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There’s not much in the papers today about yesterday’s FBD defeat, though the Indo has a match report which contains a quote from Johnno about his frustration at being denied the services of players who will be representing third-level institutions rather than their county all this month.  It’s a fair enough point, though it’s the same story for Galway and Roscommon, both of whom started out with wins. The Rossies completely blew away the challenge of Sligo IT yesterday, a team which, incidentally, had Tom Parsons playing for them in midfield.  We’d do well to keep an eye on how the Sheepstealers shape up in the early part of this year, what with that likely Connacht semi-final clash with them in June.

If it’s a proper match report of that clash with NUIG that you want, however, then check out this comprehensive one provided by my fellow Mayo GAA blogger No one Shouted Stop! It looked like somebody had shouted stop as the same man had been been silent for months but it’s great to see him back in action once again.

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  1. Mahony needs to stop moaning…every other county is in the same boat so his excuse doesnt carry any merit. Anyway its a poor start but if we can sort out the full back and full forward position alone we will be there or thereabouts. If O Shea could realise his Potential at FF it would be a huge bonus but is it asking too much at such a tender age. Jimmy Burke was the last real FF we had and when he was fit he was a real handful. Full back is the other key position that we need to sort out and again Cafferky could be the man. If these guys step up to the plate a win by the sea is a real possibility and could signal the start of a serious assault on Sam.

  2. Speaking of Ger Cafferky the following is a quote from JOM in todays Indo (included in the Mayo NUIG match report) …”From our point of view it is frustrating to look at the likes of Ger Cafferkey at full back there for them. We are going to have new faces in the League and I would like to have them to prepare, but I can’t and that is it.” … one could have a positive interpretation on that !!!

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