Mayo 1-13 Cork 2-6: Horan’s heroes crush Cork

Lions. Warriors. Absolute monsters. Uncompromising, utterly irrepressible. Like every other Mayo person this evening, I am so, so, proud of our team and what they achieved at Croke Park today. It was a huge and enormously gutsy win and it puts us firmly back on the map. Well done, James and his team of heroes for pulling it off and for giving us cause to start dreaming those dreams. And downing those pints.

Where does a man start? Possibly by looking back to all those sneering, dismissive put-downs we had to endure in advance. Well, Joe Brolly, you ignorant clown, I have two words for you: fuck you. And the same to Pat Spillane and that twat who claimed that Connacht teams don’t do August anymore. And all those pundits who didn’t even have the good manners to acknowledge our existence before gushing about the Cork-Kerry rematch. Fuck the lot of ye.

Okay, I feel a lot better to have got that off my chest. Enough about the clowns, time to talk about the heroes.

I felt in advance that if we were to have any chance (and I did give us a small chance though, unlike PJ and his fifty notes at 5/1, I didn’t get around to putting my money where my mouth was), we’d need to stay with them for the full seventy minutes and would needs goals (plural). We didn’t and we didn’t but, through sheer indomitable will and the hardest shift I think I’ve ever seen a Mayo team put in, we still played the All-Ireland champions off the park and beat them comprehensively.

While the fact that we won today is obviously the big story, our achievement in coming from six down at the end of the first quarter spoke volumes about just how good our performance was today. I truly feared for us then, not because we weren’t doing all we could to stop them (our workrate was transparently obvious even then) but that we didn’t seem to have enough in us to prevent them steamrolling us.

We even had a refereeing howler to moan about at that stage too. We could have had no quibbles with the penalty decision for Cork, as Ger clearly dragged down O’Connor, but Andy was also inside the square when he was hauled down and all we got for our troubles was a 14-yard free.

A full twenty minutes had passed before our first point from play – from Kevin McLoughlin – arrived but you could sense by then that we were starting to settle and that, as a consequence, the steamroller scenario was starting to recede. Sheamie was getting better and better at midfield and the backs, although under immense pressure, kept their shape and began to turn back the red tide.

And then came Kevin McLoughlin’s screamer, a goal of true wonder, as the Knockmore man went on a mazy run from over 50 yards out and knifed through the Cork backline single-handedly before emphatically smashing the ball to the net. Game on.

Shades of 1996 hit us just after, though, when they cancelled out that score with one of their own. It looked at first as if it was Robbie’s despairing dive that made the goal a legitimate one (as the ball in was a punched one) but replays showed that Kerrigan had got a touch to it on the way in so it was a goal alright.

Four down and now I was praying that they wouldn’t hit us with a knockout third major before half-time. Instead, we clawed back two points to go in two behind.

So we’d reached the safety of half-time and still in the contest. Thoughts of having the floor wiped with us were now falling away like the remnants of that tool Brolly’s reputation. Did I forget to say: fuck you, Joe Brolly? Well, there it is again just to be sure, like.

Coming out for the second half, you could feel that something was starting to build but we’d seen how Cork had cut loose in the second half against Down and, indeed, how they’d ripped into Kerry after the break too. I texted to at least ten people the same message – “we’re a second half team” – but I knew damn well that Cork had it in them to be that too.

Hands up anyone who would have guessed we’d hold them – the reigning All-Ireland champions, the 2/11 favourites to wallop us – to one lousy point in that second half? Or that we’d see Alan O’Connor, universally lauded last weekend as the best footballer in the country, taken off before the end? Or that our disbelieving eyes would feast on the sight of Cork being outthought, outfought and outplayed by our lads all over the pitch? Or that we’d win almost pulling up?

Yet that’s what happened. We were truly magnificent in that second period and the most pleasing aspect of this stellar showing was that it was so much a team effort. The O’Sheas continued to dominate at midfield, Ger Caff (very close to a second yellow at half-time) drove us forward repeatedly from deep, Donie Vaughan got better and better as the half went on, Cillian O’Connor was exceptional in the way he got so much ball in the middle third and took the fight to them, Andy won a shedload of ball inside and kept them pinned back when they needed to break out, Jason Doherty came on and showed up for plenty of ball forcing them further on the defensive, Alan Freeman tracked way back, Trevor was the monster that Trevor in top form can be … it just went on and on.

When we hit the front (I think it was Alan Dillon who got that one) it was obvious that we were, at worst, going to be able to leave HQ with our heads held high but there were still more than twenty minutes to go at that stage, leaving Cork with plenty of time for the kind of onslaught that finally shook off a sticky Dublin challenge in last year’s semi-final.

Miskella’s fisted point put them level and had they gone in front again then, I suspect we’d really have been under the hammer in the closing stages but instead we just put the heads down, stepped on the gas and, incredibly, began to ease clear of them as the final straight started to come into view.

It was Keith Higgins who edged us in front again, haring forward into acres of space to take a return pass and thump it over. By now, there was hardly a breaking ball around the middle we weren’t winning and our will to win was there for all to see. James was using the bench cleverly too, with Ronan coming on to replace Sheamie (who’d got a bad kick in the leg just before half-time) and Peadar came on too to add more experience to all that exuberance.

When Goold blazed badly wide with a third Cork goal looking certain, it really did begin to look as if it would be our day and when Jason Doherty finally got some return for all that running by shooting us two clear with ten minutes left, the shape of our victory was beginning to become apparent.

Cork were now panicking, passing up chances for points as they desperately sought the goal that would get them back into it. Instead, Cillian’s two late points – one a monster from play – put us into insurance score territory and these points were the final ones of the day.

There was only a small Mayo following in the 20,000 or so punters in HQ today but the hard core support (myself included) went bananas after the final whistle sounded and the enormity of what the lads had done began to sink in. I doubt very much that I was the only Mayoman to shed a tear at that moment as a tsunami of emotion washed over us and we, literally, danced in the aisles.

I then sloped off to try to do my audio and although I recorded it, the O2 network failed to upload it and so it was lost to posterity. Never mind, there are more important things to be thinking about tonight. Like an All-Ireland semi-final with Kerry in three weeks time for starters.

That’s going to be an even bigger challenge for us and we know from bitter experience what Kerry are capable of doing to us. Many of those lads who leathered us in 2004 and 2006 are still there now and they’ll want to do exactly the same to us again the next day. But, if there’s one thing we can be sure of after today, the Mayo team they’ll meet in 2011 will not lie down and let the Kerry lads walk all over them. If Kerry make it to the final, then they’ll bloody well have to do it the hard way.

There’ll be plenty of time over the next three weeks to think long and deep about the Kerrymen, though – tonight there’s a stunning performance (and porter) to focus on. We had heroes all over the pitch today and it’d be unfair to single anyone out. We had a team of lions and they all, including James and his colleagues on the sideline, deserve our heartfelt thanks and praise for fashioning out such a truly uplifting win.

So now we’re down to the last four, back in the All-Ireland semi-final for the first time in five years and the knowledge that, after all those dog days in recent times, we’re once more a force to be reckoned with in Gaelic football. How much further we’ll go (not least because of who we next face) is still anyone’s guess but that’s the magic of sport, isn’t it? And Mayo were truly magical today.

Mayo: Robert Hennelly (0-1. ’45); Keith Higgins (0-1), Ger Cafferkey, Tom Cunniffe; Richie Feeney, Donal Vaughan, Trevor Mortimer; Aidan O’Shea, Seamus O’Shea; Kevin McLoughlin (1-1), Alan Dillon (0-1), Andy Moran (0-1); Enda Varley (0-1, free), Alan Freeman, Cillian O’Connor (0-6, 5 frees). Subs: Jason Doherty (0-1) for Varley, Peadar Gardiner for Freeman, Ronan McGarrity for Seamus O’Shea, Aidan Campbell for McLoughlin, Lee Keegan for Feeney.

49 thoughts on “Mayo 1-13 Cork 2-6: Horan’s heroes crush Cork

  1. Outstanding from 1 to 15 plus subs, our best day in Croker in 5 years and one in the eye for every journalist, pundit and so called expert who said we were ‘junk’ and hadn’t a hope in hell. Ye can dump those pre-written Cork v Kerry semi final previews in the bin now lads and show us some respect the next time you want to pen an article about us.

    Unbelievable performance and a famous win.

  2. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I know nothing about football and I apologize for getting it so horrifically wrong. I am proud to be a Mayo man tonight and that the nation at last saw real Mayo football.

  3. Don’t worry Ontheroad I know you are a true Mayoman and fair play to you for putting up your hand. Honesty is something that is lacking in Mayo GAA.

    As a Race of people we needed today’s win and the lads delivered big time and fare fucks to them.

    Goes to show you what is possible with a professional, honest set up.

    Great to in Croke Park when we took down on of the big guns.

  4. Great win lads.1- 15 and subs were brilliant. Well done James and selectors. Now we can stand with the big boys. Respect us now. But………we must beat Kerry. Thats it.

  5. Outstanding,gutsy and selfless performance by everyone today,well done to everyone.2 things a]I thought the Cork players went down very easily under a lot of fair Mayo challenges and b]i thought the ref was abysmal and not fit enough to keep up with the play.the few ones he got right included corks penalty and our non penalty.To beat the towbars and arguably the most arrogant county in the country in a matter of weeks is a joyous feeling.Also,credit again to Horan who made changes quickly and confidently.

  6. Last Sunday I said it was the perfect draw as no on expected us to be within 12 points.

    Looking around at some of the other boards this evening, there is now an expectation that we will fall apart against Kerry. Let them think that.

    Cool heads are required-say nothing

  7. Walking out of Croke park this evening felt better than 2006 against Dublin and 2004 against Tyrone although they were both big wins.

    This win will have meant a lot to the guys who played in last years league final and they will now have full confidence in what they are trying to achieve as a team again. It’s a huge monkey off their back, I feel.

    What a start by James Horan to his managerial career with Mayo.

    Now for the kingdom.

  8. What a performance! Three second half shut outs (well to a single point!) in a row. This team continues to grow under James Horan.

    We go to Croke Park hoping that a Mayo team will just give it everything and that’s what we got today. The lads are looking like they are enjoying their football. That’s a great credit to all of them and to the management team. We’re proud of ye, lads, and very proud to be Mayo people this evening.

    Keep the Faith!

  9. well WJ im off bright and early for me 2-weeks away tomorrow and boy do I have a smile on my face, that was a great team performance and a well deserved win and sure what have we got to lose id rather meet Kerry in the semis and again just give it our best shot – congrats to the team and management I hope Brolly’s belly is full of humble pie!

  10. I had put my money where my mouth was at 9-2 so looks like I will have a bit of spending money too!

  11. I’ve read no comments or even looked at any internet sites yet.
    I just want to say thank you to each and every one of the Mayo players. I don’t think I’ve ever been as proud and emotional after watching a Mayo win. I’m sorry I can’t word this better, but I’m still shaking from the adrenaline.
    I’m just so fucking proud of them

  12. well done to James and the whole squad, it was mean and efficient and clinical, and they played on the edge
    like Nally Stand i had Mayo and Donegal on a win double so i’m quids in as well
    they didnt show any fear, they didnt give Cork any time on the ball. it was a gamble to collect so many yellow cards in the first half and i thought the ref was too quick to show the cards so early but the gamble paid off.
    now we need to rough up Kerry like they have done to everyone else (especially us in the last two finals) if you show Kerry you’re afraid of them they’ll walk all over you

  13. cork were the biggest and most physical team in the land but today the met little old mayo [a push aside team] boy did they and every pundit get the surprise of their lives. if we can do that to cork we can do it to all the rest as well. bring on all challengers

  14. Awesome, awesome performance from our lads. So pleased to see a Mayo team interested in playing football, working hard and going for every ball. It is brilliant to win, but this type of performance was the thing I really wanted.

    Fantastic stuff. The Sunday Game is on in ten minutes. I think I’ll enjoy it.

  15. Great win today. Felt great walking out of Croker after that result, well deserved and best team won on the day despite the gods seemingly with Cork and their 2 lucky goals.

    Players proud of the jersey shone though today. Long way to go and Kerry lurking for us but enjoy today for what it was, honest footballers giving everything to dethrone the All Ireland Champions.

    Maigh Eo Abu

  16. Absolutely proud of the lads and delighted for everyone. I was terrified we might get a hiding and ruin all the good work. I would have settled for a good performance but this is very sweet indeed. I think it was even better than the Dublin match if that is possible.
    Well done – you did us proud…………now what those Kerry feckers………we surely owe them one!

  17. What a day in Croker, so proud to be there to witness, a match of great quality, pure honest endeavour by the Mayo Team, a richly deserved win, and yes we can and will take a Kerry Team, that wont stay with our high intensity game of 2011. Our senior players stood up today and they led by example. I was very disappointed with Mr. McStay he had an opportunity to say something to Mr. Spillane about his comments after the Connaught Final, and McStay should have checked Spillane, this was the opportunity, He would want to look at Giles, Dunphy, and Brady, who havea go at every opportunity, that was the only disappointment of todays win, come on Kevin speak your mind, dont be afraid of Spillane, this Mayo team will not respect this Kerry team.

  18. to give an idea about Kerry’s mindset, Tomas O Se in his interview after their game on the Sunday Game.”we had a job to do and we did it and now we can focus on Cork…” there’s one to pin on the dressing room wall

  19. Thanks to all the Mayo team.
    So proud of what they achieved today. They played without fear and played to their ability which they have not done since 2006 since Dublin. They have nothing to fear against Kerry. Fair enough Kerry have The Gooch, Donaghy, O’sullivan, Sheehan and the O’Shea’s, but over the years Tyrone, Armagh and Down have beaten them in Croker so they are not unbeatable and the Mayo team should not think that they are any better than them.
    If they just give it their best effort like today and don’t give too much respect to Kerry, well we’ll be in with a shout. At the moment I am on a huge high and nothing this week will take the smile off my face.
    UP MAYO!

  20. Brilliant day , the same dirty ball was won around
    The midfield as on our last 2 outings in the rain.. Took a few pound off a few fellas today , all the cork crowd very good losers , let’s do them a favor now and turf their neighbors out!

  21. saw that interview with thomas o shea. lads lets draw a line hear, now is the time to beat kerry. show them no respect as they give us none, hup maigh eo

  22. what a day, I knew from the fact that at half 8 mass this morning when the gospel was about miracles that we were going to do it. Lads weren’t that happy about the Mayo car flag, but deck them tis my car, and I threw up a cork one just for balance.
    Was a bit worried just before throw in, call it the scars of previous days in Croker but it passed when aidoxi grabbed the ball from the throw and rsn thru cork, he put it wide , I said to the cork lads “DB did the exact same thing in the 2004 quarters and we won that day”. I got the same condescending chat I’ve been getting all week.
    Anyways, a great day we’ll enjoy it but we’ve been here before. This will mean nothing if we dont drive on now and win Sam. And we can. Kerry are beatable we just need to box clever again.
    Cork taking off Noel o Leary helped us, cantu did nothing and Noel set up slot of cork attacks in first half.
    We have to use our possession better, in truth we should gave won by 8 or 9 given our dominance in the second half. Other teams will use ball better when they have it.
    Aos needs to be smater with the ball and when we take the ball out the wing we need runners in the middle. In fairness we did that in the second half.
    Great win, we’ll enjoy it and press tomorrow but we HAVE to drive on now and win it.
    and enda, please stay away, we’re doing fine without ya!

  23. Maigh Eo Abú!!! What a glorious day to be in Croke Park! I have never seen a Mayo team that oozed such confidence, conviction, courage and sheer determination! A team that had nothing to lose and everything to fight for!!
    I too picked up on O’Shea’s premature comment about preparing for Cork… and couldn’t help but notice the smug faces of the Kerry supporters after our win… so smug in fact that I overheard a Kerry crowd talking about facing Dublin in the finals!!
    After today Mayo I believe that the time has come to rewrite our past against the green and gold!
    Is Féidir linn!!!!!!!!!!

  24. What a win what a team performance could not be prouder of mayo well done to james and all the team. Kevin mcstay should be thoroughly ashamed of himself he has no cojones he did not pull up spillane when he said it was not a great shock and he did not tear the head off des cahill when he said brolly was right about cork what a spineless twonk he is a total bollox.
    Whatever about the others having no respect for us he should be braver!
    Bring on the kerry bucks!!

  25. Meant to say alsoI think aidan o’ shea showed great heart today got a few things badly wrong but never stopped trying and thats the spirit we lacked in the naughties. Heads stayed up all the 70 minutes great display!

  26. sweet. well done horan and his whole team. that croker feeling was nicer than ever today. sweet.

  27. Thanks Lads,
    Best day in Croke Park for a long time.
    Best display by a Mayo team I have ever seen.
    It was the performance.
    Courage, Passion, Intesity,Teamwork.
    Especially teamwork,full forward in the full back line, corner back scoring.
    Every where all over the pitch, every man gave his all, and played for his teamates.
    Could’nt ask for anything more.
    Proud to be a Mayo man.

  28. Fantastic performance. Well done James, selectors and Mayo team. Ye put pride back in the jersey and the county.Well done to the supporters also a brilliant atmosphere despite small crowd. A privilege to be there .Up Mayo.

  29. McStay was very poor tonight on the Sunday Game. On a day when Mayo achieved what very few felt was possible he didn’t need to go looking for faults with our performance. We were brilliant today and he should have left it at that. No team goes through 70 minutes without making mistakes or having faults so why the fuck point out what Mayo did wrong. 

    It was a night to be a proud Mayo man and for him to ram some comments down the throats of a few of his fellow pundits but he clearly hasn’t the balls for it. 

    Then you listen to his comments on the Donegal Kildare match and you wonder if he is a Mayo-man at all. How can a Mayo-man get so fucking excited about Donegal kicking a winning point. 

    More importantly, how can he sit beside Brolly and Spillane when they make a joke of Mayo and say fucking nothing?

    To be honest I am not surprised with McStay as he is clearly more worried about retaining his position on the Sunday Game than standing up for Mayo. He was the one calling for a root and branch review of Mayo GAA last year and when it was carried out he never once commented on it. Went fucking missing. 

    Anyways Willie Joe, great piece about the match. It captures many of the feelings which went through our bodies today. Great day to be a Mayo person. 

    Let’s hope we can push on now and build on today’s victory. Nothing to fear in Kerry if we approach the game with the same positive mentality. This is an old Kerry team which has huge milage up and if we can keep the intensity level high for the seventy minutes we can beat them, but it will take this approach. Nothing less will do. 

  30. Some Win! i think i was one of the few here that said we would win. With O’Sullivan likely to be out with hamstring injury we have every chance v Kerry.
    So many heros played there part but it was a great team effort & horan is showing is management skills to all now.

    Going off topic i was also at Saturdays game don’t know how Roscommon lost that game by 11 points they had Tyrone on the ropes but could find a knock punch so that performance by them showed we beat a fine team in the Connacht final.

  31. I swore i won,t post again with drink on me! BUT COME ON MAYO!!! A ould Kerry man said to me this evening comeing down the steps out of croker, that we were after making it handy for them!!!……..

  32. What a result!! weird oul feeling cause i’m out of the country and haven’t seen any of the game just going on what you all have to say!

    thanks willie joe for keeping lads like myself updated, much appreciated!

    Sounds like a great show from the lads, just the sort of performance we were looking for. Didn’t see how we could were goin to do it before the game but still had a sneaky suspicion that something was up. I think James Horan made a great call with his selection today, jason doherty, by the sounds of things, came on hungry to make an impact and thats how we want it. Lads fighting for places and fighting for the cause.

    Absolutely delighted with todays result and already looking forward to the semi. We’ll probably get the usual “mayo are only good for one good game every year” shite and that “kerry won’t fall for us like cork did”. But fuck it, as we all said this is bonus territory, the lads have nothing to lose and i think kerry might be in for a rough afternoon.

    They’ve given us a great season so far and suddenly the 3rd sunday of september isn’t all too far away!

    Maigh eo abu!

  33. So proud to be a Mayoman today. I watched the game and roared them on from an Irish bar here in Perth had tears in my eyes at the end. Only wish I could have been there. They fought like tigers for every ball and played Cork off the field. Heroes in every corner of the pitch for Mayo. I feel Kerry are also beatable, hopefully Horan will keep the heads down and focused. Mayo played sensational football in that 2nd half, lovely accutate kickpassing to drag the Cork defence all over the place. We should have won by more if anything. Our belief was evident right through the game. Possibly the finest performance of a mayo team in the modern era, up there with Tyrone 04. Fair play to the lads so happy right now!

  34. As a Mayo man, its days like this that I really resent living abroad. Its a very proud day to be from Mayo.
    This was perhaps the most comprehensive team performance by a Mayo team in decades. I particularly liked the way they didn’t panic or hang their heads when it was 1-4 to 0-1 after 15 ins. They were very composed and demonstrated great determination to claw back.
    The O’Shea’s in midfield I thought were outstanding, and Andy Moran’s ould head paid dividends late in the game. Aiden O’Shea was particularly impressive, even though he got carded early on, he didn’t back off and kept the intensity all game. Me thinks even though he’s a young fella, we have a leader in him.
    Cant give JH enough credit, unlike past mayo managers, man was he on the ball with those timely switches and changes..
    Unbelievable day really, now lets kick on and study Kerry. Mister Mayor

  35. I agree with your comments Press Officer, well stated. No reason why we cant kick on from this match, they are a different Mayo, full of passion, and a degree of anger, J.H. has a good panel, and the starting 15 may tell us a lot on the 21st. he may hold one or two in reserve. Varley gave a roasting to his opposite in the first half , who kept pulling out of him and got away with it, same thing happened to Jason in Connaught Final.

    Roscommon were not bad at all, their fitness let them down on the last 15 mins, they appear to be always found wanting with their fitness on a dry sod. They have some good minors coming along. Yes a proud day for us followers of the Green and Red. Well done to all the Team , James Horan, James Nallen and the rest of the backroom staff.

  36. no harm that mcstay didnt say anything, it keep us nice and quiet, still under the radar. Last thing we needed was big hoopla now, we’ve seen mcstay for what he is now and we can park that for another day.

  37. I posted here on Friday that we would probably do well to hold Cork to 5-6 points and that what we were really looking for was effort, passion and leadership from the players. Well, glad to be proven wrong by players who really showed qualities to make any Mayo person proud. There was a real ‘bite’ in the Mayo play and you could see the Cork players were visibly rattled by it – it brought a smile to my face 🙂

    I know we have to savour this win but you can’t help thinking that the next game is the real test. Despite the praise being showered on Mayo today, you have the feeling that most people outside Mayo feel this is a ‘flash in the pan’ ala Dublin 06. Added to that, the common perception, even in Mayo, that Kerry teams have some sort of mental hold over Mayo in CP. All of this is to our advantage because this is not the same old Mayo as 04 and 06.

    Eugene McGee wrote this morning about the absence of Fancy Dans and Shapers. So true! It’s just honest, hard working players, playing with pride, heart and intelligence. That’s all anyone can ask for and we got that in spades yesterday. If we get the same performance against Kerry I will be more than happy, regardless of the result. I am sure though that James H will keep everyone feet firmly on the ground and keep the media’s attention on how great the Kerry forwards are ‘sure we’ll try to give them a game to help them prepare for the final properly’ – that will suit us nicely!

  38. big thick porter head on me now, and awful glad i was to get up at 6.30 with the baba and park her so’s i could watch it all over again, shes my good luck charm now so i suppose she’s going to the kerry match as well.

    I for one couldn’t care less who we faced next, and yes lets have Kerry, lets have them and go toe to toe with them and see what happens.

    Great day great game, saw Keith Higgins last night and almost rode him wife told me couldn’t stop talking about him when I got in and when I mentioned this morning inncocently “did i tell you i met KH last night?” she nearly decked me,

    this is the best hangover ever

    Mayo abu

  39. I woke up this morn,and i tried to remember did i put in a comment when i was pissed at 4 in the mornin`.I had to go and check and thankfully i hadn`t!
    That was a performance it was great to be there.And d`ya know i don`t think these boys are finished yet this year.If we play like that the next day we`ll certainly give Kerry a game and like yesterday everything after that will be a bonus.No talk about All Irelands yet please, one game at a time.
    And we got the bit of luck as well that vital ingredient Cork could have got more goals but they didn`t.
    I didn`t see the Sunday Game but it looks like Kev didn`t rub Spillanes nose in it and maybe he`s right we`ve won nothing yet.I get the feeling he`s keeping his powder dry for a bigger day.If he had opened up last nite and Kerry get the better of us the next day well the boys would shove it furthur down our throats that we`re just not in the top tier.So i wouldn`t say too much yet.I think this team will do their talking on the pitch and when we get a bit furthur, then we can give the two fingers to all and sundry.
    Right now i`m going to enjoy being out and about this week and savour this win because i think it was even better than the Dubs in 06.
    Thanks again to James Horan and his backroom boys and of course our team of heros every one of them were giants out there yesterday.
    Come on Mayo!

  40. Same as ontheroad and Mike, I didn’t give our lads much of a chance last week. Its the hapiest I’ve ever been to be proven completely and utterly wrong. I echo everyone’s sentiments that have been posted already. The fight, physicality, leadership, never-say-die attitude that all Mayo fans have been looking for that seemed to be missing in the JOM era was there in spades in every Mayo player yesterday. I believe that comes from the manager. He’ll get them refocussed and hopefully have a right good crack at the Kerrymen. Had a spare ticket I couldn’t get rid of yesterday. Shows how much people were interested. It was a pity we didn’t have more people there yesterday to enjoy our win. So proud to be a Mayo man after that!!!

  41. Eugene Mc Gee got it right when he said there were no “shapers” in Mayo colours out there yesterday and I think this was key to your great win over Cork. Having players of that ilk in the past particularly in the forward line has been a major factor in Mayo’s recent poor history. Keep panel as it is now and best wishes ahead, if you repeat yesterday’s effort then success beckons.

    Well done from a Meath supporter.

  42. Couldn’t agree more Muigheo Go Deo!! I hold Joe Brolly totally culpable for the bad attendance – I think he should be shot for writing teams off and creating poor expectations for championship matches – his experience in the GAA should have taught him that anything is possible on the day!
    I wouldn’t worry about McStay staying quiet last night, I agree with East Cork exile – lets try not to get too overexcited here and remain focused and calm…under the radar suits us fine!
    I’m still high on the win yesterday and credit where credit is due – I never thought it would happen but it has usurped ’06 as favourite Mayo game ever!

  43. Still cannot quite believe the performance we put in yesterday. It was definitely a case of more hope than expectation as we walked through what little crowds there was on the roads to Croker, but I felt that we had a shot if we stood up to Cork and made them know they were in a game. And we sure did.

    Would have to watch the game again to know who did particularly well, but every player contributed to a performance I don’t think has been seen in a Mayo team since the game against Dublin in 2006. In fact, in some ways yesterday was better, as we thoroughly deserved a win against the All-Ireland champions. It’s easy for ‘analysts’ to say now that Cork were a tired team but they’ll only feel tired if they have to work hard to pull out a performance, and what clever ‘analysts’ said that would happen?

    The good thing about the next day is that we’ll go into the Kerry game with a similar level of expectation thrown at us. Easy to see why given past performances in 2004 and 2006, and also Kerrys cruise control win yesterday, but that’ll suit us just fine. If we play with the same level of intense, in-your-face attitude and tactical cuteness God knows what could happen.

  44. Delighted that we were written off and hope the same continues for Kerry. Journos will be talking up a Dub Kerry or Tyrone Kerry final believe me. They wont be as open in their dismissal of Mayo but it will be there none the less. The feeling of pride is high in Mayo but expectation is not, that has to be music to Horans ears. His team will head to HQ as under dogs again with no one expecting them to win. Brilliant.

  45. Congrats Mayo, well deserved on the day!
    Up to you now to prove that you can win not only when written off, but written up (as you will be after that performance).
    It’s no good playing well and then flopping the next day against Kerry, who will secretly be delighted and think you’re a soft touch.

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