Mayo 0-15 Dublin 2-9: heroic fightback secures second shot at Sam


We’re still alive. And still standing. Twice in today’s All-Ireland final, it looked like the game was gone beyond us but both times we clawed our way back into it. Our second comeback was particularly impressive and Cillian O’Connor showed incredible composure to fire over the leveler deep into injury time. So it’s a replay, for the first time since 2000, but it’s our third stalemate at the business end of the championship in the last three seasons.

I think it’s fair to say that we upset the accepted narrative more than a bit today. Best Dublin team of all time; nay, best team the country has ever seen? Well, after the way we made them look so ordinary for so long today, I’m not sure much of that still holds true. Sure, it’ll take the replay to settle the issue but let’s say that Dublin’s gilded reputation looks more than a bit tarnished after this afternoon’s rip-roaring final encounter.

Our unwillingness to buy into this narrative was signalled well before throw-in. Dublin were a few minutes late coming out onto the field and they had hardly hit the grass when we came sprinting out after them and delivered a few nice pushes and shoves to soften them up. First blow to us.

We started well too and quickly began to take hold of the contest. Tom Parsons got the game’s first score and Cillian, from a free, put us two ahead.

We’d settled nicely into the game and they were struggling to get a toe-hold but then we handed them one, in disastrous fashion. They bore down on our goal and a mis-hit shot from Brogan cannoned off the unfortunate Kevin McLoughlin for the day’s opening goal.

A super long-range free from Cillian steadied us but then an unbelievable second own-goal, this one poked past David Clarke by Colm Boyle, put Dublin on top. OGs are a rarity at the best of times but to concede two of them, before they’d even had a shot at our posts, was off the map altogether. You truly couldn’t make such a plotline up.

The danger, then, of course, was that they’d bulldoze us into the ground. But their composure took a rattle when James McCarthy was black-carded for a crude body-check, Paddy Andrews coming on to replace him.

Andrews got Dublin’s first point from play shortly after the half-hour mark. Before then a Dean Rock free, on 29 minutes, was the first score of any kind that they scored themselves. But with us doing their scoring for them, this astonishing All-Ireland stat didn’t matter all that much from their point of view.

It mattered less when the half-time whistle sounded with Dublin five to the good. Jason Doherty – who I thought played really well today – belted over a nice one from play but a second Andrews point from play and another Rock free left them in a very strong position.

I thought we were goosed then, I have to admit – we’d disrupted Dublin hugely in that first half, with the Jacks coping badly with both the treacherous conditions and our uncompromising approach, but they still went in at the break five ahead. Another few points and they could well be out of sight.

But we lifted it hugely on the resumption. Five points without reply, three of them from play, from Andy Moran, Paddy Durcan and Cillian, set the tone. Two frees from Cillian brought us level as the game touched the 50-minute mark. By then Dublin were calling ashore danger-man McManamon (who arguably should have faced sterner sanction than yellow for a nasty foul on Diarmuid O’Connor with the game no more than five minutes in progress), with Mannion coming in.

They looked badly rattled but then righted themselves with the game’s next two scores, from Fenton and Rock, both from play. Both points came after slip-ups by Seamus O’Shea and Seamie was withdrawn in favour of Alan Dillon soon after.

We had a goal chance then, a lovely sweeping move which ended with Andy blazing narrowly over. The gap was back to one but in a game of tight margins it had to be chalked down as a miss.

We kept coming at them. A few minutes passed before Alan Dillon, out on the Hogan Stand side swung over a neat point to tie the game up once more. Prior to that, there was a tussle between Lee and Diarmuid Connolly, with TV pictures showing that the Vincents man punched Leeroy in the face. The ref booked both players for the incident but Connolly was a lucky boy not to make the long walk for that one.

Dublin’s next scoring burst looked decisive. John Small – who I thought was really excellent for them today, both in defence and in prompting them forward – cut through and pointed to put them back in front. Rock added a free and after we made a hash of the kick-out Connolly stretched their lead to three. You’d have got poor odds on Dublin closing the game out at that stage.

With the game about to enter injury time, Cillian was fouled and pointed the resultant free. Soon after, it was announced there would be seven minutes of additional time and when Donal Vaughan cut the gap to one, our hopes – and the decibel level from the raucous Mayo support (who were superb all day today) – started to soar once more.

Dublin tried to run down the clock through a policy of keep-ball and it was a tactic that worked in large part. They even had a chance to edge two clear but Connolly pushed a long-range sideline ball attempt wide. Aidan O’Shea then hacked an effort at the posts horribly wide when the only sane thing to have done then was to recycle the ball and keep probing. That looked to have put the tin hat on our chances, on a day when Aidan played well below his best.

But cometh the hour, cometh the Ice Man. Cillian broke through the cover, steadied himself and fired over to bring us level with added time all played out.

When Evan Regan went down after a nasty clash of heads with Denis Bastic from the kick-out, proceedings had to be stopped for a further two minutes or so. It was obvious by then that the ref was going to call time before the play would develop further in either direction and this he duly did.

So it’s back to HQ to settle the issue on Saturday week. Anyone who expects Dublin to be able to re-set the machine and restart the famed process could, on today’s showing by our lads, be in for a bit of a shock then. We showed today that we haven’t a shred of fear about playing this Dublin team and I’d say our lads have, if anything, even less respect for them too after some of their more unsavoury antics today.

Make no mistake, people, this team of ours are in it to win it and win it is what I’ve every confidence we’ll be in a position to do the next day.

Mayo: David Clarke; Brendan Harrison, Donal Vaughan (0-2), Keith Higgins; Lee Keegan, Colm Boyle, Paddy Durcan (0-1); Seamus O’Shea, Tom Parsons (0-1); Kevin McLoughlin, Aidan O’Shea, Diarmuid O’Connor; Jason Doherty (0-1), Andy Moran (0-2), Cillian O’Connor (0-7, four frees). Subs: Alan Dillon (0-1) for Seamus O’Shea, Chris Barrett for Boyle, Barry Moran for Dillon, Stephen Coen for Diarmuid O’Connor, Evan Regan for Andy Moran, Conor Loftus for Regan.

Audio report and Man of the Match poll below:

Who was our MOTM against Dublin?

  • Cillian O'Connor (20%, 133 Votes)
  • Donal Vaughan (19%, 126 Votes)
  • Paddy Durcan (12%, 83 Votes)
  • Brendan Harrison (12%, 81 Votes)
  • Tom Parsons (12%, 81 Votes)
  • David Clarke (6%, 41 Votes)
  • Lee Keegan (5%, 34 Votes)
  • Jason Doherty (4%, 28 Votes)
  • Andy Moran (3%, 19 Votes)
  • Kevin McLoughlin (2%, 15 Votes)
  • Keith Higgins (1%, 7 Votes)
  • Colm Boyle (1%, 7 Votes)
  • Seamus O'Shea (1%, 6 Votes)
  • Diarmuid O'Connor (1%, 5 Votes)
  • Aidan O'Shea (1%, 4 Votes)
  • Barry Moran (0%, 3 Votes)
  • Alan Dillon (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Conor Loftus (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Chris Barrett (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Stephen Coen (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Evan Regan (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 672

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164 thoughts on “Mayo 0-15 Dublin 2-9: heroic fightback secures second shot at Sam

  1. Looking at them two own goals, you have to say that the “curse” was at work today.

    Freaky and unreal for that to happen. There could be some truth in it alright. Stuff like that just does not happen by chance.

  2. Can we stop conceding goals in All Ireland finals please.Letting lads win clean ball on the edge of our square.
    Making things absolutely impossible for ourselves. When do we learn that Brogan needs to be smothered. he’s always there go to man

  3. Their is no curse, just the absence of a recognized full back, something to look at for two weeks time. If an experienced fb was present then those two goals would have been cleaned up no fuss.

    Not too worry, leaving Corke Park I am 100 percent certain we will win in two weeks. The team know for sure they have the beating of Dublin. Dublin didnt play bad today, Rochford got alot of things right in defense and in intensity and Dublin were nullified. A little more composure in attack is all that is required to finish the job

  4. We scored more for Dublin than we did for ourselves in the first half.
    But what a come back paddy durcan was shear class today.we are close and getting closer.
    Less than to weeks and we will be there.

  5. Barry Moran needs to start in midfield the next day we seem to have conceded midfield but fair play to the lads they never gave up

  6. Back checking in. We got out if gaol.

    5 down at HT. 3 points down with a min to go in normal time.


  7. I wouldn’t be putting too much stock in the unlucky own goal theory that seems to be out there already lads.
    In reality in both instances the Dublin players were through on goal – Clark brilliantly saving the first and Rock dropping the second in the poor conditions so goals could easily have been scored anyway.
    Also don’t buy into the “Dublin won’t be as bad again” nonsense.
    Dublin at times can be as good as they’re let be.
    The aggression and intensity of the Mayo tackling knocked the Dublin forwards out of their usual rhythm/stride.
    There’s absolutely no reason why this can’t be repeated in the replay.

  8. What a heroic team we have.
    With shaking legs and no voice, just incredible.

  9. Great game and nail biting stuff. The unbeatable are most certainly not that. Plenty of cracks in their game made wider by a tenacious Mayo team effort. It could be argued that Dublin were off today and they were, but they were put off. Maybe they won’t be off the next day but Mayo won’t concede two own goals again either.

  10. A few post match thoughts –
    We didn’t let them play. Goals were freak events.
    I personally would not start either O’Shea in the replay. I believe that Seamus’ attributes are not suited to Dublin. Aidan should be an impact sub. I do not feel he offered much today. I would play Barry Moran and Evan Regan in their places. I think if Aidan came in at the 55 minute mark and made a beeline for McMahon, McMahon would be starting to tire, Aidan would be fresh legged and perhaps get more change out of him.
    Dublin left that game after them and the death of Mayo football has been exaggerated.

    I apologise if my comments about O’Sheas fall foul of house rules. My reasoning is purely tactical.

  11. Thanks Willie Joe.

    I forgot to add that I feel it would be of benefit to Mayo for management and players to drop in a mention of Ciaran Kilkenny overcarrying the ball. He’s fouling the ball every time he gets it. Put it on the next ref’s radar!


  13. As I said a few weeks ago….what happens our club championship now that it has gone to a replay? As for the game today, great intensity, great heart, great performances from so many.

  14. PM_90, I would agree mostly with your comments. SOS had a solid game but went through a 10min spell where he tired and decision making was really effected. AOS well I think everyone agrees he is a very important player and a match winner for us but some of the choices he made today were letz just say ambitious. trying too hard, forcing the matter to much im putting it down to. He needs to keep it a little more simple, lay it off, not try to win it by himself

    MOTM for me has to be Harrison, assured all day, not a step out of place, had Brogan tucked nicely in his pocket beside ONeill of Tyrone. He is turning out to be a vital player for Mayo, I can see him move into the fb position in a couple of seasons time with ODonaghue beside him.

  15. Dublin didn’t have an off day – Our lads just didn’t allow them to play their game. The work rate was unbelievable. We just need to minimise basic errors and play with the same intensity again in two weeks time.

  16. Curse flukey goals total bull!!! The fact is those balls in to the Dublin forward line could just as easily been Dublin goals. We let them play those balls in and didn’t clear our lines end of. Moral victories don’t mean crap. We drew today and were very lucky to get out of that with a draw. Fair play to Cillian O Connor but overall I feel we can do a lot better. To many errors in our play today bad wides also. Time to kill the hype, we were not good enough today for the win, and as we all know theirs no prizes for drawn finals. There’s a whole second half to play yet!!!!!

  17. Too many balls given away. Delaying on the ball and getting caught too often. Waiting for the ball a few times. Wrong shot options 1st half. Can’t leave a man loose in front of goal – 2nd goal. Heart and guts to spare but a little more science demanded.

  18. Don’t know what to think after this one?? We lost it I thought, with those two mad goals, but we clawed our way back early in the second half, we seemed to have lost it again by conceding three very soft points near the end, and yet we showed balls of steal to pull it back again at the death.

    So where does that leave us? I’m thinking of last years semi-final, when facing certain defeat in the first game, we came back from 5 points down to force a replay, only to throw it all away next day. Management now have a big task on their hands in bringing those lads down to earth, isolate them from the public glair, especially the media and focusing on the next day.

    Make no mistake, this Dublin team are rattled right now, so we can expect a back-lash. We most certainly have it in our hands to go on and win this Final, the next 9 days will be crucial to that outcome, and the Manager might have some very hard calls to make before then.

  19. Have to be proud of the lads.There is no reason we cannot win it.There must be mo pessimism.We are as good as Dublin and have more hunger.Lost replay 96….not again.Time to win…end of.

  20. I don’t see why Mayo should feel down. We were 3 down in injury time. Dublin just need to play ,keep ball’. 3 time we secure possession and score. Dublin blew a winning position. Imagine if the roles had been reversed, critics would say adv Dublin. We were dead and clawed that back against the odds with some big names having poor games. We can win this thing

  21. Well for the first time in my memory I thought the sideline played well. Both before and

    during the game. ( as you know I used to bitch here about that on previous days).

    Nothing else to say at the moment. Regards to all;

  22. If Mayo went 30 minutes in the first halfloor without a score, another 10 at the start of the second and conceded the last 3 scores the whole country would be saying we bottled it.

    But because it’s the Dublin “team for the ages” it’s because they has an off day. They won’t play that bad again.

    Mayo were intense from start to finish today. They believed and put their bodies on the line – example Regan at the end. Without the 2 freak goals (and yes the Dubs movement to create the chances was good) Mayo would have finished the job.

    The famine WILL end on October 1st. Mark my words. Mon Mayo

  23. they may well wipe the floor with us in the replay BUT maybe this great all conquering once in a lifetime best gaa team ever on the planet dublin side perhaps aren’t that good after all.

    they were only 3 points ahead against donegal in injury time in the quarter final
    they crept past kerry in the semis
    they will know themselves they were lucky to come out with a draw today.

    hard to know how to feel after today. gutted not to win? deflated at the bad luck for the two own goals? or elated to claw back a 3 point deficit to get a draw?

    all of those emotions maybe but what a score from cillian at the end. one of the great scores given what was at stake.

    and i even thought for a minute the referee (who had a great game by the way) was contemplating giving us a free in when regan clashed with bastick from the kick out.

  24. either Barry Moran or SOS need to be put back with whoevers at full back. need an aerial presence back there to cut out this route of the attack for the dubs.if we don’t concede goals we have a good shot at beating them

  25. Mayo scored 2-15 to Dublins 0-9 and still didn’t win. A horrible stat will stick until the end of time unless Mayo can win the replay? The hope goes on..

    On another note when will the senior club championship be played now? First game in Connacht championship is mid October so a possibility of no Mayo reps this year?

  26. Dublin were as good as they were allowed to be. We gave them 2 goals and they were 3 points up with 3 minutes to go and they still couldn’t beat us. God I love mayo. We never have up. The support was fantastic, I shouted and roared and screamed till I was hoarse. That game today benefitted mayo, Dublin, the juggernaut and the greatest team ever, left it behind them today. Make no mistake we will win the replay. UP MAYO

  27. Heroic stuff from our boys. Now the biggest challenge facing us for the next 2 weeks is to muzzle the so called mayo experts/pundits of yesteryear blowing their own trumpet on the national airwaves. Caught the last 2 minutes of John Maughan on the radio and it was complete cringe stuff, it would be great stuff for the pub alright but not radio 1 for the love of all that is good and great. And as a comical aside, did anyone see the entire Dublin squad all kitted out in their tins of fruit on an advert during the six o’clock news – my oh my the airing time and ownership of the advert is no doubt outside of their control but it certainly communicates what little was expected from our poor wee ladeens – It sure is a 40 second advert to motivate the green and red blood cells.

  28. I cant believe the bookies has us still at 3/1 to win the next day , Dublin 1/2 . RIGHT lets make dame sure they get the message the next day ,.I just hope we did not pick up any serious injuries today , a lot of hard hits today .MY GOD this bunch of lads make you so proud over the last six years to be a Mayo man .

  29. No need to get carried away . We are where we were last year-replay. Lots of room for improvement on both sides and conditions will dictate game as they did today. Midfield and AOS role would be my concerns. Our spirit should never be questioned so comeback shouldn’t surprise anyone. Time for mangement and team to recover and prepare- job to be done .

  30. Very proud to be a mayo man today. Wrote off by all and our lads never took a backward step.they will take some stopping the next day because now they will believe they have the beating of Dublin.

  31. MAYO. 2-15 !!
    Dublin……0 – 9

    They were as near to brilliant as it doesn’t matter. Clarke, defence. Wow! Almost there in the forwards.They looked for each other and helped each other like they haven’t for some time. Just a couple of wrong ambitious and expensive options. Will this install a belief that will make sure of it the next day?
    It’s not going to be any easier but probably harder. And when can we expect a bit of luck?

  32. Congratulations tand thank you to the team on their courage heart and passion which should never be questioned.
    But I think we left it behind us again. We just could have done with a bit more composure in the second half when it was all square. Why persist with the long ball that is the curse of this mayo team if you ask me. I would be a little critical of the management thought changes could have been made earlier and an instruction sent in to be more patient and abandon long ball tatic.
    The goals were not flukes they were a result of quick movement and thought from Dublin as much as anything.
    All to play for in the replay but did Dublin under perform bcos they were off the mark or bcos we stopped them….I think dublin will really focus now and I hope we don’t go into euphoric mode with moral victory and all that.

  33. The media agenda over the next two weeks will be Dublin will never be as bad and we left it behind us. We all need to get behind team and be positive for the next two weeks and not let this seep in. Dublin will never get as lucky goals again. Roachford will lock down full back line. No goals conceded next day and we all ireland champions!

  34. Any word on injuries ? On radio said Dillo broken ankle…… regan took some bang to the head possible concussion ? Cillian led by example superb courage on that last kick

  35. It may be one that got away from us but you couldn’t but be proud of them.
    This refusal to give up, when all seems lost, is so bloody admirable.
    Thought at half time it was gone. Two shit goals to give away, Dublin not playing and then five points up. Thought we were goosed. But they came out fighting in the second half. Four points on the trot.
    A few things to work on. Clarke was very poor with his kick outs. This looping kickout nearly cost them dearly towards the end. There was a period where he gave away three or four kick outs on the trot. This can’t happen again. Seamus did some good things but his distribution just wasn’t good enough. Those two players in particular have to drastically improve or they could lose their place for the next day, to be honest. And the high ball in thing has to stop. Didn’t work at any stage today, particularly in the first half.
    Mayo support was superb throughout. As what they have been for the last few years.
    Dublin may not play as badly again – but we won’t let in two stupid goals again and we have a few of our players to step it up too.
    All to play for. The dream is still alive.

  36. Jasus, just back on line now. Hoarse, as well, as horse.

    In the settling of the dust, a fair result. The push by Mayo at the restart was stunning.
    Next day out will be interesting, but that is talk for tomorrow. I’m too tired/raw/pumped to make any sense at this point.

    Speak to you lads in the morn. COYBIB.

  37. Firstly, how lucky we are to be represented by these lads. We are blessed.

    On a worrying note for the replay, what I consider to be worrying, im not sure the collective mindset is right after the draw. Mayo post match banquet going ahead tonight, combined with the interviews on the pitch worries me. Dublin protein shakes and bed no doubt.

    We’re back at square one, we should treat it as such.

  38. Mc auleys tackle on COC was a straight red. End of. Thought Donie Vaughan had a great game and two scores too. Patrick Durcan was class too. Great heart from all the men there today. Not one for the purists but no harm.
    Two more weeks. Don’t know that I’ll stick it. ?

  39. And just to say the support was brilliant today, let’s bring that and more the next day! And let’s hope for the most miserable weather October can throw at us, we’ll fight them in the mud! Up Mayo!

  40. Iahan man,
    Yours is a pretty accurate post regarding the events of today and the resulting replay, I hope there are no serious injuries as a result of the selfless efforts on display today.

  41. Jim Gavin is a legend. I love to hate him as a Mayo man but with all due respect to Dublin, Lady Luck didn’t shine on Mayo today. I don’t think Mayo nor Dublin looked like champions today and what a sign of class from Gavin that he wouldn’t want a win like that on Dublins record! Although sometimes the small town and soft shite bugs me as a proud Mayo and Irish supporter I have to agree the GAA is everything that’s good about sport. 2 fluke Mayo own goals + Dublin not showing up = a fair draw and 2 teams equally worthy yet not worthy of being champions. I love being Irish in Boston

  42. Really thought we would win today after the 50th min. When a point was scored around the 50-60th(can’t recall exactly ) minute to level it before Dublin got them three points I heard a man roar

    “65 f-ing years mayo ”

    And with that point and phrase I thought surely ,but if we play the same ,minus the two goals Dublin will be rattled ….AGAIN!

    I hope to hear that man roar that same phrase again after the 77th minute in two weeks

  43. I was in the Cusack (roaring and waving the flag) and missed the shamozzle in the tunnel at the start…..poor John Casey seemed traumatised by it!!! Did anyone get a good look?

  44. Watching Fat Des here. The analysis is a joke! How were Mayo lucky? At 69mins they were 3 points down and pulled it back. I must have missed a large chunk of the match!

  45. Breathtaking arrogance in Sunday Game. No respect for Mayo. Totally anti Mayo. Dessie Dolan and O se with Whelan cheerleading for the Dubs in replay

  46. Watching them here now on RTE and the most thing I am picking up off Whelan is a sense of relief. Seriously, MDMAs tackle on COC was a straight red – maybe a yellow according to Whelan. The Lord save us.

  47. Sunday game was a disappointment tonight..Dubs will really raise their game next time apparently..inconceivable that we might just do the same..

  48. Didn’t see mumbling Des. Are they saying Mayo were lucky? Fucking hell.

    Is there any cure for what is wrong with these people? Can it be treated or are they beyond all hope?

  49. Agree totally re The Sunday Game. Patronising, Dublin-centric shite, with Dub ringmaster in the chair and a Dub on the panel too. We’re paying the licence fee for this nonsense. It’s a bloody joke.

  50. – We made a battle out of it because that is what we needed to do.
    – Deserved to snatch the draw in the end.
    – Durkan, Andy and Vaughan standout.
    – We need more from Cillian, Audi and Higgins in open play.
    – Aido needs new gloves he got a lot of possession in the first half in particular but dropped ball after ball.
    – Too slow in taking SOS off he was banjaxed and due to exhaustion he made 4 costly mistakes.
    – We need Diarmuid to score, loss of confidence ?.
    – Fenton did damage either Parsons marks him the next day or else bring on Conor OShea to mark him, well suited to the task. Small went thru a lot of work, need to keep him busy and please please put a man permanently on Cian O Sullivan
    – I am sticking with my 1996 comparison and did call a possible draw earlier this week. We are not losing this replay by a point. #DEFIANT

  51. If Dublin scored two own goals and 15 points people would have every right to say that Mayo left it behind them today.

    A few small changes needed to win replay. More mobility and ball players required around the middle. Man mark Fenton.

  52. Very proud of the lads, disappointed we didn’t win it today.
    I fear we left it behind us but…… I have booked my flights for 2 weeks and i will be there win, lose or draw to cheer this Mayo team!

  53. Can someone please pick up Ciaran kilkenny the next day? He needs to be man marked. The amount of ball that guy was on today was ridiculous and it hurt us

  54. Why is Whelan even on the show they say Mayo were the better team but give man of the match to small.
    After brollys piece you would have to wonder what’s problem with mayo.our lads go toe to toe with a Dublin team they call the greatest and zero respect.rochford didn’t play a few lads today that will be chomping at the bit for the next day.big shout out to the aughamore lads on the hill today we had some craic.

  55. You can add to that, Mac’s left boot, that Kilkenny HAS to be picked up for his constant overcarrying. The worst example of this was in the second half when, having already taken 8 or 9 steps, he literally tucked the ball under his oxter and took another dozen or so more and got away with it. It’s beyond comprehension that he doesn’t get blown up for this kind of thing.

  56. Sunday game was a disgrace. I have no time for Des but actually felt he tried to fight our corner a bit. Whelans targeting of leeroy was a disgrace. Desssie Dolan seems to be afraid of Whelan and repeats everything he says No mention of 2 slaps in the jaw from Connolly or mdmas 2 black card tackles and 1 red card tackle. Never liked mc stay on Sunday game but we need a Mayo man on the panel again to fight our corner. These shows do get in refs heads as we saw after brollys cheerleading for Donegal in 2012.

    Everyone seems to be writing us off again which will suit us lovely.

  57. Thought Doherty did well today, stepped it up when needed and played better than some of his more vaunted comrades. His handling was very good in poor conditions and he took the right option the majority of the time.

    Have to say I was hugely disappointed in Aido towards the end when he kicked the ball away from a ridiculous position. I really thought that was the chance gone. He just can’t seem to keep the head when it is in the melting pot, in contrast to Cillian who was magnificent with the equaliser. Hope Dillon isn’t too badly injured, if so at least his last kick for Mayo was a fantastic point.

    I really think we will take them next week, the Dubs were shown up today as far from invincible. I’ve said all along, they are not as good as they were last year, their bench is ridiculously overrated. They fear Mayo as they are the only team in the country fit to beat them. Didn’t see the Sunday Game but not surprised the pro Dubs angle is being pushed, we will be underdogs again the next day. A lot of pundits with egg on their faces who took the lazy line on Dublin being “unbeatable”. Really confident for the replay.

    Maigh Eo Abú!

  58. Superb performance today by entire team. Gone way beyond pride at this stage. So many heros today it would be unfair to single out anyone. The mighty Dubs we were told. Unbeaten in 27 matches. Super bench. Best team ever. Of the starting 6 forwards, not one scored from play with the exception of Connolly on 70 mins who collected a wayward kickout. Advantage Mayo heading into the next 2 weeks.
    I thought that for 10 mins after McCarthy black card ref gave Dublin everything. Aidan was pulled every time he touched the ball. Mc Auley should have a 5 match ban for his assault on Cillian O’Connor.
    We go again. We are mayo. Advantage Mayo

  59. Pulsating game today. I saw a lot of steel in this Mayo team that I haven’t seen before. We have had some great performances in the past but there was something extra in this Mayo team now. So proud of Mayo today, other teams have let Dublin bully them into submission easily but Mayo were’nt having it. Great start with the shemozzle in the tunnel and the teams arrival into the pitch.
    Mayo will not fear Dublin the next day either but it might be a bit tougher. I am still nervous for that full back line. And I am sure Rock will convert more chances the next day. But on the positive side we will not be so unlucky I’m sure on the own goals front! Another great team performance but thought Harrison McLoughlin, Keegan Durcan Parsons Cillian Andy were immense. Same again the next day and it might be enough. Hon Mayo

  60. We will win in two weeks, of that im certain. Defensively we were excellent, gave up a minimum of scorable frees(you will always cough up a few) tackling was spot on. Rochford stull has things too work on which is good, means we have room for improvement. Shot options needs work, some players must have been watching the 2006 match and been inspired by ciaran mc, but alas they are not.
    Kickouts still a big issue for me, Parsons was the main outlet and when he was pressed we kicked 2 or 3 poor ones which resulted in scores. A varied kickout strategy is required.
    Still running into blind alleys, this area has improved but not stamped out.

    All in all I will walk into croke park in two weeks a hell of a lot more confident than today. While keeping it low key and not getting ahead of ourselves was the right built up through out the year, now is the time to be confident bordering on arrogant, drive it home that we are good enough, let it seep into every corner of Mayo that we are going to win.

    PS. After today the Mayo club championship is well and truly fecked. I guess a team will be nominated by the county board to represent mayo in the connacht championship (prob Castlebar as they are reigning champions) and the rest will be run off in the cold and mud of winter. Club players get screwed again, but thats a worry for another time.

  61. Some of the greatest Mayo players of all time are on this team, these guys deserve an All Ireland, we will finish this job on 1st Oct, I am convinced.

  62. Why do these clowns continue to grace our screens. Whelan is a man who never even played in an all ireland final (look it up) and don’t get me started on his Westmeath mini me side kick. Westmeath? How many medals has he to be casting judgement on us?
    If the two of them were talking the same shite in the pub you wouldn’t listen to them so why does our national broadcaster think they are expert

  63. Well, well, so Mayo proved they are the one team standing that can physically put it up to Dublin. But to finish this darned thing off ADO must ***t or get off the potty. If he does not have the appetite for this gunfight, he owes it to his comrades and management to be upfront and honest! This is going to take an even greater effort from Mayo next day to get over line, but apart from defensive system there was little enginuity/tram play up front. Chin up!

  64. Congratulations to four players in particular that are really the less heralded members of our team. Paddy Durcan, Brendan Harrison, Jason Doherty and Donal Vaughan. They were superb for 70 mins plus today, and can now join the sadly all too rarefied air of Mayo footballers who have delivered a career best performance in an All Ireland senior football final.
    Some of their more illustrious teammates need to join them next day out or today’s great comeback will be worthless.

  65. Sunday game a big letdown tonight. Very patronising towards mayo. It was as if simply dublin didnt show up an nothing on the exellence of mayos tackling and workrate without the ball. An the ability an desire to get bodys in to block was superb.

    On another note, i was amazed the last kickout was not looked at more closely. Where regans collision came from. In real time it looked a blatant pick off the ground.

    Aidan o’se had a poor hour. Sloppy in possession, handling & kicking off. On the ground too much. A big replay needed.

    Finally, this dublin team (despite all media hype) was made look ordinary, by a hungrier team. This game will bring mayo on, no end. This is mayos year.

  66. Thought we had them rattled when Philly skewed a ball over the side line. Then we had a bad spell with 3 quick points mostly from our mistakes but fair play to the lads seriously dug it out not once but 3 times. Also fair play to Jason Doherty who had a massive work rate today and played his best big game for Mayo. I thought the jersey was up for grabs but he grabbed it today.
    Conditions meant both teams out on their feet for last 10 or 15 on normal time plus 7 but we showed unbelievable guts. If we’re close to them or ahead at half time the next day the lads will know they can dig unreal deep and the Dubs aren’t always composed cool and clinical. Another wet or slippy day would suit as physically we’re a match for them but equally our forwards are improving so regardless we can push on. Plenty to work on as like Dubs we made some mistakes too down to weather but also good performance from Dublin backs.

  67. Called the draw in here during the week and put my money where my mouth was!! So consolation there!

    Fucking love this team

  68. What a great team, and I was proved totally wrong, earlier this week I said on here Dublin would react better to wet weather but Mayo were by far the better team.
    Have to honest, I doubted them on a few occasions today, could not see them get a result at half time, could not see us beat Dublin by 5 or 6 points in the 2nd half, and again when we were 3 down at the end, but wow, magnificent.

    Sunday game Dublin love in was terrible, man of the match award Donie was only there as a token gesture. They went through a montage of Dublin players prior to motm segment which was sickening. Talking about how great Kilkenny was, touched the ball 12 times in the last 10 mins and I am sat there thinking to myself, is that when Dublin blew a 3 point lead going into injury time. Mayo scored 15 points to 9 and it’s Dublin with all the star players.

    Delighted so many are confidant here going into the replay, so am I, come on Mayo

  69. If we’re picking four players Donie, paddy, Brendan and Keith, you know this team have the physicality and if they can show again as today and have the belief, its MAIGH EO ABU.

  70. Cant sleep. Mixed emotions after final whistle but incredibly proud of this great team of ours. Watched Sunday Game. Didn’t think it was as bad as some of you made out. Whelan a dub but ok, Dessie is fine and Sit on the Fence Tomas Se is his usual self. Its brolly I despise. How Cairde Maigh Eo asked that dimwit to be a guest is beyond me. And then the shite he trotted out in Indo today plus his crap on the Sunday Game. Please RTE sell the rights to TV3 and Sky next year and allow joe more time to watch his son play u14 in Antrim rather than inflicting his diaorrhea on the licence paying public Back to the match. Great performances by some and great effort by all. Lots of room for improvement for both teams, especially dubs but some of our lads can play better as well

  71. Had a few in my local here in Dublin tonight.

    They are well rattled. The line from everywhere is Dublin were bad.

    We need to play into that for the next two weeks.

    We need fresh legs starting the next day like loftus or young o shea.

    The only man to take on his man all day was Jason Doherty, more of his type of attacking play the next day and we win.

  72. Delighted we live to fight another day…….and I have no doubt we will give it a great rattle in the replay. We had some heroes out there today and some under performers. That’s nearly always the case – so had the Dubs.
    I am not one for having a go at any Mayo and particularly Aidan O Shea. He has enough people having a go at him on the field. He didn’t perform Well today but I wouldnt be leaving him on the sideline the next day. What is needed is a serious coaching session where he is given blunt feedback on his play and a straightforward plan or set of instruction such as:
    1. Move the ball on quickly to players in better positions or who are more likely to score
    2. Don’t take frees – be on the receiving end if anything
    3. No daft long range efforts – they don’t work that often

    I agree Clark has to smarten up his kickouts but it’s not just him. The lads outfield have to give him good options as well.

  73. Had a look over in Resevoir Dubs, some shocking moderation on that site…some of the posters there are idiots of the highest order

  74. Extremely proud with all the.luck going against us. They believed but worked to the death
    of whither things went for them or not. The goal opportunity for aido in the second half… No foul , nothing…. But on the other side Coc could have been off after his rash foul moments before his majestic equaliser. We must let the team go back into their cocoon to review what worked or not, trust in the management and keep expectations in check. Low key, no plaudits, still with an outside chance…
    Agree with die hard and havin been sayin it for years,, AOS should only be at the end of a free and not takin it as he is our best ball winner, play the percentages… Keep it simple…

  75. “Best team in history” couldn’t beat a Mayo team that barely got out of second gear.

    I wouldn’t be too upset about the own goals, we were under serious pressure on both occasions. Dublin had 4 clear it goal chances in the first half, and under normal circumstances would have been put at least 2 away.

    Macauley, should have gotten the line…straight red…but COC could have gotten a black for the pull down

    AOS was being pulled and dragged and fouled all day and got SFA from the ref. If he got FairPlay even half the times he was fouled that would have been 3/4 more points on the board for us

    Harrison and Doherty stood up big time

  76. Mayo supporter’s were magnificent today. Some credit must go to the efforts of Sinead 37,and others who encouraged and organised much better, louder, and more persistent vocal support than I have ever heard before.. Let’s keep it up now, let’s raise the bar and the decibel level for even longer the next time out.

  77. Just looked at the final few minutes of the game.

    The Dublin defender picked the ball off the ground from the kick-out after the equaliser.

    In my view a free -in!

  78. Our history in replays isn’t good 96, 14, 15….Maybe we are due a bit of luck in 16?

    Lady Luck was with the dubs yesterday. But they will be better the next day, with that there is no doubt.

    That means we need to be better than we were yesterday. There’ll be a good few of our lads who’ll be disappointed with how they played.

    Plenty of room for improvement for Mayo. Someone already alluded to moral victories. F&€K moral victories. Time to deliver the big prize. Time now for Mayo to get ready to lift performance levels in 2 weeks time.

  79. Another 2 weeks of excitement folks. I thought we gave away possession at vital times when next score woulda pushed us in front. Also a few bad kickouts at the very end gifted 3 points. Clarke played well though overall and kept us in it. No way I would drop AOS we need to figure how to get the game of his life outa him.

  80. Nothing like an early morning trip from Dublin to mayo to clear the head..immense mental resolve shown yesterday..can’t imagine how kevin mc and colm must have felt watching the ball rolling into the net..That save by Clarke to stop 3rd goal was a pivotal moment in the game..and finally just wanna say thanks to all those posters who were so positive heading into this game when I wasn’t as convinced..made last few days more bearable.

  81. Absolute drivel on the Sunday Game. Whelan just kept repeating that Dublin didn’t play to their usual high standards,ad nauseam. Cahill a total fool anyway and O’Se, having talked Mayo up in recent weeks, paid them little respect on the show. Along with Brolly’s gutter-press article in yesterday’s “Sunday Independent” which insulted Mayo football and Mayo people in an offensive manner, one really has to wonder what is going on in these two media organs. The level of analysis on Sky is light-years ahead.
    On the game itself, heartening to see many of the players coming in with question marks agaInst them ( based on lack of form or final experience ) at the top of the MOTM poll – Harrison, Durkan, Vaughan, Doherty.

  82. Have only now seen Brolly’s piece from yesterday in the Sindo. That guy is one sick fuck. To think we actually paid him to go out to Citywest and insult us on Saturday night is just beyond comprehension.

  83. I believe we expect too much from AOS and mark him at a higher level than other players,
    AOS was our main man yesterday in the closing minutes.
    3 big decisions he had to make in that crucial period.
    He was fouled, he took a smart, quick pass to Donie and Donie banged it over the bar.
    The next move he had, he ballooned up in sky but there was no inside forward making a run for him. And finally, AOS fed Cillian for the equalizer.
    Overall, he got two of those critical calls absolutely bang on, if it wasn’t for AOS we wouldn’t have gotten the draw. Well done Aido!!!

  84. Yeah dropping Aido is crazy, unless he carries 3 defenders on his back and scores 2-4 people think he didn’t play well.

    The guy is a handful in attack and causes problems but he is probably one of the best defenders we have too. His turnover rate is very high and turn overs high up the pitch are harder to come by and almost always lead to scores.

    Someone said it earlier….we should be thinking about getting the best out of him.

  85. Looking back I was delighted above all with the freshness our fellas showed yesterday.
    Their movement off the ball was beyond recognition.
    AOS is learning about releasing.
    Durcan has come of age..that pace!
    Delighted about the JD rejuvenation.
    Clarke is lining up an all star but he ll know that end of game time, pressure time,is danger time!
    Face in hands time again with some of those inappropriate high balls in at wrong moments. The O Ss both will know that. However delivery forward has gone up notches but of course we can bring more composure and ruthlessness…More belief in our skill on the ball, less haste and a bit more cuteness when on for scores! Movement through the middle was heartening and convincing with more help on offer and much less getting isolated as a result.You could see the work had been done!
    Ref let the game flow to large extent,well done! Football is a bloody great game! But black card interpretation mucks up the whole show at times.It was intended to cut out blatant prof pure obvious fouls which by nature were always rare but now it has become a debacle in nearly every game.

    We have it all over again to do. Let there be no thinking we have it… We re still knocking at the door….! Maybe it’s now time to come along with the real heavy gear and break down the feckin thing!

  86. Two pronged attack from Dublin camp – They played really bad and will be much better next day, Lee Keegan must get a booking early on in the next game for instigating any issue with Diarmuid Connelly. First one is grand, we know the facts and why they played badly. The Lee Keegan campaign could be a problem. If they persist with this could get to the referee and Connelly goes out and gets Lee booked the next day. We need to have a close look at what to do with Connelly the next day as think Dubs will have a counter plan for the way Leroy kept him in his pocket all day!

  87. I turned the Sunday game off. Couldn’t stick them at all. No credit to us again. Really looks like we will just have to win the damn thing once and for all to gain respect.

  88. Absolutely correct about the propaganda battle, Just Outside Ballgh. FFS Connolly was caught on camera striking Lee four or five times but the incident, as well as the overall tussle, was portrayed with Lee as the bad guy.

  89. Yeah, until we actually need to go and win it before this team and our county start getting real respect….the media laugh at us and patronise us. It’s sickening.

    It won’t stop until we lift that cup.

  90. It was the speech from Whelan that Leroy would have to get the booking when Connelly started this shite the next day that enraged me. Watch out for the media campaign behind this one as they know Leroy will have him in his pocket again. Apart from trying to get at the ref, was wondering what else the Dubs might come up with to stop this happening. What would happen if Connelly decided to go in and mark our sweeper, effectively taking 2 of our defenders to mark him?

  91. Does anyone have a link to this Brolly piece in the Indo? What was the jist even of what he wrote?

  92. And maybe it’s time for our own to stop saying that our team does not have the individual skills/talents to hack it at the top! That’s proper BS. Hear it often enough and youll believe it.The more you believe you have it the more you ll find you have! It’s all about putting it all together in a game. Thanks to management and trainers for that! It’s then, when the bits come together that you can see these wonderful talents…! They are allowed to come out when the game is played as it should!

  93. I agree Willie Joe on the propaganda but we need to figure how to win that game too. Kilkenny runs with the ball like my 7 year old playing rugby and not a word or about it fouling on oshea . Brolly is just grabbing headlines so he can line his pockets with money. That stuff sells so he can up his fees. He is a commercial enterprise. Don’t worry about him. We know the heart our team and county has. On a small aside did anyone see the exchange between Coen and DOC as DOC came off. It just showed the respect between them and that’s what we should all focus on!!

  94. This will be our 3rd replay in 3 years… I’m sure our fellas are well used to the routine at this stage.

    3rd time lucky perhaps!

  95. It’s on the Indo’s website, Mach Gamhnach. I could give you the link but on a point of principle I won’t, I’m afraid. It’s vile, low, disgusting rubbish. The guy is a complete toad.

  96. Fair enough Willie Joe, I’ll have a look on the website, although I could be accused of seeking offence!

  97. I also turned off Dublin TV I mean RTE as the whole BS that Mayo were nice ladeens and if they were to try any make a match if it they would have to battle Dublin .

    Mayo more than rocked them and now the narrative has changed, Mayo thugs instigating poor Diarmuid into striking, more Michael Dara was also made so cross that he tried to decapitate Cillian.

    Showed they are rattled too and Whelans pale complication and stuttering when Des Dolan started talking sense was enough for me too turn it off .

    I belive we can do the same again the next day but for certain they will start Andrews if not O Gara as well they will want a target man fullforward to try and keep Vaughan back.
    Personally as good as a warrior as he is I would drop Seamie and start Chris Barrett with Vaughan and Parsons midfield .
    Seamie would be a massive option from the bench .
    have him coming in fresh 15 mins after half time and help steady the ship .

    Barrett would give a great solid option to the defence .

    I have to say a massive credit to the management they had all the matchups bang on and thats the one thing about this year where other years we hoped for being our best and that our best players be brought on this management team are on their game.

    I hope Dillon is ok and that Diarmuid isnt injured as he is carrying some knock and went down a time or two holding his calf .

  98. I think mayo missed there chance Dublin won’t be as poor next time but I hope they will be

  99. Did anyone see Kilkenny and Connelly ‘discussing’ who should take a sideline ball in injury time? Both wanted to kick the insurance point to be the star. I noticed this in the Kerry game too. Before Connelly kicked the insurance point against Kerry he and Kevin mac both missed pot shots that should have been recycled.

    Despite what Gavin says there are a lot of egos in that Dublin team and we need to exploit this.

    Media will do us no favors and we need to use it for a seige mentality.

  100. 5pm Saturday Is the sort of Dublin lead slyness we need to stand up too.
    It should of course be 3:30 on a Sunday, where there are open bus lanes and less retail.

    This is totally designed to discourage Mayo fans from heading up, especially the ones with family’s. Don’t let them do it to you, go and bellow! A person from our more western parts of the county, wont get home till all hours, especially with this bus strike.

    The fans were great yesterday, the rally cry’s were going out straight after a blow.

    Never loose faith, we will do this!

  101. Oh and what a player Donie Vaughen! A Dillon point and a brilliant Andy Moran, Cillian is all star bound after yesterday! Harrison, Durkan are having some season!

    How lucky are we to be following Mayo Gaa

  102. @WillieJoe you mentioned on the MayoNews podcast that a draw/replay wouldn’t do and wouldn’t suit us – I agreed. But I’ve changed my mind I think the lads will do it & the 2 weeks is a benefit. Just wondering if you’ve changed your mind?

  103. Brolly just needs attention so best ignore him, O Rourke too with patronizing Mayo ladeens. They went for the jugglar to with Aido despite the Lord Almighty Connelly and Brogans not giving a sniff.

    This will be one sweet All Ireland if we can win it and I cant see why not just so long as we get Diarmuid fit .

    Must say I always rated Jason Doherty but not to the levels he played yesterday, had a massive game, part of me thinks we should have brought on Conor Oshea and ran direct at Dublin rather than Barry but Barry did cause panic and confusion in there so probably same thing only different .

  104. John Casey is a spoofer. All over the national media with a big dramatic story today on how there was a massive row in the tunnel before the game and he was so scared! Said Mayo waited six minutes for dublin in the tunnel. Absolute bullshit. Dublin were actually due out 2 mins before Mayo but were late, and so both teams came out at a similar time. Check the match program. Saying Mayo waited six minutes in the tunnel for dublin is an outright lie, and total horseshit. Standing for six minutes in a tunnel (a very long time in this context) just to throw a few shoulders before the ball was thrown in is hardly what this Mayo team is reduced to.

  105. So proud of that bunch of lads. Gutted we couldn’t get over the line. Sick to the back teeth of people especially Dubs telling me that we blew our chance and won’t get the same chances the next day. We were 5 down at half time and 3 down with a minute to go. We came back and snatched a draw. If it was the other way around we would have to listen to the same s**t that we are chokers and bottlers. We are going to have to win this to gain any respect outside of the County.
    Any idea’s on who will ref the replay. Hope it’s not Dublin Joe.

  106. Macs left boot – Thank you. That’s exactly what happened . Casey is symptomatic and emblematic of some of the old guard Mayo.

    Our guys were ambushed in there because Dublin wanted to cause the anarchy first that Jim McGuinness predicted we would need. They were ” hammering the hammer” so to speak. These Dubs are truly afraid deep down of this Mayo team.

    Our guys were the ones that were rattled and ” amped up ” after that altercation , which I think led to our early misses and our two conceded own goals.

    But the courage and skill of this team – especially defensively ,had to be seen to be believed yesterday . I believe that when we recovered our composure our second half performance was more reflective of the true character this team.

    This team is courage.
    This team is persistence.
    This team is character.
    This team is never say die.
    This team is pride personified.

    This team is not Casey’s panicky old Mayo. This is a new breed. They are not going to stand for this anymore.

    This team will beat Dublin no matter how many replays it takes.

    I said before on this blog that ruthlessness would be the only way. It still is.

    Cillian O Connor is the exemplar of ruthlessness and leadership. His point at the end was as cool and beautiful a thing as ever I’ve seen. It was Sheflinesque.

    This team are winners all the way . They are the new Mayo. They will defeat Dublin team in this series of games. Unquestionably .

  107. I think I have, MaigheoGalinGaillimh. My big concern about a replay related to the possibility of a six-day turnaround, where geography, logistics and all that would leave Dublin at a massive advantage, as last year showed. Two weeks is obviously much better from our point of view so I’d be less concerned about it now.

  108. Well I was a wee bit out in my prediction,I think something like 2- 12 to 1-9 but not to far either, firstly I rate this Dublin team very very highly, but I rate this Mayo team higher, how long will it take people to realise that this team does not lack anything either in spirit or talent, how many teams would have the self believe to keep coming back year after year knowing the torture they have to go through to keek the incredible standards they have set, credit to one and all for their dedication to the cause of Mayo football. On yesterday’s match what odds would we have got if we said we would conceed two goals, or even that our forwards would not score a goal, but equally if we said Dublin would get a score until after half an hour, I thought all our players played very well, not being there means you miss a lot of off the ball action, but apart from MD who should have got a red card I think the the ref was fair, let the game go on could have called a few more for either side, but if he is fair we can have no complaints. On to the replay of course we will win it, our management of the game has jumped by one hundred percent, and our sideline has done exceptional work this year, up Mayo

  109. Macs left foot, I listened to Caseys report and thought it sounded rather sensationalized alright. He sounded like Charlie Bird at the Love Ulster riots, his life in real danger. Cant see the Mayo team hanging around for 6mins in the tunnel. Sounds more resonable that Mayo stuck to their timetable and Dublin were late.

    Bulltoe. I wouldnt be totally suprised at some sort of bias against Mayo re dates of replays ( limerick comes to mind) but recent hurling final replays have been played at 5 on a saturday so dont think there is some quick one being pulled this time.

  110. Willie Joe, have you read Gavin cummiskeys piece in today’s times? Absolute horseshit! Painting leeroy as the aggressor de force from throw in and Saint duirmuid being harried by him. Lazy journalism at its best from a blue blinkered sub standard journalist

  111. Can Lane not ref it again? he was ok I thought , Deegan will make it all about him an send off Connolly and Keegan at the drop of a hat . Joe is a joke so Lane picks of the bunch unless the little lad from Meath with the tidy beard and strange run, gets it .

  112. My overriding emotion yesterday leaving croke park yesterday was one of sheer pride. Of course there was disappointment that the lads didn’t get over the line but they showed some balls to come back from a losing positions not once but twice. I always suspected there was a big performance in this team and they brought huge intesity that Dublin just couldn’t deal with at times, granted there were errors at some crucial times but it was a pretty difficult day for football and I would say some of the lads must have been nearly out on their feet near the end. Now I did lose my bet but if paddy power wants to give me 10/3 on this group of lads winning a match I will take it all day long. I think if we can bring the same levels of intensity to the replay and maybe get a little rub of the green our way for a change we have every chance.
    Just a word about some posts in the blog in regard to supporting the team, I think that definitely helped the cause yesterday. I for one never stopped and I don’t think many mayo people did. I could hardly speak at the end. All of us need to bring it again and hopefully we will finally have our day in the sun on October 1st. Come on Mayo

  113. Two week turnaround is crucial here. It will give lads chance to rest, get their pool/stretching/physio sessions done & get prepared mentally, physically and tactically for war again. The six day thing does us no favours at all in this regard.

  114. In simple terms
    We did not do enough to win, but sure did do enough not to lose…
    Dublin will have a lot more questions to ask themselves in the next 2 weeks than Mayo.
    All through the summer Mayo have been building, no reason why they can’t build again for the next day.
    Harrison was my MoM. Roll on the 1st.

  115. There’s no conspiracy against us regarding the replay date. People need to chill out. We knew last December a replayed AI football final would take place on Sat October 1st. It’s in the master fixture schedule. Precedent over the last few years in hurling and football has shown that 5pm throw ins on Saturdays for both hurling and football replays are very common.

  116. I dont know why mayo people keep reading Brollys articles, you know it just reaction grabbing horse shite. Personnally I havent read anything he has said in ages. There are two other so called experts I avoid reading due to their totally anti Mayo leanings. Life is too short to waste precious minutes reading drivel.

    Regarding the Sunday game, havent seen it and wont see it but know exactly the jist of it, am usually still travelling at that time after Mayo games so am spared that form of torture.

    I have said it before, sky is the best thing to happen the GAA. Sky plus the game, watch it over, skip the bits in the studio with the Dublin love in brigade. I have been around long enough now to make come to my own conclusions on games and dont need fools from Derry, Kerry, Meath and Dublin to make them for me.

  117. Willie Joe, I will take your word for it and not read Joe Brolly’s shite in the Indo. Good idea not posting a link. Think it would be a good idea as Mayo fan’s if we didn’t provide Joe with any clicks because clickbate is about the nicest thing you could say call that little weasel.

  118. Brolly’s article sick and all as it is, should be read by all the Mayo players before the next match. This shit should give them enough motivation on it’s own to go and win this thing once and for all.

  119. What’s done is done, brolly is right, it doesn’t matter, off the hook, left it behind us, irrelevant now. We have their number physically, and don’t they know it. Both teams will improve the next day, no question, but I think we learned more than they did and ultimately I believe that will be the winning of it the next day. We go again, hon Mayo!!

  120. Just read it there.
    More fool us for inviting him to city west. More fool us for supplying him with a mayo jersey. More fool us.

  121. It’s amazing the line been taken from yday is that mayo missed their chance as only Dubkin can improve !
    Dublin were 3 points up heading into injury time ………..

  122. I haven’t read it yet, Fear an chomortois, but it sounds like I’m not missing much. The level of bias in all the national media on the tussle between them – Connolly struck him at least five times during that jersey pulling wrangle, that’s five straight red offences but, despite showing the footage, the Sunday Game geniuses ended up laying the blame on our man – is pretty shocking.

  123. Ok ok ok. What a bizarre game. Have to say so proud of Mayo team yesterday. Also to the Management. They really stopped Dublin from Playing. I thought it was gone coming into injury time. Over the next 2 weeks lets focus on the positives and there are loads from this game.

    Cannot understand why the Sunday Game only nominated 1 mayo Player for MOM, yet they were stating what a brilliant Mayo performance it was.. Strange.
    Anyways still there,. For the first time since 96 final, I actually thought we could win the AI, when we drew level with Dublin in the 2nd half. We need to finish this off in 2 weeks

  124. Just read Brolly’s rag of an article. What an utter pile of rubbish. There’s only one way to shut up him up and that is to win the bloody thing. Then we can shove that rag of an article down his throat quicker than he can say ‘Londonderry’.

  125. Love reading all this craic in the media about it being one Mayo left behind. If I was Jim Gavin I’d be explaining to his troops that throwing away a 5pt lead in dirty conditions in 10 mins and then letting Mayo off the hook with the last 3 points actually means it was Dublin that left it behind. Freak OGs won’t come as easy to dublin next day out. There is unbelieveable belief within this Mayo team ( A lot more than most of us fans, me included have in them thank God ) and they will without question finish the job next day out.

  126. Flew back from London for the game yesterday (couldn’t make the quarters or semis this year due to work and a Hungarian wedding respectively) and lapped up the pre match atmosphere. It’s the first final I’ve flown home for where I had the ticket secured before touching down on Irish soil – definitely the way to do it to avoid the last minute panic!

    On the game itself, firstly, it has to start with an acknowledgement of just how great our support was yesterday. Grown men and women, children screaming their lungs out for the Green and Red. Nothing malicious – no hissing or booing the opposition – just honest encouragement for our guys. We kicked every ball and rode every challenge with the lads on the pitch.

    It’s easy to focus on the two own goals and get hung up on luck and curses. If we take out the emotion of conceding two own goals in a final, it’s important to analyse what went wrong: For the first, we focused so intently on pressing Cluxton and preventing the short kick out that we failed to mark up the middle. It was an easy catch for the Dublin player (was it Small?) who was given space to waltz through and pick a pass. For the second, Boyler got caught ball watching and lost his man – we had two defenders back but somehow Dean Rock was goalside bearing down on Clarke. It’s important we take the emotion out of the analysis to make sure we tighten these things up.

    With that said, we harried and pressed the Dubs into making errors. The patronising “Dublin played badly” line completely fails to acknowledge the work the Mayo players did when not in possession. Tracking runners, turning the ball over, it was high intensity stuff. For all of Brolly’s shortcomings as a pundit, he at least identified this at the end of the game (Yes I got home last night and watched the game in full again).

    The one blotch on that aspect of the game was when Paddy Andrews came on, it took the lads a while to figure out who was marking him. This allowed him space and time to pop a few scores over.

    I thought the first half performance from the referee left a lot to be desired. Perhaps I’m looking through biased lenses, but I felt AOS didn’t get any calls in his favour. I was in the Lower Hogan right under where he knocked the ball into the net and genuinely didn’t see any foul committed by him. MDMA should also have had a black card for a cynical trip in the first half on DOC I believe. That’s just the first half decisions.

    Having pretty much dominated the first half, it was scarcely believable that we were 5 points down at half time. The atmosphere was definitely flat at the break as we were once again contemplating conceding 2 soft goals in a final. I wouldn’t say I’d written us off, but the pre match optimism had definitely waned.

    The first 5 minutes of the second half pulled and dragged every Mayo fan in the stadium out of our funk and brought us to our feet. What a sweet score by Andy to get things going. Paddy Durkan knocked over a beauty too after a brilliant burst forward. It was an excellent response.

    As a lot of you have already identified, the contribution of our backs cannot be understated. Vaughan was like a man possessed, covering ground to make excellent turnovers and popping over a few scores. Harrison is moving from unsung hero to a solid and reliable performer. Durkan had perhaps his best performance in a Mayo jersey. Keegan did everything we’ve come to expected from him and more. I thought Boyler actually looked a little unassured yesterday which is uncharacteristic of such a solid player. His bizarre leap to try to intercept a Dublin attack in the middle of the second half summed things up for him, but he’s an excellent player who will no doubt bounce back. Crucially though, it was the correct decision to remove him from play. Higgins lost more ball going forward than he usually would, but he’s always a threat and one of the best defenders in the country.

    I also thought Tom Parsons did really well. He was always showing for the ball, rarely gave the ball away, and lasted the full 77 minutes when I thought he’d be out on his feet.

    Where can we improve? SOS did some great work in the first half (again, a lot of his stuff is off the ball and often goes unrecognised), but he waned and second half some of his delivery and decision making was very poor. The blind bandpass to try to pick out his brother amidst a sea of blue defenders summed up his performance.

    Clarke’s kick outs are a real concern. I genuinely felt nervous as the game wore on every time he took a kick out. Dublin’s final point (and Connoly’s only point) can only be described as a gift. I could be wrong but I think 3 of Dublin scores came nearly straight from our kick outs. That simply cannot happen again.

    The work done by Doherty and the O Connor brothers tracking back was spectacular. All 3 turned the ball over sometimes as far back as their own 14 yard line. To me, DOC hasn’t looked fully fit or razor sharp since coming back from his injury. He’s that half second slower in shifting the ball or making the key run. Here’s hoping another few weeks will bring him back to his qualifier form.

    AOS was similar to his brother – second half he looked a little sluggish. The usual criticisms of his game do continue to rear their ugly heads – laboured in possession, slows down a move, and taking on one too many men. I think the dilemma is where to play him. He’s a talisman and should definitely start the replay, the question is where do we get the best out of him? Answers on a postcard.

    Andy lasted 70+ minutes which is phenomenal – his movement is brilliant and he pulls and drags defenders all over the place. This is the one reason why I don’t like seeing Kevin Mac sweeping as he’s got the engine to burst through into empty space created by Andy and has the composure to score goals. With that said, Kevin picked up a lot of breaking ball yesterday and did well transitioning from defense into account.

    And what about those scores from Cillian? 24 years of age, the weight of the county on his shoulders, he drills over that last score as if he was playing a first round tie in Ruislip. The man doesn’t feel pressure. Sensational.

    Here’s hoping Dillon and Regan’s injuries aren’t bad. What a score from Alan to keep us in touching distance!

    The Barry Moran question baffles. He was on the pitch for 10+ minutes and I don’t think he touched the ball. If he’s going to go in to the square we have to be prepared to wallop the ball in there a few times. The Dubs looked rattled as it was – that would have asked them a different set of questions entirely.

    Flights booked for the replay (it did seem odd booking flights to Ireland when I was still in Ireland!) and hoping to God I can get a ticket again. There should be no talk about Mayo leaving yesterday’s game behind. You play the game you’re in – the Dubs were on the ropes for large parts but benefited hugely from lady luck. Fine. We dwell not on what is out of our control, and more on what we can do next time so that we don’t leave Croke Park feeling hard done by. It’s up to us – players, management, supporters alike.

    WJ and all the team here, thanks a million for a brilliant resource. It’s the first site I jump on before or after a match – usually just to read through the content (this is only my second post) – and it’s a wonderful service you provide to honest and dedicated fans of Mayo GAA.

    65 years is a long time to wait. What’s another 13 days?

  127. Gavin Cummiskey is Blackrock rugby guy. His knowledge of all things GAA would be very limited, Not sure what he is doing writing about GAA.

  128. Mayo mad says Sky’s the best thing that’s ever happened to the GAA: Sky last evening announced on their news that Mayo and Dublin drew in the All-ENGLAND football final!! But, yes, I agree that it’s refreshing to hear James Horan and Peter Canavan with their excellent analysis.

    So glad to hear John Casey’s spoof piece about the so-called altercation in the tunnel exposed. I had to reach for my match-day programme to see that the Dubs were to have come on the field at 2.56 and Mayo to come out two minutes later at 2.58. Indeed Stephen Rochford said after the game that Mayo were perhaps a minute LATE coming onto the pitch. So it was Dublin who deliberately left the dressing room late to jostle with the Mayo boys in the tunnel and on the pitch.

    I’m delighted it’s a two-week turnaround. It’ll take me at least that time to get my voice back. I was so proud of our supporters yesterday who never gave up urging the team on. For once we drowned out the hill…or were they so shell-shocked they couldn’t remember the words of their “come on ye boys..’???

    Finally, like everyone else I’d like to know how serious is Alan Dillon’s injury. Someone said he broke his ankle. What a tragedy that would be for our longest serving player (along with Andy Moran). What a magnificent point he scored just after he came on. Apart from Andy we really have no other right-footed player who can get a point like that from the right wing. Here’s praying he’ll be ok for his EIGHTH all-ireland series!!

  129. Rochford quoted in the dressing room yesterday evening – “Put up your hand if you felt you had your best game today. There was nobody putting their hand up.”

    We can play much better. Plenty for us to work on. This narrative being pushed by the Dub minions that they’ll never play as badly again is utter bullsh’t.

    They weren’t let play and we now have genuine faith in what we’re trying to do. We can f’cking well win this thing and if [like me] you weren’t sure about it before, these lads have proven that they’re unwilling to accept second best.

    We’ve no fear of the greatest team ever to grace the game. None.

  130. Sunday Game and so-called analysts. They rate us 2nd class citizens. How Dublin were just poor on the day but no mention of how good Mayo were.
    The final insult was the MOTM, 2 Dubs in the line up with Donie as token.

    Lookin forward to 1st Oct.
    The Ref appointed will have major bearing on game as always.

    This is the year, ‘Old Moore’ says it too.

    Thought of Greg Maher many times during game, think he was watching down on us and guiding the lads quietly. Great tribute to Greg before game. May he RIP.

  131. I think it’s time we put the Brollys, Whelans and the rest of the spice girls into Hillary’s basket of undesirables. There was a Galway woman, married to a Mayo man she told me, beside me at the game and she roared her head off for Mayo. My better half is also a Tribeswoman through and through and she she managed to get in behind the Hill at halftime and watched the big screen roaring on Mayo surrounded by Dubs and lived to tell the tale, just about! These are ordinary decent people who have to hold down full time jobs and who give us their support in a genuine fashion. Needless to say, every man woman and child with Mayo blood coursing through their veins are behind Team Mayo. So pilgrims, never mind the D4 gobshites, a few people out there like us, feel the love!

  132. I know Aidan has come in for some criticism here and some of it may be fair but he did quite a bit of work yesterday that to my mind means he deserves his starting berth at 11 all day long. He couldn’t buy a free and while his shot at the end was wayward, as someone else pointed out, there was no supporting run so he had little else in the way of an option. He was tasked with tracking Saint Philly McInnocent who does have the benefit of greater speed and impervious to calls against him, so Aido will have been quite worn out at that point of the game too. His contribution was significant regardless of him not scoring, and we simply don’t have anyone that could fill his rather large boots to pick from anyway.
    Seamie on the other hand could have been called ashore sooner and the Younger O’Connor still has a way to go before we see the spark he was showing earlier in the year. Hopefully the 13 days between the games will allow that to ignite.
    Hats off to Tom Parsons, Cillian, Donie and especially Paddy Durcan who were fantastic. Also Jason Doc – I’d been beginning to doubt his claim on the Jersey but he proved me wrong yesterday. Clarke made some excellent saves when the Dubs were seeking glory goals (as is their wont) when points would have done them. His kickouts toward the end were getting a bit ragged though, but I think he’s worth the number 1 jersey for his shot stopping alone.
    Harrison kept Brogan in his pocket and clearly has the measure of him now. Andy was his usual self and the Subs when they came on did what the needed to do.
    I thought Keith was quite reserved on his forward movement but to be fair there was a game plan that was working that needed to be stuck to, this was probably part of it.
    Leeroy was immense again against the glory hunting ball bag and the concerted effort by Whelan and his ilk is tiresome at this stage. There’s been enough said about that already and my blood pressure is already at a precarious level to think or write more about that, much of which has already been written.
    Connolly should have been off the field with a black card earlier in the game anyway, but they’ll not mention that or a number of other incidents that went unchecked and in Dublin’s favour. To be fair to the Ref this was going to be a tough one to manage and he didn’t see many of the incidents due to looking elsewhere – he could have given Aido a black for the shoulder on Cooper and Cillian a black for his tackle but if that were to have been the case and all other events punished equally Dublin would have been down to 13 men by the time both of those events came around.
    Boyler was Boyler and tenacious as always – his replacement with Chris Barret i thought was shrew enough as a play to keep him good for a replay but Chrissy is a more than adequate substitution for Boyler in terms of his work rate and abilities.
    Kevin Mc did very well also.
    I was confident going into this game that we were able to beat Dublin and I knew our physicality and defensive structure would negate a lot of Dublin’s play.
    I have to say at half time I thought our goose was cooked, and had a firm belief that we were truly cursed with us having made life hard for ourselves with 2 own Goals. This group of players have shown once again that no one should have the audacity to write them off.
    As for “the dubs won’t be that bad” – I see no reason why the Dubs would not be – they were simply out played by a team better drilled and move capable than anything they have met this year. There’s no reason we cannot do the same and finish them off the next day.
    And also – fair play to the Mayo fans that were there yesterday and shouting for the team – we outshouted the hill and gave the team the lift when they needed it. We need to do it all again the next day and I’ve no doubt we will.

    Up Mayo.

  133. I read Brolly’s piece yesterday morning in the car park in Clonliffe College, and hear me out, in the back of my head I thought, there is a grain of truth in what he is saying. Of course not in the incendiary, ’cause a riot’ language that Brolly will always use- (because nobody finds Joe Brolly amusing than Joe Brolly himself). Reading any of the pieces by let’s say Darragh o Se or Jim McGuinness, with the “how on earth are mayo going to beat Dublin” theme, he decided to play devils advocate, throws down the gauntlet and insults/enrages everyone in Mayo- hopefully the players- and maybe it will get them over the line. With a bit of luck the piece will be posted up on the dressing room wall for the replay.

  134. What a game and what a team, we were better then them all day. I wasn’t hugely confident yesterday however I’m sure we’ll win the replay. Dublin fans,players and media believe their own hype and that’s all it is…..hype.

    As for RTE I’ve really had enough of them. I would every person on this blog to sit down tonight and write an email/letter/carrier pigeon whatever! of complaint to RTE. their coverage is biased, unfair and downright insulting!

  135. Superb performance yesterday.
    So proud of the team.
    One small point: I have not seen it on TV but people at work this morning say Andy’s”point” in second half was wide? I was right behind it in Davin stand and thought at the time it was wide. Anyone else see or hear about this?

  136. I thought, we the supporters were like dogs yesterday. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was relentless manic aggression from the stands from Mayo followers from the start. The boys with me were saying how it felt like we as a county really were going to war and screw the hype and build up, lets just get this game started and show no respect or to bow at the feet of the ‘unbeatables’. It was palpable all day long and was different to previous years
    I think The Hill and the Dublin players(Dean Rock an obvious example) were shook. Even in the tunnel before hand it was obvious the same psyche was with the players, getting digs in before they even took the field.
    The mantra from the media is that Dublin will not be as bad the next day. I’m telling you it’ll be more of the same for them on the 1st of October. Mayo are in their heads now and some of their forwards are going to be second guessing themselves when they face their markers on Sat week

  137. Anyup Andy scored 2 in the second half, both were over the bar.
    If they weren’t I believe Hawkeye kicks in to notify the ref who then discounts the point (if awarded). I’ve seen this happen in one of the hurling games at least – i think it was Waterford vs Kilkenny.
    Probably fair to assume the same applies in Football.

  138. We have to print our tickets this time……don’t know why there isn’t consistantcy on these things. 20 euro less though for the hurling replays in recent times I think the discount was more than that. Anyway, great to have another day out.

  139. As a proud mayo woman from crossmolina all I can say is well done on yesterday’s comeback!

    However Dublin having played well below par for a lot of the match were still 3 points ahead of us going into injury time…..what does that say about us ?? They also had more goal chances than us as well. Anyway we will have another crack at them on 1 October but I honestly feel that the Dubs could do us a lot of damage in under two weeks time!

  140. FDBinashui and Anyup, both points Andy got were fine.
    It happened in the minor match. Some lad got a point, it was waved over, game had restarted and then,the ref got a call to check it. It was then shown to have gone over the post, and thus, wide.
    I’d imagine the same would have applied in the senior match.

  141. Sill coming back down to earth after Sunday and still without a voice. There’s no point in me saying anything at this stage as FDBinashui has already said absolutely everything I’m thinking.

    I think the calls to drop Aidan are utterly misplaced – I actually felt he worked very hard – but I do think that Seamie should have been taken off at least ten minutes sooner; likewise Diarmuid who struggled a bit throughout.

    Serious credit to our lads. I thought nothing could ever top 1996 in terms of sheer bad luck, but it turns out I was wrong. But their heads never went down, and Dublin bottles not just a five-point lead but a three-point one in injury time, which tells its own story. This narrative of “Dublin will never be that poor again” is bullshit, to be blunt – they played as well as they were allowed to on the day and our defense was absolutely immense to a man. Our own forward showing can only improve as well, so roll on the 1st and let’s get this job done.

    Massive credit to the supporters, they really went to war on Sunday and we outshone and outshouted the famous blue army. Most of all we got behind our team when it really mattered and the support was acknowledged on Sunday night in Citywest. More of the same on Saturday week please!

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