Mayo 0-13 Kildare 1-11: Division Two here we come

Mayo v Kildare action shot

Photo: Mayo Mick

After last weekend’s results involving ourselves and Kildare, this match at McHale Park tonight was always going to be one that would reveal a few truths about ourselves. Win it and we’d at least be able to say that we weren’t the kind of team that would calf when faced by the challenge posed by a side that had been cut to ribbons at Croke Park a week ago but if we lost it then we’d really know that the tide had truly gone out on us in terms of our Division One status.

Donegal losing to Cork earlier in the evening gave us an added incentive to win tonight. Two points from this fixture would then mean that a victory next weekend over Donegal would secure our place in the top flight while at the same time pushing the All-Ireland champions all but over the precipice.

In other words, we had everything to play for tonight but sadly the team once again failed to perform in any kind of coherent fashion. Once again we had a period of dominance but yet again we failed to make the most of it, in particular through our inability to hit the net. And yet again we completely lost our way as the contest developed, showing once more our inability to take what was another painfully winnable contest by the proverbial scruff of the neck. And once more we paid the predictable price for our increasingly wretched failure to do so.

We started brightly with two points from play in as many minutes, the first from debutant Evan Regan and the second from Jason Doherty. A free from Kevin McLoughlin was followed with further points from play by Cathal Carolan, Colm Boyle and Carolan again as we took a firm early grip on proceedings.

The main concern at this stage – expressed vocally by the lads on Midwest – was that there was no sign of a goal, which, had we got one at that stage, would have put us out of sight. We had two chances for green flags in this period but, as we’ve been doing all year so far, neither of these openings ended up with the ball in the net.

It took Kildare twenty minutes to get their first score, a point from play by Niall Kelly, but we hit back with a screamer of a score from Colm Boyle following an audacious cross-field pass from Michael Conroy.  With twenty-five minutes now gone, we looked as comfortable as could be, with Kildare posing no threat whatsoever.

But then, all of a sudden, the game turned on its head. The visitors hit us for 1-4 without reply, with the goal coming from Eoin Kelly and points from Seanie Johnston (three, two from frees) and Johnny Doyle (a free). All of which meant that despite all our early dominance we went in at the break a point behind.

We started the second half with Barry Moran in at full-forward, with Jason Doherty shifting to the corner and Evan Regan moving out to centre-forward. It was Evan who got the scoreboard moving in this half too, stroking over a free to level it up. Two points from play by the visitors – from Flynn and Johnston – were followed by another Regan free for us. They hit back with one from play from Brophy to go two clear once more.

We had plenty of chances to get back on terms but a succession of wides – putting that stat into double figures – meant once again that our dominance out the field wasn’t being translated into scores. Kildare exacted punishment for this failure with another Niall Kelly point pushing them three ahead, as we brought on Cillian O’Connor on for Evan Regan.

A missed free by Kevin McLoughlin followed as our scoreless stretch lengthened to fifteen minutes. We finally got going when Jason Doherty pointed a free and then Tom Cunniffe stormed forward to bag one from play to cut the gap to the minimum. But then another missed free – this one from Jason – was to follow, our thirteenth of the night.

Richie Feeney was on for Cathal Carolan at this stage with Enda Varley coming on in place of Mickey Conroy soon after but the scores still refused to come. Instead a fisted point from Dowling put Kildare two up, with Kevin McLoughlin screwing his effort wide at the other end to bring the wide count to fourteen. Jason Gibbons then came on in place of Aidan O’Shea.

A foul on Enda Varley saw Cillian O’Connor open his 2013 account from a free. O’Flaherty got one from play which was answered with another free from Cillian with time running out. But run out it did and when it did we’d crashed to our fourth league defeat in a row, this one surely the most galling of the lot.

I wasn’t at McHale Park tonight and so I can’t really say all that much about individual performances on the night. What I can say, though, is that you matter how you cut it our long run in Division One is now surely set to come to an end at the conclusion of this league campaign. And, let’s be honest, the utterly toothless manner in which we’ve performed over the last four games means that we deserve nothing less than this fate. I don’t know about the rest of you but I find it hard to see how we’re going to be able to make any kind of positive impact this coming summer after what has become a spring of discontent and quite alarming decline for us.

Mayo: David Clarke; Chris Barrett, Ger Cafferkey, Keith Higgins; Lee Keegan, Tom Cunniffe (0-1), Colm Boyle (0-2); Barry Moran, Seamus O’Shea; Kevin McLoughlin (0-1, free), Aidan O’Shea, Cathal Carolan (0-2); Evan Regan (0-3, two frees), Jason Doherty (0-2, one a free), Michael Conroy. Subs: Cillian O’Connor (0-2, frees) for Regan, Richie Feeney for Carolan, Enda Varley for Conroy, Jason Gibbons for Aidan O’Shea.

112 thoughts on “Mayo 0-13 Kildare 1-11: Division Two here we come

  1. O shea in the middle was poor I thought…takes everything In and cant see the pass off…he could have laid on for a goal and was rightfully replaced. His attitude post all ireland of not sticking with the team has continued. ..and those at the homecoming would have seen that attitude…I think his performance of late has slipped. Losing tonight was piss poor and like declan kidney with Ireland I dont want horan to lead us to a disaster. Very poor calls lately. . Is he a county manager I don’t know!

  2. We keep playing the same game week after week. Should practice nothing except scoring goals. That’s why Kildare won tonight. Game should have been over after 20 mins. Piss poor. Have learned nothing from previous losses. AoS should be left in midfield. Do not carry ball into tackle. Who is the freetaker? Should not need a discussion to decide. Only consolation is Galway not showing much either.

  3. I think the best thing that could happen is to get beat in Salthill and use the back door for some game time that we need to try and win some games .And what was the shit with O Connor coming up to Dotherty before taken frees? Jaysus Christ

  4. Whats all the panic about.We will not meet a Div 1 team in the championship untill at least the QF OR POSSIBILLY THE sf. Concentrate on Salthill & hope we have a full panel to pick from.

  5. I agree to a point.But we still need to perform and close out games.And heading into the championship and im sure the lads themselves will be asking the same questions . It is better prep i would feel to perform well in league and carry that through. Are we just going to go on the same cycle in the championship as any other year ? Can we honestly say we can turn things round if we meet the likes of Dublin , Kildare, Donegal in 4 or 5 months time? Cause all the top teams are going to improve in the Championship so where will that leave us? We are all ready playing catch up .

  6. 3 wins out of 10 in castlebar in the league since JH took over.
    No goals in 5 league games.
    Going nowhere fast. Form can’t be switched on with a switch. If we can’t perform or win in February and march its fairly safe to say we are going to be gown up in summer, the killer is we will feel this next year too as you can’t mount a serious challenge in the championship if your not playing the best teams week and week out.

    Ps incredible that seamus o’se is still getting game time.

  7. First things first… We have to hope we can snatch 3 points from our last two league games…that could possibly be enough to stay up…but if we go down, then its a rude awakening.

    A defeat to Galway in May would certainly not be good idea! First of all our record in the qualifiers is poor. Secondly, after a pretty crap league campaign a defeat in Salthill would kill any sap of morale left in the squad.

    Whether we get relegated or not we are considerably better than anyone else in Connacht (ON OUR DAY!)…i stress the latter because when we play like we did tonight we can lose to anyone.

    I dont know what to say really…tired of going over old ground for the past few years about our lack of natural scoring prowess and killer instinct…blah blah …


  8. I think the worst thing that happened to Mayo was reaching the All Ireland last year. One comment I got was that they must be good to reach the All Ireland, forgetting that they had the easiest passage ever.
    Now maybe realism will set in and some progress can be made in a very good team that for some reason has lost it’s way. Remember Tyrone came up from Div. 2 and look at the progress they are making.
    Surely Mayo has loads of good footballers that should be tried out and if we lose a match, so what! If we learn lessons from our losing, we will improve. At the moment no lessons are being learned.
    Even outside pundits are commenting that Seams O’Shea is one of the best midfielders around and look what’s happening. Have all the marbles been lost? What is the management doing with everything?

  9. There aren’t much reasons for optimism…if Sam was awarded to the team with the most scores from a back line we’d win it hands down BUT it’s all at the expense of scoring goals…the short kickouts,sideways fist passing & midfielders who WON’T give a first time pass no matter what.

    We could escape but that will entail goals appearing v Donegal men that are sucked into the dog fight too & an always strong Cork

  10. Mighty stuff for twenty mins. Absolute shambles after , still shaking my head about, who in the name of fuck is our free taker?

    I was really optimstic about tonights game , doubts starting to creep into my head over a few things.probably knee jerk reaction to my dissapointment .

    A lot of our boys seem to be confidence players ,if it goes wrong for them it will continue for the night.Need to man up in that department , brush yourself down after a miss or bad pass and show more composure next time.

    The lack of goals again and again is fookinbaffling ,for crying out loud just bury the ball in the back of the net.Its the first thing you learn as a youngster in a field out the back of your house,just do it ,sin e.

    Donegal could make boys of us and that would end the dream imo as confidence would beh shattered.

  11. I was at McHale park tonight and Mayo haven’t a hope in hell of scoring the goals needed to win big games. Kildare were asleep for the first 25 mins but when they woke up they held us off with ease by this time we should have been at least 2-7 ahead.. Yes we huffed and puffed.. But Kildare were never once put to the sword by our forwards. I won’t single out players because they don’t play to lose but the buck stops with James Horan.. I can’t see us beating Donegal neither and Cork might go easy on us in the final game.. Missing big players or not.. Horan has to fashion a system that plays to our strengths. Quick ball, fast passing and taking your scores is not a lot to ask for.

  12. Who inside or outside of mayo has ever said that SO’S is “one of the best midfielders around”?

  13. well well well same shite different day. a big turning point in mayo’s and J horans reign.WJ do you still believe he is the right man for the job…. this team is going backwards fast and everyone can see it.We have no game plan and today just put everything into perspective. Lets be realistic about things the tell tales signs are there for a while and it shows the bluffing will only get you so far in any game.

  14. To be fair to James, Raz, he’s taken us a fair bit forward from where the last man left us in 2010. It’s too early at this stage to write off where he might take us in 2013 but, as I said in the report, I do accept it’s becoming increasingly hard to be optimistic on this.

  15. I am so disappointed with Horan, he isn’t learning one thing from the league. McLoughlin was left on all night and isn’t performing this year at all, a sit out on the bench would do him no harm, he slows the game down too much when he gets on the ball, its only when we run at speed that we score. We should be leaving Evan Regan and Carolan on to see what they can do, they ain’t doing bad IMO from the few bits of games they have got. Aidan O’Shea should be left at midfield, we have tried him elsewhere and it doesn’t work.
    I was sure we would take Kildare tonight especially after our good start. Horan should get the lads to practice scoring goals for a full training session and take the fear out of it for them.

  16. Can use all the excuses in the world but it’s simply not good enough from Mayo however Donegal at home are still beatable would a win v them be enough to stay up as i can’t foresee away win in Cork.

    The pressure of expectations is getting to Mayo. Last year nothing was expected and Mayo managed to reach to finals. In regards to the summer Galway are also in poor form well beaten by Laois tonight but we can’t take them for granted as 2010 Longford,Sligo (div 3,4 teams ) defeats proved.

  17. Mayo are still a serious team. Reality is we’re not going well on getting the results but reality also shows that we’re never to far away either. Mayo need a man to step up with the killer instinct. Mayo don’t need to go goal hunting either but we do need to bury our goal opportunities, when they present.

    This is still a young Mayo team and they have done us proud and deserve our full support.

    Donegal and Dublin’s future success lies heavy on the shoulders of two individuals without them they are impotent. Mayo, although they do need to get the net menders off the day work are still a serious team of players. Mayo to their credit don’t depend on any one individual, they depend on each other. Time will tell.

    Correct me if I’m wrong somebody, but I think that in ’96, Mayo were demoted and we were robbed of our All Ireland by blatant thuggery. I think the same year we barely scraped by London after extra time

    Ask James Horan about it, he was on the pitch that day and long may he stay.

    And to every lad who puts on the red and green and every lad who dreams, Win Lose Draw, you do your County proud. Looking forward to the summer. Do your level best and no man can ask for more.

    “Come On Mayo”

  18. Very poor performance tonight,to many players from that Castlebar,breaffy Ballintobber circle,no players from county champions or Charlestown who won intermediate. [Deleted] not good enough,for some reason management wouldn’t call up Jimmy K. Not enough forwards,backs starting up front every week and forwards going off and taking on backs when we are losing is unbelievable,ie last week against the Dubs taking on Keith Rodgers for Varley when we were losing.

  19. This result this evening is no more than the team and manager deserve. Over the past couple of weeks while loosing matches we might have won, we could have expected some new tactics and variation in our play. Sadly nothing seemed to change, we’ve been treated to the same old….same old predictive game, that is now so dull, boring and frustrating to watch. Not sure what J H wants from his team, but if he has a plan, it might be a good idea to tell the players, because from what I’m seeing, they don’t seem to know what they’re about. The connect between defence and attack is now non existent, we’re not performing as a coherent unit and are not working for each other.

    I know J H needed to blood some new players as well as making some positional changes along the way,and that’s what the league should be about, but with all these changes, players seem to have lost confidence and are not performing to their true potential.

    Our survival in division one now seems to be all but over, and the bubble of hype we found ourselves in, leading up to and indeed after the All Ireland is now well and truly burst. Picking up the pieces and building some confidence in the team for the Championship is now the priority, Is James the man to do it, only time well tell !!!

  20. Agree with you 100% pk , horan was very slow again tonite making changes an shouda taken a oshea off a lot sooner, he was very poor and looked lazy and wen he had the ball not releasing it sooner to a team mate, also in on goal and again dont know wat it is with this bunch, try,d to fist over the bar.He trots back out then with his back to the ball and its in full flight when he turns around to face it. Not alone can they not score goals but ther struggling now to fist the ball ova the bar, the substitutions did,t work and looked like he was jus emtying the bench for the sake off, not once did i see him horan having a word with any of the subs coming in telling them what he wanted them to do or, a bad sign of a manager for me. simple things like o connor came in an at one stage was goin to hit a free from the right were mcglaughlin was taken them from with some very bad misses and over comes doherty an takes the ball off him and duly misses,seems no instruction as to who taken wat. Watched horan again tonite , hands folded paceing up an down and around in circles an sometimes even wen ball in play looking down at ground, wat kind of sign does tha send to the men on the pitch, even his interviews afta games are the same ole guff .. ”.we need to keep learing and stop taken wrong options” ya,d swear he was talking about under 10,s, a load of shite now at this stage and if we go down an it looks bleak now , i blame horan 100%…win an all ireland, not a chance with this manager, damn lucky to get to both finals las year as far as i,m concerned if the jacks had 5 more minutes we woud,t be there and we only fell in to league final as well, this team has,t moved on 1 bit , actually gone backwards an i blame the manager,we may win connacht but its only because the other countys are worse than ourselfs and then again we may not…..No more than kidney in the rugby its time for the long good bye when we exit the chapionship an thanks for the meomories……..

  21. Hi JB. It was commented on in a GAA programme recently. Unfortunately I can’t remember who said it. There were a few comments. I have to admit he seems to slipping badly.

  22. The manager deserves the criticism he is getting. Look at the team for instance…. No settled midfield, centre back or centre forward, some indiscipline in our backline, one goal in 5 games, bad passing, bad tackling, no method or rhythm.

    Also Horan has some players in the squad for a couple of years that haven’t played one minute of league football never mind champuonship. Why are they there if they are not used? there are 4/5 players in the county IMO who are miles better in the defence, midfield and forward line than what Horan has in his squad. I follow mayo club football at all 3 levels very closely and i go to alot if club matches! I’m baffled at some of the omissions from the panel. So is James Kilcullen I suspect……

    I agree with pk, but there is nothing wrong with being cocky & confident as long as you prove it on the pitch. Its not true that Seamus O Shea is regarded as one of the best midfielders in the country…. I don’t want to have a go at the players too much because they do their best but Do the players know their job/role? Have we a plan? If its not working does it be changed? Do we learn from previous mistakes? If so why are we repeating them? It’s not good enough to lose to Kildare & Tyrone at home who were competing in division 2 last year and had a poor 2012 compared to us. I’m bitterly disappointed at what I’ve seen from mayo so far in 2013 especially from the management. Is the loss of Cian O Neill coming to the fore?

    I know WJ that we have come along way since the Sligo/Longford debacles in 2010 but I don’t like what I see at the moment. I doubt the majority of the 6,500 liked it either tonight & last week & the week before……

  23. We were flying until the kildare goal, the result of a poor refereeing decision, that came against the run of play.
    We should have left aos at chf. While he was there he posed a real threat and won a few frees.He then missed a fisted attempt at a point and his game went downhill from then on. Moving him and bm did not work at all. Flynn cleaned us.
    At one stage late in then game we had two forwards inside against five defenders and guess what …….we played then ball into them while four mayo players lined up on the 45 as spectators.
    Very disappointing night.

  24. Losing to Kildare at home in Castlebar is probably the worst result for the fans. Take it in context. Kildare were hammered out the gate by Dublin last week and were definitely brittle after it. Who wouldn’t be after such a beating? Journalists talk about a backlash from the players.

    However the fact is that while sometimes this can happen, it’s usually if they have a couple of weeks to recover and if next game is a home one against a team that is also at the same level as them.

    So judging on tonight’s performance we are not as good as Kildare. If we cannot beat them in Castlebar after they have one week to recover – what chance do we have elsewhere?

    I am looking forward to hearing what the players reaction to this defeat is…….

  25. Tom – I’ve had to delete that reference to players you’ve named as being “not good enough”. I’ve no problem with critiques of players’ performances, pointing to specifics, but I do have a problem with unsupported putdowns like that.

  26. Didnt have the chance to hear his interview if he gave one but it would be the same “we’ll take this on board and practice in training & we love pressure” spiel as usual.Patriot is right about lads getting splinters on the bench,Ml.Walsh & Ml.Forde & Alan Murphy must be frustrated looking at a back being tried to turn into a forward & backs that forget about defending.Cathal Carolan with 0-5 in two games is refreshing.
    The other forgotten man (Keith Rogers) from the forgotten club Ballaghadereen (reigning champs) has even vanished off the subs now.Would any other county have NO representatives on a county panel?

  27. It is very disappointing that we are losing these games but at the end of the day if you forensically look at all these games we are not far off from the big teams. I would be far more concerned if we were losing these games by big margins. These games are good for us in tearms of preparation for the championship and will stand for us for championship. These games will be well forgetten if we win the connacht championship.

    We are not good enough yet to win the All ireland, but a good run in the championship is a very real possibility. Remember 2007 and 2010 we had brilliant leagues, but we messed up badly in the championship. I rather have a good run in the championship than have a good league. I can always remember 2004 we got hammered by kerry, westmeath and Tyrone and we still reached the all Ireland Final. If you do not know this by now with Mayo anything can happen.

  28. To the Mayo man in ros – I would agree with you but we are not learning from those games. That’s the problem. If we were learning it would be great but it’s the same mistakes all over again. We have to beat Galway and if we do, then most likely Roscommon and then most likely Sligo. The way we are playing now I wouldn’t bet on any of them.
    I would love to be proved completely wrong. I would be celebrating.

  29. I see where you’re coming from mayo man in ros, but for God’s sake to be 6 points up and not to be able to kick in from there is really frustrating. I cannot for the life of me understand some of the things I witnessed tonight, the number of times forwards went goal side of their men, only to turn, for fuck sake keep going and roll the ball along the grass and make the goalie work for the save he’s going to have to make. As stated previously, we need a settled freetaker. Donegal more than likely will outmuscle us again. We need to improve massively to beat Galway.

  30. First of all, I thought some of the Mayo supporters tonight were pathetic. No Mayo player intentionally went out to kick the ball wide or make mistakes. However, what disappoints me is the one thing players can control is there work rate and too often players didnt work hard. When things are going against you, players can influence the game through their work rate. Too often forwards half heartily sauntered down the pitch following there man. It was just for show. How often to mayo players point at someone to cover there man instead of taking the responsibility of getting there? how often does a forward go for a big interception with no chance of getting the ball resulting in him being taken out of the game and the space opening up for the other team. Too often they take the easy option.

    I thought the backs were good at times but also gave a few easy scores away. Tom Cunniffe is a steadier CB than Vaughan. He understands that his primary job is too defend unlike Vaughan who goes forward and jogs back. Also, he’s far pacier than Vaughan and doesnt give away the same number of frees. It’s a pity he wouldn’t use his pace a bit more and burn players as he has the ability. If he was given game time at CB, he would be a big addition come May.

    It’s a pity Keith Higgins will never be giving an opportunity at wing back. Would be some sight seeing him attacking with pace. Definitely would be one of the best in the country.

    I though Barry Moran was ok but was wasted in theforwards in second half. If playing him in the forwards, play him as an out and out ff, not in the half forward line. He broke up a few balls and got his hand on the ball a fair amount in open play. however, he turned the ball over a few times. Cillian was at fault for the turnover at the end. he ran into moran causing moran to be turned over by o connors marker. Furthermore, players are carrying the ball too often as the inside forwards make no runs or half hearted runs for show. Also, our half forwards are behind midfield too often and arent an outlet as a result. Consequently, we can’t give the ball inside as the gap is too big and our inside forwards are too alike and there unable to win dirty ball. This is why andy is such a huge loss as he’s always available and can win dirty ball.

    SoS was very poor. He solos every time he gets the ball, carries into contact and kicks the ball with a screw making it impossible to control. aos was poor as well. He badly needs to go to midfield as its his best position.Wasted in the forwards and is a victim of horan needing to add size and ball winning ability to an undersized forward u it.

    Thought Carolan offered nothing. Was anonymous in dublin too. Got two great points but had no interst in winnng breaking ball or linking the play. He hasn’t the physical strength to play inter county and this resulted in two turnovers when he got stuck in traffic. Think McLoughlin is way off. Looks low on confidence and isn’t winning breaking ball and hes slowing the game down too much. Missed a few frees too but I don’t understand why regan wasn’t on them from the start. Regan is one of the most accurate players in the county. Think regan needs to work harder but should be given chances as he’s only 19. Thought our full forward line was poor. Doc was the best of them but it was one of his poorer games of 2013. Conroy gets his hands on so much ball but scores very little. Takes too much out of it. We need an out and out ball winner inside which will allow us to mix it up and bring out the best in the other players. Hopefully andy is back soon. Presently our full forward line are too alike. Easy to defend and we should have learnt this from last September.

  31. Goals win games.. And especially tight ones. Kildare sneaked a goal and never looked back.. I don’t understand the mayo forwards thinking. Not one shot at the the Kildare goalkeeper for 72 minutes. Easy ish frees kicked wide or into the goalkeepers hands. .. This isn’t the first time, it’s beng happening for ages. Mayo are currently too nice. We need a dependable goalscorer.. its hard enough to win frees.. and then watch them being frittered away. . 14 wides tonight.. its just not good enough … at any level.

  32. And just to clarify Tom Regan about your “castlebar, breaffy & Ballintubber circle”, not one player from Ballintubber started tonight on the team who have contested the last 3 county senior finals. Not one from ballagh named in the 26 who are the county champs and none from Charlestown who are Connacht intermediate champs. I could go on but Go figure it out……

  33. If its any consolation to anyone we actually moved out of the relegation zone tonight!

  34. Very disappointing tonight, I was hoping they would prove me wrong when I voted in WJ’s poll. This team is so dis-jointed, one wonders where their minds are at!
    They had Kildare out of sight after a few minutes and then….seems we’re not up to it at all. The only good thing is, it’s the league and we get to try again next week. If this were the championship, our summer would be over. Very depressing at this point in time. Kildare are a poor team who punch above their weight, so what does that say about us?…shaking me head.

  35. Listen to yourselves lads, stop all the negative talk. It’s only the league. We have not become a bad team. There was loads of experimenting going on last night. Cunniffe, carolan, regan. SOS and bm in midfield, Aos at cf. Bm at ff in second half. Different free takers. This is called experimenting, trying different options to find the best ones. The very thing people called for after the all Ireland.
    We will stay up I predict.

  36. raz says:
    March 10, 2013 at 10:01 am

    “To be honest I dont have to spell out the names . to me the only name that I need to mention is James Horan . No player picks himself in any position or does he go out to play badly. But the manager job is to recognise some players limitation and he leaves players on the pitch who are under preforming for to long.Why is it that we keep taking the ball into cul-de-sac.. and last week pumping ball high into forwards who were being marked by 3 players with a man down. Willie IYO has the sideline disappoined you ..I said in in previous post that i am loosing faith in this management set up and last night did not help to restore it. We are papering over cracks for along time .and before some said I am being negative just look back on the last 3 games”
    this is the post I put up after the down game and I didnt see fit to change much of it.. just that I can change the 3 games to 4.
    Last night we were given a lesson on how to play football and win a game that was there for the taking and 3 ninteen years lead the way for kildare in forging that victory.
    WJ you can stick up for James all you like but I have no faith in the man and after yesterday I want him out before he ruins us completely.Remember OUr last manager out stayed him welcome and this man is on the same par.

  37. Re. JH I believe he let aidan kilcoyne and trevor howley get away. There is no reason why aidan kilcoyne should be left off the panel and I dont want to hear oh well aidan is in london…its only an hours flight away and he is definitely good enough. Howley was made an eejit of with poor tactics in Ruislip with that stupid 2 man full forward line and has since gone to oz. We used our get out of jail card that day and we have lost the best 6 we have in my opinion.

  38. Mayoman, were suppose to be 1 of tha top teams for god sake, 3 finals in the last few years , maybe not in top 4 but 5 or 6 at least.Do not agree with you that the mayo supporters were pathetic,actually the best in the land for all the heartbreak we,v had down the years here at home and over seas, if your so lucky to be wearing that jersey[hate the new 1] u,v got to take the criticism along with the pat on the back, if you cant u shoud, t be given one….Again this team is not playing as a unit, carrying ball in to tackle and not passing when a team mate in better position, what is bucklys imput since he joined the team, dont ever see him near horan during a game giving his imput, he,s suppose to be the trainer and a kerry man with a lot exper. an i think he shoud be the man in horans ear, not nallen, seems he got his way las season when he took a huff over oneill at horans side early on in season and prob. had alot with o neill leaving, theres no emotion on that sideline , none what so ever, maybe the odd clasp of hands and back again into the paceing an looking down at ground, jesus wat kind of vibe would tha send onto pitch as they look to sideline as im sure the players do during a match. His post match comments are depressing ,same ole guff and i notice the local media are giving him a easy ride , seems to me afraid to ask some hard questions especially about his team selections… could go on and on, depressing.

  39. Well written report WJ for a man that wasnt there. You probably won’t allow this post either. Youre getting fair ould shtick on the Gaaboard too

    Anyway disaster game for Mayo. We are all over the shop at the moment. A league where we have created more problems than sorted. Have been conservative and failed to introduce many. And the manager is continuing with his failure to recognise problems during games.

    Still two games that can be won. Going down is disaster territory. Next year we have the joys as supporters of facing the lesser teams, affects championship preparation and income for our indebted CB. No money means team resources suffer. Lower level of football makes us vulnerable on the pitch. Its a vicious circle

  40. Worst performance under James so far again tonight thought we the better team and lost … Think there is something deeper going on within the camp … Not playing like a team don’t seem as tough as last year too slow up front when we do get the ball they seem to be lacking confidence … Never saw Kevin mc so unsure of himself at one stage mikey c had the ball 4/5 Kildare players on him no help from green and red .. Kildare won the free !!!! Can’t believe no one has mentioned the refs pathetic performance …. Can’t blame him for missing frees and our 14 wides!!!! But I do blame him for Kildare 1st goal gave a free to Kildare when it should have been a Mayo one happened in front of James horan he was hopping on sideline (first time ive seen that ).

  41. This team will do well … Not fair to say we didn’t deserve to get to final last year … We fully deserved our wins and I have no doubt if Andy playing we would have won … I really hope the cian o neill thing not a factor… Heard during the week Kerry very upset buckley up here they hold him in very high regard good ball handling skills etc …. No evidence of this (except for20 mins last night) I think oh well nothing to do but try and keep the faith … No one said it was easy being a Mayo supporter ….

  42. Panic! Panic! Don’t Panic! Panic!

    There’s a lot of anger and cliche being bandied about. Of course people should feel disappointment but don’t methodically dissect every negative aspect of the game and post it on the slab of hindsight.

    There were large periods within the Dublin game where Mayo looked the real deal. People should focus on these aspects of our game and see how we can improve and sustain.

    Calling for the head of James Horan on a plate is akin to eating the jelly and custard before the steak dinner. It makes no sense. It’s not to long ago that Mayo vanquished Dublin in their own back yard. It’s not to long ago that this Mayo team without the service of their talisman and captain and after the worst possible start made Donegal earn their deserved All Ireland.

    There are lot of comments about Horan’s panel choice, more specifically Horan’s panel omissions. All have merit and could be debated till the cows come and go and come again. Bottom line when these stalwarts were on the pitch we had some bad days too.

    Relax and have a kitkat and don’t be waving the two fingers in the wrong direction.

    We’re not to far away you know.

    Come On Mayo1

  43. I was at the game yday, seemed to be a perfectly good point waved wide by the ref with some consultation with umpires. Did anyone else see that? Was it a point?

  44. No raz joe is right! We are not that far off the pace. Even with a lot of lads playing badly we are within a point or two of winning. If we can get our act together we will be ok come summer. the only worry is that losing can destroy confidence.
    A win against donegal would do wonders! And god knows we owe them one.

  45. Wit all due respects look at that facts of last night… this is a trend that has developed over the last two seasons.. falling asleep in games.. we were six points up and lost.. its bad enough having so many wides but the amount of times we kicked the ball short is feckin unreal. We are gifting teams games by our style of play and and our team selection. I look at a game an study what ive seen. We cannot keeping making the same mistakes over and over again and expect to get results. JHoran may pull the wool over some peoples eyes but not mine and I make no apologies for my stance. Some of the decissions the were made on and off the field were mind boggling.
    That result last night will have knock on affect in more ways that one and come the end of this year it will be as clear as day why.

  46. we fell into leauge final .flucked our way into aif the worse thng that ever happened to mayo was reaching last years aif, mayo are as predictable as ever two good seasons followed by the usual hype and false dawns ,seeing it all before same old story god help us when galway start tearing into us in may,dont think ill bother putting my summer hols on hold till sptember , fowards are afraid to take a shot at goal taking the soft option of a point goals win games until we get a proven goalscorer we will go nowhere and heaven help us if we end up in the backdoor tour of ireland after fifty years following mayo its the same old same old story

  47. Raz – cool the jets like a good man. I’ve no problem with people voicing opinions as long as they’re reasoned ones and the personal stuff is kept out of it. I think you’ve more than made your point on what you think of James and that’s fair enough but I’d leave it there if I were you.

    JAO – likewise, keep the catty personal stuff out of it. Your previous comment was deleted as it was just a cheap, personal shot and if you keep up in this vein that’s where your comments will keep going. Just an observation, like.

  48. Yes die hard losing can affect confidence, and so can supporters criticism. Are Donegal panicking to, I wonder.

  49. no pro WJ the jets are on ice now .. happy st paddys .. enjoy the club finals if ya get ta them

  50. The goal famine continues and until we start scoring goals we will suffer these kind of defeats. One goal in our last seven games and a forward hasn’t scored a goal for Mayo since the quarter final against Down last year, the last time AM played for us. When we had Kildare on the ropes last night there were a couple of opportunities to go for goals and we didn’t take them, if we had the game would have been done and dusted after 25 minutes. Not ruthless enough !

    We also need to convert our frees, if we had done that last night we would have won the game also. It’s like watching a rugby team kick a game away through poor place-kicking. Too much confusion leading to a lack of confidence, get Cillian back and let him kick the frees.

    The sad thing is that teams aren’t beating us, we are beating ourselves due to poor decision making and poor score taking in terms of goals and missed frees and also bad wides from play – punching the ball wide ?

    We’re not that far away but would worry about our confidence as we continue to lose tight games, leave them behind us and opposition teams will play on this.

    We badly need a big win, we need to get stuck into Donegal next weekend.

  51. Agree with comments that suggest that we are not far away but we do need morale boosting win before the championship begins.
    The reality is that The only team in Connacht who might do anything in the league are the Rossies, Galway will be tough but that is based on tradition rather than anything else. Neither Down nor Kildare are any great shakes, Kildare do have a few players like Kelly and Flynn who look good players but they made most of their chances.
    What this league has shown is that we have few leaders, badly miss Dillon and Andy Moran, and our fitness (or work ethic) is probably below other teams.
    Kildare worked very hard to give their goalie an option on the kick outs, and did work harder than us for most of the game. We need to up the performance, and not just the management team. Can we beat Donegal, unlikely but what I want to see is the effort, nothing is ever won without hard work!

  52. The question has to be asked is James Horan the right man for the job.

    Mcloughlin is not a free taker and is below par at the moment,
    AOS should be taken off immediatly if he continues to carry the ball into the takle when there is a simple pass on.

    midfielders do not make full fowards. we along with many other counties have tried moving the big midfielder to the FF Postion with very limited sucess

    for years we have players who when they find themselves in a goal scoring position will always take the point just think of Conor Mortimer

    James Horan should be able to see all these things.He is way too slow to make changes.Was very lucky that dublin did not beat us in semi . Where is Tom Parsons. Should Mulligan be given a chance at Full Foward

  53. It can work out too for AOS to carry the ball into a tackle ,I understand it doesn’t always work out but boy god it can be effective at times as he is knocks the wind out of his opponents.

    Some people have short memories but supporters can be cruel this way.

  54. Was at the game lastnight and although it was hugely disappointing (and one of the most frustrating times in the recent past Ive left McHale Park), I dont agree with some of the criticism towards James Horan. Lastnight we had 14 wides including some very kickable frees that would have given us a win regardless of how bad we played. We can criticize Horan all we want but sometimes its up to the players that are out there, Im sure the players are practicing free kicks and goals chances in training but winning is a habit, and mayo are playing like a nervy team that has gone a few games without a win – snatching at chances and making the wrong decisions. The players executed a gameplan for the first 20 mins that Im sure JH was preaching all week – dominate midfield and with aos at chf to push through and create goal chances – this seemed to work and we should have been 2-10 up after 20 minutes with a little more composure from the players on the field. The aos experiment did work for those 20 minutes as it should have directly led to a goal if hed have layed it off. When aos started to drift out of the game he was brought back to midfield so im not sure why people are slating horan for this decision.

    I dont think we are far off – I think in the forward line we have a lot of good forwards and a couple of top class ones, namely, dillon a moran and o connor. Dillon has been our main playmaker and Andy our main goal creator/scorer the last couple of years so its hardly surprising that they arent creating/scoring as much. B Brogan didnt start for the ‘brilliant’ dubs last night and they lost to Tyrone at home, a team we should have beaten. I think some people have forgotten how important Dillon has been to this team.

    Im not saying there arent a lot of things for the lads to work on but its not all doom and gloom – were not being played off the field in the games weve lost.

  55. I think JH is as good as any other manager in his position. If you look at his tenure you have to examine it over the whole of the 3 years rather than one winter/spring campaign.

    Sure we might go down. depends whether we can beat Donegal next Sunday or not. On last nights performance this is probably unlikely. But one thing JH has done is re-invent the team.

    We have a lot of new faces now. Where were M. Conroy, COC, AOS, Kevin McL, Chris Barrett, Colm Boyle, Lee Keegan 3 years ago? They didn’t exist as such in the Mayo setup. Not to mention the fringe players like J Gibbons, SOS, Richie Feeney? Plus he has given opportunities to youth in the form of Kevin Keane, Cathal Carolan and Evan Regan

    The simple fact is that we don’t have players of the calibre of Bernard Brogan, Michael Murphy, Sean Kavanagh etc. The only one that comes close to these for us is probably Andy Moran and the fact is he it out long term. So we just have to get on with it.

    I understand that Kidare don’t have these household names wither and that’s one of the hardest things to fathom for me – how our guys could not muster the will win against that level of opposition.

    Fair enough JH has to shoulder some of the blame (and is getting a fair amount of it here) but im my mind the players also have to take responsibility especially the more senior ones.

    By the way I don’t agree with the comment that big midfielders cannot make good FFs.
    Kieran Donaghy, Michael Murphy and Sean Kavanagh are prime examples of big men who can play equally well in either position.

  56. I hear you Joe Mc, I’d prefer The Yorkie (original) myself but neither bar would have worked within the context.

    I’ll settle down now for a while and watch the club final. Our lads may do us proud and I hope that Mchale has laid off the old Kung Fu films.

  57. What would we do without sport ? So mush passion, frustration and anger on display here and all from well meaning and loyal Mayo supporters. Thankfully there are other sports events going on to help us through these lean times. For me 6am this morning kick started one of my sporting passions, the first race of the Grand Prix season from Melbourne. A great race won by Kimi Raikkonen of Lotus, followed home by Fernando Alonso of Ferrari and that ever green Sabastian Vettel of Red Bull. Now sitting down to watch Ireland’s Ladies hopefully win the Grand Slam in the Six Nations rugby. Club Final from Croker to follow where I’ll be cheering on our neighbours, St Bridget’s in the Green and Red. God I’m exhausted already and I still have Premier League football and golf from the USA to follow. Must pour myself a whiskey……

  58. First off you all have a very high opinion of yourselves, not sure the rest if the country shares that same view.
    Poor Kildare, no household names, we should be beating the likes of Kildare. Yeah sure you should.
    Kildare played 6 U21’s last night three of those where minor last year and one was playing hogan cup last year. So basically you lost to a bunch of school kids. What does that say about yourselves. Here in Kildare we are happy enough to gave won 4/5 league games and 8/9 for the year. We may have lost heavily to Dublin but it happens and we moved on by giving you a six point lead and still beat you with a team just out of nappies.
    Not to bad for a mediocre team who are playing well within themselves. I’d rather be that than relegation candidates. Anyway we were just happy to be on the same pitch as this great Mayo team. I’m sure our U21’s got great experience for our game on Wednesday.

  59. Well it was a disappointing loss but Horan didnt kick 14 wides. Give the man a chance. No one feels it more than him.
    Sometimes a team cant buy a win but lady luck seems to have abandoned us at the min. We have lost two games by a point and one game by two points. Key players missing or not playing great.
    On the plus side a lot of panel players are getting game time. Some are doing well. Some are showing they are not ready yet. Its all about Galway in the summer.

  60. Oh yeah WJ never mind all the negativity. Some lads need to vent and that is what this blog provides. mayo supporters are very passionate but need to cool the jets a bit.

  61. Bob, take it easy there. Mayo were in the league and all Ireland finals last year, on top of a history of making finals in recent times etc etc. In all honesty, do you rate Kildare higher on the football food chain because of a good league this year? The comments are not meant to be derogative, it’s just that the rest of the country don’t really think Kildare are at the top table yet, including mayo supporters. Best of luck, In the league and in fairness would love to see the likes of earley and co win some silverware, just not at our expense.

  62. Bob, I have always wished Kildare well. They have had no lucky breaks and have got no silverware. They honestly deserve success. I always felt their forwards let them down. Most Mayo people have no gripe with Kildare. It’s Mayo we are more pissed off with. Good luck this year.

  63. ok accepted jh did not kick 14 wides. but who decides who takes the frees, mcloughlin is not accurate enough from the right, how many has he missed in this league all we needed was two scores to have won the game. the margins at this level are tight

  64. Once again Mayo is unable to retain a lead. Surely its clear by now we just don’t possess quality scoring forwards, which cries out for ball retention as a central ploy when we do fluke a lead – its so exasperating.
    After Kildare we most definitely need to rethink the panel. Barry Reagan is the most prolific forward in Mayo football – get him on for next game and while we are at it invite Conor back.
    Remember Mayo is the only football county in the country never to have been relegated and that is the context for the remaing two games. Does the present County Board / Chairman / Team Mngt and Player-panel wish to be associated with loosing that unique distinction.
    We need to pursue the ball with a ferocity not associated with the sedate Mayo style, dictate the play by taking and keeping command of the football, exude calmness and control by taking time on the ball – so no 50/50 passes nor dropping the ball into the oppositions goalkeeper. Finally deploy a reliable placekicker. Remember all will be well. Good luck to all concerned for remaining games.

  65. Thinking out loud here and not sure how it works if its head to head or points difference if level .

    If Mayo won their last two and Kerry happen to beat Cork next week. would that mean we would make semis?

    I must be wrong as we are not an option in the betting for the league other than relegation.

  66. Exactly a year ago we were badly beaten by Donegal. There was lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth here. But we recovered and qualified for both league and all ireland finals.Things not going great at moment but our combined losing aggregate to tyrone down and kildare is 4 points so were not a million miles away. Those calling for JH s head must have short memories. Does Sligo and Longford bring back any memories. It is worrying that we have lost 4 games in a row and we are gazing at relegation. But even if we go down we re stillk good enough to get out of Connacht and be competitive in all ireland series. Maybe thats not enough for some of us but dont forget we haven t won sam since 1951

  67. Hard Luck – I’ve deleted that comment, for all too obvious reasons. Given your repeated ongoing failure to post comments of an acceptable nature, all comments you submit go first to the moderation queue so I’d appreciate it if you’d cop yourself on and stop attempting to post comments which are never going to make it to the site.

  68. Bob – I gave you that free shot at us as I felt it was only fair given the somewhat unkind terminology I used about Kildare before and after the game. I never make any claim to be unbiased in anything I say (and anything I do say is only my opinion) so I wouldn’t take anything personally if I were you. For what it’s worth, I have my doubts about how good Kildare are – no Leinster title since McGeeney took over, only one win in the All-Ireland series (and that against Meath) and I can’t see that changing anytime soon. Mind you, I have mounting doubts about our own prospects but that’s another day’s work.

    Peter – I’ve deleted that comment as it might just get Bob going again. Love and peace and all that.

  69. Ah lads ye really are away with the fairies.

    Alot of hard facts to look at. And until Mayo GAA asks itselfthe. Hard questions we will continue year in year out with the same crap and the same outcomes.

    Firstly James has done an excellent job at bringingack respectability to Mayo football.

    But we are not one of the top 2/3 teams inthe country.

    Yes we won 3 league matches last year, scraped into a league final but we were thrashed. Yes we beat Leitrim and Sligo and Down, did well against the Dubs but the All Ireland was over in 5 minutes. If you don’t accept that you are not living in the same ruthless world the top teams inhabit.

    So in our players heads theybare again on a pedestal and a sitting target for Galway who are thinking nothing but green and red, when our lads are thinking about winning Sam vut not figuring out how to do it.

    Our structures are way behind Galway and Ros. How many of ye are aware our u21s play next week. Will it be a fourth year of humiliation? We started preparations in late January. How can that develop success. Our recent mibors have been average.we are financially bollixed. Nobody is looking at bigpictures. Liam Horan had ome kinda plan butwe have been making it up as we go alongand getting away with it.

    The next few mobths looks lie seeing our luck run out. Whatever happens there will be no All Ireland – this year,or probably ever for this group. We need to put a plan in place or players of the future to live the. Dream

  70. Congrats to st thomas club all ireland champs in hurling and also st. bridgets in the football with 2 great mayo men at the helm mcstay an mchale, a great game of football, hard luck to ballymun who contributed to a good game and espec. the 2 mayo lads on their team, nice to see 2 ole rossie warriors get an all ire. medal, curran an dolan…mannion and kilbride brillant today and me thinks our biggest chall. will come from the rossies….just a thought but maybe we will see mcstay-mchale patroling the mayo sideline down the road… Anyway well done to all, up the west………………….

  71. Well stated Stone Cold Steve. People are talking about being competitive in the All Ireland series. Well, I was there i 1951 when Sean Flanagan brought Sam into Ballaghaderreen. A wonderful time. I was there when Mayo had the All Ireland won and Meath sent a weak lob into the square, no forwards, no backs, no danger. The goalie looked at it as it hopped the bar and drew the match. Meath won the replay. I was there when Longford beat Mayo. I was delighted; at last we might have a team.
    We had a new manager, a good new, fast, free scoring, hard working team. Success was on the horizon. Where in the name of Jaysus is it gone? Can anyone out there tell me?

  72. I was in Castlebar last night and I left very dissapointed for the team, management and mentors. Fair play to Kildare they won one they could/should have lost. The wides cost us, and some Kildare players played above their form on the night. On the Jh question I find nothing wrong with his management. Two Connacht titles and two championship losses one a semi final and a final. It speaks for itself. He does not have an AI winning side yet even with Alan and Andy back. We lost a league game in March, and I don’t remember the roof failing in last night. I cannot understand the negitive stuff that some people come out with. The majority of counties would love to have some the players that JH has assembled. The business end is about to start and I see april as the month when serious teams start to take shape. Bit early then to write off the team you are supposed to support

  73. Yes we have no Leinster titles under McGeeney but we are playing in Leinster. Connacht football is so poor I think Kildare’s or Dublin’s U21’s could have a good go at winning it so that’s not much to cling to.
    I have no quarrel with Mayo supporters but your arrogance is your undoing. In Kildare we don’t look at another team and wonder where the household names are. No offence but I could not name three players who play for Mayo.

    The truth of the matter and it might not taste nice for you but Kildare beat you yesterday with a second string team full of kids playing poorly enough. Like I said we even gave you a six point start but you still lost. My advice would be stop judging other teams when clearly you don’t know anything about them and concentrate on your own. A little humility would not go amiss because out of all the teams we have played this year I’m afraid you are only above the College teams in the O’Byrne cup.

  74. “Our structures are way behnd Galway and Rosscommn”???

    Aragh would ya ever get up out of that. How so.

    Galway are a shambles and roscommon haven’t beaten Mayo in twelve years in championship.Once in twenty years if ya really want to go to town on them.

  75. Dublin under 21s would be better suited to turning up instead of their seniors next time they face Mayo in the chamionship.

    If you don’t know any Mayo players maybe if you start off with the all star team and young player of the year ,at least you would know a handful next time we see ya.

  76. Bob – I gave you one free shot but that’s all you’re going to get. You accuse me of arrogance but what you’ve said about football in Connacht displays more than a little arrogance on your own part. Come back and talk to us when you can boast about having beaten anyone outside Leinster in the All-Ireland series, let alone the reigning All-Ireland champions two years running.

  77. When is the under Connaught 21 championship coming up and it’s only the league am sure Donegal don’t care league look where that got the to. Looking forward to next Sunday against

  78. Maybe dillon, Andy and o Connor will be the difference later this year.its hard to put the present lads down after the heroics last year, seamie o se kicking a vital one against the dubs last August , Barry Moran kicking a beauty in the same game and Doherty,varley and mcloughlin too. They can do it under real pressure and have proven it.
    I think we should calm down and let them play there football in peace.
    The two concerns we really have is a big man on the square and the lack of goals this league. The form is poor but the class is still there if they can get going. Two finals last year is no accident.
    For what it’s worth I think we will survive division 1

  79. I just had a look four All stars from Last year. Sure Kildare had four All stars in the squad yesterday so what’s your point.

  80. no probs wj , i just dont understand where hes coming from with a team of mercenaries that kildare have

  81. Sean I think club football in Mayo is a shambles. Galway havevseveral u21 and minor winning teams, Ros have won a load at underage and a club All Ireland. We don’t put in the work in developing any underage structure

  82. It’s hard to know where to start in analysing the Kildare game except to say many of the mistakes are becoming a bit repetitive and missing so many scorable frees reminds me of the old proverb “willful waste makes woeful want”. At least the free taking issue can be said to be a one off – we hope – as to date we have been fairly consistant.
    I hope we do not see Aiden O’S on the 40 again – he seems to be trying a Mattie McDonagh or Jim McCartin style but while it worked then it won’t work now.
    We do not appear to have any plan in the forwards except play the ball into the corners. We cannot get goals as by the time we have won the ball in the corner all avenues to goal have been shut off. I was in the bacon factory end of the stand in Sat so had a good view of those first half chances only one of which was a clearcut goal chance.
    When Barry Moran went to FF in the second half we failed to send in any direct ball to him and he began wandering out field in search of action which to my mind defeated the purpose of the switch. I only hope that the conclusion that the move will not work is not drawn from Saturday – it didn’t get a chance. Another glaring failure was the lack of movement when we did get a free, particularly but not only in the forwards. At one point nearing the end we had a free about 60 m from the Kildare goal, no forward inside and nobody prepared to make the run in. Contrast this with Kildare’s reaction when they got the free before their goal. Admittedly it was an outrageous decision but Kildare were away like lightening while we stood around wondering how such a decision could be made. There was 80 m to be defended after that decision and we did not make any attempt.
    Another notable feature was that apart from Ger Cafferty a few times none of our backs seemed able to beat their marker to a ball wile marking was noticeably loose most of the time.
    Still I do not see the need for all the pessimism about Galway in May and cannot understand why suddenly James Horan has become such a poor manager as some imply.
    Neither do I see who is worthy of a call up from Ballaghaderreen or Charlestown. Several of their players have got chances including James Kilcullen. Unfortunately James does not have, and never did have, the pace for senior county football. Still I wish him well with Sligo.
    Finally, Bob from Kildare, its little ye have to be crowing about. one O;Byrne Cup after four years of McGeeney’s reportedly rather expensive leadership. Ye have had “guest” managers for the past 20+ years trying to show ye how to play football and ye haven’t learned much yet.

  83. Have Galway really won that much at underage level , two under 21 titles in last ten years say with the 05 team not really setting the wiorld on fire in terms of coming through making an impact at senior level and one minor .

    Mayo have been far more effective over the last ten years at bringing lads through from 06 team under 21s.we have done well at minor level too losing at the final stage a few times.

    Club football you have a valid point but not in your comparrison to the ross, they have one ageing team sin e.The club scene will flourish again in Mayo , it is going through a sticky patch with this years final being a very bad advertisment and people just over react imo.Castlebar will win it this year and take connacht .

    I have a feeling your opinion on strutures is more of a reaction to last couple of under 21 county teams , let’s see how we go next week .

  84. Okay bob, gave you the benefit of the doubt but regret it after your last post. I applaud any supporter who knows his stuff, you aren’t one of them. Playing in Leinster is not exactly the real deal you seem to think it is, whatever the perceived paucity of the Connaught championship, Kildare have not pushed Dublin close in the last 5 years. Yes we’re a biteen derogative here but with respect the hint is in the title of the blog. And in all fairness if you can’t name 3mayo players, you’re a bit of a gobshite to admit it. At least we in mayo watch all Ireland football and know our stuff, and I’ll bet you 500 euros that Kildare won’t beat mayo in the championship, with or without under 21’s and/or seaneen. And that’s a straight bet, which you can pay by cheque or direct debit whenever you want.

  85. Bob/Dinny if that is you, a bit of advice for future visits/trolling occasions:

    It’s a bit rich for you to be saying this blog community is getting stick on GAABoard when you’re the only one doing so.

    Also, you weren’t at the match, and you should be advised that relying purely on second hand reports as you are to make an argument is folly – (for example, said that Tyrone’s Ronan O’Neill performed very well against Cork last weekend; people who I was speaking to that were at the match said he was terrible – a lot of reporting is lazy and inaccurate)

    Thirdly, concerning the “Kildare athlete-cum-footballer” stereotype, I assume you go around all the other county forums giving out stink to them, since pretty much most people think it – that’s why it’s a stereotype.

    Fourthly, all GAA fans should want and expect their county to do well and beat the other teams playing at their level. That’s why football is organised into divisions of teams fairly matched in ability. The alternative is to expect the team to lose, or to not have expectations at all, which is impossible.

    On another note entirely, I love Tomas O’Connor – I think he’s the best full forward in the business at the moment. Any chance we could get him a job and/or a girlfriend down this end of the country?

  86. Sean over the last three years the structures in place has fallen behind Roscommon,Galway. Huge work has put into this year minor,U21s team it’s hugely important those Mayo teams improve this year as remember these are the players for the future and key players that are currently 30 or close to it will have to replaced with guys just as good.

    Mayo club football has below average for number of years now 2005 Ballina is the last time any side from Mayo won Connacht and i can’t see any Mayo side winning it next year either.

  87. Watch Roscommon next summer. Under 21’s coming on stream, morale high after St Bridget’s exploits, no great expectations.
    James doing his best, but must cast his net wider.
    And don’t send a pup on a dogs errand.

  88. I expect Kildare to give their all but expecting them to win is arrogant. Like I said your arrogance is your downfall. Humility and respect for other counties seems lacking here as other match reports have shown. Also I have no idea who Dinny is and I go to all Kildare games Saturday was no different.

    I have been called out because I did not know many players in the Mayo team and been told because of that I don’t know football, yet you can say Kildare have no household names and therefore should be easily beaten. Hypocritical in the extreme considering we had as many All Stars as you yesterday.

    This won’t get posted and it’s my last post on this site but I always thought Mayo supporters and Kildare supporters where very similar as we have both been through so much crap but having read this blog I’m afraid we are very much.

    Good luck in the future and if we do meet again I’ll be back for that €500. At least I livened the place up for a couple if days.

  89. This place was lively enough before you stuck your oar in, Bob, and I’ve no doubt it’ll remain lively long after you’ve gone. Maybe if you ever do visit here again you might – as has already been pointed out – take notice of the name of the site. See you in September!

  90. Upmayo!! I’ll watch Roscommon next summer with great interest as the shouting has already started about “the Ross are back” .One swallow comes to mind but sure nawthn like the Rossies getting all hyped up .

    Bob , best of luck to you mo chara, I think you have taken a lot of stuff out of context that has been said in here.Mayo have played in a lot of finals and produced some great teams over the last 25 years ,sometimes it gets to us when neutrals just dismiss usas some sort of mediocore footballing county .

    Your claim about Mayo being ordinary , you couldn’t name more than three players,our team was just above uni teams from o byrne cup etc .Them comments are hardly rational considering Mayo have made semi in 11 and final in 12 knocking the champs out in both years.

  91. Family business here Bob, and btw Kildare only won the AI when the rest of the country was in jail.

  92. Have to make this thread 100# .

    Galway have hammered Sligo in under 21 this evening .We will have our work cut out next week in Galway.

  93. I think that under 21 game may be in Tuam.

    To come back to Saturday night. Management cannot escape criticism. James’ honneymoon period is over. They appear to be fit enough but our ball handling is atrocious and deserves attention. One wonders if our new coach has instilled ball control, goal scoring techniques, how to catch a ball etc into the panel. Basics need looking at. Sorry to be critical but three games have been lost because of some mismanagement. We all saw three players wanting to take a free – has that kind of thing not been decided before they go out onto the field. If we go down management will be more than 50 per cent at fault..

  94. In a sense I can understand ye’re frustrations with the way the last few games have gone but it is only March and ye could conceivably have won 3 of the games that ye lost.

    Compared to the state of my own county senior team ye have nothing to worry about 🙂
    For the first time in my life I give us absolutely no chance of winning in a Galway-Mayo match. Even playing at home. We are truly that bad.

    Looking forward to the u21 game on Saturday. I think ye’re minor teams over the last 3 years have been a bit better than ours so I would expect ye to win. Plus 2 of our senior panellists – Tom Flynn & Peader og O Griofa – are out injured which is a big blow.
    Unlike the senior game in May though at least we have a chance.

  95. I am certain Cian O Neill had a huge influence last season. Big gap in set up and I see his departure as one of the catalysts for the dismal fare this year.

  96. Yes John that and our forwards being out injured. No one has really mentioned Mort. He was always good for 4 points on a bad day! We have to admit it his decision to leave has hurt Mayo football. I thought so in last years AI and I think so now.

  97. You haven’t read all the posts coilltemach-he gets pleanty of mention, but rootin in old ground serves no purpose imo.John C, I imagine the Yerras are thinking the same thing about Buckley.A certain renowned ex commentator from Dun Sion told a friend of mine that in his opinion Mayo got the better deal…I know,I know, we haven’t yet shown the benefit of Donie, but I also have yet to hear a yerra say that O Neill has been an inspired choice for the kingdom.

  98. A work colleague of mine from Kerry told me weeks ago that Kerry are not impressed with ONeill and some senior players threatened to walk after they let Buckley go. Maybe there is a grand plan being worked on. Frustrating thing is we cannot see it. I’m for sticking with the team and Horan however. And lads if you get a goal chance will you burst the fucking net. We were goal crazy last year and goal shy this year. Why? Even Doc! We are -2 scoring difference. Not huge and while losing is a pain in the hole especially tight games, i’d rather lose in.league than cship. I trust them to have everything right for Galway.

  99. Are all comments subject to moderation now WJ? Not on the naughty list am I? 🙂

  100. Jaysus 110 comments I have to throw in my twopence worth, was at the game very lively start but when the glaring missed chances arrived and Kildare started to believe,You could just see the confidence drain from or lads and of course they reverted to type ie solo hop solo into three- four white shirts, keep the head down i case you see movement inside which was mainly confined to runs out to corner and no one running through the middle to take the pass at speed close to goal.
    I came to this game quietly hopeful of a good performance and a win based on the belief that we are working on a plan to come good in last few games and build from there.
    To be honest what I saw was maximum effort but minimal method and that’s scary at this time of year not because we will be demoted but because our team confidence is lacking,leaders appear thin on the ground, last years stars haven’t switched on the power yet will they at all ?? so how do we get moving. No disrespect to Andy or Alan
    but I for one do not believe the arrival of the “AA” will get this machine roaring , she’s too flat.
    On a positive note I think the Doc is showing well and Cuniffe and Boyle showed heart
    I will cling to the faint hope that there is a grand plan – well hidden, even from most of the team -for all Ireland domination.
    Keep the faith!

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