Maughan still the frontrunner with four left in the race

There are now, according to this report in the Mayo News, four candidates left in the running for the Mayo manager’s job and all of them – James Horan, Tommy Lyons, Tony McGarry and John Maughan – are set to be interviewed over the next few days with the process finally being concluded early next week.  The two other candidates who were in contention for the post – Denis Kearney and Tommy Carr – are now officially out of the race.

Mike reports that Maughan remains the clear favourites with the bookies for the job (as he’s been for some time) but that the odds on Tommy Lyons have shortened in recent days, perhaps on the back of this rather odd article in the Connaught Telegraph.  James Horan is still second favourite for the position and it looks as if the race is, to all intents and purposes, a three-way one, with Tony McGarry now a distant 14/1 outsider with the bookies.

The exact details of the formal selection process – including who sits on the interview panel – is due to be decided by the County Board Executive tonight and these arrangements are then likely to be endorsed by the full County Board which is due to meet afterwards.  Once the four have been interviewed, the selection panel will then come back to the County Board with a name for ratification.  And then we’ll have nothing at all to talk about …

So, with the clock ticking on the appointment process, it’s time for a third and final poll on the issue.  No messin’ this time, lads – who do you really think is going to get the gig?

21 thoughts on “Maughan still the frontrunner with four left in the race

  1. 1. james horan
    2. john maughan
    3. tommy lyons
    4. anthony mcgarry

    i hope horan gets the job, he is a young manager & hoefully would have a fresh approach to lift the doom an gloom that has enveloed the scene lately. if not horan then john maughan. i know everyone will say maughan had his go but i still think with the right men around him he could do a damn good job. tommy lyons has good credentials also but i think his best work was too long ago. as for anthony mcgarry i feel he is making up the numbers……. maigh eo forever!!!!

  2. I disagree with you trevor..fair point on your selection of james horan however with respect to anthony mcgarry making up numbers, this is simply untrue. i think he is in with a fair chance. from what i hear he has a strong backroom team behind him and has a lot of experience under his belt with Dublin clubs and sligo I.T. Maughan had his chances and blew them. Mayo need new blood!

  3. ringos lost – get down to your local bookies on mcgarry 4/1 i hear…. 🙂 either way whoever the new boss is we need to seriously get behind them! watching cork win the AI after so many missed opporunities really rammed it home to me what we’ve missed out on over the last few years. the joy on their faces / tears were a joy to behold. lets hope its a mayo captain in the not too distant future.

  4. I dunno about the rest of you, but – a bit like all that odd Eurovision voting or the way that the poll on the 100 Greatest Britons turned out – I smell a rat on this one. Horan got more votes in the last few hours of this new blog than he got for the last month.
    What have you to say Willie Joe???????????

  5. Its Tommy Lyons that has it. Got Connacht Telegraph today and that is what they are saying.

    mcGarry is making up the numbers. He may have looked after teams but what are his achievements with them. Hanging on for a selectors role i guess

  6. Holy God as Miley would say isn’t it time this farce was concluded – Obama was elected with less feck-acting around and it’s just holding us up to be shot down by Brolly and Co. I can just hear them when Mayo lose a game, chortling on about how long it took to pick a manager. At this stage, I’m convinced the Co. Board haven’t a clue and are hoping that the candidates will eliminate themselves and leave them with no choice to make so that they can shrug their shoulders and say next July that they were left with no options.

  7. I dont see what what the hurry is for???!! if the time taken to make the decision is indicitive of how seriously the appointment is being taken then we can hardly complain. Plenty of time for the manager to get things in place for 2011!!!

  8. willie joe u seem to want horan to get it,maughan or lyons waste of time mcgarry would do a good job hes not a money man, my choice mc garry or horan

  9. i find it ridicules that maghan and lyons are even being considered what we need is a fresh approach ether of the other 2 candidates would do a great job .
    we need to drop all of the current squad ad have and have open trile games through out the county for players who want to play for the county. no player should be sure of his place on the team and every player should be looked at no matter what grade the are playing at.

  10. I’m on record here, JW, as saying that of the original five (which included Maughan and McGarry but not Lyons) I’d like to see Horan get it and that’s still my opinion. I agree with you Ted that there’s no mad rush to complete the process but I guess it’s been dragging on for so long now that it has the air of a soap opera about it and so the general feeling seems to be that the sooner it’s over, the better.

  11. It will very dissapointing if Horan does not get the gig. Surely we can’t revert to Maughan again. Could someone tell me the point in the having the treasurer of the Mayo county board(who has been in the position forever and is weel into his 70s) on the Mayo manager interview panel. What clue would he have?

  12. It’d be even more disappointing if Lyons gets it and my spies tell me that, with that selection panel, we could well be facing such an outcome …

  13. Newsflash!

    I just heard that GMIT in Castlebar is advertising a nightclass in Arseboxing.

    Looks like we will continue to be the main act in the RTE GAA circus if the prize clown gets the gig

  14. The very best leaders and managers are humble people who are continually open to learning. They recognise that they alone do not have all the answers and bring others with talent on board.They share the stage generously with them, recognising and acknowledging their contribution and are generous and genuine in their praise. They are able to put aside their own egos in the interest of the overall good. They are in the background when the glory is being handed out – but out front when the brown stuff hits the fan – when criticism and blame have to be shouldered.
    There is more to it than just this but it is a good starting point for any leader……….
    Ask yourself: Does this description fit all those seeking to lead Mayo for the next three years?

  15. if it is Tommy or whoever now is the time to get behind them. He has a successful recordnwith every team he managed and will bring positivity and enthusism to the job. What knowledge have we to criticise him before he even gets started?

  16. Well maybe they know something we dont and its not like they are going to let is in on how they reach their conclusions but sadly, the words of this guy come to mind -Jean Baptiste Alphonse Karr “the more things change the more …….. except he would have said it in french.
    Maigheo abu ?

  17. TL got the job because he is the dublin supporters club man and has the financial backing from them! Hence the county board has no choice, no power in this process, the stand has to be paid for! But will he (tommy) be accepted by the delegates?? Rumor also has it that mcgarry has an all-star back room team available but so much for the selection process

  18. I don’t think Tommy has the job in the bag just yet so maybe it’s best not to jump to conclusions at this stage about who may or may not be bankrolling the gig (if it is being bankrolled) …

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