Matthew Ruane is our MOTM from yesterday’s game

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Our final MOTM poll of this year’s National League campaign is done and it has produced a decisive result. By a large margin, you’ve voted Matthew Ruane to be our MOTM from yesterday’s Round 7 clash with Monaghan at St Tiernach’s Park.

Weighing in with 1-2 from play in what was a commanding midfield performance – his goal on 65 minutes was literally the difference between victory and defeat for us – the shift he put in carried more than a hint of the Mattie of old. What a bonus it would be for us this summer if he can show this kind of form on a consistent basis.

Mattie tops the poll with 30% of the vote. Our other goal-getter yesterday, Darren McHale, comes next, along with Tommy Conroy, on 9%, while ‘keeper Rory Byrne, who saved our bacon with a vital stop at the death in Clones, is on 8%. Well done to them all and, in particular, to Matthew Ruane, our MOTM from yesterday’s game.

40 thoughts on “Matthew Ruane is our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. Delighted him for him felt bad for him ever since 21 just lost his bounce but who could blame him.

    Let’s hope he keeps it up through to summer. He’s one of the best midfielders in the country when he’s at his 100% best and well done to him for making Gaa team of the week to!

  2. Well done mattie .No doubt his strength is going forward.he would benefit greatly from having a sheamie o Shea type midfielder beside him

  3. Great to have Mattie back to form. Much needed in Mid field. If we get Diarmuid back fit they will make a great Mid field duo.
    Glad to see Swanee back.I am convinced he is a half forward. He can read a game and can score. We have seen him create goals and can lay off a pass.

  4. Welcome back Mattie. Great to see him coming back to his best. Talent was always there, just a bit of form missing. Very happy for him and us.

  5. That’s a headline we were all hoping to see before the league was over .
    Well done Mattie , An important cog in the Mayo wheel

  6. I see todays independant says Kevin has appointed Lisa O’Neill as physcologist – is this new news ? I remember her name been mentioned a while back. Any insight into her achievements ?

  7. @Thedarkyfinn: Maurice Brosnan (doing an unbelievably good job on GAA coverage & promotion the last few years… forgiving the Galway roots) had it back in January.

    “Corofin’s Joe Canney has joined the management ticket since. The Mayo boss went on to say Niamh Fitpatrick has departed as team psychologist. It is understood former Cheltenham winning jockey Lisa O’Neill has since come on board. O’Neill recently graduated from SETU Waterford with a MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology.”

  8. People’s main concern was his lack of fielding strength. That’s still going to be the case. Just a bad run at the moment where we don’t have a lot of strong fielders available.

  9. Well done Mattie, coming good just in time for Championship. Great to see Swanny swashbuckling again too.

  10. Don’t really know how many people actually saw this game that voted on the man of the match poll .I didn’t see it but heard mark ronaldson say on Midwest radio that Darren McHale who finished second on the poll had very little involvement in the game in general.Matt ruane is a very good footballer but has limitations in terms of being a midfielder in his lack of ball winning ability but he definitely has an important role to play

  11. Good to see Mattie getting back to his best. He is a scoring midfielder.. we have Jordan Flynn and Jack Carney as fielders. Diarmuid O Connor to come back into the fray too.
    Rossies will definitely push up on our kickouts. An opportunity to go long and win some Arial stuff.

  12. @ontheditch, Jordan is not a good fielder. Mayo are in trouble, like they were last year for height and physicality in midfield. Bob brings height but little aggression/physicality. Likely to be a good sub option in the second half.

    Diarmuid is our defensive midfielder, no question. Mattie is the attacking midfielder, no question there – great eye for a goal and rarely doesn’t score. I just don’t know what Carney is. Solid at everything but not standout at one thing. Will he start v Ross?

  13. Jp & 1985 agree completely. No one doubts Ruane’s running ability or his scoring ability..he is a phenomenal athlete but his fielding is not his strength. Carney, Flynn, Ruane & Diarmuid all have strengths but none of them are a dominant fielder. They’re all very similar, probably too similar.

    We need to find a better balance between them all & we desperately need a reliable option for a long kickout when the chips are down. If it were me, I’d be holding 1 or 2 in reserve for the last 25 mins of games etc

  14. we don’t have a dominant fielder at midfield which is an argument for Aiden for 3 quarters. Matties best year was when partnered with Aiden

  15. I’m not at all convinced that we haven’t the players to hold our own in the middle of the field. I agree Bob Touhy not physically aggressive enough this yearp, at times he seems overawed by the whole experience.
    My biggest concern would be retaining possession from short kickouts.
    If you go back to the Derry game, I’d say our figures for retaining possession when we went long were acceptable, we were punished when we lost possession from short kickouts..
    Time will tell but we are well good enough to win Connacht

  16. @Ontheditch: Pretty much, though it all really swung on the soft goal given away after the ‘angry’ kick. Hopefully a lesson for Colm and he can hold the head better next time a call (right or wrong) goes against us.

    We lost 2 kicks inside our 40, one being the goal. Derry lost zero. (Though we did concede a tap over free from the one not crossing the 20 while they conceded two throw balls for slow play)

    Both sides broke pretty even on the overall won/lost stats. 16/9 (64% won) for us versus the 14/7 (66% won) for them, but when you remove the 2 for slow play that only resulted in throw balls 14/5 doesn’t look quite as healthy and then when 3 of those are between the 40 and 60 and 2 even further beyond that it’s showing the relatively minimal danger we posed on those turnovers. Can’t remember any of those leading directly to a score without a lot of build up play while Derry had 1-2 directly from theirs.

  17. mayo 67 – Mattie’s best years were 2020 and 21 when partnered with Conor Loftus. He was man of the match in two Connacht finals. The only two Connacht titles we’ve won since 2015 (what a horrendous stat that is btw). He was also close to man of the match against Kerry last year when Diarmuid was beside him and Aidan full forward.

    2019 Aidan played midfield but Mattie missed most of that championship through injury.

  18. Something of a tangent, but in 21 competitive league and championship games under the current regime, Aidan has been the blog’s MoTM in five of them, one this season. The next best is a number of players including Ryan, Jordan and Fergal on two.

  19. not sure you can say Mattie back to form of two years ago after one good game, but would be great if we could get that Mattie back. That year possible our best player until final against Tyrone, and never really recovered confidence from a very poor final. Tommy C, and himself, are critical to were we end up this year, and if DO’C comes back from injury in good form, and Cillian start making a real impact from bench, how much of a better position would be in. That a problem with Mayo, possible talent there, but getting everyone playing well, injury free, and add to that Management tactics correct we be good enough to land SAM. It ok fro Dublin and Kerry, have better depth in squad to deal with injury, of players not quite up to previous form to win SAM.

  20. Interesting point Wide Ball that we have only won 2 Connacht titles since 2015. It is a poor statistic alright bearing in mind neither Galway nor Roscommon had outstanding teams at that time. We improved through back door in 16 and 17 and I actually think the team was its best as 2017 developed. Some hairy moments and close calls during the run to AI that year. We could do with a Connacht title win this year both as a boost to the team and an easier seeding in later stages. I know some here reckon it must be an AI or nothing but I don’t see Sam coming our way at this moment in time

  21. Interesting figures Tsu Dho Nim. Thanks. I’m hoping we will go predominantly long against Roscommon. Jordan Flynn capable of out jumping anyone maybe slight improvement in technique, sometimes I think he gets air bound too early. And Carney has fielded some massive balls, though he is most likely to be used as the go to man as he is a very reliable distributor.

  22. Hope we can pass the mid field with the Kickouts.
    Roscommon are not bad at high fielding around the middle. If we are forced to go long it’s vital that half forwards and half backs will have to be tuned in to the breaking ball.

  23. TsuDhoNim , do you work on video analysis , seriously your knowledge is off the scale outstanding . thoroughly enjoy reading your contributions

  24. After attending Clones on Sunday I dont know with the small attendance and the siginficance of the game the last day, that Mayo actually winning has painted over the fact that Mayo were absolutely terrible against Monaghan.Turning over ball constantly, mistimed passes, no real attacking threat, no real intensity to there play.we are good bit of the top 3 teams based on that performance

  25. Sean Burke – I echo every word of that encomium.

    TSU’s stats of player minutes over the league (Twitter today) is also outstanding.

  26. Interesting to hear that from someone who actually saw the game but we have also been very poor in games that did mean something this year and last .I know we will hear that they are not showing their hand but the time is approaching rapidly to show something resembling a game plan surely

  27. It’s definitely I think a more realistic picture of where we are than last year, but I’m not convinced that is the case for every team.

    We’re fourth behind Dublin, Derry and Kerry, and that’s deserved but their results are very questionable.

    Derry finished top but the caveat to that is we finished top last year after putting in a similar effort to theirs. We saw how misleading that was last year.

    Did anyone actually go out to really try to beat Dublin? I have my doubts. Maybe Kerry.

    I’m not at all impressed with Kerry. Thumped by the Dubs, scraped past us when we were barely bothered. Four wins against opposition who I wouldn’t feel really expected to win.

    We don’t have the stars those teams have. Footballer of the Year Odds sum it up quite well imo. 1. D. Clifford 2. Con 3. Glass 4. McGuigan 5. Fenton 6. Kilkenny 7. P Clifford 8. Seanie O’Shea

    Then a break to 9, 10 & 11 Shane Walsh, Ryan and Canavan.

    And that probably sums it up for me, we’ve as strong a squad as anyone out there but we don’t have the individuals capable of winning games consistently on their own that the teams above us have.
    On the other hand we are also possibly the least reliant on individual players or a dedicated system.

    League Final will may tell us more, but right now the expectations are and probably should be Connacht Title, Group Winners, and hit a quarter final running. We haven’t done that since 2015.

  28. @Sean burke: Nahh, I wouldn’t be anywhere close to the level of the lads doing that stuff day in day out, just a huge fan of their work and follow along with a lot of the stuff they’re kind enough to share. I do have a background in numbers and mathematical modelling, so when you have a passion in something like football too then the two paths tend to crossover into stats and spreadsheets whenever I get the chance.

  29. Im not that impressed with kerry either but that in a way concerns me , manys a year in my lifetime ive felt that and then they come roaring into the championship like some kind of pack of wild animals devouring all in front of them

  30. @crossflan: No, didn’t get a minute on RTÉ or TG4 this week. Hard to complain too much when we got the first 6 live, but odd seeing a Division 1 game without a single highlight anywhere in this day and age.

  31. Here’s hoping Mattie has turned a corner, he was a joy to watch in full flight so we’d be all the better off if he found his flow again, and especially his confidence to take on the shots when they are on.

    TsuDhoNim, you got a nice mention on the Football Pod this week too. I echo Sean Burke’s words, your contributions are always so interesting. I don’t do the twitter thing any more but sneak on for a peek every now and again.

  32. Well folks,

    What’s the verdict on the league ?

    The mood is fairly despondent below in Kerry.

    Finished on 10 points, 5 wins, 2 losses and yet it felt like a poor league.

    The chastening game in croke park casts a long shadow.

    I’ll admit to bring jealous that you get a visit to New York.

    Always felt New York and London could be rotated in provincial championships.

    I’d say its a unreal trip.

  33. I’d say the verdict in mayo is very unsure of where we stand west Kerry.we mixed the average with the fairly poor but staying up was always the priority.Did the Dublin defeat have that much of an affect on the mood in Kerry.

  34. Not so much the defeat as there’s no shame losing to a good team but the manner of it.

    I’d go back to Meath in 2001 to see a more abject performance league or not.

    There’s no recovering from that until you play them again and you have a serious hangover from it.

    To behonest I always felt Dublins 6 in a row was a generational team and they’ve been down for 2 years and roar back with another great side.

    I do think the GAA will have too look at this now because you effectively are playimg a province in Dublin.

    Kerry though have been slow and ponderous and lacking imagination.

    They are off too Portugal and you’d hope they come back in a better position.

  35. @West Kerry: Yeah, the trips to London and New York are fantastic affairs, got to meet some long-lost in-laws out in Woodlawn, NYC last time. Only thing is that they fairly burn a hole in the pocket!

    From my perspective, we more or less got what we wanted out of the league, did enough to stay up, got some less experienced players some game time and avoided a league final, the scheduling of which has been bad for us in recent seasons. We’re still struggling a bit in terms of scoring power IMO, not helped by some injuries to key forwards. I would like to see us win a Connacht title as we are still some way off the top teams in the race for Sam, and as some other posters have said, we haven’t won as many of those as we should have in the last decade.

    Kerry seem to have been treading water a bit in the league. What’s the feeling on Jason Foley’s injury down below? A big loss to ye IMO.

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