forget about this crap of not criticizing the manager etc. In every walk of life if you deserve praise you should get praise and the same applies in reverse.To start with the team selection, the lack of a game plan and the lenght it took management to take corrective action to deal with the potential disaster unfolding before their eyes is a major worry. How could theystart Gibbons before AOS ? If we need a third midfielder and I believe we do, because we do not have two good enough in the county to win enough possesion to beat any decent team, then whynot play McG, Kilcullen and AOS around the middle. We badly need a tight tenacious corner back and maybe Howley could do a job there surely a better option than Keith and put him in the half back line.

    As for the team that started yesterday with the exception of Dillon and Moran at times and maybe the goalie the rest were a disgrace to the county jersey and the loyal supporters that follow them year in year out. Maybe a few just had an off day and in fairness the likes of Doherty and Freeman have shown on other days they have what it takes but I really do worry about that defence. They are clueless and heartless and I fear the floodgates could open against Galway with 4 or 5 green flags being raised against us.Two final observations

    Is there not one decent free taker in all of Mayo?

    What are these guye doing at training?

    I would be tempted to get a few thousand car stickers printed stating the obvious


    Maybe it might bring some sense of reality to a terribly sad situation

  3. was at the match, an unbelievable step down from longford last year. why oh why are are backs running mad up the field crowding our so called space inside, same against longford and i witnesses a carbon copy a few weeks back against offally. i see these guys week in week out in club football and its different and its simple you get to the middle third and you pump it in to your best forward, low and in front and into the space, but most important into the scoring zone. ther must be something different going on at county level because sunday was a shambolic effort the art of gaelic football. never thought i would criticise mayo like this.

  4. Looking at this team with the benefit of my advanced years [I was in Croke Park in 51] I
    can safely say that there is only one way they
    can go is up, they couldn’t possibly get any worse.

  5. Players placed in straight jacket – look at Padden when given freedom in Armagh. Playing eight defenders against London defies logic and shows Mayo’s total lack of ambition against a division 4 team. Self belief is being shattered by team management.

  6. London played with balls, took a man each and done battle. OUr fault in the last few years is the lack of physical presence and outright hard work. I was in Castlebar on Sunday night and I spotted 4 Mayo players having a decent time of it after putting in one of the worst championship games We have ever played. Drink it up lads, by the look of it you’ll have plenty of time to drink this summer without having to worry about them pesky fixtures.

  7. austyisgod, when u say having a decent time of it do you mean supping a bottle off coors lite or lamping pints/shots? In fairness i think we all needed a few pints after what we were put through last Sunday.

  8. Is it true that the team had to travel to Waterford for their flight on Saturday?

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