Mayo 0-8 Tyrone 2-14: embarrassing

Waking up to the return of the snow in Dublin this morning, I was unsure about whether or not I’d make it to Castlebar at all today. The word from the west, though, was that conditions were fine if a bit on the cold side. We decided to chance it.

The country was white all the way to Athlone but the roads were fine most of the way, even if I did briefly question my sanity such were the slushy conditions on the M50. I was to wonder about my mental state of health later on in the day, however, after what befell us at MacHale Park.

We made three changes ahead of throw-in. As was the case in Newbridge, Tom Parsons and Cillian O’Connor started for Michael Hall and Seamus O’Shea, while David Clarke returned between the sticks in place of Robbie Hennelly.

The opening few minutes were ragged enough. Tyrone opened the scoring with a point from play by Mattie Donnelly but we responded in kind, a nice, no-nonsense move from the kick-out ending with Tom Parsons firing over.

Tom had a hand in the next score, though it was one for Tyrone. Tom picked up a yellow for the foul and McAliskey fired over the resultant free.

We suffered a blow in the next attack, Cillian O’Connor falling heavily and limping off with what looked like a leg injury. Conor Loftus came on for the unlucky Ballintubber man.

Andy then shot wide and from the restart Tyrone broke forward, Sludden firing over. The visitors got the next two as well, Mattie Donnelly thumping both over to stretch their lead to four.

It could have got worse soon after when Stephen Coen undercooked a pass and it was intercepted by McNulty. The Tyrone man shot under pressure, though, and put it well wide.

Colm Boyle was booked for a challenge that ended McGeary’s involvement in the game. We handled the ball on the ground at the other end just after and, following a long break in play as the injured player was stretchered off, Brennan fired over the free to put Tyrone five clear. We were now in real bother.

David Clarke then miscued his restart and Burns shot over smartly from long range. This was all too easy for the visitors.

Colm Cavanagh departed on a black card for an off-the-ball infringement on Kevin McLoughlin. We still failed to get moving.

Things soon went from bad to worse. Boyler, already on yellow, got man rather than ball in a despairing attempt at a tackle and was off on a second yellow. Brennan pointed the free.

Lee Keegan, attempting to claim possession from a poor Tom Parsons pass, got poleaxed by Tyrone’s McNulty. The Tyrone midfielder went on a straight red but Lee went too, helped off with what appeared to be a serious shoulder injury. Paddy Durcan came on for Lee.

Ten minutes of additional time ahead of the break was then signalled. Further indignation was heaped on us when Andy Moran was ordered off on a black card, for what looked like giving lip to the ref. It’s on the list of black card offences if that’s what it was but not one you see invoked every day. Seamus O’Shea came on for Andy.

Eventually, deep into stoppage time and following a scoreless spell for us that had lasted over forty minutes, Diarmuid O’Connor was fouled within range. Conor Loftus knocked over the free. Right before the short whistle, Diarmuid bore down on goal and was hauled down. From the free, Conor cut the gap to five with the last kick of what had been in every sense a calamitous opening half for us.

Conor got our first after the break too. He started it with a long range free that he launched in garryowen-style and it was claimed by Aidan O’Shea who returned it to the Crossmolina man to fire over.

Tyrone, however, responded emphatically at the other end, a rapid thrust ending with Brennan finding the net. Our goose was rightly cooked now.

Our next rather frantic attack got swallowed up by the blanket. Tyrone broke with languid ease, tossing the ball around the park before eventually it was fed to sub McClure who fired over with confidence.

Jason Doherty got booked for a foul close to our posts and McAliskey knocked over the free nonchalantly. Nine in arrears now, this was becoming an absolute shambles for us.

McAliskey got the next one too, another free, a score that stretched their lead to double digits. It was clear now that this was going to be a bit of a paddling for us.

Perhaps in an effort to inject some kind of life to our tepid efforts – or perhaps it was just to give a few other lads a run – we made a double substitution midway through the half. Fergal Boland and Neil Douglas came on for Diarmuid O’Connor and Jason Doherty.

Two further Tyrone scores, both from play, stretched the gap to twelve. Aidan O’Shea then departed the scene, replaced by his younger brother Conor. Eventually, after several attacks ending with us repeatedly running into the blanket and getting turned over, Fergal Boland shot from distance to bag our second point of the half. Brennan put over a quality score at the other end, though, in response.

A point from play by Neil Douglas and a long-range free from Conor Loftus brought the gap back to ten.

A second goal for them completed the rout. We got a penalty when Tom Parsons was fouled but Conor Loftus spooned his effort high and wide. The same player got our final point of the day from a free.

Our display today was nothing short of an embarrassment. Devoid of any tactical smarts, we gave Tyrone the perfect start and then were unable to make any headway against them after that. The visitors were full value for their twelve-point margin of victory.

Where we go from here is anyone’s guess. Donegal next weekend is the obvious answer to that one but, after today’s shambolic display, it’d be a brave person now who’d predict we’ll be able to gain a first ever win up there to preserve our Division One status.

Mayo: David Clarke; Caolan Crowe, Ger Cafferkey, Eoin O’Donoghue; Colm Boyle, Lee Keegan, Tom Parsons (0-1); Stephen Coen, Cillian O’Connor; Kevin McLoughlin, Aidan O’Shea, Diarmuid O’Connor; Jason Doherty, Andy Moran, Adam Gallagher. Subs: Conor Loftus (0-5, three frees) for Cillian O’Connor, Paddy Durcan for Keegan, Seamus O’Shea for Moran (black card), Fergal Boland (0-1) for Diarmuid O’Connor, Neil Douglas (0-1) for Doherty, Conor O’Shea for Aidan O’Shea.

PS: Well done to the hurlers on a superb win over Down at Breffni Park today. More on that later on.

Post-match audio report:

Man of the Match poll (okay, a bit pointless today, but sure fire ahead on it all the same):

Who was our MOTM against Tyrone? Vote for your top three performers

  • Conor Loftus (19%, 112 Votes)
  • Diarmuid O'Connor (15%, 90 Votes)
  • Tom Parsons (8%, 45 Votes)
  • Paddy Durcan (7%, 41 Votes)
  • Eoin O'Donoghue (6%, 35 Votes)
  • David Clarke (6%, 33 Votes)
  • Ger Cafferkey (5%, 30 Votes)
  • Fergal Boland (5%, 29 Votes)
  • Kevin McLoughlin (5%, 29 Votes)
  • Adam Gallagher (4%, 23 Votes)
  • Conor O'Shea (3%, 19 Votes)
  • Aidan O'Shea (3%, 15 Votes)
  • Colm Boyle (3%, 15 Votes)
  • Neil Douglas (2%, 14 Votes)
  • Cillian O'Connor (2%, 13 Votes)
  • Andy Moran (2%, 11 Votes)
  • Seamus O'Shea (2%, 9 Votes)
  • Caolan Crowe (1%, 8 Votes)
  • Stephen Coen (1%, 7 Votes)
  • Lee Keegan (1%, 4 Votes)
  • Jason Doherty (0%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 669

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229 thoughts on “Mayo 0-8 Tyrone 2-14: embarrassing

  1. UNACCEPTABLE. Hard to see how we recover the season but we have one last chance next week. Serious talking needed. We either want to be competitve in 2018 or we throw in the towel and go with young players. Our full back line is a shambles, too many are comfortable knowing they dont have to fight for their jersies and young lads have been discarded from the panel. Shit or get off the pot time. We may have glimpsed the future today

  2. Ger. I know it was frustrating but we have been here before. On fairness Crowe and Donoghue have been doing well. Very poor team performance today but we beat Donegal next week, we are safe. Focus can then turn to Galway on May 13th.
    Big worries are lack of home form and Injuries to Cillian and Lee. Let’s hope it’s nothing too serious.

  3. The only positive is a draw will suffice next weekend in Ballybofey. Don’t think we’ve ever won there though.

    Very dispiriting result. When did u last see supporters leaving early?

    Basic problem is this: We seem to be relying on a clutch of older players with no real talent coming through. Mean whilst look at Galway! Seriously developing as a team.

    Not enough to say that we’ll turn it on in the chip – the lack of substantial new talent means we’re battling against the clock now!

  4. Donegal haven’t lost in Balleybofey since 2010, I read today. Hard to see how we’ll turn that statistic on its head next weekend after what we saw today. Aside from the lack of leadership and fight, we have injury concerns again. Very sad to see this team in this position, shipping heavy defeats to teams who have no fear of playing Mayo anymore.

  5. The way the trend is going now, we are either going to get eaten alive by Galway, or beaten comfortably by Galway. Otherwise I will bow down and salute Rochford’s mind games.

  6. I didn’t see the game but am baffled with some of the selections this past few weeks. Most of us on this blog played football, some to a high level and some unlucky to miss out on a County Jersey ( minor /U21), in my case.
    One thing for sure, some guys have been playing too long, I can’t understand how a another had been tried out in the fullback position, this has been a huge problem position for over 3 years now, surely the league is the place to do this, maybe management have a plan for the championship, but a plan B and plan C are always required.
    All is not lost, I have never been to a Mayo game in Donegal but weather permitting, I will make the journey next week.

  7. The first goal we conceded. Firmly on Ger Caff and absolutely the moment that gave away any chance we had against blanket masters.
    If on occasion our full back ventures forward Ger Caff is the last player in the panel you want in their half. He is unable to shoot or make attacking passes. Shane Nally would have been far more effective. Ger McDonagh off the panel.
    Across the 2015 to present Ger Caff hasnt shown enough to be starting. Consistently beaten for goals. Rarely a contender in the match polls as a player who played well.

  8. Positives,

    1. We only need a draw next week. Its in our own hands.

    2. Loftus.

    3. Four all stars gone before half time. Nightmare scenario but we are still alive.

    4. Deegan dipped his bread today and hopefully we wont see him for a while again.

    5. Fortress Mchale intimidating as ever even though some “supporters” left early.

    6. Very few wides today.


    1. Bad injuries for Keegan and Cillian.

    No other negatives.

    Overall. Steady she goes. Another season in division 1 beckons and its still only very early in March.

  9. So worried re Cillian and Lee – bloody disaster. I was praying there would be no injuries today.

  10. Stop blaming referees Jim Flag. There are literally no positives from today. None. Fortress McHale intimidating as ever??? Seriously?

  11. Manager on Mid west now said Lee gone to hospital with shoulder injury.It just gets worse.

  12. “Very few wides today” – okay because there were very few shots at all?

  13. This is coming the last 24 months. Rochford was rescued by some August form last year but our results are shocking – loses to Cavan and Monaghan last year, full deck of home defeats this year, struggles with clare Ros Derry ans Cork. The graph is going one way.

    Jim Flag are you taking the piss.

  14. Great team last week when we beat Kildare ,Desperate team this week when we lose to Tyrone, Great team next week when we beat Donegal. Desperate team next week when we lose to Donegal. I am not surprised we lost today though the scoreline is shocking. Kildare let us play so we played. Tyrone were never going to let us play. There are two very worrying things. First of all injuries to our key players. Without Keegan and Cillian we are in serious trouble. Secondly our new players have not made much of an impression and this has been an ongoing problem. Our hope now has to be that the injuries are not too serious and that Harrison, Vaughan etc are back soon and that Keith decides to give it another year. The chances are that we wont beat Donegal and that we are heading to Div 2, something I definitely expected to happen. Not ideal, but I would take it if we can beat Galway in May. Thats all that really matters at the moment. Galway, unbeaten in league, even against the mighty dubs and Corofin surely giving the best display of gaelic football seen in Croker for many a long day.

  15. Jim Flag, I was one of the ‘supporters’ as you put it who left early. Why? Because I drove 4 hours down from Dublin with the snow to watch a team put in zero effort and now I am about to drive the four hours back up. I’ll drive the 4 hours or whatever it is to Ballybofey next week too, but if the team that takes the field isn’t bothered to put in any effort, why should ‘supporters’ be bothered to make the effort to support them? Nobody forced me to make the trip, I’m happy to do it because I love it, but I’m not going to waste my time in the cold watching that.

  16. Pretty dire stuff today. A lot of lads exposed as just not up to this level of football.
    The sooner Barrett, Vaughan, Higgins and Harrison come back into that defence and take their positions back the better.
    Loftus – nice footballer but to me he looks awfully nervous on the ball. It’s no place for any man afraid of taking a big hit.
    Douglas came on and twice the ball was taken off him like candy off a baby.
    Disappointing that there is no new forward talent coming through.

  17. Sorry to upset ya Regina/FDB/Jim Flag n all the others who think similarly but that was absolutely wogious…

    Of course every team has off days but when you take all the games/results/decisions over an extended period into account surely a blind man could see we are going in the wrong direction….

  18. This team has lost the last 2 all irelands by 1 point.
    Its been a poor league but its not the end of the world.
    4 all stars gone by half time, on top of the other injuries.
    The major worry for me is if the 2 lads are out long term.
    They are simply irreplaceable

  19. Today was a disaster team looked tired and pushed off ball way to easy never in the game back s have been geting ate all during league everyone of them was in Kildare last week and Kildare missed about 1-8 in first half then people were saying mayo are back geting better ??? Unless he has trained the shite out of the team this week but they were no where the races today , will be hard get Result next week wish some of the young players would stand up but hav nt ,
    We will go again but it’s the same players I’m afraid again

  20. Could be long term for Lee Keegan. Rochford saying he was brought to hospital.

  21. I did’nt see the hit on Keegan but I presume it must have been bad as the Tyrone player got a straight red, I could’nt bear to imagine a Mayo team without Lee Keegan in it for any championship game.
    But as I said on this blog in the build up to the last 2 All Ireland finals, to beat the best one must be ruthless and do whatever is needed to limit the best players / key men on the opposition team, Tyrone did this to Mayo today and are still hurting from the collapse v the Dubs in the semi final last year.
    I only pray that the injuries to Lee and Cillian are not serious.

  22. Best wishes to Lee and Cillian I hope they have speedy recoveries Lee in particular looks like he could be out for a good few months. No one played well today but a blind man can see we need a new or a different full back I’m not blaming him for the loss but he did concede a goal and he doesn’t inspire confidence in the defense. Mayo aren’t as bad as they looked today but something isn’t right maybe we have too many miles on the clock and if that’s the case fair enough time waits for no one.

  23. That’s as bad of performance as I’ve seen since Longford in 2010. Loftus only positive I can think of. I can’t believe there’s not a better full back in Mayo than Ger Cafferky. Great servant over the years but simply not good enough at this level. Hope Keegan and O’Connor injuries aren’t as bad as they looked

  24. We had no plan b today hard to say anyone had a good game. The game was over before Andy and Lee went off even with them still on I dont think it would have made a difference to the result tyrone were simply just the better team. Tyrone didnt give away many frees they played a blanket defence and turned us over similar to what galway did to us. Some younger lads are struggling with the step up to this level physically they are getting pushed of the ball and turned over to easy. I’m afraid if we don’t get a result against galway in may we will lose alot of players to retirement and its not looking like we have the depth to replace them just yet.

  25. Very alarming statistic from today is that based on Willie Joes Report none of the starting forwards scored.

  26. Aye backdoorsam, I dont post seriously often but I mean it when I say these bucks owe us nothing , if its the end of the road so be it,ill stand with every other decent Mayo supporter and applaud them for their efforts.

  27. You could copy and paste the match report from the same fixture in 2015 and there wouldn’t be a whole load of difference. Today was far worse of course.

    I’ve seen Maurice Deegan mentioned as if that in anyway mitigates today’s disaster. We are lacking size and power in our forward line. Time and time again we ran up blind alleys and got swallowed up by Tyrone’s defence. We played into Tyrone’s hands by conceding silly turnovers and letting them counterattack at pace. The players looked to have given up from way out. How many times were Tyrone able to pass laterally across our 45 with hardly a glove being laid on them. The old excuses about “It’s only the league” and “Mayo always produce the goods with their back against the wall” will not cut it any anymore. Our backs were against the wall today and we failed miserably. We are in serious danger of being relegated and all the implications it brings. We’ve ridden our luck in the past and chances are it will run out this time around. Seriously disappointing and deflating. Not what you would expect from a top team at this stage in the season.

    Also, was there a beach-volleyball tournament on in McHale park yesterday?

  28. Donegal don’t loose in Ballybofey FACT. If Tyrone can score 2 14 against us at home , what will an attacking team with Murphy and McBrearty do to us especially if we don’t change our fullback line.

  29. we’re 8 weeks out from the Galway match now. This result will either galvanise the team or its a really bad sign.

  30. Will we give Stephen another week or get the firing squad ready,it was bad today but last week was good ,hopefully next week will be good but we will be ready for Galway never fear,when you look at today we had our six first choice defenders missing one for most of the game one of our midfielders our best forwards for the last number of years missed most of the game ,so I think we need to cut them some slack

  31. You can never tell what this team are capable of but this evening it’s not looking good for May 13th. I’m afraid that game might have done us severe damage. We’ve probably lost Keegan for the season. Not sure how bad Cillians injury is but he won’t be around for next Sunday.
    It has to be a severe blow to morale and confidence to get hammered in a crucial game on home ground especially for lads with a lot of miles on the clock and a lot of disappointments as well. I’m not sure that Vaughan, Barrett or Higgins will be ready for the Galway game. They would have needed a bit of game time in the league to get their sharpness back.
    Living in hope but there are ominous signs.

  32. Donegal have been shite enough too his year losing 5 out of 6 so hardly world beaters. Cillian has a hamstring problem according to rochford, Leeroy a shoulder issue. Impossible to speculate how long they will be out but won’t be any more than 6 weeks or so for cillian – maximum based on that info.

  33. Well keyboard heroes all. I still stand by our real heroes over the last 7 years. 3 semi’s 4 AI’S.
    Next week could be v different again as we’ve been here like this many times. Never ever write this boys off. When we do win Sam all this just adds to the great fairytale story.
    And like every fairytale there is happy after.
    And if not I too will stand and applaud for as long as my hands will bear it.
    Most importantly I am already praying for Cillian and Lee’s speedy recovery. Please God please.

  34. Sadly, this could be the beginning of the end after seven great seasons. All good things come to an end. When we have to rebuild relegation might not be the worst option.

  35. I don’t think it’s fair labelling people keyboard heroes for what they can see with their own eyes Mairead! It’s entirely possible to be worried and disheartened with where we find ourselves and still support the team.

  36. The most important thing out of today is the injuries to Lee and Cillian. This team have been written off year or year (even multiple times in the same year). Remember last year’s first game against roscommon. We looked finished but a week later we bounced back. We have to trust that team will do that.
    The priority is Lee and Cillian. We can’t afford to lose either. Let’s hope we got positive news on the injury front everything else is secondary.

  37. Dont think relegation is for the better, yes we have to rebuild but its proven time and time again division one is the place for testing and transition.

  38. The one positive is we have tended to dig out results when least expected in the past. I also don’t think relegation is a disaster if it did happen*

    I won’t engage in any sort of post mortems until we finish our championship campaign this year. We’ve made the last 2 finals after awful league campaigns and losing to Galway twice.

    * hear me out – given our age profile, division 2 could well be a better way to bed ourselves in and pick up early wins in the year, like with the Galway hurlers

  39. We need to bring a few ball winning strong players into the forward line. Gallagher, Loftus and Douglas not physical enough- can’t win even 60:40 ball and when they do it’s stripped from them like taking sweets from a Child. Kirby surely deserves a run. The lack of underage development is showing now. Galway have been at a different level to us at underage for last 3-4 years. How people in the county board stood by and let this happen is not good. It wouldn’t be accepted in Kerry- mabye that is why they have 37 all Irelands.

  40. A team of startled earwigs today. The writing has been on the wall for some time now with the old guard nearing the end coupled with the obvious shortage of young talent in the county. Does not bode well for May 13th or beyond. Galway increasingly and deservedly looking like the new force in Connacht.

  41. Mairead your words are exactly what I needed to see.. yes today was embarrassing but that’s because we know how good these boys can be. I sat in touching distance from the mayo subs and There frustration was evident however Andy’s patience with kids who continued to come up to him for signatures was really admiring however I question the parents who allow these kids down to the players at a time that isn’t suitable! Diarmuid o Connor however is continuing to show us his engine is up and running.. he’s a workhorse! A day that I’ll happily put behind me as I convince myself we’re good on the road.

  42. We may well be looking at Galway and Roscommon in Div 1 next year. I fail to see any positives from being relegated. Ignoring the financial implications, we would probably get a couple of lads not committing for the year.

  43. Support, support, support. Is the bra half full or is the bra half empty. Was Caff mad at missing the parade in Ballina. Did St. Patrick banish scoring forwards from Mayo when mountain rescue didn’t bother to go up the reek and bring him down. These are the hands of a tired man…

  44. There are no positives about being relegated. You need to be playing top opposition to improve and to stake a claim in the championship. Being in division 2 is not of any benefit. Sadly, after today, it’s a very real possibility.

  45. We have one game left to get a result and stay up so no point worrying about what happened today until after the game with Donegal if we lose. We played our usual league game against Tyrone as evidenced from the previous two loses to them in McHale Park. Nothing given away tactically for later in the year as a good chance we will be playing them in the S8s. Tyrone looked fitter than us today so we are probably a few weeks behind them. Donegal are not unbeatable and there is always a first time for everything. Keep the faith!

  46. When was the last time Mayo went through a league campaign losing every single home league game ?

  47. Mairead – do you honestly think there is a all Ireland coming? Do you also really think that the keyboard warriors as you call them do not have the right to be disappointed with such a poor league performance and what they saw today. The team have been inspirational over recent years, but it doesn’t mean everyone has to keep calling them heroes every day and pretend things are going well. Dublin stretching way ahead of us , Galway making serious progress, we are bringing nobody through and looking like a panel on the way down

  48. Could someone please explain to me all the these so called new players who got chances from Rochy in the National League there more like tried and tested players to me.
    Does he watch club games at all in Mayo or does he have any trials or scouting done in the County.You can’t judge a player in Fbd league games in January.
    In my view he doesn’t know the best players in Mayo after the best 18 he has.Theres 5 or 6 that are not good enough to be there at all not going to name names.
    I could pick a team of Mayo players who weren’t involved today who would have given the team that played today bother.
    1.Paddy O’Malley Westport
    2.Seamus Cunniffe Ballagh
    3.Ger McDonagh Castlebar
    4.James Stretton Claremorris
    5.Sharoize Akram Ballagh
    6.Shane Nally Garrymore
    7.Michael Plunkett Ballintubber
    8.Brian Gallagher Claremorris
    9.James McCormack Claremorris
    10.Jack Reilly Charlestown
    11.James Carr Ardagh
    12.Cian Hanley Ballagh
    13.Peter Naughton Knockmore
    14.Brian Reape Moy Davitts
    15.Ciaran Treacy Ballina

  49. TH – add Liam Irwin to that , how a player can be leading forward in u21 all Ireland final and then never been fed into seniors is a joke. As if we have an abundance of scoring forwards

  50. Face it people this team had more than enough chances and blew them all

    Galway are coming Me will pillage two tittle like they always do

  51. Cillian probably out for 4 or 5 weeks if it’s a hamstring injury. He’s got no run of games this year between injuries and suspension. He’s going to be rusty for May 13th whatever happens now.

    Keegan’s injury is very worrying. If he has to get a shoulder op we’re talking 4 months out.

  52. We’ve been hanging on in Division 1 for the past few years, and it has had no bearing on the Championship. We show the league little or no respect until the chips are really down. What do we gain playing wise from Division one? We don’t appear to try out new techniques/tactics, we don’t or maybe we simply don’t have the talent to blood. If we go down this year, then so be it.

    Today’s performance was eerily bad though, as bad as I’ve witnessed in many a year. But everytime we right these guys off, they prove us wrong. Any chance Galway would agree to play the game in May in Salthill? Our home form is atrocious, it beggars belief. If Keegan is going to miss the Galway game, who do we put on Comer? He will eat Caff alive I’m afraid to say, Keegan is the only one with the power & nous to handle him in my opinion.

  53. I have to say this has been one of the most disappointing performances we have seen in some time. While I was delighted with the result against Kildare, they were poor enough, and one swallow never made a summer. Therefore Mayo were not as good as they looked last week and they are not as bad as they appeared today. However this league has not been good for Mayo. The Kerry game and today were the most worrying. Fortress McHale Park how are ye.
    There was no fluency in the play against Kerry and they were bullied in their own backyard by a bunch of Kerry young bucks.
    In fairness Tyrone have a brand of football that has been pretty unattractive to watch for the last 15 years, but has brought them more titles than we have. There is a nasty edge to them. My point is I don’t think they did anything that wasn’t from their text book. Their tackling was ferocious, they broke at speed on the counter attack, and worked the ball up the field and could take long range kicks with reasonable success.
    Our forwards got bundled up and invariably lost the ball going into the tackle.
    I note some are blaming our full back line and the newbies. To be fair I don’t think the full back line were any worse than any other line and if there is no cover in front of them there isn’t a lot they can do. I thought Gallagher and Loftus and Donoghue were as good as their senior counterparts. It is not fair to them or Rochford to dump on them alone when the Wheels were coming off the wagon all over the place.
    The injuries that Lee and Cillian got are worrying. The way Lee was convulsing with pain (might be a dramatic description, but he looked like he was in desperate pain) was very worrying, I can’t see him being available on May 13. Hamstrings don’t generally heal in a hurry either, I think it is safe to assume we won’t have them in Ballybofey.
    As Jason Doherty said on the podcast no one sets out to be in this position, however we are where we are.

    Rochford goes from hero to zero quite regularly when it comes to tactics. Well he needs to analyze Donegal and come up with an appropriate game plan, and put a bit more effort into then he did for today. We have come up against blankets often enough to know how to deal with them. If I was a Donegal management team member I think I could see what the best way to go at Mayo is. A combination of blankets and filth. What is our answer to that, we don’t seem to have one as of yet.
    One thing I don’t doubt though is the resolve of this group of players. We need to get behind them now, because it is now they need the most support

  54. I have to say I was surprised there were no more injuries on that terrible pitch, we need to do something soon about it.

  55. Mairead, pull your head out of the sand. Our championship record over the past seven years will not save us from relegation. Most of the “keyboard heroes” here you refer to are genuine fans who want this team to perform to the best of their abilities. Today was well short of what a team of Mayo’s stature should be bringing. If we are only going to use this forum to sing praises at every turn then we may as well just not bother

  56. Sadly OUR Team showed no pride in the Jersey today, no leaders on the field, we let Tyrone boss us all day long. If we were relegated trying out young players , we would surely have a few new players for the year ahead. If we are relegated having not tried young players, it is a disaster.

  57. Ah I see the calls for the likes of Brian Reape and Liam Irwin have started again . On a day when we got a glimpse of life after Andy with balls bouncing out of lads hands every time a ball went in !
    I’m fairly sure Rochford has a valid reason for not selecting these players . Today provided yet more evidence of why he hasn’t blooded many new players in championship. They are physically and mentally inferior to the incumbents . Hopefully the injury situation isn’t as dire as feared or we are in trouble ………
    Only one other point on today. Why in God’s name did the players persist with trying to hop the ball! Twas obvious from minute one it would not bounce properly and lead to turnovers.

  58. @TH… Liam Irwin is playing his football in London nowadays…. I’m much more worried about the injuries, especially Lee Keegan where the incident happened straight in front of me, Cillian, looked to be a bit better by the time he reached the tunnel… As I say, if we lost by a single point today, our task would be the same next Sunday .. Once more into the breach., my friends … Ballybofey,… What’s done is done, and what’s won is won… But I know a gang of Mayo supporter’s, I don’t know how they keep doing it, but do they do, and will keep doing it,.. And again I will be with them…. Let’s make some noise Ballybofey… Face it, it was a nightmare today, but I just couldn’t imagine having to listen to Martin Carney on Midwest next Sunday…. Secretly hoping that Donegal stay up Now that’s a Nightmare!..

  59. Whoever is the head greenkeeper of McHale Park has alot of explaining to do for pitch conditions today it was like a beach in Achill today.What was the need for all the Sand.
    That pitch I feel contributed to some of the injuries to players today and it also did not help Mayos running game numerous times the ball was bounced it didnt come back up and we gaveaway possesion,I am not saying we would have won the game but it definitely didn’t help the scoreline.

  60. Wow… that was unreal. Abject stuff I would never expect from them lads….. the fall off from here could be very quick I’m afraid. Jim flag.. I think you need to step away from your keyboard and go back on the meds

  61. Does David Clarke seem to be struggling with the new kickout rule ,this is going back to an Fbd game against Sligo in Ballina where he struggled very bad with it, no doubt David is the best shotstopper in the game.
    I seen Micky Harte and Stevie O’Neill were giving clear instructions to Tyrone players to push up high on him for his kickouts in the 1st half.
    What is Paddy O’Malley from Westport like in Goal?

  62. Very very worrying but it is still a mystery as to where exactly we are at. It looked more than anything like we hadn’t the fitness for Tyrone today as well as a tactical plan or physical appetite. One thing is for sure – Galway will be warm favourites to beat us come May. That might be no harm for Mayo. I hope Cillian and Lee will be alright. No sign yet of Cian Hanley …

  63. Lean times, it was me who mentioned Liam Irwin. Yes, I know he is at London shamrocks. That highlights pathetic progression from the management that a star player from u21 all Ireland winning team is that far from senior panel. There was no attempt made to take a winning player up to the senior panel and we are left with misfiring forwards bar loftus who starred alongside Irwin in u21s.

  64. “On a day when we got a glimpse of life after Andy with balls bouncing out of lads hands every time a ball went in !”

    Does that mean Mayo football will die a death when Andy Moran retires?

  65. A very disappointing perfomsnce by players and management. in castlebar today. Hopefully they can turn it sound next week in balleybofey and end the league on a high. You can do it lads!
    Well done to Keith and his hurling colleagues on winning promotion! Hopefully he’ll be back to inspire the footballers with his legendary leadership, enthusiasm and boundless energy next Sunday.

  66. The McHale pitch badly needs investment. It’s my understanding that Hyde park has a much better pitch now.

    In relation to the FB position it is a dissapointment that somebody else wasn’t at least tried out- it’s puzzling really!

    Anyhow; our next two games will define our season. I must say that Galways progress has taken me by surprise.

  67. It means he is the focal point of our attack . Our chief ball winner in the FF line . He is damn near irreplaceable and none of the young guns are putting their hands up . Literally. The ball kept bouncing out of them . And yet we see suggested teams for championship with Andy being held in reserve for the last 20 minutes!
    We are not Dublin. Our first 15\16\17 is as good as theirs but that’s it . As I said there is a reason Rochford keeps going back to the same guys .
    They are a special group and hopefully injured clear up for one more summer assault !!
    Speaking of assault…..I hear there were plenty in Salthill again today. Another few “melees” and “fracas”. Full back picked up his 3rd black of the campaign. Should also have had one early on against us .But system Kerry and Galway play lovely football

  68. Embrassing ,players flat and lack of game plan. This is becoming worrying for future years,once some of the older statesmen decide to hang up the boots there doesnt look to be anyone to fill them. Pitch was as bad as iv ever seen it impossible to get anything going. Clarke’s knockouts put us under huge preasure from the start.its going to require a massice improvement for next week’s do or die match otherwise it’s hello division 2

  69. The pitch was destroyed when the reduced FBD fixture went ahead despite the pitch clearly being waterlogged

  70. There’s a limit to the number of times that these lads can be expected to ‘go to the well’. Unfortunately, we haven’t got replacement players of the standard required to complete at the top level. No point in blaming management either – they have assessed the talent available to them and I have faith in their judgment.
    This squad of Mayo footballers has played an amount of hard football and subjected the bodies to fierce abuse. This time I fear for them. I cannot see them surviving in Div. 1 and that will be a devastating downer for them all – as well as all of the proud supporters. As someone else said on here – Division 2 is not a good place to be, especially a proud group falling from grace.

  71. JC – your comment re no effort being made to bring Liam Irwin is, in a word, inaccurate.

    TH – I know the volunteer who is Head of pitch maintenance at MacHale Park. Perhaps I can forward his contact details so you can tell him that his efforts don’t meet your standards. Maybe you can give him some advice as to how we can make grass grow in the middle of winter.

    Up Mayo!

  72. Yes I do believe these guys will be there when it matters in August/Sept. They have shown stamina and courage when it matters most as we have all seen over the last few years. Yes I’m sure they are as gutted as we are on today’s performance but I will continue to believe in them. I think we owe them that going on past experiences.Every game is a learning game and maybe today will be a learning like no other.
    I luv reading the blog but after a game that doesnt go as well as we’d like,some of the writing altho expressing opinions just disheartens a bit but I’m keeping onn believing even if we are relegated.

  73. Really disappointing result and I suppose madecall the worse by the apparent emergence of our neighbours as the province top dogs. Felt sick to my stomach as the car crash played out. But as was said we have been down similar holes before and dug our way back out. I’m sure each of those players feel a lot worse than any of us here tonight. I won’t comment on manager decisions or player choice as I feel none of us on ‘the outside’ have the full facts. Will be difficult to get what we need next week, but we can only live in hope. Maigheo Abu!!

  74. As Padraic Joyce said far back as 2 years ago on radio .Mayo don’t have any turn and shoot scoring forwards , there more athletic working forwards that want to lay it it off to Andy or Cillian.
    Any man that watches Club football closely in Mayo will tell you that players like Jack Reilly , James Shaughnessy, Ciaran Treacy, Brian Reape ,Colm Moran ,Peter Naughton ,Ryan O’Donoghue and Darren Coen are the best forwards at scoring from play in the County.

  75. I agree sutfol well done to Keith and the hurlers – we desperately need him back. Overall I fear what every Mayo fan fears most – that our golden period is over and that Galway is poised to take our place and go one better like 1998. I shudder at the thought. Hope it doesn’t come to that.

  76. Sean Cronin gave a very interesting interview on RTE last week in relation to the specialist type of mindset you have to have to be on the bench. ‘Irelands success is down to the planned role of substitutes. Rochford and co could do worse than tune into it. Subs are a valued an inclusive part of the our grand slam team.
    Last week against a very weak Kildare side, we introduced 3 subs, two on 69 mins and 1 on 72. Now what kind of a message are those guys been given. I don’t trust ye enough to bring ye on any earlier.
    I don’t accept that we haven’t the quality coming through. It’s the way we build those players into high impact subs, game changers’.
    I must say I admire Coen today. A lot of things went wrong for him, passes astray, turned over, but one thing.his head never went down and he battled away to the final whistle. Keep it up, Coen you will have great days in the green and red yet….

  77. Great win for the Hurlers fair play to them a National title and promotion is great. Maybe Zippy needs a few weeks off but I hope we see him next week in Donegal we need a win whether it’s a dying kick from us or finally turning the corner but we need a win. Did Andy get a straight red is he suspended for next week?

  78. 4G pitch like Saracens rugby, that’ll work and wonder why this hasn’t been looked at least. Sadly I don’t think the pitch is the fundamental problem seeing that today and throughout this league.

    Basics and fitness seems to be a problem, that may change come May. Also very narrow as to the way we play, very limited width as much as DoC tried to stretch it.

    That said we play better at Croker but with the super 8’s (if we get there) reducing that, can’t see Sam heading west this year at least.

  79. Myself a keen mayo supporter decided to travel to Galway v Dublin in Pearse stadium earlier this afternoon. Living on the Galway side of the border I decided to head off with my son to see where Galway are at following their promising league campaign to date.
    I had been at two league games earlier this season featuring Mayo.
    Mayo v Kerry
    Galway v Mayo
    I like many people have an eye on May 13th
    Mayo v Galway Castlebar.

    Many Galway supporters like myself expecting no more than a Dublin victory.
    A good result for Galway I thought would be to loose by 5/6 points.

    All i will say today is this.
    Galway are very much on the up and unless something radical happens with Mayo over the coming weeks they will find it very hard to beat Galway in Castlebar.
    Galway have a physical edge to them now that they were lacking over the past couple of years.
    They stood up to the Dubs today and unlike Mayo in the closing stages of the All Ireland final last year they were not out bullied by the Dubs.
    Yes the Dubs applied their thuggish tactics when they tried to get over the winning line at the end.
    Galway held their nerve and went up field and got the equalizing score.
    To be fair they should have beaten Dublin in my opinion by 4/5 points if they took the goal scoring chances which came their way in the 1st half.

    Mayo have been really poor this league campaign and may very well pay the price against Donegal next weekend although I think they will not play as poorly the next day as they did today.

    But let me just finish by saying if mayo people think they will take Galway in Castlebar on May 13th – think again – Galway are seriously on the rise and if their defense plays anything like they did today then it’s trouble for us because Dublin couldn’t break them down.

    The league final in Croke Park May well be a different game as it’s a massive open pitch and it’s where the Dubs play best.

    If I was to call it now at this minute and going on current form particularly after today’s Dublin Galway Match
    Galway would be my favorites to beat Mayo and that’s not easy to say.

  80. First post, just a couple of observations from the games I’ve watched this year. Can understand people’s frustration about full back position, ger caff has been great servant but no harm in trying something different or having a plan b, best performances last year was Kerry replay and Dublin when we had to step it up, management changed fb so I don’t understand why they would persist with going back before those games when the full back line was so exposed. Also would agree that has to be systems breakdown where players with winning mentality are slipping through the grapevine, fair to say we need all hands on deck!! Feel sorry for supporters, not looking for five star ratings performances, just wanna see a bit of a plan going forward, and more timely use of subs, would today not have suited the likes of nally or having a big man on square to counteract the blanket, sounded on radio like we never played against a blanket before, would
    Be very worried bout Galway now

  81. The difference between Andy and Jason Doc on one hand, and the likes of loftus, Douglas on the other, is their ability to win 50:50 ball. Andy is the best 50:50 ball winner in the game, bar none. Loftus was like a minor footballer out there today. Gallagher is not too bad winning dirty ball, but is very one-paced. I remember Irwin being a decent footballer but thinking he was far too slow for senior inter county. We have a habit of making heroes of guys who never kicked a ball for Mayo yet.

  82. I wouldn’t be getting too cocky Biscan. Ye drew with a Dublin team who rested their most influential player…Cluxton. It’s March lad….relax!

  83. A keen Mayo supporter heads off to watch Galway whilst Mayo play at the same time, aruwell in the head boy ?

  84. Rochford was highly criticised on here last summer for the preplanned rugby style subs being suggested above……….

  85. I think we we all know Biscan what’s coming down the tracks. It’ll either end in two ways: Galway to beat us pulling up and an early summer exit or else we pull out a ‘shock’ from under the radar and regain Connacht. It’s not looking good right now for sure but league and championship are two different beasts!

  86. Indeed Sean
    “Many Galway supporters like myself ” was also a little bit of a gievaway 😀

    Nice of him to warn us though. And in capitals no less.

  87. Think I have calmed down enough to post.

    David Clarke – One great save, no blame for goals but restarts were nervy

    Caolan Crowe – Can be happy has settled in well, not conceding scores to direct opponents

    Ger Cafferkey – He has been a great servant but his performances are no longer up to level required

    Eoin O Donoghue – He really is a breath of fresh air. Great attitude allied to no little skill

    Colm Boyle – Looked Sharp early on first tackle was very reckless. A little unlucky with second one

    Lee Keegan – Firstly hope his injury is not too serious. Wasn’t in the game to his normal extent but that is immaterial

    Stephen Coen – Same distribution issues with Stephen also gave away a few frees. Not near his level against Kildare

    Tom Parsons – Was an attacking threat but Mattie Donnelly played puck with neither midfielder curbing him

    Aidan O Shea – Another who couldn’t reach last weeks levels. Frustrated and eventually taken off

    Kevin McLoughlin – He is trying manfully but not just getting any scores.

    Adam Gallagher – Constantly looked for ball but couldn’t really get into game

    Diarmuid O Connor – Another who while trying really hard just isn’t making any real impact on games

    Andy Moran – Looked really isolated and frustrated which lead to Black for dissent

    Jason Doherty – His worst game in many a day. Couldn’t get involved, plenty of fouls committed by him

    Cillian O Connor – Another injury worry hope he is ok. Not on long enough to rate him

    Subs – All Disappointing bar Boland

  88. Kevin Walsh added Paddy Tally to his coaching setup this year. Tally was Mickie Harties right hand man when Tyrone won their first All Ireland .Coached James McCartens Down team to 2010 All Ireland final He is the real thing. Galway with Tally on board are not worried about may their sights are set on middle august early september.

  89. Best wishes to the injured players and get well soon. It was a poor enough showing for Mayo, that’s one thing, but those fans that left early, stay away altogether the next day, I wouldn’t want to be counting on you in a battle.
    I had it in my mind that Mickey Harte was another arsene wenger, 10 years since Tyrone won anything of note and he was living on past glories, who knows? Maybe he is. But today his team were all psyched up and when the buck hit Keegan it was a sure sign that they were out to win the game no matter what.
    Anyways, it’s over with for now and next weekend will be a different proposition, hopefully there will be enough fire and power available to Rochford to field a winning team.
    A Huge shout out to the Mayo Hurlers, very proud of these guys. Well done.

  90. – Tyrone set their usual traps and we fell into every one of them. There had to be some sort of gameplan but someone forgot to tell the lads actually playing who looked very dead legged not surprising as it was probably like running thru sand dunes.
    – Regardless of a gameplan we lost all the individual battles bar Diarmuid who was inexplicably subbed assuming because they were afraid he was going to get a card and miss the next day.
    – The heart and soul was taken out of our team when Leeroy, Boyler, Andy and COC went off in first half. Annoyingly though NOBODY stood up to lead in the second half.
    – We know exactly what is required next Sunday in Ballybofey. Which Mayo team will turn up the flat footed, weary and leaderless type we seen today or one determined to go thru brick walls to retain Division 1.
    – Rarely can I remember Mayo fans streaming out of McHale Park 15 minutes INTO the second half – not good.
    – Well done Hurlers.

  91. @km79. The dubs have a system of intrucing high impact subs who have a crucial role to play in upping the tempo and closing out games. We are planless in that regard. I’m not convinced we haven’t quality young lads coming through. It’s how we integrate them into the team is the problem. Boland is a quality players whose game with mayo does not go beyond basic hand passing….

  92. I’m really sorry to see today’s result. I’m really sorry for men like Clarke, Keegan, Boyle, Aido, McLauoghlin, O Connor, Andy . They now are shouldering a burden that has slipped sideways and it’s not fair on them. Regardless of next game v Donegal, this dream run of 7 seasons is over. It’s what we do next is what counts. A glorious opportunity to start rebuilding was squandered this season.

    When Dublin were holidaying their third team was playing in the O Byrne cup. Ours were slogging in the FBD. Dragging tired bodies into meaningless matches, factor in travel and recovery. No Dublin player went on the trip to Australia , three of ours did, two come back injured. We keep spreading the jam until the taste goes.

    Interesting the loss of four players vital to the cause today. Two bad injuries, one on a lad just back, one on a lad overloaded. Two cards, Moran for frustration, Boyle trying to stem a flow. Four leaders lost on a ship that’s rocking. No point blaming them or young lads. The four losses today stem from overload. The lack of young leaders coming through boils down to the fact they were never given real game time.

    I notice people complemented Tyrone’s style. How can they change their style from a Dub battering within the time frame we ran same Dubs to a point. Why are we stuck in a rut. With James Horan this team had a template. You could see what was at least being tried. I see no plan other than “hope”. Hope that Higgins, Harrison and Vaughan comes back. Really ? Is that it.

    Eras end but their end can define the resurrection. Time now to see how to bring this great ship to shore without losing face or respect.

  93. What is Peter Burke bringing to the table as a coach? He seems to lose his cool more often than not. I was close to the sideline today and the silence from Buckley, Burke and Rochford was deafening for large parts of the second half.

  94. I would have to sing off the same hymn sheet as Olive above… excellent synopsis of game again. Why did nobody stand up. We did loose our stander uppers through injury, AOS can’t be doing it for us week in week out and looked like he could have been substituted early in the game with a leg injury but played himself out of it for better or worse. Of the newcomers, Coen tried hard.. and Gallagher looked capable but needs to be given more responsibility. In Rochfords favour, he did not substitute him which should be a confidence booster

  95. Sometimes reading this blog is like déja vu. No doubt we were utter shite today but it’s not over until it’s over with Mayo. Also worried about our injuries more than anything and was what I was worried about before the match against Tyrone coupled with Deegan.
    Sean Cavanagh is having an eve of multiple orgasms. Mayo supporters most definitely are not.

  96. Norris noted that Tally has an impressive CV and Galway are improving but how could they be looking at all Ireland final (I assume that what you may by early September as All Ireland isn3rd of sept this year) they haven’t got pass a quarter the past two years. Galway will be aiming for May and if they beat us then they better aim for the next game not got carried away like they have for the past two years.
    Biscan I think it great to see Galway and Roscommon going strong. Great to have a strong Connacht. Galway going very well and look like favourite at this stage but there is life in this not so old mayo dog yet.
    Chin up everyone. It’s not time to press the emergency button just yet (although it may be if Leeroy and Cillian injuries are bad). Anyway we have Donegal next week and one thing this team have guaranteed us since 2011 is when their backs are against the wall they come out fighting. So we need to trust Stephan, his backroom and the lads and give them our full support.

  97. Why are we slow starting in games and giving teams a head start before we decide to start playing? It was a huge problem all last year and is there again this year. If we give Galway a 5-6 point head start- We can forget about it. They will sit back and kill us on the break like Tyrone did today. Surely the manager and players knew going out today that the first 15 mins were vital – yet we let Tyrone dictate from the start. It really looks like the bite and appetite is gone out of this team – hope I am wrong.

  98. Hey Biscan. I wouldn’t get too excited yet. I wouldn’t make any attempts at being an undercover spy either given your attempts there at pretending to be a Mayo fan.
    Somebody should sit you down and explain the difference to you between league football in March and Championship football in August although based on Galway’s recent efforts against Tipperary and Kerry you would think that you being a ‘Mayo fan’ who has such an avid interest in Galway football would know the difference.
    Personally I don’t think getting to the league final will do Galway any favours because despite today’s result I think Dublin will really go up through the gears in the final and give Galway quite a beating.
    As for Mayo, today is hugely disappointing and if this team is coming to the end of the road they owe us nothing, however they have been written off at this stage of the year before only to show up in Croker in September.

  99. How come Mayo have no tactics? Rochford was with Corofin for a few years and the football they play is great to watch,good movement of the ball and leadimg to scores and the same when he managed them. Why hasn’t he done something similar with Mayo??

  100. Sean Cavanagh has Mayo relegated already according to one of his tweets. This of course is the same Sean Cavanagh who thought Dublin would hammer Mayo last year’s final because it wasn’t a case that Tyrone were pure white in the semi final or anything.

  101. Agree with JasoB, strong conna cht is good for Mayo…Galway won three in a row because Mayo ran them to the skin of their teeth…

  102. Its mad the way supporters are judged on the owl internetz forums etc. Whether you are worried this era is nearing it end stage or you think we can still lift Sam Maguire , every single genuine Mayo supporter who posts here or yaps about it from the high stool will be 100% behind this team on match days . Thats one advantage the fancy dans will never have on us , we will outnumber them two to one and shake the fookin foundations out of mchale park with noise for these bucks on the 13th May.

  103. So many things were off today it was demoralising….the ironic cheers when we’d score,the silence greeting the substitutions!.
    Mad,sad and bad

  104. Embarrassing as you said WJ. can’t even go on about what went wrong – Olive has done that very well.

    Now, on to Ballybofey. First thing Rochy should do is nail that Kavanagh tweet to the dressing room door.

  105. @TH. You are right indeed you didn’t mention Liam Irwin, my apologies!… Someone else did….. And you are also right about the pitch today…. It wasn’t as bad for the Dublin match…. This last few years, it has been in fantastic shape on the championship… But today it was very very poor… I as fairly sure must of the blame goes back to the two FBD match’s played back in January, on a Wednesday V Leitrim and the following Friday V Galway… Half way through the Leitrim match the lines were washed away.. Both match’s were played in the most atrocious weather imaginable.. The previous Sunday a scheduled FBD match was postponed due to frost, I was there and there was some frost if front of the stand, but the pitch looked immaculate..In my opinion No way should either of the FBD match’s have been played, and the pitch has not recovered.
    .. And why cannot they line the pitch properly, and tie down the nets properly!.. Anyway that’s a total of 5 matches that I have been at in Castlebar this year, and yet have to see a win… The best we can hope for now is a performance worthy of Mayo and their thousands of loyal followers next Sunday.. It won’t be easy, our players resources will be diminished. But we must face the challenge head on!

  106. MacHale Park today was pretty dismal, a very poor performance by the Mayo team and a very depressing (for Mayo supporters) scoreline. I am by no means an expert but I am pretty fed up with the mantra over the past 5 – 10 years of how unimportant the League is except as a training exercise and a chance to try out new players. It would seem to me that there is a definite correlation between National League success and All-Ireland Championship success. In 2003 Tyrone won the League and the All-Ireland. Kerry did it in 2006 & 2009, Cork in 2010 and Dublin in 2013, 2015 and 2016. (That is virtually 50% of League winners winning the Championship).
    How many new players have actually made the breakthrough to the Senior team for Championship? Barring a superb display by the Mayo team against Donegal in Ballybofey Mayo will be playing Division 2 next year, and where will the confidence levels be for the upcoming Championship? Especially meeting a Galway team that has beaten us in the last 3 matches, albeit it “Fortress Castlebar”!
    I would like to see a different attitude taken toward the National League, instilling in the team from the start of the year winning ways, being ambitious and managing the team to maintain fitness through the year, if such a thing is possible.
    I have to say as well that the entertainment, excitement and thrills given to the supporters over the last few years by this excellent Mayo team has been brilliant and I truly hope it can continue.

  107. I have seen Dublin bringing on subs in the last few minutes does them no harm,as for all the players out there who would improve the team ,I am afraid I can’t agree if they were good enough they would be on the team ,I read last week where Stephen was trying to encourage a Sligo rovers player who played under age for us to return but he decided to stay with soccer which he is fully end up to do so,and Cian Hanley is been encouraged to get back to gealic,so I believe they are trying anybody who is good enough,also some players may feel they can’t commit the time and effort required for success,so cut the team and management some slack until we see where are later in the summer

  108. First off may I wish Cillian and Lee a speedy recovery and hope they’re back to full health very soon. As regards today’s match, to put it mildly, it was a shambles from start to finish and regardless of what great and heroic deeds this team have given in the past or whatever they might do in the future, there’s no escaping how bad a performance this was today. Where we go from here is anybody’s guess but Rochford will have some job on his hands to lift this team for what will be a very hostile reception they are sure to receive in Ballybofey next weekend. Have we left it too late to save our Division 1 Status that’s the big question? but going on today’s disjointed performance it hard to see this happening.

  109. Obviously if you have a great championship you look back less on days like today but Mayo play badly more often than they play well under Rochford if you include league and championship. Granted, the results are all that matters and results have been good in the past two years even if performances haven’t always matched, but the beatings we are shipping at home on a regular basis now would have me wondering where we are going, I mean if the goal is still an All Ireland, it’s a very strange way to go about it.

  110. Very disapointing game plan, no fight
    Tyrone desevred there win there a well coached team.
    Where was mcantee today?why does our management team not have someone on the other side of the field like other teams?
    Whats wrong with our fitness levels and s+c?
    The keegan hit looked bad hope its not.
    Mayo got to the tyrone 45 several times in the second half and just didnt know what to do.
    This is the third time meeting tyrone in mchale park and the 3 games are to similar.
    Hard to know how next week will go but i hope our mangement dont get brain freeze like today.

  111. Shitty performance today but we have had those in the past and nobody died. I wouldn’t worry too much about it but it does put serious pessure on next Sunday, esp. considering our record in Ballybofey. My main concern is that the injuries to Lee and Cillian are not too serious but I would not be expecting to see them line up next Sunday.

  112. True we have been in tight corners before and come good in the end. However, with Lee Keegan out with what looked to me like a nasty shoulder injury, Brendan Harrison recovering from hip surgery, Vaughan, Barret and Higgins short on match fitness our defence seems vulnerable. Most of the lads we have in defence at present are decent players but they are not nearly as good as the first six. Our attack is also limited by these lads not being around to make the penetrating runs we depend on. We also need Cillian at his best on frees.
    Some commenting here thought Conor Loftus had a good game. He did a few nice things but overall I was disappointed that he lost possession too often. We badly need a player or two up front with Andy who can win their own ball and I’m afraid Conor isn’t one of them.
    All that said I still feel we are capable of beating Donegal on Sunday if we rest and get our heads right. We looked tired today compared to Tyrone. Division 1 is the place to be !

  113. JC there is no point in using Liam Irwin’s absence from the squad as a stick to beat the management with. We don’t know what went on behind the scenes. Myself I’d be very surprised if no effort at all was made to progress him. Sometimes for whatever reason it doesn’t work out. Agree though that it is puzzling that other options weren’t tried in the back line, as JP has repeatedly observed

  114. JC – just to echo Mayo Mark’s comment, you’re completely incorrect in what you’re saying on Liam Irwin. Go inform yourself before making statements like that.

  115. I don’t think this league has been all negative. Despite what people say, players are coming through slowly. Although I wasn’t there today, it seems Crowe and EO’D kept their men scoreless which is a pretty good achievement considering the terrible team performance. Coen has shown steady improvement on last year while Gallagher and Loftus have had their moments too.

    The main worry we have is at full back and our reliance on Andy as a ball winner up front is scary. We have no shape to our attack without him.

    Best wishes to Cillian and Leeroy.

  116. JC, Irwin was on the panel last year and played in a few games, but was dropped from the panel half way through the league for reasons many here will know but we can’t post due to house rules. Suffice to say he has only himself to hold to account for not making more effort to keep his place on the panel.

  117. Willie joe and mayo mark, the word I said there was no attempt (not effort mayo mark) to progress Liam Irwin into senior panel . The word attempt in a dictionary means to do all that one can. So I fail to see how that is inaccurate because i fail to see how the management have done all that they can to get him into the panel .

  118. JC – he was on the panel, early last year, and then he wasn’t. Go find out for yourself the reason why it didn’t work out. Your claim that no attempt was made to get him onto the senior panel is simply flat wrong.

  119. No Walter, it’s okay. I don’t in general like posts aimed directly at other posters (and your one had a bit of that about it) but I looked back at the comment you were responding to and I think what you said was okay.

  120. We generally ship one hammering per year in the NFL. Dublin 2015, Cork 2016, Dublin 2017 and now we have our 2018 version. They didn’t shape our season in the past so hopefully it won’t this year.

    Donegal were missing Ryan McHugh, Paddy McBrearty and Odhran MacNiallais today against Monaghan. They would be a completely different animal if they are back for next weekend.

  121. Willie joe – I am well aware of all of his career. Including his time on panel last year and reasons for why he was taken off panel . I am also well aware the word attempt is defined as pulling out all the stops so therefore I would say it is fair to say he was given a chance but also that it certainly wasn’t pulling out all the stops which is what I said through the use of the word attempt

  122. Some here have very bad memories. Some here have posted about this being the end of an era. Yes you will be right someday. Even a stopped clock is right twice each day. Yes we were hopeless today, but we have been hopeless in the league quite often during the last 7 years. If you dont believe me look at the results and look at the comments on this blog each spring after poor league performances. I wonder has it anything to do with the fact that over half our panel are based outside the county and struggle to get together regularly until college is over and summer has arrived. I wonder why do we come up with the goods in high summer. Maybe its the fact that its only then our team can train at full tilt. We may go down next sunday but guess what the sun will rise monday morning. My big concern is that we are playing Galway in mid may when we will be vulnerable. And for Gods sake stop comparing our subs with the dubs impact subs. Everyone knows that our panel is nowhere near as strong as dublins. Our best 15 on a good day can give them a better match than any other team, but when we are forced to withdraw a few we are knackered. Also people accusing this team of lacking effort, cop on. They had a horrendous day today, were outplayed., lost 4 key players in the first half, some had stinkers, but it wasnt a lack of effort. Thats an insult to our team. So Galway are flying now, fair play to them. Me thinks Ros were flying in a similar fashion two years ago. Yes Galway are a serious team who have beaten us the last two years and with Paddy Tally in their ranks they have become the tyrone of Connacht. They might even be confident enough to bring a few thousand to Castlebar in may, because the majority of galway fans only support the team when they feel they have a great chance of winning. To those of you calling for all these new players where are they. They should be playing during the league, giving the older lads a break. If they were good enough they would be there, but instead its the tried and trusted guys who have delivered consistently, that our last three management teams have had to turn to. So yes in answer to a previous poster I HOPE that Harrison, Barrett, Vaughan and Higgins all return and I sincerely HOPE that Cillian and Leeroy are not out for too long, because these guys have been fantastic for us and I dread going into big championship games without them. Up Mayo.

  123. I’m afraid we’ve all gone too negative about the team after one terrible display. Yes, we need a full back, almost anybody would be an improvement. Why not try Shane Nally.
    Bottom line is we need to get behind team and management next Sunday like never before.
    Best wishes to Leeroy and Cillian.

  124. That’s sound Willie Joe. Feeling a bit sensitive after today’s result…not quite willing to have Galway crowned Connaught champions just yet tho!

  125. Mayo were well below par today with poor performances from many players who’s performances have been improving over the last few games. Crowe and EOD still showing really well. Crowe is a decent footballer and I do not see anyone bullying him. Boland still showing improvement. Tyrone have an awful record against the Kingdom in the last 10 years so they absolutely had to win today. Mayo team have not done enough work so far to reach the pitch that Tyrone was at today. Tyrone played well and they were much better than their form to date would have indicated So its on to Donegal next week, I will be there as usual supporting the team. I believe we will beat Donegal next week end. Looking at the draw last year it was always going to come down to this game, Those of us who have followed Mayo over the last 22 campaigns have come to know the drill by now.

  126. For the supporters referring to a lack of effort from the players. These lads put their lives on hold, they miss important occasions with their families and friends that supporters take for granted, they train every day, they spend evenings commuting hours to training, they put their careers on the back foot … I could go on. The players themselves will analysing what went wrong but a lack of effort won’t and can’t be the conclusion reached. Knowing that supporters are slating them on forums probably won’t help the analysis either.

  127. Live in Galway and had friends down from Dublin so ended up at galway v the Dubs. A niggley game and galway left it behind. Were right in on goal a couple of times in the first half but failed to finish.
    With mayo playing at their best last year’s form they would have a tough match in May. As it stands right now I would be very very worried about the Galway game. They have improved immensely since last year and will take some beating in Connacht.
    Dublin not at full strength but kept galway screless for I would say the 1st 25 minutes of the 2nd half. Cluxton didn’t play and it showed.
    I cannot see how we are going to get a result against Donegal next weekend. I’ve given up hope for Div 1 survival.
    Minor miracle needed now to win Connacht.

  128. To win just once..that post is on the money.
    For anyone who is confident Galway are Connaught champions elect you should yourself down to Paddy…they are three times the odds Mayo are to win Connaught..oh and gamble responsibly?

  129. Wouldn’t be worried about what Cavanagh has to say in his tweet. He’s not entirely wrong. We are likely relegated given that Donegal don’t lose in Ballybofey and, I’m open to correction, we’ve never beaten Donegal in Donegal would not bode well for us. We were in a similar position last year needing a result against Donegal in the last game of the League to stay up and we ground it out in Castlebar. We are missing too many key players to be very confident of changing the history I mentioned of our fixtures in Donegal. A draw will do and I’d take that now.
    As for today, well, missing players like Harrison, Vaughan, Higgins, Barrett and losing 4 like Cillian, Boyler, Leeroy and Andy with only a half an hour of ball is played and we’ve scored only one to their seven then the result can only be going one way bar some kind of miracle. Particularly against a team like Tyrone, that miracle wasn’t going to happen and certainly not the way we were playing today.
    Disappointing, but we’re not finished yet. Donegal are missing a few players of their own but we will need to be at our very best with the team we have available next Sunday or Division 2 it will be for us next year.
    May 13th is too much of a while away yet to be writing ourselves off for that game already.

  130. JC Your comment about Liam Irwin on the Mayo panel is simply not true. You have a cheek to post something incorrect like that.

  131. It’s no good saying this person and that person should be on the team just because we got hammered today it will do us the world of good because its backs against the wall now and so what if we lose next week it’s Sam we really want

  132. I had a great laugh at that post from the Galway man who thinks he is a Mayo supporter, ? or is it vise versa. Anyway thanks for the heads up sir, just reaching for my helmet.

  133. Correct FBD – the dogs in the streets of Castlebar and Breaffy know the story there. Anyways back to this years panel – have been disappointed with Gallagher & Loftus overall. If we are to have any hope going forward these lads need to be tearing it up more often than not in the league and be able to mirror the performances of the young lads on the Galway team, so in that regard their impact has been underwhelming. Not convinced about Crowe either. Life without Andy is going to be pretty shit over the next decade. Anyways we’ve had more than our fair share of chances to achieve our ultimate goal – and unless there is a major shake up in the next 8 weeks we’re going to be handing the baton over to our near neighbours to try their hand at September glory over the coming years.

  134. Revelino..I would be concerned about the match in May aswell…but with all due respect a minor miracle being required is stretching it! Trying to compare league form and Championship form is in my opinion a pretty pointless endeavour.

  135. Right, JC, I think this narrative you’re trying to develop has run its course. If you knew the facts in this story then you wouldn’t be attempting to portray it in the way you have. Enough is enough, leave it at that now.

  136. We’re never as good or as bad as made out on this blog. Horrific day for all concerned but they’ll know that better than anyone else. The result is piss poor, but I’m more concerned about the injuries.

    Any ‘supporter’ relegating us today, ceding the match to Galway in May or calling an end to this team really needs to think long and hard about what it means to follow a team.

    We’re down at the minute, morale is low and form is hard to come by. It’s now they need a little faith. After what they’ve given us I’d say that’s fair enough.

  137. Highlights of the game coming up on league Sunday after the break for anyone looking for nightmares tonight!

  138. Ye beat Monaghan,

    Ye lost a huge amount of structure in the scaffolding in the first half of your game plan today.

    Mayo are the last team anyone wants to play when they are in a corner.

    Tyrone are a team that you simply can’t run into as it’s like charging barbed wire. I haven’t seen the game but I would be confident ye will come away from donegal with a result. If McBrearty is not playing ye will crawl out of the corner, maybe that’s not a bad position to be in with the Galway’s boys tails shielding the championship sunlight.

    Look at what this team have done in recent years,, ooh my God they are simple unfathomable

  139. Ps I hope the two lads do not have serious injuries, terrible to see this time of year so I pray they are not suffer an extended absence.

  140. Oh ye of little faith. Every team has times when it all goes wrong and you lose all your best players and hence your shape. Next week is a completely different game and we have a good record against donegal when the chips are down bar 2012. It is a better test of a team to have to win their last game than a meaningless mid table game next week. Injuries and home form only real worries. I think we will show inner core next week. Hon mayo!,!

  141. I don’t know – is that what the TV pictures show? I thought he gave him a bollocking for the harsh free given the other way. That’s a black card offence in its own right if he did.

  142. Jesus Andy could be in trouble after his black card. We were calling for Connollys head for less. Looked very bad.

  143. From the looks of things, he was lucky to not get a red. Doesn’t look dissimilar to the Diarmuid Connolly incident.

  144. Hence my worries about a 12 week ban earlier……………I thought I must have been seeing things !
    Dealt with by Deegan who issued a black card for dissent though so may escape

  145. Always a pleasure to get an outside view from Gamechanger,Martin the Dub,and others who have a different viewpoints,we just need to settle down and wait until Galway

  146. Well the twitter section of Dublin support are having a collective meltdown about Andy Moran . They must be better than ourselves when it comes to moaning at this stage

  147. This afternoon at the match my dad was convinced he saw Andy hit against ref accidentally on purpose. Probably years of frustration coming out towards the man, never mind just this game. Not like Andy.

  148. Dreadful woeful stuff from Mayo today. Relegation is not an option fellas and i don’t expect relegation as Donegal will be missing some key players and under Bonner they are poor defensively which will suit Mayo to pick up a 3rd away league win of the year.

  149. Km79 it doesn’t matter that the ref dealt with it he can still be banned. As far as I know thats what happened Connolly anyway. Jesus that’s all we would need.

  150. Moran got a black card for bumping into Deegan that should be the end of it. No mad aggression, Andy felt hard done by the refs decision but he shouldn’t have bumped him. Mayo had a bad day in Castlebar, forget it now,get ready for Donegal in Ballybofey because make no mistake it’s going to be a real tough battle, I hope Mayo are ready to stay in div 1 & get the tactics right & play the great football they are capable of & stop the nonsense, Mayo to win by 1 point. They have to play the young guns from the bench now. Can’t wait for Sunday.

  151. Well no action was taken by the referee st the time for Connolly’s push on the linesman – it was subsequently dealt with because the referee raised it in his match report .

    Minor interference with an official carries a ban of 12 weeks . However in this case Maurice Deegan was aware of what happened as it happened to him & deemed it worthy of a black card therefore he would have deemed it verbal abuse I would think, which the black card would be merited for . So I think we should be grateful Maurice Deegan took a kind view of his reaction – a red and a 12 week ban would have been a strong possibility

  152. There was minimal contact between Andy and the ref when he ran over momentum carried him into him.

    Any word on Keegan.
    i’d imagine dislocation would be better than a break recovery wise.

    I wasn’t at the match but team looked totally off the pace.have to wonder are they doing very heavy training at the minute, hope that’s the reason anyhow.

  153. Andy jumped up and down very close to the ref, waving his arms.

    It was comical enough. Their chests may have touched but I don’t think there was any striking action.

    I suppose it depends on Deegan and if it’s in his report, what category it falls under.

    Poor performance today. Very disjointed. Our backs are certainly to the wall now.

  154. I didn’t see it on tv but if Andy made physical contact with Deegan then the cccc are likely to act on it unless the ref states that the card was for verbal abuse. Even at that they could still decide to act. Remember they will come under severe pressure in the next 24 hours and they meet on Tuesday morning. A lot might depend on what’s in the papers tomorrow. It shouldn’t be like that but it is. Let’s hope for the best because without him up front we are in trouble.

  155. Didn’t look great from Andy but Deegan didn’t seem too put out by the whole thing so that will probably be the end of it. If possible, I’d bring Keith straight back in next week for Keegan – we badly need his creativity. Dunno who we’ll put marking Michael Murphy if he’s in full forward, maybe Caolan Crowe?

  156. Yes I am a Mayo supporter who happened to be at the Galway Dublin match today.
    It seems that a few people here took exception to my post earlier this evening.
    My son is a mad GAA fan who plays under age football here in Galway. He has seen many years of Galway in the doldrums but on the flip side has travelled up and down the country with me cheering on Mayo and has had the luxury of being in Croke Park seeing Mayo play their way through many a game on their way to the All Ireland finals going back to 2012.
    It’s because of mayo and my passion for them that he became so mad about playing GAA in the 1st place. When Galway got promoted to division 1 last season he wanted to see his county play against the mighty Dubs. Something he has never seen before.
    It’s because of Mayo he’s developed his love of Gaelic Football.
    That’s my reason for being in Pearse stadium this afternoon and to see the delight on his face to see his new hero’s from his county mixing it with the Dubs and dreaming that maybe one day he will play for his county.
    Mayo will always be my county and I will follow them no matter what
    no matter how bad our good they perform.
    And yes it is night and day
    League v championship as one poster pointed out.
    I hope to god they beat Galway come 13th May.
    I’ll be there shouting my head off for Mayo
    My son will be shouting his head off for Galway.

  157. Mayo have had alot of bad days in Castlebar for a few years now. Hard for those older guys to be expected to put in a good performance weekly. One thing for sure the guys that haven’t featured this year are needed now, Vaughan, Barrett, and Higgins. The hit on Lee Keegan looked terrible on the TV highlights, hope it’s not too serious.

  158. Some disaster of a game. But Andy’s incident wasn’t great and I see the Dublin posse are kicking into gear already. I’m afraid we haven’t heard the last of this.
    This game could seriously cost Mayo in the long run. Keegan could be out for some time and seeing as he was only coming back from injury, his involvement in the championship could be in serious jeopardy. Cillian needed more game time but that’s very unlikely now. And I sincerely hope this is the last we have heard of Andy’s incident but I worry.
    I thought it was clear that Mayo looked very leggy and tired. They weren’t up for it at all. I didn’t leave early today and never would, but it’s not hard to understand why people did when they are travelling long distances to watch a team clearly not interested. From a long way out today, it was clear they weren’t interested. It’ll be different come the Championship, I know, but I can understand the frustration. Not too bad if you’re travelling from Mayo but six hour round trips from Dublin and Meath etc. are hard to justify when the team isn’t up for it.
    This will be a long week with the fallout from this game.

  159. To all my Mayo friends can I repeat what I say every year to you. Relax ! U have an amazing team. A team within a point of my county ,Dublin.
    The league means nothing. In the Summer ,Mayo will be the closest to Dublin as they always are.
    This could even be your year to win.
    Your team deserve huge respect and they are not finished yet.

  160. Team looked tired. Hard training this week?. All of the team were poor together. Does not usually happen. Nothing went right for them. Will get better, have 8 weeks to go. Need all injured players back asap, then things will improve.

  161. Don’t worry Biscan, I was dragged to salthill by relatives who were down visiting from Dublin.

    An utterly depressing day. Frozen solid.

    The 1st match I’ve ever gone to where I wanted neither team to win. I don’t like the Dubs and I don’t like to see Galway improving. So neither team won. I still wasn’t happy with that.

    While freezing my arse off the brother in law was giving updates on the Mayo proceedings. Was hoping he was pulling my leg but no.

    Watched league Sunday and when Rochford was asked about been in a very tough league position he answered confidently and said the good thing was that it is in our hands. Don’t know whether to he happy with that comment as anything like how we have performed up till now this year is not going to cut it next weekend.

    I’ve read all the comments and rather than give out I understand where people are coming from even with very different views.

    Fair play to anyone that has been in anyway positive on this thread this evening. It’s been a tough day for us and the team.

    I’m down in the dumps like everyone else but, we are from Mayo and there is only ever one team that we’re goin to roar for.

  162. Disappointing all round and no more so than on this blog reading the comments.
    Performance is everything and we simply did not perform today. If there is any positives from today I think it’s in the fact we cannot be any worse next week. If that turns out to be the case then the disappointment won’t be found wanting. On the hand any improvement and there is acres for that we do have a good chance of winning. In conversation with a Donegal man earlier who was in Clones and he states Donegal were, “useless”. This man cannot be accused of “playing the cute whore” he has lived in Castlebar for well over 40 yrs so his loyalties are divided between his native and Mayo.

    Look in short if we can improve the performance and produce a little form the rest will follow. It’s not asking a lot but we are playing a team with less points than us and therefore less games won.

    Let’s leave the misery and deflating talk until next week until we know more i.e. the result, hopefully we will be wiping our foreheads with relief and looking forward to giving the Galway game a good rattle.

    So a little positivity people and head up we’re not gone yet!

  163. Just to clarify to any Dub visitors to the site when I say I don’t like the Dubs I mean I’m sick of us losing to yea in All irelands.
    Nothing personal meant.

  164. Forget Liam Irwin comments by JC.What about Ciaran Treacy from Ballina the best player in the Fbd for Mayo not getting a chance, Jack Reilly from Charlestown shooting the lights out in Mayo club football at present can kick with both feet not be given a chance, Brian Gallagher from Claremorris the most skillful Midfielder in Mayo football at present ,Sharoize Akram from Ballagh centre half back on one of the top Sigerson squads in the country and Seamus Cunniffe full back on the Under 21 side who won the AI,
    Ryan O’Donoghue from Belmullet if anyone watched the County under 21 final would see the set of skills this man has.Conor Moran and Fionn McDonagh from Westport can be lethal from play as can James Shaughnessy,James Stretton, Conor Diskin and James McCormack would hold there own with most players out there and can be leaders for Claremorris this year and be the biggeat threat to a County Title to Castlebar this year if they get things right.
    Peter Naughton another serious prospect from Knockmore can kick comfortably with Left snd Right and stands about 6ft 2 in but still not picked up at Mayo minor or Under 21 levels.Brian Reape got the better of Sean Andy from Galway in 2 recent appearances in the last 12 months but still cant get a place in the squad.
    Ger McDonagh and Shane Nally dont seem to be getting a fair look in at all to Mayo panel.
    Theres players there who are not be given a fair chance.

  165. Diehard,.. You might be right… But I would not like you to be my defense Atorney… The matter is dealt with… Black Card, over and done with, … Andy, probably for the first time in his Mayo careers r.. Is getting the benefit of on this occasion a lenient Referee’ doesn’t hurt that he has a deserved reputation as a sporting player.. I posted as much last year after a match nothing to do with Mayo, that the sanction for Diarmuid Connolly (minor interference with a match official) offence was way too much for his infraction…. Some Kerry, Media presence made sure he suffered the maximum penalty.. His reputation for petulance didn’t help his cause,… And it occurred outside of Dublin… I hated today’s match
    .. Bad footballing display by Mayo, players injured from both sides,.. I don’t like to see it…. Amature player’s having to be given oxygen… I will go to Ballybofey, and I can only hope that the game is sporting… Unlike the last time Donegal played Mayo in Castlebar, when Donegal and Michael Murphy in particular led his troops to lose the plot.. . I can only hope,!

  166. @Leantimes. Goodman, I can tell your a true, through and through supporter. Your right, we can only hope.
    .. I think it’s at times like these that the team really needs our full support. They always deserve it but maybe now even more so than in a final, when the hill is a little steeper we need to dig in a little deeper.
    ..Always hard and sad to see lads getting injured. No matter what happens next weekend the world isn’t going to end. It would be great to stay in Div 1 no question about that.
    ..The big competition didn’t even start yet.
    ..keep them Mayo flags flying.

  167. I know Mayo Mark mentioned the volunteer groundsmen. They are very giving of their time and I am sure proud or frustrstrd at different times of the year with the pitch. They can only work with what they have. It is a consistent mess though. Surely the County board will consider a job like Hyde Park

  168. I reckon this game will go down as the beginning of the end for this particular group. Its so annoying that the management cannot give game time to some of the younger lads as this will ultimately send us backwards joining the meaths and corks of this world. I have a feeling the next man after Rochford is going to have an awful lot of work to do. Continuing week after week starting lads that are clearly not up to standard is just plain wrong. We all see this when at the games.

  169. Westport 2018. You are making hero’s out of lads who have never played for Mayo or who had a run and were not good enough. You would be in early to critise a player who was making a good impression. There are too many if ‘s in you piece.

  170. Andy’s shake of hands with Deegan may have just saved him. Dumb enough to react the way he did but was quick thinking to extend his hand to the ref after he was carded. That gesture coupled with his good reputation as mentioned above may just well keep him on the field for future games.

  171. Will ye stop on about Andy getting a ban , he was on the ground and four Tyrone lads around him fouling him Andy got his boot under the ball and then that so called ref Deegan gave Tyrone the free and Andy gave him a rite effing and rightly so that’s a black card offense and he got it end off ,,
    Mayo looked tired all day and shoved off the ball way to easy all day no one could hold on to the ball they must be doing hard training to be so flat , our backs have been poor all league and getting a good run around every team Mayo plays their forwards get way to much room and get easy score s as for Mayo they still have to work hard and into corners for score s , where is the hard tight marking James Horan had in this team gone .. people keep saying we have better players out their but I don’t think so , they are all very good club players but county is another step up , we need the younger lads to start puting their hand up ,, let mayo go up and beat Donegal next week and then look towards Galway , last week after Kildare we were back on track this week we are being relegated it’s like the lotto numbers every one will have diff numbers before 8:00 on sat nite but after 8:00 everyone will tell the rite numbers same with mayo we are able say after games wat we should or should nt have done … and as for the pitch today why so much Sand could not bounce the ball
    Let’s get behind Mayo next week beat Donegal and then Galway

  172. I disagree DanMayo. Andy crossed the line in almost exactly the same way as Connolly did last year. Connolly was surrounded by 4 Carlow players and when the decision went against him he acted aggressively towards the ref. No difference in what Andy did. I agree that him shaking the refs hand may have saved him but it was a foolish thing to do and most uncharacteristic.

  173. On the issue of team selection. We will see if there is an unconscious bias as follows. We know there are defenders to come back. When those defenders come back, both of Caolan Crowe and Eoin ODonoghue should survive as starters or subs coming off the bench. If either of those are cut then the squad is simply not being judged on performances. You can’t call it any other way.
    Otherwise we’re into the realms of judging snooker players on what they do on the practice table, judging boxers in sparring and judging Gaelic footballers on what they do in training matches. The old trotted out cliche of “doing it in training”. Give me a player any day who is doing it in matches and showing average in training.

  174. Tough day at the office yesterday. Very hard to see any positives to be honest. The biggest worry has to be Cillian and Leeroy, the latter looked in agony in the ground and it was difficult to watch him like that. I’d still back us to win next Sunday, simply because we have to.

  175. It’s the injuries that have me worried. Will win no trophies without those lads. I have complete faith in the team to perform in championship but to wait until maybe July for Keegan?! And maybe never for Higgins?! We might be gone already. We need to stay in division 1 more than ever now because if we miss the all Ireland boat this year we have to be in division 1 next year to get anywhere. Please god it’s not as bad as we fear.

  176. Cant imagine either being cut from panel but if Higgins and barrett are available for selection they will most likely start v Galway .

    Yesterday I had a moment where I was in an sportlann after the game thinking fook that was a lot of effort to get down here for that rubbish when I glanced out at the far back pitch and seen solan putting seven players through a load of sprinting and what I think was chris barrett on the near pitch going through the gears too . Isnt it some friggin commitment players give for the cause this an hour after the game on a bank holiday weekend whilst I sip on a pint and talk shite about the lack of urgency showed. Just got me thinking we really dont have a clue.

  177. A disaster of a day for sure. Not the result really but the injuries. Amateur fellas getting broken up like that is never nice to see. The players looked lead-footed today for sure but has anyone trained for playing on a beach?
    Up to “Bol’buffet” next Sunday and dig one out. We’ve done it plenty times before and I think we’ll skin it, but just. Messy, messy stuff.

  178. You are right Sean, we don’t have a clue. I know they want to be there but still the level of commitment is unreal and esp for Mayo. We stick with them now.

  179. Honestly, it was a shocking display, but the lads looked very leggy. I reckon, as always, we take advantage of being together on the Friday and/or Saturday of home game weekends and train hard. Very hard. That’s why I think we always look better away from home.

    I expect a big performance and a win next week, regardless of who we are missing. This will be the fourth year running we will be going into our last game needing a win or a draw to stay up. 5 in 6 if you include our last day in Cork where we were down after 69 minutes and in the semi final by the time the final whistle went! Not panicking just yet.

  180. Remember that day in cork well Mark, two outrageous points from cillian one from left sideline other from the right side .

  181. Agree that the serious looking injuries were the real low point yesterday. After that it was the complete lack of any system of play. When tyrone attacked in the second half no player appeared to know what he was meant to be doing. Players were running around like headless chickens while tryone players just burst through. And what is this craic of defenders turning their back to the play to look to follow their marker – leaving holes open for the player in posession to slip through into the scoring zone. Crazy stuff.

  182. I know a lad here in my own club who can kick points off both feet, has a savage engine and is built like a tank going through on goal regularly.. future star for Mayo I think.. playing under 12’s at the minute. Sorry about the sarcasm but come on.. bias!! If there’s a player out there that’s good enough they will be on the Mayo team.. that’s one thing you can be certain about with Rochford. He asked young Hanley to join the squad.. why? because not only has he the proven talent but he has the right temperament too. Look all of us we would like to see these external lads to the panel show up and shoot the lights out for Mayo but thats just not going to happen and if you think 2-14 is bad.. trust me it can be a lot worse. New players that are on the panel or have been on the fringes to panel for a few years, doing their strengh and conditioning are struggling badly against the tried and trusted which is no slight on them because collectively this existing team is the best we have ever put together and to say otherwise is an injustice to them. We all want to win but have yee considered that there may be an unconscious bias out there for players who are not playing in the county setup which surfaces every time we loose. We are all entitled to our opinion and that’s all it is at the end of the day but you have to give a little more credit to this management team than simply throwing out lazy comments that they are biased.

  183. @toe to hand.
    ‘Unconscious bias’ is what I stated, far different than ‘biased’. An unconscious bias is one where you are not even aware you have such a bias.
    Cian Hanley has proven talent?? From minor grade in 2014? We all hope Cian Hanley comes back and performs but it’s a major exaggeration to state he has proven talent.
    It was interesting to ready Gary Boylan has had many conversations with Stephen Rochford.
    Are we even aware that Michael Keane Belmullet is probably ahead of him and certainly Ryan ODonoghue at this point. Not to mention James Kelly.
    The unconscious bias I talk of is that in Mayo we seem to get ‘star fixated’ with names at a young age.
    Don’t tell me Fergal Boland would be involved at all only for Michael Solan sought him out.

  184. Jp – Boland was a star find for the U21 team when some of the stars of 2013 and 2014 were not up to it. I am not sure what your reference to Solan is all about. Fergal has been doing it with his club and 2017 was his best year. A rising star in Mayo, surely you know this.

  185. Toe to Hand You did not mention if your star player is busy on Sunday after mass and before dinner time ?

  186. @PJMcmanus, my reference is that Fergal Boland was ignored at minor and Michael Solan talking with his initial squad managed to seek out and bring onboard Fergal Boland. Traditionally in Mayo if you haven’t featured at minor that is case closed in terms of U21 and graduating to Senior.
    With the U21s in 2016 I thought actually he was okay, but he was far better for Aghamore in 2015/2016/2017 at U21 and senior.

  187. Of course people will have bias towards a club mate or someone they know Toe to hand, still doesn’t mean we’re wrong. I am 100% behind Rochford, but he’s not a deity, he’s not infallible and we’re entitled to ask questions. Cian Hanley hasn’t played football in 4 years and on the basis of his 2013 minor year your placing him ahead of players who are proving their worth week after week playing senior football. It’s the equivalent of turning down the speed boat for the mystery prize, you could end up with nothing. Jack Reilly is a club mate of mine and I harp on about him not getting a chance, consciously I might add. However I can guarantee you I’d be doing the same if he played for Ballaghadreen, Breaffy or Knockmore simply because there is very few players in the county consistently racking up big scores from play off both feet. He might not be the messiah, but not even getting a run in the FBD is a mystery to me and many others who follow club football in the county, including a number of sports journalists, one who wrote that he’d eat his hat if Reilly wasn’t on the county panel this year.

  188. @Liam in relation to Reilly, I have seen him a fair bit and what I would have loved to have seen was him brought onboard with us looking two years down the line.
    He showed well in the 2017 U21 North West cup. He was showing well at club level at the time. That was the time to bring him into the senior setup and be aiming at 2019 thinking, “Right, Reilly, Reape, Loftus with two years of fitness and weight training”.
    But at the moment we seem to be thinking these lads will voluntarily hit the weights for two years on their own time and present themselves back to senior management, “Here I am, I’v gained that 6kgs I needed while improving my speed and stamina”.
    You are correct, Reilly is simply a better footballer, in the sense of footballer than most players on the current senior squad. That is no exaggeration. What Reilly lacks is that extra county senior level power. But there doesn’t seem to be any joined up thinking of patience to bring him onboard for two years to see the footballer we would have then. That is a similer case for other players.
    How no one can see a similar plan for Padraig Prendergast, Patrick OMalley and James Kelly.
    Mayo a county that seems to be noticabely taller when you see the crowds on the streets before Croke Park.
    Yet we’re allowing all these six foot plus club players with no little skill just go off and do their own thing.

  189. JP, spot on. Surely if ever a player fit the bill for the development squad he does. He’ll end up playing football in the states again this summer and who could blame him.

  190. I am really worried now,Revellino going to watch Galway we are doomed without his cowboys,joking,Sean Burke as someone who has almost made the three score and ten,who spent the first fifty calling out players all the names under the sun and knowing loads of players far better than the players wearing the jersey,but now I realise I knew very little about players and the commitment they gave for the pleasure of getting abuse from the likes of me was tottaly wrong,what you saw yesterday was a small snapshot of what these guys give and I appreciate your post because you always wear your heart on your sleeve following Mayo,if this is the end and I don’t believe it is,well we have had the best seven or eight years of my lifetime following this team and management,I still believe that come May we will be good enough to take Galway,and get these wandering cowboys back in the saddle supporting Mayo

  191. Theres two topics going on.. the here and now and the future. Rochford looks after the here and now with an eye to the fure. The County board looks to the future which has been abismal up to now. I hate using Gallagher repeatedly in my debate of will they won’t they make a difference . People will think I have an issue with him or an agenda and I really don’t… more than anyone I wish him and all potential Mayo players success and really hope they step up and make that tiny bit of difference that gets us over the line. To date this year so far I haven’t seen anyone new who is going to make that difference. The Andy Moran’s and Geaney’s of this world don’t grow on trees. Conor Loftus has it and will grow into a fine Mayo forward but he is only one. I hope I’m proven wrong but Adam Gallager and Conor O Shea did everything that’s required (weights, S&C) to get onto the Mayo team but will they make that bit of difference for the here and now? I’m not so sure. I get this feeling that people believe we are not going to do it with this current crop and should be looking to the next generation. We should be doing both. Its not realistic for Rochford to manage both.. he has to concentrate on the now. Its for others to put measures in place to get the minor & 21’s and the jack reilly’s of this world into the mix. But that requires huge effort, dedication and money.. no simple task. You are right JP.. There’s no joined up thinking but that can hardly be laid at Rochford door. Im no Rochford worshiper either.. he’ infallible as the rest of us but give him more credit that he thinks you have to have a minor medal to make it.. that thinking is long past. I’ll put my hands up and say Jack Reilly I haven’t seen playing club but I will rectify that but most others above I have seen and yes they are good but will they knock out the current crop.. No. In time yes, if they are willing to give the sacrafices that the current team are.

  192. A birthday party I’m afraid PJMc. I will have to talk to him about his dedication, aptitude and commitment 🙂

  193. @toe to hand, A good post, and refreshingly for the internet engaging with the topic at hand. (So much internet debate is just a tennis match of black n white opinions).
    Yes, a fair assessment, the planning for the future is more at the door of the county board.

  194. Agreed Toe to hand. There has been a failure over the last 5/6 years by the county board, the eye was clearly taken off the underage and long term player development falls under their remit. However, given Rochford is on a 3 year contract, the short term development falls under his remit. Anyone with the potential to play a part in the squad within the next 3 years are his responsibility and players in their early 20’s currently playing senior club football definitely fit that bill.

  195. I think we may have arrived at a healthy middle ground (Liam, Toe to hand) 🙂
    I had been thinking that this was a transition year if we were looking to win Sam in 2019 and 2020. Being realistic that even being really well prepared the most likely scenario was to not win Sam in 2018.
    If you do a filter of let’s say U31 on the current Mayo panel we know we lose Andy, David Clarke, Boyler and Keith Higgins. Of those four, it is Andy that hits us hardest. But that’s not a bad situation. The wheels are not about to come off the wagon. You could nearly think of it as an opportunity to use 2018 as a transition year.
    But if we remove all emotion and this was just a simple Game theory exercise of probability. You would say the smart move was to rejig the squad and players role to arrive at stronger squads in 2019 and especially 2020.

  196. btw, I am not advocating filleting the current panel and encumbants. My overall point is that I feel we currently play and select for each season almost blind to next year and the following seasons.

  197. Hard to disagree with JP there but does that take a bit away from lads mentioned in lets say whats described as one last assault. Its looking less likely I agree but beat Galway and the season opens up again with all kinds of possibilities.

  198. Beat Galway and the season opens up. But with most likelihood there isn’t the consistency or bench depth to survive a combination of Super 8’s + Dublin. Our home record would now be a super 8 factor even if we make it that far.
    We see also that Monaghan, Galway are better than previous years. Kerry when they get all their players back will have the same team plus David Clifford and Sean OShea.
    So the overall standard is rising (makes sense that it would be) and I don’t really see any evidence that we’ve risen our consistency or depth. You could argue we’ve added two players a consistent Caolan Crowe and Eoin ODonoghue. But it hasn’t had much effect on results so far.

  199. Sean, the last assault is an interesting point and is a factor in itself. If we crash and burn this year, I don’t think we will by the way, I would expect some players to take time out.. outside of the retirements JP listed and so wholesale filleting might happen by default. The team knows this and are preparing earlier, AOS is in the best shape I’ve seen him at this time of year and this is all tailored for an assault on Galway. We simply have to beat them and then turn MacHale park into a summer fortress and send out a clear message that you’re greatly mistaken if you think it’s the location.. its not.. we only get going in the summer. The Super 8’s will look after itself.. unknown territory for everyone except Dublin as this structure is designed to ensure they make it all the way. For us, a lot will depend on injuries and we badly need Keith back.. we just don’t break the line the same when he is not about.

  200. its one thing to lose a game trying, by that Mayo team showed no heart or pride yesterday. They had the towel thrown at the beginning of the 2nd half. Cant see Mayo winning in Donegal. We have no scoring forwards now as Cillian is injured. Conor Loftus lovely player if let play, but hes too soft, he cant win 60:40 balls and seems afraid of getting belts. Few injuries to players and we have no bench at all. I hope I’m wrong I think Galway could destroy us in mchale park on May 13th.

  201. I dont know , the last time this Mayo team got wrote off like this was after the drawn game with Roscommon , the rest is history as they say. This donegal game might not be as straight forward for Donegal as people think.

  202. Just a few things
    Giving out about Tyrone is cringe. We had 15 behind the ball as often as them. The only thing worse than there tactics is trying to copy it and failing miserably. 2 of our players didn’t exactly do themselves any favours and if Tyrone or Dublin done it we would go mad.
    The difference between div 1 and 2 was proven this week. Kildare is div 2, play 7 games at that level and you end up like our neighbours thinking we have the best forwards in Ireland. Play Tyrone div 1 and you get a dose of harsh reality to prepare new lads for c.ship in Crokepark.
    The most worrying aspect for me is that Kerry Dublin and Tyrone kept the ball off us for the entire 2 half dispite us loosing.
    We can’t score from brek downs in our half, we have to pressure as far up the field as possible and kick our kick outs as far out the field as possible

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