Mayo 0-17 Dublin 0-17: Mayo draw cold comfort

Almost. Mayo almost pulled off the shock of the season. With time running out, Ryan O’Donoghue kicked Mayo in front with a ballsy free from the right wing. 

There was time for one more play though and Dublin showed why they are All-Ireland champions. Ciarán Kilkenny soared to pluck Stephen Cluxton’s kick-out from the skies. He fed Jack McCaffrey who cut through the Mayo defence. McCaffrey turned down an easy fisted point and Dublin nearly butchered it. But Cormac Costello, after slipping, recovered and fisted over. 

The draw was enough for Dublin to top the group on scoring difference. Few would have imagined beforehand that Dublin would be celebrating a draw. But that’s how it turned out. 

Where does it leave Mayo?

Well in logistical terms, a home preliminary quarter-final next weekend against Cork, Monaghan or Derry. Win that and a third game game in three weeks awaits in the All-Ireland quarter-finals. 

In terms of Mayo are at in the season as a whole, that’s a picture that has yet to be revealed but Mayo are definitely in a better position than many of us felt in advance of this game. You would have done well to find a Mayo person who thought Mayo could win this game … and they very nearly did.

Lots of Mayo players appear to be coming into good form at just the right time. Tommy Conroy was electric in the half-forward line. Ryan O’Donoghue showed great leadership and his seven points were laced with class. Aidan O’Shea showed he can bring a full 70 minutes plus and he was a real handful for Dublin with his driving runs. Mattie Ruane continued to impress and has now kicked 0-9 in the last four games. Jack Carney impressed at midfield and defensively, Mayo did very well individually. Keeping Dublin to 17 points and a clean sheet is an outcome we would have taken in advance. 

The first half was entertaining but also a bit ragged. Mayo had more of the ball but found it harder to penetrate Dublin. When the All-Ireland champions attacked, the space looked far more plentiful and they could have been further in front but for some uncharacteristic unforced errors. Dublin had the wind in the first half and it appeared to be strong enough judging by both halves.

Mayo left their fair share of scores behind in the first half too. Ryan O’Donoghue dropped a straightforward free short. Stephen Coen blazed a great goal chance over the bar and Mayo butchered a number of very promising attacks. 

The teams traded scores for the most part in the first half, never more than two points between the teams. 

Tommy Conroy’s electric runs from the half-forward line had Mayo fans out of their seats and the Dubs were really struggling to deal with him. A fisted point from him put Mayo in front for the first time on 13 minutes, 0-3 to 0-2, following two earlier frees from Ryan O’Donoghue. 

Dublin went 0-6 to 0-4 in front and the next point was crucial. It came from O’Donoghue after Aidan O’Shea was fouled. O’Shea then kicked the equaliser from a free in the right corner.

Cormac Costello, a real lively threat throughout the game, kicked the half’s first and last score to leave Dublin 0-7 to 0-6 up at the break. 

Dublin went three up on 41 minutes, 0-10 to 0-7 and it felt like a dangerous gap but Mayo upped the ante and hit three in a row through Conroy, Ruane and Conor Loftus had them level. The crowd of 16,870 were gripped from there to the finish.  

It was tense, tit-for-tat stuff. Every missed opportunity felt like a big advantage to the opposition. Mayo did not get in front until injury time but the game was certainly there for them. 

Dublin, for their part, were tentative in attack but could have struck goals too. Eoin Murchan’s point hit the bar before going over. McCaffrey turned down a goal to fist over not long after. 

Mayo ran the bench. Cillian O’Connor was first on and linked well. His brother Diarmuid made a welcome return from injury but in the negative column Eoghan McLaughlin came off with what appeared an injury towards the end of the first half. 

Right on 70 minutes, Colm Reape kicked a nerveless ‘45 to equalise the game at 0-16 each. Dublin had not scored for 13 minutes at that stage and it looked all Mayo. 

Mayo patiently kept the ball to try to work a winner. Ryan O’Donoghue superbly won a long delivery on the right wing. He got a soft free but the reality was he had spun Mick Fitzsimons if play was let continue. 

It was a really difficult free but O’Donoghue nailed it and Mayo looked set for a victory that would blow the All-Ireland championship wide open. But Dublin are brilliant because they are so hard to beat. They underlined that when it mattered most. 

Mayo: Colm Reape (0-1, ‘45), Jack Coyne, David McBrien, Rory Brickenden; Eoghan McLaughlin, Stephen Coen (0-1), Sam Callinan; Donncha McHugh, Matthew Ruane (0-2); Jordan Flynn (0-1), Darren McHale, Jack Carney; Aidan O’Shea (0-1, f), Ryan O’Donoghue (0-7, 5fs), Tommy Conroy (0-3). 

Subs: Conor Loftus (0-1) for McLaughlin (inj. 32 mins); Cillian O’Connor for McHale (63 mins); Diarmuid O’Connor for Coen (58 mins); Bob Tuohy for Ruane (63 mins); Paul Towey for Carney (67 mins).

Who was our MOTM against Dublin? Pick your top three performers

  • Aidan O'Shea (23%, 751 Votes)
  • Ryan O'Donoghue (21%, 658 Votes)
  • Tommy Conroy (19%, 615 Votes)
  • Donnacha McHugh (12%, 368 Votes)
  • Matthew Ruane (8%, 247 Votes)
  • David McBrien (3%, 92 Votes)
  • Conor Loftus (3%, 88 Votes)
  • Sam Callinan (2%, 69 Votes)
  • Jack Carney (2%, 48 Votes)
  • Jordan Flynn (1%, 45 Votes)
  • Stephen Coen (1%, 43 Votes)
  • Colm Reape (1%, 40 Votes)
  • Jack Coyne (1%, 27 Votes)
  • Darren McHale (1%, 22 Votes)
  • Eoghan McLaughlin (1%, 17 Votes)
  • Rory Brickenden (1%, 16 Votes)
  • Cillian O'Connor (1%, 16 Votes)
  • Paul Towey (1%, 16 Votes)
  • Diarmuid O'Connor (0%, 12 Votes)
  • Bob Tuohy (0%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,514

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71 thoughts on “Mayo 0-17 Dublin 0-17: Mayo draw cold comfort

  1. So delighted with that performance. I know it’s not the result we wanted, we left scores behind us and made some errors but christ, that was the best game I’ve seen us play since the 2nd half of the Connacht Final in 2021. So many positives. A brilliant game between two sides going for it and playing football in the way it should be played. Let’s get out in numbers in castlebar next weekend.

  2. I wasn’t at the game,unfortunately, family commitments.i lot of players slipping, did it make a shower before or during the game.roll next weekend I hope the put on minor n senior at suitable times, it’s beginning to feel like summer.

  3. Mayo were the better team today. But the victor was football. What a game. This is the way football should be played. So proud of Mayo. We have a difficult passage but we are capable. If we can use the full squad we can prevail. Great to see Doc back. Aidan is playing out of his skin. There is a passion about this squad that might just bring us to the summit. Well done Mayo. So proud.

  4. Pity we didn’t nick it. If we could have won that last kickout it was all over. Draw looked a fair result given how often the teams were level and tit for tat. We may have gotten a bit of luck for the late 45 so the Dubs equaliser balances it.
    Think was can win the last 12 game but would need an easy draw (of the 3 options) in the QF.

  5. Isn’t it nice to struggle to pick a MOM for us – even after picking 3 I’m giving out to myself for not picking from another 4 or 5 …Ryan, Tommy, Aden, Mcbrien, McHugh, Sam, Carney, Matty were all in the 8/9 out of 10 space

  6. Very good performance. Well done to all involved. Just one question though: Why didn’t we bring on someone like Hession to mark McCaffrey? I’m not being critical of management or anything, just want to hear people’s thoughts.

  7. A game that should and could have been won, a great display of good football. One area for improvement our back let Dublin get shots on goal very easy as they were not touched when in possession, on the other hand when our forwards got the ball there was two Dubs hanging out of them immediately, a little more aggression needed from our backs.

  8. Poor auld Joanne seems to come in for the criticism when there’s not much to criticise about the team. Thought she played well today.

  9. Couldn’t be prouder of the Mayo boys tonight.No one gave us a chance going into that game,everyone said we were out of all Ireland contention,I think today shows if Mayo can get everyone working at their best at the same time they are as good as any top team.Was gutted for them at the end because they gave that match everything but so proud that they are representing our county.Didn’t Oisin McConville say at the start of the group stage Mayo would struggle to get out of this group and here we are undefeated in definitely not an easy group.

  10. Quite a performance there, deserved to win but can’t complain about a draw. Watched from Glasgow via GAAGO – the most frustrating 75 minutes I’ve spent in a long time, kept hanging or breaking down.

    I think we have serious momentum after that. Compare it to last year, when the defeat to Cork really hurt. I’d like to get Derry and sock it to them. We shouldn’t fear anyone. Dublin’s defensive hunting in packs reminded me of how we used to do it.

  11. Top class performance and so unlucky not to win ir. Unreal kick out and catch from Dubs. Great game and Mayo squad all deserve credit. Such a shame we have nothing to show for it.

  12. Ryan O’Donoghue and Tommy Conroy had outstanding performances today and I mean that. Did ye see the outrageous long distance scores Ryan got at several stages today? He pulled the team along on his own. Tommy was a proper menace and seriously had the better of the Dubs today with his pace. They had no one to deal with him. He’s a real threat.
    Aidan was massive for us. He was very clever and created oppprtunities for other people by using a wide array of his strengths.
    Mattie played really well and showed up all during the game.
    David McBrien stood shoulder to shoulder with Con O’Callaghan and showed he had full confidence in himself and was in no way cowed by Con. He gave Con a good shove early in the game and played the ball away and this set the tone for the rest of the game.
    Eoghan McLaughlin was very effective for Mayo in the first half.
    Dublin did not pull away from Mayo – that’s the take home. We could have waited for it but it didn’t come. Mayo are able to go toe to toe with the Champions. They are able and they believe in themselves.
    Yes, we had to work harder for scores but we had skill and know-how – this is good. And we were probably a bit less confident than the Dubs but this game will have done wonders for our lads’ confidence and that means A LOT.
    Management played a blinder today with their spot on selections right to the very end.
    And lastly, thank you to the Mayo fans who were there. They were loud and raucous and in the last twelve minutes or so the place was a cauldron of sound, produced by Mayo people as they sensed Mayo could win this thing and they wanted to help them on.
    The Dubs travelled in style and were really impressive, taking over one entire terrace side.
    Hyde Park and Roscommon town put on an amazing show – they were super professional and well organised. We fans benefitted hugely from that.
    Let’s get behind the team now. Confidence is what they need to develop and it’ll come bit by bit, building on games.

  13. I am exhausted and absolutely livid with mayo’s performance in the last play of the game. A melee should have taken place after ciaran kilkenny caught that last kick out. He should have been fouled and the play held up. I think back to the closing stages of the 2017 final when dublin players wrestled mayo players to the ground. Hopefully we draw monaghan in the draw on Monday morning.

  14. If that game was played I’m croke park I wonder would it have played out the same way? Just a thought?

  15. What a game to be present in Hyde Pk today.
    Our Heroes are back.
    It felt like we at 2016/17 All Ireland final again.
    Brillant performance by all. Feel for the lads not having a break next wend.
    My voice is gone but let’s all get behind them for next games.

  16. Jimbo, all the pulling and dragging to the ground at death by Dubs then certainly came to mind about cuteness needed.

    Who was marking Costello he caused awful havoc for us?

    A heartening performance, that should put us in good stead next week. Monaghan be best option, Cork (especially if Hurley injured) followed by Derry, who despite there men missing and poor form I’d much rather avoid as they’d still make it a dog fight which wouldn’t suit us.

  17. Couldn’t fault the effort.every man out there emptied the tank. The dubs showed their class and comppsure at the end with kilkenny/costello/Jack squeezing a score out of nowhere

    Terrific game.

    HcHugh has been a revelation this year as our go to stopper, that’s as good as any mayo man has done against Fenton. Between McHugh and ROD for motm ( ROD is only 1 or 2 games away from an allstar at this year,immense every day)

    Conroy has finally arrived.

    Not at all bothered about the pQF next week now, nothing to worry about in the 3rd place grouping

    Onwards and upwards

  18. See the dubs are out on full force saying that the ref and officials did everything to try help mayo and that dubs should have been out the gate absolute rubbish they must be the most petty county at times.

    Tommy conroy the best form I’ve seen him since pre injury!

    I’m sure paddy durcan was so proud is well in the stands.. We shouldn’t fear anyone now!

  19. Just back from the Hyde. I’m too wrecked to comment much on the actual game. Positive elements, and some negative. Thought we put in a huge effort and in my opinion it was the best performance since McStay took over (better imo than in Killarney because Kerry were really poor that day). Main negatives today, we missed some easy scores and I thought we were too open in defence in the 2nd half. We let Dublin score too easily after HT. we had to work more for ours and then at the end, you have to foul in midfield and bring the player down. Thank God it wasn’t knockout because you’d be pulling your hair out.

    Next; we were very outnumbered by the Dublin support. We had the majority in the main stand but on the two terraces and hospital side Stand the dubs far outnumbered us. That’s a shame. Time for people to get behind the team.

    A thing that’s been really bugging me this year and last is the opinion of many Mayo people that we aren’t good enough to win an All Ireland…shite like, ‘I’d be happy with a Connacht title… I can never understand that defeatist attitude. Some might say they are being realistic but I’ve always maintained on this blog that we have enough decent players to put it up to any team and so, following from that, sufficient talent to at least try to win the bloody All Ireland. Now, we might get caught next week or at some point along the way, but I wish Mayo people would start believing that we are good enough…and that with the right strategy, form and attitude that you just never know… and I don’t mean silly hype. I mean, a quiet but dogged inner belief that we can do it.

    Fair play to the lads who battled hard today. Room for improvement still and they need to quickly forget about it and get focused for next weekend and IF we get thru that then have we energy levels to go again the following week? Only time will tell. Cmon Mayo!

  20. Correct Jimbo.
    Call it what you want but to me that falls into the “game management” category.
    Great teams are great at it and don’t think twice about doing what’s necessary to see games out.

    But our bucks were great today.
    So many lads played really well.
    Brilliant team performance. I thought we were very composed for large parts of the game. McLoughlin going off is a worry and Diarmuid had a soft landing coming back.
    Not sure who was marking Niall Scully but he was given way to much time and space on 2 occasions and popped over two handy points. Con won’t be kept as quiet again for the rest of the year.
    McCaffrey is a real gamechanger.

  21. Good spirited performance today. Unlucky not to pull off a win but extra game will be no harm so long as we can avoid serious injuries and red cards. Hope it’s Cork!!!

  22. So much to digest but my main point is my pride for them bucks that played today is beaming . Ye are proud Mayo men and ye stood for everything that jersey means . Thank you . See ye in castlebar

  23. That attitude that gets voiced that we’re not on the level of Kerry or Dublin or winning Sam irks me. Like we have an outstde shot. We’re not some 100/1 no hopers.
    When that attitude is expressed with an almost dismissive bear aggression I go from irked to pissed off. It’s proudly bending the knee loser talk

  24. We have the bones of a nice team coming through now but will be hard to replace Aido on a performance like today. Colossal. No other player in the squad to match what he brings. Hopefully he has another year or two in the legs if managed correctly

  25. Really hope all the negative nonsense around the squad stops now and people get behind them.

    We are as good as any of the chasing pack and there is no reason we can’t beat a Dublin or Kerry in a one off game.

    If we get over next weekend and avoid Kerry in the 1/4 final then who knows what can happen…….

  26. Lots of positives…lots of questions answered

    – we know a lot more about matchups now for when we meet them again in the final ;-]
    McHugh will get the Fenton gig again
    – As many of us have been clamouring for wing forward is the place for Conroy, anytime he got on the ball out on the wing today everyone was up off their seat
    – Ruane has been quietly excellent all championship, back at his 2021 form

    Costello outstanding for the dubs, who was tagging him I couldn’t work it out, at different times it was mcbrien and callinan. Positions were very hard to work out,I’ll need a rewatch.

    As for McCaffrey, what a player he still is.

    We should nominate the Hyde for all our games

    Question: does anyone know if the qf draw is made at same time as the pqf draw,iirc last year it was. I’m looking past the pQF as we will dispatch any of those, so the question is do we want armagh/donegal or kerry. I’d love to get a undercooked kerry in qf

  27. Can we please just drive people to turn up in castlebar next week , family , friends and people in yiur parish, shame them into turning up . How can ya not have that feeling now of , hon Mayo .

  28. Clare take no notice of them. I counted 6 decisions the ref gave Dublins way in the first 40mins that should not have. We got 1 Loftus’s

  29. Sometimes I think Tommy doesn’t realise how good he is. Needs to believe in himself the way Ryan does. Has all the attributes to be scoring 5-6 a game and be the best forward in the country. A joy to watch in full flow.

  30. Mayo Mike spot on
    He has been beating his man and then cutting back so often including the first half
    Second half he had a right cut
    Might be confidence which should be flowing now

  31. First game in a long while I didn’t attend in person and, after seeing that display, I’m starting to think maybe I was the problem all along. I thought Mayo were decent all over the field. Even players who might have underwhelmed in the past like Jack Carney…. well, maybe their contribution is more obvious when you’re watching on TV. I’ve often criticised Tommy Conroy in past for basically being anonymous for three-quarters of the game and then chipping in a couple of scores when contest is already decided in our favour. But he was a threat for the entire 70 minutes today. Aidan magnificent as always. Mattie improved after a poor showing the last day. Conor Loftus maybe worth a start next day. Its hard to be critical of ROD when he’s been such a superstar all season, including today. But jeez if he knocked over a couple of those chances he missed we might have got the right result.

  32. Our day will come
    Straight answer is I dont think it would Croke Park is a massive advantage to Dublin and thats just the way it always have been…….. if that was in Croke Park I think we would have likely lost by 3 or 4 points.
    Reality is there is an asterix * by Dublins All Ireland wins ie (Always have home advantage).
    There is no reason why All Ireland semi finals or finals with Dublin in them cant be played in Cork or even the new Casement Park when its done.

  33. Great game and a great display by the lads but untimatly we are left with 3 games in 3 weeks. That’s how we roll. Surely Dublin only had 40 seconds to find an equaliser and they did of which we are all very familiar with.

    But let’s appreciate that Dublin are a very good football team no matter where they play football

  34. @Thedarkyfinn yeah your totally right.. Also thought Ryan O D should have got a free in the first half to when he was taken down.. I think the championship is really wide open now!

  35. @JP, exactly my point. Stop focusing f€ckin’ bending the knee. I don’t care what year it is, there’s enough footballers in Mayo in any year to have a chance and I’ve said it here countless time but we should always be striving to win the championship outright.

    I think the players and management will be very deflated after this but in time, I think the team will actually take a lot of belief and confidence from it.

    As Sean Burke said, people need to get to MacHale Park next week. It needs to be a full house, partisan and vocal. It’ll be very hard for the team to play to the same level, but we need to get them across the line and back to Croke Pk and cross that bridge when it comes.

  36. I have always said that on our day we are capable of beating anyone,we proved it to day,we can win Sam ,it should keep the critics silent for another few weeks

  37. Mixed emotions but draw probably a fair result.
    I actually thought we out numbered the Dubs today , support wise .
    Management out foxed Dessie for the most part .
    McHugh was outstanding on Fenton .
    Really good squad performance and effort.
    Very proud of the lads and proud to be a Mayo man
    Let’s get behind them in Castlebar!!!

  38. Jesus lads, the result was fair. McNally made a Horlicks of several decisions, not all against Mayo…still in the pot and a hugely confident display. Several Dubs I met said it was fluffed lines that cost either team a win… I agree.

  39. What kind of a set up have the GAA devised to allow teams like Monaghan, Roscommon, Derry, Cork to be still in the All-Ireland and punish the likes of us and Mayo for finishing second. Why is there such a big rush to play games every week as if there was a whole schedule of games in Croke Park waiting to be played. The prelim fair enough next week then there should be a 2 week break to the QF. Why do counties suck up this shit sandwich year in, year out.
    Sorry Willie Joe but i’m angry about the draw, angry about the schedule and fed up of the GAA not giving every county a fair crack of the whip. The sad fact is that if Mayo and Galway win next weekend its more than likely that they will be beaten in the QF by teams allowed to rest up in the mad rush to get our national games out of the way as quickly as possible.

  40. Anyone who’s ever criticised Conroy needs theory head checked. He’s absolutely electric and he’s a nightmare for defenders. What a brilliant performance from him today.

  41. Agree 100% chesneychet the scheduling is a complete shit show made to advantage the likes of Dublin and Kerry to give the GAA their annual dream final. Bleeding their Loyal patrons year in year out for
    More matches, more money, more pay per view behind paywalls.

    They knew the scheduling of the prelims last year was a problem when all of the preliminary qualifiers exited the competition at quarter final stage having run out of gas (bar Monaghan who won a fortuitous penalty shootout). But they didn’t care enough to change it.

  42. As eluded to above it was the perfect time for payback for 2017 after rocks free when Ryan scored the lead point and pull down a few dubs and disrupt the play to run down the clock. Surprised Cillian or Aidan didn’t try something

  43. Well I’m just home, I think my heart as returned to its normal rhythm. What a game. As i was saying this was the championship starting today. I told you it would be close. Some of your support is very pessimistic at times about your team. But there is a serious team in that Mayo panel. A few comments of Dublin aren’t that good outside Croke Park. That takes away from that Mayo performance. That wasn’t down to venue, just two excellent teams playing a proper game of football. Great day out. Good look in your next game guys. Hopefully we go at each other again in a few weeks in an even bigger game. I don’t know how to tag people, so I’ll just have to finish up by saying something to Clare on here. Always have faith in your team, and even sometimes when you got a few comments on about it you never wavered, hopefully a few of the the doubters join you and see you guys really do have the makings of another great Mayo team…..

  44. Final bit of nonsense talk from me today. 2021 final burned a lot of Mayo fans I’m sure. Certainly did me. I was so annoyed in the aftermath of that and today felt like the first time since then that I began to believe in this craic again. Will we win Sam? No. But we could be on the path to doing so in the future. So, so important that we get out in numbers next week. Let’s throw our weight behind the team and see where it leaves us. Just my ten cents worth and maybe I’m the only one feeling like this but let’s be the difference for the lads next week!

  45. @Hill16 aww thanks for the lovely comment there! Ye really have been the team of the past decade and ye still are. Ye are great craic most of the time yes some mad supporters but sure we have a few mad supporters to on our side..

    I think we lost the confidence ever since 21 the players have always been there and I honestly mean it when I say this is the best performance I’ve seen from our guys in one or two years better then kerry last year.

    Still think Dubs will win Sam so nest of luck @Hill16! Our guys wore the green red with such pride today and fair ah to management I’ve been one to question a few of their tactics but they got most right today.

    Wonder who will we get in the draw I’ve a feeling it’ll be Derry wouldn’t mind another crack at them though..

  46. I thought that we would show up today but we played above my expectations so well done to players and management.

    This will give everyone confidence and if we get through next week, then will be well set for the QF’s. We have performed better than last year, and developing more structure which is credit to the management. AOS was great, I thought that ROD had a mixed bag and TC was back on track. MF stood up, thought that Matty and Jack did very well. Out kick outs have definitely improved. Defensively we did ok but struggled with Costello and Kilkenny showed real leadership for the Dubs.

    Next week could be a challenge mentally but we as fans have our part to play to cheer them on and supporttheir efforts. Win and then set ourselves up for a crack in the QF’s.

  47. @tommy&Joe
    Why say we won’t win Sam when we were the better team today against the favorites. We have every chance even if we have a harder path. Keep the faith. I am so impressed with the lads and management. Excited.

  48. That really was a great game and it’s games like that one today that brings back the big crowds and nothing else. As Hill 16 posted this was two excellent teams playing a proper game of football. The GAA needs to be careful about the proposed rule changes because when the game is played like it was today it’s simply hard to beat. It’s not easy pick MOTM but voted for Aidan as I thought he was immense today. Kilkenny had a huge game for Dublin. Thought the support was about 50/50.

  49. That was a very ‘together’ display by the green n red today and great to see the Mayo running game back again……my only gripe, I hate the lateral and back passing shit by fellas who have gaps opening up if they’d only take a shot……But on the plus side, much less of that stuff today and much more long range shooting on view…….I thought the decision to.move Tommy out to HF line really paid dividends…..

  50. “Will we win sam , no ”

    Im screaming at this stuff , we cant carry on like this .Its so fooked up to think like that , you dont have to shout we will win the all Ireland or mayo 4 sam shite but please we have to stop this shouting we wont win it , nobody asked , its fine and dandy just to tip along taking a game at a time and just come to terms with the fact we have just as much chance as winning it as long as youre in it .

    Why are there a large cohort of Mayo people so afraid of winning , believing and enjoying the ride . If there were 10k mayo supporters there today roaring like its 1989 we would of won . Its not the players that have lost their bottle , its you . 25k show up to mchale park , we will be going to croker the following week , no county in ireland is beating mayo in castlebar with a savage loud crowd after today .

  51. Fantastic performance today..we hit a level I didn’t we were capable of. I thought we would win the game beforehand, but that was more in blind hope than anything else.

    But by God if we can bring performances like to the table consistently, then we can beat anyone on our day.

    Up Mayo. Such a shame we didn’t win it, but the performance must have given the squad & management a huge lift

  52. 9/2 was a crazy price and it nearly came off.

    Listened to it on the radio on the road out of Portlaoise.

    Hopefully you get Monaghan tomorrow they are very poor and that would set you up.

    I wouldn’t fancy ye in a QF given how untested we have been.

  53. Seen Brian Reape playing for Moy Davitts against Balla in a league game the weekend.
    Has to be in the top 5 forwards in the county

    Mind you Conor Reid not bad either. G8 hands powerful runner and will not back from anything

  54. Had to laugh, in the immediate aftermath, C Whelan announces that “that was a serious psychological blow to Mayo’……FFS, where did he dream that up from ?………

  55. @MartyK I know I was like what the fuck ha I was like what would he gave said if we lost our got hammered usually don’t mind his commentary but that was a ridiculous comment..

  56. I’m still not recovered after that match. Most enjoyable Mayo match I’ve been at all year. Felt like old times. All weekend I felt we would win today. After listening to Lee and Colm on the podcast I thought they had a good point about maybe management learning from second half against Dublin last year and that maybe this new style of play was all aimed at not letting Dublin trounce us this year. It made sense. I was so angry it was a draw though. How we would have loved to push the dubs into second place. Not to be but I’m definitely happier about where Mayo football is at. Yes we were outnumbered by the dubs in there but I thought we made enough noise. AOS what a man! Was delighted he wasn’t pulled early. Dubs wouldn’t have expected him on the field whole game. What an effort from them all. I would have like to see Ruane left on though and Hession given a run. I hope this match hasn’t taken too much out of us but then when I think back to the qualifier years there were matches every week. Keith Higgins was on The Square podcast during the week and he said that’s what they loved having a match every week- no time to think. Nothing to fear. One game at a time.

  57. Great performance by Mayo today it’s a pity we didn’t get the win we deserved.
    We were simply not clinical enough at the end.
    No way should Dublin have been allowed any chance with 30 seconds to go.
    If we play like we played today we got a good chance against whoever we play.
    Maigheo Abu

  58. I must say that I have always said that we can beat any one on our day,I am very happy today we will give the final a good shot,it should keep the critics silent for another day

  59. Sean Burke ….I’m just copying your post cos I agree 100% and it’s worth saying again.

    “Will we win sam , no ”

    Im screaming at this stuff , we cant carry on like this .Its so fooked up to think like that , you dont have to shout we will win the all Ireland or mayo 4 sam shite but please we have to stop this shouting we wont win it , nobody asked , its fine and dandy just to tip along taking a game at a time and just come to terms with the fact we have just as much chance as winning it as long as youre in it .

    Why are there a large cohort of Mayo people so afraid of winning , believing and enjoying the ride . If there were 10k mayo supporters there today roaring like its 1989 we would of won . Its not the players that have lost their bottle , its you . 25k show up to mchale park , we will be going to croker the following week , no county in ireland is beating mayo in castlebar with a savage loud crowd after today .

    We always have to believe. That doesn’t mean you go daft on hype, that’s no good to anyone but why can’t we be as good or better than anyone. Cmon, everyone. Quit the ‘happy with a Connacht medal’ shite. There’s only one competition to win. Go try win it every year. Yes, some tests you’ll have different players, different strength, talents, deficiencies etc…so the job of a manager is to get the mst out of the players. To get them mentally right and to come up with a strategy to win. Look at Tyrone in 21. They were good but were they ca class team? No. They fully deserved to win that year but it’s just proof that you don’t need a team of superstars to win the All

  60. Seán Burke – you’ll do well to find someone less in the “mayo for Sam” camp than me in any year.
    Afraid of winning is another thing I would never count myself as being.
    I’m basing my opinion that we won’t the all-ireland on cold hard facts. Not being pessimistic, we simply aren’t there yet with this iteration of the team. We’ll win an All-Ireland when we’re good enough to do so. On that basis, it won’t be this year. I’m a supporter, not a cheerleader.
    I’m delighted with the performance today – as I said it’s the best in years. Still not good enough to win the all-ireland this year.

  61. I have travelled to Mayo game’s for decades some years not missing any games.
    But many many great Mayo supporters myself including
    Don’t work 9 to 5 Monday to Friday and have other commitments as well and 5 Days notice from the GAA is Simply Not enough time to make arrangements to get to the game’s all the time.
    Trying to Shame us into getting to every game is Pure utter nonsense and shows how removed from reality anyone suggesting is.
    If anyone on here can get to every Mayo fair play to them, long may it continue but don’t condemn those who can Not.
    Maigheo Abu

  62. Ahh here as the dub would say , im not here to cause a divide or shame , tbh im just wanting us to get more unified and bring the numbers back , of course people have legit reasons for not going to games etc all im saying is to those who are shying away latley to come back if pssible , i know a few of my own who sat today out . I think we can do better .

  63. Yes we were a bit out numbered in the , what would have it been like if it was in. Croker
    Played well today,just weren’t as efficient as the dubs at getting scores, not like last year, if we get a good draw we will be in good place

  64. Fair play to Sean and Mayonaze trying to rouse support and belief. It’s bloody hard work.

  65. Like previous all irelands a game we had but threw away. Would I have taken that result yesterday…absolutely. But the annoyance is we failed once again to close out a game. We turned back instead of driving for goal at crucial stages and never pushed on. We had a chance to take the game but overall probably a fair result. Should not fear the draw.

  66. Well I was in the stand, between the 45 and halfway at the hospital end and the Mayo supporters made some noise. Disappointed not to see it out but so proud of the team. Quite a few easy enough chances missed, had a few more been taken we would have in a happy place.

  67. Well done to mayo today. Abandoned the negative style and played the way we can. Fair play to mcstay. He has coped on and gone back to horan s style. The difference today was that there bench made a big impact whereas ours made absolutely nothing at all apart from a point from Loftus. I thought we should have left ruane on and definitely brought hessian on. Unless he’s injured. Boland needs to cop himself on from doing stupid stuff when the game is won. He was needed today. Having to play next week and the week after is a joke. Gaa should be ashamed of themselves. Player welfare how do. The GPA should be all over this. It gives a massive advantage to the top team s. You would swear the world was ending in July there in such a hurry to get the championship done. Ridiculous. 9 out of 10 for mcstay today. I think callinan is not tight enough to be a corner back

  68. I’m thinking – how do we work around the extra week’s game and the potential tiredness it could cause?
    It all depends on who the opposition is.
    If we are feeling confident enough we could play lads who didn’t play today or who were subbed off.

    I’m thinking – Eoin O’Donohue, Pádraig O’Hora, Eoghan McLaughlin if OK after the injury call today, Diarmuid O’Connor, Enda Hession, Stephen Coen, Conor Loftus, Paul Towey, Cillian O’Connor. Maybe there are others.

  69. Good result but ultimately didn’t get the win. On a positive note we played well and didn’t show our hand too much. Hoping for Monaghan this morn.

  70. Brilliant game yesterday, think it has reignited the passion of the Mayo people.
    Some great performances, Aido was a beast, Donnacha McHugh was a class act, ROD some great scores but unfortunately missed a few. Tommy C is back and great to see him on the half forward line. David McBrien is a bit of an unsung hero, a class full back which has been a problem position since his club mate Kevin Cahill was there.
    Agree with Clare in that some of the Dublin supporters get on my nerves with their vile hatred of anything Mayo, even when the result ultimately went their way in a classic game they’re still on about anything negative they came muster up.
    Anyway, roll on next week, our mojo is back.

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