Match reports + Face The Ball Week 3 results

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for match reports on yesterday’s win in Charlestown, then here you go: this is RTE’s, this is the Indo’s and this is the one in the Times.  They’re all of the factual sort – it was obviously too nippy to hang around afterwards looking for or giving any post-match comments.

Right, it’s Face the Music time once again on the Face The Ball Mini-League front and, as you’ll see from the table below, there’s plenty of chopping and changing standings-wise from Week 2.  We have a new leader – martync2 – who has made the leap from sixth last time out to top of the pile this week, having started the tournament back in twelfth.  That’s good going but even more impressive progress has been recorded by devel, now lying second, but who started out way back in 21st, before rising to tenth in Week 2.  There’s hope for us all, it would seem – well, apart from poor old TJ maybe!


I’m gratified to see that, like the county team, I’m edging towards mid-table respectability.  If my form continues to mirror that of the county team, however, I may need to prepare for a reversal in my fortunes next week.  I see that my two fellow bloggers – No one Shouted Stop! and An Spailpin – are still out ahead of me as well but the gap isn’t as chasm-like as it was at the outset.

The week’s most extraordinary performance, however, came from regular contributor to this site, FourGoal McGee.  He began the competition in second-last spot but in Week 2 charged up all the way to eleventh.  This morning, though, he’s back down in 28th again.  Hey, FourGoal – this is Gaelic football we’re doing here, not bungee jumping.  Keep the Faith, old stick!

2 thoughts on “Match reports + Face The Ball Week 3 results

  1. I thought I had a creditable result this week with 129 points. However, so did everyone else.

    Never mind, it’s only the League, as they say!

  2. Indeed, that’s all it is. I thought my score was good too but I’m struggling to make any real progress in the table. Neither of us will be close to making the play-offs, by the looks of it!

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