Match reports + Club Mayo meeting tonight

A mare of a Monday lies ahead for me so this one needs to be quick.  So quickly here are a number of reports on yesterday’s defeat to Monaghan: Mayo Advertiser,  Independent, Times, Examiner, Hogan Stand, RTÉ, BBC, Setanta and Breaking News. That’s more than enough for you.

Here – I’ll save you even more time.  The best one to head to is Colm Gannon’s report in the Mayo Advertiser, where he’s got a longish quote from James Horan who did little to hide his annoyance at his charges’ soporific display yesterday.  Here’s what he had to say when asked what he thought about the performance:

Not much out of today to be honest, very disappointed with the result obviously, but mainly with our performance.We just didn’t tackle all day, we had guys running through all day and we just watched them all day. I think in the second half Paul Finlay scored eight points and we just let them run through and eventual foul them. Everything else was quite poor as well, but if you don’t work hard enough everything will be poor. That is a disappointing thing.

James doesn’t sound any happier on the audio that Colm did with him after the game. Then again, I wasn’t exactly whooping with joy myself in my own post-match audio rantings.

Okay, that was the league that was, so it was. Onwards and upwards and all that.

Before I go, just to let you know about the Club Mayo Dublin annual review that takes place this evening in the Burlington Hotel (throw-in 7 pm), where, no doubt, yesterday’s match will get another detailed airing. Also on the menu will be the whole thing about finances and transparency and all that but today is turning out to be complicated enough for me without my venturing down that particular rat hole.

Have a good one.

One thought on “Match reports + Club Mayo meeting tonight

  1. Willie joe,
    I think you feel as I do I love my county but maybe there are depths you and possibly James Horan have not explored. Eckhart tolle and many spiritual teachers speak of the importance of the now.

    Why revel In the pain of the loss? Why dwell an the bothantacht of the past. Is feidir linn!! A whiliie!!

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