Mayo 1-12 Derry 0-15 (after extra-time, Derry win 4-3 on penalties): we’re out on a shoot-out

Well, this is what jeopardy looks like.

After last weekend’s high octane draw with Dublin we failed to back that performance up against Derry tonight at Hastings Insurance MacHale Park. For all that, we had victory in our grasp as the final seconds of normal time ticked down but once again we let a winning position slip.

We then managed to claw our way back from three down in extra-time to force penalties but were undone in the shootout. It’s a cruel way to lose and an absolute abomination for a Championship game but them’s the rules and we, like everyone else, have to play – and tonight lose – by them.

We opted to go with the fifteen we’d named in advance. In a game in which we knew we needed a fast start, however, we were extremely listless in the opening half. We were if anything fortunate to be just three points adrift at that stage.

Murray – who was excellent for them tonight – opened the scoring after an ultra-cautious seven minutes for both teams. Sam Callinan then drove over a cracking score to level it.

They got the next two points, the first from a McGuigan free and the second a fine effort from Murray out on the left wing. Ryan O’Donoghue pointed a free after Tommy Conroy had been fouled and we then had a bizarre goal chance, when Lynch spilled a high ball in and Stephen Coen stabbed at the loose leather in the square but it bobbled wide.

Murray was proving a right pest and the two scores he reeled off in quick succession stretched the gap to three. Five scoreless minutes followed but then David McBrien was pinged for a collision with McGuigan who pointed the resultant free.

They then had a goal chance which we scrambled clear. We made good our escape too by shaving a point off the deficit from a free popped over by Ryan and we went in at the break three in arrears.

Already we looked like a team that needed freshening up. We made one change for the second half, with Conor Loftus replacing an out-of-sorts Eoghan McLaughlin.

We tore into them right away on the resumption, with four points on the spin edging us into the lead for the first time.

Tommy got the first of these from a mark. Then he rammed over a super score and Aidan did likewise, to level it up. The place was really hopping now and the roars reached crescendo levels when Ryan knocked over the free to give us the lead.

But Derry refused to back down. Ponts in short order from Rogers and McKinless had them back in front.

Then came the penalty, which I’ve only seen once and then only from a distance. I think it was for a foot block, when Tommy wriggled into a shooting position close to goal. Ryan rolled the spot kick to the net with Lynch going the other way.

Now, surely, was the time to open the jets and let them have it.

But we didn’t. Instead we went into control mode, looking to hold onto the ball and trying to work the perfect shooting chance, which never came.

Our approach in the final quarter may be summed up by noting that we only scored one more point – in 25 minutes of football – after the penalty. Derry managed three and that was what forced the game to extra-time.

We could – and should – have won it in normal time. Holding a one-point lead and with only a minute of injury time to go, Sam fisted an effort wide. Derry eventually worked the ball up and McKaigue made no mistake with his fisted effort.

They were the better side in extra-time. They bagged three points without reply, one from Rogers and two from Doherty, and we looked totally shot at that stage.

But then Jordan Flynn blasted over an insiprational score and at the start of the second extra-time period Paul Towey clipped over off his left to cut the gap to one.

McGuigan caught clean possession from a kickout and then was on the end of the move that saw them edge two ahead once more.

Again we looked goosed but again we responded, Conor Loftus lashing over and then, after Ryan had missed a really tough free out on the right, Jordan Flynn rammed it over from a central position to send the game to a penalty shootout.

Penalties have no place in our game but they’re in it now and we were facing a shoot-out for the first time ever in a competitive match tonight. Cillian got us off to a good start by doing what he’s been doing for years but after they scored, Paul Towey’s effort came back off the upright.

They scored and we scored, via Diarmuid, and then they missed. But immediately we missed again, when Ryan drove his kick right at Lynch. They scored and we scored – Conor this time – but they then scored their final one to win 4-3.

And so we’re out. Having three times let a winning position slip in this year’s Championship, we can’t really have too many complaints about what befell us tonight.

Sport is cruel – as we know more than most – but, you know, you make your own luck too. In the final analysis we didn’t manufacture much in that department this summer and tonight we paid the ultimate penalty for this failing.

Mayo: Colm Reape; Jack Coyne, David McBrien, Donnacha McHugh; Rory Brickenden, Sam Callinan (0-1), Eoghan McLaughlin; Stephen Coen, Matthew Ruane; Tommy Conroy (0-2, one a mark), Darren McHale, Jordan Flynn (0-2); Aidan O’Shea (0-1), Jack Carney, Ryan O’Donoghue (1-4, penalty goal and three frees). Subs: Conor Loftus (0-1) for McLaughlin, Diarmuid O’Connor for McHale, Enda Hession for Coyne, Cillian O’Connor for Ruane, Bob Tuohy for O’Shea, Paul Towey (0-1) for Brickenden (extra-time), Michael Plunkett for Sam Callinan (extra-time).

Who was our MOTM against Derry? Pick your top three performers

  • Aidan O'Shea (27%, 607 Votes)
  • Jordan Flynn (18%, 413 Votes)
  • Tommy Conroy (13%, 301 Votes)
  • Ryan O'Donoghue (6%, 138 Votes)
  • Colm Reape (6%, 135 Votes)
  • Donnacha McHugh (5%, 117 Votes)
  • Conor Loftus (5%, 108 Votes)
  • Sam Callinan (3%, 61 Votes)
  • Stephen Coen (3%, 60 Votes)
  • David McBrien (2%, 56 Votes)
  • Matthew Ruane (2%, 47 Votes)
  • Paul Towey (2%, 34 Votes)
  • Michael Plunkett (1%, 31 Votes)
  • Jack Carney (1%, 30 Votes)
  • Darren McHale (1%, 22 Votes)
  • Bob Tuohy (1%, 18 Votes)
  • Cillian O'Connor (1%, 16 Votes)
  • Diarmuid O'Connor (1%, 14 Votes)
  • Enda Hession (1%, 12 Votes)
  • Rory Brickenden (1%, 12 Votes)
  • Eoghan McLaughlin (0%, 11 Votes)
  • Jack Coyne (0%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,190

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75 thoughts on “Mayo 1-12 Derry 0-15 (after extra-time, Derry win 4-3 on penalties): we’re out on a shoot-out

  1. Would really like to see a new management team of Rory Gallagher ,Andy Moran and Barry Solan.Gallagher is one of the best managers in the country.Rory and Moran played with each other for IT Sligo.Look no one in the County thinks this management team are going to lead us to Sam in the next 2 years.So whats the point giving them the full term.Been no real improvement since Horan left only that Mayo have went back.

  2. We can cry all we want about the unfairness of penalties but we got what we deserved tonight. The better team won.
    That first half showing was one of the worst in years. Clueless.

    Still at least we won the coveted ‘gave Dublin a good game title’ last week.


  3. Most disappointed I’ve been after a mayo game since the 2021 final, no question about the boys efforts and never say die attitude, left it all on the pitch but again poor attacking play and poor execution In big moments of the game, callinan handpass, why rod didn’t take the free reape took, not having aidan to take the left footed free in ET also paddy durcan is such a massive loss in games like these, we have no scoring threat coming from our defence and our bench just didn’t impact enough, so disappointing will take a while for the lads to get over this one.

  4. We have been asking ourselves all year what would happen if ROD was held, got our answer tonight after McCluskey, the best marker in the country snuffed him out.

    Bar a brilliant 7 minutes after halftime and a gallant Jordan flynn inspired charge in the last couple of minutes we were completely abject. Clueless. Turgid

  5. The one poisotive tonight I’m getting is tiny conroy sens back on form he’s a half forward not a full forward.

    People asking for new management who would cone on that would do better??

    Yes bad day we looked totally flat pug but ye can’t blame that on management also derry should have gotten way more cards.

    I’ll be back cheering our guts on next year as always we will get there one days guys.

    As soon as we lost paddy durcan it was gonna be hard no matte what.

    Just hope the guys are not beating themselves up tonight it’s only a game at the end of the day and we all know we will get thee one day!

  6. I was incredibly negative about us in the first half and then so pleased with the second half showing. Until the end. We didn’t lose on penalties, we lost when we bottled the lead going down the final stretch. We lost when we bottled a lead last week with seconds to go against Dublin. We lost when we bottled a lead going into injury time against Galway. 3 times in one year is awful. We have a reputation as bottlers and this year will do nothing to disprove that.

  7. *Tommy *seems

    @sam oh I’d be absolutely horrified as a woman of we had rory Gallagher come O board tbh no place to say it but by God no way I’d be horrified at that.

    Sorry for double post.

  8. I just home from mchale park and I have no voice. I am sickened we did not win. The supporters were good this evening. I just think we are jinxed. They last ball that came off the post would usually be moped up by a defender and the game would be over and mayo win.

  9. Rory Gallagher as manager – are you joking??? I want absolutely none of that toxicity and frankly bad juju anywhere near Mayo GAA.

  10. Year 1 – wasted trying to turn Conor Loftus into a centre-back, only to see up get ripped to shreds vs. Dublin.
    Year 2 – wasted by being the most passive, lateral team when going forward.

    Thanks Kevin, you tried your best – we need a new direction.

    Special mention for Aidan O’Shea, who was a revelation in the last few weeks of the championship. Like a fine wine.

    Hopefully no retirements this year.

    Congratulations to Derry, but I can see Dublin or Kerry annihilating them in the next round.

  11. Time for a change in management. The current crowd not up for it. Soon as AOS was taken off you knew the draw was coming. Consistently poor decisions on the sideline have been a recurring theme and the less said about McStay’s “promise” that Mayo were going to be a kicking team the better. Thanks for the effort Kevin but it’s time to move on.

    As for the performance. Pathetic at best in the first half but should have driven on in the second. The amount of players unwilling to take a shot on when it’s the best option is amazing. It’s like it’s coached out of them or something. For their club they woukd be standing up to be counted but not for county. Why is that?

    Enda McGinlwy on the Sunday Game said Mayo didn’t play bad just Derry played at their best. Have to disagree with him. It was our worst performance in years.

    And what about the referee, particularly in the first half! How Derry wernt down to 12 men on black cards is amazing and he should be disciplined by the GAA for not stopping play when Flynn was clearly knocked out right infront of him. Instead he told him to get up! Disgraceful

  12. Some structures we beat the Rossies three time and they are going to Croker and Taylor Swift .instead of Tailean cup.

  13. @Mayo1992 what will we waste in Year 3?

    I stupidly thought we had found something last weekend. This safety first nonsense is awful..I’ve been critical of our style of play all season & it came home to roost today.. we couldn’t break down a glass door. We only played well when we had to go for it. I don’t have the stats but I’d wager we scored almost all of our scores in very narrow windows. We went long stretches without even attempting to score.. this is NOT Mayo football!!!

    I’m not going to call for the management to go, but I won’t be sheeding any tears if they do.

    Proud of the lads for the effort & to keep coming back from the dead..but we really need to ask ourselves why we put ourselves in that position.

    We had the game in our hands with 5 or 10 minutes to go. We didn’t even attempt a shot until Sam’s effort in injury time. That’s not good enough & it’s clearly a tactic!

    If there is a review, serious questions need to be asked. Otherwise it’s just lip service

  14. Thought towey was excellent tonight.Peno was unlucky he needs a proper run next year

  15. @Clare. We can attribute management for our style of play. The key ingredient is retain possession at all costs. Good footballers have been converted to cancel passers. Take a point we score and count the number of passes we put together to create the opening. Now compare to Derry.
    The Derry goalkeeper had a mighty time tonight. No one was ever going to pick him up and no matter how far forward he went, he was always going to get the time to stroll back to the goal.
    Now that’s all down to management.
    I hope to God Rochford never gets his hands on young McDonald.

  16. Absolutely @ Mayo 1992. It would be a travesty if that’s the way big Aido bows out.
    Had management not noticed the boost of energy the opposition gets once he’s called ashore, it beggars belief really if thats the case.
    For next year , ok maybe the system will be changed by then but we need to get up to speed with new rules if/when they come in and play to win which we haven’t been doing, that might mean a change in coaching staff.
    Anyway depressing night so let’s shout for our gallant minors tomorrow and hope might spring eternal…. tomorrow.

  17. Can’t blame anyone all amateur players trying their best .
    Derry took their scores better and had better options to shoot from distance.
    They were a bit like Rocky , absorbed the punches hung in their and then realised how good they can be .
    We went toe to toe with them should have won in normal time but didn’t cruel to loose on pens but is what it is .

    Aido and Jordan were superb. Tommy had a bit of cut about him, Loftus popped a lovely one got some good ball too but without paddy a fit diarmuid or cillian , we re going into a period of transition.
    1 or 2 aren’t good enough for this level, maybe we outfoxed ourselves by having too many of the one ilk around middle and halfforwards , I understand trying Donnacha on no 5 but after while I’d have changed it up and brought on Carr .

    No blame at anyone feet in my mind , managment tried their best but Derry were teak tough in defence and lethal up top .
    How we’d love a Glass or Rodgers to complement Matty in midfield but credit to them their class showed through alot of turmoil the past few weeks .
    I’d leave management in place for another year and ignore comments as per the first one on the blog, disgraceful trolling

  18. It’ll be raw for a while but I wouldn’t be one looking to head hunt the manager. He must be scratching his head. I thought he should have brought Towey on earlier though.
    We had Galway Dublin and Derry all beaten and didn’t beat any of them.

    The insult to injury will be when Kerry draw Derry in the Quarters when if we’d have held on last week that would be a Kerry v Dublin Quarter.

  19. Are we not able to coach someone to be competent with their left to try that free ROD missed from the right corner? Why can’t ROD try it from his left? Pure daft angle for a right foot attempt.
    Aido was gone by the time this crucial free was missed but Christ he’s never been that reliable for clutch frees.
    At some level, our failure must be assigned to coaching deficiencies and poor skill levels.
    Our courage, work rate, hunger and determination get us so far every year. Often it’s execution in crucial moments let us down. Need more work on this across the county to close the gap with the top tier.

  20. We just can’t close out tight games. This has been the crux of mayo football since 1996. We don’t learn our lesson year after year, that we need to cynically finish a game by any means necessary.

    I’d give mcstay another year- we have come on a lot this year. Just the same ol story around our mentality. One day… one day

  21. Thank you to KMcS and staff
    Thank you to the Mayo players & panel
    Thank you to everyone involved in Mayo Football

    I don’t think I’ll be watching GAA next year! I hope I’m wrong.

    We’re about to roll out more rules where a goal is worth 4 points to improve the game, yet an unbeaten team in the AI championship is pitted against a beaten docket after playing the second seeds in the group a week after. Scoring difference is worth more than actual points!

    I’m out.
    Good luck to you all.

  22. Don’t want to see a 3rd year of McStay & Co. and all that ultra-conservative back and forth shite. He’s had his chance and hasn’t progressed that team one single bit.

  23. What’s even more disappointing than losing is when the recriminations start as they always do. It is always someone’s fault. Could all the critics not at least acknowledge the fantastic effort the team and management put in over the last 6 days. They left absolutely everything on the field in both games. I sometimes wonder do or did some people who comment so negatively ever play at a decent level. Bursting a gut on a Sunday, being dismayed not to win and be then expected to bounce back with energy 6 days later is a really big ask. Mayo were desperately flat in the first half but their efforts in the first 20 mins of second half was excellent. Maybe management might deserve some credit. Yes we should have gone 2 up deep in injury time but we didn’t and to concede at the death to deprive us again must be heart breaking. What character we showed in extra time. Derry on top and up by 3 and 2 up with a few minutes to go and still we dug deep to take it to the lottery of a penalty shootout. And then the recriminations. Why did we do this or that. We need to go in a new direction? We were a fraction away from victory v Galway, Dublin and Derry, three top class teams. This is a relatively new team, which have tightened up defensively. We struggle with the blanket defence as we have under Horan, Rochford etc. We have been desperately unlucky. Yes it’s easy to say we don’t know how to close out a game, that may improve with experience. Back when we were at the peak of our powers we lost a huge amount of big matches by a point. When things go wrong it’s easy to point fingers. Yes maybe Aidan should not have been taken off but other than that management got lots right. Once again McHugh completely negatived his direct opponent, McBrien did quite well on McGuigan. Derry have some hardened leaders who really stood up tonight. They are a good bit further down the road than Mayo.. We have to reflect and suck it up but in my opinion Mayo have been better this year than last year even though we didn’t make it to quarter final stage. Keep working, refining , improving. Some on here earlier this week saying Derry were a busted flush, a beaten docket. They have had a horrendous summer but have some absolutely top class players and while form is temporary, class is permanent

  24. In the first half Derry contested every kickout. We inevitably went short and they raced back into their own half. Locked down the 45 and gave us no space in the back. Rinse and repeat. We needed to mix it up and go long from time to time. We struggled to win ball in the middle third. Derry found it easier to get scores. I thought we would press on after the penalty but we looked gassed in the fourth quarter. And yet we could so easily have won it with our last play of the match. Just like we should have won against Galway and against Dublin last week. Not closing out games has been our undoing. I’m gutted for Ryan O’Donoghue after all the top performances he’s put in all year. Missing the free near the end and the penalty will be hard to take but penalty shootouts can be a coin-toss at the best of times. I thought Mattie was a quieter than last week and we needed more out of Darren McHale. I thought Jordan Flynn was out for the count but no better man to pull those big scores out of the bag.

    If you had told me three weeks ago walking out of Hyde Park that Roscommon would get to the QFs and we would be dumped out in the preliminaries I would have laughed at you but he who laughs last laughs loudest. We have to focus on winning our province and winning our groups. The hard road is not working for us.

    Where do we go from here? At this moment in time we’re well down the pecking order. Even mid-table Division 1 seems flattering right now. I hope Aidan O’Shea stays on for another year. He’s still the engine of that team. Same for Cillian O’Connor. They both still have plenty to contribute to Mayo. The team showed signs of big improvement last week and looked to be building towards a run in Croke Park but that has suddenly hit the wall in Castlebar of all places. Did not foresee that one. Maybe the personnel isn’t fully there at the moment but the age profile is good and there have been noticeable improvements in some of the players. Donnacha McHugh and Tommy Conroy in particular. However some of the panel, despite initially showing a lot of promise, have flattered to deceive over the past few seasons. Is that down to management and playing style or do we expect too much at times. Whatever way you want to slice it, it’s been an underwhelming two years for Mayo football with a QF whitewash and tonight’s disappointing last-12 exit. Nothing less than a semi-final should be acceptable. I wouldn’t be at all hopeful we’re going to see huge improvements in the next year or two but then I’m not sure the right management team is waiting in the wings to take over either. Overall, a depressing night and we’re barely into the summer. Another dark winter awaits…

  25. We just wonder why we haven’t fixed the flaws sufficiently in recent years to win just 1 of the 13 finals we’ve lost plus the too many to count games that we should have closed out from winning positions.

  26. @moyside. Enjoy the euros and Olympics first. Long way until January til the FBD league in January when we’ll inevitably find the find of the century who is the missing cog in the senior all ireland exploits best to focus on the minors for this year. At seniors unfortunately, we’re as far away from all ireland glory as we have been at any time since 1951

  27. Some mad excuses I’m hearing/seeing here tonight from a few like Clare and plenty more

    Durcan injury…every team we played (Roscommon, Galway, Cavan, Dublin, Derry) had comparable or worse injuries

    A week turnaround…Derry also had a week turnaround. Don’t want a week turnaround, then top the group….we didn’t

    Don’t want to get Dublin in the group? Then win Connacht….we didn’t

    Referee decisions? We got a dodgy penalty in a low scoring game and it still wasn’t enough

    Third consecutive poor performance in championship, let’s be realistic. No Connachts, two quarter final hammerings and a prelim exit

  28. Further compounds how special the 2012 to 2016 era was. N’fheadar ní bhíodh a leitheid arís

  29. Commiserations lads,

    You’ve been down this road many times so you’ll all have your own way of dealing with it.

    I’d just suggest that tonight’s not thr night of rash decisions.

    In truth a young Mayo team lost/drew 3 games in injury time.

    That will be some learning for those lads.

    I do think that McStay made some poor calls in particular taking the leaders off the field like AOS who was having his 2nd good game in 7 days.

    The sun will rise tomorrow lads, Chins up.

  30. West Kerry the baffling thing is that o Shea was taken off in the 70th minute.did the management think his legs were going to fall off in the remaining 4 minutes or so .probably the most nonsensical substitution ever but obviously preplanned and can’t deviate from it under any circumstances

  31. 1985,

    Those substitutions are not unique to Mayo.

    We are doing the exact same withdrawing lads around the same time and with the same pattern.

    Dublin will sus that out no problem.

    I was dismayed with Aidans substitution.

  32. I only saw one replay of the penalty incident and for me it looked like the Derry player threw is right boot out (which made contact) to block Conroy’s shot, so a penalty was the correct decision. I would like to see the incident again though just in case my eyes were deceiving me.

  33. Whatever about todays loss to Derry the 2021 All Ireland final defeat to Tyrone wad the worst one ever to lose, we had more goal chances against Tyrone in 2021 then we had today against Derry

  34. Am I the only one to not be enthused by this team ? I don’t say that off the back of today’s performance, it’s the most recent years of disappointment that gets me. Ever since all the retirements of the “golden era” it just hasn’t been the same following mayo football. I no longer go into matches confident we’re going to win. I go in hope more than expectation & I never had that feeling in the past.
    Today’s 1st half was abysmal, for years we haven’t been able to properly break down a blanket & we proved it in the opening 35. I felt good about our chances after the penalty. But if following mayo has tought us anything it’s not to count our chickens ! WTF is it with us and leads ? We can never hold on to one to save our lives. Credit where it’s due to come back in extra time, how and ever it should never of come to that. Penalties are a lottery and I don’t blame our lads at all for missing but it must be said we should of had it won in normal time. Wouldn’t be calling for heads of management at all after today but it’s going to be a long 7 months without football mainly down to putting all our eggs into the Dublin basket. Still our hopes lie on the minors tomorrow to salvage some pride.

  35. @West Kerry – What if he had completely emptied the tank? I think that’s why they made the decision. I’m sure management would have brought him on again in ET if he was in their ear saying that he had more to give.

  36. The commitment, endeavor and resilience of this Mayo team is phenomenal and worthy of the support of all Mayo GAA supporters, everywhere. The frustration expressed in an earlier text is not based in fact. 2 of 3 matches referred to, ended in draws, against championship favorites Derry and Dublin – despite being behind for most of the time in both games. The loss to Galway was attributable to a succession of soft frees awarded late on.

  37. @Mayo45

    Have the Sat game recorded for when I got home and watched through gritted teeth. The penalty was very very similar to the Fenton one last week which I thought at the time was a pen but has come out in the washing since (podcasts etc) that it wasn’t a pen to rule of law.

    This was similar, ball hit the hamstring area

  38. How many more years can Aidan O Shea and Cillian O Connor go the well their best years are surely over and i honestly dont think we have ready made replacements for Aido and Cillian Mayo will be 16/1 to win All Ireland 2025 thats how much chance we have in 2025 we have 0.05 per chance of winning SAM MAGUIRE in 2025

  39. To Win Just Once, I agree completely with your post. Our loss hurts tonight but honesty what hurts more is the criticism, judgements, narrowness and entitlement of almost every single comment. I’d go so far as to say that they disgust me. Our team has progressed this year. We’re building. See what they are able to do on the field that they weren’t able to do last year. See how they can meet certain challenges they couldn’t meet last year.
    They’re not perfect. They need to learn to see out games.
    But we have a good team and management team.
    Cop yourselves on.
    Honestly, I don’t know if we are up to it as supporters.
    I’m going to have to opt out of the comments for now as I’m in a tiny minority and ye are busy getting ready to fire the manager.

  40. I believe we have the players. They can score but as a previous poster wrote we are caught up in this awful pass the ball. So many passes and we loose the ball. Repeat. We keep doing it. No learning.
    I have to say I can’t watch it anymore. I only enjoyed one game this year, last weekend.
    I am not blaming anyone but can’t understand why we play like this when we have the talent. We can watch videos of how other teams break down blanket defence. But we can’t.
    I feel for the team and don’t doubt the good work of the management.
    I think our road to recovery is to decide who we are and how do we play….not trying to survive.

  41. A while since I’ve posted but in my 40 years watching Mayo I continue to find it utterly astonishing at our inability to learn. It’s a sign of bad players ultimately I’m very sorry to say & a weak mindset. Coaches can only do so much, it’s all to do with the players in my opinion. There are no hard luck stories, referring decisions or management calls that can provide excuse, explanation or comfort. Every proper team suffers these perceived injustices or mistakes even great teams but they find a way. I think the fact that we have no All Ireland winner in our county is an indication we just don’t understand what is required to win these proper games regularly.

  42. Hard to pick MOTM today. I thought some of our players played very well in patches. It’s very disappointing tonight. I thought the team give it there all. But that’s all I think any supporter can ask of there team. And our lads did that but came up sort. Looking back on the game there was so many chances that we had but didn’t take. I don’t blame any of them. The commitment them lads put in all year is unreal. I play club football and make lots of sacrifices but them lads are other level. We all knew we wouldn’t win the all ireland but its still hard to take tonight. We are not that far away from the top teams. But I think that’s why it’s so disappointing. I hope none of them retire but I have a feeling one or two will. Sickened!!

  43. I’m not buying this sh!te talk about our players not being good enough, mentally weak, etc.
    We drew with the best team in Ireland last week, we went down to Kerry last year and beat them in their backyard which was their first loss there in 28 years. Not many other teams in the country can do that, so I have absolutely no time for anyone peddling this nonsense and they need to be called out.

  44. I am so fuming about so much that I will wait until Sunday evening to give my opinions on the match!

  45. It’s a crying shame that we didn”t push over the line with all the possession in the second half. Not naming players but missed free 40M out, goal scoring chance and the the misswd handy fisted point are three huge turning points that changed the game for us.

    All the possession and we have no break teams down. If Derry get Kerry/Dublin next weekend, I predict a.heavy loss.

    Oh what might of being, but we tend to make things difficult for ourselfs. What’s another year!!!

  46. @ To win just once and Swallow Swoops well said. I don’t like too much negativity towards young amateur players. Some constructive criticism is fine. I know everyone is disappointed but sometimes it just goes way too far. Yes the year is over but there have been improvements. We were not hammered out the gate by anyone this year. We have stopped leaking goals. We have to learn to close out tight games in 2025 and go back to a little more directness and risk taking in scoring. Today was always going to be a big ask after the tough match 6 days ago against the All Ireland champions. It’s tough being from Mayo but I’d still rather be us than majority of other counties. The championship structure is a mess though. Hate it.

  47. There is no steel in that defence. I dont know how Stephan Coen is in that team ahead of O’Hora. If you look at the majority of the Derrys scores Coen is the plus one at the back and he is just ambling about. At least O’Hora would be getting suck in

    Look at that last play when the ball hits off the post, everyone is asleep. When Roger gets that ball we have a great chance to turn him over and COC just runs by him! unbelievable stuff.

    If you cant fist the ball over from 5 yards you might as well call it a day…

    I think we have no option but to stick with McStay for another year, there are no other managers out there to do a better job.

  48. Hoped you’d make it 3 out of 3 for Connacht, even if your exit boosted our odds of avoiding Dublin, and even if I roared as loud as anyone in Pearse Stadium after the Connacht final. Not all your neighbours south of the border like to see you lose, but everyone loves to watch you play, preferably not against their team. Mayo might have bowed out early again this year, but there was no disgrace in that. Was it bad luck? Lack of nous or game management? Maybe not pulling down a player whose wonder catch ultimately cost you a QF berth could be seen as naive. But it might also indicate integrity, a philosophy of playing the game how it should be played. The way it’s played by the target for every defence in the country that doesn’t get sent off in nearly 100 games. Some people just have that touch of class, not least your manager who embodies all that is beautiful about Mayo football. He doesn’t do blame or insults. So reflect on things before you insult him or yourselves by mentioning Rory Gallagher. You know Mayo deserves better.

  49. Stephenite it was 100% a foot block and a penalty. He raised his foot to block the ball as Tommy was in the act of kicking. In fentons case the leg was planted. That was also a pen though but not for a foot block. His planted leg took ROD out after kicking, an act that puts another player at risk.

    Sheer lack of ability to get a shooter on the ball is the problem. And thats because they or the management don’t believe in their ability to shoot from distance like Murray was able to.
    No plan in attack when faced with a blanket other than hope someone shoots up. Players should be told to spend an hour two evenings a week in shooting practice for next year. Otherwise we better hope the keep 3 players in your own half comes in but the two point line doesn’t

  50. The losing of the game was when he took Aido off. He was controlling things. Same last wkend. Management need to go

  51. Conor Reape – you can’t come on here posting comments of a personal nature about a player in that way. Have some cop-on, for the love of God.

  52. Derry are excellent at the long range kicking for points – excellent – it is not part of our game even as a fall back position.

    I still cannot get my head around 3/4 teams qualifying from each group? It is like rewarding almost every kid for turning up for school. Sort of diminishes the competition I reckon. Leinster and Munster championship almost worth ignoring. Open draw must be the answer – I think logically the provincials are a thing of the past even though there is a pride factor.

    Hats off AOS – he has 2 years left yet. I note on GAA GO that majority of pundits talk about his importance – these are guys that played at the top level.

    Thats it – all over now – onwards and upwards. The only positive may be that a game next weekend would pit a rested top team against a very tired Mayo – lads were out on their feet today and well done to them.

  53. From a long range scoring point of view I think we really missed Fergie B last night. The two game ban was a tough sentence by the GAA and in my opinion went a long way to us not winning last night. Being able to kick over that wall last night would have changed the dynamics of the game in our favour I think.

  54. For me the issue for years has been mental weakness often at critical times in the game. We need a top class mind coach now to work with the team as a whole. If mind is right the scores will come in my opinion

  55. Why did it Have to go penalties after extra time .It should have went to 65,s .It was a Gaelic Match not soccer. What does people think out there?

  56. At the end of the day there was only a kick of a ball in it last night. The game could have gone either way, luck plays a part in a game like that. We are not that far off, remember we drew with the Ireland champions and the league champions and the Dublin game must have taken a toll on energy last night. If there was one question I would have is should we have gone so hard against Dublin? It was a big gamble that cost us in energy terms.

  57. The reality is we scored and dominated the game whenever we pressed high and took them on at pace.
    Same against Galway and Dublin.

    For some reason, we spend 80% of the game sitting back and then attacking really slowly, running out of ideas while doing so.

    We were the better team and left it behind us. Same as Dublin and Galway.

    That comes down to tactics or lack of leaders.
    Derrys tactics won’t win them anything but there leaders dragged them through that game.

    We are just short those kinds of top level players right now and our tactics are too poor to make up for that

  58. @James Fleming: I think with the exception of Reape, we’d struggle in a 45 kicking contest, as we haven’t produced a consistent kicker of those since Maurice Sheridan left the scene. (Assuming that only players who are on the field at the end can take them, otherwise Hennelly might be a decent shout).

    Penalties is a tough way to lose a game and IMO has no place in deciding a GAA game. But as long as HQ wish to cram as many games into a dramatically shortened inter-county season, in spite of any and all player welfare considerations, that’s where we are.

    I recall reading some time ago that German soccer players practice penalty shoot outs at the end of each training session, and given that they rarely, if ever, lose them, replicating their approach might be worth pondering by the management.

  59. Does anyone see the talent we have in Paul Towey. He literally saved us in extra time. Had the courage to take a penno considering the amount of game time he got all year says a lot about his own belief. Pity our manager can’t see such talent in his team or is so unwilling to ues it. They used to say about Mayo teams in the 70s that it was harder the get off the team than it was to get on it.

  60. Roscommon played 5 games in the Championship and lost 3 games, 2 on their home patch to Mayo.
    Derry played 5 games in the Championship. Won one of them where they beat a 3rd Division team by 4 points.
    Mayo played 5 games in the Championship losing one where they were 2 points up going into injury time and lost by 1 point. Were a point up against both the All Ireland Champions and National League champions who both equalised with last play of the game.
    Both Roscommon and Derry are still in the competition. Mayo are sent packing , who said there was no curse.

  61. Very good suggestion James, that makes more sense in a GAA context but from the hand not the ground as that’s how the game is played.
    The management bashing and criticism of some players on here is a disgrace, they all gave 100%, we probably don’t have the talent pool of Kerry and Dublin right now and we’re one of the few teams that goes toe to toe.
    I’ve said from the start of the year we need a few marquee players. Lost one (Oisin) and a young lad has been name checked but surely that’s 3 years away. We need a few more.
    I would have a few criticisms, namely not shooting on weak foot when the blanket is focused on your strong one, a few shots shirked for that reason. Fenton for example scores about 40% off his left and Murray got one long range one yesterday off his left.
    For Ryan’s missed free I was saying at the time that Cillian is the best in the game from the wrong side. I know it undermines Ryan but it should be pre arranged, shooting drills will have given the stats to prove Cillian needed for the narrowest angles.
    Another criticism is Cillian spent a lot of the time in the pocket where Murray got his excellent scores from and lads wouldn’t give him the ball. You could see he was thinking that we needed some long range scores and the younger players we have didn’t get it.
    Apart from that I agree on the Aido call or at worst bring him back on and I don’t blame any lad who went for a score and missed, it can happen, we’re human not robots.

    One poster above said he’ll not comment because he’s raging. Raging at what? these lads are amateur and owe us nothing, it’s a game, win or lose, it’s called sport the aim of which is sporting drama. Win or lose, enjoy the wins and otherwise move on. There are far more important things in life, ye only have to look at the news. Nobody sets out to make mistakes. These lads give close to 100% most of the time on the pitch. Management is paid something but they put in a lot of work too. I’d have less sympathy for soccer players earning millions and some with prima Donna attitudes but even they are human not robots. Mistakes are made more likely by high pressure and the opposition doing their utmost to force them. Ye need to cop yourselves on.

  62. Our underage conveyor belt is not delivering enough quality players. Consider Kerry, all-Ireland champions, won 5 all-Irelands in a row at minor level (2014-2018). Also, 4 different Kerry schools have won 7 Hogan cups in the past 20 years. Some great work being done in some of our schools. This needs support from all of us who have a passion for Mayo GAA.

  63. Brian O, if listen back to the interview after last year’s defeat to Dublin you’ll hear plenty of deflection back on to young defenders learning from their mistakes and baby goalies….

    People saying about why some here feel so entitled to be in the top 8 or so need to reflect back on the money aspect involved. We are better resourced by far than the majority of teams. That alone keeps us relevant and gives us advantages other counties can only dream of. If there’s people think back about how they have felt about Dublin and Limerick over past 10 or so years, they will realise money can and does talk…if used correctly.

  64. Criticism of management is harsh. Facts are, the selection and subs used got us in position to win those 3 games we threw away. This is on the players. For those who have never stood on a sideline let me tell you that you may be surprised to learn that there’s very little you can do during game time to influence matters on the field. That’s where you hope you have leaders and on field smarts to read the opponent and adjust accordingly. It’s so hard to get a message in from the sideline.
    As for the safety first comment and reluctance to take shots in the 1st half, did anyone notice the Derry defense? Triple sweepers in position by the time we got to their 40, Glass AND Rodgers acting as sweepers! There was zero space in the scoring zone and that’s why we ended up with just 5 shots from 18 attacks in the 1st half. Sometimes you come up against a great defence and last night we did. There’s another team trying to stop us you know!
    It’s harsh that we lose 1 game in 7 games and are out while the Rossies lose 3 and are in but that’s the game at the minute and the only way it will change is by the old baldy brigade at Congress voting on it.
    For now we lick out wounds, take our beating and lie low. We must uncover a more fluid attack and rush through 2 or 3 young forwards. Cillian looks goosed but AOS must stay on. Undeniably if we had Paddy and a fit Diarmuid last week we’d have beaten Dublin amd everything looks different then, but if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle.
    We will come back. We always do.
    Hon Mayo.

  65. I think we have progressed from last year.
    Sure we made mistakes.
    Far too cautious in the first half of most of our championship games.
    Playing the ball across the field , while hard to watch it gives players a rest.
    Substitutions are great when they work but manager is stupid when they don’t, he can’t win.
    Don’t think we could win the All Ireland with this team, not yet any how.

  66. Our footballers fought well so let’s not be too hard on them – we were a bit overrun in middle 8 in 1st half – Matty needs a partner at midfield. Paddy Durcan badly missed.

  67. Fintan Keane, can’t say we’d definitely have beaten Dublin if had Paddy and Diarmuid. The game like the Kerry game last year in the group stage may have meant very little to Dublin, when oust came to shove Dublin were still able to put it up to us and force mistakes out of us.
    Being first team to beat Kerry in Kerry in championship in donkeys years also a skewed stat given so many of the years on that record they were only playing likes of Clare, Tipperary, Waterford.

    The system is shite, but teams have to play what’s in front of them. Derry and Roscommon have done that, more power to them.

  68. Lurker – I’ve just mailed you directly there about the issue you’ve raised. As I explain in the mail, this is not something I can sort at this end.

  69. @Shuffy Deck, I’m commenting now. Everyone knows that no one goes out to lose, Everyone knows no one went out to make a mistake. How amateur really are Mayo senior players? But I take your point. Our manager and backroom team, Id say are being paid. Certainly Mayo got most things right playing Dublin last week , but Dublin play a certain way ,and despite another last second equalizer , Mayo got the balance right . It was the same way Kerry played in Killarney last year, Mayo can and have played well in such circumstances. Against Mickey Hartes Louth last year, despite winning by a single point, same yesterday evening we could see how much Mayo struggled against a team that brings everyone back into their own half. There seems to be a huge reluctance for adventure in our offensive play . Paid management and the backroom team will be able to justify decisions and strategy and an very obvious hierarchy in the criteria of what keeps some players selected and others on the bench . Make sure you are not the one to have given away possession in the video analysis and don’t take a shot, or a speculative pass the might even create a goal chance when for a millisecond the shot or pass is on , or even a run . Mayo had only one wide in the first half , several necklaces of passes in a row, all safety first, lets say their is a 95% chance of each pass in the sequence finding its recipient , its only a 59% of making it 10 in a row passes and an ever decreasing chance of this possession achieving the shot conversion and score we desire, and an ever increasing chance of being turned over and our opposition converting this newly won possession into a much easier chance than our over cautious approach would have ever achieved. In our 14 games of both League and Championship how many successful scores have Mayo manufactured after a long series of safety first keep ball, very few if memory serves me rightly. Our kick passing into the full forward line has improved in the last year. But overall our strategy versus mass defense has not progressed. I have to say while one Mayo defender was struggling for the last 15 minutes of normal time and all of extra time its almost impossible to know why Padraig O Hora was kept on the bench ; and also why if James Carr was fit enough to be on the bench both last week and again why he wasnt brought on in either normal time or extratime . In conclusion , we could have much better.

  70. Watched James Carr come on for Ardagh today in a league game. He looked fit. Was winning balls, setting up scores and scored a wonder goal.
    Surely he was an option last night?

    His clubmate, Lee Traynor is a left footed forward which Mayo are crying out for. Mayo have a lot worse than him in the panel in my opinion.

  71. Without recriminations – what’s the point? – you’d have to wonder at the hesitancy by management to make some changes and bring on fresh legs before half time. Diarmuid should have been introduced sooner, at the very least. Seamie mentions Fergal Boland above but given the apparent dynamic there you’d have to wonder whether he would even have been introduced. He was very hard done by and it shows the lack of consistency in the GAA’s shambolic disciplinary process too.

    I am in agreement with posters above that say we have improved as a team this year. Defensively in particular. It was nigh impossible to get a shot off in the first half of that game because Derry played a rancid defensive game, but they crumbled when we put them under pressure and it would be so good to see us throw off the shackles a bit more instead of this possession-at-all-costs game. No-one was willing to risk leaving their man to take on Odhran Lynch at any point, meaning that a goalkeeper who made an absolute fool of himself against Donegal and conceded four goals was allowed the run of McHale Park with no repercussions. To me, that was unforgiveable and spoke volumes about our mindset. Are we so scarred by previous mistakes that we are paralysed into making worse ones in the name of safety first, when some risk-taking and aggression would be the better – and arguably necessary – approach?

    We talk about leadership – when Aidan departs, we crumble. Aside from Aidan, Jordan Flynn was the only one who really stood up, yet again (and boy, was I glad to see him getting back onto his feet in the first half). I do think we look back on the Golden Era of 2012-2017 with rose-tinted glasses at times (a cursory look at some of the comments on this blog during that period will show the reality!) but so many examples of leadership spring to mind during that period, compared to the last three years. This team is young, though, and I firmly believe despite Saturday’s result that there are better days ahead for them and for us again as supporters. To see people calling for the heads of management is a bit tiresome. McStay’s contract is not up. Let it run its course. I would however be very surprised not to see some changes in the backroom team next year.

    Brian O – beautifully put, especially re Aidan.

    Sam Og, give your head a wobble. Have you so little respect for Mayo – or for women – that you’d have the likes of that associated with our county? What an insult. I’m embarrassed for you.

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