Match reports from Saturday night

Just in case you haven’t seen them all yet (unlikely, I suppose, given the hour I’ve finally got around to doing this) here are all the match reports I’ve come across detailing events at O’Moore Park on Saturday night: the Mayo Advertiser, RTÉ, SetantaIrish Independent, Irish Times, Irish Examiner, Breaking News and Hogan Stand.

I also got my audio act together on the night and with the O2 network behaving itself (unlike the way it tends to act up at full-time in a packed Croke Park when the bejaysus appears to be throttled out of the data transmission side of things) I managed to get this post-match audio piece uploaded in jig time.

Aside from the match reports, I see that Hogan Stand have also latched onto what James Horan said after the match (the quotes are in the Indo) to run a rather spurious piece claiming that we’re now “targeting NFL glory” (whatever that’s supposed to be) following our successful start to this year’s league campaign. James simply made the point in his after-match quotes that we’d like to stay in the league for as long as possible this year, which makes perfect sense seeing as we have such a long hiatus between the league’s end and our opening championship game at the end of June but that doesn’t mean we’re necessarily aiming for a league title in its own right. Not that we shouldn’t, mind (I quite enjoyed our last one eleven years ago and wouldn’t mind seeing us win it again), just that we’re far more likely to view the spring competition as a means to an end rather than an end in itself, Oh, you know what I mean.

By the way, I’m not sure I’m now in a position to target prediction mini-league glory after finding myself 90 or so points off the pace after the weekend’s first round of action. I haven’t had time to do up a table yet showing how everyone fared after encountering the competition’s first hurdle but I hope to get around to this at some stage tomorrow. In the meantime, you can if you want check for yourself how the land, and your own hopes, lie following the conclusion of the Round 1 action – here.

5 thoughts on “Match reports from Saturday night

  1. I’m out of the running too WJ, i forgot to do my predictions and this after setting up a mini league at work and getting lads onboard! D’oh!

  2. willie joe have seen most of the reports but the one that baffled me was the scribe in the star tat picked the team of the week. Ger caff at full back AFTER 14minutes of play. jesus wept if he’s the best out of all the games i’m headin for knock this mornin and i mean the shrine not the airport.

  3. ah the inconsistancy in the reporting is a joke. Of course next sunday the analysis will probably be a bit better not because we’re involved but because dublin are. “Andrew” Freeman got man of the match in one of the reports 🙂

  4. Early days yet in the predictions competiton, sure who could have predicted that Galway would beat Derry or that Longford would hockey Offaly?

  5. So there won’t be any new jersey on Saturday after all the hoo ha and fanfare.

    And there isn’t any deal done to call the pitch Elverys McHale Park even though that was said earlier.

    And the men in charge are getting rid of a supporters club.

    Lunatics and asilum are the two words that come to mind

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