Match reports

A little later than usual and with more brevity than normal (half-term or no half-term, it was wall-to-wall on the work front this morning), here’s a few links to some match reports from yesterday’s win up in Omagh.  Here’s Cliona Foley’s report in the Indo,  here’s the Times’ take on the day’s action, here’s the report from Hogan Stand and here, pick of the bunch, is An Spailpín’s musings from his trip to Healy Park yesterday. There’s nothing as yet from the locals but no doubt they’ll have their spake over the coming days.  As usual, I’ll provide links within the 2010 results page to all the match reports that I come across and, in the fullness of time, all this info will get filed away as part of the results archive.

As An Spailpín notes in his report, it was only a league game we were involved in yesterday and so even Johnno’s rapid move to douse down any nascent hype that might be thinking of cranking up over our good start to the campaign is probably unnecessary.  Indeed, for anyone who was in doubt on this point as they awoke this morning, today’s raw enough weather confirmed fairly emphatically that it is still only the middle of February.

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