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mchale-park-120409We’re on home soil for the next few days so I’ll be less gobby than usual till we get back to the metropolis later in the week.  It would be remiss of me, however, not to point you towards match reports from yesterday as well as a few other pieces of analysis.  A man can’t afford to be accused of being remiss and so here’s what RTE, the Times and the Indo have to say about yesterday’s game.  If it’s the analytical stuff you want, it’s worth checking out what my fellow blogger Thereisalightthatnevergoesout has to say and also the post-NFL discussion that has started up on  But make sure also to check out this well-considered piece from Saturday’s Examiner by Dara O Cinneide, who sets out quite a good argument as to why we should be thinking positive thoughts about the summer that lies ahead of us.  Now, I know this could well be interpreted as a case of the cute Kerryman building us up for the fall later in the year but Dara’s not that kind of guy, is he?

Also, you’ll have no doubt seen the bit in yesterday’s Sunday Indo about the possibility of Super Mac being recalled to the panel for the championship.  There could, I suppose, be something to this story but it’s worth bearing in mind that this is the Sunday Indo we’re talking about here and if you look at what the story actually says, you can see that it doesn’t say anything at all.  A bit like that execrable Ronan Keating song, in other words.

Back later with the final results of the mini-league where, unlike yesterday’s match, there is a decisive outcome to report on.

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