Mayo 1-12 Roscommon 2-9: Western stalemate 

Just another championship day for us, wasn’t it? Ever since we decided to go all batshit loony tunes, this is the way it is with us. Another game we should have won but didn’t, another one we could easily have lost but didn’t either. No extra-time today, though, so the crazy caravan gets another outing, this time on August Bank Holiday Monday in Croke Park at a time to be decided.

First off, let’s pay tribute to Roscommon (though I’ll come back to a section of their fans anon). By drawing with us today they became the first Connacht champions since 2001 – besides us – to avoid defeat at the All-Ireland quarter-final stage. Their young team played with heart and guts and they could quite easily have won it. Well done to them.

Congrats too to Kevin McStay and Liam McHale. They won the tactical battle pretty much hands-down today, which, on our side, only serves to underline the real concerns so many of us – myself included – now have as to the logic of some of the big calls we’re making on the line.

Joe McQuillan. What can you say about him? All I’ve ever wished for in a match involving us is a ref who’ll give us something approaching a fair shake in his decisions. It’s clear, if it wasn’t already, that we’ll never get anything approaching that from the Cavan official. Once more in a game involving us he was truly abysmal.

Equally so were those moronic Roscommon “supporters” who booed Andy Moran every time he touched the ball. Shame on you – it’s a pity you didn’t save your voices to give positive support to your brave young team. You idiots have no place in the GAA.

And what of the game itself? As I said at the top, it was all a bit crazy.

We made our expected two changes prior to throw-in, with Tom Parsons not starting and Conor Loftus not on either. Instead Jason Doherty was named as Tom’s nominal replacement and Paddy Durcan started for Conor but neither acted as like-for-like stand-ins.

Lee Keegan picked up Enda Smith from the start, which I guess meant he was operating in midfield (ish) and Diarmuid O’Connor also foraged deeper than normal. Paddy took up station a bit further advanced than usual. See, even I’m confused.

Man, were we all at sea early on. We did exactly what we shouldn’t have done by allowing them to settle into the game, as they posted their opening score, a point from out on the wing by Fintan Cregg, right from the throw-in. Enda Smith belted over a second soon after but we responded to this via a nice Lee Keegan point.

Then came Roscommon’s first goal. Cregg gathered a swift probing ball in but there was no real danger until Diarmuid O’Connor’s mistimed tackle spun Cregg around and left him in the clear facing David Clarke. Whether he meant the top corner chip or not is neither here nor there but in it went and the Rossies were now in the driving seat.

By now, Roscommon were running confidently at us, our defence parting in the alarming way it’s been doing all summer. Less than five minutes after the first goal, they found the net a second time. This time it was Ciaran Murtagh who supplied the finish to send the Connacht champions seven points clear.

Our response was immediate. Jason Doherty claimed a smashing mark, Lee Keegan charged forward and once he got in sight of the posts he let off a rocket. The shot took a wicked deflection off Niall McInerney and ricocheted to the net.

Gradually we reeled them back in from there. As we did so the huge Primrose and Blue support in the stands seemed to shrink back into themselves – apart from the Andy-booing troglodytes – in the same way that their callow team were doing out on the pitch.

Roscommon didn’t score again until a minute before half-time – enduring a 21-minute barren spell – but we added five points after Lee’s goal to turn what had been a seven-point deficit after their second goal into a two-point lead. Lee was leading the charge, having posted 1-3 of this salvo.

The Rossies finally broke their duck via a close-in Murtagh free but Jason Doherty had the last say of the half and we went in two points to the good. After that backline meltdown we’d suffered, we had to have been the happier at that stage.

But then we went out and played like we were in a trance until the end of the third quarter. Right from the throw-in they got a point back and a poor kick-out provided the platform for them to win a free and bag the equaliser.

From then right to the end, neither side managed to crawl clear of the clutches of the other. They went ahead, we pegged them back, they pulled clear again and again we restored parity. And on it went.

They went back in front but when we came with a mini-surge, with points from Cillian O’Connor and Paddy Durcan, we’d got our noses in front as the match approached injury time. Cillian then missed a chance to put us two clear.

Donie Smith’s leveling free was, by any measure, a ballsy effort. But, of course, it should never have happened as Stephen Coen didn’t appear to pick the ball off the ground but he was adjudged to have done so by the ref.

We still, though, had chances to win it. Cillian missed a free and then another chance from play. The last few seconds was all pure helter-skelter stuff but neither side could break the deadlock and so we ended up all square.

I really felt as if all those back door matches caught up on the team today. Several of our lads – Sheamie, Aidan, Diarmuid and Cillian amongst them – looked truly knackered and I think all that physical and mental tiredness contributed hugely to our flat display today.

In that regard, I think we erred badly in not freshening things up more, both as regards the team we named and the substitutions we made. It’s unfair and counter-productive to place all the responsibility on the same bunch of players, day after day after day.

We’ve got a big enough panel to choose from and now is the time to use some of the lads who haven’t got much game time but who have enough experience to play a telling part in proceedings. In my view, there’s a strong case to be made for at least three or four changes to our starting team the next day.

In terms of players who performed well for us today, clearly Lee Keegan stands out as he was the one who dragged us back into it after that haywire opening ten minutes. Keith Higgins had an absolute stormer, so too did the mysteriously substituted Colm Boyle, while Chris Barrett was solid and strong as well.

Kevin McLoughlin was his usual busy self, while Jason Doherty put in another hard-working shift. Paddy Durcan was a real live-wire and bagged two great points. Andy Moran was prominent in attack too, also notching two points, even if it at times looked like he was trying to beat the Rossies on his own.

Aidan came into it more as the game went on. That Rossie lad who poleaxed him was lucky Joe McQuillan was reffing as otherwise it would surely have been a straight red card and one of McQuillan’s worst decisions was when he pulled Aidan for over-carrying when he had two Rossie players climbing all over his back. On a day of tight margins, Aidan’s interception close to our posts near the end was, literally, game-saving.

So, it’s onto Bank Holiday Monday, back at Croke Park once more. Sadly, another one I’m going to miss due to long-standing alternative plans for then but, in any event, I’m not sure my ticker could take too much more of this.

Roscommon will, no doubt, be emboldened by the fact that they’re still standing. But, you know, so are we. And so on goes this remarkable summer, onto our next date with destiny. Onto the next chapter of craziness and maybe, just maybe, onto a place in the All-Ireland semi-finals too.

Mayo: David Clarke; Brendan Harrison, Ger Cafferkey, Keith Higgins; Lee Keegan (1-3), Chris Barrett, Colm Boyle (0-1); Seamus O’Shea, Jason Doherty (0-1); Kevin McLoughlin, Aidan O’Shea, Diarmuid O’Connor; Paddy Durcan (0-2), Cillian O’Connor (0-3, two frees), Andy Moran (0-2). Subs: Donal Vaughan for Boyle, Conor Loftus for Moran, Tom Parsons for Seamus O’Shea, Stephen Coen for Diarmuid O’Connor, David Drake for Doherty.

Who was our MOTM against Roscommon?

  • Lee Keegan (76%, 711 Votes)
  • Keith Higgins (7%, 66 Votes)
  • Colm Boyle (4%, 34 Votes)
  • Paddy Durcan (2%, 16 Votes)
  • Jason Doherty (2%, 16 Votes)
  • Brendan Harrison (1%, 14 Votes)
  • Ger Cafferkey (1%, 14 Votes)
  • David Drake (1%, 12 Votes)
  • Chris Barrett (1%, 10 Votes)
  • David Clarke (1%, 10 Votes)
  • Kevin McLoughlin (1%, 9 Votes)
  • Aidan O'Shea (1%, 9 Votes)
  • Andy Moran (1%, 7 Votes)
  • Seamus O'Shea (0%, 2 Votes)
  • Stephen Coen (0%, 2 Votes)
  • Diarmuid O'Connor (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Cillian O'Connor (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Donal Vaughan (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Tom Parsons (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Conor Loftus (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 936

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321 thoughts on “Mayo 1-12 Roscommon 2-9: Western stalemate 

  1. We looked tired and midfield is now a big concern. We can’t keep winning these tight matches. Surprised at how decent Rcommon were. COC should really have won it for us.

  2. I supppse we are lucky in one way to still be alive. But it’s hard to discern where we are! It’s not one thing, there are many, many problems.
    Are we just stuck in 2nd or 3rd gear ? Or are we just piss poor, past our prime and a better team would destroy us?
    Where’s the audio link WJ? Can’t wait to hear your reaction to this one while it’s still fresh!

  3. Willie Joe,
    How long is this comment going to be awaiting moderation?, you seem to don’t like what I say.
    No house rule broken on my two comments earlier today.

  4. Mayonaze says:
    July 30, 2017 at 6:18 pm
    Seamie was gone in the 2nd half, Aido had a very quiet 2nd half. In fact, we were just poor after half time, apart from a few of the backs, like Keegan and Higgins. Cillian was way off. We had no danger up front. I thought our substitutions made us weaker and Ros line calls were better.

    Overall a 5 out of 10 performance on and off the pitch.

  5. Fair play rossies came at us and we lucky to get out of jail coc had some bad wides amongst others poor devil’s dead on feet. Can we do it, surely but lot to ask they owe us nothing malachy clerkin was spot on

  6. I just said it on the other thread but the abuse being hurled at Andy Moran was sick by Ros fans young and old. An awful lot of them genuinely hate him and Mayo. I’ve been going to gaa games 35 years and have heard northern fans throw abuse, this surpassed it.

  7. Please stop with this ” the poor fellas, they owe us nothing” shtick! That’s rationalizing a piss poor performance.
    They are playing for Parish, Club and County!

    Btw, anyone listen to Rochfords comments after the match? He seemed dejected! That’s troubling.
    I want them to win so badly yet it would be humiliating to see Kerry destroy this team. Playing the way we are currently, Kerry would!

  8. Mayo88 – there was a match on or didn’t you notice? Both your earlier comments didn’t go up as both were phrased in a derogatory way. Try harder and learn some bloody manners while you’re at it.

  9. A shame, was there to be won at the end. But I can’t criticise a team who have consistently battled and given everything there is to give. The tank has been on reserve now for quite some time.

  10. Same management mistakes.
    Defensive issue not resolved.
    Offensive strategy under cooked.

    Mayo problems all self-inflicted.

  11. We got off to some fine start but give credit to Mayo and especially Lee Keegan for they way you fought back. The football wasn’t the greatest (although I thought the Rossie goals were superb) but what it lacked in quality it made up for in 100% full blooded commitment. Great free by Donie Smith. Both teams kicked a lot of wides and both teams will feel they could have won today. Certainly each team will feel they can play better. I look forward to the replay, we will be the underdog again for sure.

  12. Strange match. Felt twas mayos to win in second half but never got going. Watched it in majorca. Learned that galway, Dublin, derry, down and would you believe waterford, don’t want us to win
    On my own

  13. My life flashed before my eyes at one stage. On their last attack, when they were trudging down the cusack wing, I would have bitten your hand off for a draw.

    We’re still alive

  14. I thought our substitutions made us weaker. McStay won the line calls.

    We aren’t as strong in midfield as we used to be. That’s a fact now and it’s time for someone new to put their hand up.

    On a positive, Keith Higgins was superb today. He never stopped. Keegan, very good but taken out of it 2nd half. Boyle effective and Harry ok too. That’s about it. No one else performed to their ability, maybe Barrett.

    What happened to Aidan 2nd half? He looked out of sorts and should be buzzin. Didn’t play in the league so should have no fitness concerns unless he too k a knock.

    We lost both throw ins from the start.

    We played awful in the opening 10 mins and for all of the 2nd half BUT…we are still there.

  15. Willie joe. I could not travel today so had the chance to see it on tv. All our players except keegan Higgins and Boyle had poor game and it won’t take much improvement to win the replay A big worry is the failure to win many kick outs. We lost possession too many times. Thankfully we are still playing in august. A month we have had more successes than failures in recent years. Up mayo

  16. Poor and very poor today. 4 or 5 points in second half is not good enough. No all Ireland hopes left. Best mayo team I’ve ever had priveledge to support but they are a jaded tired team at this stage. A draw was last thing they needed.

  17. Stand by my comment Mr mayor this team have given all for 6to 7 years now and KEEP coming back ya win today should have been result but legs are starting to ween we have to face that

  18. Correct JC
    The team and management do owe to perform consistently to their full potential. (No More Than That).

    Nobody respects Mayo because of these bizarre inconsistencies. Every team in the country think they can beat Mayo. Its this confidence thats driving lesser teams to cause Mayo unnecessary problems.

    Its all self-inflicted. Its a wider management and organizational issue, not just sideline.

    Mayo football deserves to be respected; at least.

  19. From what I have seen today I would be very afeard of Kerry. Not a great side (very poor defence) but they can score easily enough. Kerry are not as good as Dublin but who is?? The only side I can beating Dublin ( if they park the horrible bus) is Tyrone.
    Mayo I feel will win the replay but I cannot see us beating the Kingdom. The only team that can do that is Dublin and Tyrone.
    Muigheo abuuuuuuuuu

  20. Chilax lads. There’s 7 teams left and we’re one of them. We weren’t at our best but we’re still in it. Mayo abú

  21. A disgrace by Rossies booing Andy..What was Boyle doing wrong that he was taken off I wonder?? Its a rollercoaster..

  22. Great entertainment, enjoyable to watch. Who cares about mistakes they add to the excitement. Bit of a schmozzle in the stands between the 2 crowd of supporters, not nice Garda had to get involved. Let’s leave that to the sassnach.

  23. Willie Joe,
    You have no problem with other people on this blog in singling out players, but I don’t seem to get any Lee way whatsoever.
    Bottom line is simple, Caff is getting picked for some strange reason in every game, he is past it now and I won’t attend the replay for fear he may be selected. Management is too slow to make changes, Keegan being used as a man marker in the full back line in the 2nd half was stupid.
    It’s the senior players that are keeping the ship afloat this year. Maybe it’s better to go out in the Roscoe replay that get hammered by Kerry or the Dubs down the line.
    My prediction still says Kerry v Dublin final.

  24. Does anyone know if boyler picked up an injury, or if not why he was taken off?….

  25. Dublin on bank Holiday Monday. Will have get lift licence for church gate collection at this rate.

  26. Dont think Barrett picked ball off the ground for their equaliser? Any opinions?

  27. It’s the way you continually phrase what you have to say that’s the problem but I’ll let this one slide. I’m still in shock by the way at the incredibly arrogant sense of entitlement you showed earlier about the length of time it took for me to deal with your comment. Like you pay for this service or something.

  28. Spotlight, I was on the hill and thought it was a bad call by the ref. But , either way Cillian had ample opportunities to win it in last 10 minutes

  29. Just as well the game is over. Biblical rain at the moment with flooding in Blanchardstown.

  30. A complete rollercoaster , hate saying it but they remind me of a dying dog

    Loads of mileage on the clock , we were very poor today , think if we win the next day the end is near

    Cillian , AOS , diarmuid way off it , Ger caff way off the pace again and left on for 70 mins

    How can management not see it ?

    On a plus Lee was class

  31. Havnt left a game this year feeling confident. Is it weary legs or management? We’ll continue to support but it’s difficult to see a team that draws with Roscommon winning an all Ireland. Thought we had gained control by half time. What happened in the second half. Will have to watch it back before I comment more.

  32. Correct Mayo88
    Theres is something really bizaare about the selection in the Mayo.
    This may be symptomatic of the core problems in Mayo football.
    It not appropriate for posters here to come out and say this group of players owe nothing.
    Mayo Football owe consistant performance to its full potential and to be respected by their peers.
    All these draws are a joke and are ongoing signals of deeper problems.

  33. Regina………I’m with you there……..Why was Colm B substituted at all ?……..I was shocked to see that

  34. There won’t be all Ireland this year, further away than ever. Management poor. Probably win replay but the refusal to sort out full back remains. Donaghy would give Caff such a bullying it will be hard to watch

  35. Thought Tom Parsons and Conor Loftus should have come on much earlier. A few of the backs outstanding today. Plenty of room for improvement from up to 10 of the players. Just delighted we have another chance. Did very well to recover from 7 down and turn it around but I think the draw was a fair result today. A week to get the strategy right for the replay. We know a lot more about the job that needs to be done now. The performance overall might not have been top drawer but the intensity and effort was 100%. Well done again Mayo and hope we’re still flying the flags in 8 days time. We’re really earning it this year.

  36. We need a johnny cooper or philly sort out Donaghy. He wouldnt score against then!!

  37. It was a horrendous performance and I don’t think we’ll get away with it again. Too many unnecessarily hard matches the last few weeks. We made life too difficult for ourselves against Cork and the fatigue showed today. Legs were gone.
    Keegan superb, dragged us back into it before being effectively taken out of it.
    Both O’Sheas contributed very little.
    Diarmuids ball handling is awful at times and his decision making worse.
    Ger Cafferky – enough is enough.
    Andy Moran marked out of it.
    Cillian contributed little.

    It was just a terrible performance up and down the field and we didn’t need another draining game. We didn’t need another replay to be quite honest.
    Not optimistic about the next day.

  38. All – I know feelings are running high but rules are rules in relation to how you frame your comments and, in particular, any criticisms you want to make of players and management. Please don’t make life difficult for me on this but I’m not going to let people use this place simply to sound off or let off steam. If you want to comment here, then compose your thoughts and keep the emotion out of it. Thanks.

  39. On the sideline calls….I’d give the edge to McStay. He made timely substitutions and one felt with those, that the Rossies believed they could go on and win it..thats confidence and McStay has brought that on them.

    I believe the first substitution we made was Donnie in for Boyler….i must say i was shakin me head! I thought Caff would’ve been withdrawn and Donnie slot into FB role…leaving Boyler on wing…instead, Caff went to the wing, where he was caught for pace and speed! Rochford needs to go back up to the stand and view the game from there, its a different perspective. Didn’t understand that switch at all. Dumb actually.
    I thought Loftus should have been on earlier than the 63 min…

    AND, its easy to miss this one but AIDO made a crucial interception with minutes to go…that without it, the Rossies would surely have sealed with a goal. Aido has matured upstairs and will be ready for the next day.
    As much as we give out about his daft fouling sometimes, Leeroy along with the Rossies taking their eye off the ball for 30 seconds, kept u n the game.

  40. I am qualifying this comment from the outset by saying I was watching this match on a dodgy GAA GO feed [that’ll be 14 Euro, thank you very much] so I missed bits and pieces – crucially many of the replays around the Rossie’s goals. Here goes.

    It’s easy to get carried away by a stale and insipid performance and allow it to colour your view. So, first, let’s start with some positives:

    The performances of Lee Keegan [attack and defence], Keith Higgins, Paddy Durcan, and Colm Boyle [before he was bafflingly withdrawn]. I thought Chris Barrett and Brendan Harrison were very good too, and for all of the criticism that has been levelled at Ger Cafferky – some warranted, some outrageous – I felt he had a decent game, albeit with a lot more protection. I do understand the argument that we feel it necessary to deploy that additional player back to screen/protect Caff. Keegan, Higgins, and Boyle are three of our leaders – let there be no doubt in anybody’s mind about that. They will drag some of the other boys kicking and screaming into battle.

    Another positive was that we did not panic after what was a horror start. 2-2 to 0-1 down was nothing short of disastrous, but we didn’t lose the head. Keegan and co grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck and started to chip away at that lead with a sense of calm and experience that comes from spending many, many days in Croke Park. Hats off.

    Unfortunately, our forwards lacked real leadership today. I will never ever criticise Andy but he looked knackered today. He kicked a beauty in the second half but missed a few too and I felt he lost most of his 50/50s. With that said, I’d have him starting any day of the week and so we’ll chalk this down to fatigue in pretty dreadful conditions.

    After Cillian’s heroics against Cork, all we can say is that today wasn’t his day. I think he only got one score from play – could be wrong on that so please feel free to correct me if so – and some of his kicking from dead balls wasn’t up to the impeccably high standards we have to expect of him.

    Kevin Mac is some hero. Great work rate, and as I believe a few other posters have alluded to, for a small-ish lad he gets on an unbelievable amount of ball. I very much see him as our “link man” and his footballing intelligence allows diversity in his game. He did well today at both ends.

    Jason Doherty goes under the radar but I felt he kicked a good score in the first half. With that, I always feel he shows glimpses of great ability but perhaps lacks the consistency to grab the game by the scruff of the neck. I reckon he’s been preferred to Conor Loftus because of his work rate – he made some vital interceptions in his own 45 on a few occasions today. Not sure we’d see young Conor there.

    I am getting worried by Diarmuid O Connor’s form, truth be told. I thought it was a fairly anonymous performance by him today – he’s set the bar very high from some performances last season, but it doesn’t seem to be “clicking”. [Yes, I remember that he scored a great goal against Clare] He pulled one chance wide but that aside, I don’t recall him really creating anything of note.

    Before I go on, I would be curious to see what other posters think about the gap we have between midfield and attack. By dropping an extra man back in defence, and an extra to mop up in midfield, we have few attacking options when we do get on the ball. From my calculations, our forwards scored 4 points from play today [Doherty, Moran x2, COC] though that’s off the top of my head and I’m on a train now with dodgy WiFi. But to me, irrespective of what the return was today, I thought we were too laboured, and of the 11/12 wides we had, I would only put 4 or 5 of those down as bad misses. 1-12 in an All Ireland quarter final is not a return that will win you many matches. I felt today we focused – or attempted to focus – on nullifying Roscommon rather than on taking it to them and ultimately beating them . In truth, I couldn’t argue with any confidence that we deserved to win.

    I felt like we lost the midfield battle for much of the match. Seamus looked shattered and unsupported to be honest, and I was scratching my head at times trying to discern who was actually playing alongside him. He was rightfully withdrawn for Tom Parsons. A curious one with Tom – if his hamstring was bothering him, he didn’t show it. He must be a certain starter our games in my opinion if fit

    The physical challenges that Aidan has to put up with each match is bordering on the ridiculous. The referee – who made a few baffling decisions today – had me roaring at the TV when he penalised Aidan for overcarrying after he’d been upended by two or three Roscommon players. With that said, bar the heroic interception he made back in his own square in the dying minutes, I felt he was pretty quiet today. He certainly didn’t influence things like he has done in recent weeks.

    So what have we learned today? Maybe someone can help me with this. One thing I’ll say, I hope to God Boyle had a knock [not a serious one of course] as that could be the only logical reason for withdrawing him midway through the second half. I think I saw how much we missed Parsons around the middle, and how much we rely on Cillian. If he has an off day, we really lack the leaders in the forward line to push us on, and ultimately we suffer. I think I also learned that McStay has the upper hand over Rochford in his ability to make tactical switches to change a game. Keegan was playing like a man possessed in the first half with the freedom of Croke Park to kick 1-3. Second half, they dropped Smith in FF and Keegan reverted back to continue to mark him. This effectively nullified our most effective attacking threat and I thought we played right into Roscommon’s hands with this. You can argue that Keegan’s job was to keep Smith quiet, but if Keegan is galloping up the pitch with the ball in hand popping scores over, there’s little his man can do about that.

    I will echo what others have said previously: Mayo have not had a consistent performance this year. There are flashes of brilliance, periods of excellent play, but we often play with an incoherency that makes me worry. Is there a plan? And more importantly, are we actually improving? I caught Spillane’s sniggering afterwards but I would have to agree with based on the evidence of today: I don’t see Mayo winning an All Ireland on this form. I don’t see them beating Kerry – that is, only if we can get past a youthful and energetic Roscommon.

    I’m loathe to criticise management again – I have in the past, particularly around the goalkeeper decision last year and the dropping of Boyle for “tactical reasons” against Galway – but I certainly will question them. What’s the plan after today? What have they learned and what will they focus on? How did Roscommon score 2-2 so early on? Why do Mayo start sluggishly so often this season? Can we keep clean sheets consistently? What is our attacking plan? Who is our best sweeper? Do we even need a sweeper? And most importantly, do they – the management – have what it takes to get the best of what is still an unbelievably talented group of players?

    After today, I am left with a lot more questions than answers. I only hope that after the replay, we will have the answers to those questions.

  41. If we can’t bayte the Rossies, how can we bayte Kerry or Dubbilin?? We can’t but…..

  42. If Mayo win the all ireland this year they will in just one season have dismantled the entire debate around a 2 tier championship…and for that all real GAA fans should be grateful. Great entertainment again today for the nuetral. Was perplexed to see COC revert to a game spending half it the wrong side of the 50…thought he had cracked the code last week in how he can be his most effective and dangerous. Genuinely think all those misses he had at the end were down to tiredness of running too much…
    Durkan was phenomenal as was Keegan – btw that’s one of the 2 own goals from last year repaid. His shot looked to be going both too high and too much wrong side of post until Ros back intervention. O shea not as good today but still delievrrrd some big moments. Ros young lads failed to spot the overlap in 2nd especially I thought…played too much up the middle.

    Overall think Ros missed their chance today…but maybe all these games will take its toll on Mayo yet l…who knows but thanks for the great enjoyment one way or the other.

  43. Unfortunately we have not developed strength in depth, so that any player on a day is replacable. Instead we make predictable calls, take Andy off…. mcstay won the battle on line, our management should not have moved Lee to full back line, he was our springboard, unbelievable..

  44. I’m sorry Willie Joe , but I genuinely have to say this

    I cannot understand for the kind of me how Ger Caff got a minute of game time today after the 5 games before today and what does he get 70 minutes

    Are management missing something that everyone else can see , the amount of scores that come off him is criminal

    The amount of people around me scratching there head wondering how he was left on so long, then to take boyler off criminal

    Loftus and parsons should have been on sooner

  45. McStay won it on the line and will again he next day because no doubt certain players will be left on again.

  46. SOS was poor that’s our main problem at the minute is midfield. I know only 4 points in the second half and 5 or 6 wides at the end to win it but if we are to challenge Kerry M/F needs to be rectified.
    Parsons was huge when he came in but with Barry Moran far from match fit this area needs to be addressed quickly.
    Again why was Boyle taken off when himself and Keegan steadied the ship in the first half.
    Hopefully it’s a case that Roscommon have missed their chance.

  47. Mayo appear to find it hard to ‘get up” for games against what may be regarded as ‘also rans’ Maybe its time to draft in Jim McGuinness for one or more of his ledgendry motivational clinics.

  48. Hi, Retired to Quinns pub at half timd for the tv and got a free coffee. All shouting for Mayo. Then listening on Radio did think the Rossies have lost the run of themselves. Shane Curran, Paddy the Barber etc.
    Still thouht Caff had improved and bottled up a player near the corner in the last couple of mins before being assisted and turning ball over. Yes he did slip once at leasr. Aido also had a big part in breaking a Ros attack and generally making a nuisance of himself. He did look tired.
    Doherty played out of position i think. Parsons good when he came on for Seamie, but that awful miss.
    Maybe now is the chance to give Conor Loftus and Evan Regan a start. Save. Andy. Lovely pic of Andy and Cregg after game.
    Once again Cillian reverted to. being all over the place and maybe the rest of his play suffered as pointed out by Billy Joe after Clare game. Even David Clarke found the ball difficult to hold and we seem to break ball for the Rossies
    I wil buy the adage that the Underdogs do not do as well in a replay.
    Another memorable day for all!
    Right now my own TV will do for Monday week.
    Colm Boyle did so much that he probably had to be substituted? Then Vaughan is very good too. Maybe rest those who were very tired today for the first half and see how it goes the next dsy.
    A one point win and we would all have a different story to tell.
    Another chance to take a chance.

  49. Galway perspective so caution advised.
    Boyle played great as Roscommon are far better than I thought and savage in the tackle. Ye look tired so I think Roscommon, if they improve from the game, will beat ye next week but I dont know if they will but its easier to see them improving as it appears there is no improvement left in Mayo. Feel ye needed the win today as Kerry are physically very strong.
    O Shea looks tired, Mcloughlin not in game enough, keegan should have got more ball, moran overplays it.
    Cant wait for next match and at least ye are still there not like Galway and their poor efforts at goal.

  50. Mayo Exile…we’ll need half a million for that;) But I’m very confident that he would have won at least one all Ireland with this bunch. I was also a very strong advocate of McStay getting the job after Horan. This season has proved his worth. County board haven’t a clue!!!!!

  51. All The prayers prayers on Croagh Patrick won’t enable us to bayte Ciarrai or the Dubs…we have the heart but not the players.

  52. Simple as. Lee black card against cork. Fresh today. Cork game showed its toll against the rest. They’re only human.

  53. Agree Mayonaze, but we are where we are.
    Rochford sounded dejected in the post game interview…thoughts?

  54. I told ye yesterday when I said I was worried about this one and people saying mayo my 7 and 8 points well sorry to say our legs won’t make it next week but what can u say

  55. Was at the game so didn’t hear Roch. Fuckin time for them to get a performance and quit the shite football. Yeah, we’ve heaps of heart and guts but that’s it. This Mayo team would have destroyed Ros 2/3 years ago… What’s wrong with them!?!

    Letting average teams nearly beat us.

    This squad have really good players. They owe it to themselves to sort out this mess.

  56. Are we postponing the inevitable? I wonder the same thing WJ. Maybe, just maybe they will realize its August and start playing real football again? After all, its only July and even Kerry haven’t started training yet 🙂

  57. Dreamysleepy – you need to calm down a bit. If you want to shout your head off, please do it somewhere else. I’ve given you a fair bit of latitude since the final whistle sounded but enough is enough. Wind it in, FFS.

  58. Don’t think mayo should expend energy training before the replay. Need to spend the next week getting the lads energy levels back to max and making sure they are fresh and feeling loose. Diet and rest for the week methinks.

  59. Lost in London
    You ask all the right questions.
    Yes nobody comes with any answers!!

    Its hard to believe that some of the smart well informed posters here will not reveal what is the underlying problem in Mayo football.?

    Mayo Football owe it to the county, the gaa and the country to perform consistently to its potential and to command the respect of every other county.

  60. Cheers Willie Joe for posting half my comment. Probably was a bit low with the second bit. Anyway Mc stay was always goin to his homework done on us today. 5 points in the replay but 1 will do. Onwards and upwards

  61. I thought todays game might have been a confidence builder for Caff, but it just didnt work out despite a few good touches. He has given great service, returned after a very serious injury, possibly too soon, but definitely needs a break, and a more gradual less presurising return to top flight football.

    Its a mystery whats going on with Parsons. If hes injured he should not be taking a place on panel…. will the management clarify their thinking for the great suppoeters mayo have, no they wont…

  62. I actually thought the defence was quite good today. We conceded 2-9 and the first goal was a fluke. Caff was better than I had seen him other days this year in my opinion. Our difficulties lay at the other end where our forwards scored 4 points and gave ball after ball away. Why we let Keegan stay full back marking an average player I will never know. He should have stayed midfield where he was destroying them

    I said last week that we are only postponing the inevitable and I still have that feeling now.

  63. Its hard to know what to make of the game today but in the end I think we were very lucky to get away with the draw. I could not believe yet another slow start and as for the beginning of the second half the less said the better.

    Last week Cillian was so effective because he stayed up nearer the goals. Today he was back to his bad habits of straying to far out with the result there was no one inside when Andy was winning ball. Speaking of Andy the treatment from the Roscommon fans was nothing short of a disgrace and they should hang their heads in shame. it was disgusting.

    Taking Colm Boyle of after 51 minutes when he was one of our better players was just stupid. We need a fully fit Tom Parsons and I hate to join the now very long queue but we need a change at full back.

    This team is still playing with great heart and courage but at the match today I could not help wondering if we have run out of oxygen and are playing on vapours and from memory. I would not even begin to call the replay at this stage but it is advantage Roscommon.

  64. Lost in London, Spillane would have been sniggering because we give him the chance to laugh at us . I travel back and forth from England to watch our games and today the GAA followers there laugh at Mayo . They laugh at our management dropping the best keeper in the country, they laugh at the way mayo fans just say it’s ok, the lads work hard and owe us nothing when they put in poor performances. Followers of teams like Kerry, Dublin don’t accept management decisions like that. They point out their problems, management and players and demand better, that’s why they win . Why would Splilane or any other mayo follower really believe we will win all Ireland?

  65. Can anyone shed any light on why the rossie who took down AOS with a high tackle didn’t get a straight red or at least a black???Was at match so didn’t see replay, maybe I missed something?….

  66. Agree Revellino – big challenge managing player recovery AGAIN this week. I felt we would be way too strong for them if we got the energy levels back for today, but clearly players were fatigued and it showed out there. Struggling and/or failing to beat second division teams all summer is not a good sign. The magic did not suddenly switch on today in Croke Park as many would have hoped. We are still in it but its hard to see where the performances and systems of play are going to come from that will make us a better team than last year. Look how easily Kerry brushed Galway aside without having get out of 2nd gear. I fear that next weekends reply will be a bridge too far for this exhausted looking group of players.

  67. Lads looked wrecked. Many of our players did not perform.
    I’d be reasonably confident of winning the next day. The extra days rest will do us no harm and the game today was only 76 minutes, and without extra time. Should we do that, we’ll have 2 weeks rest before the next one, but I don’t think either team playing on the Bank holiday Monday would be able to pull one over on Kerry.

  68. Yeah, Kerry are having a laugh at us..telling us supporters ye’ll never win an AI but at least yer great entertainment and great value for money. Such condescending crap, and we sometimes feed that narrative.

    Like I said before, the replay will be August and maybe then we’ll start playing real football.

  69. Yes Mister Mayor
    Mayo totally feed that narrative.

    Who in Mayo Football is responsible for protecting the integrity of Mayos reputation?
    County Board, Management, Other entities?

    Who’s responsibility is it?

  70. The difference in both sets of players leaving pitch told its own story,mayo looked tired and gloomy but Roscommon players were buzzing.I think Roscommon will move up another gear nxt week,drawing with mayo will give them confidence.Mayo have no positives to take home.Roll on next week!!!

  71. Jaysus. I see we have the arrival of some angry Bullshitters now, saying that we have a duty to the GAA to perform in a league match?.

    I think I’ll steer clear of this place till things calm down a little.

  72. Another heart stopper today .
    Think the qualifiers and extra time in matches is taking its toll on this wonderful team, and what great days we have had . Thought it very unsavory of the rosscommon fans to boo Andy , it was hard to listen to , I knew Lee keegan would play well he seems to relish Croke Park and what a first half he had , at the moment I feel roscommon have the momentum going into the replay however Mayo never fail to surprise me . Does anyone know why Tony mcentee is constantly running onto the pitch to the players , it must be very off putting .

  73. On ferry on way back that was harder days work than I expected. We were just hit and miss all over the field but I wouldn’t write us off just yet. What would you all be saying if we had put in a pathetic insipid performance like Galway. God only knows. If we are finished why not give up 7 points down but turn it around to get control yes gave it away again at start of second half. If we were the the tired team why was us created most if not all the chances at the end. Roscommon created one a free given to them in error when we had turned it over again. Don’t give up yet, on this performance which wasn’t great the team haven’t. Back again Monday week as I said it could be worse we could be gone like Galway.

  74. Gael Rossie, it’s yours for sure now. Mayo were out in their feet for final 20 mins and ye shudda taken us. 7 points up too in 1st half.

    What I would like to put to you and any other rossies who venture on here, can you explain the vile and consistent torrent of abuse your supporters directed at Andy Moran today?.. it came from every quarter of croke park, from young and old. I’ve been to a hell of a lot gaa games since the mid-80’s but never witnessed anything like this in gaa before.

  75. There should have been only 2 changes made today. Vaughan for Caff and Loftus for Andy. Taking Boyle out was stupid. Lads saying a week will sort out things is a joke.

  76. And let’s stop over hyping Kerry they are good enough at doing that themselves. As bad as Galway were how many times did they carve them open running down the middle at pace at them. They are not that good and are very beatable.

  77. Get a grip we are still there,a lot of posters remind me of English supporters, we will beat Ros,and then we can look at Kerry

  78. The team just look exhausted. If we have a panel it’s time to use them. Cork made 5 changes coming into the last qualifier game and it def improved them. Possibly it’s time for the likes of Kirby, nally, loftus, regan, COS to get a start.

  79. Kerry can be beaten by a powerful running team like Mayo; if confident.

    Question is can Mayo manage its way into the semi to play the game.

  80. Agree FDBinashui. Calm down all.
    Duty to GAA . MY GOOD GOD.
    All this team that has given so much of themselves and to our county. Has everyone forgotten the energy expended only a short week ago. By the way we’re still in it folks.
    At least it was an exciting game compared to that boring galway kerry game. Chill a bit.
    Stephen may have made mistakes but it’s all part of the games decisions on the day.
    We live to see another game. God willing.

  81. Andy Moran. Your a star and a hero for Mayo football and a hero to me.
    The disrespect shown today was despicable by so called Ros supporters. Should be ashamed of themselves to even call themselves supporters.

  82. The Rossies got a dream start, collectively shite themselves for 50 minutes and scraped a draw against a team with its main players underperforming. McStay’s move with Keegan was a smart one and should have been counteracted, sacrificing the player of the year who’d just scored 1-3 on a average player was nuts. As we’ve learned over the years, you get one chance when your the underdog and after the adrenaline leaves them, the Rossies will know they’ve blown their chance. I’m not surprised there was crowd trouble, when they got the goals I witnessed grown Roscommon supporters screaming in kids faces taunting them.

  83. Kirby and Nally must be playing pure muck in training OR just pissed management off! Kirby is big and can take a score. Nally is a solid defender. Is have him ahead of drake any day. Coen did v little when introduced too. Like I said already, our substitutions made us weaker. If your a team with title ambitions then this cannot happen.

    I know we’ve said it so many times but I think management need to let Andy come in for the last 25 mins the next day. Chances are the game will be tight.

    Our midfield isn’t dominating do we need Kev and Doherty winning breaking ball. Maybe start Vaughan too. He has the legs.

    Management need to freshen things up. Same oul won’t work and if it does it’ll have us crippled ahead of a semi final.

  84. Mayonaze,regards the heckling of Moran it was by certain section of fans mainly based in northwest Roscommon,I remember only a few short years ago Frankie Dolan been on the end of Mayo venom!!!!either way It has no place at games.As regards match mayo looked flat,Rochford was slow making decisions,mcstay read the game quickly and rochford was slow reacting to Roscommon switches
    Even if we lose replay,we are heading in right direction with a young team.The real winner 2day was Kerry

  85. Not sure why so many were predicting before this game that Mayo would win by 5 to 7 points? Cork,Derry drew with Mayo after 70 mins and those teams aren’t as good as Roscommon and Galway beat mayo they proved today and in the Connacht final they aren’t as good as the rossies.

    The last championship meeting between the two when Roscommon were a division 3 team pushed Mayo all the way. The warning signs was there lads and only for lee Keegan scoring 1-3 from half back we would be talking about a defeat right now.

  86. When advocates of player remuneration justify their reasoning they cite the players’ time on the training field & in the gym, implying that player prep is akin to professional footballers.
    Strange then that as prof footballers are often required to play 2 games per wk, fatigue is now being cited as a major contributor to Mayo’s lacklustre display today, despite an eight-day interval. Had we put away scoring opportunities as they arose today, fatigue would be subservient to elation & satisfaction.
    While its tempting to jump on the bandwagon school-of-thought which preaches that consistently high performane levels are neccessary to go all the way – that aint neccesarily so. Each game assumes or is allowed to assume a dynamic of its own, which may or may not be a predicator of future performance. Stumbling through is not ideal but it gets the job done, its our performance on the ultimate day that has been so problematic. So lets embrace survival & grasp the moment in Sept

  87. All – clearly my plea earlier on didn’t get through. I’ll make another one: tone down the comments or I’ll tone down those of you who seem unable to take this message on board.

  88. Gael Rossie, I know Frankie and plenty of the kiltoom boys, never heard of that and there’s very few Mayo v Ros games I’ve missed. Never heard Mayo support abusing a player as systematically as what happened today and it was really just a follow on from the welcome he and the Mayo team received in the fbd league game earlier this year. I’ll leave it at that.

    Agree that McStay won the line this afternoon and is building a young energetic side. Wonder what GAY Sheerin is thinking this evening about Mayo men on the rossie line….

  89. What they say if it matters so much to you what anyone says about our team why don’t you find a different sport. What a load of bollocks to say this team owes anyone anything.

  90. I would like to think last weeks match was in the legs today and is responsible for a lacklustre 2nd half.whether 9 days is enough to freshen us up is the question to be answered.ros talented up front but very naive.a more experienced outfit would have beaten us easily.parsons badly missed but hopefully back for next day.cillian and andy cant be as poor again and most of all we need to shut those booing ignoramuses up .why o why do we replace 2 half forwards with 2 half backs?

  91. @WhatTheySay – you’ve had your say on here for today after what you said earlier on. Take a hike, this isn’t the place for you.

  92. Firstly today was the first day my health was good enough to attend a game this year and o thoroughly enjoyed both games. I had my 9 year old son with me and he has now seen Mayo play 7 times at HQ and never loose.!
    So what did I think of games. Dublin to win AL. !
    Mayo were out on their feet in the 2nd half. Tactics I want understand. Why the ball into the corner instead of continuing straight through the middle. It cost us a couple of scores in first half when we were on top.
    Two man FF line very in effective in 2nd half . Np runners coming through to support. The guys were swallowed up all the time. When Andy went off COC totally on his own. CL never got into game. Last 5 shots from COC all wide but I wouldn’t blame him. He had no support.
    Ger Caff confidence totally shot. He was constantly following his man around today and not proactive in the game.
    Boyle presumably not able for full 70 anymore. Surely then use him as impact sub.
    Higgins Keegan duncan immense.
    Replay verdict. Rod to learn more and kick on…

  93. Well done to Lee Keegan who today became the leading scorer in the history of the championship for a defender, overtaking Kerry’s Tomas O’Se. Congrats to him.

  94. when you think about who would put a fella who scored 1-3 in the first half back in the FB line?

    Then Cafferkey who is completely gone at the moment keeps getting selected

  95. Pateen Spillane contradicted himself after the match
    First he said it was a poor match and later he said it was entertaining and edge of seat stuff

  96. The standard was poor. Loads of wide, sloppy passing etc. It was exciting but not good in terms of quality. That’s probably what Spillane meant.

  97. I understood from all the so -called experts that we had a very strong bench this year and that would make the difference later on the season. Well so far I haven’t seen any evidence of such a bench, in fact, I would go as far as to say, our substitution other than a few exceptions never seems to have the desired effect on the team’s performance, almost as if they didn’t know what their role in the team is meant to be. It could also be telling us that, outside of the fifteen or so players that have brought us on such a mad journey in recent years, there is a worrying shortage of talent on the horizon. Right now though the guys understandably look tired and drained and probably know deep down that an All Ireland is probably out of their reach, yet they keep fighting as only they know how, pride in the jersey, pride in the County and most of all pride in themselves.

  98. AOS COC SOS and others all looked extremely tired today. They’ve put in trojan effort over the last few weeks and years, however we should not be in this position. Sideline calls from management team have been poor from the outset and quality young players not coming through quick enough for some reason. Can’t see AI in this team this year but only hope it’s not the rossies who put us out! Great blog site WJ.

  99. Willie Joe,
    I think the first two sentences of your article sum up the day, supporters feelings and the Championship season so far. There is nothing more to be said.

    PS: the blog is great. I work at sea and have managed to be away for all of the championship and most of the league games so far this year. However between the articles and comments I get a fairly accurate picture of what has been going on.

  100. How did the Ros player who clothes-lined AOS escape a card, black or red? Anyone???

  101. We owe it to this team to far outweigh the Roscommon support in both noise and attendance in the reply.

  102. The Roscommon supporters today were an embarrassment and disgraced themselves. The ones in my area spent as much energy heckling Mayo players as they did cheering on their. I’ve never come across anything like them today – serious chip on the shoulder.

    I don’t know how the lads keep going.
    I heard on Midwest notices that there is a service for David Gavin on Tuesday :-(.

    I hope we can make all the right calls next week & do want ever it is that needs to be done to that rubbish I had to listen to today.

  103. I don’t normally feel the need to comment because often times someone covers the topics I was going to bring up. I hope I do not appear as someone who only appears on less positive days to make things worse.

    I noticed our sweeper repeatedly contests the high ball with the defender as opposed to waiting to scoop up a loose ball. Anybody else notice this?

  104. Every player does their best when they take the pitch. Maybe some days things don’t go the way they want but they always try their damndest. I’m as proud of mayo today for their effort as I have been after any game they have played up till now. Any mayo player should be able to read this blog and have the feeling after reading any of the comments that the whole county is behind them. If the team cracked as.quickly as some of the people who have commented on here we would be out of the champinship weeks ago. Again I’ll congratulate Mayo on the massive intensity and effort they have put in once again today. It’s easy to pull daggers on a blog. It takes real men to put in the.effort that mayo did today. There is no problem rating a players performance but no player deserves anything but respect especially from their own fans. All we want is 100% effort from our players and.fair play to them we get it Everytime. I’m honoured to have this team go out and represent me as a mayo man and I’m as proud of them this evenimg as I’ve ever been up till now. Fickleness wont win too many games so let’s get positive and not forget everything this great team has given us. For.the fair weather supporters, why don’t yea book a flight from knock and head to sunnier climes for.the.replay and maybe the attitudes might have improved on your return. I’ll be sticking by my team through thick and thin. Mayo till I die.

  105. Willie Joe I’m going to have to comment on a few things if you don’t mind as a neutral Galway man.
    1. I was sitting right opposite the pick off the ground, the mayo man sitting beside me called it before the ref blew.
    2. The booing of Andy Moran was disgraceful.
    3. The boing of Donie Smith wh n he was taking a free was disgraceful.
    4. The “supporters” shouting abuse at Ger Cafferkey who has given up to a decade inter county service were disgraceful.

    I made a comment last year on here about McHale Park after Galway won and how I was proud my son got to see the mayo people shaking our hands and wishing us well. That same young lad was with me today and some of the stuff he heard from grown me was outrageous. This is not Celtic/Rangers and never will be. If you don’t enjoy these games stay at home no matter what your county is.

  106. These players must be physically emotionally and mentally shattered now. Would it be out of the question for rochford to let them have a team bonding night out now and a few pints and release some tension

  107. I have to say as a mayo fan huge credit has to go to Roscommon people are just saying that mayo where bad both sides contributed to a very entertaining contest anyone who questions this team throws cheap shots at this team should be thrown off this page it’s the typical to go after management but there human and make mistakes we’re still there

  108. Good man, Big Mike. Its a sport, and we should be sporting. If you are narrow and unsporting, stay at home and off here.

  109. I will start positively by saying Ros beat galway by 9 and Kerry then beat galway by 8. So if we beat Ros then that little stat gives me some hope. Roscommon are connaught Champs after all and their team deserves respect. I do not believe kerry are the great team they are made out to be. This team have an AI that was handed to them in ’14 by o Reilly ànd Walsh and Donaghey still playing for them??
    Why are opposing players allowed to run uncontested to our 45m line before they meet resistance?
    Why are our primary scorers (coc) expected to be tackling back in defence and then get on end of moves to take scores? It’s very hard to do.
    I lay no blame at sos as he is a big unit and needs time to recover in order to be effective In his position. This is where we should be giving the squad players game time and trusting them to do a job. Will things change the next day -I for one very much doubt it. I bet I could predict 13 of the 15 to start next week. Any chance of us doing what gavin did in AI replay last year by mixing it up? I doubt it. We have a fantastic bunch of players but it feels like someone is pulling on the reins on them and is afraid to take a chance.

  110. That was a poor performance.

    The killer is we have failed to win 3 championship games out of 6. Not sure how we will compete with the best out there.

    Our sideline dont seem to have a plan and are not lining us up to our strengths. Tough to see a Mayo man outthink us. I imagine a new man will be in charge in 2018.

    We need to look to our pride and win this replay but competing with Kerry….. very very hard to see.

    Much of what we are doing is shambolic. Clarkes kickouts terrible. We have big men. Ros choked. Time to kick the fucking thing long at times.

    Look to our strengths!!

    Also think it is crazy we are all being dragged back to Dublin.

    As for McQuillan. Shocking. Maurice Deegan the man who thinks he is a star and panders to what the media say will no doubt return for replay

  111. Hi all.
    I am a long time reader of the site always enjoy reading the comments and the mayo point of view , even though I am a Dub with no connection to Mayo bar holidays etc.Think subconsciously that Mayo are my 2nd team.
    Have a slight fear now of how many times the players can keep going back to the well. Looked a bit tired today? I always come on for a read after big games and when they dont perform I nearly want to comment myself as I would be fuming with players, management, decisions and want this done or that player picked or why didn’t this happen etc but dont feel it would be my place as I am not a Mayo man.
    Always pleasantly surprised by the team owes us nothing comments. The understanding that is shown is fantastic. It is great credit to the Mayo people, don’t think I could do it myself. I’d be ranting and raving and wanting him off and him on and this done and that done, all done now!!
    I’ll be shouting for (and at) Mayo until they meet Dublin.
    Enjoy the replay and good night lads.

  112. In fairness WJ, I was in the Cusack stand right in front of the pick up in the last minute for smiths free. It was 100% the correct decision he didn’t even try put his foot under it. I actually thought it was Stephen Coen at the time but maybe I’m
    Wrong. Regardless of the player, it was the right call by the ref.

  113. Some days it must feel so good to be a Mayo footballer, tomorrow might not be one of those day. This is one replay we could have done without, the winning of this match was in our hands in those closing minutes, three bad wides when it seemed easier to score, but they must go again. Fuck me pink, where do they keep finding the energy and willpower to keep going? Next Monday will tell a tale, will it be the young Roscommon bucks who will march on or we our brave solders land one more blow – a game not to be missed.

  114. I think it was Stephen Coen that was penalised for picking the ball off the ground. The referee didn’t see it but the linesman told him, so he was a bit late blowing it. I definitely thought it was a free. How Keegan was left in the fullback line for 25 minutes of the second half was beyond me. I,d say McStay couldn’t believe it worked and our fellows couldn’t see it!!

  115. WJ!
    I really think you SHOULD go for that pint and press the off button on the blog until the morning when you can sort through some of the muck being posted in the moderation box.
    I think some of our underperforming was due to fatigue but some also to a huge work rate by the Rosie’s.

  116. Think the replay might be on the cartoon network. Tha tha tha thats all folks.
    Think I might throw on a pizza. Anyone want a slice.

  117. God damn better be on terrestrial TV James Fleming or I’ll be kicking chairs and firing cups

  118. Lads I wouldn’t be as pessimistic for the replay as some people are. The pressure and hype is now on Ros and let’s see how they handle it. They will be favourites. I would start Vaughan, Parsons and Loftus for replay instead of Cafferkey, SOS and DOC. Don’t know what has happened to DOC but he doesn’t look right- physically he looks thin and frail and to me he looks like a player that is drained. Give him a break and bring him on with 20 mins left. Keep the faith and get to Croke Park Monday week.

  119. Thought we had sorted ourselves after Roscommon went up 2-2 but start of the second half they came out and really took control. Our lads look lethargic it’s hard to see us making an impact beyond the replay should we make it through.

  120. Not long home, missed the Sunday Game, .. The ref was worth a few points to the Rossi today.. Read several comments.. Seems to me that, patience is running thin.. Keep the cool lad’s and lassies… I will watch the whole match again and know more, like last week it was an emotional rolacoaster of a match.. Huge crowd, colour and noise…. It’s a big job for Mayo to recover and get their mind’s right for tommorow week.. The way I see it, that excuse for a ref, hope he never ref’s a Mayo match again. I know that I may be biased when at a big match, but I was listening to the match in an earpiece while at the match, and they were far from impressed with the ‘Joe Show’ as they called it. Hopefully the referee assessor will have a look at the video of the match.. If they do, that should end McQuillian career as a ref. But I know that won’t happen , Open season on AOS again today… Told ye I was bringing a packet of Disperin to the match.. Because I knew we would have to beat the Ref and the Rossi, we were only good enough today to draw with Rosscomm, with the Ref Dublin Joe playing a stormer for Roscommon.. Hopefully Parson’s will be available to start, hopefully Cillian will finish the chances like he can,… Felt like a loss driving home, until we had something to eat and you’d be surprised what a bit of grub can do to your outlook, much more positive now… If. Mayo gets a good start, the Rossi won’t hold us..

  121. Willie Joe, you are providing an outstanding service to all emotional Mayo fans, a lot of steam being let off tonight.

    I think you were a bit harsh on the ref, I know he has form but I don’t think he hurt us today.

  122. @WillyJoe: you’ve the patience of Jobe putting up with some of the lads on here. Well done on another great match report. This team is on its last legs but may have 1 (or hopefully more) last kick left in it. All we need to do next week is get over the line. Today’s game was a freak it that Mayo were jaded and Ros were on a high. We’ll beat then next weekend and have 2 weeks to prepare for Kerry. Hon Mayo

  123. Calm down lads….. it is what it is. Sleep on it and thanks WJ for the analysis

  124. Watching the replays on the TV it looked as though two of our scores might have been wide.

    Did they look close to anybody else?

  125. Heads up and keep going, that’s what the team & We have to do now.
    As a few above have said, it could be worse, look at Galway, brutal match & still waiting on a championship win in Croke Park 16 years later.

    Great piece Willie Joe, so soon after the game, fair play to you, that is a talent.

  126. Look …I think we are good enough to beat the Rossies the next day ..that’s as far as we will go but I’d love to quieten them … Just one point .its not OK to single out players for over the top ..which is totally correct but OK to criticise the management’s every decisions.. They to are human and like players and make mistakes . just saying …roll on next Monday week and I will be there again roaring on our bucks

  127. MayoMchale or Mayonaze, I think you have read it correctly. Our substitutions, apart from the odd one, make us weaker.
    I thought we had the attack sorted after the Cork game but maybe a bit of fatigue an AOS not having the freedom to switch between the middle and the full forward line took the edge away.

  128. We were tired and there was fuck all movement up front compared to last week hence no scores and we took some shots that were poor attempts.Caff pace not there I really dont inderstand why he is being left there.A lot of lads did not show up today .On the Rossie supporters.I have been to at lot of games and never had any hassle with any bar maybe some Dub fans but the booing of Moran and a few lads behind me were out of line big time.They looked like lads who just jumped on the bandwagon and were up for the piss up.

  129. We survived and are still in it, I think Stephen Rochford built his entire campaign to face kerry in the semi and Dublin Final. He may be guilty of taking the eyes off the ball against Derry and Cork. I just think we were tired today to be honest. A fair excuse. I feel he doesn’t want to show his real game plan until he has too. He has something up his sleeve for the semi and Final. Granted if we lose next week this theory will be a moot point. I admire this team immensely and thrilled with the great joy they have brought us. I came aboard the Mayo train in 1985 and have been a passionate fan ever since.

    Ps : Willie Joe thanks for this great website. It is invaluable as a resource especially as I live outside the country.

  130. AOS in midfield with his brother robs us of an attacking option and he doesn’t really have the mobility to cover around big Seamie for the full 70.
    Parsons seems to be a better fit but…….

  131. Jaysus Willie Joe. Its lively in here tonight.

    Okay. History shows that the underdog in hurling and football nearly always only gets one shot at it. If you are 3/1 odds, you have to take down Kilkenny, Kerry Dublin and in todays case Mayo on the first day. Todays 3/1 underdogs were 7 pints up and let it slip. They missed their chance. We ourselves as underdogs have painfully witnessed this many times in replays over the years v Kerry/Dublin.

    To hear booing like that of a player in Croke Park is beyond words. What would Dermot Earley have made of that?

    Tactics on our sideline. I dont know. It seems there are some awful blunders made with some of the calls. I cant see the logic in many of them.

    Lee Keegan. What a man. If only he was let play to his potential. It will be criminal if this man reaches the end of his career without ever cliimbing the steps of the Hogan. A distinct possibility now.

    Kerry were the real winners today. They took out one Connacht representative and then sat back and watched the other two run themselves into the ground.

  132. I wonder does Stephen R have a plan…. Flog the old reliables to get to final then unleash young guns onto unsuspecting opponents and win AI. I wish, like other posters, that belief in newer players was more in evidence, as with Armagh last night. We have seen good play by Loftus, Coen and earlier in league, Boland and Kirby, yet when their input is required they are staying bench-side until it becomes urgent. Surely they are gelling well at training and given a chance could do so in Croke Park? Rest the legs boys and re-ignite the belief. the

  133. Willie Joe, I think you still have your doubts about the management, no more than myself probably and a few of the recent results might be in spite of rather than because of the direction from the line.
    Thought they got it right for Cork and, not for the first time, tried to be a little clever today and it didn’t work.
    They seem a bit frozen and slow when things start to go wrong.
    To be fair, there aren’t really any game breakers on the bench .

  134. James Fleming. Why do you ask if the replay is on TV. Just be there yourself. I wonder will the gaa reduce the ticket price

  135. Yes mayomaningalway I agree the booing of Andy Moran and also Donie smith not nice with young children and old people in the crowd
    Teabags in every county and maybe €5.80 lager lot to do with
    Draw was a fair result
    The Rte crows nest at half time could not get over the Rossies forwards walking around instead of making chances off the ball
    Leroy got man of the match
    As someone that didn’t go I couldn’t tell
    Who brought the most supporters

  136. For the second game in a row we lost both throw ins. Lost all 4 in cork game. I know it’s only two possessions but both lead to scores for Ross. At each throw in today the Ross player just runs straight into aiden without even looking at the ball. The ref could not be any closer. Just on another point, coc’s late free from long range that went short, on a dry day maybe but at the end of a hard match , wet ball and ur radar is off , it was always going to be a low percentage shot, surly we could work a simple one two or a training ground move to get a shot off from a better distance. Dublin have done this on numerous occasions. It’s only a small thing but can be the difference in tight games. Also agree with posters above, when you replace forwards with backs it reduces ur scoring options late in the game. Think we had only 3 forwards left on in the end.

  137. I must be losing my mind. I left there today thinking that Caf played well! About to rewatch, maybe it’ll set me straight.

    Didn’t hear the abuse he got but a good friend of mine said it was vile.

    Not only a great servant to Mayo football, but an absolute gent to boot. He doesn’t deserve or need that shite

  138. Wasn’t in Croker today, watched it in holiday land and was surrounded by Rosie’s, galwies, Kerrie’s, dubs and ever one else shouting against mayo. Thought from the very start the the ref was shite, if aos is blocked from competing for the throw in is that not a 3rd mAn tackle? Would not be caffs biggest fan but thought he did ok? Why was boyler taken off? Thought the lads looked leg weary today, don’t think sideline helped any. Leeroy, Higgins, boyler, Harry, Barrett, battled, thought Andy, cillian, diarmuid, in fact all the forwards were a little lost. Not sure anymore. But look, on a positive note, we have been in better positions and lost all Ireland’s, maybe from the depths????

  139. Drink should not be sold inside croker or any other sports ground imo. It does not add to the atmosphere at all but attracts troublemakers who are event goers not gaa fans. Re mcquillan. The dublinjoe is a misnomer based on the deserved free given in 2011. He sent off McCauley and black carded bastick in 2015 semi hardly the actions of a Dublin biased ref. He s basically a poor ref all around.

  140. I feel the Rossies are a team on the way up & us on the way down. we can still win the replay. Our sideline was terrible–why bring in adefender -Drake- instead of an attacker. What has Kirby got to do to get some game time?

  141. What was the last replay we’ve won? Laois 1/4 2006?
    Team that learns the most tends to win. We never learn.

  142. On couch completely flaked after that trip. Why take off Boyler?, are we subbing forward for backs, our forward half of the field looked very depleted toward the end, substitutions are baffling, I know u gotta go with what u have on the bench but as stated before there are other options on the bench, WJ take the lads with you and let them have a pint a bit of R and R might do them the world of good

  143. Decent game. My genreal opinion is poor…Can’tbe the only person thinking this………….We prob should have lost and at that if we win will NOT beat Kerry…not a hope. Our lads don’t look like they have it in them. I just (for the first time I hope I’m wrong) cannot see them beating Kerry not today not next week nor next month.

    Are we just waiting for a beating?lets be honest?!

    Kerry didnt leave 3rd gear today and still hammered Galway. If Mayo got into forth we would be lucky to beat Galway by two.

    Is this a great Ros team or a poor Mayo one? Only the Kerry game will tell…………..

    I sad’y feel like our days are numbered….Even with a win…Really hope I’m wrong but does anyone see a brighter light?

    We cannot even dream to beat Kerry at those standards.

    They will be licking their lips. As i see it, an easy semi for them to a final with TYrone/Dublin or Mon(who I do believe both have it in them to beat the Dubs)

    Lets be honest, are we Kerry beaters? At these standards we will be lucky to beat the kildare’s and the Armagh’s pf the world.

  144. Let’s face it. Roscommon have a pretty decent team now and k mcstay has done a fine job bringing them on. Cannot be relying on Lee to get 1-3 again the next day. Our backs scored 1-6 and we put over 2 frees. Take that 1-8 from the total scored and that means all our forwards scored 4 points from play. Just need to up the contribution up front. Surely any forward should be able to contribute a.couple of points from play over the course of a game. Think it’s unfair to expect a young lad to do if he’s brought on with only over 10 minutes to play. If there are 3 rossies marking aos when he has the ball that means there are 2 men without markers. Really need to start making this count and offer aos an easy offload option when they have him shackled. We’ll be alright in the.replay but we have to really get the tactics sorted and we need all our forwards contributing on the scoreboard. Working hard for the team is fine but there is a simple reason for naming players 10 to 15 and.that’s to put the ball over the crossbar. To guarantee your jersey for the following match the forward should be putting a couple over the bar and assisting in scores. If it’s not happening then you have to try new blood for the next match. I know it sounds like a big ask but if you want to keep improving these are the targets that you set. I think for the replay the 2 least contributing forwards from today should start on th .bench the next day. WJ maybe you should.have a poll to see who the fans think the starting forwards for the replay. Think the likes of c Loftus deserves more.than 10 minutes. He.reads the game well and scores when given time on the pitch. Thought that was what the game was all about. Okay Rant over.

  145. Ger 71.

    I’m a huge GAA fan and love a few drinks at a match and go to most games ( abroad atm) but I don’t understand the comment.

    Roudy beer jar lads are not any addition but they are a huge minority. But to stop pints is just in my OP fascist stuff. Surely we should have the option and throw out those who are to messy.

  146. Just home and we are still alive
    This team are giving us day after day of entertainment and I love them for it!
    Proud of Caff today ……he could have hid after the intense criticism he endured all week from friend and foe alike but he attacked every ball from minute one. He slipped a few times like many more but he never his.
    He summed up that team and I was rooting for him all game to be quite honest !

    A poor day at the office for many and we badly missed Parsons mobility around the middle

    I firmly believe we will win the replay

    I won’t get into any criticisms of management or players bar one

    The substitution of Boyle on the 50 minute mark again today drove me daft!!!!! I don’t care what the GPS was saying my eyes were telling me he was still flying and our second best player
    It’s like preplanned now and has to stop

    That’s it’s
    Up Mayo

  147. Tks onedub above. Appreciate your comment.
    We are Mayo and in it together no matter the outcome. To our immense brave lads thank you for this incredible era of Mayo football.

  148. Km79..Honestly these substitutions would test the patience of a Saint..It is now almost every game that players are taken off and supporters are left scratching their heads,baffled..Brother in law reckoned weeks ago that Rochford had pre planned when substitutions would be made and I thought he was way off..Now however…

  149. I dont know what all you Bloggers on this site think but I for one thinks that the abuse that players are getting nowadays is a disgrace. The awful attack on Aidan O’Shea’s commitment by a ‘Know All’ pundit ,the verbal battering that Ger Cafferky took from the RTE panel on the Sunday Game last week was scandalous, the abuse directed at Any Moran today was completely wrong, the abuse that Cilian O’Connor got on social media was criminal and then some A..H… from Roscommon came on the Marty Squad at around 6.45pm today and basically launched a verbal tirade at Lee Keegan that was bordering on character assassination . I think its time for us Bloggers, The Mayo Management and County Board to defend these guys who have been marvelous ambassadors for Mayo Football and hit back at these disgraceful attacks by these ‘morons’ by verbally lambasting them. I really think its a disgrace.


  150. Apologies for the earlier comment on Rochford Willie Joe. It Was out of order – frustration getting the better of me after what I consider another questionable display from the sideline.

  151. Two angles on the replay, one is we didn’t play 100+ mins today and won’t flag as badly and the other is young Rossies will gain confidence and no longer fear us. Both probably true so it could be close again. I think Rossies wasted some half decent chances especially in 1st half.
    I think Diarmaid needs to be dropped. He covers a lot of ground and so does Jason Doc but at present neither looks to be adding enough in attack. Kevin Mc on the other hand continues to play clever, run clever, sweep when needed and win some aerial ball.
    We will probably beat the Rossies if Keegan kept in any sort of advanced role and if Parsons fit to start.

  152. Agreed mayo mark, I too thought caff did well today,but after reading comments am beginning to doubt myself.. can somebody clarify for me, did lee remain in the fullback line for entire second half, marking smith or did he eventually come back out to half back.? General tone here very negative, but I feel after an absolutely dream start Roscommon still couldn’t beat us and or so called,old and tired legs. Think we def need Tom on the field he adds so much… a lot of or forwards not on song today, slight improvement is all that’s needed. You really have to admire this group of players, never know when they’re beaten. Up mayo….

  153. For replay I would try to find a role for Kirby, Nally (or Cos) and maybe Regan. If Regan and Loftus not doing enough either in training or for club then our sub on should be Dillon. We know Loftus can goal and point but there is no way he provides an out ball the way Andy does.
    Andy went for some scores no really high percentage in the weather conditions.
    Cillian coming back deep is leadership trying to disposses Rossies and be a good captain so we need others to step up so Cillian can stay advanced and keep legs a bit more for late frees.

  154. Some of the posters on here should be ashamed themselves Maybe they should join the classy Rossie contingent and start booing our own players We all know unless we are pure thick that some of the players didn’t play well today but we also know that they all gave everything they had Some the come on here after every match moaning about something And Mayo88 feel free to stay at home I doubt if you will be missed Since 2011 this team have given their all and owe nothing to anyone They are coming to the end of the line and should be celebrated If you think otherwise then decamp to Reservoir Dubs They are looking for new recruits

  155. For replay definitely wouldn’t start Loftus, think Regan is a better out ball than Loftus if Andy weren’t to start.
    Parsons may well have hamstring but believe he was brought on simply because Mayo would be out of championship without his introduction. Hope the bit of game time and any physio means he can play 35+ the next day.
    Half forward would have Keegan and Keith for the 2 DOCs or else Kirby or Nally if we only bring one of the other 2 forward. Keith looks a good sweeper so give him 12 shirt.
    Dublin Joe is an awful slow man with the whistle and allows hard illegal hits but Diarmaid got away today with one missing the ball and hurting the man which should have been Ros scorable free and possibly a yellow. Joe
    also gave a free against a Mayo player who legitimately punched the ball very low down out of the hands off a Ros player picking ball of ground. It’s frustrating for supporters of any County to see so many reffing mistakes.

  156. I’ll chip in on Caff debate, it’s a specialist position and don’t think he played badly (open to correction). If we do replace him just 3 options.. Coen, Donie or Drake. Preference for Donie but Caff may remain our best option. Question is would any of the other 3 deal with Donaghy.

  157. Really one would have to question some of the decisions taken during the match:-
    -Why was Boyle substituted so early?
    -Why was Parsons not brought on earlier, he had a big impact when he came on?
    -Why was Keegan sent back to Full Back when someone else could have picked up Smith?
    -Why was Vaughan not in earlier, the open spaces of Croke Park suit him.

    Aside from this , we will win replay as COC, DOC KMcL and AOS wont play as badly again.

  158. Hi I just want to make a few points about today’s games. I am a loyal Mayo supporter. the Mayo team did there best, Just things did not go right for them today. We all have off days and they are only human likes us all. They will do there best in the replay and hopefully with lots of rest, they will be physically and mentally well on the day. I think the treatment of Andy Moran was horrible and cruel and should not be allowed in any sport. Shame on anyone who does this, ye should stay at home. Andy Moran should be given the respect he deserves. He has helped Mayo in a lot of matches, and scores points as well. He does his best. Andy deserves his place, but would like to see him finishing a match, so maybe start him during the match. He is a calm, respectful of the opposition. Also Galway tried there best, I would like to say don’t give up, ye will be back again someday. From a loyal Mayo supporter.

  159. To post positively but with a severe dollop of told you so. Today for the first time we seen Lee Keegan at midfield and in one half he came away with 1-3. Every time this point about us trying Lee at midfield came up on here over the last few years the debate would get two posts in before “Lee is the best wing back in the game crazy to change that”.
    So then, crazy as it was it stopped us going out of the championship today. Lee’s greatest ever game for Mayo. We should have kept him driving on from midfield. Especially that their centre back was on a yellow.
    If Tom Parsons is fit the next day it will help a lot. Bring SOS on from the bench rather than starting.
    Ger Caff I don’t think it is fair having him out there as he just seems off the pace of it. Outmuscled or a yard off. When he got bowled over by Cian Connolly I think it was it didnt look great.

  160. I was sat in 303 cusack lower. From where I sat it looked like a pick up to me. Have not watched game back to confirm.

    We looked very leggy today, with the exception of #ThingsLeeDid & a couple of others. God, Lee was stupendous. He is motoring as good as he has all year and to score 1-3 was unreal. I thought Keith was excellent too.

    I also think Caff had s good game.

    So frustrating not to win, but at least we are getting our best man onto the ball at the end of games. Yes, today they did not go over for Cillian but I remember the days when Mayo were a point down & we’d be lumping scud missiles in on top of little David Nestor.

    I think in Croker its hard for hardcore to stand out/be heard or maybe there is just one too many sunglass wearing event junkies going to Croker. I was even told to shut up by one of our own after just ten minutes. I told him where to go fairly lively & when I challenged him after the FT whistle i was told “i don’t like that oul shouting”. I politely advised him to stay at home the next day.

    The booing of Andy was a disgrace. Soccer type shite from Roscommon. They should be worrying they’ve missed their chance because i’ll tell you now, we’re gonna kick the shite out of then in the replay. Up Mayo

  161. Shuffly Deck, what you say as regard’s, who amongst our panel would be effective against Donaghy may very well be correct… Donaghy will not be playing for Roscommon next day out… And if we don’t keep that in mind, we will be watching on the Telly, as to what Kevin McStay decides to do to curb the talent’s of the Austin Stacks man… Mayo should concentrate on making a good start… Let’s make the Rossi try to play catch up!

  162. Ger Caff had two weak incidents for a full back. His tackle in the lead up to one of the goals did not put Murtagh under pressure and the ball was taken past him and laid off to the scorer.
    Second half he got bowled over by Cian Connolly near the sideline. The ball went upfield for a point.
    He had a few shadowings but won very little ball despite the ball being kicked to our D/Square several times.

  163. Actually there was a third incident with him giving up a scored free close to goal push in the back.

  164. Management let us down again today. Team set up is a shambles. This is not good enough for this team. Cost us an All Ireland last year and all over the place in terms of team set up this year!

  165. The one good news for Monday next mcquillan won’t be the ref, watch Brolly and co when I came home singing the praises of ref, I didn’t see it that way, very anti mayo in my opinion. I would like to see loftus on from start, not sure about Stephen coen, he is getting it very hard to get into games, I thought caf did fine especially in 2nd half.
    But on yesterday’s performance neither team will progress past Kerry

  166. I think calling all and sundry in the management team a shambles is a bit harsh ! As said by a poster earlier we managed to create the chances to win the game by a score or two .. unfortunately players didn’t execute.

    Management are far from perfect and I’m not seeing much progress from last year but you need to take scores you create ..

    I’m putting a lot of it down to tiredness, no matter how good your conditioning lots of the players are now carrying niggles and minor injuries game to game. The recovery time is short, and I assume the team are only getting a three quarter pace pitch session or two before each game .. hard to work on too much, so expecting major tactical or systems changes game to game is probably unrealistic.

    Also spare a thought for the lads with full-time jobs. For the teachers and students, at least they can be all but professional in the Summer, but a lot of those lads are now under a bit of pressure at work with all the time off this last month has required. Can you imagine trying to do what they do. I’m in bits from just going to the games in the last month .. never mind playing in them !

    I think if we do get over Rossies and we have a two week break at least we can let a few tired legs rest, injuries clear up and get some time to work on a few solutions to the Kerry game plan.

    We are still in this .. just hope we can take our scores the next day and we will win it

  167. The main area management has failed is in terms of being brave with the transition to the younger players.
    I have seen the players below in action up to recent and I believe some of them were good enough for our current bench. Our current bench is really bar Stephen Coen adding nothing to the team.
    – Brian Reape (How long does one young player have to drive on his club before being recognised. The best goal scorer in Mayo club football. Those who have seen him agree on that. A goal a game guy at club and county. Our main forward in the U21 and nothing came of that)
    – Ciaran Treacy (two footed and pace. Out performing Evan Regan. Explain that one??)
    – Matthew Ruane (Injuries might have been a factor here)
    – Shairoze Akram (Ballaghadereens main player after Andy Moran. Full of pace and head up making things happen play. Outperforming David Drake for Ballaghadereen and one of DCUs main defenders)
    – Eoin ODonoghue. (Came on against Kerry and looked comfortable. Then he dissappeared??)
    – Padraig OMalley (A player at least should have been looked at)
    – Padraig Prendergast (A player at least should have been looked at)
    I know nothing of football if there isn’t one sub in that list of players.

  168. Someone on the train pointed out that he picked all the substitution at the exact time, every match it at the 60th minute, We needed Parsons earlier as we were clearly struggling at midfield, and we struggled to win kick outs when the pushed up properly, something we could never seem to do.

  169. Wonder how our players are feeling this morning ? Happy to have a replay or dissapointed not to have won. It must be difficult whetting the appetite to get up for beating roscommon knowing that kerry are the next opponents and if we bet them possibly Dublin waiting to take us on in a final. Think we really need to start playing our own game. Alot of our tactics seem to be reactions to what the opposition are doing. We really need to go out and play our own game and let the opposition worry about us not us rearranging the team every time our opponents make a move. If we were to lose at least let it happen doing things on our terms, not because we rearranged the team because we were reacting to changes the other team made. Playing our own game we are still a massive threat to any of the teams still in the competition. Let them worry about us from now on.

  170. athlonerossie, stick to your own forum stolensheep. ye had your chance and fluffed it. Andy was abused by rossie supporters in kiltoom when warming up. Roll on Monday

  171. Absolutely disgraceful the way Roscommon supporters were booing Andy moran every time he touched the ball. What ever respect I had for them is now well and truly gone.

  172. He kissed his jersey in Kiltoom because a Roscommon “supporter” spat on him as he warmed up not to mention the verbal abuse he received.

  173. I was worried from the outset in regard to midfield. The best midfield pairing is Tom Parsons and Aidan O’Shea.
    It is a physiological fact that the body needs time to recover from physical exertion. A reserve of glycogen resides in the liver which is called on in prolonged physical exertion. Each time after exertion the supply of glycogen has to be replenished. This takes time. Glycogen reserves in our players may have been at 60%. I would suggest that our lads were flat yesterday due to the exertions of the campaign to date. So don’t be too hard on them. Maybe this can also account for players not running into position to make themselves available for the kick outs. We need to have some better system and understanding with Clarke for the kick outs.

    I thought we performed ok under the circumstances. With Parsons at midfield and better use of the likes of Vaughan we might be better. Certainly Roscommon had the greater hunger and will feel they will be better for the game. We still are struggling to put out our best team. Management needs to improve. I hope the players do not lose faith in Rochforde. Then we are in trouble.

  174. Athlonerossie..the neck on you coming onto a Mayo site trying to justify the behaviour of a large section of your supporters yesterday.

  175. Booing went on from both sets of fans–the reality is both the Ross FB & CHB had great games. Why does COC feel he has to play in our FBL. If i was Kirby i would concentrate on the club–he just cant get game time. I wont talk about our sideline.

  176. WJ it’s a new dawn it’s a new day. Game Yesterday was at times brilliant & times very poor.I knew Roscommon would go flat out from the start attacking Mayo @ speed, , 2-2 to 0-1 after 14 minutes, we were in Hogan lower half way line & Roscommon left their markers for dead & scored 2 great goals, i thought we were gone, my woman said I looked death warmed up. Lee Keegan was outstanding & brilliant, Keith Higgins very good, Chris Barrett very good, the rest were very ordinary, midfield were poor &/nobody picking up breaking ball, it was frustrating to watch yesterday, maybe but maybe they can Improve for this day week, Great job WJ & everyone keep the faith.

  177. AthloneRossie, the majority of your supporters yesterday were sound and decent and I really enjoyed the day out with them. But comments like yours are laughable and really make we hope we thrash ye off the pitch next Monday.

    FYI, (as if you didn’t know it) Andy kissing the crest in Kiltoom (a gesture I’m baffled you find so offensive, ye are clearly a very sensitive bunch) was in response to more vile abuse from a section of your supporters who were dragged up, not brought up. Your loss is our gain and we are proud to have a gentleman like that on our side; someone those so-called supporters could learn a lot from. There’s only one way to shut people like that up and that’s by scoring goals.

    Roll on next Monday.

  178. The Keegan commentary is interesting. I think Keegan’s job as it’s been under this management team was to tag the oppositions best player in this case Enda Smith. This worked out brilliantly (tactically if you want to say it) in the first half for Mayo, as Keegan was at midfield on Smith and he was able to have a huge influence going forward and it caught Roscommon by surprise.
    Second half, Keegan still doing the same job picking up Smith had to follow him to full forward as Roscommon management made a good adjustment. While everyone seems to think it’s an easy call at this point to switch Keegan, I can’t say I’d be so 100% certain. Smith is a hell of a footballer and a difficult physical match for a lot of the rest of our backs apart from maybe Vaughan and possibly Harrison. All I’m saying is, it’s easy be a manager on the ditch and say we should have moved Keegan straightaway but if the ball goes into full forward and Smiths cleans whoever is on him, what do people say then.

  179. Mayo European-the pub is the pub the football stadium is the football stadium and never the twain shall meet I think. Take a look at rugby matches crowds in and out of the seats do they can go to the bar. Nothing fascist about banning it simply there s enough time before and after the game, let’s concentrate on the match When it’s on.

  180. Few points,
    1) Stop giving out about Parsons late introduction, he was carrying a hamstring niggle and bringing him on was in response to an impending crisis. Management would probably prefer to leave him off but needs must.
    2) The same people giving out about Boyler’s substitution are also giving out about Donie’s late introduction. I think Boyler was playing too well at the time to take off and Donie wasn’t as good when introduced.
    3) Yes we were flat but how many here understand the impact of 100 mins on recovery. It can take 5 or more days to get all the lactic acid out of the body depending on the day jobs these lads have.
    4) I see nothing wrong with pointing out Kerry game because to win an AI some planning ahead needed, that’s not ignoring our next opposition and the challenge they bring. In any event bar one or 2 slips on the tricky surface I thought Caff did ok.

  181. The morning after the day before , didn’t comment last night because a) I was driving b) I didn’t want to be ranting c) was hoping for a clearer view after some kip , I , like many others was scratching my head with annoyance last evening , I can’t bring myself to swing Punches , by way of criticism at any of our lads , let’s be honest they can never be accused of lacking in the heart or determination department, this summer has be a long slog , dogged , edge of the seat every match, im mentally drained so one can’t possibly comprehend how them the players are , but as tired as I might be , I’m ready to go on the road again , this day week I will be there shouting my heart out for this incredible bunch of men , their never say die attitude is infectious , they owe us nothing , I do think the sideline is the main cause for our dis organisation, we seem to be at 6s and 7 s a lot , management inability to have their homework done correctly before the games is costing us, Lee Keegan was immense yesterday , Higgins too was very good , taking off boyler wtf,?? Can’t fandom that one at all,
    Regarding Joe mcquillan , I’m not going to rise my blood pressure , all I will say , he is poor , very poor , he infuriates me to no end , he most of left his black / red cards at home yesterday!
    And then I get off the dart in maynooth and my bloody car was clamped , Christ yesterday I went through every emotion possible ,
    There was others clamped too, all from mayo , ended up having to pay €100 to get clamp off ,
    Worst thing was the Garda Told us to park there ,
    So to say i was unhappy with yesterday was an understatement, but today Monday , is a new day , I’m looking forward to the replay
    Really hope our lads have time to re juivant them selves

    Rant over , time for mug tea
    Cmon mayo

  182. Do ye think the extra game will bring this team on before Kerry (assuming ye win the replay of course which I would expect ye to do) – or is it the last thing the bodies need?
    At least there is a free weekend in between the replay and the semi final I guess.
    Kerry looked ropey yesterday. We were rubbish but managed to cut them open a lot. 13 out of 34 scoring chances converted says it all.
    Ye have a big chance of beating Kerry in my opinion.

    Just wondering what ye think of some of the decisions made by the Mayo sideline? An outsiders view maybe – (I live in Mayo at the moment just about and would follow club football a bit) – but some of the tactical decisions all season have seemed strange to say the least.
    One thing for me anyway is that Andy Moran is your most consistent forward from open play. He is 33 years old. Has been training all year and plays in the full forward line. Nobody can tell me that he can’t last 70 minutes.
    I just don’t buy that. Colm Boyle plays further out the pitch granted but the man is only 30 years of age. Well able for 70 minutes. Ye are weakening ye’re team coming down the stretch of games by taking these lads off and replacing them with inferior players.

  183. Despite our forwards not performing, despite our midfield being poor, despite getting a dream start, Roscommon failed to win, they blew their chance and they know it.
    In Lee Keegan we have one of the greatest footballers to ever wear the green and red or any county jersey for that matter. He’s put the shackles on and out scored the very best in the game today, a category Enda Smith is not in and his goal yesterday perfectly took the wind out of the Rossie sails. A lot of posters mentioned last week in the build up that Lee should be played in midfield. We have a number of All Star defenders who can be trusted to deal with Smith or anyone else. What we cannot do is curtail Keegan to the full back line.

  184. On the Rossies, (though Mayo’s defense improved) I think they wasted some scorable chances especially during that 25 or so mins they failed to score. Our comeback workload would have been too heavy had they taken some of those, so Mayo were a bit lucky with the opposition we had. A better team would have finished us during that spell.
    For 2nd year we were lucky to get a QF result after one week turnaround. GAA need to sort this out going forward. Back door teams at a huge disadvantage recovery wise and only good Management tactics and player’s big game experience got us past Tyrone last year. Next year’s system very unfair on any team outside the top 8, a shambles for developing game in weaker counties.

  185. We need to stop thinking of negative things as new signposts of the sky falling down and we are all doomed in the world of GAA.
    In the late 70’s Kerry complained that Ogie Moran received abuse from a section of teenage fans.
    We had young Mayo supposed fans throw a piece of wood at Kieran Donaghy and a young pup of 12 or so get out from his seat to shout at Kieran Donaghy when he walked up the steps to his seat after being sent off or black carded in the league last year.
    There is a big tradition of teenagers behind the goal end since the 80s in Roscommon moreso than in Mayo. What I mean is we don’t have that to the same degree. I would know a fair few Roscommons and they stay grouped from their clubs long after they finish underage football. Don’t ask me why.
    Now think back to when we were all 16 year old teenagers. Eejits most of us, taking on the behaviour of the biggest eejit in the group when at something like a match or a school mass God help us.
    So Andy was booed and it’s not good, but I would say it heavily had it’s source from teenager eejits and this rancour over the jersey kissing. It doesn’t bother Andy and it’s not good but the sky is not falling down.

  186. What do Fergal Boland and Danny Kirby have to do to get some game time? Both very good during the year and their energy and pace was exactly what was needed yesterday.

  187. A few quick points about the game

    – We just seemed tired. It’s not exactly surprising, is it?

    – Not one of those players set out to have a bad day and despite what many above say, they owe nothing to anyone of you. The only people they owe this to are themselves and I hope for their sakes that next Monday is a better day for all of them.

    – Mayo Mark, overall I didn’t think Caff had as bad a day as many of the comments would suggest but he was caught for pace more than once. Let’s just say Colm Boyle is not the defender who should have gone off first.

    – Why in god’s name did we substitute defenders for forwards when we need to push on and win the bloody game? A replay is the last thing we needed. What does Danny Kirby have to do to get a run out?? Shane Nally? WJ is spot on – it’s patently unfair at this point to expect the same bunch of players to keep carrying the can given the miles they have clocked up. I’ve been a big defender of Rochford over the past couple of years but the well is starting to run dry. We have to see some kind of a shake-up next week. Although JP it’s not like Rochford can go bringing in half a new panel at this stage of the season so let’s be realistic here.

    – Can’t fathom why Cillian reverted to playing so deep after last week’s performance.

    – Dublin Joe was an embarrassment once again. We didn’t fail to win because of the ref but when will referees remember that they have a responsibility to players on both sides to ensure they are safe on the field of play?

    – Thought Kevin McLoughlin and Chris Barrett in particular put in great shifts yesterday. And of course Leeroy .. he really does love Croke Park. Aidan too though relatively quiet made that really vital interception near the end to prevent what could and probably would have been a goal.

    – That had to be a bloody entertaining game for a neutral, as poor as the quality might have been.

    – Incredibly, we are still in this! And at least we didn’t lie down and roll over like Galway did. That’s just about all the positivity I can summon up for a Monday morning.

  188. Agree Aiden and Tom parsons best at midfield, waste of time putting Aiden in forward line. Need to try something new in forward line, maybe let loftus start

  189. We won’t get itbas EASY from the ref the next day ?
    I’ve read it all now
    Aidan would need to be a victim of GBH to get a free from McQuiilan. Same every time we have him

  190. I think we are being too hard on the team and management. Management didn’t get all that much wrong. Placing Lee on Enda Smyth and Harrison on Diarmuid Murtagh were master strokes and kept Roscommons biggest players under control. Patrick Durkan as a success up the field and considering we were without Parsons, I think the line-up was close to as good as was available. As for the players, they gave blood sweat and tears for the cause – again. These players can not keep giving at 100% every time they take the field. Don’t mind the players, the supporters are fatigued at this stage.
    Roscommon out shouted us on this occasion but they were the underdogs and had the support of the Galway and Kerry crowd who stayed on. I didn’t hear any Rossies giving Andy a hard time in my area of the Cusack but in the earlier game I heard some Galway supporters shout vile abuse at some of the Kerry players and even their own. I hope we never stoop so low.
    Maybe we have hit the wall but we are still standing. Keep the faith.

  191. Athlonerossie …should you not change change your name to Athlonewestmeath seeing as they’ve ‘usurped’ the West Bank of the Shannon. You’ve hardly passed ganleys and there’s a sign saying Welcome to Co.Westmeath. The irony and hypocrisy of someone in athlone telling someone from Ballaghdereen to support or play for their ‘home county’ is laughable.

    If you didn’t know, Ballaghdereen was in Mayo for centuries until a UK Act of Parliament in 1898 transferred it from East Mayo to ros for tax/rates purposes. That is why the majority of the people in Ballagh consider themselves Mayo and the people play for their county, Mayo.

    Fuckn educate yourself.

    Ref gave ye numerous soft frees in the 2nd half. Didn’t book the neck challenge on O’Shea. Seriously? Go back to your sheep.

  192. Have to say I completely agree with Anne Marie’s comments and assessment of the game.

  193. When all is said and done, there is a lot of improvement needed all round. Some of the sideline decisions were baffling not to mention the Ref, he really needs to go back to the rule book. But those lads have had more game time than any other this year. Opposition are fresher coming into matches. Lads like Aido are getting hit and bruised week after week. We are still in it and WE as fans owe those lads 110% for the entertainment they have given us.So for Monday let’s all get behind them and be that 16th man and make no bones about it. Lets push them on as only Mayo fans can and see if we can bring Sam home to Mayo.

  194. There is more outrage on this thread in all directions than would feel a reaction vacuum to a Kevin Myers thought piece.

  195. Many coffees later this morning and look we’ re still in it, albeit by the skin of our teeth, we’ ll go up Monday with a lot of positives, still drew with a level of play below what we’re capable of, Rossies had their chance in the first half to bury us and didn’t, leave post mortems till the season is done and support the the team, enough already with the doom and gloom maigheabu

  196. Athlonerossie…
    That’s the stuff! Go back to school like a good man and learn to read will ya. Read the comments ffs, the vast majority on here paid Roscommon due respect and not many said we’d hammer ye.
    The reason Andy kissed the badge in Kiltoom was because of the abuse received from Rossie “supporters” while he was in the dug out. Then again, what do you expect from an ass but a kick.
    As for the ref? Considering he was all but wearing a yellow backed jersey we did well to draw. 3 rossies on O’Sheas back = no free. Hand in on a Rossie = free.
    Don’t be getting too uppity just because ye weren’t beaten in Croker. Ye havent beaten us yet.

  197. @AnneMarie, I don’t expect Stephen Rochford to bring in any new players it is too late for that. I was just highlighting what I think are seven young players that are out there.
    There is this growing believe that this is the end of the road for Mayo (not aimed at you Anne Marie) because The youngsters aint got it.
    Our U21s were competitive enough with Galway this year while having a lot of players missing or only back from injury. So that is two good U21 teams in a row. Not exactly a dried up talent pool.

  198. Fuck all the negativity. Another day when COC will only score three points in Croker? Well it won’t be August Bank Holiday 2017. And AOS……a quiet enough day too I suppose but he intercepted a ball into the Rossie forward line in extra time that was going to end in a score for sure. These fellas are our go to men and after the summer they’ve had I am amazed they’re still standing. They’re unreal. The Rossies were great to watch yesterday and had us shook but a Mayo v Kerry all Ireland semi final…..end of.

  199. Anne Marie , it was the same last week even when we were 7 points in front and should have gone for the kill what did Rochford do change the backs and only introducing a forward (Loftus) with 7 minutes left of normal time , although he did keep Colm on for one more minute last week

  200. I think we need to leave comments on the behaviour of fans. Let’s focus on positivity and how we can succeed on Monaday. There will be enough detractors if we loose. Let us pull together and praise the boys in green and red. Positivity at all levels. Get behind the county when it is needed most. We were never as good as when our backs were to the wall.

  201. Piss poor performance yesterday and I though we looked knackered, a few points:
    -why on earth are we not using AOS for the long kickout, was the same against Cork, he came out for one kickout, won it and resulted in a score, need to play to our strenghts, not many will compete in the air against him.
    -I suggested Keegan at midfield a few weeks ago and delighted he finally got his chance there, adds much needed mobility and allowed him to bomb on a lot more, if by some miracle we end up playing the Dubs down the line he’ll be the man to negate Ciaran Kilkenny.
    -SOS was bolloxed before half time even, give the man a break, what the f**k does Danny Kirby and Shane Nally have to do to get a sniff of gametime. And jesus christ, we have to start Loftus, the lad is our, every time he gets the ball he looks like he’s either gonna score or create something, such an intelligent player.
    -I was tearing my hair out in frustration at seeing COC tracking back to his own half yday, keep him inside ffs, the man scored 11 points against Cork in the one game he’s stayed there this season, I do think this is partially the reason why his free kick accuracy is way down this year as a poster has outlined above already.
    -Management, I just don’t know anymore, I’ve lost all faith in them, one point down and then seeing two defenders coming on into the half forward line says it all, we have forwards on the bench for a reason, use them ffs. Cafferkey has been a great servant and have nothing but respect for the man but its plainly obvious he’s just not right since his injury, we will be fucking destroyed against a better team if we don’t try something new there.
    -I’m normally very positive when it comes to Mayo football but yesterday was just a horrible feeling, as if we are a team just waiting for someone to pull the trigger on us, I just hope we don’t get an absolute hiding because the likes of Clarke/Higgins/Moran etc don’t deserve to go out like that.

  202. Just imagine if we were seven points up after 11mins and threw it away! 100mins last week and need to go full throttle for 20+ mins in first half had it’s impact on second period. A few minor positional/personnel changes and improvement on our 28% shot success rate in second half and all will be well.

  203. The losing of the game yesterday was the throw in at the start of the second half . we had it and lost it . Ros went down and scored a point . We gave away a free from the kick out and they were level and the momentum had shifted . Huge turning point . Keith was brilliant yesterday in reading the game from his sweeper role and protecting his colleagues . Seamie has to recapture some form . he gave us the best ever performance as a midfielder in the replay last year but has been threading water since . i think Fergal Boland would have been suited to that game yesterday but the main positives are different lads are stepping up each week if they can all step up together we are still in this .
    But everyone remember one thing If these lads are beat , whoever beats us will have to earn it

  204. 100% agree with you Muckle.

    I’m physically & emotionally drained. I do not know how these lads keep coming back.
    They’re amazing.

  205. I am a bit baffled why Drake keeps getting subbed on and can only conclude that he shows up well in training. Management wanted to kill a tight game bringing on defenders for forwards but why not Nally who can defend but is also a really good ball player and scorer.
    For this game Management established that Leroy in any role from midfield on is a very potent weapon and Higgins is a very good man to use as sweeper. They also established we need Parsons to progress and if he’s not available we need Aido in midfield cause we completely cleaned the Rossies in the league and they got the better of midfield yesterday. If Seamus tank is low from so many games the way to shake it up is Aido in midfield freeing place up for Kirby or Nally. COS is fresh and is a like replacement for Diarmaid who should not start next day.
    A slightly fresher Mayo and using COS as a work horse would free COC to play more advanced. COC was tackling hard and tracking simply because too many other players simply didn’t have the legs after Cork. Sacrificed his own game for the cause.
    Also Barry must surely have 20 mins in him.
    Loftus had little impact so maybe we should revert to Regan late on or maybe Loftus was just constrained by the slippy conditions. Andy took some slippy day shots that were not really on and should have recycled more.

  206. Goodman muckle. Well said. We had 2 drawn games already that we won in extra time. We were all happy with that. If yesterday had gone to exta time and we had won we would all be flying high today. Let’s do the business next Monday and look forward to an all ireland semi final against kerry. You know kerry are a fine team but didn’t look like world beaters yesterday. I think we will win next Monday. Yesterday was a huge challenge but I think we can bank that experience and use it positively for the rest of the campaign.

  207. @South Mayo Exile – exactly the changes I would make.

    I don’t think Caff was bad yesterday and got more protection. However I just feel that with the return from injury and the amount of games he hasn’t got the pace. McStay got his marker to bring him on a tour in the 2nd half to expose the pace/fitness issue. I just think we have other backs more suited to the Rossie attack. Push Barrett to FB line and bring in Donie to HB line or MF (can swap in and out with Keegan)

    Parsons to start if properly fit – hopefully he will with an extra 8 days rest. Give SOS the rest and bring him in later in the game.

    Diarmuid who is another one who just looked off the pace yesterday. But then with Aido, J Doc and Kev Mc also playing in the HF line it’s slightly redundant. Loftus playing in a three man FF line would offer us more threat I reckon.

    Other thoughts on yesterdays games:
    – Rain/pitch made it tough for forwards in both games and contributed to a number of the wides.
    – LeeRoy was unreal and nearly won this game on his own for us.
    – Thought Kev Mc, J Doc and Aido all battled well but all three ended up too deep. Aido having an average game only seems like a massive under-performance due to huge form this year. Hopefully he will be back to his best next Monday.
    – I would’ve liked to see Boyler staying on longer at least until the 60 mins mark
    – Are black cards abandoned at QF stage? Two blatant ones (called as fouls by McQuillan) in the 1st half; a drag down as a Mayo player ran through on goal and a foot trip off the ball (similar to Lee’s black card against Cork). Certainly three other candidates for late hits in the 2nd half (two by Rossies and one by a Mayoman). In the 1st game Fitzgerald took out a Galway player running straight through on goal – again no black card.

    Positive thoughts on next Monday:
    – 8 days is a decent rest and the Rossies will have to contend with the same.
    – Joe McQuillan can’t ref it; would hope for Brannigan or Gough
    – Cillian and Andy won’t miss as many the next day
    – Ros have tipped their hand a bit; we will know better how they’ll set up, etc.
    – I’ll repeat this one; McQuillan is not allowed to ref it

  208. Athlonerossie – you clearly don’t get what’s expected of you when commenting here. Unless you fall into line in this regard – and sharpish – you’ll need to find some other outlet for your insights.

  209. Was behind the Davin goal yesterday, and Im sure 2 points went over that were signalled wide. Did anyone else see these?? Hawkeye asleep yesterday.

  210. In fairness Loftus wasn’t on long and didn’t get too many decent passes sent his way. We sent a lot of ball out over the endline or to Andy isolated close to the endline. I don’t know why we persist with this long ball to the corner or really deep. Very little return is coming off of it.
    I was also puzzled by David Drake ahead of Shane Nally. Shane Nally’s track record has been better in his limited game time. He can pop a point off his left foot from the left wing. He always seems more composed and able to make things happen than the more athletic Drake who doesn’t ever seem to be splitting open the defence or making an attacking handpass or kickpass.
    What would have been so wrong with Conor OShea up front late on? 6’3″ and fresh versus 5’11” on tired legs can only have one winner. Conor at least brings a bit of size and workrate/driving force.

  211. Im not taking a pop at management here, the Mayo job is probably after the Kerry job, the one with the most pressure and expectation out there! I have no doubt, and we all need to realise that. Our management team want Mayo to progress, to improve, and to bloody win!! My opinion is however that in all of that, they have crossed the line in terms of been too “scientific” and “systematic” in their approach and drowning themselves in questions like “what do we need to change to win” when maybe it wasn’t completely broke in the first place. Small tweaks here and there is what was needed from 2012/2013 era, not an overhaul in terms of approach.Yes the years and mileage come under scrutiny, I understand that. But we were a different proposition only a few seasons ago.

    We are in my eyes, at our best when running at teams and breaking lines from deep. Our half back line used to put the fear of God into the opposition and do exactly that! Run for fun at teams! They were the platform of almost every attack. We moved the ball at pace, and we moved ourselves at pace, in every line of the field. I am not living in the past, I am just saying I don’t understand a complete deviation from this mindset.

    Our transition from defence to attack is now (90% of the time at least), at a snails pace, and that is clearly a conscious decision. We get bodies back like all teams do and like we always did, we “block it up”, protect the scoring zone so to speak. We do our best to turn it over, which we often do, but instead of Keegan one side, maybe the likes of Durkin the other side, bombing on, running at teams from deep and breaking lines at will, we go lateral. We hand pass the life out of it coming out, allowing the opposition to set up as Roscommon did yesterday often with double sweepers. That is hard for anyone to go and then break down.

    I totally understand that theres a need for a defensive approach, a cautious one even in these winner takes all games, but the fact is we are and indeed we should back ourselves to be better than our Roscommon counterparts and thats not meant to sound derogatory towards our neighbours. Showing a sense of adventure is almost nowadays some thing that managers fear. What if we do and we fail? Well I say what if we do and we win? Again, im not saying go “gung ho”, but there is far more flair in this Mayo bunch than what we are seeing. Lee and Paddy yesterday were at their absolute best rampaging on up the field, leaving yellow jerseys in their wake, all im asking for is to loosen the shackles on them and others!

    I am also very concerned with the fact that predetermined decisions are been made, game in game out, despite how a game might be going or how a player may be performing or influencing a game. I’d smash every GPS if I could! A GPS does not take into consideration or into account for the size of the fight in Boyler, or for Andy’s cuteness when the chips are down. (Andy by the way yesterday was cooked, hes 33 years of age every entitlement to be so him been pulled was correct!) Im not in the loop, or the inner circle, I dont know what such decisions are based on, but they do frustrate me, every game!

    Finally, without naming names, some of our panel have had adequate amount of chances to impress, to contribute, and to potentially nail down a jersey. Plenty have failed to do so each time. The balance are left in the wilderness, surely praying for a chance, and at the same time afraid to upset the apple cart by just returning to their clubs and saying in the nicest way possible “f this”. What an honour it must be to be involved with your county, with our county, and fair play to them all right down to number thirty whatever! But surely, if they are good enough to be in there, they must be some of them doing something in training to justify a chance. Too many havent. Yet.

    Wea re still in it. Fighting away. And I still believe theres a huge one in this team. And one big one, can change everything! Let them have a cut!

  212. The reason we can not put teams away even Division 2/3 teams is we don’t approach games in a positive fashion. Yesterday again we left Andy on his own up front. Cillian, DOC, Aidan, Jason Doherty and Kevin McLoughlin approach each game or are instructed in each game to make sure to work back and track defenders but this is so rigid that most of the match was spent yesterday with 5 out of the 6 forwards situated in defensive positions.
    The two teams we ultimately need to worry about are Kerry and Dublin if we want to win an All Ireland and both of these team keep there inside lines primarily focused on attacking plays.
    Have we ever seen James O Donohue or Bernard Brogan taking a short kickout from there own keeper. When we really needed a score in last years All Ireland replay Cillian was back in the 21 taking a short kick out.
    If we have great defenders (All Stars) and no forwards like everyone keeps saying why is there a need to send 5 forwards back to help them.
    I follow Mayo to ALL games and would love to see them approach games in a more positive manner.

  213. Hope people are a bit more relaxed this morning.
    As a Dub, I keep saying Mayo will play Dublin in the AI final.
    Mayo have a fantastic team with great fans and despite not playing well yesterday u are still standing.Opinions on players vary but bottom line mayo has several that would walk onto the Kerry or Dublin team . AOS and Lee to name just 2. On top of that u have a never give up mentality with probably the most passionate supporters.
    So enjoy these times as when the lean years come , as they always do, u will realise how lucky u were.

  214. Agree with ClubMan2016, we never used are running game yesterday and that is when we are at our best, there were also lots of times were there was space to run in to but we went for the kick pass option in to the comers, and poor kick passes at that.

  215. Wj..apologies for my comment..I was and still am deflated and frustrated and the Rossie just really hit a nerve..

  216. The most frustrating thing is that I think now more than ever, the players are there to freshen things up and we’re not using them.
    We still have more than the spine of a very strong team and guys like Nally, Loftus and Kirby all potentially well able to contribute.
    Now of course we’re not privy to training etc etc but I do believe in the future, under different management, we’ll see those guys are very good footballers. The frustrating thing is that by that stage it might actually be too late for the “spine”.

  217. Yes John you are right. A man in retail told me he had Donny Vaughan in his shop not so long ago. He did not charge him a penny for what he wanted only to thank him for all the enjoyment and entertainment for the past few years. Mind you Donny offered him a discount on a pair of shoes if he was in Castlebar or Ballinrobe any time soon. Good business man. But the point is look at the fun we are having as Mayo supporters. Let’s give them back something. How can we help Mayo football. The lotto? Maybe the supporters club? Maybe just being there.? Time given to your club. There is a lot of unsung heroes in the background that are doing Trojan work at underage giving of their time and experience. This is where the future titles lie. Ask not what your county can do for you………Open to suggestions.

  218. We are lucky still to be in it.. Replays are won by the team who learns most from the first day out. Based on what I seen yesterday McStay will have a plan. Will we? I am concerned that some players are running on fumes at this stage.. Replay hard to call for me

  219. Haven’t had a chance to read all the comments but had a look last night on the way back on the train… a lot of negativity around!! We are still standing in August guys!! I was really worried about yesterday after the ET last week… I was shattered until Tuesday after the cork game and I was just sitting on my ass for 100 minutes (ok maybe there was a bit of jumping up and down too!!) This morning I am absolutely ragged again… can you just imagine what it must feel like to be Cillian, Kevin Mc, Aiden, Colm or any of those guys who’ve been throwing the kitchen sink at it all summer??? I think the criticism of Ger is totally ott as well… I felt like he had an ok game yesterday in fairness… yes we were tired, but is that surprising? But even with that the young superstars in primrose and blue couldn’t put us away… THEY through the kitchen sink at us yesterday, just like in the Connacht final last year against Galway! We all saw how the replay of that went! They’ve had there chance, I’ve heard Rochford is currently in IKEA picking up a truckload of new sinks for next week all ready to throw again!

    BTW, who has the authority to request Hawkeye? I was in the Davin yesterday and I was convinced that 2 points were waved wide… I was actually on my feet for 1 of them waving my flag like crazy with my daughter shouting at me to sit down! Can’t wait to watch it back, but as I said I’m ragged and just haven’t the energy today

  220. Now that the dust has settled, I think we will beat the Rossies by 5 the next day .. We too will learn from yesterday and a few of our big players did not play as well as they can …looking forward to silencing the boo boy’s and girls ..if Tom starts it would make a big differences.. Keep the faith and go easy on individual players and management …we all want the same thing !!

  221. Damo, certainly think o e of our last chances by COC was over but it was flagged wide. Had family in Davin behind goal who said it was over.
    I was in Cusack for the Roscommon last free. Yes ball was picked off the ground by Voen not Barrett,however Harrison had been fouled by Roadie players moments before so ft it should have been a Mayo free and I felt that is what the booing was for not totally against Smith. Anyway onwards and upwards.

  222. Keith Higgins was a joy to watch… great game.

    any news on when the tickets would be on sale?

  223. WJ, well written piece, a lot of my thoughts would concur.

    In particular, I think the management made big errors today. On announcing the real 15 (another farce in the way we name teams but that’s for another day), I could not get my head around who was to play where. It was so overly defensive in nature you’d swear we were Swindon town playing Barcelona! (No disrespect to Swindon town btw.) We are one of the best teams in the country, and I have great respect for Roscommon and everything they are doing, but why on earth would we set up and invite playing the game in our own half. We basically had Andy as an out and out forward, and that was it. This boggles the mind.

    One thing that struck me yesterday was how much our current kickout strategy is impacting on our game. Clarke does not have the ability to ping a kick out at pace to a player, that is an indisputable fact. If you watch Cluxton, Rory Beggan, Brian Kelly, Donnellan for Kildare, they have the ability to zip a 30 to 50 yard kick out fast to set up an attack. Cluxton frequently negates a full court press by pinging a ball over the top to an on rushing half forward, this is a weapon as potent as any in GAA. We certainly do not have that. In front of me yesterday Ros astutely pressed our kick outs and on more than a couple of occasions Diarmuid O’Connor and Doherty made runs for the over the top which would have seen us have a numerical advantage but Clarke just doesn’t have it in his locker, this would completely alter the game, make the opposition question their press, and set up potent attacks, it regularly does for the Dubs. Clarke however most frequently chips it to one of ours who then has his back to the opposition goal and has a man in close quarters, this is kamikaze stuff. Contested possessions so close to goal are going to be our downfall, it’s the wrong territory. As mentioned by WJ, he also added/started our woes in the second half by, pretty much in a row, kicking one over the sideline, kicking one mystifying along the ground to Seamus O’Shea when a higher field would have been a certainty to be successful and at one stage kicking a long one to a Roscommon player who could only have been more on his own if Mayo had still been in the dressing room. He also, from my view, dropped and handled the ball on the ground in the big square and pushed a catch straight down to a Ros player in the second half. Besides this, he looks completely spooked when in possession and routinely hand passes to a player being closely marked (twice to Keegan for example) and on any given Sunday this could come back to bite us. It’s a game of small margins as we know only too well.

    Speaking of small margins, if conditions are not optimum, Cillian’s range is about 35-40 yards. His 45 success rate is poor. You can see where I’m going with this and my last point. I think Hennelly would have been the difference yesterday. He has the kickouts in his locker, and can take a long range free. It’s a no brainer. I no it’s not a popular point but all I want to do is win the fukn thing and I think we have a weapon on the bench that could help that.

    Otherwise, I thought Kevin McLoughlin really stood up yesterday, as did Keith Higgins, and Aidan O’Shea. These guys really are special special footballers, I hope we appreciate them enough. Harrison is in my opinion an almost flawless defender, he is as dependable as a Swiss watch. Cillian, Diarmuid, Tom Parsons, so many others are on that list too. I’m so proud to be represented by these guys, any of them I have ever met increase that pride in me. We’re the luckiest, I wouldn’t trade it for all the All Ireland medals in the world, we will get there, and when we do it will be so bloody sweet

  224. PS ….Dont bother letting the Rossies comments get under your skin … Only one way to quiten them … Beat them and beat them well !!

  225. John, well said. We are living in the most incredible era of Mayo football. It just doesnt get any better than this. It’s a new day and come next Mon even we’ll have matched Kerry and Dublin with our 7th AI semi final. Let’s all get back to positivity because ye all know too well now that’s exactly what our lads will do.
    Adore adore these guys.

  226. replay confirmed for 2pm on Monday according to the Twitter machine. Tickets not yet up on the GAA or Tickets website.

  227. Haven’t seen any comments here on Donaghy….I would be putting some effort into that debate re whether or not action should be taken. Sunday Game didn’t shirk it in fairness.

    The way both he is playing and where Mayo is failing makes him a huge threat to Mayo’s fortunes….if of course ye survive Rossies mark 2….

  228. Surely most of the lads can improve a wee bit for next Monday. Shame to see Andy getting a hard time – he’s some gent. GAA doing well out of the people of the West. Hon Mayo.

  229. @pat
    Fully agree. Further to kickouts we have no strategy for winning breaking ball. Dubs break and win. I saw Parsons one to one jump with mayo support player in perfect position to collect ball but he thumped it 30yards away when a simple tap down was all that was required..its a simple drill to perfect

  230. As a Roscommon Supporter, I condemn the booing of Andy Moran as would the majority of Rossies. It is the kind of thing you would see in Soccor. It has no place in the GAA. I clapped when he left the field as did many other Rossies because he didn’t deserve that amount of abuse. Out of the small minority that booed Andy, the majority of them done it as a result of his disrespectful behaviour earlier on in the year in kiltoom. The rest were just your typical idiots that every county has, many of those think he should play with Roscommon. He plays with Ballagh and that club comes under Mayo so I have no problem with that. In saying that, I have ZERO respect for him since the kitoom game. Also people are forgetting the booing Mayo gave in the Cork game and the booing Mayo gave every time Roscommon got a free. I’m not going to wish you the best of luck, but if you win next week, I’ll be the first one to wish you the best of luck.

  231. Unfortunately it all leads back to Pearse Stadium in June. There was no earthly notion we should have been navigating the back door again this year, with so much mileage on the clock. Not putting away a seriously mediocre side has really had a negative knock-on effect for us.

    Instead of playing Ros fresh at home in a Connacht final and then Cork fresh in CP a few weeks later we will potentially play Kerry absolutely crocked and with serious issues. That said there’s zero guarantee we’ll beat Roscommon next Monday, it honestly is a very hard one to call now in the circumstances.

    Anyhow we’re still standing and all that and we showed good fighting spirit again yesterday. I think I’d agree with the thinking we should make several changes next Monday. I know it’s easy to suggest changes now from where we’re standing as fans, but there’s no way we’ll beat Kerry and Dublin on this form – maybe putting in some younger, fresh players might just give us a second wind

  232. What a smashing player Lee Keegan is, absolute warrior

    He is a glaring example of what this Mayo team lacks, quality and composure.

    The rest of your boys have hearts like lions and never give up, but lack the quality and composure of this fella.

    Mayo have turned in to my 2nd team this summer and I would much prefer you go though to the Rossies as a Dub I don’t want Kerry sauntering in to the final against a young Rossie outfit.

    It’s been some journey for you’s this summer and one I’ve enjoyed watching.

    Best of luck in the replay I’ll be rooting for you’s anyway .

    ** Sidenote**

    Those fools booing Andy Moran yesterday should be ashamed of themselves, hopefully there’s enough people with sense to quieten them fools for the replay.

  233. Firstly Conor O Shea was not on panel yesterday so bringing him on not an option.
    Andy can score and Cillian can score but they are never in space so any point is usually hard won.
    Kevin Mc, Jason, Diarmaid and Aidan score little for forwards hence the problem.
    Cant expect backs with tired legs to score and defend.
    Bottom line…too little time being given to fresh legs.DIarmaid is not cpntributing enough and does same job as Jason and Kevin.Have to allow Kirby or other subs in to offer relief for a while.
    This replay is different .We need to help with tired legs…lets throw a curved ball and match limited enough ros players.All they have is pace over us…I believe our subs are as good as their players.
    Management needs to manage…and that means some well thought out innovation.
    Referees need to protect Aidan at throw in.Roscommon repeayedly fouled him yesterday.Just not fair.
    Finally worry about Kerry when or if we meet them.

  234. Colm Boyle needs to swap his GPS tracker with the waterboy either that or Rochford needs to throw away the data as it’s clearly not helping the team structure which goes to pot once he is withdrawn.

  235. Keegan is top class, deserves all Ireland medal. Boyle and Higgins genuinely top draw players too.

  236. Everything seems to have been covered at this stage , so I`ll be brief.
    Can`t see how some posters can claim that Roscommon blew their chance yesterday. They weren`t the team that kicked wide after wide late on, it was us.

    Even though I`m a Mayoman living in Ros, and would be familiar with them, I was shocked by the intensity they btought to that game yesterday. I didn`t expect that.

    A word of caution to posters here claiming that we`ll automatically win the replay because this player or that player won`t be as bad again.The 2 Murtagh`s and Enda Smith will surely be better in the replay than they were yesterday.

    This replay is now a very dangerous game for Mayo

  237. I haven’t commented in a while but I felt I had to have a little say after yesterday.

    First I so enjoyed the build-up and the game and the atmosphere yesterday. I don’t know how the Mayo fans do it week in and week out. I literally feel drained and I was only watching.
    Secondly some of the posters here would want to get off their high moral horses. All I’m hearing is the Rossies supporters were disgraceful booing Andy Moran. Not much about the booing of our free takers all day and in particular Donor Smith at the end. That went on for nearly a minute. Also the groan from the Mayo supporters when David Drake came on with one Mayo fan in front of me saying Roscommon can have him back.

    Next Monday should be close again. The young Rossies weren’t beaten which can only help with confidence. 2 years ago ye would have pushed on at half time and beaten us. I was delighted with our second half and hope we can go toe to toe again next week. Overall I had great banter with most of what I met yesterday and just because you are fired up for 70 minutes doesn’t mean you can’t shake hands afterwards. We are all proud westerners. Good luck to everyone next Monday.

  238. I see our benevolent leaders in HQ have reduced the stand tickets by the outrageous sum of €5. They’ll surely bankrupt the organisation with generosity like that. So they’re going to bring 40,000 or 50,000 supporters 200kms across the country on a bank holiday Monday and for a family with kids they’ll make it a total of €10 cheaper. A packed house Saturday, another on Sunday and the best they can do for us is a fiver cheaper on Monday.
    When the revolution comes I know who’ll be first against the wall.

  239. Just on Hawkeye, as far as I know three officials can call for it: Umpire at the goals, match Ref on his own or linesmans say so and the Hawkeye official who communicates directly with the Ref.

    Usually if the umpire, ref or linesmans spots it Hawkeye is called for straightaway and the call can go either way. If the Hawkeye official calls it usually happens and few seconds later and usually means the ball have been waved wide/over when it was the wrong call, before being overturned.

    So chances are low a score is called incorrectly. The most contentious/dodgy ones are those which go over the post. If any of these makes any degree of contact with the imaginary post it is given as a wide.

  240. I think we should rest sos and doc and bring them on as impact subs if needed. We should stick with caff at FB as I really believe he will improve with every game There is great spirit in this team and posters here should encourage more rather than being negative. We are well capable of winning by 6 plus. I think I’ll run down now to paddy powers before I get negative thoughts. Up mayo

  241. Ok, Where do you start after that?

    I think most of the players played well, they just looked like they didn’t know where they should be playing and who should be covering where when defending.
    Conditions were poor and ball handling reflected the same. Ground conditions were equally demanding and I felt mayo found it difficult to hold their feet, and in turn, turning over a lot of ball.
    And, of course, the ref gave us nothing!

    CO’C and DO’C will never play as poor again. CO’C was again covering back and just looked tired. Picked up a yellow around the half way line helping out our defender! DO’C is being played too deep and maybe should be tried at half back as this is where Rockford is playing him.
    Aido I thought did well considering he was being switched from midfield to the forward line to the full back line. I think he broke down play well but this came at the expense of his usual burst forwards – again, he got no protection from the ref and some of the Rossie tackling should have been punished with cards, and one red card.

    Keegan: must be played out field in attacking role, put another man marker on Smith. We were loosing too much by having him at full back. This left our best ball carriers, Keegan and Higgins stuck inside our own half for all the 2nd half.
    SO’S just looked tired. Midfield lacked a running midfielder like Parsons. We had no one in midfield that would track their running bursts through midfield. The O’Sheas are strong and fully committed players but once Rossie players broke the tackle, they were gone with no one tracking them back.
    Full forward line need to improve and create more movement. Hats off to CO’C and Andy, they kept on shooting when the rest of our forward line appeared to show far less bottle in front of goals. Too much passing waiting for some one to take on the shot. Very easy for Rossies to mark 2 forwards when all the rest are afraid to take on the shot.

    Full back line: Higgins and Harrison did very well and Caff did improve but still not up to the level that is required. Caff will be lucky to hold his place.
    Half back line:
    We’re very unsure of their role and tactics in the first 10 minutes which could have cost us the game. Boyle, Barrett and Durcan need to be let get involved in the the forward burst more than they are, instead of having to cover a “below par” full back.
    Attacking game:
    Too much is being lost in the attacking game. We need scoring forwards, and we need our forwards in the opposition half of the field . We need to sort this out and let our natural attacking game spring in to action. Bring back the days of our forwards being supported by our half backs!

    I think management will come up with a plan for the next day and hopefully make the required changes. Their problem is they find it hard to make the required changes and fixes during the game. They appear to have pre-programmed changes already decided at certain times of the game ( or when the GPS tells them to).

    This team are tired but I don’t think this is the main issue. Galway put up a no show yesterday because Walsh is over complicating the game for them rather than setting them loose.
    Mayo players demonstrated yesterday, due to the midfield change, they were unsure of the defensive duties and tactics.
    Roscommon are not a big team, so why are Mayo not capitalising on this? Put in a highfielding midfield and force them to kick it long.
    Most of this team is in their prime, mid to late twenties. I really do think the management are the real hamstring to this team at the moment.
    I think once Rochford figures out his best starting 15 and the game that best suits them, it’s only then we’ll see Mayo kick on.

    Team for the next day:
    Harrison Higgins Barrett

    Boyle vaughan Durcan

    Parsons B. Moran

    Keegan A. O’Shea Mcloughlin

    Lotus Kirby Cillian.

    Hon Mayo!

  242. I see Niall McIntyre complaining Cillian should have got red card yesterday, he doesn’t mention the clothes line on AOS however

  243. I think a lot of people need to calm down, the rossies left that behind them. We played awful, bar Lee, Keith, Boyle, Harry, yet managed to not be beaten? People wondering why Boyle cane off?….its obvious he is gased around the 50th minute, he’s not 21 anymore. As for calls for Kirby Nally to start, they seiriously lack pace, I hope I’m not breaking a house rule here, but, they’ve been exposed in league games for they’re lack of pace. I personally wouldn’t start them, maybe a role from the bench suits them best.

    We’ll recharge the batteries and go again. I expect us to nick it next Monday.

  244. @JC

    I think a red would have been harsh for COC but equally I would not have been surprised had he got it. Kevin Cassidy at the time said a yellow was harsh on the first angle but went silent when the next was shown – it was definitely bordering on the dangerous side of acceptable.

    I don’t think AOS pulled down warranted a red at all. I don’t think catching him around the neck was deliberate and was reflective of the fact that he was falling into him. I don’t think there was any malice in it.

    Everyone will have their own views but I think referee was pretty balanced yesterday. he definitely got things wrong but I don’t think they swayed more one way than the other. I could cite a number of examples on both sides but don’t really see the value in it. If either side lost they would have little grounds for complaint that the ref cost them.

  245. WJ… random question. what is the most comments ever received on one thread? yesterday/today was crazy, great to read so many different views

  246. @JC

    further to my previous comment I meant to say however, that I think like Rugby (e.g. Sonny Bill Williams) the GAA needs to take a hard line contact to the head deliberate or not. I think players need to be forced to have a duty of care to their opponents safety. So in both incidents cited above I don’t think there was intent to do damage and arguably no basis for red cards under the current rules. However, I would be supportive of a move by the GAA to have a zero tolerance to such incidents. Players today are much fitter and stronger than 10 years ago and have the physique of a lot of international rugby backs. They can do serious damage – a black and white rule for contact to head a la rugby would therefore given players greater protection and I think we owe it to them.

  247. I’m afraid I haven’t got an answer to that one, simmayo. What I can say is that yesterday’s hit count (just shy of 26k) was the second highest ever recorded on the site.

  248. I parked in SuperValu Trevor, there were several mayo supporters there ,
    There was a sign stating free parking for two hours ,
    Garda had said it was safe option seen dart station was filled at 11.30,
    There was others like me bloody fuming to get clamped , all the money mayo people leave in maynooth every summer , it just pissed me off bigtime , had to pay to get clamp off
    €100 left our family day out more expensive

  249. My team for the replay

    100% I would drop cafferky

    David Clarke;
    Chris Barrett,
    Keith Higgins;
    Lee Keegan
    Colm Boyle
    Seamus O’Shea
    T Parsons
    Kevin McLoughlin,
    Aidan O’Shea
    Diarmuid O’Connor
    Jason Doherty
    Cillian O’Connor

  250. Liam mc hale spent longer on the pitch yesterday than the final in 96 some shift ?

  251. i had predicted 4 goals from Mayo and a comfortable win from those goals, today its hard to know where Mayo stand, God, we were lucky it didnt end in tears yesterday and although I can see Mayo upping it a notch for next monday, Kerry wont be nearly as accomodating if we dont up it 10 notches, should victory come Mayos on monday.
    How come we arent the ones asking the questions of roscommons or whoevers defence at the start of the game, put kirby or conor oshea or some other big guy in at ff and actually hit it in to them, its 50/50 ball even with a less than deadly finisher. It cant be any worse than watching andy out in a corner trying to hoke a ball out of the muck.
    Brolly says that he told the derry players to hit the ball into the mayo gaol mouth and cause panic, how can it be that Mayo dont cause panic? SoS did exactly that against donegal, a long ball into the square to aos, he beat 2 defenders and the keeper, so simple and all because he has power and size that allows it.
    I would have kirby in there with one agenda, knock the ball down or win it, turn and shoot, miss all you like but keep doing it. We will need goals to beat roscommon.

  252. I see that one of the newspapers thinks we’ll make a beautiful corpse … carried out on our shields & all of that.
    Ok folks the big problem is that our midfield & half forwards are running out of energy & are basically all non scorers.
    We have not addressed this issue over the years and now have only one mobile midfielder who is currently carrying a hamstring.
    As another poster has pointed out the likes of Akram, Ruane & Prendergast should have been well embedded in our panel at this stage giving us further mobile options & Reape should not be in the States.
    Having said that we start from where we are now.
    If we are continually taking off the likes of Boyle & Moran perhaps we should consider a different game plan & bring them on as finishers instead. If we are as jaded as we look then we should perhaps look to do a ‘holding job’ in the first half with fresher players & then unleash the dogs of war in the second.
    We need changes & we need them soon. Where has Conor O Shea gone to & could we send Lee to midfield or beyond. Is Barry Moran/Danny Kirby capable of 20/30 minutes around the middle?
    And could we stop bringing in Drake as a replacement for a forward ?
    Unfortunately we are currently wedded to ‘the one point’ game no matter who we play.
    We need to throw the shackles off , trust our running game, and not always have our best players tied up in marking the oppositions perceived best players. We need to ‘big up’ some of our lesser known panel members for this job & leave our own best players with the licence to attack.
    If we do this we can still threaten all & sundry in 2017.

  253. @cantini – I agree about your comments regarding duty of care to the head. These guys are serious athletes nowadays and potential for serious injury. Cillians was poor challenge , the challenge on AOS I felt was poor, dangerous and also highly cynical but I haven’t seen it back on tv yet

  254. That’s low Mayogodeo Liam McHale owes us nothing he was a brillant servant to Mayo

  255. I know I’ve also mentioned their names previously but as a poster said previously, Kirby and Nally may lack that little bit of pace. In saying that, I would favour Nally coming on in wing forward more so than Drake. The reality is that from midfield onwards we didn’t play well yesterday and we kept the much vaunted rossie forwards to 11 scores yesterday. If 50% of our front and middle 8 turn up we’ll finish the job next Monday.

  256. @DigDeep Unfortunately you were misinformed by the Garda. For any supporters parking in Maynooth for matches, there are a lot of happy clampers in the town centre and in some estates too, Silken Vale in particular, hence the reason I asked. Your best bet is to park in the large car park opposite the Roost pub (3 minute walk to the train) I think its €5 a day. Alternatively there is a humongous car park out at the Dunboyne railway station but I’m not too well versed in trains to/from Dublin from there.

  257. Rossie poster
    I see what you did there. Started on the high moral ground claiming that you condone the booing of Andy Moran, but then telling us that you have zero respect for him. In fairness That’s a sign of serious intelligence, being able to carry completely divergent views around in the same head. Why the zero respect, because he kissed the badge on his jersey? How dare he. Might he have done that in response to the verbal abuse he was getting from the Rossie fans while in the dug out and all through his warm ups? Just maybe?
    But go on anyway, tell the truth, you did have a sneaky boo when the rest of your gang were at it, go on, you did didn’t you?
    Sure who could blame you, hes some blaggard for what he did back in Kiltoom, the restraint of the insulted Rossies who were there that day is admirable that it was only booing ye were doing yesterday.

  258. Welcome back Rossie Shane its been a while alright id say we havent heard from you since we came back to beat ye in the U21 Connaght Final in Sligo then went onto win the All Ireland…..
    Great game yesterday a clasic with plenty of mistakes on both sides but played at a great tempo…Im still wrecked myself after it never mind theplayers….Well done to Kevin Mcstay Rosscommon football were on their knees only last year….Gay Sheeran eat your heart out….

  259. East Cork Exilie.
    I do condone the abuse he got. No player deserves that. Why the zero respect you ask? I was at the game in kiltoom. A few ignorant so called “fans” did abuse him before the game. Probably the same ignorant fans that started off the booing yesterday. Every Club and County in Ireland has ignorant fans. But He didn’t need to go up to a group of people that were made up of mostly real fans of not just Roscommon but fans of the GAA that had a lot of respect for Andy including myself and basically say f**k you to them. And I met Andy Moran a few times, thought he was a very nice person. I had respect for him. But since the game in Kiltoom I don’t respect him it’s that simple. As I said the booing of Andy has no place in the GAA. You are also wrong to suggest that every Roscommon fan booed Andy off the field or any time he touched the ball.
    Did you boo Donnie smith yesterday when he was taking the free? Maybe you did but I know that the majority of Mayo fans around me didn’t, the same way the majority of us really do condone that type of thing. I just thought that it was necessary for some Mayo fans to know that we are not all ignorant fools like some so called “Roscommon fans” that are there to complain and not for their love of the game

  260. Hi, Browing the papers today and McStay seems very pally with the Team. Cillian did not look too impressed though. McStay also thinks Rochy has a tough job managing Mayo.
    Not wishing to be controversial as per Pat, i sure missed Hennelly’s kickouts. Surely Rochford would never chance it? I still remember young Hennelly in the Hyde against Ros on a wet, windy day. Of course Clarke has been marvelous too or ‘Fantastic’ as President Trump might say. Still just what will he do?
    Will try and shut up now. All will be revealed next Monday.

  261. Can we park the Andy Moran stuff, both sides have their view on it and while everyone knows who’s wrong there’s no point going around in circles. I wish people were as exercised about the paltry €5 ticket reduction and the fact that we’re both being dragged across the country again. Much like in the cartoons, when the suits in HQ see the green and red they just see euro symbols.

  262. After looking back at the game, we were all over the place – shape wise.
    Caff looks like he needs more physio, for guy that was fast, he has lost his pace. It’s very obvious when you look back at the game. Think the other guys had to cover. DO’C looks like he needs a break or play him as a forward and keep him there.
    Think Rochford needs to let this team play James Horan football to get over this next game.
    A loss to the Rossies will probably end this management’s reign.
    Just looks like the weight and pressure of the job got to him.

    I really do think there is so much more left in the majority of this team.

  263. I was watching the game again today i am wondering did anyone notice when Colm Boyle got into the Roscommon penalty area that he was pulled down AND DIDNT GET ANYTHING it was definitely a penalty, .
    where was the umpires that they didnt see it

  264. Re team for Monday. ..
    I would play
    Barett Harrison higgins (spare man again)
    Keegan boyle durkan
    Vaughan Parsons
    Doc Doc KMcLoughlin
    Loftus CoC

    Time to give Moran a rest & Semus needs time on the bench. Time to bite the bullet with Caffrekey.

  265. Those discussing parking. I always park handy in palmerstown village, jump on 25b straight into O’Connel Bridge. No worries looking for parking or clamping!

  266. Liam, very good point about the gaa and tkt prices for Monday. Absolutely miserable. The gaa really do treat euro coins like they’re manhole covers. The Drylunches also ought to spend a few bob on training up some decent referees and umpires. Up mayo!

  267. James Flemming don’t think it was a penalty but watch how long it took him to get back in position he just walked back with his head down when the game was in full flow.
    Unfortunately this team looked jaded and all because of the result in galway.
    Last thing they needed is this replay.
    I think they’ll win Monday but not enough recovery time for the semi.
    They should have feet up this week but that’s put back a week now.
    We are still in it though who knows with this brave bunch.

  268. Yes Coen did pick the ball of the ground. And the referee saw it too.
    I was at barrier beside side line and I had full view of it. I didn’t think the free taker would score from there but fair dues to him he did.

  269. Rossie and all other sensitive Roscommon souls. The booing for the late Smith free was for Dublin Joe and his linesman. Harrison went down on the ball, was pushed in the back (which in the GAA rule book is a free, the same rule book McQuillan could do with reading!). Harrison wasn’t awarded a free and in the ensuing battle for ball Coen lifted it off the ground that resulted in the Roscommon free.
    Before ye get too uppity a few facts..
    Ye had a 7 point lead and blew it.
    Ye had a 21 min spell without a score.
    Ye scored a poxy goal.
    Ye couldn’t beat a Mayo side obviously leg weary despite the fact we ran the legs off ye in the last 5 mins.
    Ye were gifted a soft free to equalise (although it was a great hit).
    Ye had yer chance and blew it.

  270. We may have blown our chance i wont disagree with that but we have made great strides this season and are heading in the right direction. Just 12 months ago we got hammered by Clare. Remains to be seen where Mayo are at present and i would question is Rochford the right man that should be over ye. However Mayo are better equiped to give Kerry a game.

    On the booing i watched the game back and even if the booing was started and aimed at McQuillian it did last for the whole time Smith was lining up he free and continued until ball went over the bar, Even if not aimed at Smith it was unsportmanship to continue to booing like the booing of Moran was.

    Both teams scored poxy goals. Mayo more so than Roscommon.

    Mayo got a few handy frees too especially at the end of the first half.

    I would see at 21 minute spell without a score as room for improvement for us

  271. Pebblesmeller
    To me it seemed like the booing was against Donie Smith, but I could be wrong. To Donie Smith it probably seemed like he was being booed too. I wasn’t happy with the ref at all. There was a few times both teams should have got frees but both teams also got soft frees.
    We did blow a 7 point lead, and went 21 minutes without a score. Keegans goal was a proxy goal more so than our goals. If anything that shows ye blew it. Both teams had their chance to win it. Both teams made mistakes and both teams will learn from them mistakes. However, We will recover far better than Mayo will for the replay for two reasons.
    1. We are a lot younger
    2. We did not have as many games as ye this year
    We did not blow our chance at all. We are in a better position for the replay and I’m very confident about it.

  272. Good man/woman Rossie, Ross should do it by 7 going on to beat Kerry by 5 :-D.

    Nice for Keegan to get Player of the Week after the ‘proxy’ goal all the same.

    Up Mayo.

  273. I would be a lot more positive about Mayo than most others on here. I thought our defence was poor against cork and our attack poor against the rossies so its just getting that balance right.
    The conditions didn’t suit us on Sunday. The management again made poor decisions but ultimately we didn’t lose the game. This team has unbelievable resilience and are able to up their game depending on who they are playing.
    Mayo need to play at a high tempo to be at their best and I believe we will get back to AI final if they can do that

  274. MaigheoGaillimh
    He played well don’t get me wrong but if any goal deserves to be described as proxy, it his goal. I never said anything about beating Kerry. I never even said anything about beating Mayo. It will be a good close game. I hope the best team wins. I’m not being arrogant or ignorant to any of ye, im just stating my opinion and if you don’t agree with it fair enough but no need for the sarcastic smart answers. I will be the first to wish you the best of luck if you do win.

  275. The booing when Smyth took the free was at the refs decision–having said that our supporters are no angels when it comes to booing. We could learn from the Kerry defenders–they were ferocious in their tackles when Galway were coming through the middle.All illegal of course

  276. I cannot resist replying to the long analysis of our All Star goalkeeper, David Clarke by the poster who calls himself Pat. I thought after the replayed All Ireland final last year that this debate was dead and buried. I will state categorically that without the goalkeeping heroics of David Clarke this year we would not have been playing in Croke Park last Sunday. I watched the match against Roscommon again last night and RTE give the statistic of 10 out of 11 kickouts from David Clarke going to Mayo players in the first half. This was above average considering the swirling winds around Croke Park on the day. Also in no way was David Clarke to blame for either of the two Roscommon goals. The first one was fortuitous and the second one came from slack marking.

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