Mayo 0-27 Cork 2-20: Rebels repulsed in extra-time classic

This one deserves a book but ensconced as I am away from home and away from the action, it’s a short story you’ll have to do with instead. This contest, I know, merits a better account to be written about it but I’m not the person to do it.

Any telling of this story has to start with Cork. Fair play to them for the marvellous contribution they made to an enthralling contest, an effort that eventually came up agonisingly short at the end of extra-time. No way did they deserve to leave the Gaelic Grounds defeated and so I find myself in utterly unchartered waters: feeling sorry for the Rebels. And I do, I truly do.

I don’t even know where to start in thinking about us. This game should have been won way before it was but somehow we contrived to let a beaten Cork team back into it. And, boy, did they accept the invitation with alacrity. We should really have lost it in normal time but then we eventually fell over the winning line right at the end of extra-time.

Okay, here’s my short-hand take on what I saw on the laptop using a very clear GAA GO internet stream of the game, which brought the Sky coverage here to the sun. Sure, Finno was even on the commentary and, lookit, James Horan was doing some of the analysis.

I still had my normal problems with the colour clash between the two sides, though, my colour-blindness making it all but impossible to tell which players were ours and which were theirs. If the young lad hadn’t been riding shotgun beside me, I wouldn’t have been able to follow it properly at all.

So then what did I see?

A wobbly start by us – though not as shaky as early on against Clare – but then efficient and increasingly effective as the first half wore on. Then more dominant after the break, pushing us into game-all-but-won territory.

But instead of a serene canter to victory, we lose the plot entirely. Chris Barrett taken off, inadvertently opening the centre to all-comers. Lee Keegan black carded for a really stupid trip and, suddenly, this is a very different game.

And then – meltdown. Utter collapse in our backline as they came at us again and again, to increasing effect. But enough in our locker to steady ourselves and edge back into a clear lead.

Then another collapse, this one all but terminal. We seemingly win it via Paddy Durcan, then we throw that winning position away via a ludicrous foul and time-wasting that brings the ball up into scoreable territory.

Into extra-time and we look tired, so bloody tired. Kerrigan now the man, Cork now knowing they can win this. One down at the turnaround but in the second period we surge again, this time to effect.

Keith comes steaming from the back to notch the leveller. Then Diarmuid’s monstrous outside of the boot effort putting us back in front.

Conor Loftus goes for goal when really the point was the right option. From the resultant ’45, though, Cillian with his eleventh score of the evening – in what was by any measure a storming performance – pushes us two clear.

More missed chances, though, back to one. Keep ball now. Flirting with disaster but Cork unable to punish us. Finally it’s over. We’ve won.

We live to fight another day and with Galway unexpectedly beating Donegal out the gate, it’s the Rossies rather than Kerry up next for us at Croke Park tomorrow week. What an occasion that will be, in a year where – for the first time since 2002 – there’ll be three Connacht counties in the last eight.

The enormous effort required to get over the line today certainly won’t help our cause next weekend. And that collapse in the second half today turned all those hints about this team being past its best into something approaching certitude.

But we’re still – incredibly – alive and once more, despite all our trials and tribulations in the qualifiers, we’re back in the All-Ireland Series. Back and heading back to Croke Park.

Now I’m heading back for some more cerveza. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I sure need it after the stress of watching that. I can only imagine what it must have been like in the flesh. Salud!

Mayo: David Clarke; Brendan Harrison, Ger Cafferkey, Keith Higgins (0-1); Lee Keegan (0-1), Chris Barrett, Colm Boyle; Seamus O’Shea, Tom Parsons (0-1); Kevin McLoughlin, Aidan O’Shea (0-3), Diarmuid O’Connor (0-1); Jason Doherty (0-1), Cillian O’Connor (0-11, four frees and a ’45), Andy Moran (0-4). Subs: Paddy Durcan (0-2) for Barrett, Stephen Coen for Seamus O’Shea, Donal Vaughan for Boyle, David Drake for Keegan (black card), Conor Loftus (0-2) for Moran, Caolan Crowe for Cafferkey, Evan Regan for McLoughlin, Alan Dillon for Diarmuid O’Connor.

PS Thanks to The Brother for the above photo of the Gaelic Grounds this evening after the full-time whistle sounded.

Who was our MOTM against Cork?

  • Cillian O'Connor (53%, 526 Votes)
  • Aidan O'Shea (16%, 163 Votes)
  • Jason Doherty (10%, 98 Votes)
  • Chris Barrett (3%, 32 Votes)
  • Brendan Harrison (3%, 30 Votes)
  • Andy Moran (3%, 29 Votes)
  • Diarmuid O'Connor (2%, 19 Votes)
  • David Clarke (2%, 19 Votes)
  • Keith Higgins (2%, 19 Votes)
  • Tom Parsons (2%, 15 Votes)
  • Paddy Durcan (1%, 11 Votes)
  • Ger Cafferkey (1%, 8 Votes)
  • Conor Loftus (1%, 8 Votes)
  • Alan Dillon (1%, 7 Votes)
  • Colm Boyle (1%, 5 Votes)
  • Evan Regan (0%, 4 Votes)
  • Kevin McLoughlin (0%, 2 Votes)
  • Stephen Coen (0%, 2 Votes)
  • Seamus O'Shea (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Donal Vaughan (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Caolan Crowe (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Lee Keegan (0%, 0 Votes)
  • David Drake (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,000

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169 thoughts on “Mayo 0-27 Cork 2-20: Rebels repulsed in extra-time classic

  1. A tight spot if there ever was one. Not sure what to think yet. But squandering a six point lead……the mind boggles again.

  2. Why oh why do we put our foot on the enemies throat, have them at deaths door and then let them get up and fight on, over and over again. Forwards were very good and chose their point scoring chances well but defence was a shambles. We need to be more ruthless and disciplined – Keegan black card was silly and almost very costly. Loftus was good when he came on, andy and cillian excellent and aidan once more a colossus. However and I won’t name names but there is one sub who has repeatedly shown he is not at the standard required!

  3. What do we do about Caff at FB?
    What do we do about teams running at our defence?
    Are we good enough to win an AI?

  4. Well done Mayo
    I’m speechless and hope all are ok for next weekend.

    Proud of Mayo

  5. Can Roscommon play Galway again in QF or do they have to play Kerry?

  6. Defense is a shambles. Going nowhere unless there is serious reorganisation. Little time to fix the issues now as its straight back to Croker next Sunday. At least were still in it. Forwards a lot more economical with their shooting today thankfully.

  7. Exciting, frustrating and nerve jangling again. Management decisions baffling not for the first time . Caff chasing his man all day and never won a ball but other defenders changed. Scary when they started to run at us. Aiden took dogs abuse all day. Cillian back to his best and forwards in general were excellent although no real goal threat. Great heart as always. Management decisions biggest concern still!

  8. E enjoy the result all the posters all week warned how good Cork was were proved correct, we are still there,our big leaders stood up,onwards and upwards up Mayo

  9. We kicked a lot of scores from play today
    Cillian looked very sharp

    I’ll forget the rest

    Oh and I hate the Gaelic grounds

  10. we have to shore the back line up to have any chance going forward.

    looks like it will be roscommon in the quarters as galway are hammering donegal by 11 at half time. we may get away with it against the rossies but there is no way kerry or dublin would be so obliging.

    credit the team for battling through though. plenty of work to do but we are still alive

  11. Defence is a shambolic mess. Lee Keegan needs a serious slap on the wrist for his stupid black card. More poor discipline. Would be very concerned going forward. We’re all over the place at the back and it’s only a matter of time before we’re properly torn apart.

  12. Oh that was hard going. How do we keep making life so hard for ourselves?
    Donegals abject first half performance means we are now playing the Rossies?

  13. Mayo supporters & players need to cop-on that when ahead approaching full time, u play keep-ball. We expect our players to drive on and n the process invariably they cough up possession -We keep making the same mistake & expect a different outcome. Extra time was the last thing we needed but we stumbled to the next round but at a price we neednt have paid.

  14. Very complacent performance when 7pts up.heads must be right for next sunday as losing to ros in 1/4 final would not be a fitting epitaph for this team. Do we have an option at full back? Our defence parted like the red sea after boyler’s departure.hope lessons learned today as these two positions are vital next week.ros have good forwards,pace and confidence so beware

  15. What’s the point of playing a sweeper if the the opposing team is still able to run through us? Something is not right.

  16. What has happened to our defence!?? For the love of God..opened up down the middle time and again… I don’t care who we’re playing, Management and team MUST sort it out.

    Cork were poor for 45 mins and sloppy play by us let them back into it.

    Doherty was very effective for us. Won every ball kicked to him but never a player running off his shoulder. I was pulling my hair out watching. We’d have opened up cork for goals all afternoon if we had had someone playing off him.

    After the draining of extra time…this week will be about mental and physical recovery. Plenty of improvement required.

    I think a defensive counter attacking approach will be needed next week.

  17. I see management are to blame for us winning again, looking like we will meet Galway again in semi

  18. People blaming management again. When will players be held accountable for their performances?

  19. Great to come out of that scrape and survive. Mayo have no end of resilience. Much of it was of our own making. I couldn’t believe our naivety when 7 points up both in defence and on the line. Our experience should have closed the game out but we panicked. We wont get away with that the next day! It seems to me very unfair that we hsve such a short window til the next game. Roscommon (if it is them) will have a huge energy advantage.

  20. Delighted with the win – but it’s getting frustrating watching the indiscipline from players – Lee Keegan today absolutely stupid stuff

  21. Can you explain that Corick Bridge. Are we definitely playing the Rossies and you think Galway will beat Kerry!

  22. Is that Keegans second black this season. 1 more and he gets a suspension. Same as Connolly I believe.

  23. Not that they needed to prove it again but this team’s character and heart can never be questioned. We can be so proud of them. However its a good thing for us that Galway have done the business against Donegal. After the physical effort required to win tonight a fresh Kerry team would do serious damage especially with defending like we displayed. Now we must treat Roscommon with the same respect as if we were playing Dublin or Kerry. Nothing less will do.
    It was great to see Cillian stay so close to goal and the team reaped the benefits That is where he must stay from now on. Indeed our forward play overall was excellent. Very few missed chances, no wild shooting. Would stick with the starting front six with Loftus to come on. Hard t know what to do with the defence at this stage. We have the players. its just a matter of getting back to doing what they do best. Colm Boyle unless he was injured should never be taken of with a game in the melting pot.
    Galway will be full of confidence and never fear Kerry. With nothing to lose could make it an interesting game. Anyone know what order the games are going to be.

  24. a win is a win…my heart has stumbled to beat all afternoon/evening but fair play to the team…so bottle for a ‘crowd of chokers’…they are amazing and I am very proud of them. We can only take one game at a time and hope to improve for the next day out. Fair play to Galway…some result after their mauling at the hands of Rossie..exciting times in the west…keep faith and let’s do our best next day. Yes management need to sort out something…I cannot remember our defence looking so vulnerable and I am sick of the stupid black cards…especially Lee K…ridiculous stuff. When all is said and done if we had won the All Ireland like that with a 1 poit victory…I wouldn’t complain! Faith Mayo…believe and keep the heart high…Maigheo go deo!!

  25. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it would only be right and proper to acknowledge that this management team has done a wonderful job in the eighteen months they have been in charge, in fact I wonder has any management team lead Mayo to more championship victories, and I bow to no one in my admiration for what James Horan did for Mayo football

  26. Support was immense today and alot of relieved heads leaving gaelic grounds…Cork had their homework done and straight through the middle of defense time after time..I would be taking valium reading this blog if we had lost…

  27. Look it we got out of jail and that’s that! Forget about the criticism and the negative analysis about the way we played! We were able to grind out a win today and We’re in a quarter final at the end of the day. Onwards and upwards from here!

  28. Legends …the only word. They will never win the AL they deserve sadly but every man woman and child in Mayo should salute their bravery courage and resilience optimised by Keith Higgins extra time score….Legends…

  29. Feck it .. No where near perfect but our lads dug it out .. Can’t believe all the negative shit about management or do some people think we have a panel of players like dublin . So proud of our lads today ,took some hunger and effort to get over the line.

  30. For once we came out the right side in extra time in a tight affair. It will be tough on all the players to pick it up v the Rossies next weekend, could do with a two week break. The defence has been a huge problem for the past three games, one of the full back line can’t win any type of ball, low or high, very weak when dragged out and across the pitch, this has been the case since 2013, so obvious now. The management need to be more ruthless and change this position for the matches to come in this championship. I applaud all the guys for digging out this win, they were 2 points down after 6 minutes of the 1st half in extra time, great steel displayed, but as I said a few week ago on this blog, one or two of the guys are undoing all the great work by the others. No shame in not starting, or not being able to reach the pace of the game, happens to all footballers at some point in their career.

  31. Corner back – I was trying to edit that comment from you to make it acceptable but then realised that it was shot-through with defeatist, moany shite. Try harder, for love of God.

  32. Players should not be sub’d just for the sake of it. A player should only come off if they are injured or being destroyed by the opposition. Barrett and Boyle were playing well and I didn’t notice any injury. Caff can’t continue at fullback, he has never dominated that position and today he was destroyed. I feel Harrison has the attributes to be a good full back. Maybe Drake could take up the left back position. We don’t need two midfielders, as Aidan playing will always come to midfield for kickouts and throw ins. Higgins, DOC and McLoughlin should be used as our roaming players that can act as sweepers when needed and attackers when needed. Finally these are the players that I feel should always START for Mayo: Clarke, Barrett, Harrison, Higgins, Keegan, Boyle, Durkan, AOS, COC, DOC, Moran, McLoughlin. We have the players to win an All Ireland, its just they are not always used to best effect !

  33. We have a massive problem at full back, caff is obviously struggling to get back to the required level. It’s near impossible to solve in a few days , I mean wtf do we do .

  34. 21 scores from 24 efforts in normal time was good enough to win most games.
    Fair is fair, immence performances by O Connor, Moran and AOS.
    Cork only clicked for a half but they have the talent to hurt any team, they had more threat from the bench than us but they are out and must be kicking themselves.
    They could have rolled on and improved, same as Mayo will now.

  35. Deary me. To echo your own sentiments WJ I actually felt a bit sorry for cork after that. Completely deserved it in NT after our own remarkable collapse

    An improved performance but serious issues. Full back is a serious bloody problem now and a certain veteran player had a mare in defence also. But for a colossus performance by Aido we’d be lamenting a loss tonight. And what a performance by cillian after a slow start

    Thank heavens we’re not playing Kerry next week as we’d go down by 10 plus. However the Rossies will be chomping at the bit and really will have a roaring chance

    Fair feckin play to cork though. Written off by all and sundry. Gave us an exhibition in forward play. Hurley and o ‘connor were magnificent

    Taking off Barrett was daft as was leaving number 3 on as long as he was.

    So yeah, out of jail but elimination imminent really if this goes on.

    Still good to see some spirit there and gotta praise the never say die attitude

    Now for pints.

  36. Rochford needs to be ruthless and drop Ger Caff I’m probably breaking house rules saying that Willie Joe but he had a bad game and unfortunately looks past his best. We have to be ruthless if we are ever to win Sam

  37. We’re heading back to Croker, lads and lassies! I’m glad we’re avoiding Kerry after going through extra time today, but still very wary of the threat Roscommon pose.

  38. It’s easy to recognise a problem in fairness , it’s finding a solution is where you earn your crust. Who do we give the number 3 duty to?

  39. Corick bridge
    I though management was poor today as they have been on other occasions with game management. Substitutions today could and should have cost us the game. Barrett and Boyle coming off left a huge hole, how cafferkey stayed on so long baffled me. He was 5 yards behind a 36 year old who went unchallenged for how many scores in the first half and the same with o Neil when he came on. Harrison or Barrett need to be put in there as the Murtaghs will have a field day with him.

    On the plus side I though Jason Doherty put in a hell of a shift and cillian was immense. Also I Barrett came back on in extra time not sure who he came on for but it made a difference.

  40. All – I don’t want to be sitting on the blog all night moderating comments. If you’re going to criticise players or management, then please stick to specifics and make your criticisms constructive. It’s not hard to do this if you try. If you can’t be bothered trying then off to Facebook or some other unmoderated place with you.

  41. Who to give number 3 to is a good question (it was always Ger Cafferkey, but even in the event of injury let alone loss of form however temporary). The league was the place to do that and Keith was never the solution.

  42. Well done the team and congrats to Cork for a great performance. What has happened to the defence that prevented Dublin scoring from open play for the first 30 minutes in last year’s final? I’ve ordered a defibrillator in readiness for next week

  43. i would agree with you there orjolo.

    Clarke, Barrett, Harrison, Higgins, Keegan, Boyle, Durkan, AOS, COC, DOC, Moran, McLoughlin have to start.

    i would add to those parsons, seamie o shea and donal vaughan. battled hardened warriors who know what it takes. would leave the likes of loftus and doherty as positive options from the bench.

    it might mean a few playing out of position and even changing the system but we cant afford not to have our best players out on the pitch from the start.

    durcan should have started today. thought loftus might have got on a bit sooner.

  44. Never feel sorry for Cork Lads. It took us 95 years to beat them in the championship prior to 2011. They will be back. Chastening defeats in 89, 99 and 02.

    Think it’s set in stone we will be the first game next Sunday.

  45. Caff was eat alive and and we’ll be badly punished if we keep playing

    Donnacha o Connor eat him alive

    It’s time for rochford to make a change there no excuses , I would like to even see leeroy played full back and paddy durcan play wing back

    Some of the calls today by management were very poor and took momentum away when were well on top

  46. OMG! (I feel some of the trite comments above deserve a cliche as a response)
    Whatever else you say, please stop second guessing second half substitutions – we dont know the facts! Performing players are taken off because the gps tracker says they have run themselves into the ground and their performance is about to drop. Do we want to go back to previous regimes where players were left on too long?

  47. Cafferkey will have to be dropped not at the races at the moment whatsover. He just hasn’t recovered from this injury.

    Would pick SOS to sweep to cut out ball to Murtagh. Stop Murtagh and Smith and the Rossies don’t have a lot else.Thankfully Gal won tonight. Kerry next would definitely have been too much too soon








  48. Delighted to be through and think we will get past Roscommon too. Hugely concerned by Caff at the back. Always have been and it’s getting worse. It needs sorting or we will pay the price

  49. Back where we want to be. Roller coaster as always. Overall, big improovement in gerneral play. With Galway winning, we probably ina better place than had we won connaught. Forwards much better today! Backs poor, if we can get all to click, then we could go far!! Back in croker where we prefer! Grinding out wins. Granted we should not be in the position we were

  50. just one point to note re Cafferkey we didn’t have him all last season either.

    Simple fact now is we better get the blanket out quick. question is whether it’s of the one or 2 sweeper variety.

  51. youre right gjc. where is the defence that kept dublin to 9 points in the final last year. ignoring the 2 own goals of course.

    the team that day:

    D Clarke, B Harrison, D Vaughan (0-02), K Higgins, L Keegan, C Boyle, P Durcan (0-01), S O’Shea, T Parsons (0-01), K McLoughlin, A O’Shea, D O’Connor, J Doherty (0-01), A Moran (0-02), C O’Connor (0-07, 5f)

    Subs: A Dillon (0-01) for S O’Shea (55), C Barrett for Boyle (58), B Moran for Dillon (66), S Coen for D O’Connor (66), E Regan for A Moran (71), C Loftus for Regan (78).

    all still on the panel so we have it within us to improve and that we must.

    we are still alive and there wont be many out there who would fancy playing us.

  52. I didn’t expect to win today, so am pleasantly surprized.
    Why don’t we go for goal when we get a chance?
    Great to see 3 Connaught teams in the running,
    I’m afraid our luck will run out before too long.
    But we are still there. Keep the faith.

  53. That was just awsome, Mayo you beauty players, management, fans to whole beautiful thing.
    Being a Mayo fan is something very special!
    Today we went to the brink and came back victorious, I think we will take it to anybody this year with that knowledge.

    Our opposition will know goals can be got against Mayo and that is something we need to work on.

  54. These guys are super super legends. Dont like some of the comments but dont care what is said. If we never win anything I cannot but stand in awe of the resilience and courage of our boys from the county of Mayo. We’re heading to CP and that’s all that matters now.
    Look at Galway Roscommon match and look at Galway today. So heads up and on we battle. If our team does it every time then we must stay strong and encourage them with positivity.
    Again AIDEN AND CILLIAN powerhouses today.
    God bless them. C’mon Mayo.

  55. In all honesty the problem is not exclusively at full back.The hole down the middle has to be plugged.The ease with which the Mayo defence was opened was plain to see.As pointed out cork should have at least another goal or two.However they are still there and these problems can be rectified.Look at the way the Galway back line responded today after all the criticism from the roscommon game.Caff needs more protection and all the defence generally needs to step up to the mark against a very fresh and hungry Ross team.

    The danger now is tired legs .But one thing for sure this Mayo team will go down fighting and will be hard to beat for any team.

  56. Question: When is a good time to bring a sub on? (Tactical sub not injury sub)

    A) When our keeper has the ball and is wanting to catch the opposition on the back foot.

    B) When their keeper has the ball, allowing our defence to get organised

    Answers on a postcard: MacHale Park, Castlebar, Mayo.

  57. Barrett has cemented his place the last few games with Harrison and Higgins I believe would make up our best fullback line, especially the types of forwards that Rosscommon and hopefully Galway and Kerry have, now is the time for change and get Durcan back into the team where he belongs alongside keagan and Boyle. Again felt sorry for Nally and Kirby as I felt they had something to offer today but they are not getting a chance.

  58. Obviously difficult for next week but I wonder if Vaughan or Coen could do a job at FB in future.

    The forwards were very good (probably best performance in years) Aidan, Cillian and Andy consistently took the right options and 21 points should have been more than enough to win that game in normal time.

    Thought Jason played very well too.

    When you consider how good defence was in the first half of drawn final last year it really boggles the mind that we can be so poor at times.

    I don’t think Higgins is the right man for sweeper and it takes away from the rest of his game so I would play a different sweeper next week.

  59. Ah lads, do they put you through the ringer or what? But that is what being a Mayo fan is all about.

    As Mayo fans we knew that would not be easy, as plenty said on this blog and the podcast etc. Cork have no fear of Mayo, and why should they, nearly 100 years of winning against a team does not vanish in a couple of games. You have to earn respect and a couple of wins does not give you that, just look at what we think of Galway having beaten us twice in the last two years. We feel it was us that lost them and not the other way around. Well think of what our games against Cork in, ’11 and in think ’14, were like from a Cork perspective. First All-Ireland champions caught on the hop, and could have easily beaten us in the second, nothing to fear from their point of view.

    Cork fear Kerry, were beaten before throw in. Not against us, and Cork have players, just look at their team and bench, loads of quality there, they were always going to produce against us.

    Two things happened today, we beat them again, 3 times in a row, this is now where respect starts to be given, even if you don’t want to admit it as a Cork player. But but we need to keep beating them so that when it comes to an even match that fear will win it for us. This result will stand to Mayo hopefully for years to come, I think it is very important not only for this team but for the teams coming through, like the U-21’s of a couple of years ago who also beat Cork in the All-Ireland final. Cork will now begin to start to fear playing Mayo, and if they do others will too. Tipperary last year came into the semi-final full sure that they would beat Mayo, almost arrogant about it because Munster teams didn’t fear Mayo. Clare too were full sure they would beat Mayo. Mayo have never gone into games in their positions with their attitude. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with it, its a great trait to have, be it earned or acquired by association, eg Munster teams getting it from each other (Kerry are great therefore all Munster teams are great etc.). There is some serious roads being ploughed by this Mayo team, they not only have to beat the team in front of them but beat the arrogance as well, which is worth a few point believe me, look at Cork today. They are nowhere near as good a team as us right now.

    Second, would we have won that game a few years ago, take ’14 against Kerry, or ’15 against Dublin, as bad as referee’s were of whatever reason you want to use we still had the winning of those games in our own hands and didn’t, we won today having been pegged back about 3 times, how many times does it take to eventually throw in the towel, not this team, over taken by two with time not on your side, still dig it out.

    These lads are magic, fills my heart with pride to follow them, I have a lot of Dublin friends having lived up there for a few years. Real GAA people, they look at me with bewilderment when I say how proud I am of this team, but they keep losing they say, but look at what they are doing I say, your self proclaimed greatest team ever can only beat us by a point in a replay with two own goals and a goal from a mistake by our keeper, how can I not be proud.

    Mayo are still going and we will follow them till the end. With some luck, a few refereeing decisions going our way and some great players playing great football maybe it will be with Sam this year.

  60. Staying in my positive frame of mind, when was the last time we scored 21 points against div 1/2 opposition. If we can put this forward performance together with the defensive performance from the drawn Final last year we will be unstoppable. Obviously a big ‘if’.

  61. We’re still alive in spite of poor management. There is no point in crucifying Caffererkey. In 2012 he was deemed not good enough for the position and Keane fell under the bus. In 2013 he was skinned by Brogan but that was Hennellys fault. In 2014 he was cleaned out by Donaghy and in 2015 he danced backwards faster than Brogan could drive forward to create the goal which ended our run. In 2016 he was absent and we were far more assured in defence. In. 2017 he is restored to the full back position and has been skinned on every appearance.
    One assumes that a candidate for management has an in depth knowledge of the players and talent at his disposal but that seems to have been a serious lacuna in the case of all our recent management set ups, yet every opposition management set up have spotted it years ago.
    Are they all slow learners? Seems so to me.
    The only fleeting glimpse of full back play that I have seen from this team was Seamus O’Shea’s fielding of the final free of the game from Brian Sheehan in the drawn game v Kerry in 2014. Otherwise we have a vacancy in the position.
    I can recall returning to school in September of 1951 when anybody who caught a ball was heard to shout : And up goes Prendargast again.
    Ah! Those were the days and you know what we haven’t had a dependable fullback since apart from a brief stint in the position by the late John Morley.
    Time to bite the bullet.

  62. I feel we’re winning matches despite the mgmt. Why did he take Barrett and Boyle off?
    How many chances does Regan need. Always looks panicked. Has no composure when the pressure is on. I feel him and loftus are going in opposite direction. Maybe he’ll do it one day for mayo but for now Dillon or Kirby must be a better bet.

    Thought Harrison, Barrett, aided. Doherty and cillian were excellent. Diarmaid was good too. Two magnificent catches from Clarke.

    Cork always had good players and went for it when they smelt blood BUT But when all looked lost This TEAM OF WARRIORS dug deep AGAIN and somehow pulled it out of the bag ..

    Mcstay plotting as we speak. I feel hes a cleverer manager than rochford. But we are there.. somehow..

    Cafferkey clearly not right after injury and is a huge weak link ..

  63. The defensive problem is not the individuals chosen, it’s the quality of the tackle/closing; how many cork scores were without presure applied, coens attempt to block for the goal, boyle’s arm pull instead of a block in front of goal to name a few. If this is not sorted the team will continue to underachieve

  64. – As one of the lads at work ( a Dub) said to me last week, Mayo are like a bad rash that u cannot get rid off.
    – Coasting and leading by 7 pulled back to 3 and then we went ahead by 5 again and then Cork just started to run right thru our Centre and bang.
    – The backs were disorganized and not picking up players. Cork number 5 caused problems to Tipp and Kerry and yet we had no plan for him.
    – We have to play a sweeper or someone that can hold the centre back position the next day. Clare and Derry showed this issue up and yet same ole issue today.
    -Galway did us a big favour and there is no way this team of warriors are going to be finished off by the Rossies in Croker next sunday.
    – Busy week ahead for SR as the time for not having proper planning done for a game is over.
    – We owned the Mackey stand today and boy did the fans get behind the team,. some atmosphere .
    – Fog horns should be banned a flippin 5 year old used one from 4pm onwards near me and between that and the pressure of the match ….. its a good job we won or that foghorn would have done damage !!.

  65. Crazy game. Draw was probably a fair result but Mayo won by the skin of their teeth in a game where the ref was a little kind to Mayo and rare day that Mayo weren’t so wasteful in front of goal especially on point scoring.

  66. We are exactly where we want to be now in the quarter finals by a longer route!
    If we can get over Roscommon we will have a badly needed 3 week break!
    I just hope this period of extra time will not catch up on us!

    We mixed the good and the bad today.we clearly have a problem in the number 3 position and we have a problem with teams running direct at us.

    Now how do we fix that.well we played without a recognised full back last year and I still believe we will see mcloughlin revert to sweeper come quarter final.

    If you compare this time last year to now the likes of aido and Barrett are playing better.loftus is a huge addition coming off the be nice to see likes of Barry Moran come back think he has something to offer late on in games especially when we were getting over run late in 2nd half.

    Substitutions have to be got right but I believe we have learned more going through qualifiers than we would have by winning Connacht even though the direct route would have being the preferred option!

    Onwards and upwards.

  67. Nally another option for sweeper, he did well against Dublin in the league last year. If not McLoughlin this year then why not give Shane a shot at it, he’s a player that can take his scores from distance also. I would certainly have him on in front of others that were brought on this evening. In fairness to management the loss of Keegan was a blow, coupled with Boyle and Barrett off we quickly lost our shape in the backs, reminds of the semi-final replay in 2015 when we lost our entire midfield in the space of a few minutes. But yes the lack of killer instinct at this stage of the team’s journey is alarming, we need to actively look for goals when they are on, Parsons should have gave it inside when the chance was on. But as others have noted this game would not have been lost by the forwards, massive improvement since the Derry game. No disrespect intended towards Roscommon but this is the best draw we could have got, too much work and recovery needed if we are to match Kerry. Better we find all this out now rather than being found out at the business end. The qualifiers are a minefield but you sure find out a lot about your squad.

    Watching back the Galway – Donegal game, reminds me of the 2013 quarter final but in fairness to Galway they’ve answered their critics in style, won the game when it was in the melting pot in the 2nd quarter. They will give Kerry a game for sure. Our dominance in Connacht is well and truly over for now in case there was any doubt

  68. Specifics- management changes throughout this match, today, taking off of Boyler, & Barrett and introduction of speculative forward substitutions who made very little positive differerence in my opinion was hugely negative. i dont want to pick on any individual players today, the problem in the main is managerial, and its ongoing and longterm, once again, in my opinion….

  69. Bill Connolly – You are spot on in your comments about Caff. It’s not wanting to crucify him but like you pointed out , it’s been happening for years . I said on here five years ago that there would be no all Ireland while he is at the back and was heavily criticised but it’s got to change. It’s a serious weakness in the team and top teams will destroy us for it

  70. Yes love Makluse’s post.

    IMO the only team really afraid of us are the current all Ireland champions if their supporters are anything to go by.

  71. Cop on, JC – five years ago Ger Caff won an All-Star.

    All – I’m going to make one more appeal re how criticisms of individual players or management have to be framed as this message clearly isn’t getting through to a minority of you. The rules are perfectly clear in this respect so please take note. Thanks.

  72. I think.on this display that the game is up. Dublin or Kerry would beat us with 6-8 points to spare.

    I am especially afeard of Dublin. Hammered Kikdare (very good side).

    Dublin at full strength will bayte Kerry…again.

  73. Well the qualifiers are for winnning. The two back lines were all over the place in the last quarter and taking Chris Barrett off was probably unwise.

    But having said that Conor loftus came on at the right time, extra legs when needed. The efficiency up front was great today. Didn’t think Mayo would be capable of putting up a score like that this year.

  74. I think dire warnings about Kerry/dublin destroying us are misplaced. If today proved anything it’s that Mayo are very hard to beat.

  75. Thank you JC. After the 2012 AIF I suggested Seamus O’Shea for the position but was derided for my ignorance. I cited the successful repositioning of John O’Keefe yet it gained no traction.
    I would welcome comments from my contemporaries John Cuffe and John McHale on the current lack of recognition of the problem.

  76. Well we have solved the scoring problem
    Now to shut the back door again 😀

    Higgins was awful defensively again today
    Can’t understand why mcloughlin as a sweeper has been completely abandoned

  77. I have to Say Stephen Rockford must be questioned tonight! An absolute nightmare unfolded straight after he began to make changes? Why take off Colm Boyle and Chris Barret? Why take off Andy Moran? I know we won the game and what a win it was but enough is enough at this stage! Andy Moran kicked 0-4 today from play and he takes him off when the game is in the balance! Stephen Andy was fine he can play 70 minutes! Personally I think we will beat the Rossies but looking at their full forward line Ger Cafferkys position will have to be questioned also! There’s no All Ireland in this team yet but if we win next Sunday anything is possible!

  78. Also not sure what the value is of bringing evens Regan off the bench again this summer
    Vs Galway – 2 wides – one you could argue was fine to take on just poorly executed. The other was stupid.
    Today – see above

  79. Makluse you have absolutely nailed it with your post. I have said it on nearly all my posts that we are living in a golden age for Mayo football. This is the most resilient and honest bunch we’ve ever had. I love them but of course they are not without flaws but I believe these can be put right.
    Cork had one forward today who inflicted some damage and having played FB at the lowest level I know that he is dependent on good ball coming in from out the field.
    Mayo on balance today were a far better team than Cork and don’t forget that it’s only a few weeks ago that some experts were trying to convince us that Cork would beat Kerry so….
    JD had a very good game also while KMCL was quiet than usual.
    Let’s look forward to CP and what might be…

  80. A lot of cork fans complaining the ref blew up 30 seconds early? How many minutes were called out in the stadium to be added? 2 or 3? Sky said three minutes on their screen, the ref whistled at 2:30 secs. Wondering what was actually meant to be added on? Can’t understand how it would be 3 anyway, the whole half only lasted 10 mins. Proportionally it would be the equivalent of 10 mins 30 seconds of added time in a regular 35 min game, which is normally impossible

  81. ..also today reminded me of Dubs in 06 who started subbing big players against us in semi final when they thought they had the game in the bag…..

  82. Jaysus, ya get value for money with Mayo. Fucking hell.

    A great day for Connacht. 3 teams into the last 8.

    Nice to see for once, the oppositions management bench having a breakdown near the end of the game at some of the ref’s decisions. Just for a change.

    With the score at 0-7 to 0-7 in the first half, a Cork effort that was several yards wide was given a raised white flag by one of the umpires and for a few awful seconds it looked like it might be given as a pint until it was over-ruled. Can ye just imagine if that “score” had been given and we lost by a pint? Yes i can.

    I expect Galway will give Kerry a good rattle next week.

  83. Disappointed with some of the negative comments here Presume the earlier ones especially were written by those not at game I was in Limerick and thought the team and fans were superb Two teams giving it absolutely everything It’s enough to have to put up with such negative comments on other sites Sure we made errors and some players were not great today but this is team to be proud of and to admire for their talent and especially their resilience So please take your criticism and negativity to the comments section on the rte website etc where you will have plenty of company Qualifier games are all about progressing to next round and we did that

  84. If I’m not mistaken we’ve lost by a total of less than 12 points combined in the last 5 years in the championship, so can the “team A or B will beat us by X amount of scores” merchants please have a little respect for these lads. We may well get beaten this year but I can guarantee you we won’t throw in the towel like Donegal appear to have done. This is going to be a huge week recovery wise for the players, today will have taken a heavy toll. I’ll echo the comments made above by someone in that how has a team that kept the All Ireland champions scoreless for 26 minutes become this defensively suspect? We are different animals in Croker though.

  85. Sinead37 hi current all Ireland champs are not afraid off Mayo. Our team is evolving and most young lad’s on it have no memory of ever losing to Mayo. Dublin fan’s I know are really hoping to come up against you Mayo have not improved on last year while Dublin are I think this years league match is closer to where our teams are . last year in the final you really had us leading to this years overhaul of training and I think The Dubs are only getting into their stride. Well done to Connacht in general three teams left standing is great stuff. Love the fan’s passion in Mayo all the best until we get a go at yous

  86. 2-40 in championship for cillian in championship this year to date. Surely has a great chance for top scorer again…

  87. WJ you are exceeding your authority. Constructive criticism is part and parcel of any forum. You are correct in stating that Cafferkey was ” awarded ” an all star in 2012 yet he was not played in that position by the much revered James Horan.
    You know, as well as I do that many all stars are awarded on a quota system. While I am not suggesting that this was the case in 2012 I will be happy to debate the question with you in private or publicly.
    As you are a native of Aughamore and my paternal grandparents are resting there it should not be difficult to arrange a convivial meeting on one of your trips west even if I am domiciled in Roscommon for the most part of my adult life.
    The ball is in your court. You have my details.

  88. Surprised that people are still blaming management. The players have to shoulder some responsibility. Their tackling has been poor, the marking absolutely non existent at times, and they are very poorly disciplined. Why are players’ shortcomings, individual and collective, always glossed over and instead the manager hung out to dry?

  89. Is there anywhere to watch it back
    I’ve checked through sky planner and despite it being repeat after repeat I can’t see a repeat of this ???

  90. Jesus lads chill out, enjoy the games we win , there will be plenty of days to complain when we lose

  91. Billy Connolly from the Old Invincibles like.myself.hello. In fairness most have the posts have honestly identified the issue at 3 , this has gone on since the Kerry ’11 semi final and 3 sets of managers never rectified it. Ditto young Regan. I strongly campaigned for him but admit that he hasn’t got that coldness and calm we need. Hats off to this group. They prove me wrong time after time. I once played for a grumpy old manager. Long after I left he addressed the team at half time. Scorching each player with personal abuse , he omitted one lad. Feeling a little smug as the other team mates looked at him , the smile was wiped from his face as the manager said “as for you Cuffe , I don’t blame you, I blame myself for picking you”. Sometimes the manager needs to hold up the hand and say I got that one wrong because we cannot afford another defensive meltdown.

  92. Well said Joe. Didn’t many say they would be happy with a one point win as long as we won. We didn’t lose!!! We won!

    However, the main thing I didn’t get was why we didn’t play keep ball on 74 mins after Durcan’s point?! And still would have been a one point win without another 25 mins of energy used to get the same one point win. Anyway a win is a win. I can’t see how getting out of a tight spot won’t benefit us.

  93. If anyone doubts benefit of supporters, recall the point which was overturned only after Mayo supporters stood up and shouted their displeasure. Clear mistake by umpire!. Well done Mayo team and (us) supporters.

  94. it remains a mystery to me why Kirby is not getting a chance. He at least needs to be brought on ahead of Regan and Dillon. No question about that.

  95. We won and that’s the most important thing. Very relieved, very proud but also a bit anxious. The fact is we had to go and win the game twice! We had Cork beaten when we went 0-14 to 0-7 up in the second half. But then management started making, what seemed to me, unnecessary substitutions, clearly giving the message to our own players that the game was as good as over and that we were giving lads a run out – a chance to show their wares! The intensity levels dropped, casualness set in and hey presto we concede a heap of scores. Keegan gets sent off and we are without himself Boyle and Barrett in our defence- three key players. That is not good management in my humble opinion. And yes the players have to shoulder responsibility as well.
    I’m not complaining about Stephen Rochford or his management team for the sake of it. He is a good guy and I understand that he is fairly new to IC management and is probably on a steep learning curve but I hope he learns to leave lads on the field who are playing well (even if the gps suggests replacing them). I know Diarmuid seemed wrecked when he took him off but he was just after scoring a screamer of a point. And anyhow he often looks like that and then burst into life again. I would have left him on in the hope that he might kick a second.
    Anyway we are through with a chance of making the semi final and with plenty to work on. Hope we can learn to close games out when we are in a winning position.

  96. 1 left out in the motm poll there wj. The supporters absolutely brilliant today. Outnumbered cork by 14_1 I’d guess. In years gone by would only be heard when we were winning today at all times roared them on. Delighted to be a mayo man
    . Time after time we’ve said qualifiers are for winning. Well job done. Different ball game from now on . Mayo are a croke park team and will stand up and be counted next weekend and beyond. My man of the match. Every man woman and child hoarse this evening and already looking forward to next weekend. On a other note what will that do to Bolands confidence being dropped from the 26 .

  97. Great match, massive fun watching this Mayo team, some journey. Very surprised at how little accolades coming Andy Moran’s way, playing a fantastic, difficult and isolated role so well, also popping up as our most reliable scorer from play as well as creating a few. Awesome.
    I timed the match and all periods of injury were played fully, some with-justified-additions. Cillian was magnificent and as with Aidan, real leadership too. Keegan would have made hay in extra time as he appears to be back near his best, except for his stupid trip. All is not lost, lads, we won!

  98. @ outtatheblue I think thats fair comment and I doubt kerry are too worried about us either.
    Mayo had to dig deep today and deserve a lot of credit for the mental strength they displayed The two goals given away and the lack of goal chances for us a bit worrying. Sean Powter played holy hell, and it wasnt that he was not surrounded by markers but the ease at which he shook them off.
    Caffs confidence at low ebb and another tough test next sunday. And yes Keegan needs to cop on to himself. Massive game by Doherty, took heavy hits but won a lot of good ball.

  99. Bill Connolly I think you should show WJ more respect – his house, his rules. It’s a great service he singlehandedly provides to us all and a little appreciation wouldn’t go astray.

    Secondly a lot of folks on here angered by the critical approach of some posters. well I say criticism when it’s fair is a good thing. We could settle for mediocrity or we could ask for more. More from the players, more from the management, more from our selves. It doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate this magnificent group of players but if we rest on our laurels and are satisfied by mediocrity (today’s performance) then we will never reach our ultimate goal. We are Mayo and we’re in this together.

  100. Aaaand breath! Where to start with that? Whatever question marks there are over the team with regards on the downward slope, you will never ever find this team wanting in courage!.. if will to win won All Irelands, we would have 5 or 6!
    I would have questioned Jason Doc’s inclusion previously, I thought he was absolutely excellent today, showing, fighting, covering distance, his best performance in a long time in the green and red in a long time. Andy.. what is there to say?..1 all but one of his own balls, it is like that Sean Cavanagh shimmy, you know what he is going to do, but can’t stop it, he was brilliant!
    Cillian fought, kicked massive pressure frees in e-t even when cramping..
    our shooting was as accurate as it has been in a long time, and hopefully that will boost the confidence as early on, I felt we were afraid to take the shots on.
    The lads really eked this one out today! Our conditioning is a massive plus! Whatever happens with this team, this past few years just keeps on giving and giving! The missus (a Kerry woman) still maintains they do it to us on purpose, I don’t think we’d have it any other way!
    We have a serious amount of work to do for next week and going forward! My sentiments are echoed in other comments. We need to identify a full back and very very quickly. I’m not sure if it’s a confidence issue, or Caff, who I rate highly needs more time after the injury to get back in the swing, but we cannot afford loose marking and a lack of physicality at 3 next week, and definitely should we make a semi against Kerry! I think I would go with Donnie Vaughan in there for the rest of the year and start the league next year with Coen in there to gain experience. It is a problem we need a back up plan for, whether Caff get injured, or have an off day or two, all players form dips up and down from time to time!
    I don’t think Keith is the man as the sweeper, he is far better utilised as a corner back, or at centre forward. It’s simply not working as he didn’t intercept one ball or wasn’t in position to help Caff when he got turned, yet he is one of the best corner backs in the country still, and caused havoc when moved up front in extra time, why can’t we use him where he can utilise his skill set? Kevin Mc who I also thought was excellent today had mastered the position by the business end last year, so why not use him there?.. we clearly need that protection through the middle and Kevin gives that.
    I thought we were complacent when 14-7 up to take Chris and boyler off.. the game was dead and buried as those lads were bossing the game! We start running the bench 10 minutes into the second half, it was crazy! Those two back in position and it adds a lot of steel and solidity that I think was lost when they went off and the reason Cork got back into it!
    Lee let the team down today.. he will know that in his heart of hearts, I don’t think it will happen again. In his defence, he was being pulled, dragged, kicked, tripped, the whole game and getting zero protection off the ball, on the ball, and I think he just got frustrated.. the problem is, you can’t at this level! I’d bet the house, he will give us a big performance next week to make up for it!
    AO’S is one of the top midfielders in the country for christs sake… play him there! Every kickout he went out the middle for, he won! Then he is moved into positions where he can not affect the games! Let him do what he does best, unleash the beast as it were!
    Conor Loftus is a breath of fresh air every time he comes on, and has a goal in him almost constantly!.. I believe the only reason he doesn’t start is because he is not as inclined as others to track back!.. this is something that needs to be instilled from management!.. at the moment though, with that addition, I think he is worthy of his place!
    I’m not going to say names, but there is a sub there that keeps getting chances and keeps almost costing us games with selfish shooting from impossible angles, wasting ball and putting us under pressure! It is a constant trend and either management explain to the player he is part of a team, or part ways with him.. I hope this comment doesn’t break the rules willie Joe, I am trying to make a point without it being personal!
    We have the components there to challenge still, definitely to deal with Roscommon, IF they are utilised property. I would not fear Roscommon as I think when it comes down to it, we can bully them physically into submission, but I’m not sure if management will reflect tonight and feel there decision making was correct in hindsight! This is a learning curve for Rochie and his team too obviously, and we knew it would be this way, hopefully they will learn from what happened when they removed Barrett and Boyle so early, and also taking the man of the match Andy off while he was still dominant.. I noticed him asking that question himself on the way off!
    Harry also deserves a special mention as an unsung hero, solid as a rock, as does the Mayo support turn out, amazing to see what I would call 80% Mayo support down there, a lot of whom like myself are still on the way home!
    My line up for next week would be:
    Harrey Donie Higgins
    Kev Mc
    Boyler barrett Leroy
    Aido parsons
    Diarmuid loftus Jason doc
    Cillian Andy

    In summation, we’re back where we want to be in the all Ireland series, with what I perceive our most favourable draw, we are improving every week, have the parts of the puzzle to definitely challenge as far as a semi, we just need to put them together! Well done again to the lads, they do us proud every time they put on that jersey!

  101. The team that will win the all ireland will be the team that bring on subs that strengthen the team as the game progresses. If anything imo we did not make enough use of subs in fbd and league, given them very little game time. Todays encounter was always going to be a heavyweight physical one and I for one was glad to see Boland ommitted. Connor O Shea?

  102. There is a gaping hole down middle of our defence, it was there before today, Clare opened it so did Derry, we will not beat Ross on today’s form, corks smallest man no 5 tore us apart on several occasions, the players have given their all, it’s now up to the sideline to rectify our defence, but they do not seem to have a solution, there is no way one of the smallest men on the field should be able to waltz his way right through our defence.

  103. i believe management nearly cost us the game. Keegan black carded, Boyle and Barrett substituted. Our half back line totally changed. We were running away with the game up to then. Our half back line has always been our strongest asset. I am not a great fan of Caff at full back but the pressure coming thru at halfback level was immense. The greatest weakness in the team at the moment is management making the wrong calls. This is reminiscent of the 2014 game against Dublin( I think) when Sheamus O’Shea was black carded and Parsons was substituted. We were five points up with 20 minutes to go. Our centre field collapsed and we lost by four( I think). Today our half back line collapsed.
    Am I right in saying Kevin Mac did not score today. Not good enough. A forwards primary function is to score. No passengers

  104. I am happy that we avoid Kerry next sunday, todays battle would have drained anyone on the field and they will be well pushed to beat Roscommon let alone kerry with that fatigue in the legs. Someone remarked on young Boland being left out of the 26, its a strange one alright. Hes no smaller or lighter than dillon or andy but maybe he lacks their guile and conditioning. Roscommon and co are no pansies either, so what does rochford do? bring him back in for this next game?
    I dont know what to make of galway other than meath were unlucky not to beat donegal, and we seen how meath were. Its all game by game now, nobody, not even dublin can be certain on the day, would jimbo bet his pilots license on them getting over tyrone in a low scoring dogfight?

  105. Just home. Bloody hell it was stressful, but when you’re colourblind, it was crazy. Anyhow onwards we go. Ross we can handle after that I don’t know any more.

  106. Well said WJ with the Respect for Cork! They really got their game together! And were very hard done with the touch on the ground and blowing up 40secs early… I was Pessimistic. But, when you look at Harrison, Durkan, Loftus and others the Future Is Still GREEN ‘N’ RED!!!

  107. Can’t understand the poster who said Keith Higgins had a stinker he wasn’t at the same game I was at thought higgins had his best game in a long time

  108. Is it true that Boland was dropped from the squad? But we can bring a 32 year old in that hasn’t handled a ball for the county all year?

    Let’s call it straight and stop the nicely, nicely smiley, happy headed support that means any criticism of the team or management is not allowed, just because we won. Mayo won this game in spite of our management. Simple as. They left Caff unprotected and hung out to dry by Donnacha Connor and Kerrigan. Both cleaned him out and scored points off him with both feet. No one was deployed in front of Caff to help him and Caff wasn’t removed. Caff sadly is not at the pace of the game after being out for so long and he should not have been left on 2 nippy speedy forwards.
    Double scores, 14 – 7, in total control of the second half with our defense turning over ball and breaking out at speed. Rochford then dismantles the heartbeat of our side, our half back line, by removing Barrett and Boyle. You never give a sucker a chance but our sideline handed the initiative to Cork by rearranging our defense needlessly. We were in complete control at this point and Cork were flagging but instead of bringing on fresh legs up front in the form of Loftus, Kirby or Regan, andbdrivimg on to finish the game we bring defenders on.
    The second half performance from our sideline in Pearse stadium raised serious concerns for me and today reaffirmed them. Examples are, the 63rd min before we saw Loftus and he scores 2 from play and narrowly missed a goal? Alan Dillon coming in with mins to go?
    We had all the luck going as Walsh went off injured, Powter – their best player on the day – likewise, and the ref blew it up 30 secs early!
    Cork must be sick.

  109. Ah lads i’m still alive & that’s a bonus after this evening. We can criticise all we like but those lads got together at half time in extra time & in the huddle decided this is not going to end here. They’re an outstanding bunch of men.Really proud tonight. And yes I know there are problems but we’re back in a q/f.

  110. I often wonder about the recovery thing when there is a quick turn around of games. Surely our players would be fully rested and recovered by next Sunday. Proper warm downs, energy drinks, massage, light drills, tactics meeting and away you go. It’s our frame of mind that worries me. I thought the biggest problem for us today was our lack of dominance around the centre of the field at critical times in the game. And what was the storey with Corks short kickouts? they hardly travelled more than 5 yards. We survived.. just.. Roscommon will be a different prospect.. they won’t like this draw and we need it. If we can’t beat Ros in Croke Parke then we certainly won’t beat Kerry. My man of the match was Keith Higgins.. when the chips were down and time running out in extra time.. he kept calling for the ball, retaining possession, running at Cork and standing up as a leader. It’s games like these that you see what players are really about.. when the chips are down.. who takes up the fight. Talking of leaders, Cillan’s place ball kicking and score taking was sublime. The man has ice in his veins.

  111. Well done to all involved, it was great to get the win. We are into the next round, that is all that matters tonight. Roscommon stand in the way of us making another All-Ireland semi-final. If you can’t enjoy that for at least one night, then what is the point really! Reading some of the above comments, you’d almost think that we had lost the game.

    When Stephen Rochford was bringing on subs very late in games, people were giving out about that, then when he made substitutions earlier in this game, with us due to play next week, if we won, people were still giving out. Vaughan, Durcan and Loftus all did well off the bench. Who’d be a manager!

    The heart, determination and spirit shown by this team and the supporters is nothing short of amazing. Roll on the All-Ireland quarter-final. We are back in Croke Park, a place many people said we wouldn’t see after the Galway game. We can worry about our problems in the morning!

  112. In response to s poster who said he should have brought on fresh legs up front I ask what forward would you remove zFF line excellent Diarmaid and Aido were good K Mac possibly Call me old fashioned but I see no reason to make a sub unless someone playing badly The only change I would have made was taking off Caff All other lads did ok in first hour Team deserves massive credit for turning around in extra time Cork had momentum but we had character and fitness Maybe our management deserve some credit for that Team represent our county so well Most supporters do likewise at least those who attend games Massive vocal backing today Great to be there Will remember days like this in years to come

  113. Robinbanks… that’s just the type of expectation and analysis that has us still waiting since 1951 for an All Ireland!

    I’m no whinger and I’m certainly no clown but there are some people, me, who expect a little more, who expect to see signs of a coherent plan and signs of incremental improvements through out the qualifier route. Signs that we have tweaked things positionally or tactically, developed systems of play that might be useful in Croker in big games. I’m yet to see that from our lads and certainly from the sideline.
    As such, I am fully entitled to air my views here (as long as I comply to house rules, which it seems you haven’t with your comments) and whether you agree or disagree with those views I’m not really bothered. I do however expect to be able to engage in intelligent debate and discussion, which it seems you aren’t.

  114. I would have taken Andy off sooner for Loftus and Kirby in for Kevin Mc sooner also. Space was opening up in the Cork defense and we could have exposed it more when we were in comtrol at that point. The game was there to be won then and we should have drove on. My argumemt is instead we made defensive changes and that sent out the signal that we were settling for what we had. The timing of tje subs was much better but the personnel could have been more attack minded.
    I agree with removing Caff. I would have had Harrison in Caffs position and Durcan in.
    There’s no doubting th heart and character of our lads, that’s never been in question, but that won’t win an All Ireland. It’s tactics, not passion!

  115. Firstly well done

    Matches are for winning. Usual suspects drag u through. But if ever I saw a team leave it after them its cork. 4 goals in second half would not have been unwarranted .
    If this team is good enough to win AI this year – I think it will be one of the greatest ever GAA achievements. Mayo backs are not what they were. Undeniable. Were best at their best. Not now. Forwards were never in that league. Still aren’t….so how can it be done.?

    I think Mayos experience has brought them through back door this year. They have too much know how but I can’t see – by any measure – this team is good enough…anymore…

    Cue abuse ; )

  116. While thrilled with the win today, let’s be honest, we dodged a bullet. 7 pts up mid way in second half and we let them back into it! Leeroys black card was dumb and he should know better.
    I’ve said for a long time that Ger is a liability at FB. We can get away with that liability playing lesser teams, but when you get to the last 4 it’s totally exposed. We barely got away with it today. A major change up is required before the next game for MacStay will target that weekness, for sure!

    It’s suicide to leave things the way they are, so I propose we put Coen or Donnie at FB, take your pick. But Coen has the strength and pace to win a ball ahead of his man, unlike the current FB.
    Not a popular opinion but true.

    BTW, I don’t feel one bit sorry for those Cork fellas. I was there in 93 when they humiliated us and took great delight in doing so. So no sympathy from me. They’ll probably win the small ball anyway so…

  117. I agree Pebblesmeller.

    Everyone of us is delighted we won. But let’s face it, we got through by the skin of our teeth and to be frank, we almost threw away a game we had in control. I’d we want Mayo to be All Irl Champs then we need to strive to be the best.

    I’ve no time for 2nd best. You’re either a champion or not. If you’re lauded as being great and clapped on the back for coming 2nd then then will you ever be the best? Unlikely.

    We need a killer mentality on and off the field and if that’s not always seen as being nice then who cares. I’d rather be a bollox whose been champion once rather than a nice guy who hasnt.

    Mayo have stuttered their way to Croke park. Have we honestly played well in any game? Not really. 2nd half in Ennis was a close as it got. I’m still hoarse today from roaring support at our team but we need a really strategic performance next week.

    Ros are Connacht champs. They beat Galway by 9 points in salthill. We lost to Galway by a point in salthill. Enough said.

  118. Cantini, that’s glass half full philosophy…. Not like you to be negative… Anyways that’s not abuse, went through many stages in the Makey Stand this evening, from the optimistic to the dispare…. We got outa there alive after an epic, we didn’t the last time…. Tonight just be greatful.. It might not have been the greatest Epic ever played, but we won another Epic..
    . Let’s plan for the Rossi, Galway hammered Donegal and have to plan for Kerry. I know which side of the fence I’d rather be next Sunday!

  119. Some awful negative defeatist attitudes hear. Winning isn’t enough for ye. Always have to make a case why we won’t beat the best. Can’t be happy with winning. Why can’t ye take the positives from it. So what if we don’t win the all-Ireland, why can’t we ye stay positive while we are still in the race. We won today. We play Roscommon next week and we will try to win that.

  120. Bill Connolly – when did I ever say that constructive criticism wasn’t allowed? I’m all for that but some people appear to struggle badly with the constructive bit.

    If you read the house rules on comments, this point is perfectly clear. It’s okay for anyone to criticise the manager and/or specific players all they like but it’s how it’s done is the key point. The issue I always have isn’t with the harshness of the criticism but the failure by some – and I’m not poking a stick at you here, in case you think I am – to put sufficient thought into what they have to say to make their point of view hold water. It’s a simple principle but one I do expect people to come up to the mark on.

    On your charge at me about exceeding my authority, I’m sorry but all I can do is laugh out loud. If anyone is exceeding their authority, it’s you. I run this site to the best of my ability, committing way more time to it than I should and, while I’m not the boastful type, I do believe the end-product speaks for itself. A barb like that one from you, though, does make me question my sanity in bothering at all …

    On Ger and the All-Star, I know how they’re awarded and the flaws in the process but my point in mentioning this was that he was sufficiently well regarded within the game that year to get one. Much as I truly loved the style of play of James Horan’s team, I wince at the lack of protection given to the full-back line, in particular Ger, in that period. Our collapse began yesterday far further out the field so attributing most of the blame for the meltdown on one player is, to my mind, wrong.

    And, no, I don’t think a meeting between us would serve any useful purpose, to be honest.

  121. Fair play to the lads for grinding it out yet again and hard luck to Cork. I have t say I find it interesting that the Ballina lads are taking the majority of the flack for our inconsistent form!! I would pity the likes of Colm Boyle, Keith Higgins, Tom Parsons, Seami O Shea and Lee Keegan on today’s performance if the played for the Stephenites because some posters would burn them at the stake!!!
    I once met a Mayo man who told me that Liam McHale lost Mayo 5 All Ireland finals and I didn’t have the heart to tell him Liam only played in 3 and a bit finals but such is life as a Stephenites man!!
    Exit Liam McHale enter Get Caff I suppose!!
    Christ if the worst happens next week will Ballina be thrown out of Mayo altogether!!!
    Ná Stiofání ; 36 county football titles (13 in a row) , 3 county hurling titles, 3 Connacht club titles, All Ireland Club champions 2005. (Football & Hurling county champions in 2007)

  122. I don’t think it’s anything personal against Ballina creetboom

    Ger was eaten alive yesterday and in my opinion should have been gone at half time.
    He has been very poor the last 4 games and Management need to make a change , it’s a disaster waiting to happen.
    On a positive note that one handed save and catch above the crossbar by Clarke were top class

    Bring on the Rossies

  123. Still can’t make head nor tail as to why Barrett was substituted and even more baffling how he made it back on for extra time and for whom?

  124. We are back were we belong and everyone expected us to be and that is croke park.

    I’ve said it b4 on here. Cillian at full forward is an absolute joy to watch wen he gets the right ball. He has yet again carried us thru another big game.

    Aos was mighty again. 3 points and his passing of the ball is excellent and a new feature to his game. Took some massive hits both on and off the ball again BUT NEVER ONCE REACTED. His discipline is just 2nd to none and Mr. Keegan needs to take note of this. He got his black card 2day when we had the ball and wer on the attack. Lee your one of the best in the country. You can’t show us your skills from the bench. Play smart please. We need you for the FULL game!

    Our forwards wer very impressive for the full game which I don’t find myself saying to often. Doherty great shout to start. His strength was very evident during the game. We need to get goals tho and learn how to finally choke a team wen we are 5/6 points clear.

    Defence and management need to talk is all I’ll say.

    Clarkey….quality as always!

    Imo we shud have enough to scrape through roscommon.

  125. I’m with you there, Erris Head! I can’t see in any of the match reports who he came back on for but when I find out I’ll update the team and subs list here on the blog. The comings and goings were all a bit haywire near the end.

  126. I don’t comment here ever but I thought I might for once after this game …

    My gf is from Kilkenny. As a Kilkenny fan her year is shockingly over early. But she said something today to me that struck a cord. (By the way Mayo is her out and out football team)

    She said Ye are the sh*test good team in the country and told me instead of the national athem they should be playing the east Enders theme tune when we come onto the pitch.

    And then I thought yes . What a perfect description. We are exactly that. Then I had a conversation in the Budapest sunset outside an Irish bar with a dub who said much the same thing and said honestly. He told me I don’t know where Ye are at. Ye are a team that could almost lose to lietrim then put it up to Kerry the week after.. And with that I strolled home to my Airbnb room half optimistic about next week and possible semi final after.

    Yet again we are written out of the script… But shockingly and annoyingly to many we are still here. (Cue east Enders theme )

    Tune in next week

  127. Can somebody explain how Cork made so many substitutions in extra time? I undersyood the rule to be 6 subs in normal time, no more than 3 of which can be for black cards, and another 3 subs in extra time. From being st the game and the reports of it afterwards they seem to have made a lot more than that.

  128. Could ye not play Higgins, Barrett or Harrison full back?
    All are excellent corner backs & im sure one of them could adapt to number 3.
    Our own lads are in trouble in all 3 positions in the full back line so ye are not too badly off.

  129. Well done WJ. amazing job once again.This blog has become a huge part of my days. awaiting podcasts/ reading brilliant comments/opinions on a game (before and after). a small giggle when how the necessary fantasy league section puts a stop to comments and then watching them roll in as a new thread is introduced :-). can’t thank you enough. Roll on next week!

  130. If ever there was a game that truly defined a team it was this one . If ever there was a game that ” made” a team it was this one. For me this was an absolutely enthralling , entertaining and gladiatorial contest that in the space of 90 + minutes transformed a team from being nearly men to being the real deal.

    This was the final and most necessary step for this team . They crossed the threshold of shared ruthlessness together and came back , and came back , and came back. If we were not so passionately involved with this team most posters on here watching an old team (like Meath in their heyday do their never say die thing ) would be agog with wonder and admiration for these characteristics in any team.

    The final ingredients have been instilled into this team just in time. There is a collective will , ruthlessness and never say die attitude that was resurrected in Limerick.

    That nerve jangling feeling for those of us fortunate to be there in Limerick yesterday was of ghosts being exorcised in that awful , now beautiful place. The gods decided that to transform an entire county from being also rans , nearly men , to ruthless winners ,it would take a mythical seven long years of tempering steel in a baking cauldron of withering criticism from analysts, the dim witted twitterati , the entire country , most of the globe and indeed some of our own .

    The heat of yesterday was both a reflection of that cauldron and a factor in making Stephen Rochfords decisions look worse than they actually were. For me he has been a godsend . He is a winner. He and that team yesterday crossed a threshold that I have never seen before in any Mayo team . Indeed you had to be there yesterday to really appreciate it. Also , as much as anything it was the collective will of the absolutely incredibly vocal support from the huge – but quietly confident -Mayo crowd that breathed the team over the line.

    Yes we made mistakes. We sucked those right up and didn’t dwell on them. There was no head dropping going on. I remember other days when that did not happen.

    Not with this team. Not with these men of Mayo..

    Yes we were partially ambushed yesterday by Cork but as a county none of us on this site or in other media under estimated this Cork team coming in. I thought myself that Corks performances coming into yesterday ( including the Munster final ) reflected seriously heavy training ( their first half against Tipp was the single worst performance I have seen by a county team in decades ..but in no way did that reflect the talented players they have ). I was not surprised to see them surge in the second half yesterday. They also destroyed Tipp in the second half. That second half would have happened regardless of who was on the Mayo team yesterday . It was classic Cork , an ambush within an ambush. They were unfortunate but I did not for one single second think they were going to win.

    We were that mythical seven points up and the gods decided ” it’s time ” to put the final elements of steel and ruthlessness into this Mayo team. This was the contest we needed. That Cork team are no joke. The Gods said let’s see how much these Mayo guys want to win.

    To watch the Mayo players on the pitch afterwards patiently signing autographs , posing for selfies , and to watch the awe and respect ,and utter reverence of not only the children but of grown men like myself for these men was something I will forever cherish. I’ve said it before that these men are winners and heroes. They are the best of the best of our tribe. Now they collectively have the shared ruthlessness and never say die attitude of the other kind of winner. The one that wins titles .

    After yesterday all the ingredients are there. Yesterday was truly transformative.

    This is the new Mayo man. A winner , a gladiator , kind , patient , grateful , modest , and ruthless in defense of our collective county pride. And boy did they defend and in turn reflect our fierce county pride.

    Yesterday was an absolute privilege.

    Thank you Limerick , you’re a lady ( though I would have probably not called you that three years ago ).

    Thank you Mayo , you’re a real gentleman . And a true winner. Finally.

  131. It will take the physics all their time to have the team ready for next Sunday. The little I know about physiology tells me that recovery depends on limiting the damage to muscle done by lactic acid. It is also dependent on glycogen recovery in the liver. The lads could look very fatigued. This will test the back room team. Going back to the well so soon after such a tough game is very hard. But this team has great character and is capable of going thru massive pain barriers. Full of admiration for the lads. Just management have to stand up to the plate.

  132. Well done WJ. Go enjoy your break. First of all well done to the travelling Mayo support. You were great. Cork will feel hard done by as that was a great come back. Always give credit where it is due, it doesn’t cost you anything. Cork will be back in Div 1 soon enough where they belong. So proud of this Mayo team and management. This experience will stand us in the next round. Back in the AI series inspite of all the begrudgers.

  133. Morning all. What about that. Again result matters. Couldn’t have wrote away for better performance from forwards. Midfield held their own against very athletic opposition. So all good in that front

    As ever Clarke was a 9 out of 10. And individually with exception of caff s performance backs done sound.
    Harrison done well after shaken start Barrett was rock solid at 6
    Boyle was very effective but Higgins and Keegan were below par.

    I think we need to keep Barrett at 6
    He is the most disciplined and holds the middle whilst being a good distributor
    I think we need to put Boyle to corner back and Higgins to 7. Higgins too loose in fullback line and Boyle hasn’t the legs of old for wing backs role of up and down.

    I’d start Vaughan fullback , Harris and Boyle either side of him with Higgins Barrett and durkan in halfbackline.

    Keegan to 10, Kevin Mc wasn’t involved as much as should have being the last day.

    While he doesn’t get a lot of good press I thought once seamie legs went and he was taken off I think we lost a lot F leadership and stability too.

    Anyways leave the management alone they started Doherty who was superb. Have Aidan and Cillian on top form with diarmuid almost bang on top form. Subs of drake and coen were understandable for heat and Loftus introduction was perfect timing.
    So sort fullback and centerback and forwards going well I think there’s more positives than negatives

    Ross won’t be able to handle our physically and sharpened full forward line.

  134. Bizarre game which Mayo had to win twice, and were a little lucky that Cork blew a couple of excellent late chances. There are obviously huge concerns defensively and management does continue to make questionable calls but I think there is a huge amount of positives to take from yesterdays game.
    The % of players who are coming into top form is increasing with every game – Andy, COC, Aido, Doherty, Boyler, CB, DOC all excellent today I felt.
    Special word for Andy Moran who I thought was superb. Doherty also with his best game for an age.
    Shot taking has improved dramatically – fewer pot shots (until ER came on at least), lots of patience shown, perhaps too much early in the game. But none of the wastefulness we saw v Derry for example.
    Aido with another immense game – finally seem to be getting the max out of the big man, looking a lot more productive in attack of late.
    Defensive issues to my mind are due in part to the FB who was exposed badly again today.The defensive unit as a whole is nowhere near as sound as it was last year, partly I think due to LK and CB getting more licence to attack, but the intensity that was there last year seems absent this year. Someone does need to have a word with Leroy. The lad is a marked man at this stage, just look at the nonsense at the throw-in, and he’s too important a player to be getting black carded.
    One critical point that seems to have been missed is the Powter goal. I thought at the time that he had over carried and having watched it back, I counted 15 or 16 steps. Now, if the refs blows him up for that then there’s every chance that Mayo would have just seen out the time for a handy win. The ref was wildly unpredictable on the day and I thought Mayo benefited more than once but the failure to blow Powter was a huge turning point. Fine margins…
    Bottom Line:
    The majority of players are playing very well
    FB is a huge concern and imo a change is required. It’s not even a big call for SR at this stage as the writing has been on the wall for a long time.
    Unlikely that management will have the chance to take any games for granted from here on in so we should see none of the complacency that nearly cost us yesterday. And that’s the key thing to take from the game I think. If the men on the line hadn’t decided the game was in the bag with 20 mins to go, taken off key defensive personnel, and allowed the players to get complacent, there would have been no drama. Cork were in a heap at that stage and Mayo really ought to have closed out the game.
    Thankfully this is an issue that is easily addressed.
    Management is still learning, but the team is definitely going the right way. I think a lot of the doom and gloom in the wake of yesterday is completely over stated. This team is one or two tweaks away from the finished article. I only hope that physically they are able to recover in time for next Sunday. They are only human after all – in spite of all the evidence to the contrary!

  135. Re Leeroy, at least he’ll be fresh next Sunday!! Positives folks!! That will actually be a massive plus.

    A point that further underlines our luck at getting the win yesterday is that Cork had a couple of kickable chances at the end that they squandered. Reminded me a bit of the Tyrone match last year. I endured the same heart damaging torture of that day too! Very close to keeling over.

    Must say Pebblesmeller you hit the nail on head: when we were 7 up we should have brought on attacking subs leaving the backs in place. Cork were flagging surely and we could have really turned the screw. Then we could have started to think about replacing the Boylers and Barretts.
    Perhaps management will learn in spite of themselves.

  136. I have to say I always had doubts about Cafferky until last year when the sweeper was played in front of him and he had some really good performances in that position until he got injured. It took Kevin Mc a while to get to grips with the job, but I think he had it mastered by the final last year.
    Although Caff did not have a good day at the office, the defense has lost its shape. Everyone says that we can be cut down the middle and it is this that is the issue and not any one individual player. It was noticeable that when Chris B a tight man marker went off, the rot set in properly. When we 7 points up, rather than consolidate the lead, the tactic seemed to be to give them a hockeying. While it made for a thrilling roller coaster of a game, we came awful close to letting Cork win. There is a big difference between tactics and strategy and I fear the tactics employed could shoot us in the foot, only for the resilience and tenacity of the team. This game was won on battling, tenacity and a refusal to fold, nothing else.
    Our forwards are much maligned, and sometimes deservedly so. Well it was the forwards that got us over the line yesterday. We come to expect high standards from COC in particular, but he had one of his best performances in a Mayo jersey yesterday. We should not take him for granted

  137. The morning after the night before , what can one say , I genuinely wasn’t capable of typing a message on here till now , it was unbelievably edge of the seat stuff in limerick yesterday evening , the atmosphere was none other than electric , I was positioned in the stand , my god did we the 16th man make our presence felt ,
    The grit and determination them lads showed to grind out the win was just out of this world ,
    Bit mad over some decisions made on the side line , Barrett & Boyler in particular, as for Lees foolish black card , he himself will know it was idiotic , thought Jason doherty showed his worth,he won a serious amount of ball,
    Mind boggling as to the lack of killer instinct we have to finish teams off , cillian oozed class all day , was happy that we didn’t rack up double digits with mad shots ,
    Hope we can get the heads never mind the bodies ready for the rossies ,
    7 day turn around isn’t ideal after a Trojan shift less than 24 hours ago ,
    But we have to keep the faith , love this team found myself kissing the crest of my jerseys in them dying moments
    Oh me nerves
    Cmon mayo

  138. What a game. I have to admit I was loosing faith from late in normal time. I couldn’t imagine that this team could once again dig deep enough to pull the game out of the fire, but there appears to be no end to their courage. To a man this team are heroes – whatever happens from now on. Nár lagadh Dia sibh lads.

  139. As regards recovery I don’t think it will be a big problem. If we hadn’t a game this weekend I reckon the team would have had a serious training session instead. What better training than a tough competitive match that also threw up issues that need to be addressed. Much better to find out the problems now rather than later against better teams where we might be punished even more severely. A few days rest and we should be fine.
    About Fergal Boland; I reckon he is entitled to feel a bit aggrieved by being left out of the 26. Alan Dillon has served Mayo well for many years and excluding him, from what probably is the last chance to win an all Ireland medal, would be cruel. Also it mightn’t sit well with some of the older team members and his club mates and cause upset in the team However, I’m not convinced he has more to offer anymore than some of the younger lads. I would hate to be the one to drop him from the 26 but maybe this is the level of ruthlessness that is required to win.

  140. Ah come on now Crete Boom. I can only assume that post is tongue in cheek otherwise it’s time to put down the violin. I live in Balina and I’m a massive fan of Ger and even i can see he had a poor day yesterday. I do feel that he is consistently scapegoated however; it wasn’t Ger who was letting the Cork half backs run through the entire length of the pitch time and time again, nor the Clare ones, nor the Galway ones and it’s getting a bit tiresome watching him take all the flack time and time again when he gets no protection. But I really was scratching my head watching Barrett being substituted yesterday in light of how the game was going.

    As for Regan, yes, he is a good club performer, and I’m genuinely sorry (for him and us) that it hasn’t worked out for him with Mayo but if I see him being introduced again before Kirby or Nally I’ll do a Mayo Mick on it myself. He has unfortunately demonstrated that he is just is not the man to win games for us when they are in the melting pot and at this point, it is not fair of management to expect him to try and do so. That’s not a bias against Ballina, nor is it in any way a personal criticism of Evan. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles, and the evidence is there for all to see.

    I think the massively high regard in which David Clarke is heled throughout the county also kinda negates your point a little …

  141. Hi WJ, I am a Mayo man living in Roscommon for the last 37 years & it’s great to think that Mayo & Ross are playing in an all Ireland quater final, it will be fantastic game & it is hard to call it. Mayo are battle hardened and are a great team with lots of experience, just needs a little tweak in the middle third defensively, Mayo to win but Roscommon will go at them from very start, Up Mayo. Castlbar Native.

  142. WJ. You said you did not know who was taken off when Chris Barrett came back on at the start of ET. It was Jason Doherty.
    I don’t go along with the criticisms of Ger Caff. We had only conceded 0-7 up to 45 minute mark. The reason we conceded 2-8 between that and full time was the loss of SOS and our comlete half back line.
    Our defence lost its shape after that.

  143. Thanks, GCass – that extra-time switch wasn’t listed on any of the match reports I’ve seen so far. I’ll amend the results section to include it.

  144. GCass…
    Re Caff.
    Hom manyou points did his direct opponent score from play & fRees conceeded..
    Was it 7 … o conor 5, or O’NEIL 2.
    Not good enough for any defender.

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