Maughan out – Lyons now the inevitable choice?

It was announced late last night – as I was headed for my leaba and so hadn’t the necessary inclination to post anything here – that John Maughan had decided not to go forward for interview for the Mayo manager’s job, thus cutting the field to three and, it would appear, making it a racing certainty that Tommy Lyons will now get the job.  That may not be the outcome that many supporters would have wished for – he certainly wouldn’t be my choice – but it now seems to be the result that’s going to happen so I suppose we all need to start internalising this outcome.

It’s not at all surprising that John Maughan pulled plant when he did.  He’s an army man, after all, and he can spot an ambush far better than us civilians could ever hope to.  That interview panel had ‘ambush’ written all over it, especially where the candidacy of John Maughan was concerned.  There would have been little point in the big man going through the charade of an interview with that line-up across the table from him and so he’s better off disengaging from the process at this stage.

The question now is which of the three remaining candidates will be put forward for ratification and, from what I understand having spoken to a few people about the whole process, I think it’s very unlikely that James Horan or Tony McGarry are going to be handed the bib.  The faction that initially put their weight behind Micko are now, so I gather, squarely behind Lyons and it looks as if the selection committee could well be of the same view, not least given that Lyons is the only remaining candidate with any inter-county management experience under his belt.

Nobody who witnessed our last three pathetic performances at inter-county level (that was Cork in the NFL final, Sligo in Connacht and Longford in the qualifiers in case anyone has wiped their memory banks since then) needs convincing that a completely new direction is needed as regards how we prepare and motivate the county team for competitive matches.  Coming out of Pearse Park in Longford that Saturday evening at the end of June, how many of us, I wonder, would have contemplated the idea that Tommy Lyons would be the man we’d turn to in order to get us out of the biggest hole we’ve found ourselves in for over a generation?  Well, that appears to be what’s about to happen and, if it does, those of us who look on from the terraces will just have to get used to it.

If Tommy Lyons does get the job, he should, of course, have our full support.  Regardless of what one might think of his punditry skills, he does have a respectable CV (albeit one that’s a bit dated in terms of achievements) and I’ve no doubt that he’ll want to do the best possible job for the county in the role.  Regardless of what one might think about the machinations of the appointment process, once the damned thing is decided on at least the soap opera will be over and we’ll at last be able to think ahead to next year and, hopefully, some kind of upsurge in our fortunes.   We need to see significant improvement from the county team in 2011 and if Tommy Lyons gets the nod next week then he’s the man who is going to have to deliver it for us.

72 thoughts on “Maughan out – Lyons now the inevitable choice?

  1. I disagree that the supporters should write Tommy Lyons a blank cheque.

    We were told all summer about root and branch reform in Mayo. That’s all been flushed down the toilet and we’re getting a manager now whose greatest asset seems to be that he isn’t Tommy Carr. Why should we put up with this?

    There is a lot of rising talent in Mayo. Do we make the most of that, or do just piss it away again? Where do our priorities lie?

    I’m disgusted by this turn of events and deeply, deeply disillusioned. What gimps we are. No wonder we’re so easily beaten.

    I suggest that all support is withheld until such time as the Board convinces us that Tommy Lyons is the new manager because he’s the best man for the job, and for no other reasons. There are other reasons being suggested – the Board has to put those rumours to bed if this appointment is to be taken seriously. If the rumours are true, well then God really will have to help Mayo, won’t He?

  2. WJ you give JM to much credit here but I agree as I have already stated that there are other forces at play here. Neither TL or JM should get the job they are old school; the two other kids on the block should have been given a go! What has lyons achieved – ‘provincial titles’ is that the extent of our ambitions.

  3. Well said Spalpin. Time for Mayo people to stand up. Tommy Lyons will traipse across Leinster and half of Connacht to do the Mayo gig. Why? He loves the spotlight, he fancies himself as a manager. His greatest deeds were thirteen/ fourteen years ago.
    He is in Mayo because nobody in Leinster wants him. If the main criteria to manage Mayo is one of having previously managed another county team then its a good job that Sligo, Kildare, Dublin, Down or Cork didnt heed that line. We are fools and what worries me is the reappearence of a group who seem to weld tremendous influnce on many matters concerning Mayo football. Much of that group would seem to dwell outside Mayo. More pain ahead and again displayed in the full glare of the media.

  4. Personally I think Lyons is a good appointment for Mayo. If he is indeed a shoe in. I have no vested interest in anything Mayo so this is from an outsider’s point of view.

    Lyons is much maligned for his media work and in particular for the way he carried himself towards the latter end of his Dublin reign (Cluxton scape goating standing out for most) but what he has brought anywhere he has gone is success.

    All Ireland Club title with Kilmacud Crokes. League and provincial success with Offaly for the first time since God knows when. Provincial success at senior and an All Ireland Under 21 Title with Dublin, at a time when they had not won a Leinster for a while under Whelan, Carr etc.

    I would argue now that Mayo supporters would take a Connacht title right now if you offered it to them for 2011. That is a realistic goal surely. An All Ireland? I don’t think so based on what we have seen over the last few years.

    So to say that “provincial titles – is that the extent of our ambitions” is a tad confusing. Yes. It is the extent of your ambitions. Like it is Dublin’s ambition next year. And Kerry. And Armagh etc.

    Rome wasn’t built in a day and you need solid foundations to mount a serious All Ireland campaign. How long were Cork knocking on the door? As for Down, they have brought along a serious bunch of talented footballers through the ranks. As an outsider Mayo don’t appear to have these same foundations.

    But what you do have, allegedly, is a manager who delivers results. Most often in the first year. And again, would you now take that “provincial title” over that drive home from Longford?

    Whether he is a success or not, time will tell. He first has to get the job of course! But not many managers doing the managerial merry-go-round has the CV that he has. And whatever you may think of him as a pundit etc, as a manager, his record stands up.

  5. TL might have won all those accolades as manager in the past however that is one of the main detractions from him. The past is the past.

    Since then he has been a TV man and I have yet to see a TV man switch back to Inter county football. Mayo don’t need another TV personality in charge of them. They need someone who will tell the mass media that Mayo have to stand up on the pitch if they want to be counted.
    Someone who will put pressure on the players to stand up. Not someone who will argue a case for “things didn’t go our way…blah de blah” or “we’re in a state of transition…blah de blah”

    If TL gets the job he should remember that.

  6. ohfadabee – Well spoken Tommy! But I ask you did Cork, Down or Kildare win the provincial title this year yet they are serious contenders next year for the AI. I would much perfer to be winning in August/September than to be winning in May/June if that what it takes to develope a teams full potential. It all depends what your goals are and how Mayo football is being developed to achieve its full potential – winning a provincial title proves nothing, we as a county have done it enough times to prove that. Do you really think we need TL to win a Connaught title?

  7. “The past is the past”???

    But sure that doesn’t make sense at all! So if Conor Counihan went for the job, the fact he won a League and Championship this year has to be disregarded because it is in the past???

    How do you base any appointment, managerial or otherwise, on the future?! Sure anyone could go in and say what they will do in the future with the back up team they have.

    But, ideally, you need to back it up with hard facts. Examples of when and where it has worked for you previously. And the point I am making is that he has a CV that stands up to scrutiny. He has won titles in the 90s and in the 00’s.

    A TV man?! The fact that he did media work bears no relevance on things – as long as he doesn’t mix the two going forward.

    If anything it might mean that he has kept an even closer eye on things due to the amount of analysis work he did.

    Do you think the Limerick hurlers are put out by the fact that Donal O’Grady is their new manager???

    Going by your rationale, he is a TV man and has won all his titles in the past!!

    Again, I just think that you have got yourself a decent manager, with a decent CV and I don’t see what the big hooplah is about his likely appointment.

    If he brings you a Connacht title in 2011…

  8. I dunno lads – I think ye have a totally irrational view of the whole thing!! And I am not Tommy – says the fella with Lyons as his name!!

    But your overall view may be to do with “other forces” within Mayo that Willie Joe mentioned and other posters mentioned that the rest of us don’t know about. I can only say what I see as an outsider.

    Again on the provincial point and this year’s AI finalists – I never said that they had won a provincial. I said that what Cork and Down had was a foundation, not a provincial title.

    As we leave the 2010 season behind us, I believe that Mayo have neither.

    Down and Cork have been building for a number of years now. So to put it in a Mayo context, say they hadn’t won Connacht in 6 years but had consistently been reaching AI Quarter Finals and Semi Finals, with a smattering of underage success in between…that is a foundation that should pay dividends one day. Like it did for Down last Sunday when they reached the AI.

    Fair enough, winning a provincial title proves nothing. But it beats the long road from Longford. Which is where Willie Joe started with all of this. And if Lyons saved you from such a journey again, I’d say you wouldn’t mind at all.

    Is he the man to take you to an AI success? Who knows. But name for me one man out there on the “circuit” that has that type of success on his CV and that will definitely deliver it to you??

    As I recall your last manager had an AI success on his CV and it didn’t work out.

  9. I don’t think Ohfadabee is not Tommy Lyons. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised, however, if he’s not a clubman of Tommy’s at Kilmacud so to claim no vested interest isn’t quite the whole truth.

    Here’s the thing about Tommy Lyons. If Mayo lose – as could happen – Tommy goes back to Kilmacud and his few pints with the boys and says well sure, I did me best and they boys say well fair play to you to taking the job, brave man taking on those gimps in the first place, you were never going to get thanked, yada yada.

    While back in Mayo we’re crying ourselves to sleep. Again. We live or die with them. Tommy’s just passin’ through. That’s the difference.

  10. ohfadabee – Your are contradicting yourself, on the one hand you are arguing Lyons good past record and on the other you are saying that JohnO has AI success but it didn’t work out. Suggest you stay with the one argument!
    JOM has success in Galway because he was full time, failed in Mayo because be was very very much part time – mainly! but there were other reasons as well.

  11. I think the point most posters are saying is that Lyons is out of the game for a long time, ~6yrs since he managed any sort of a team I think.

    Now Horan and McGarry mightn’t have managed a county team but are currently involved in club management and are fairly successful at it in the last few yrs. Also they are a lot closer to home than T Lyons is.

    As for foundation Mayo have nearly as much as down surely. An AI U21 title in ’06, minor finalists in 2 of the last 3 yrs, dominating Connacht at underage for 5 or 6 yrs. Add to that a provincial title last yr. All in all about the same that down had.

    Except Down got in a young home grown manager, a fresh face who was passionate, knew the county game and not just passing through. I fear if we get Lyons we’ll get the opposite, a man with his best yrs behind him, not 100% dedicated to the cause, not great knowledge of Mayo club or underage scene merely looking to give it one last go to resurect his inter-county career and create a good legacy for himself. With the fall-back if it fails of “twas only Mayo sure no-one can do a job with them”

  12. Sorry Lyons – perhaps I should have expanded on my point re. JOM.

    But I hope you will see that it is still the same argument!

    Willie Joe (and I think other Mayo people) seem to be suggesting that they are getting TL by default, that Mayo deserve better etc. but I would argue who out there has a better CV?

    Of teh managers out there, JOM has a better CV, but that didn’t work out. MOD has a better CV, but he is now with Wicklow. Big Joe has a better CV, but he has an entourage!!

    So would you rather be taking a chance on a manager with a decent CV or one with nothing on his CV? That is with respect to the other two candidates, who I am sure are fine men in their own right.

    And I have never said that because TL has a good CV he will bring guaranteed success. Again, look at JOM. No guarantees in sport.

    Again my whole point is that I think he has a decent CV and it stands up to scrutiny. Everything else about the man and what he did/does, is irrelevant, it’s all about results and he has delivered results at all levels.

    I still maintain that I have no vested interest in Mayo – but true TL is a Crokes man, as am I. He brought a first AI title to Crokes and brought a first Leinster to Dublin in 6 years. So of course I would have a high opinion of him as a manager, which is why I found the blog interesting.

    Do I know him? Yes. Do I know him well. No. Would I sup a pint with him? No! And even if I did, I am still entitled to an opinion!!

    By the way, TL is a Mayo man so I think he too would be crying himself to sleep if it didn’t work out!!

  13. kevmy – thanks lad – I think we may have hit the nail on the head in terms of where we are clashing!

    Internal vs External.

    My read on it was that other posters think there are better out there than TL – and I think his record stands up against most that are out there, external to Mayo.

    But – an appointment from within the Mayo club scene as opposed to an appointment from outside is different. And if that is what Mayo supporters want then that should be reflected to their Co. Borad officers as appropriate.

    As I mentioned earlier I have no knowledge of what the other candidates have achieved at club level – so I would not attempt to justify TL against them on that basis.

    And best of luck to them if that is what is needed/required by Mayo.

  14. Hunger is great motivator and I believe that the two younger lads have that. Would love to know all three back room teams (guess we will find out what TL team is very shortly) to properly assess the suitability of each. The full package of each (seeing that there is only three left) should be put to the delegates and let the people decide and have there say – them no one can complain; remembering what goes with power is responsibility

  15. @Lyons – what is the story with the other two? Would know a bit about Horan from playing days but no idea re McGarry?

  16. I don’t think the CV (especially when it relates to modest inter-county success more than half a decade ago) is all that important. As others have said, we went with the CV – for all the wrong motives – the last time and look where that got us. What I think a lot of us want is someone who is completely plugged into the local scene and who could start the process of building for the future. James Horan could, I believe, be that man (and maybe Tony McGarry could too) and the lack of notches on either of their CVs is as relevant as it was for James McCartan, Pat Gilroy, Geezer and Kevin Walsh when they were handed the jobs where they were.

    The issue that it boils down to is Tommy Lyons the right man for the job at this point in time? In view of the work that needs to be put in to lay the foundations for future advances, I struggle to see that he is and, having heard a thing or two about the selection process, I’m satisfied that his appointment is being championed by those with motives under than improving our standing in the football world. That said, if he gets the job, I’ll wish him well with it and hope he’ll make a good fist of it. Like many others, though, I’ll also rue it as yet another wrong turning, yet another wasted opportunity.

  17. ohfadabee. The things you tout as assets of Lyon’s managerial career have already been won by Mayo and by Mayo managers. Tom Jordan and the other Tom Lyons led Cross and Ballina to club titles. No swag, no blow, no bullshit from either man,Pat Holmes won us a league and an U21 title, no blow or bull either. We won Connacht last year, we have won the damn thing almost 44/45 times. We”wouldnt take it” as a sign of progress.
    Remember who we are and how we strayed. Between 2004-2006 we played in 2 senior and 2 U21 finals plus a minor final. Throw in a club win as well.
    Tommy Lyons will add nothing to that nor can he compare to the men from Mayo who have trodden that path just as succesfully as Lyons. I dread the smirk of Brolly and Lyons as the circus takes flight during the summer.
    James Horan was the way forward. Quite, did it on the pitch and knows Mayo football. Can you see Tommy Lyons standing behind in Baurhave or Kiltane as Belmullet and bangor battle? Me neither. P.S When Tommy Lyons was swinging big in 1995/96/97 Mayo were competing in All-Ireland finals. Tommy was a spectator.

  18. Again Willie Joe – the whole internal v external appointment makes my points null and void as I was comparing TL with the other external options as opposed to Horan and McGarry.

    If internal v external is what is irking the supporters of Mayo, fair enough. Similarly the process itself, of which I know nothing, is clearly an issue as well.

  19. Are we ruiling Horan out completely??? Im holding out hope that he could get the nod. If Tommy does get the nod I fear it could be Johnno all over again – a less diplomatic version too!!! Can u imagine 🙂

  20. I think the stated desire at the outset was to get someone internal – in particular someone with his finger on the pulse locally and who would as a result be best placed to help lay the foundations for the future. However, the process obviously got hijacked by those who wanted to parachute another ‘name’ into the job and this faction, with the active support of the Chairman (among others), now appear to be succeeding in their aim with TL, having first failed to do so with Micko.

    I’d really love to think that Horan still has a chance, Ted, but I reckon the only inter-county manager of that name in 2011 will be the one down in Limerick (who is of course a relative of our own one).

    The one thing I would say about Lyons compared to O’Mahony is that at least he’s not a fucking politician. Johnno, to his lasting discredit, was prepared to use and abuse his position as Mayo manager for nakedly political purposes. Whatever charges may be laid at Tommy’s door in the future, that at least won’t be one of them.

  21. People are championing Anthony McGarry – what has he achieved as a manager – diddly squatt.

    Horan is the young pretender. A risk, but one worth taking.

    Tommy is a big risk but he at least has achievements to his name and deserves respect.

  22. Eriad, not wanting to pick a row with you but Micko O Dwyer had real achievements, better than Lyons in Leinster as well. If the people of Mayo were now given a straight choice between O Dwyer and Lyons, who would they pick? The real question and if we were to get the answer to it, we would see who actually runs Mayo football is this. Who are the faction that has proposed and pushed Lyons and how come their influence is so strong? WJ is correct. He brings it back to the original intention of getting a manager. The intention and preference was supposed to be for a home based man. Did we not learn the lesson Galway have suffered. At least Kernan had the initial backing of the Galway people. Dont think our next man will.

  23. I’d have a pint with Tommy Lyons and ohfadabee. I’d love to. I hardly get out any more at all. Lyons always struck me as a very personable fella and whatever else you might think about ohfadabee shy he ain’t. Good men on the high stool I’d say.

    I just can’t believe that after a selection process that’s lasted three months can’t dig up better than Tommy Lyons. Sorry. There it is.

  24. An Spailpín Fánach – I look forward to it!! As Christy Moore once famously sang – you’d be welcome in Ballyfermot anytime!! Although admittedly neither Tommy nor I would be there…we’d be keeping a stool warm for you in Glenalbyn!!

  25. Try not to be so negative “On the Road” – – – are you not one of those people in that “category” that you give out about so much i.e. old,grey-haired,rich,retired men that dwell outside Dublin that have major influence over Mayo football. You never know maybe if Tommy gets the gig – he might ask you to join his backroom team doing the “stats” and you could travel with him from the “Eastern” side of the country.Word has it that he has a holiday home in Belmullet ! ! !

  26. Is it official yet ??
    Anyway – here’s some things to ponder. 1st of all I didn’t contribute to the wikipedia reference. I have no more reason to believe it than to dis-believe it. However it does bring up the issue w.r.t TL and the media.

    Following on from that you can see an article from Sunday business post in 2002. After reading it, in my mind it is v. media friendly for the Dubs and TL in particular. Especially significant however is the final sentence. Read it for yourselves.

    Also how is he going to get up and down to Mayo 2/3 times a week. From Knock by plane?
    Managing Offaly is 1 thing but I don’t see him driving 2000+ miles every week down to Mayo & back to Dublin.

    Now maybe he has learned from his mistakes with the media and can turn things around. And maybe he has our best interests at heart and will do the right thing. I hope so for our sakes.

  27. Not being bad lads, but am I not correct in saying that mcgarry pulled out of an all Ireland semi final as a player because he couldn’t handle the pressure?I can’t remember which year off the top off my head but pretty sure that was the story at the time.

    If true it is hardly the temperament required for an intercounty manager like

  28. I could be wrong but I dont think Tommy Lyons has too much to offer us. I would be much happier going with James Horan. He is a bright intelligent man with loads of ability. He knows the lads – he knows the club scene – he has the interests of Mayo football at heart and he really doesnt need the job. I think the players would respond well to him.
    I’d be for taking a gamble on him! I have a gut feeling that it could be a great move for Mayo football.
    It would be a bit of a gamble but playing it safe is not always the way to go. It can be a mindset that results in mediocrty! And is that what we really want for the next three years?

  29. Interesting to see who is in the background team if Tommy Lyons gets the gig, if those with a strong knowledge of Mayo football and not yes men, then appointment may not be so bad.
    Lyons has done well, just wonder if he has to be the boss and is way or no way? He does seem to motivate and in fairness, he has a reasonable record at both club and inter county level so that is not a major gamble. His motivation is an unknown, if he wants to do it cos of his Mayo background and has a serious wish to improve Mayo, then difficult to question the appointment, if he wants it for the publicity etc, then this will end in tears for us, lets see what pans out.
    County s-f’s might provide a wee twist yet…..

  30. joe mcgarry played in a few all ireland semi finals so whats your point….i believe he wil get the gig plus from what i believe has a all star backroom team who are not yes men,time will tell……….

  31. The prospect of Lyons has given the site a fresh kick just when most other counties are resting up for the winter.
    You gotta hand it to the county board. Cork have an All-Ireland to chew on, Down have realistic dreams ahead, Tyrone and Kerry will replace a few parts of their engines, the Dubs will work on getting another forward to share the workload with Bernard Brogan and we still dont know if we got a manager or not despite being the only team with a competitive match before Xmas. New York, New York…that should launch the comedy that is about to unfold.

  32. Nail on the head, not sure what your point is, if I had the selection I would go for Horan as young managers seem to be able to connect with this generation of players, my point was that if Tommy Lyons gets tha job, and wants to do this for Mayo rather than himself, then maybe he is not as bad a choice as the majority of the posts indicate.
    Only question on Horan is that I did not see him as a leader on the Mayo team whereas McCartan and Kevin Walsh were star men and leaders on their teams

  33. It was the 96 semi final that Anthony pulled out of. Dont think he played for Mayo after that.

    Delighted Tommy is getting the gig. A lot of lazy criticism here. He is a good football man. Excellent chairman of a huge club in Kilmacud the past few years, a successful businessman and a great foorball record.

    ontheroad and others I dont see why ye obsess with what the media say about us. Who cares – ignore the lazy comment. It is such attention that has them getting juicy cheques from our taxes

  34. ontheroad if the county bord gave a shite about the team they would just send any 30 players to new york to play the game maybe set up divisional teams (around 6 teams ideally )to fight it out for the right to play the game it would be more productive than looking for a manager at the moment as it would show the future manager all of the players in the county , it would also show that they give a dam about the players and are not just there at the gates to collect the money

  35. I cannot believe Tommy Lyons is getting the gig. What the hell has he managed in the last 10 years. what a joke. Obviously a strong lobby group from Dublin got him the gig. Another 2 years in Mayo GAA wasted with this guy. Why or why did Horan not get the gig. I cannot believe we have gone for an outside manager. There was some bad stories about that guy during his time as Dublin manager. Coming out on TV after the Armagh match blaming cluxton was disgraceful.
    The county board have got the manager they deserve. I am stunned and sickened.

  36. The whole thing is a joke and really leaves a sour taste in my mouth. John Maughan wouldn’t be everyones favourite and he has made some mistakes in the past but name me one inter county manager that hasn’t! We need an appointment within the county (i’m not against outside appointments in general) because of where we find ourselves at the moment we need someone who knows the club scene and won’t have to spend the next 5 months getting to know players etc. With the correct management structure in place there is no reason why Mayo can’t target an All Ireland Semi Final next year, a Horan/Maughan appointment or an amalgamation of both (a mixture of old and new like the Limerick hurlers have set up this week) would offer us a far better chance of achieving this. It’s just a pity that the CB are going to mess all that up on us!!!!! I don’t think McGarry is a credible option at this point, a good servant in his playing days but i’m not aware of any football managerial experience he has and i happen to know for a fact that Kenneth Mortimor won’t be going in with him and Kevin O’Neill hasn’t committed to him either so his proposed all star back room team is nothing but a rumour. TL will be relying on the CB to nominate a number of candidates to him from which he will pick his back room team – a total joke in my opinion!

  37. Folks,

    what a load of bull bout McGarry pulling out of AI semi finals. Any one who knows anything about this would know that he was injured and was replaced by one of Maughans buddys – fact (was told this by a few panelists at the time). McGarry was a great servant to mayo football right from underage level through to senior.

    The fact is that Horan or mcGarry will not get the gig as neither (i believe) are yes men, why is what the mandarins at county board level would like.

  38. There was definitely a Dublin “cabal” when O’Shea was appointed way back and there was a cabal from somewhere behind O’Dwyer. In both cases it was groups with the money to back their man, and so the CB was not on the line for the outlay.

    I’m not as sure that there is a similar organised effort behind TL. The strange thing is that with the CB so short of money, that they did not go with the cheap option which would be to appoint someone like Horan or McGarry on a so called 2 year trial basis.

  39. How would people react to Tommy as manager with James and Tony as selectors? Let them gain experience and step up to the mark in 2/3 years time.

    There is some serious nonsense being spouted here about dark forces, our likely manager and future prospects. The County Board will always make their own calls for whatever reason be it politics, money or football

  40. Many Mayo people simply dont rate Tommy Lyons as a manager…simple as that. What would James Horan learn from Lyons? Are we that stuck for a manager that Lyons is the only credible option? If we want a manager with the achievements of Lyons then lets look at Tommy Lyons Ballina, Pat Holmes, Tom Jordan.
    Of course that wont happen. Let the clubs in Mayo do what they did in Meath. Let them guve the county board a shot in the eye and simply reject the boards propsal.
    Who runs Mayo football? Is it the county board, a cabal outside the county or the clubs in Mayo?

  41. You are really living up to your name i.e. being CYNICAL. Should Lyons get it – let him appoint them.

    Each applicant should have this issue (and others) addressed themselves.

    If the county board appoint someone then they should be given a level of autonomy to run the team as they see fit and be judge accordingly within the agreed constraints imposed.

    It should be the case that the county board ensure a yearly review of the incumbent with the provision of terminating the contract. In Mayo we do not have to do a lot of team building with the depth of talent at our disposal.

    I hope each candidate is given a fair crack of the whip – each has strengths and also weaknesses. I am disappointed that Maughan did not continue with his candidacy but it seems he was looking for a different selection committee? This says more about how things were done in the past which no doubt has ensured certain potential candidates did not apply nor will they ever again.

  42. All Ireland Club with Kilmacud

    Leinster and League with Offaly

    Leinster, u21 All Ire with Dublin and runner up in another

    Better record than your suggestions ontheroad.

    People dont rate the media perception. Have you been at any of his training sessions? Heard his team talks. Yee he badmouthed Cluxton in frustration but what were the other sideline flaws people have trouble with?

  43. Flaws, how about after getting to the AI semi in 02 essentially going backwards with the Dublin team, alienating many of the players in the process?
    And doing the same with the Offaly footballers?
    Also out of football for 5+yrs, no real knowledge of the club scene in Mayo, lives the other side of the country, seems to be held in very little respect with football people in the county.
    A question of his commitment to the cause also has to be raised – he didn’t throw his hat into the ring until well into the process, is he willing/able to give up most of his time and effort to be consumed with Mayo football for 3 yrs?

  44. I was just down in Aghada this evening where Sam was residing for the evening, I couldnt help but think will we ever see him in Mayo again?
    Cynical, I’m sure Tommy Lyons is a fine manager but he is NOT what Mayo need now. I’ve talked to many GAA people down South who couldnt give a toss about Mayo football about this over the weekend and they CANNOT believe that this is who Mayo have potentially choosen. Jame Horan is who Mayo need now, a passionate very knowledgable young manager who has cut his teeth very succesfully in the Mayo club scene. Ballintubber are now in the county final due to him and please God they’ll win it. Past records are just that past records. We have a crop of fine young footballers and need someone who knows what football is about now, not 5-6 years ago. We dont need someone who might have had past glories, look at this years all ireland semi finalists, 4 newish managers, all came straight from clubs in that county (except McGeeney) with no previous inter county experience. The man who won Sam this year started inter county management three years ago. He had players from 8 different JUNIOR clubs on his team, why? because he lives and works in the county and knows local football. Those players now have all ireland medals in their back pockets. Tommy Lyons does not know Mayo football and cannot possibly devot the time needed to get to know it they way the likes of James Horan allready does. If there was no suitable internal candidate I’d say fair enough look outside, but there is so why do it? Yes, Tommy Lyons may be one of the more succesful managers out there in the celiberity banneistor pool, but we’ve been there done that. It doesnt work, we’ve just attempted it and its brought us to our lowest point in 20 years. Why are they doing it to us again?
    I have a terrible notion that somewhere in this theres a potential nomination for a FG seat somewhere, hopefully I’m just being paranoid.

  45. Totally agree east cork exile. Very interesting piece on the indo today about the spread of non senior clubs that represented Cork this year.
    That would never happen in Mayo. I can’t imagine Tommy Lyons(Mr. Kilmacud) in his Jag(which he does drive) driving the roads of north and west Mayo on his way to Junior club matches. The more I think about this developemnt the madder I get. What are the county board thinking off?

  46. Well that is a really mature and classy response facetheball. Maybe if he buys an ould Ford Cortina he would be worthy of driving on our roads?

    Tommy was born in Castlebar, he spends a large amount of the Summer in Louisbourg and can often be seen at some local matches while down there, and would be a regular attender of Mayo championship matches.

  47. I was going to hold fire on all of the Tommy Lyons debate until a final decision was made.
    But thanks East cork exile, you have pretty much summed up every thought I have on his likely appointment, totally agree with you.
    In fact the only positive thing I can say if he was to get the gig, would be that at least he’s not Tommy Carr. Depressing stuff.

  48. I think Jim Galvin and Declan Darcy had a lot to do with the Dublin U21 win. In effect Lyons has won nothing that Pat Holmes, Tom Jordan and Tommy Lyons (Ballina) have already won. Lyons never took a senior team to an All-Ireland final despite managing Dublin who assume they should be in one. Since Dublin last played in the senior final Mayo have played four. Tommy Lyons is not what mayo need. Because he brings nothing to the table with him. Well said East Cork exile.

  49. ontheroad you “think” others had a lot to do with the u21 win. I don’t know.

    Many “think” John O’Mahony had a lot to do with Ballina’s All Ireland win – but Tommy Lyons was the man in charge and the man rights gets the credit.

    No Tommy never took Dublin to an All Ireland Final. He was one point away in 2002 against the All Ireland champions of that year and nearly made it.

    You can run down a man if you like, and if he is not your choice but it is not all negative with Tommy and he is not getting a fair deal here.

    Playing devils advocate what does James Horan bring to the table? He has never been a manager or a selector of even an intercounty under 16 or minor team. He was handed some very good young players in Ballintubber.

  50. Well, call me what you want but if Lyons gets it, thats me finished following Mayo, i’ll not wish bad on them but i’ll never attend a game while that gobshite is in charge. Absolute farce, boy god does he suit the Mayo role as in we are the laughing stock. Not too proud of his Mayo roots either in the past, he reminds of Haughey, whatever county suits he’ll play that card, fraud.

  51. the reason Lyons is getting the job is because the county board is broke and elveys and the cartel from Dublin are paying him to do the job . the other 2 contenders have probably a better background of the club teams and a better backroom staff set up but aren’t going to get the job because of the above reason

  52. Bit harsh there, Sean – while I’m on record as saying that James Horan should get the job and I’d be far from overjoyed to see Tommy Lyons get it, I think we need at least to be fair to the man. He does have the achievements on his CV that Cynthia lists and from what I know, his connection to his Mayo roots is genuine enough so I don’t think it’s in any way fair to label him a fraud.

  53. Heard this morning from a very reliable source that interviews been held this evening, ( same source said lyons more or less has the job and noel connelly will be in with him.)

  54. I can remember this quote ” im an adopted Dublin man now”. I always take note of what my aul fella says and then see if theres truth in it, he’s never far wrong, Lyons is one of those who like to be Mayo when it suits, never mentioned us much at all a bit like that Kiltimagh kid Louis Walsh, never does much to promote where he was reared. Terry wogans national identity is often switched to suit the occasion type thing. When i listen to Lyons on tv, he reminds me of a man in the local pub who just reads the reports and does a bit of research, i know the truth of the matter is, the man will bring nothing new to the table, i sincerely believe the man lacks any genuine love for Mayo football and that is something we could do without but goodluck to ye all, i will not post or read anything on Mayo GAA until i find out this is not true or his term has ended. Mayo since birth and until i die but i have had enough of this shit, why should i care if nobody else seems to.

  55. horan mentioned yesterday that he was going for an interview tonight and i am pretty sure noel connelly will not be involved with tommy lyons or any other canidate

  56. Sean i understand your frustration but get a grip , you are a mayo man and surely you will support mayo regardless of who is in charge. Perhaps the fact that connelly would be on board might ease the frustration a bit ?

  57. I find it hard to believe that the county board is so far out of touch with what ordinary football supporters are saying. Lyons is clearly not the choice of most people I know.
    Also this appointment circus has been going on for far too long. I think appointing a county manager should be done a lot more efficiently than what we have been doing. If this is any indication of how well we can do things in Mayo then is it any wonder we have not had Sam for 60 years.
    I really do fear for the future!

  58. I can tell you Noel Connelly was approached by Tommy Lyons but turned him down. He is not at all impressed by Lyons. Horan has to be given the gig. He may fail but Tommy Lyons will definitely fail.

  59. Rumours on gaaboard that a strike may be in the offing, the players not happy with this potential appointment.
    While I wouldnt want to see Mayo end up in a similar situation to the Cork hurlers, this is so fecken wrong if it does happen that it might be the best thing all around.
    Ohfadabee, tell Mr Lyons that the results of your unscientific poll/survey on was that:
    1. With all due respect to his past achievements it does not appear the Mayo fans want him.
    2. A Connacht title will not suffice, even as you say, from where we are now “we’d take it.” No we wouldnt.
    We can live without another Connacht title as long as we know we’re headed in the right direction.
    Headed in the right direction means that a) the best talent in the county is on the county panel , b) the manager and coaching staff know what they are at and are fully committed, c) the team plays with pride, passion and direction and d) we can see forward progress towards the ultimate destination which is winning Sam sometime in the next 5 years.
    We have the players, we just need the right coach and I firmley believe that may be James Horan, he at least deserves a shot. We dont yet know what we’ll get with him, we do unfortunatley know what we’ll get with Tommy Lyons and it wont be an All Ireland, and thats why we oppose his appointment. We’ll get our current group of players moved 3 years further down the road without any major development taking place for them. Yeah, we may win another Connacht or two but at this stage unless they are clear stepping stones on the way to the Hogan Stand in September then they are meaningless.
    before its thrown back at me, yes we were delighted to win it in 2009, but heres why, starting with the most important reason:
    1. We had blooded some young players it seemed in the Johnno reign. Winning a Connacht at that time seemed like the right time for that type of forward momentum and it looked like things were coming together. Those of us who have been following Mayo football closely know that we always do better though the front door.
    2. We had beaten Galway in the final
    3. We had done it in Pearse Stadium, a location we hadnt won in in generations nearly.
    4. We had come back to win a game we had allready won, only to nearly piss it away, and showed great guts to nail it in the dying seconds, a trait unfortunatley not usually associated with Mayo teams.
    Items 1 and 4 made it a special Connacht title, others unless we see it as a way to Sam wont mean much and Tommy Lyons should realise that if that is the summary of his ambition. This is not Offaly.

  60. Looking at the interview committee I’m not so sure about Tommy Lyons being a shoe in.
    I think if James Horan did a good interview and if he has a good backroom team lined up I believe at least 3 of the 5 would go for him based on their local involvement and knowledge. I dont know enough about JP Lambe and James Waldron to say which way they might go. Will the treasurer and chairman have more of a vote than the other 3 committee members?
    In fairness to the county board they have gone through this process fairly democratically, some other counties have just thrown a name out there and appointed them. Yes, they did say they were going to go through a review process first and that hasnt happened but they have put the process in place for that to happen, albeit later than promised.

  61. John O’Mahony got the gig on the back of very vocal support from Mayo supporters and radio listeners. Maybe this time they want to give the job to someone who actually wants it?? It’s amazing that the thing is alleged to be sown up and Tommy Lyons has the job even tho the interviews haven’t been held yet??
    Also, get over the this shite about the Mayo supporters in Dublin deciding who the manager will be, for God’s sake can we not stop the shite talk.

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