Mayo 0-13 Tyrone 0-12: when the going gets tough the tough get going

Final score v Tyrone

We’re back. In truth we never really went anywhere except in the minds of those who dreamt up that lazy, inaccurate and hugely disrespectful narrative about this team being in sharp decline. Well, that particular world-view got its answer in Croke Park this afternoon.

The earth-shattering roar that went up from the large Mayo crowd at full-time was of a different order from anything I’ve experienced before. We’ve had other great days at Croke Park, we have – lest we need to remind ourselves – a fine collection of memorable wins at HQ to our credit but today’s victory was particularly satisfying. We went toe-to-toe all day with Tyrone and we sneaked home with our noses just in front.

I don’t think I’ve ever been as stressed out as I was in the final ten minutes today. When we went into keep-ball mode, it looked like we were dicing with disaster (because we were) but despite coughing up two scoring chances, Tyrone missed them both.

Then, to add to the fun, David Clarke got a hospital pass from, I think, Aidan O’Shea, in which the odds of his reaching the ball were no better than 50:50. But reach it he did and seconds later ref David Gough blew the final whistle and we could at last start to exhale. And go stone, mad, crazy.

In the days leading up to the game I was becoming increasingly bullish about our chances of doing the business today. The Juniors’ loss in the day’s opening match (a bit more on that anon) was a downer but once Stephen Rochford’s charges hit the turf, they looked like a bunch of gents who meant business.

We made two changes to the team named in advance. We opted to play without a specialist full-back, with Kevin Keane being replaced by Alan Dillon, while Keith Higgins operated in a more withdrawn role and Lee Keegan picked up Tyrone’s full-forward Sean Cavanagh. That selection decision proved to be the game’s tactical masterstroke.

Our other switch saw Jason Doherty start instead of Evan Regan, with Aidan O’Shea pushing up – not all the time, but often enough – to join Andy Moran and Cillian O’Connor in a potent front line.

It was Aidan who got us motoring today too. An early bit of shadow-boxing between the teams took place first before Aido let fly with a screamer from over fifty yards out and we were off and running.

After they’d levelled up we then got the next two points, the first from Andy Moran and the second a free from Cillian O’Connor to leave us nicely poised at the end of the first quarter. Two Mattie Donnelly points in quick succession, however, restored parity soon after.

Cillian smashed over a glorious point from way out on the left to edge us back in front. It was Cillian again, following a lovely one-two with Andy Moran, who scored on the run cutting in from the left to put us ahead again after O’Neill had equalised for them.

Tyrone then enjoyed a good scoring burst, notching three points on the spin to establish a two-point lead. Two of these were frees and already a palpable air of frustration was growing in the Mayo crowd at the performance of the ref.

I like David Gough and I’d rate him as one of the game’s better officials. But he had a stinker today and we seemed to suffer from the worst of his many dodgy calls. At least this time bad reffing by a Meath official didn’t cost us our place in the championship.

A foul on Kevin McLoughlin finally earned us a free and Cillian gave the crowd something to cheer about by nailing it. The decibel levels rose further when Colm Boyle thumped over the equaliser, a vital score that left the game poised in the balance at halfway.

Tom Parsons replaced Alan Dillon on the resumption and we were first out of the blocks again, Cillian pointing from play. Peter Harte cancelled that one out but Tom Parsons coming round on the loop and shooting off his left put us back in front. Another Cillian free then edged us two clear.

There was a six or seven minute scoreless spell after this, one where I felt we had the chance to turn the screw on them but failed to add to our total. Instead it felt like a significant development when they eventually – on the 50th minute mark – reeled us back in with two pointed frees. When Peter Harte added one from play to put them one up, it looked momentarily like they were getting on top in this arm-wrestle.

Leeroy tamped down any such concerns, though, pointing on the run from out on the left to haul us level. We rang the changes, with Conor O’Shea on for Donal Vaughan and Chris Barrett replacing the yellow-carded Colm Boyle.

The ref was soon afterwards reaching for the yellow card again and the one he handed to Sean Cavanagh – which, having seen it again on TV, I can say with confidence was fully merited, for a foul on Aidan – was very significant. The Moy player had been booked earlier on after a tangle with Lee and so he was gone and the Red Hands were down to fourteen.

I have to say I was, at one level, saddened to see this great legend of the game being ordered off and I didn’t really like the loud roar of approval from our lot in the stands when the red card was flashed. At another level, though, I could see that this had the potential to be the game’s turning point and that’s how it played out in practice.

Cillian tapped over the free that led to the red card to put us back in front. Despite our numerical superiority we struggled to launch any kind of incisive move that would enable us to build on this slender lead and instead five minutes later a free at the other end brought the contest back all square.

Lee then smashed over a glorious point. An extremely glorious one as it turned out because it proved to be the game’s final score and our winning one but at the time it was merely a morale-boosting spectacular that put us ahead once more.

Soon after that we began playing keep-ball, which at the outset was fine because Tyrone strangely didn’t do much in the way of trying to take it off us. Normal time segued into injury time – have four minutes ever felt longer?

Two minutes of additional time had passed when we fumbled the ball and they ended up getting a long-range free. Goalie Niall Morgan trotted up and, not for the first time this afternoon, ballooned his placed ball attempt wide of the posts.

Back to keep-ball, the nerves amongst our supporters – my own included – getting ever more shredded. We couldn’t hold out this way – could we?

Another fumble, another scoring chance for them, this one snatched at and sailing harmlessly wide. Then that dramatic last-second incident which sent David Clarke – already a hero for his second half save on a one-on-one situation – racing out from his goal to intercept and gather the ball safely. And then the final whistle, at last the final whistle.

Team being clapped off

This felt like, and was, a huge win for us. We needed to put in a strong performance today to come out on top and this is exactly what we did. On a day when we had leaders all over the pitch, the displays put in by the likes of Lee Keegan, Aidan and Seamus O’Shea, David Clarke, Brendan Harrison, Paddy Durcan and Cillian O’Connor bordered on stellar. In truth, though, we had a whole team of heroes out there today.

And not just on the pitch either. Stephen Rochford and his colleagues on the line – where, one suspects, the magic of Tony McEntee had a hand in proceedings – played a blinder too. Mickey Harte is rightly lauded for his track record as a wily old fox on the sideline but he was thoroughly outmanoeuvred in that department today. And his post-match complaints aimed at Lee were as disappointing as they were hypocritical and risible.

The thing about going the qualifier route in the championship is that while you have to suck it up and do your penance for a while, eventually you get the chance to wash yourself clean of your provincial failings. That opportunity comes at the All-Ireland quarter-final stage and it was one we grasped with considerable relish today.

This afternoon’s win sends us forward to the All-Ireland semi-final, two weeks tomorrow, we would have been planning for all year. Sure, those plans would have been framed on the basis of progressing through the front door and meeting at that point the county we ended up dumping out of the championship today. But it’s the semi-final we expected to be in and, despite all that empty blather about this Mayo team being past it, be in it we will. We haven’t gone away, you know.

Mayo: David Clarke; Brendan Harrison, Alan Dillon, Keith Higgins; Lee Keegan (0-2), Colm Boyle (0-1), Paddy Durcan; Seamus O’Shea, Donal Vaughan; Kevin McLoughlin, Aidan O’Shea (0-1), Diarmuid O’Connor; Jason Doherty, Andy Moran (0-1), Cillian O’Connor (0-7, four frees). Subs: Tom Parsons (0-1) for Dillon, Conor O’Shea for Vaughan, Chris Barrett for Boyle, Evan Regan for Moran, Conor Loftus for Doherty, Stephen Coen for Diarmuid O’Connor.


A quick mention for the Juniors whose All-Ireland final against Kerry in today’s curtain-raiser didn’t go according to plan. Leading by four points to two and going well early on, Sean McLoughlin’s charges got hit with a barrage of 2-8 without reply before the break, leaving them with an impossible task in the second half. Fair play to them, they kept plugging away and two goals helped them to cut the deficit back down to three points. That was as good as it got for them, however, as Kerry pulled away once more to win by eight.

Hard luck to the lads and well done on a campaign that saw them progress all the way to the final.


My post-match audio report and the MOTM poll are below.

Who was our MOTM against Tyrone?

  • Lee Keegan (45%, 319 Votes)
  • Brendan Harrison (11%, 79 Votes)
  • Aidan O'Shea (11%, 78 Votes)
  • Cillian O'Connor (9%, 66 Votes)
  • David Clarke (8%, 56 Votes)
  • Seamus O'Shea (6%, 39 Votes)
  • Andy Moran (2%, 13 Votes)
  • Colm Boyle (2%, 11 Votes)
  • Paddy Durcan (1%, 9 Votes)
  • Tom Parsons (1%, 6 Votes)
  • Keith Higgins (1%, 5 Votes)
  • Kevin McLoughlin (1%, 5 Votes)
  • Alan Dillon (1%, 4 Votes)
  • Conor O'Shea (1%, 4 Votes)
  • Diarmuid O'Connor (0%, 3 Votes)
  • Chris Barrett (0%, 3 Votes)
  • Stephen Coen (0%, 2 Votes)
  • Donal Vaughan (0%, 2 Votes)
  • Evan Regan (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Conor Loftus (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Jason Doherty (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 706

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225 thoughts on “Mayo 0-13 Tyrone 0-12: when the going gets tough the tough get going

  1. We’re still in it. Looking forward to your audio WJ.

    Tipp will be tough. Strong midfield and excellent forwards. We need to be right for it.

  2. God these boys are some heroes! Leaders were needed today and they were found alive and well – Keegan, Cillian, Aidan o shea all excellent.

    Bring on Tipp. We’re humming along nicely now. That will do us the world of good

    Kudos to rochford – got it spot on today and switched things up nicely a few times.

    One negative – what in the name of God were we at for the last 5 minutes. The pass to Clarke was suicide. That could have gone so wrong! We will learn from that though

  3. Never doubt them lads, made of steel.. please please please let no one look past Tipperary there a decent team and will pose a serious challenge to us if we treat them any different to any other top team.MAYO ABU’

  4. Maybe I’m getting older but it’s getting harder to go through these tight finishes. But fair play to them for sticking to the task, I couldn’t be more proud for those guys this evening.

  5. Phew!! Safe travels everyone, enjoy,
    when will semi tickets be available
    Maigheo Abu!

  6. Never ever write off this team. These player’s have stood up time and time again for us, couldn’t have been prouder walking out of Croke Park against the crowd of Dubs. To beat this Tyrone team in a dogfight is nothing to be sniffed at.

    Let’s bring our game to Tipperary, they beat a Galway team that haven’t won in Croke Park since 2001 and counting. When the ball is thrown in, they’ll know they’re playing a different animal.

  7. What is it with Meath Refs and Mayo teams? Someone should tell them it was the Land Commission not Mayo GAA that allocated the land long ago.

    Our Team and Management are a credit and what a game today! Probably game of the Championship.
    Hope its not Sean Kavanaghs last game, always admired him as a class act.

    The performance of our number 1 today shows why he is in top 10 GAA goalies in the country.

    All to be played for now! Bring Sam home….

  8. Class all round today. Clarke very commanding… Harrison class. ..but tipped by Keegan for MOTM. Poor last 5 which needs to be seriously addressed (watch it – talk about trying to ttow it away…luck was on their side) but showed real steel when Tyrone were in their faces. C Cavanagh rang over to Aiden after 5mins to sledge him so delighted Keegan showed some guile at start of 2nd half. He’s a master at getting into his markers head (remember Connolly). Very good management too. Overall a massive win but ‘the small things’ need to be sorted.

  9. James Flynn tickets on sale on already. Well done mayo, unbelievable fighting spirit, although a very nervy last few mins.

  10. Have to eat my words. I posted last week that we were dead men walking. Thought we’d be annihilated. Well played mayo, but chrisht, I thought they were nearly trying to lose it in the end. Really need to reduce unforced errors if they’re to carry on in the championship. Still, great courage shown

  11. Where are all the negative Nancy’s now 😉
    Be back in soon to tell us that Tyrone are in fact now a poor team I suppose !
    I predicted Rochford had something up his sleeve for today ……

  12. Think Clarke has been so underrated over the years. It’s a massive plus to have his composure behind the defence. And its visible in the defenders.

  13. Proud. And ashamed for not believing 100% we would win today. Also hoarse but very happy thank God

  14. End of an era lads.

    Dillon and Moran will probably hang up the owl boots now. With Keegan and O’Shea and Cillian and Diarmuid following soon after. Yesterdays men i’m afraid. !!!!

    Oh wait a minute.

    On a more serious note i’d say the ref was Tyrone’s best player today. If only they had played him nearer to goal he might have kicked a few pints for them.

  15. Good performance by the team. Thought Aido was excellent again, kept his cool despite the constant harrassment. Also Keegan and Cillian were immense.
    Kudos to the management for the game plan, the change ups kept Tyrone guessing and off balance.
    We have some work to do before we face Tipp. They present a very different challenge than Tyrone and are well capable. But that’s for another day.
    Anyway, wasn’t perfect but good enough and we move on with one objective! Up Mayo!

  16. Great effort today. Media are really irritating talking up Tyrone like they were the team of the 00s and making excuses for them after the match.

    the lads that were out injured should get better with this extra game time and another couple of weeks training.

    one thing I would say is that Doherty again doesn’t appear to have the engine for croke park i don’t think he should be starting matches whatever about maybe 20 min at the end

  17. Now were all the so called pundits tipping Tyrone that is what happens when you right off this mayo team and for all the ones who said Tyrone would win easy that mayo going no where up your fuck??? ???e so proud of this team

  18. Fair play. Didn’t think ye would do it today. Not great spectacle but do ye give a shit…not a bit. Tyrone did their bit it has to be said – 31 shots at goal and just 12 “pts to show. Aidan o Shea MoM for me – criticism he gets is beyond me including from some of his own…when he is not playing is when u will really notice the difference. Well down to COC too – think he has been overrated a bit but he certainly delivered today. All ireland final place a dead cert now against one or other of ur old nemesis ….looking forward already.

  19. To the negative people that have being on here last few weeks stay away now til the fbd league thanks

  20. Great result and not forgetting the seven day turnaround too which must have put us at some disadvantage to Tyrone.
    Thanks to team and management! Six semi final appearances in six years is a wonderful achievement and something we should all be rightly proud of.

  21. Absolutely delighted.
    Aiden was good today and he has been good all year, the criticism of him was totally uncalled for over the last year.The same with Cillian. People need to learn to back the team not attack them.

    Keegan was class today too.

    Rochford earned his corn today. The right calls at the right time.

  22. In relation to last five minutes, I though it was brilliant, nerve shredding but brilliant. No point lumping it in for Tyrone to hand pass it up the field, if we were clever against kerry in 14 we would never have needed a replay. Clever boys

  23. Leeroy – only wish we had more of you!

    Aido – don’t poke the bear!

    Seamie – much maligned but integral to Mayo.

    Will the real Mayo please stand up?? Too f’cking right they will!

    [You quoted me in the audio WJ]

  24. Fucking great stuff. We showed we’re not done just yet…

    Hard to pick a man of the match, but Harrison and Keegan must be close.

    Keegan must be without doubt the best man marker in the game. To keep a player like Cavanagh that quiet and rile him so much that he ends up getting sent off? The man is a genius and our very own little “rascal” that all the other top teams have.
    Christ I’d hate to play against Lee!

    Can’t wait for the whole “people shouldn’t write off Tipp” comments as soon as someone dares mentions the fact that we could actually beat them.

    I watched the game with a Tipp man. He wanted Tyrone as he “fucking hates them” after the U21 game, but was quite happy to see us win as it’s now a “very winnable” game. We’ll see.

  25. Agree on the last 5 mins. Not pretty and doesn’t suit us but has to be done and thankfully was done well (just)

  26. And by the way all those critical of O shea might just pop right back under the rock they crawled from under..How these boys keep coming back is just so proud.

  27. I have never watched or seen a finer bunch of players after all my criticisms.
    What a roller coaster ride they’ve given us.
    Oh to be a Mayo fan through thick and thin.

  28. Well that was quite something.. still getting my breath!

    Firstly, what a match to win. Our first as underdogs since Dublin 2012 and only the third provincial winner we have beaten this century.

    Thought we were by far the better team in the first half and should have been leading but in truth we would have but for some bizarre refereeing calls. We clearly won the tactical battle and had them well rattled at stages. O’Shea and Cillian were causing all sorts of trouble when fed with quick ball and the intensity was up tenfold from our matches so far

    It looked finely balanced at half time. Tyrone seemed to be coming more into it as the half went on and we were bailing water a bit after the 30 minute mark. It ominously had shades of the Ulster final about it

    We went out and won a point straight from the throw in and really set out our stall. We scored another soon after, and at that stage I was almost envisaging a 2013 like second half tornado-like performance from us. I thought we let them back at us a little easily at times however, though in truth Peter Harte did a mighty job of nearly taking the game to us single-handedly at stages.

    But we never really looked in all that much bother I thought… until they took the lead and then that horror moment when they had one hell of a goal chance. Had McAliskey not panicked and took it on properly, we could possibly be talking about an agonising defeat right now. But it’s a game of small margins. After an hour it was impossible to call a winner (those who backed the draw would have been happy at that stage) and it was on a knife-edge but up stepped Lee Keegan and won the match for us with a peach.

    The less said about the last few minutes the better. Not content with attacking them like we had to such success all game (and this time them with one man less) we decided to engage in the bizarre keep-ball practice, which cost us that infamous Dublin league match in 2014. And how it nearly did (and probably should have) cost us again. In a helter-skelter few moments – similar the end of our first semi v Kerry in 2014 – somehow Tyrone’s two efforts sailed wide. And we were there!

    I thought overall we were the better side and the deserving winners. We outfought them tactically, displayed more nous and hunger and ultimately we showed why we have been a consistent semi team over the years. Tyrone on the other hand did absolutely nothing to justify the hype and bar a few magic moments look like they’re still miles off the level required to win Sam.

    But it certainly wasn’t without it’s issues. We gave away far too many frees, DOC certainly wasn’t fit, while Seamie’s form remains a worry. We could have let the ball in to our forwards far quicker at times, which I’m certain would have allowed us blow them away. Our 2013 incarnation would have won that by 5-10 points handy.

    Lee keegan was outstanding, Paddy Durcan was a revelation, while Cillian had his best performance since 2014. Aidan also worked very hard despite being given dogs abuse throughout. He’s far from the glamourous choice but unsung hero Brendan Harrison would be my man of the match. Andy has been a massive outlet for us this season too- his most effective year since 2012

    If you gave me a semi against Tipp after the Castlebar debacle I would have bitten your hand off. The back door has been the makings of us

    Lets not get carried away yet though. That would not have been good enough to beat Dublin today. We need even more improvement going forward if we are to go on and finally win the feckin thing

    We’ll enjoy tonight but from Monday the focus goes straight to Tipp. We go into this in a completely different state of mind, as hot favourites and with a weight of expectation. Tipp have zero to lose and a red hot full forward line who will take handling. No messing now, we can’t afford to take our eye off the ball. I suspect we will be fine but a 1 point win would do me perfectly, it’s all about the result. We need to ensure we don’t make the same mistake our June conquerors and Cork did. Now roll on two weeks!!

  29. A very clever Mayo win. The legend that is Mickey Harte was out thought on the line by Rochford today. Mayo players used every ounce of their experience to win that game. Lee Keegan or C O Connor for MOTM.

    No outstanding team left in this championship so lads the All Ireland is there to be won.

  30. Well done to the Mayo team ,the subs and the management team i thought Andy Moran had a brilliant game

  31. “Sixth semi final on the spin ..Stating the painfully obvious but true validation of this mayo gaa generation is painfully overdue”..from Twitter tonight..sums it all up really.

  32. I’ll never be prouder to be a Mayo man than I am tonight.

    No better place in the world.

  33. JP (II) – can you please not use the JP handle? As I pointed out the other day, someone else is already using this so to avoid confusion you need to come up with a different name. I’ve given you a papal one to keep you going.

  34. after midnight I believe I had a revelation. Thats why I posted that I felt ,tasted ,touched Mayo win today .
    2016 is our year of destiny .Believe it.

  35. Great win. A lot of heroes out there today.
    Rochfords reputation just got great boost. This Is the game that counted and he made some bold and savvy calls. Not many get the better of Micky Harte in games like this.
    Ref was diabolical. Almost cost us.
    Let’s give Tipp respect. They can score goals and that makes them dangerous.

  36. Jaysus Ciaran I thought Seamie had a fine game. Really carried the fight to them, caught a couple of great balls and worked tirelessly.

  37. Tyrone supporters said to me after the game. They said we war far better especially as we were playing against 16 men – the ref. Even the Tyrone supporters thought he was biased. Seriously proud

  38. The irony of Mickey Harte cribbing about Cavanagh being targeted is truly amazing given the way several Mayo players were targeted for abuse.

  39. Have a look at Mickley Hartes claims that cavanagh was targeted. Interesting take on the match given how his players tried to target our key men all day. Keegan man of the match for me. Two mighty and crucial points as well as a great job man marking their danger man.

  40. What a day. Great individual performances throughout but essentially a magnificent team effort. Todays win is up there with Donegal 2013. But I have to mention Seamie, Lee, Harrison, C Boyle, Paddy Durkin, and the front lads Aidan, Cillian, Andy and the ever present Kevin Mac- what an amount of work he gets through. And David Clarke has again reminded us all why he has to be our no. 1 keeper. Great scores from Keegan and Boyle at crucial stages. Delighted also for the management. One game at a time it has been up to now and so it must continue.
    Hard luck to the juniors. Beaten by a better Kerry team but superb effort in pulling a 14 point deficit back to 3. Sharoise Akram came on in 2nd half and lit the place up with his pace. Will be another Keegan

  41. Clarke was immense today, that performance alone has him in contention for an All Star

  42. Had to watch the game on SKY in a noisy pub. First game I missed in years but boy what a win! I am as proud as punch tonight and delighted for all the lads AND Stephen Rochford and his team. Big big step up in performance tody. I felt we had it in us and now we have a great chance to refine lots of things that need tweaking.
    Keegan was absolutely immense. He is a real warrior and a man who you can rely on to do the biz. Delighted for Aidan O Shea and Cilian who are back on form. But to me Andy Moran was key to our improved attacking strategy. He won great ball and did the simple things really well.
    To quote a famous writer ” Rumours of our demise are greatly exaggerated!”
    Roll on Tipp. Pity it wasn’t Galway. I’d love that.

  43. Home and hoarse…felt we could win it all the way but fecking lucky towards the end. Never felt such passion for a win myself…I felt this was a serious win though not convincing yet…but we are always in with a shout. Was surprised/amused to see the amount of Dubs all about me cheering frantically for Tyrone…what does that say…we are through to the semi final…let’s get it together and face the Tipp fight…Fair play to David Clarke today…he was superb and saved our ass a few times…Well done Mayo…proud of you all to a man.

  44. Well done all. I thought Andy Moran was excellent. Great use of subs throughout the game. congrats all

  45. So so proud this evening as we head home to Mayo. As I said yest in my post these unbelievable guys give so much to their county.
    They are the ROCKY ‘S. Keep getting back up and that’s their strength and belief.
    Well done to all who got behind them today too.
    Hoarse but happy. Tks guys for the journey. As for Sean Ban tg4 and rteand media pundits…..laughable.

  46. Hartes comments re kav leave a bad taste. Tyrone are kings of the dark arts – sledging, gouging, off the ball stuff so, to moan about lee really is sour grapes.

    Kav mocked Mayo after the 2013 semi referring to the Mayo players ‘you could see the fear in their eyes’. He saw something else in their eyes today

    Keegan, Boyle etc have that edge that we need so badly. They won’t be bullied and Tyrone like most bullies, don’t like it when you fight back.

  47. I thought Cavanagh sending off was very harsh. Having said that the sledging and abuse AOS had to put up with all day warranted someone getting a red card. Disgraceful. Something really needs to be done about this in the game.

  48. What a team! Never doubted they had it in them. One observation from it though – if Diarmuid is not 100% fit for the Tipp game he should not tog out. Call it arrogance or over confidence but he needs to be fully fit to take on the dubs. He played well but clearly not fully fit, his usual bursts by players was not there.
    Harrison is quietly fantastic!

  49. Loved Keegan’s point near the end.. it hung in the air for what seemed like an eternity.. thought it would never come down.. the silence of the stadium.. watching, waiting, watching.. and then everyone went crazy.. absolutely brilliant.. savage score

  50. This is a good win. This team is developing it’s game and it is smart. There is more work to be done but we are getting better as the competition goes on. The qualifiers have helped us and we will have a tough game against a young and eager Tipperary side. But this should help us to peak for the final against Dublin or Kerry.

    It was great to see Aidan O’Shea beating his chest like a gorilla who has vanquished his foe. Who can doubt the commitment of this team? Tell me now that Rocherford has the respect of his players. The genuine sharing of a job well done post match was the most significant detail for me……….a total team effort from players and management alike. There is a scent of victory in the air and it is most pleasurable

  51. Dublin were outstanding first half, Connolly the danger man. McMenamon takes watching as does Mannion when he comes on. Kilkenny clever player.
    However they looked a lot more beatable 2nd half and Donegal looked a bit tired from Cork game and couldn’t capitalise.
    Kerry might catch them out and if we win our semi so could we.
    Most encouraging is some key players coming into form and SOS was superb today. Diarmaid should be back to full fitness in 2 weeks.
    Also was a master stroke not playing recognised full back as Tyrone don’t bother with a FF. Our line out thought theirs no mean feat. Rabbit out of the hat and fair play to Dillon he orchestrated us very well in his 35 minutes on the pitch. Their sledging is ugly and would have really targeted Regan had he started. Tipp will play honest football in 2 weeks with none of that crap. I thought no chance we’d drop Regan but is was the right decision to set the game up and he got decent game time which is good.

  52. Fantastic win!
    I thought Diarmuid should have been off 10 minutes sooner!.
    Tipp won’t be easy. They have lots of experience in Croke Park in hurling managing big games etc. Alot of knowledge in that county. It will help them

  53. Let’s face it, most Mayo fans were going up to Croker in hope than belief today. Most. So, given the battle that ensued and our very scary last few minutes I think many of us ate delighted to still be in the race.

    As supporters we are known as being either super confident/excited OR miserable…again, most of can claim to that at some point.

    It’s been an edgy year for us 2016. We had a fairly grim league campaign. We stuttered our way along in the championship so it’s very understandable that people were nervous ahead of today. The fact that we pulled through a right oul battle naturally causes most of us to be thrilled with the outcome.

    But, did we really play well today?

    Once the dust settles and we analyse the game I think we’ll discover that some players had decent showings and yes, it was our most consistent 70 mins of football but we really have a lot of scope to improve further.

    Tyrone should have levelled in the last few mins. How many chances did they need??!

    Maybe I’m wrong but we seemed to run out of attacking ideas in the last 20 mins. 13 points ain’t a good return, it won’t win you much and we never looked like scoring a goal, so we have to get this going better. Granted, Tyrone were a hard nut to crack. Although I don’t know if u can say we cracked their defence. We were clinging on at the end and they kicked a million wides. Also Clarkey saved the one goal chance today.

    I’m very proud of how we fought today. You could see how much it meant to our team at the final whistle. They really had to dig deep and ride out a bit of luck to come through.

    So, Tipp. We don’t know much about them. Any team that beats Cork, Derry and Galway in the one season is a very serious team. They had an off day in the Munster Final but have been very impressive since then. They have a very strong centre and lethal forward line. We need to be ready.

    Well done to our team and mgnt today. Focus. Focus.

  54. Didn’t mention it but fair play to the management today, from getting the starting 15 completely correct, to shrewd use of the bench and at good times. Maybe diarmuid could have been subbed earlier but all in all well done

    I’m changing my mind bout the final few minutes. Bar the two suicide passes I thought it was good game management watching back. My perception often does change on plenty of things on rewatch, when emotion isn’t as raw and testosterone isn’t flowing

    In a funny enough way we’re in a bit of bonus territory. Dublin are the team to beat but we’ve been written off since as early as June so in a way the hype machine should stay cooler than recent years. We’re coming along nicely

  55. That was good, real good. Home now shattered and hoarse. Some people were given out about the tickets they were allocated. Their sorry now if they stayed at the home. Have to watch the match again, before I can comment on what happened today. Don’t trust my own judgment, cos I’m biased as hell when I’m at a big match supporting Mayo, for me today was about emotion, good emotions! Maigh Eo, Abu, I actually predicted something right in a post earlier in the week. I said that Rochford would have some card up his sleeve, not already seen. How right I was, when the Croke Park announcer, Named our team in order, No 1, Clark, No 2, Harrison, No 3 Dillon, etc, Now there’s no way to Mickey Harte seen that coming, Dillon at Full Back, What Next. Mortimer back in the fold???

  56. Good performance,
    Thought we would win easier,
    I think there is lot more in us to be honest.. Thought Tyrone had run on us a few times but we were very cute and needed to be. They missed a lot, do we have loads to work on.

    We will take tipp handy enough.
    But dubs or Kerry will need big big performance in final. Dubs score so easily and its hard for any team to stay with them…
    Mayo vs Dublin again o Lord, God help the health….

  57. Well done to all who kept the faith.
    Also, Rochford and his management team deserve huge credit except for the last 5 minutes possession game.
    Either way, we are blessed with this team…Up Mayo and Keep the Faith

  58. We might go down in the semi or the final but one thing is for sure, these guys are warriors and with Rochford and Co they will not go without leaving it all on the field.
    Fantastic display both in tactics and execution by everyone to a man.
    The worrying thing for others is we’ve not hit top gear yet and unlike the past none will be overawed in big games, against tough opposition in Croke Park.
    Maigh Eo Abu, ar aghaidh linn.

  59. Lets be honest lads a lot of us are writing off tipp because of their name and them not being traditionally at the top table

    That performance v galway was as good as anything we’ve seen all year. They have zero to lose and they will relish us. We don’t have the fear factor that dub and kerry do

    Don’t get me wrong we should absolutely win but anything like we’ve seen in the league and qualifiers and it could get messy. Can we fire ourselves up as much in a game we’re odds on certainties to win as opposed to today when we had a point to prove?

    Lets just hope so.

    I think people would be far more reserved about our chances if it was galway or cork we were playing yet tipp beat both. Lets hope players and mgmt are fully switched on and we go and get the job done in a no nonsense manner

    It’s a huge 2 weeks ahead

  60. Well done Mayo – a terrific performance against all the odds. Defense were superb throughout and I thought we controlled the game for the most part despite it being a tight niggly affair. Huge boost of confidence for our players and management now given the way they ground out that win.

  61. Id assume tactical skyline but can anyone confirm?

    Barry Moran in front of fb line v tipp?. Stop that ff line and you stop tipp

  62. Great performance, great to see us getting back on form. We need to move it up another couple of notches to beat Tipp. Cavanagh should have been sent off from an earlier tackle when he hauled down one of our players. Think Clarke is a great keeper but his kick outs are a bit iffy at times. However would agree with him as no. 1 Keeper. Leeroy gave MOTM performance. Our key players back close to best. If they can get back to their best, we should be able for Tipp. Anyone know why Keane was dropped. Was he injured.

  63. Just to clarifym, main reasoning about beating tipp is nothing to do with name.

    They were blown away by Kerry easy enough in the Munster final, and really just got past a division 1 side.

    Were not loosing to Tipp and I’m
    Booking jury’s tomor for September

  64. …..There was huge huge depth to that Mayo performance today. It had everything. What a total commitment by all of the panel to run the legs off themselves and die for the cause. They set out to win it, and they won it. What a skillful man-on-man marking spree, for the whole game. Huge respect to Rochford and this team. They were up for it, took it by the scruff of the neck, and never let go. Like a poster above, I saw no wrong in the final 5 mins strategy and tactics. We were up a point in a game where each point was absolutely precious. No more naievity where in the past we’d kick around the ball but eventually let a sloppy pass go, to lose possession and the win…..Our lads meant business…..held on to the ball and wound down the clock professionally. To see, around the 60 minute mark, the leaders in the pack tactically exchanging whispered instructions……players instructions to each other……..was a great sight, and indicative of the sheer will to win at that point. Everyone worked for this one…..a total team commitment. It proves that they have what it takes to go the whole way, if they can commit to two further showings like that !

  65. Thought Clarke , was excellent today , kicked very well , pulled off a good save and came when he had to when o she’a gave the poor pass at the end

    Think he answered his critics on the blog and is our deserved no 1

  66. Lovely picture of Aido and Cillian at the end of the game. Next time mayo lose and clowns come out with rubbish from “the camp ” about the 2 not getting on tell them to look at that.
    I’ve said it before I’ll say it’s again how come all these people with inside stores miles from “the camp” never ever know what team is being lined out !Spoofers !
    Rochford again today had a plan that nobody predicted ! Fair play to him . He is proving an excellent tactician

  67. When David Gough is snuggling up with his pink blanket tonight could some one pin ” give respect get respect ” above his bed!! He certainly didn’t give any today and got little in return! Sweet dreams Mr Gough

  68. Referee was 100% awful ,he was Tyrone’s 16th man giving them very soft frees while our lads had to be nearly decapitated to get one, he did however send Sean Kavanagh off but had no choice Imo.
    The ref for the Donegal_Dublin game seemed much more impartial but made 2 huge blunders, Murphy should have gone for giving Fenton the goose egg and O’Gara did not deserve red (this however was the umpires fault), the ref however showed great balls throughout and wasn’t intimidated by the Dub crowd when making the other big calls.

  69. That was one sweet win.
    Class personified. Rochford and McEntee had their critics before today. Well, take a bow gentlemen. They were tactically spot on. That was a master stroke putting on Dillon for the first half. He was excellent and Keane wasn’t needed. I was having heart palpitations when I heard that – he was right though. It was also clever to not start Regan. He just is still a little light at this level – his time will come.
    I really wasn’t sure whether they’d win this. I knew there was a kick in them but I was worried about Tyrone’s forwards. However, they learned from Donegal. Once you don’t give Tyrone turnovers and let them counter attack, their forwards aren’t half as effective. They are a good team but Mayo just had the edge, not helped by the referee.
    I agree with you in your audio piece. I’m no fan of Tyrone, far from it, but I didn’t like to hear people cheering Seán Cavanagh being sent off. No need for it. It was the turning point though. He would undoubtedly have hit a score or manufactured a free from somewhere. I’ve no time for Harte’s whinging afterwards though. Aidan O’Shea was goaded from start to finish, as was Diarmuid. Harte would really want to look at his own players before making comments like that. I seem to recall he made similarly idiotic comments after the semi final in 2013.
    All the big players played. Keegan saved his best performance for the biggest day. His two scores were crucial, particularly the one off his left foot to draw the game. Cillian was Cillian, three brilliant points from play, unerring from frees. Aidan was the man we know and love, scored a brilliant point from play, set up countless others and won frees all day. A real leader. I always smile when I see people calling for lads like these to be dropped. If Mayo ever do win an All Ireland, one of those three will be Player of the Year.
    It’s one game at a time and roll on Tipperary. However they get on though, this is some bloody team to keep taking the hits and to keep going. Every time people doubt them, they answer in style. May we never doubt them again.
    Onwards and Upwards.

  70. Maybe a tad off topic (but no harm discuss our rivals 😉 ) but what did people think of Dublin/Donegal today?

    Think the Dubs will be delighted with how it transpired tbh. They never really looked in any danger and bar conceding a stupid goal it was a fairly flawless performance. I may be in the minority but I thought DC was unlucky enough to get two yellows, and I feel Murphy was quite lucky not to see red early doors. O’Gara’s red was laughable

    Donegal never gave up and gave them enough of a test and plenty to think about. Dublin cut through them at will at times though and the bench made a telling contribution. Fenton, Small and McManaman in particular were fantastic. They’re operating on a different level to anything else in the country. But you never know on the day and all that

    To be honest I think they’ll tear Kerry apart, which would be no harm at all. I’d rather them in a final if they’re coming in on the back of a cushy win and Mayo are completely written off

    As for Donegal I actually thought they were a credit today. Many of the big guns from 2012 are completely over the hill and on the wane but boy they never gave up at all and never dropped their intensity. Who knows if Murphy could find form again and the likes of Lacey and McGlynn could stay fit and re-find some of their magic they might have one more push in them. Though I’d be amazed if they won an AI but then again I’m not sure anyone will stop Dublin in the next few years barring an odd year

  71. “I agree with you in your audio piece. I’m no fan of Tyrone, far from it, but I didn’t like to hear people cheering Seán Cavanagh being sent off”

    Very true, hopefully it was a minority. You’ll always get a few in fairness.

    One of the greats, absolutely outstanding player, and it will be a sad day for football when he retires (he’ll surely give another year?). And seems a gentleman off the pitch

  72. Aidan is a colossus and Cillian simply superb.Leroy just oozes class but so impressed with Clarke today.
    Let us not underestimate Tipperary but remember and use the hurt from other years.
    This team owes no one nothing.I dont want to say anything about Mickey Harte…he has been through a lot and obviously he was very upset and disappointed.
    Lets just concentrate on ourselves…quite happy we did everything fairly and to the optimum.

  73. Really cannot believe some are dismissing Tipp. As Sean Burke might say…’don’t be clowns!’

    Like I said earlier, we are are delighted to still be I it, fuelled mostly by relief!

    Our form is still patchy. We battled very bravely today but let’s keep the ‘pats on the backs’ for another date. We are only in a semi final. Nothing new there. We’ve lost the last two…. We really must lift our performance again from today to make sure we buck that trend.

    The last thing we want is to look back at 2016 having only performed in one game against Tyrone. When we take a look at our season as awhile, to date it’s stil not been great. Fact.

    We MUST win the next day. Yes the pressure is on us but our lads are well used to pressure now. I believe we can but only if we really do improve from today. If we let Tipp have as many chances as we have Tyrone while only registering 13pts ourselves without even troubling their keeper, then this will be just as nervy as today.

    On Andy Moran. He showed well and was very active, won ball etc but he too can do better.

    There’s also more in Aido.

  74. Was sitting in the Hogan Stand today…..Mayo were only season ticket holders of centrally seated…..we were mainly stuck in 302, 303 and 304. Seems to be more then ref against us today’s.
    We played Tyrone at their own game and won……very satisfying.
    Durcan and Harrison played very well.
    One other point; the game as a whole needs to be looked at. Rules need to change……far too much handpassing. God be with the days when the keeper kicked the ball out and long balls kicked into forward lines.

  75. Great gutsy win today even if the heart is a bit shook after that knife edge debacle. I was very concerned about the full back line prior to starting but when I saw Leroy back marking Cav I relaxed a little.
    I was a bit disappointed to see Evan dropped at the expense of Alan I was concerned. Thought the ref was a 16th man for Tyrone, especially in the first half, some of his decisions were mind boggling to say the least, should not referee a big game again for a while. We made some very astute decisions on the sideline but I thought we could have introduced Evan & Conor earlier. I couldn’t believe we subbed Andy before Jason who never got into the game.
    I think that we deserved to win just about. Tyrone blew their chance with those few wides at the end, very lucky for us. They created the only goal chance of the game, we never threatened Morgan. We played the containing possession game for the last 10 mins and I’m not the better of it yet. Man up and deciding to lose the ball in our own half instead of the opposing half, lunacy, should have cost us in truth.
    I expect us to beat Tipp but we will have to improve to dispose of them as I believe they are better than Tyrone and will possess much more of a goal threat. We will not be as complacent as Galway were as we are much more experienced outfit in how we approach these games but we cannot rely on them to kick wides as Tyrone did today and expect to win it.
    There is still great spirit in this squad and they will lie down for no one. I didn’t, hear any sledging today as some people have noted, never near enough to the pitch to hear it, thought it was played in a sporting fashion by both teams. Clarke, Leroy, Aidan, Seamus, Tom, when he came on, Andy and Cillian the standout players today for me. Harrison and Durban coming along nicely too. What a day! Yahoo Hon Mayo

  76. I know I’m loud meself at times but I think I try the simple “Mayo…Mayo” chants at the right times (to little success in getting help) then lo and behold,We’d win a free & Cillian would be lining up some fans decide that’d be the opportune time to start?!?!
    Bad enough the auld middle-aged contrary Tyrone fans around us being at it but thankfully Cillian seems to blot out noise anyway

  77. What a game !
    Clarke Harrison CoC Aos all superb today. The last 5 mins were absolute torture. Dillon a magician with an amazing football brain plays Andy wit perfect balls. Great bunch of lads. I’m concerned re DoC didn’t seem able to kick today is there somethin more serious than a dead leg ? I pray not

  78. Ace win. The intensity was back today for the 1st time this year. The management used the bench well & at the right times.
    Massive win.
    Bring on the next game.

  79. Sideline did a great job today with exception of subbing Donie first. We were calling for Jason or Diarmaid to be first subbed not that either weren’t trying hard but that seemed the correct order though COS deserved to be one of the first on. Regan and Loftus didn’t get much chance showing how high the altitude is in Croker on the big days. Dillon did very well and probably good time to bring Tom on and 35 mins benefits both players well. Regan might struggle to get game time going forward and it’s mostly the old guard who we’ll be relying on but good to know there’s up and coming talent.
    We probably need Keane next day for Quinlivan. Also a plan for their midfield who are very good. Of the young guns COS now looks best cause he’s big and strong and mobile. However frees from wide right need looking at is we leave Evan off, even outside of boot with right footers Andy and Diarmaid.

  80. Just as the match was about to start, a woman of her autumnal years took the seat beside me.

    “I’m just telling you in advance”, she said, “I can get a bit loud during the match. But I have to, because it’s up to us to keep the faith”
    True to her word, she gave it socks for the entire 70+ mins. No one was spared. David Gough came in for a special roasting but anyone guilty of timid play or giving the ball away didn’t get a free pass either.

    At half time, she told me that she has 11 grandchildren, one of whom was seated on the seat on the other side of her. I thought that she symbolises all of the passion with which we follow this great team and I was thinking of how those 11 grandchildren would be infused with the passion for Mayo that she possesses.
    I was ecstatic at the final whistle and when i looked around, she was dancing around like a teenager.

    What a wonderful team, what wonderful supporters and what wonderful days we share. I saw real pride in the players’ faces as they acknowledged the support when leaving the field.
    I hope for all of us that this great journey continues, that we get to win the big one and that all of us can continue to pass on this passion that has given us so much to savour.

    Keep the Faith!

  81. Hats off to Stephen Rochford and his management team for out-thinking that old warrior Mickey Harte in the battle of tactics. Announcing a team without a recognised full back, naming Alan Dillon in that position, and replacing Evan Regan with Jason was just the beginning of the pre-match shenanigans. Then as the game started the bringing back of Lee Keegan – one of the best half backs in the country – to blot out Tyrone’s captain and main danger man Sean Cavanagh was a master stroke. Keith Higgins blossomed when restored to his favourite left full position. Aidan O’Shea was no longer trying to burst through two or three defenders, no longer blasting balls wide, but showing statesman-like play in laying ball off to better placed colleagues all day.

    We continued to win the tactical war with the Mayo lads keeping the ball away from the Tyrone sweeper(s), the superb Andy Moran – who’s like a vintage wine growing better each advancing year – lying in wait to gather breaking ball from Aidan, the impenetrable Brendan Harrison, indominatble Colm Boyle and the high-flying Patrick Durcan closing off all avenues to goal. I could go on – what about some of Seamie O’Shea’s arial catches? Donie’s covering of every inch of grass in Croker.

    Then the forwards: Cillian back to his ice-cold best, Diarmuid, despite lack of match fitness, always there to lend a helping hand, and Kevin Mc impressively growing in stature as a sweeper and finally being able to move forward in the second half to put his stamp on a beautiful all-round performance.

    Now we come to what once were termed “subs” but today an integral part of the team – and their introductions at just the right time. Pity we did not see more of Conor Loftus, but what magnificent replacements we have in Chris Barrett, Tom Parsons, Stephen Coen and Stephen Coen. Conor O’Shea is ready to tie down a place on recent form.And then there’s Barry Moran, Alan Freeman and Shane Nally. What a wonderful array of talent!

    Stephen and his team – I saw the imprint of Tony McEntee in particular in this game – have brought Mayo along in a way that reminds me of Kerry teams of yore – appearing to struggle in early games but coming good when it was finally needed in August and September. And what an answer to the pundits who said we were no longer fast enough. What speed we showed today – speed in thought, mind and physicality.

    I said earlier this week that I expected Stephen to spring some surprises today. This he did in spades – and left me with feelings I have not felt for years leaving Crole Park.

  82. Gasp, gasp, gasp!!!! Just home from an emotional rollercoaster of a day. Unreal. Huge congrats to the team and management. They gave a gutsy team performance, totally deserved result, and yes, leaders stood up when needed. Tactics spot on.
    The nerves are shattered after it and I was genuinely close to passing out at the final whistle. What pleased me most was the composure on the ball, the patient build-up. And while it mightn’t have always ended in a score, we kept cool heads and didn’t try to force it. The keep-ball at the end though was not something I ever want to see again. Torture!!
    Leeroy absolute class, a footballing masterclass, Harrison on fire, Boyler once again got a key score and made a few significant tackles at crucial times to break their attacks. Cillian is settling back to his usual self and will continue to improve even further. I thought Seamie did well today apart from a couple of wild shots.
    Tipp have serious ball players and will pose an altogether different threat. We march on and I cannot wait for 2 weeks time.
    Come on Mayo!!!!

  83. WJ, I would request that Stephen Rochford be added to the list of individuals for MOTM. Above all else I think his contribution to team selection and tactics was instrumental to the victory. Who would have thought a one man fb line was the way to go v the blanket defence. Stephen Rochford is my MOTM

  84. Not going to get in to much tonight, savoring the moment and all, but did anyone else notice how quite the hill was on our final whistle? I’m not jumping the gun here but they certainly would have preferred Tyrone to win todays battle.
    Couple of points,
    1 Brilliant reading of Tyrone attack in recognizing that they don’t go with a full forward, so we don’t need a full back. Brave and ballsy and could have backfired, but, he who dares wins.
    2 Great use of Dillions ability to find space in the most congested of defences, getting him on the ball and his footpassing into our full forward line kept Tyrone pinned back.
    3 The sweeper is getting better.
    4 Wonderful scenes with management and players coming off the field, they earned their acclaim.
    5 Tyrone supporters are sound out.
    6 We’ll wash the overalls one last time, then we can take out the suit.
    Hon Mayo

  85. Fair play to management. This was very, very well played from a tactical point of view and one has to imagine that Tony McEntee’s knowledge of the Tyrone set-up has to have played a significant role. To outfox the wiliest of foxes in Mickey Harte is no mean feat. Team selection was spot on, all of the match ups were perfect and the bench was utilized well and at the right moments. Rochford & Co played a blinder.

    This is not to take away from the players of course, several of whom stood up to the challenge and showed leadership when it mattered. To see how much it meant to them at the end was heartening.

  86. Just watche it all over again.
    Great to get the win , BUT, if tyrone had any grain of luck they would have beaten us by 3-4 points in those last few minutes. Tipp have forwards that would love to get tyrones chances in a close finish.
    Im a Mayo fan and love the whole spectacle but we will lose and get the hearts broken again unless we smarten up, that last second back pass to clark almost caught him out, can you imagine how that would have looked on the scoreboard

    mayo 13
    tyrone 1-12 ?

    we were not protecting a 4 point lead in those last minutes, it was a single point and we really should have been attacking looking for a score against 14 men. Anyway, I am delighted for Mayo and all us fans, maybe Lady Luck is beginning to notice us?

  87. Comments by Mickey Harte about Cavanagh being targeted get up my nose. For too long that man has this “holier than thou ” attitude but in reality his teams have always had more than their fair share of sledgers and given cheap shots when they could. Smells like sour grapes and a real sore loser. I for one was delighted to see the red card, not specifically for Cavanagh, but for a bit of justice in general.

    I thought Mayo played clever today. Dillon’s first half positioning was clever, and led to Justin McMahon been subbed early. Then Rochford mixed it up again by bringing in Parsons. I thought Aidan’s moves in and out to full forward kept them guessing too, but unlike other games, the ball was played in to him in an intelligent manner, rather than high hopeless punts. Playing Keegan in Cavanagh was what I expected would happen, but it worked a treat. All in all, Rochford and the selectors made the right calls today.

    Roll on to the semi. I hope that the management give the same attention to mixing it up to suit the opposition for that game. Good forwards are only as good as the ball coming in to them, and Tipp’s excellent performance on kick outs against Galway will have to be targetted

  88. I was one of those that (stood up and loudly) cheered the sending off. Was I expected to stay silent?

    It was nothing personal against Cavanagh but it gave us a huge advantage heading into the closing stages and needless to say, that made me happy at the time, just like Keegan’s point did.

  89. A least I now know that my heart is in pretty good fettle despite age and what the doctor might call “other indicators”. We also know that the heart of this Mayo team is also in very good fettle and likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.

    Regards the Juniors I thought that the major difference was that old element “pace” which, as an old American coach once said, “you cannot coach”. But you can select players with pace and we did not seem to do so today, to start at least. The half time substitutions seemed to make a difference even if it took a very fortunate goal to spark us into life.The Kerry forwards in particular seemed to be yards ahead of their markers in the race for possession and allied to more accurate passing, both foot and hand, really put us on the back foot. Sometimes I wondered if it was alack of confidence which prevented Mayo defenders from getting out in front. In any case it cannot be said that the structure of the Kerry championships is entirely responsible for the difference in today’s Junior final. It goes an awful lot deeper than that.

  90. So proud today but one swallow doesn’t make a summer. Mayo showed massive character and balls today. But they need to improve bigtime. Have to agree with centrefield about Jason Doherty. Works his guts out always but just doesn’t have it against the big teams. We’ll get to a final against the dubs and hopefully give them a serious rattle but I fear there’s just too many weak points to beat the dubs (or kerry). Our fwds are not exactly racking up big scores, bar cillian. On the bright side mayo didn’t concede any goals. WE will keep on building and one year it really will be our year. Mayo can still improve massively but in the cold light of day were exceptionally lucky that tyrone had those 2 last scorable wides. Maigh eo abu

  91. My opinion is humble and in no way as experienced as some of the posters here. I want to make three points.
    1: Sean cavaghan got Schooled by one of the best players to ever wear the red and green.
    2: the o’shea clan stood up like the men the are today and Tyrone could not deal with them at all. Ditto cillian second game in row three from play! How anyone questions his ability free taking wise or other is just ignorant and wrong class act.
    3: we sorry our county sorry MAYO have top class unbelievable footballers and we as fans are privileged to have been alive to enjoy their class. Win or lose those lads owe us absolutely nothing and I fully expect them to beat a class tipp side who will bring the fight right to us. People hate it but mayo4sam!!!
    Not afraid to say it not afraid to admit that we are the best team this year. The time for apologies is over the time for regret is gone let’s support our county to the death and celebrate the what we all share in common. The desire to win sam. When he lands and I fully believe he will those boys your boys your girls your mothers and fathers the generations that will look back on this, be proud of them and each other: we are Mayo and we live with the crest burnt into our heart and soul. This is our year stand in our way please, and see what happens. My brothers my sisters my Mayo brethren lets stand, fight and win together. These boys owe us nothing.

  92. Home from Croker and watched recording. What can one say, This is the team that simply Keeps on Giving. We should be so proud of them. Time for sleep now but one or two little points. I took no pleasure in seeing Cavanagh sent off. He has been a great warrior and great player and I was a bit disappointed in Mayo support cheering his red card, Secondly I didn’t hear Micky H whinge but if he did Id be annoyed. He also moaned about Cunniffes tackle on Peter Harte in 2013 and complained about Aiden s penalty v fermanagh. Get a life Micky. Youre a great man and manager but you are also in charge of the most cynical team that have ever played gaelic football. Oh and by the way you might have a chat with your Number 3 The verbal abuse he dished out to Andy and to a lesser extent Aiden was atrocious. Needless to say, Gough did nothing about it, he was too busy giving yellow cards for little or nothing. In case nobody told him, verbal abuse and sledging merit a black card

  93. Totally agree with ciaran about connolly, o gara and murphy. The refs decisions were abominable. Murphy should have a serious ban for the hay maker he threw Fenton. If aido o se did that to anyone he’d be banned for life! The dublin sendings off were laughable. The gaa have to seriously sort out the officiating. It’s absolutely appalling…

  94. A long day, but so memorable. After all the media talk about our ‘leaders’ not stepping up you have to tip your hat to Cillian, Aidan and of course Leeroy. Many other good performances too such as Clarke, SOS & Andy. I thought Harrison came of age as well.

    A very shrewd move by SR to move Higgins back to the FB line as Keane wouldn’t have been suited to marking Tyrone’s 2 forwards. Tipperary will be a different challenge so I presume Keane will be needed on one of their physical forwards.

    The 2 weeks break will be needed for DO’C, he didn’t look his usual self. Great to be in this position though. I definitely get a sense of bitterness across social media since the game. People were really looking forward to sticking the boot into the Mayo players. Onwards and upwards guys!! 🙂

  95. My favorite moment was Brendan Harrisons disposess and collect. An old expert corner back trick to suprise with a rush in body collide to knock the ball loose. Harrison completely shut down his corner.
    I thought when we ran our big men down their centre they couldnt handle it.
    The keep ball didnt really work. We were pretty lucky to not concede, it really wasn’t any tactical reason Tyrone failed to equalize.
    Barry Moran sweeper might indeed be the call versus Tipp. Quinlivan is 6’3″ or 6’4″ and an absolute top footballer.
    Hopefully Diarmuid and Parsons can get back fit.

  96. Watched the recording with a non-Mayo friend last night..a neutral (one who was at the gal v tip match); he said ‘ye got out of jail today, play like that the next day and ye’ll be out’.

    Lads and lassies, yes we showed battle, heart etc. Great to see the will to win. But our team have shown this in spades before and it hasn’t been enough. As ardent supporters caught up in the emotion of the match it’s easy to lose clarity and the ability to really evaluate players’ performances etc. I would urge any of you to watch the game again. I’m sure when team and management do they’ll know they have a lot of work to do, areas to be improved.

    I’m not trying to dampen the parade. However, yesterday was by no means a masterclass. We scrapped through by the skin of our teeth. In many respects Tyrone kicked it away.

    Yes, they got a lot of soft frees in the first half but if they had their shooting boots on we’d have been out. That’s the reality.

    The reality too however is that we are still in it. We live to fight another day. It was our best performance this year but that’s not saying much, now is it?

    It’s absolutely imperative that we improve the next day. Tip are a really good footballing team. Yesterday showed to us that our boys still have the stomach for battle. That’s a starting point. It should be morale boosting but let’s not get carried away whatsoever. It was still well below what the team has produced in 2013/4 and even 2015.

  97. Well done Mayo what a win. Where are all the so call media expects who got it wrong e o I n list on got it spot on he said could be a upset.

  98. I think this for me was mayos best ever win , as somebody already said what has Meath referees got against us , Mayos manadgment completely outsmarted Mickey Harte , it is difficult to single out players but I though to day Aidan o Shea was Brillant also Seamie, Alan Dillion class if he was only used last year against Dublin the first day , what can one say about Andy Moran he will test any full back must be in line for another All Star , Hopefully Diarmuid will be in a better place fitness wise 2 weeks from now , This bunch of players made a huge statement to day they are not going away A huge boost to there confidence , Bring On The Premier ,

  99. You are correct Mayonaze but bear in mind Tyrone are a very hard team to break down and were unbeaten in league and championship up to that point. Ok we only beat them by the skin of our teeth as you say but that’s all that’s required there was no all Ireland medals handed out yesterday. We know we have to improve Tipp are a very good side they play a lovely Brand of football and will be hard to beat but if we don’t concede soft goals we can beat them. Mayo will improve further from yesterday

  100. Warm glow of a big win surrounding us today. Still we could have lost it in the last 5 easily. It was definitely left there for them to take.
    Did Tom Parsons get a point today. If yes I think that’s a first in championship in a long while.
    What a team of Hero’s!!.
    It cannot be underestimated how hard it is for guys to keep coming back. Make no mistake about it wevhave the mentally toughest side that ever played senior football. It’s easy to keep going when you win not so easy when you lose. Well done Mayo!!

  101. I think I’m right in saying that apart from Cillian, the only other forward (including subs brought on) who scored was Andy Moran, with his sole point. Is one point a good return from full forward? No it isn’t but he showed well, led the line well etc.

    The rest had blanks.

    Offensively we were mediocre and had to rely on wing backs (3 points). Keegan annually scores in quarters and to a degree in semi’s, nothing new here. But unless we improve our strike/conversion rate up front we’ll be relying on luck to win. Kind of like yesterday.

    Ps: Pebblesmeller, the Tyrone fans on the hill were far from decent. They was a bunch behind me. Horrible and bitter best describes them. Generally, I think supporters in the stands tend to be more gracious.

  102. Agree BackDoorSam…Tyrone are hard to break down. But I don’t think you can say we broke then down…they broke themselves with their horrendous shooting. Wide after wide after wide.

    Look, it’s brilliant to win. I let a primitive roar out of myself at the final whistle and yelped my way, bouncing down the steps exiting Hill 16 as soon as the whistle went, but I had my head in my hands a minute earlier because we had just given Tyrone a third scorable chance in as many minutes and like my neutral friend said, we did get out of jail. My roar was one of delight to still be in it, but when you analyse the game in the cold light of day, we were far from perfect. Really far.

    We got over the line as this team has habitually managed to do at QF Stage but a bigger test lies in wait. We have a long way to go yet.

    Keep the faith.

  103. Aidan also got a point from play, Mayonaze – that was the first one of the day. I think the spread of scorers and the overall total was more reflective of the kind of game it was, to be honest. I haven’t seen the stats yet but I’d hazard a guess that our shooting was a bit more efficient that Tyrone’s and, crucially, got us a point more than them.

  104. Brilliant performance from all the players today. Management played a blinder. Delighted for the O’Shea bros especially considering the amount of stupid criticism that has been directed towards them. Bad enough when you get it from poor journalists but worse when you get it from your own fans. A lot of guys on here should really think before typing. Up Mayo

  105. Yes but they had so many bad misses WJ. Their keeper missed 3 alone! Ones he’d normally expect to slot over.

    Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think we did much shooting at all. I’m certainly not an advocate of shooting for the sake of it but we didn’t carve open or create many opportunities. No goal threat. Whereas Tyrone did…they just ‘couldn’t score in a brothel’ yesterday. Thank God!

  106. What a collective performance from this team, everyone stuck to the gameplan and it worked a treat. Sideline made the right calls and selections. hats off to them. Roll on Tipp. Hon Mayo!!!!

  107. Up Mayo!! Feeling very proud and delighted today. Well done to the boys who showed all those who wrote them off they aren’t finished yet!!! Hon Mayo

  108. Can’t say I agree we got lucky. The ref was worth a good 3 points to them and even with that I think their wides (except Morgan’s which were all from 45m plus) came from putting pressure on the kickers and making sure their best shooters weren’t the ones getting the shots off……I think Cavanagh had one shot all day, and that was blocked down!

    Fair enough playing keep ball at the end was frustrating, but maybe it was better than pushing forward, getting turned over and then allowing them to break and get a score.

    A Tyrone friend of mind reckoned we deserved it so maybe we should just enjoy it!!

  109. A lot of Tyrone shots were long range which was forced by our good defensive structure. We beat them at their own game. Yes Morgan would normally get 1 or may 2 out of those 3. Besides that a only about 2 or 3 were bad wides, the rest were forced on them. I thought we were a bit the better team in 1st half but frees kept them with us and some maybe soft. Ref gave some of them yellows for very little.
    There’s room for improvement but we had a top player who was short of 100% fit who should be much more able to influence the next day and another who perhaps shouldn’t have started start, maybe Conor OS will jump ahead in pecking order. So maybe not perfect 10 for management but 9 out of 10 which is as good as any management would expect to get. Also 35 mins will be big boost to Tom P’s match fitness. Barry or more likely Keane to start next day I think. Horses for courses.

  110. We’re all enjoying the win T-Bone but our analysis of the game differs. I agree completely with you regarding the ref. But Tyrone kicked a hell of a lot of scorable shots wide. Anyway, I’ve said my bit.

    We’re thru. It’s good. We move on.

  111. Fair comments Shuffley Deck. Horses for courses and hopefully Parsons and Diarmuid will be able to go at full steam in a fortnight. The depth of our squad is certainly bring tested.

    Recovery required this week.

  112. While I don’t think we “got lucky” and while I feel we were certainly the better team, in all fairness we were hanging on at the end and if mcaliskey didn’t panic when through on goal we would possibly be out. so I see people’s concerns

    I thought we missed a trick by not really putting them to the sword early in the second half. It reminded me a lot of the 2013 match the way the second half started, when back then we blew them away in the 3rd quarter. Only this time we weren’t as ruthless- although I maintain we’re not quite the same team anymore as then.

    But that’s football. Whether it’s a stepping stone to further improvement or a sign of things to come in terms of not really putting teams away remains to be seen

    I think mayonaze’s point about the lack of scorers and scoring shouldnt be overlooked even with the delirium being felt so close to post match

    13 points v dub and we could well be looking at a final more akin to 04/06 than 12/13

  113. Don’t u mean 13 points v Tipp and we could well be looking at a semi final more akin to 88, 93!! 😉

    Everyone seems to be writing off Kerry. Dangerous.

  114. We all know that performance wouldn’t be good enough to win a final V Kerry or Dublin or maybe even a semi V Tipp but let’s cut the lads some slack they won their 6th quarter final in a row wasn’t pretty but pretty effect wasn’t a perfect performance but let’s enjoy the moment we can hope and dream again that’s good enough for me

  115. After the tension started to go out of me after a few hours, I watched the game late last night.

    A few points on top of many made by others already:

    We were far from perfect. There will always be some dodgy referring calls (we need to stop focussing on this). However we did way too much mouthing and arguing with ref – this needs to be cut out. Esp AOS, Boyle.

    Was pretty obvious that DOC not 100% and should have been subbed earlier and Doherty should also have come off earlier. Thought Freeman would have been used.

    One particular positive for me – we foot passed (pretty well) a lot more than I appreciated from the Davin. Also, the movement at pace / running game was pretty incisive and more productive and “direct” than I appreciated.

    On to Tipp – am now confident that management will have a specific gameplan and appropriate personnel for that challenge. We will need to goal (think at least 2) and may see re-emergence of Barry sweeping.

    Hon Mayo!

  116. That’s was the most satisfying win since cork in 2011. After all the criticism that this team has got this from inside and outside the county. Ya’d wonder if there was any point in us getting off the bus if pundits were to be believed. I’d ask the contributors on here to hide behind “constructive criticism” to take a break from their keyboards for the rest of the season. Thought rochford got it spot on today and should be applauded, my god it was a brave move dropping Keane, could you imagine what the narrative would have been if we had lost. The ref kept Tyrone in the game so to say we were lucky is simply BS. There was a period at the end of the first half where we couldn’t buy a decision and Tyrone players were throwing themselves to the ground knowing they would get a free. The sledging by the senior players on the Tyrone were was atrocious also but they are the original of the species in that regard.

  117. I think yesterday and today should be days for celebration and appreciation of the fact that we are sill in the championship.

    Fair play to the team for that effort on the field’ Fair play to management as well. When I saw Dillon named at 3 I thought we had finally gone over the edge unrestrained but it turned out to be a master stoke in the first half. Management must take some credit here.

    Plenty of time for hard cold analysis in the week ahead. Certainly I saw things I was unhappy and apprehensive about but ara I can leave that for another day.

    Up Mayo.

  118. Harte made a huge mistake by not calling our bluff by leaving Cavanagh in on the square. Was Keane dropped or was he injured?
    DoC was off his usual self a bit & lets hope he did not injure himself further. I thought he should have been subbed earlier.
    Cillian is improving with every game
    SoS answered his critics yesterday

  119. I know Harte’s comments about Cavanagh’s yellow card scream glasshouses and stones, but he does have a point. Referees only seem to action off the ball stuff when aggrieved players respond. Lee gave Cavanagh a “Howya” shoulder of the type we see all the time without action being taken. Had Cavanagh shouldered Keegan back or done nothing then the ref would have not taken any action. But instead he wrestled Lee to the ground and so we get two yellow cards.
    Near the start of the Dublin v Donegal game Rory Kavanagh went in Shoulder to chest on Cluxton off the ball, totally unprovoked, knocking Cluxton back into the netting. Play was suspended at the time and the ref was right in front of the incident, so at least three officials have to have seen it, but nothing happened.
    Similarly with Aidan all the time… Refs turn a blind eye to all thats going on, until a player reacts, and then its yellows all round.

  120. I agree with you Cosa Bana.

    A Tyrone fan I spoke with leaving Croker felt we were always the better team and could have won by more. We seemed happy to grind it out and keep ball. A one point win is as good as walkover and great preparation for holding on to leads when the finishing line looms in sight – something we’ve not been great at.

    It was a great win with room to improve and still time to get the improvement. I really enjoy wins like this where the tension remains until the final whistle, and then sheer joy. Looking forward to more of the same. Up Mayo

  121. That’s invariably what happens cosa bana. And it’s wrong but refs interpret it that way at the moment.

    Mickey though has really no argument here considering the shite that some of his players come out with and the sledging they do. McNamee was at it all day trying to provoke a reaction out of AOS and Andy Moran.

    Even the younger players on that team are involved in it. Its a fairly disgusting act all round. Especially when you think about the lengths they go to provoke – remember back to that Donegal v Tyrone U21 match when the Donegal player was in tears after the game because of the abuse he took.

    Mickey really has the rose tinted glasses on here zoning in on one specific subject.

    The only defence I have for him on this subject was that this question may have been asked directly in the first interview after the game when he was still recovering from being knocked out of the championship. And he probably still had not come to terms with this.

  122. Heart just returning to normal again… What a day yesterday, you just gotta love these guys!! For me Brendan Harrison was fantastic, probably the best I’ve ever seen him play.
    I have a question that hopefully someone can answer, why was the national anthem not played before the match? The teams just finished their prep and the ball was thrown in… It was played before Dublin v Donegal

  123. “13 points v dub and we could well be looking at a final more akin to 04/06 than 12/13″…as one poster wrote above….
    its Tipp we’re playing next, never ever look past your next opponent, also 13 points against a very very defensive minded team was could only beat the team in front of you on any given day

  124. Congratulations to Stephan Rochford and his selectors for the way they picked the team.
    Imagine if JH and H/C had done this we might have an AI by now. Fair play to all the lads on the panel, the only thing that I have a gripe about is our injured players (Caff and Gibbons), could they not be included on overall panel. Tyrone had all their panel on the pitch before the match and I counted 33. Even a sub on crutches had his walk on the pitch. Are our injured players not due the same respect?. Those players should be kept on panel and not be treated any differently to other players. Remember they got hurt in the line of duty therefore should not be totally ignored as I seen yesterday.

  125. I’ll eat my hat if we only score 13 v tipp, mayonaze. Not a hope they’d keep us out as well as Tyrone and Dublin would. I agree we shouldn’t take them lightly but lets not go overboard either

    The “never write off kerry” cliche is well outdated at this stage.

    True they’ve often rocked up to croke park and blown teams away after an iffy campaign before that, but this was in the last decade when the o’ses, the o’sullivans, gooch, donaghy, galvin, walsh etc were all in their pomp. They’re a shadow of that team now

    Bar 2014 when they had more luck than humanely possible in the semi replay they’ve been beaten anytime they’ve been expected to in recent years. Dubs coasted in the AIF and league finals and id be fully astonished if kerry beat them

    I have huge reservations about fitzmaurice too

  126. Still over the moon with the win what a day it was up there the woman not to happy with her Donegal team but they never gave up what will the so called pundits tipping Tyrone to win every body was tipping them one thing I have to say not one person at work or here in Donegal taught Tyrone would win they said it would be tight but mayo would pull away with a win now its time for head’s to be put down if we over look Tipperary we will be maid pay there very fit team

  127. Hope everyone got home safe and well from were ever living around Ireland and beyond safe travelling on till the next day UP MAYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. Think Rochford had a job to do and he did it. This was the first test of the new management and they out thought the great “Harte” himself.

    The lads had to get over the line and did – job done!

    Tipp is next and if they give it the same commitment they should get past them. Personally, I think Tipp played their All Ireland against Galway. This Mayo team is just a bridge too far for this Tipp team

  129. The Tip game will be totally different to yesterday. Tip play an open traditional type of style. I can see a high scoring match with goals, possibly for both sides. Keane will def be back at fb, yesterday was horses for courses, the right call to play a side like Tyrone. Expect alot of teams to adopt that approach when playing northern teams next year.

    Tip are decent and will put up a good score but their achilles heal is their bench. They have only used 17 players all championship, they have nothing on the bench. Mayo should pull away in the last 15 as tip tire.

  130. A lucky win in the end, great play from some of the heroes of this team, Aidan, SOS, Keegan, Boyle, COC, DOC. But how we thought playing keep ball in our own half for last 5+ minutes was a good idea is mind boggling, and we had an extra man!

    Can’t get my head around people saying Clarke has been great, there is no evidence to support this. In the last few games I have seen:

    – In last couple of mins yday he kicked passed it directly to Tyrone player and luckily they missed.

    – Straight after he dallied over the kick out for an age and just about got the ball to one of our men

    – When Tyrone pressed the kickouts he looked very nervous and the height of his medium-long kick outs put the receiver under pressure everytime, heart in mouth moments a plenty!

    – For the second game in a row he took a kick out too short costing us a point, that’s two points, they all add up

    – Against Fermanagh he kicked a ball thirty yards straight to Fermanagh player and Colm Boyle had to rugby tackle him to stop a goal, which would have put them ahead. Colm Boyle got black card that almost had the repercussion of Boyler missing the Tyrone game.

    – In Westmeath game he gave a terrible pass to McLoughlin that had under pressure and he was then dispossessed and they almost scored, but luckily the Westmeath fella tried to be too cute

    – Also, in the Westmeath game for their goal he was beaten by a player with a dribbler from 30 yards+. You can say what you like from Hennelly but he was never beaten with a shot like that.

    – We have no options for long frees. Hennelly has a good record from these. Even if they are missed, they settle the team giving them a break

    – Tipp and hopefully if we get there, Kerry or Dublin will be all over our kickouts and Clarke’s slow flighted kickouts would be a disaster

  131. I met some great Tyrone fans yesterday who wished us well for the rest of the championship and said we were deserving of our win.
    I also had a Tyrone fan beside me who shouted “Yuse Mayo fans, where are your soccer chants now?” when we went behind in the second half. After the match, I walked past him singing “Stand up, for the red and green”. He was not a happy camper.

    I did expect us to win yesterday but I also said I’d be happy as long as there was a shape to the team and a sign that progress was being made. I think we all saw yesterday progress is being made. Mayo were cute hoors at stages yesterday and I’m happy to see it. We wouldn’t have been as cute as Tyrone yesterday though. All those lads did was drop the shoulder just before contact and they got a free out of it.

    O’Shea’s Cryuff turn and chip was up there with the most creative instinctive play I’ve seen from any player. Had a score come from it, the momentum would have been huge!

    Regarding Tipp game, I expect Rochford & Co to have their homework done. We know who their danger men are and so will they! I’m moving to Dublin on 21st of August so I have to phone to see can we move the move in date to the Saturday! Priorities.

  132. We were lucky to win when we had just 14 fit players for most of the game. Diarmuid was no where near fit enough to play, he could barely run and couldn’t kick the ball. I’ve a lot of time for Rochford and he’s doing nearly everything right but you shouldn’t play lads who aren’t fit.

  133. pm, i also spotted that move aos made, he hit the ball with the inside of his ankle to steer it into the only space available and chipped it up as well, very technical move for a big fella like aiden. His point from distance was a thing of beauty too. Tipp are next and it will be very interesting to see how we set up for that, at least the 2 weeks will give players time to recover and be prepared.
    A BIG WELL DONE to them all yesterday,

  134. Congrats to the team & management on a great win,an absolute joy to witness,as I said post match the right team was picked & was the key to success,thanks to all the squad for the joy and happiness,& please God there is Lot’s more to come,to Aidan and all the lads Never show the white feather”! PS. I did shed a tear!

  135. Several Tyrone supporters spoke to me after the match saying well done and wishing us the best. Very gracious in defeat and no gripes from them whatsoever.

  136. I also got the impression that the dub fans were going for Tyrone yesterday and looked a nervous lot when the final whistle went.we are probably the only team that makes them nervous but that’s for game 8 game 7 is next a completely different challenge from Tyrone so management it’s over to ye again,take us to the promised land..maigheo ABU

  137. Only now I can write these words with any degree of psycological safety –

    Dear Aidan,

    Please don’t ever slice a ball with the outside of your foot across our goal in the dying seconds of the game. Have we not suffered enough?

    Aside from that – superb game big man.

    Yours etc.

  138. Interesting article by Paul Galvin in the Sunday Times about Hype. He was in Galway(for the races) in the week leading up to Galway v Tipp…having played Tipp over the years and seeing their underage teams he couldn’t believe how the latter were being written off.

    A short but good read.

  139. NiallMc1983 I have to agree with you, this theme of us being lucky is BS. I think even if we had conceded from any of those late Tyrone chances we would have gone back up and won it again.

    Tyrone like to counter attack and had no plan b when Mayo did not lose the ball allowing those counter attacks. They overturned Donegal 14 time in the Ulster final and I would love to see our stats in this regard, much lower I would guess. So with their best plan of attack gone they were resorting to bad shot selection, long range shots and shots under pressure.

    I knew their game was up when at one point Harte had a reasonable chance with a few minutes left but hesitated and laid it off. It showed Mayo had got into their heads and even a player with the class of Harte was affected. I really think Mayo had other gears if they were needed. They beat the best Tyrone had without really having to play very well.

    I know I will be lambasted for this but I think we will beat Tipperary quite easily. That same performance against Tyrone will easily do it. I just don’t see them anywhere near the top level required just now. Personally I see Division 2 and 3 as much of a muchness, not much difference between the teams. But the step up to division 1 is a big step, ask Down.

    Roscommon were shown up as far fitter than other teams in their league but when other teams caught up they were done. Tipp are division 2/3 team, could easily hold their own in division 2 but not division 1 as I think their results show over the last year or two. Tyrone can. Derry, Galway and a bad Cork team are not where a team are judged as All-Ireland standard.

    Thats where Mayo are at, we may not had won it yet but we are up there. We have, I think, been training for this time of the year, Galway trained for the derby and they won. We have bigger fish to fry.

  140. Tyrone 31 shots, 14 wides and 4 into Clarkes hands = woeful shooting.

    We had 25 shots…of the 12 that didn’t score I’m not sure how many went wide
    = ‘can do better’.

  141. That doesn’t add up does it!?? Those stats are according to the Sunday Times. Tyrone 31 shots (12 scores/ 14 wides…must have been 5 dropped short so). Anyway they had a bad day at the office with the oul shooting. Some of which can be down to our defending but let’s be honest, they missed some reasonably straight forward ones too.

  142. Willie joe great blog. Well done. Keep it up. Great to win against 16 men yesterday. Some people. Won’t name them Need to keep mouths shut next day to avoid yellows Our record against tipp in semis is not good. They beat us in 1919. Time for revenge good luck to team and S. R. On 21st. Hope to be there in my genfit jersey

  143. Galway defending v Tipp was embarrassing and if Tipp think that they’re going to get 14 shots inside our 21 in the first half, as they did v Galway, they will get a fierce awakening. Is Fox going to be allowed free range of the middle third of the pitch, as he was v Galway, to swan around the place? I think he’ll be introduced to the granite like shoulder of Davitts’ finest in Boyler, that’ll make him think twice.
    Time for Tipp to play with the big boys, it’s not Galway they’ll be dealing with next. Big Bird can come in to deal with their aerial threat. We’ve a horses for courses squad now.

  144. Still high. That match was the perfect two fingers to the lazy, cliche ridden pundits. Lee Keegan got 44 possessions yesterday as a wing back, David Moran got the same in Limerick against us as a midfielder and he was lauded as the greatest ever player in the history of the game. Brendan Harrison is playing himself into an All Star. The management got their game 100% correct yesterday, although I did feel Diarmuid could have been taken off earlier as he was obviously struggling. Maybe, just maybe, we have that one ingredient we’ve missed over the last 20 years, LUCK.
    Maigh Eo abù

  145. I enjoy analysing games,but now i am just going to sit back for a week and truly appreciate the huge achievement this group of player’s has reached,6 consecutive All-Ireland semi’s and the excitement of knowing,the best is yet to come.

  146. High fives to: Mgmt initial selection, Leroy, SOS, Harrison, Cillian and Aido and to great support.

    Thumbs down to: Gough what was he at with those non frees to Tyrone especially in first half. Subs aside from Parsons were too slow in being made. DOC not fit and J Doc never in the game should have been subbed after 20 mins. McCann and Sludden got way too much possession.

    Another great day for Mayo, I was told that a camera man down in front of us in the Cusack stand was smiling and shaking his head when he seen the reception the Mayo players received as they walked of the pitch, the players and SR acknowleged the crowd. Next game please……

  147. It may be a dreary Sun day but watching a re run of game certainly lifts the spirits..Having a Sunday game get together with my fellow mayo fanatic friends later…Like someday soon let’s just enjoy the moment…Will not see the likes again..

  148. Just a small point. It was Cavanagh that completely instigated the incident with Keegan after half time. I watched the whole incident from start to finish ten yards in front of me. I thought Cavanagh let his team down badly and I’m sure he knows this better than anyone. Thanks to Willie Joe again for this blog.

  149. Just read mickey hartes comments about Keegan and cavanagh, the man deserves respect but Jesus mickey, pot kettle and black.

    What are the odds that the Sunday game will concentrate on that tonight ?

    None of the Tyrone fans I talked to after even mentioned it.

    Was also great to meet the 81 year old Dublin fan yesterday who was at the final in 1951 and said he hoped he lived long enough to see us win another one!

  150. A massive win. Hats off to all involved. I was in the hogan roaring my head off. Best defensive display from mayo I have seen. Done really well. The o sheas were mighty and seamie must be made of granite. Got through some amount of horse work. I think it was always gonna be tight with no forward really hitting big scores due to both defensive styles. I think that our experience of big occasion and bottle won out. Keegan kicked two massive points. Bit like ulster final it was tight but thankfully we came out on top.

  151. Jaysus that was a nerve wracking game. For 5 mins in second half I thought Tyrone were turning the screw and tightening up the scoring zone but our lads kept the heads and stayed patience as the man sitting beside me in Davin said was like a game of chess.Very impresive defensive game plan.Tactically won the battle.Seamie, Andy,Harrison, Adian, Durcan and Leeroy really impressed me. Wow Leeroy has some balls they were gutsy points he took on.Lads beginning to come into form.We beat Tyrone at their own game. Lots of things for Tipp Management to think about.A Mayo woman at the game said we were shite. For once I kept my mouth shut.Another semi final lads.

  152. Does anybody know where I could see a recording of this game, just back from hols, tried to look at game on gaago yesterday, but it kept freezing and missed half of it. I’m sure the Italians around me were wondering what was wrong with this crazy Irish man. It’s the 3rd time I have used gaago while I was away and always a very poor service. Please help!! A fantastic Mayo performance, congrats to all, panel and management team.

  153. Points from play : Mayo 10; Tyrone 6. Points from dubious frees ; Mayo 0; Tyrone 3.
    Mayo were simply the better team. Harte’s post-match comments were hypocritical in the extreme. Cavanagh is the man who deliberately pulled down a Monaghan player to deny them a goal. Yet Harte claims he never deliberately went out to get a card? I won’t even mention how Harte introduced the concept of sledging into the game – ask Mayo minors, Donegal minors and Tipperary under-21s.

  154. @jr.. Thanks for that, in all my days out I’ve never noticed that before, but really missed it yesterday !

  155. Kilkellyexile
    You’re 100pc correct. I watched the whole incident from start to finish as players returned for second half. I’m a trenchant advocate of fair pay but I have to say I was absolutely proud of Lee in the manner in which he represented himself and us and refused to be bullied by the likes of Cavanagh.

  156. With Leeroy, don’t start what you can’t finish. Just ask Connolly and Cavanagh.
    Enough of Harte and indeed the media in general. We don’t need them to justify our team, or tell us exactly what we have. We know.
    As I advised in a previous rant, F**k ’em all.

  157. @franklyc ,you must be from
    How could you criticise Clarke, he has been superb since he has got back in and saved us yday at the end.

    He rightfully no 1

  158. Agreed pebblesmeller. To hell with the media and whoever else wants to throw negativity and questions about character in the face of these players. Lee Keegan is a gem and showed the very character this team have been unfairly criticized for lacking this year by so-called experts. He’s a man for the big occasion, a leader who stands up when it matters and he isn’t intimidated by anyone. He is one of the very best we’ve ever had playing for Mayo and I’m proud of how he stood up and was counted yesterday. As much as Mickey Harte wants to hypocritically complain, Lee Keegan would walk onto his Tyrone team. There isn’t a manager in the country who wouldn’t love to have him.

  159. Wow, what a match! I was so absorbed by the excitement of it all, that I actually forgot there was another match on; was leaving my seat when a Dub asked me why I wasn’t staying. I did!

    Sitting in the Lower Cusack near the sideline at the Hill end doesn’t give you that bird’s eye view, but by God you feel every tackle made and every sinew stretched.

    Other posters have said it eloquently, and I’ll repeat it. I felt the management came of age yesterday. The Dillon change, & no Keane was audacious. A Ballintubber friend told me about it at 12:30 and explained the rationale: Dillon would just stand around on the ’40’ and utilise the vacant space to drive at Tyrone. Spot on. The whole game plan was obviously worked on and the intensity was there for all to see. And the plan B for when Dillon tired? Why Parsons of course to give some mobility and zip down the middle. Pretty obvious really. Subs too were well made and while Tyrone did well in shutting us down when down to 14, I felt we lasted the energy sapping conditions better – and given the doubts expressed beforehand, by me and others, that’s some achievement.

    Also, they had a word in the ear of a few players at half time and the first half indiscipline which led to needless bookings and the concession of scores, was much less of an issue in the second half.

    And what made my day complete was hearing Mickey Harte accuse us of gamesmanship; ultimate accolade! On Cavanagh’s sending off, the point is this. He may have been harshly given a first yellow – but look at the one’s Mayo got. However, he’s a big boy and has been around, and when you get a yellow you take care you don’t pick up a second one. Every player has to be aware of that. How is he different?

  160. @ Mayo 51 I agree with you.I think the criticism of Clarke is harsh.As far as I remember he made a good clearance from a high ball in and stopped one and nearly a second from going over bar plus he stood up when Tyrone had the goal chance. You could see what it meant to the boys when it was over.Let no one tell me those boys are not hungry. You can be sure they will be well up for Tipp.

  161. Clarke never put a foot wrong. Total shite talk. Commanding performance. God help him on here if he does make mistake

  162. Clarke is the best goalkeeper in Ireland. Inclusive of S. Cluxton. I’m not the only one to hold this view. I feel he should play in goal for Mayo. Unless, of course, we wish to play someone who is not as good as him.

  163. Quinlivan and Sweeney will take some watching both tall men, Tipp let the quick ball into these too and they destroyed Galway but on the floor and in the air. Quinlivan is Heslin with more speed. Harrison is improving with every game definitely will be more than able for Sweeney. The selection who to mark Quinlivan will be an interesting one. I remember one moment in particular against galway were Quinlivan went out to midfield catch a great ball, turned and took off and nobody could catch him.I felt management was curtailing keagan in some games this year and he is a breath of fresh air going forward, he may be needed again to do a job again. I’m glad that Barrett is also getting fit at the right time as i can see him starting against tipp based on his man marking ability. This also frees up our best runners.

  164. I can’t help but comment on the irony of a Mayo man saying “never write Kerry off” being an outdated cliche. Don’t think I need add anymore to that.

  165. It’s easy to question clarkes inclusion Ciraran even thought he a good keeper. We lucky we got two good keepers but each on their own are mistake prone. Clarke gave away 3 points from kickouts and another that he went for with one hand and tipped on post that hennelly would have saved. So I’m not saying change from Clarke they both have their pluses but both have their negatives.

  166. 1919 defeat by Tipp? Can’t wait to see what you come up with Willie Joe in your potted history of mayo v Tipp, will be had to top that pathe news clip of out 1935 clash with kildare!

  167. Read your comment @frankly . You have wrote an essay critising Clarke , agree with mayo51 you must be a breaffy man 🙂

    Clarke brings high ball presence , gives the defense confidence and without question is better than hennelly

  168. Definitely some quear yoke opinions on here, but every quear yoke is entitled to his opinion.

    Mayo in my opinion are still holding back and will hopefully continue to do so until the second half of a not insignificant game on 3rd Sunday of September.

  169. Christ, is there any need for the constant Clarke/Hennelly debate?
    Can’t we just fully support whoever is in goal and not micro analyse every single thing they do during a game?
    It’s like some people are hoping for a mistake, just so they can say “told you so”.

    We’re blessed to have 2 quality keepers, let’s just get behind them both and stop the constant comparisons.

  170. Hardly the time or place to be critical of Clarke. I am a big Hennelly fan and think he is an excellent goalie. But Clarke was fantastic yesterday. His pass to Durcan near the end which was intercepted was more Durcans error as he waited for rather than attacked the ball. By the way Durcan had very good game. Anyway back to the goalies. Clarke now deservedly has the jersey, Hennelly is a great sub and our U21 and Junior goalie is next on the list He did very well in Junior game yesterday

  171. God why are people so sensitive it’s so right to question the qualities of both keepers. They both great in their own right however if we got to final with Dublin I would massively prefer hennellys kick outs but would prefer Clarke under high ball. Why we not allowed to discuss keeper without falling out. For god sake we want same thing.

  172. Very proud of our lad’s. Well done to all. I’m very much in the Clarke camp in that I feel his presence and Authority in the square makes those playing in front of him more comfortable that he will be there when needed. Brilliant save when Tryone got in on goal and the sprint to pick up that late wayward pass not to mention his strength under the high ball. . We are blessed to have Rob as well but I think Clarke gives us more in terms of security at the back. After all what is the primary role of the keeper. Kick outs might not be
    His strong point but it’s an area that he and the team can work on .
    In a post the other day I wondered if we might be doing a cute hoor job on Tryone I believe it’s clear now that we have a team and management playing a blinder and we will have a plan for Tipperary and The Dubs/Kerry. Keep the faith it may just about to be repaid

  173. Hear, hear Dan. They are both fine keepers and we are blessed to have them. Both have had excellent games in the past and when needed and both have had off days…………….even the mighty cluxton has those.
    Comparing them does one an injustice……………….suppose Hennely said ”fuck this criticism, I’m off”, would his critics be happier???.

  174. We have two very capable keepers. It’s a hard call between them. I like them both!

    Back to Tipp…rte radio 1 had a long piece on them this afternoon before the coverage of the hurling. Serious underage development over the past 8 years or so. Two all Ireland minor appearances with 1 win and they were v unlucky in that u21 final last year. They play with two big mobile lads up top with quinlivan sometimes coming outfield for kickouts. Kearns is a shrewd kerryman…I wouldn’t be taking for granted that he’ll stick to the usual plan. He may try to shake things up a bit… I’m sure Rochford & Co will analyse this carefully.

  175. Coming on here criticising Clarke is rediculous and makes no sense to be why someone would bother especially in light of yesterday’s performance. I’m sure Robbie is 100% behind David when he starts and rightly. He’s conceded two goals in four games so he’s doing his primary role well.

    After yesterday’s I have 100% faith in rochford, tactics were spot on. Listened back to the game on newstalk and none of the pundits had a clue what was going on when Dillon was named and neither had Micky Harte.

    No bad team makes a semi and cannot be taken for granted but can we just nip this in the bud, team and management won’t take tipp for lightly so let’s not go through the endless debate.

  176. Other other.

    That’s a new one on me. Could it be that you are referring to both our goalkeepers without wanting to refer to either.

  177. Can we please park up the goalkeeper debate. We have the two best in the business in our panel. David Clarke is our better option right now. Trust me. I know about these things.

  178. That’s probably a bit harsh wj. You were clearly referring to micky hartes request to cavanagh, to suckle on his other udder.

  179. Strange Anomalies!

    The championship this year has popped up some weird ones. Starting with the overhyped Roscommon endorsing Premier Inn by lying down in the Connaught final replay. Funny that Lenny Henry didn’t start as full forward. Now that would have been funny and paradoxically a first for both.

    Diarmud Connelly gets sent off for a red card that he didn’t deserve. That one is just to weird to get into.

    Mayo are sledgers! This came straight from the horses mouth of the “No If’s Buts or Maybe’s” man, Mickey Harte. That was the byline for his long debunked column he used to have in the Irish News. For a man who doesn’t like to talk , he’s not that fond of listening either.

    Aidan doesn’t make a clean catch but manages to bat the the ball down to the eager hands of Andy Moran, who taps it over the bar. Thank you AOS for being there.

    Despite Dublins exempleray efforts to gift the match to an aging one deminsional Donegal team, Donegal refuse the gift and commence to download Nathan Carter’s new single,” Jimmy is mad about soccer and Horan has stopped the seat spinning but Canavan is still mad about the circles and arrows thing” A bit long winded for a single, I agree but pales in comparison to Harte’s nonsensical Whinging.

    Tipperary! Enough said.

    Mayo got lucky in Croke Park. That’s fucking insane altogether Ted.

    Galway a team that are snubbed by 52 potential players and then go on to slay the Mighty Mayo on Mayo’s homeground and Mayo still manage to drag themselves back up to stand again. I fucking love their resillence.

    If Dublin or Kerry were facing Tipperary in the All Ireland semifinal, how would that go? A wild guess is ok cos it’s neither of them teams, it’s Mayo that are facing them.

    Is there something wrong or maybe right with the thinking, after all this time?,

    Note to Tyrone, Free’s should not be Free, “Free The Free” Tshirts available in all good Northern Ireland sportshops Order now! No whinging if you don’t get one,

    Will Mayo “Go gentle into the still night? Or will we Rage against The Machine?

    Come on the Mighty Mayo!

  180. Jaysus Joe. I love your philosophical diatribe!! I had a little difficulty in translating some of it, but then again, i am old and thick! I love your subtle use of the word. “Fuck”, (my favourite word of all time).. A great post, long may they last!! 😉 🙂

  181. We have 2 fine goalies in my opinion with a 3rd on the way in Flanagan who will challenge both.
    WTF is it with refs from meath? Apart from beating them in 51 I cannot think of anything. I agree with the earlier poster who stated that Gough probably does sleep with a pink blanky. I do think Coldrick is a good ref though who got shafted by his linesman (O Reilly) in 14 when he sent off leeroy.
    Hats off to the mayo fans who drowned out the boos during the keep ball phase near the end with chants of mayomayomayo- PURE CLASS.
    As for anyone who thinks tipp should be taken lightly,they should reconsider. The hardest football I ever played was in tipp while I lived there – hard but fair and I was proud to briefly play for them at junior level. They will run hard and direct and will cause us problems but we will prevail as I now believe in our management.
    They do have talented players who have a hardness that doesn’t come from a gym. They work hard and play hard.
    Finally as for the media; well they are just waiting for us to fall – they could be waiting……

  182. It was a fine day to be a Mayo fan yesterday a very sweet victory and a tactical achievement that would have the likes of Éamonn Fitz and Jim Gavin not terribally sure what to expect should Mayo beat Tipperary.

    One can have all the tactics in the world, but if a team don’t stick to a plan well it is pointless. Further to this it undermines the management team and the whole spirit of the dressing room. For this to have been successful the individuals of group’s belief in not only their ability but the teams ability is more secured. The group as a whole is more trusting and will got further than before as a unit.

    The team today has delivered more than just the result. They now have the knowledge that they can not only beat the likes of Tyrone and Donegal, but they can play in a similar style to them, and beat them. They have the experience of this successful aspect of their game, and thus the knowledge and belief of it.

    How difficult it must have been in the latter nine minutes, with all that pressure. The Mayo team put together most likely over 200 passes against a desperate and skillful Tyrone team. Micky Hearts men would rightly be considered one of the masters of such play, Mayo only lost possession twice.

    How difficult it must have been for one of the finest attacking teams of the game to pass back and keep possession.

    The teams rightful belief in each other was further highlighted, when Aidan O’Shea with his hands placed firmly either side of the size 5 was readying himself to aim a bee sting of a free between the Tyrone posts. Up arrives Cillian O’Connor who after brief discussion has put the ball between those very posts, just after a gentle tap on the arm of Aidan indicating ‘I have this’. Let us not forget the amount of writing off that was being done off the ‘overrated’ Cillian recently. There was composure to go with that belief.

    Mayo have turned the championship up on it’s head really when you think of it. If we were to win it was supposed to be a beautiful game. But in it’s ugliness our victory was a thing of beauty, Like a crumpled up €50 found in the back pocket on an old jeans the third Saturday of December.

  183. @borderboy there’s plenty of them out there who Havnt even waited until we fell from what I’ve seen. Some of them would teach the Tyrone full back line a thing or two about sledging!

  184. Joe Mc, thank you for the kind words. You are a true Mayo man and you wear your thorns well. This is a great platform that everybody can dive safely into. Long may it continue.

  185. With all due respect to the tacticians this match was decided before the second half took place. Any” Serious” team will know and understand that winning matches is not solely down to tactics but more so about controlling emotions in the blue heat of battle. Tactics are torn asunder when the man enforcing them is kneeling on the sideline. Ask Seamus OShea how tactics were working out for him. Cooper got him on the blindside and was rewarded with O’Sheas’s bullish retaliation. Dublin got a draw and O Shea got the line in a match which in my opinion he was immense in.

    We’re nowhere near whistling but we’re still boiling steady enough.

  186. Well done Mayo . great to see four footballing teams left. Eddie K have to ask how the hell do you think us Dubs would be favouring Tyrone? Have you no idea of the history and deep dislike between Dublin and Tyrone. Find their brand of football horrible and their support ain’t much better. As for us fearing Mayo over Tyrone they have inflicted a lot more damage to us over the years, anyway can’t even think of meeting you in the final yet as the team I really fear (even after beating them last five times) Lie’s in wait ….. Hopefully see youes in sept

  187. Folks, really happy ye dropped Tyrone into the shoot yesterday but I’m shocked at how many references have been made to the referee on these posts. I was watching the game and while I did disagreed with a few decisions (in truth on both sides)I thought he did well. I have always thought of hm as an over fussy arbitrator but I thought he did well yesterday and I wouldn’t have too much to complain about if I were a Mayo supporter ,!!. The glass is half full, great teams focus on the positive and not on the negative. Cavanagh is a talented player but I did not lament his sending off as his tactical theatrics in the past have resulted in many a fine player facing the dugout as a result of a well rehearsed play..

    Great win and I was delighted for sport and not for tactical reasons as some might suggest, , that might drop into the mix later but not just yet ,,

  188. Why cantini, because we always “bottle” finals is it? I don’t care if I’m from carlow il call it as I see it and make no apologies for doing so . Feck giving kerry all this faux respect and whatever I don’t care what they have achieved.

    We’re a better side than kerry now and have been since that loss in 2011, I don’t care what anyone says they’re a mere shadow of the team of the last decade

    Quote this post after they win the all Ireland by all means, but ain’t happening I’m afraid

  189. I’m going to stick my neck out and suggest that the referee wasn’t all that bad, despite me wanting to shake him at full time. Watching it back, almost all of his call were justified, mostly because Mayo players were leaving hands on shoulders and backs and waists and anywhere they could to manage to slow down the pacey Tyrone players. Some refs would let it go, he wasn’t – big part of game management is reading the referee.

    Did anyone notice that after Cavanagh got sent off that Keegan went over to Rochford, who clearly told him to bring his brand of marking to Mattie Donnelly, their best point taker. I don’t think Donnelly touched the ball inside the Mayo ’45 after that.

    Despite a lot of correct tactical calls yesterday (and my support and trust in general), a word of caution. At this stage last year, everyone was saying that Connolly and Holmes were geniuses too for playing Barry Moran against Donegal.

    Joe Ruane, that was a bit like reading James Joyce experimenting with GAA journalism, in a good way!

  190. It’s only natural that some posters (a lot actually) are playing “we have to be wary of Tipp” safety card. Let’s be brutally honest here there isn’t a mayo man on this site that would not regard the year as a disaster if Mayo don’t win this match. Tipp are a division 3 team that were a Westmeath win in a game beyond their control from being a division 4 team. They finished 3rd from bottom. They shipped big defeats to Longford Kildare and drew with the likes of Sligo and Westmeath. You can call the league the league but when was the last time Mayo were seen out of Division 1. When was the last time a Division 3 team reached an all Ireland final? I believe never but stand to be corrected. If Tipp manage to pull this one off it will go down as the biggest semi final shock I have ever seen and I ain’t a young lad. So u can leave the mind games to the management…. Deep down there isn’t a single contributor here that conceive of anything but a mayo win….and probably by a healthy margin….most people will have one eye on that Dub v Kerry match….and I’m hugely intrigued as to who people would prefer to get in that. On the one hand u would think Kerry but the reality is Mayo appear to have less of a mental block about the Dubs – whatever the case it’s great to look forward to those big games…..but I’m not having the Tipp first chat as anything other than good manners…. Which I suppose is no crime.

  191. Joe Brolly’s review of the match is very very favourable to Mayo. Also Tomás O’Shea could hardly find the words to praise Mayo highly enough. To be fair, he did say in last Sunday’s programme that he felt there was big performance in Mayo.

  192. Well heartiest congratulations to Mayo from a slightly disappointed Donegal woman. Sure didn’t I tell yis after the Ulster final that there was nothing to fear in that Tyrone team ? The strange thing is that 8 years after leaving Mayo it’s still the Mayo contingent I’m talking to on the phone and texting when there’s big games on. I had mixed feelings about Tyrone, part of me always wishes well to ulster teams in the latter stages but it was almost doubly sweet seeing Mayo doing what we failed to do in Clones, closing out the game. Incidentally, references by people to being “delighted for sport” at the exit of the Ulster teams are quite simply laughable and the anti Ulster referernces are becoming seriously boring (Almost as boring as Jim Gavin/ Eamon Fitzmaurice “interviews”) . Mayo Dublin final without any shadow of a doubt and I’m going back to Ballina to celebrate (I’m allowed to say that as an outsider!)

  193. Cantina
    To answer your query Mayo are still the only county to reach an AI final from Div 3 in 1996.

  194. Ken Kennedy, I wasn’t too upset to see Kavanagh getting the line either. Not because I have issues with him personally – I don’t, I think he is a phenomenal footballer – but because I knew it could be a game-changer. And it was.

    Had Cavanagh still been on the pitch for the last five minutes – those torturous, painful, terrifying five minutes where we passed the ball FORTY-SIX times before Seamie conceded possession – I feel Tyrone might just have stolen that game from under our noses. Yet what choice did we have but to hold onto possession at that point? Yes, it was dangerous, yes, it was heartstopping and it so nearly went wrong and if it had, we would have been crucified. Had we been two points up it would have been a far less nerve-wracking approach. But I listened to a colleague this morning say how “disgusted” she was with Mayo for playing that way after paying €150 for tickets to watch a football game – I was a bit flabbergasted if I’m honest at the reaction but I suppose you won’t win ’em all.

    I thought Brendan Harrison came of age on Saturday – he was excellent. And I loved – LOVED – that to a man we stood up to them. Even Jason Doherty’s yellow at half time although ill-advised had a touch of “don’t f**k with me” about it. The days of Mr. Nice Guy are well and truly gone and not before time. Make no mistake, it will be Mayo vs. 31 counties next week (though perhaps as Roger Milla suggested elsewhere Kilkenny might back us 😀 )

    Digits I’m with you on the refereeing – bar one or two calls, watching it back last night I had to concede that he got most of the calls right, though we could have gotten more from him without a doubt. The comments above about him and his “pink blanky” are pretty pathetic in this day and age but I suppose some of us are still stuck back in the dark ages and you’ll have that wherever you go.

    I think that was probably my favourite day ever in Croke Park – it even tops Dublin in 2006 for me. I know it was only a QF, but after the year we’ve had it was a statement – a two fingers to the doubters (of which I freely admit I was one) and it will bolster us no end. On we go.

  195. Lorrie! Isn’t it a grand place that you can return to…the fabled banks of our own lovely Moy,with its lovely stoney arches, it’s own Crete Boom,the storied Castle of Conor, the abbeys of Rosserk and Moyne and the glorious haven that is Bartra Island.
    But surely you would agree,as a fine Ballina lady from a town of a rich football heritage that our game as a spectacle has regressed due to the influence of some northern traits.There was no one as supportive and appreciative as me of the achievements made by Donegal and Tyrone in their great victories but I believe time has shown that the traits mentioned above have proven to be insidious and not in the interests of the wellbeing of the game into the future.I would hope that attitudes will change as time moves along and that the game will evolve into the spectacle that the immense talents of those who play it at all levels deserve,be they from whatever quarter of our little island!!

  196. Digits and Anne-Marie – I agree about Gough. I rated him highly – coming in to the game. He definitely got some calls wrong and I felt we were on the receiving end of them, especially in the first half. However, overall he was good, fairly consistent and his bookings in the first half of Aido, and Jason were correct and helped us to be very disciplined after half time – and how important that was. Wouldn’t mind him for other matches down the line – if there is a line!

  197. Inbetweener, I’m afraid you misunderstand, I’m a very proud Donegal person who spent her twenties living in your fine Ballina. I’ll accept your point and agree with it to a certain extent but as someone who loves her Ulster football just fine thank you very much, you’re probably talking to the wrong woman. I hope I’m still allowed to celebrate with you should the occasion arise!

  198. Anne-Marie
    Who do you think you are to pass comment on me? Are you the PC police or do i have to consider sensitive souls like yourself before i post anything thats tongue in cheek?You don’t know anything about me. Maybe I think people who boo and cheer opposition players getting sent off live in the the dark ages but you don’t know that do you?
    I won’t be judged by you darling…..

  199. Sensitive souls, eh? It appears you’re pretty sensitive about your casual homophobia being remarked upon, borderboy. You’re right, I know absolutely nothing about you, but based on your little tirade, I can’t say I’m sorry, “darling.”

  200. Borderboy – back down, like a good man. I should, in retrospect, have pulled you up on that part of your comment that Anne-Marie made reference to, which she had every right to call you out on. And as for the ‘darling’ stuff – that has no place here either. So, from where I’m standing, you’re on dodgy territory in relation on both homophobic and sexist grounds so I’d cut my losses at this point if I were you.

  201. Willie Joe
    I was not the first one on this thread to reference things pink so I’m disappointed in your lack of fairness on this.
    A and from a fella with a wardrobe of pink thirty I am highly offended by the slur that has been cast on me by your friend and as this blog appears to bee getting political I will take my leave – I’m sure you’ll be pleased. There are too many trigger happy gunslingers for my liking anyway.

  202. Border Boy – whether or not you continue to post here is of course a decision for yourself and good luck to you if you find somewhere else more to your liking. I don’t want to get into a protracted debate but I will say that if you make a personalised sexist attack on another poster then you’re kinda asking for trouble. Also this site isn’t and will never be political in nature.

  203. Well said Wille Joe,thank you for running such a fair and informative site

  204. Clarke – Fantastic
    Harrison – Unbelievable
    Dillon – Clever
    Higgins – Keith was Keith

    Keegan – Trump player
    Boyle – Hero
    Durkan – Energetic

    Seamie – Drive
    Vaughan – On form
    McLaughlin – Unreal
    Aidan – Brilliant
    Diarmuid – Tireless
    Jason – Enigmatic
    Andy – Rejuvenated
    Cillian – Super

  205. The last div 3 team to reach AI final was Mayo 1996. The last div 3 team to win was Offaly I believe, about the time of the red Indians.

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