Mayo 3-11 Kerry 2-10: second half surge takes us to the title

We’ve only gone and won the League.

Today’s super comeback win over Kerry in the Division One decider was as uplifting as it was surprising. After a very flat opening half from us, it didn’t look like it was going to be our day. We were fortunate then to go in just four points in arrears and at that stage another final disappointment appeared to be our fate for the second half.

But on the resumption the lads ripped up that tired old script. As they came back into it, Kerry’s challenge started to crumble until eventually our blue wave swept them away. We were worthy four-point winners at the finish.

Kerry struck blood in this title decider right from the throw-in. Lee Keegan fouled Sean O’Shea directly in front of the posts less than thirty yards from goal and O’Shea tapped over the resultant free.

Kerry came close a few times to adding to that tally but twice Robbie Hennelly rose high on his goal-line to claim balls that might have crept over the bar. This was something he was called on to do a number of times more before the match was over.

Five minutes passed before we opened our account into the Hill end. Great work up the right wing by James Carr opened a route in for Fergal Boland and the Aghamore player wisely opted to fist it over.

Our next chance could have reaped greater dividends but Donal Vaughan shot at the Kerry ‘keeper who saved with his legs. Soon after Paddy Durcan pointed from distance to edge us in front.

Our next score was started and finished by Matthew Ruane. He spotted Keith Higgins lurking inside and found him with a precise pass, then took the offload back off him and knocked it over.

We looked in good shape then but immediately found ourselves rocked back by the game’s opening goal. Clifford – always a menace, who gave Brendan Harrison a torrid time up until the break – fed wing-back Gavin Crowley who sashayed clear of our flailing cover before planting a rocket into the corner of the net.

We wobbled for a good ten minutes or so after that. Kerry, though, despite the trouble their speedy penetrating attacks were causing us, only added two points to their tally during that period.

A Jason Doherty point from play eventually looked to have settled us. But direct from the kick-out we coughed up a second goal. This time Stephen O’Brien cut cleanly through the middle and rifled it home. Now we were in real bother.

Two wides – a ’50 by Robbie that clipped the post but landed the wrong side and a poor effort from Lee after a great pass to him from Darren Coen – did little to lift our gathering gloom. Fergal Boland’s second fisted point of the day did, though, perk us up anew.

That was the final score of the half. As the lads trooped off at the break we knew we were in trouble. Kerry were proving way more of a handful than they’d done in Tralee, not surprising, in truth, given that they’d added Clifford to their ranks since then. It was far from clear then whether or not we had it in us to get the better of them this time.

We started the second half, though, in the right frame of mind. James Carr clipped over two points, the first from play off his left, the second off his right by way of a free shot from a forward mark, and so suddenly the gap was now a much more manageable two-point one.

The Ardagh player – incredibly making his full senior debut at inter-county level today – had a goal chance soon after. Aidan O’Shea picked him out with a superb long ball in but the cover quickly converged on James before he had a chance to pull the trigger. The ball did, though, squirm loose and was claimed by Darren Coen who fired over.

Kerry were now feeling the heat. They steadied themselves, though, when O’Shea pointed a free after Keith fouled Stephen O’Brien.

Soon after Aidan O’Shea was extremely unfortunate to find himself in the book along with Kerry’s Jack Barry. The Kerry player wrestled Aidan to the ground and the Breaffy man wasn’t even resisting this play-acting, waiting for the ref to finally sort the nonsense. That card was to have ramifications for Aidan later as, no doubt, was the intent of the player who’d instigated the incident.

We went through another unsettling spell after that. Another wide from a ’50 by Robbie followed by a wide from a good position by Darren Coen meant we’d spurned the chance to draw level. Instead they added two points to pull four clear.

The game appeared to be running away from us. But then Mattie Ruane went on one of those trademark charges of his, Darren Coen threading a delicious pass to him which the Breaffy player took, drove on and smashed the ball to the net.

They got the next score, another O’Shea free, following a high tackle by Chris Barrett, but now the first sense that the momentum in this match was swinging towards us began to stir.

Increasingly, we started to drive hard at them, Lee and Paddy leading the charge from half-back. Kerry, so threatening themselves earlier on, began to wilt in the face of what now became a sustained assault, one given further potency by the amount of ball we were winning out around the middle.

By now, Andy Moran – our perennial thorn in Kerry’s side – had replaced Darren Coen and the Kerry backline had become much more jittery. But they had another threats facing them too and Diarmuid O’Connor reminded them forcefully of this fact, smashing over a long-range effort at the end of a move that Aidan had begun with a delicious turnover.

We then had a half-decent penalty shout, when James Carr went down in the large square as he bore down on goal. It wasn’t given, nor in truth did it really deserve to be.

Our next effort, from Fergal Boland, cannoned back off the upright. Andy was fouled in the aftermath, though, and from close range Jason Doherty knocked over the free to level the contest.

Soon after Diarmuid launched another monstrous effort from distance. An enormous roar erupted from the big Mayo following as this one too made it over Shane Ryan’s bar.

Diarmuid had a third go from similar range a few minutes later. This time, though, the shot didn’t quite have the legs, Ryan leaping high to fetch it on his line. Up the other end, after a long over-and-back move, Barry shot over to level the game once more. Robbie was called into action after that to claim another ball that almost crept over his bar.

Down the field we swept after that. Paddy’s ball in towards Diarmuid was definitely on the speculative side but Ryan dashed from his line to meet it and Diarmuid evaded both him and his marker to connect powerfully with his fist and send the ball hurtling to the net.

Three up with five minutes of normal time to go and the May-Oh! chants began in earnest. But could we, at last, seal the deal in a final at Croke Park?  

Kerry now came at us in a desperate attempt to pull the fat from the fire. Sub Paul Geaney pulled one back and then when Aidan was ordered off on a second yellow with four minutes of added time still to play it looked like we might not be able to hold out.

Kerry came again but Robbie pulled off a miracle save to avert a goal-scoring chance and the ball was somehow scrambled to safety. But Kerry weren’t done yet, Clifford firing over soon after to cut the gap to the minimum.

But in their haste to take the game to us they had left gaps at the back. As we broke out rapidly – attack being the best form of defence and all that – sub Ciaran Treacy slipped his marker and Andy found him with a delicious ball in over the top. The Ballina youngster promptly bore down on goal and buried it.

We were in dreamland. Seconds later it was all over and The Green and Red of Mayo was being blasted out over the PA system as we all began to take in the reality that, for once, we were going home from Croke Park having won a national title.

The cup presentation was a special moment for the many loyal Mayo fans who had witnessed so many disappointing final days. This win doesn’t ease the pain from all that but, let’s be honest, the winning feeling is a nice one and it’s one we certainly could get used to.

For James and his players, today’s win is not only a wonderful result. It’s also testimony to the hard work put in over several months, during which we’ve built ourselves back up into a force to be reckoned with, one that’s now ready to challenge for higher peaks than the one we reached so joyously today.

Today’s League title win, though, deserves to be celebrated in its own right. We’re a county with a long and proud record in this competition and today’s win means we’re League champions for the twelfth time. It’s also the first national title we’ve won in eighteen long years.

Clearly, it’s that other longer gap that we all want to bridge. Today’s win could, in time, be looked back on as a vital stepping stone towards that ultimate goal but tonight let’s just kick back and celebrate it in its own right. Mine’s a beer. Up Mayo.

Mayo: Robbie Hennelly; Chris Barrett, Brendan Harrison, Keith Higgins; Paddy Durcan (0-1), Lee Keegan, Donal Vaughan; Matthew Ruane (1-1), Aidan O’Shea; Fergal Boland (0-2), Jason Doherty (0-2, one free), Diarmuid O’Connor (1-2); Kevin McLoughlin, Darren Coen (0-1), James Carr (0-2). Subs: Andy Moran for Coen, Colm Boyle for Vaughan, Evan Regan for Carr, Ciaran Treacy (1-0) for Doherty.      

Who was our MOTM against Kerry? Pick your top three performers

  • Diarmuid O'Connor (30%, 694 Votes)
  • Aidan O'Shea (20%, 452 Votes)
  • Matthew Ruane (14%, 322 Votes)
  • Robbie Hennelly (11%, 248 Votes)
  • Fergal Boland (5%, 125 Votes)
  • Chris Barrett (5%, 108 Votes)
  • James Carr (4%, 81 Votes)
  • Keith Higgins (3%, 72 Votes)
  • Lee Keegan (2%, 45 Votes)
  • Brendan Harrison (2%, 40 Votes)
  • Paddy Durcan (2%, 36 Votes)
  • Ciaran Treacy (1%, 16 Votes)
  • Andy Moran (1%, 12 Votes)
  • Jason Doherty (0%, 8 Votes)
  • Darren Coen (0%, 8 Votes)
  • Kevin McLoughlin (0%, 7 Votes)
  • Colm Boyle (0%, 4 Votes)
  • Donal Vaughan (0%, 3 Votes)
  • Evan Regan (0%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,208

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146 thoughts on “Mayo 3-11 Kerry 2-10: second half surge takes us to the title

  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted but I feel compelled to post after that great game. Epic performance particularly in the second half. The likes of Aiden, Keith, Matty, Robbie, Leroy, Paddy, Fergal and Diarmuid and the debutant in the second half James Carr were very good. Mayo an ageing team my arse. I think aiden should bring out a DVD on how to tackle, the amount of turnovers he makes is astonishing.

    Willie Joe, this blog is a great outlet and you do an amazing job. Well done and please keep it going,it binds mayo people from all over.

    Finally just want to say that the guys from outside the county like Martin the dub and game changer are salt of the earth and never rub it in when we fall short and have the decency to post reasoned comments here, thanks lads.

    Up mayo

  2. Great win I don’t post here to often but I want everyone to know their won’t be a cow milked in Sydney for a week

  3. Good stuff Sydney… love to the cows and bloody brilliant from Mayo. Celebrate and then heads down… for the championship. Maigheo go deo indeed!!

  4. I don’t even know where to start… I will, however, say that the phrase ” Sure it’s only the League” won’t be said by me again. Hearing the Saw Doctors blaring through the speakers and the hair standing up all over my body was something I hope we all get to experience again in September. As for the match itself, it was a classic fight. A tale of two halves was never truer. Barrett was unbelievable today and did a great job on Walsh. Harrison I thought did well. Aido was mighty and his presence and demeanor were much needed today. Fergal, Matty, and DOC were great. Still confused as to why with 5 minutes or so left in the match being up 2-3 points we are shooting nukes like we are down 2-3… I really thought we were going to shit the bed and go home empty handed again. Lastly, Robbie was the saving grace today… Literally…. It is great as a supporter to know we have two class keepers on the panel and I don’t envy Horan one bit having to make the call of who sits come championship. It’s going to be an exciting summer lads. Buckle up!

  5. Well well
    One of the great days. Such a great win and probably should have won by more. But we will take it.
    So happy and delighted to have that hoodoo off our backs.
    Brilliant for all the kids there. They see us as a winning team and our past is in the past.
    Lets write our own history lads.
    Upwards and onwards.

  6. We showed huge heart to win it when it was up for grabs in the closing stages. I’m the same age as a lot of the players but I felt like a proud Dad watching them celebrate at the end! Well done boys.

  7. Yessss! The big test today was, would the bench make a difference in a tight game…Today they did. Let’s enjoy it but take the lead from DOC who in his speach gave the impression their feet are firmly planted.
    So thrilled to see happy faces afterwards..

  8. Congratulations to amazing Mayo. James Horan – what a manager. I am so happy. To hear the red and green of mayo blaring!! Well done to all. Aido and Diarmuid were mighty. Boyler so good at end. Us supporters and team were truly one. It was great for players to come around to all the Stands. Dreaming of days ahead already!!!

  9. Well done one and all. Enjoy every minute. Great exciting game to watch and fantastic last few minutes.. See blue is the colour ?

  10. all those years of suffering and the change of jersey to blue did the trick!!

    we were like a pack of wild dogs in the second half. feral and foaming at the mouth. we were tackling each other at times! immense doesn’t do it justice.

    the great thing is we now have valid game changing options off the bench. you know you have a bit of strength in depth when you see boyle on for vaughan. today will give the old warriors renewed energy and the younger players belief that we can compete at the highest level.

    a special word for young james carr who will never forget his senior debut and came up with a couple of great scores to kick start us in the second half.

  11. An emotional day.
    I bow my balding head. What a great feeling. Congratulations to every player and all the managment and delighted for all the mayo people. Cloud nine for the next couple of weeks and hope we get to celebrate again this year. James Carr, your a star.
    Go on yea beauties.
    Fly my pretty ones fly.
    Hard luck to kerry.

  12. Immensely proud of the panel today. We outmuscled Kerry in second half but there was no shortage of guile either. Yes there are lessons to learn for championship, dropping balls into their square in last few minutes wasn’t clever but we got away with it thanks to Robbie who certainly has stood up in CP this year. A little more composure and we could have won by ever more. It’s great that this Kerry team is forming a habit of losing against us. Just saw the Westport train setting off from
    Heuston and wish I was on it rather than the Limerick train, it will no doubt be rocking from side to side all the way home. Let’s enjoy this for a while, yes it’s not the holy grail but it’s a win in a final against a top 4 team and winnings a great habit. So so proud this evening.

  13. What a second half. Heroes All over the field. We bossed midfield all day. Defence superb Barrett Higgins Durkan Harrison and Keegan was stuck to Sean Oshea all day. Oshea did mot score from play. And take a bow Robbie. Targeted early but dealt with it well. Picked out his midfield men well and huge save at the end.

  14. I have a pain in my head with joy. Great win. Anyday we beat Kerry is a good day and to do it in a national final is icing on the cake.

  15. Today was a good day. Brilliant second half display. Diarmuid immense…what a save by Robbie…brilliant performaces all over the field. Great to see those lads whp have given so much pick up some silverware for their efforts.

  16. Great to get the win. Definitely woke up a few of the neighbours here in Melbourne at 3:30am watching those last few mins!
    Few observations:
    – Robbie won the game for us with that save. Massively important moment in our season. Losing today wouldn’t have been end of the world. But losing to a sucker punch like that would have been hugely damaging to team psyche and morale.
    – Barrett was outstanding on tommy Walsh, who looked well short of the standard required at this level. Geaney is ten times the player Walsh is and caused us quite a few problems in his ten mins on the pitch.
    – great debut from james Carr. Can score and looks a solid ball winner.
    – we totally dominated Kerry’s midfield in the end. Aido and Ruane look a formidable pairing now heading into championship.
    – said here I n January i expected a big year from Boland. He looks a key player now for the championship, superb today.
    – Keegan back to his old self. Nullified the dangerous Sean o Shea. Some player.
    – Andy’s composure when he came in was vital in seeing us home. Boyle’s experience also crucial.
    – nice to see donie Buckley congratulating our lads at the end.
    – Clifford is the real deal and while Harrison did his best, I think Clifford is on another level and has potential to win games in his own for Kerry.
    – panel looks to have real depth now. Cillian and McDonagh to add to the forward mix, not to mention reape and loftus.
    – Diarmuid o Connor outstanding in second half, the perfect captain for this team.
    – important to back this up with a big championship.
    – finally, it’s nice to know that prick Martin breheny can finally bin his decade old recurring article about how Mayo “need to win a league”, the Bollox

  17. A terrific win. Still buzzing.
    Thought we were buried in the first half, but that second half was as good a half of football as I’ve ever seen from this team. We probably should have won by more. Delighted for Robbie – some demons put to rest today I reckon.
    Hard luck to Kerry. I think they have a problem in the number 6 position.

  18. Intelligent performance, and very competitive. What more can you ask for? Some serious talent is emerging and flourishing and let that continue. That in itself is exciting for the next few weeks. Congratulations to the new MAYO and let’s go forward, to the goal of Victory.
    In some September soon.

  19. We’ve played better and lost, sometimes we played better than the other team and still found away to lose. Today we thoroughly deserved to win even after a shakey first half. Magnificent second half performance. This team is evolving before our eyes in what seems to be a seemless transition. Let’s just enjoy this title for a while they haven’t come round too often.

  20. Massive congratulations from a Galway man. A well deserved win, ye were probably 10 points better than Kerry on the day. Hennelly’s save at the death was huge.

    Older players and new players all stood up to it and won the game when it was there to be won.

  21. Now in my 82nd year, I was in Ballina for the arrival of the teams in 1950 and 1951, an experience never to be forgotten. To-day, I felt some of that pride and joy again, (and I know “It’s only the league”). A national title has been needed for a long, long time and some of our senior players have been rewarded, while the younger lads need not fear the experience of Croke Park.
    I plan to watch today’s game, and the aftermath, again and again, but sadly my recording failed. Does anyone know whether TG4 will make it available again ?

  22. Fantastic performance and a brilliant win. And to think just a few short weeks ago there was posters here saying we were the third best team in connaght!!!! With supporters like that who needs enemies.

  23. Bhenony, stick that fucking asterix up your hole.

    The league is the league and all that craic, but that 2nd half was great stuff.
    Fierce proud and just delighted, especially that the older lads got their hands on a trophy in Croke Park.
    Up Fucking Mayo!

  24. Well done Mayo. What a second half. Just brilliant. Aidan o shea was simply excellent. These days are few and far between as we all know. I have an inclination if we keep this trajectory going we won’t be waiting 18 more years for another national trophy. Excellent stuff

  25. They talk about weapons of mass destruction well mayo have one in Diarmuid ó Connor. A legend in the making.

  26. Congratulations to all today! It’s a great feeling to win a national title at this level. I was abroad in 2001 and about six months old the time before that so this is my first time experiencing it firsthand. To think that this is the first senior national title for the likes of Andy Moran, Keith Higgins, David Clarke, Colm Boyle, etc.. It’s so overdue and so well deserved too. I am a very proud Mayoman tonight! Here’s to the next leg of the journey wherever it might take us. Maigh Eo Abú.

  27. Is this true that steward stopped Tom Parsons joining his teammates on pitch. This is the worst thing I have ever heard. Awful. What an insult to a great guy who’s one of the team too.

  28. Well done Pat Keely, posts like that are what the GAA is all about. Family, Parish, Club and County are the weaving threads of life and in particular rural life and society. Young James Carr from Ardagh must have quickened pulses and drawn a few tears from those who tied laces, washed the jerseys, filled the car to circus standards in order to get them to the game, made tea and sandwiches. There are many strands needed to make the core strong, well done to all who gave so those great men could reward.

  29. Well done brilliant stuff great 2nd half performance especially. That is what I meant a couple of weeks ago about wanting to get to a final and being confident of winning like winners should. Again well done.

  30. A serious second half performance today. This team just keeps on going even though most of the country thought we were finished. National titles don’t come round often so let’s enjoy the moment and worry about the championship next week.

  31. Mairead.They did.In full view of TV cameras.He was just attemptng to climb over the barrier to hug the lads.Such an insult to one of the finest footballers and gentlemen..

  32. The priest in Ardagh got a thunderous applause when he said at mass this morning that mayo would surely win the final with an Ardagh man on the team.
    Correct father pat. Correct.

  33. Best second Half i can remember. O’Shea O’Connor and Carr were absolutely brilliant. I’ll stay in Dublin tonight. Didn’t want to hear Kerry excuses on train tonight. Looking forward to New York now. Congrats to all

  34. Crikey, it’s actually difficult to nominate MOTM. It’s a beautiful problem but went for Diarmuid, Robbie and the Messiah, JC. Goals win games and in truth we were patient taking points when there was any doubt. But when we needed them…feck it Ruane is a dream machine and Aiden purrs wonderfully by his side.
    Ya it’s only the league but it felt surreal watching our team pick up the silver and a truly brave and talented Kerry team watching on. Get used to that feeling Mayo folk. Hard luck to Kerry who have had a great league with a bunch of newbies. It was a tough and tense game and let’s hope one of us gets to pip the other boys in blue…our blue is nicer than theirs!!
    I said earlier that we Mayo folk are sick of losing. It’ll take a lot of winning to get it out of my system. Keep the foot on the pedal Mayo. You’ve lifted the hearts of Mayo ppl all over the world. Thank you and thanks to the posters from others counties who are and always are so encouraging, respectful and appreciate the worth of our team. Mayo Mayo Mayo…

  35. Jesus we deserved that!. I couldnt make it today but the noise from our fans on tv was incredible. I tip my hat to every last one of ye that were there. The most pleasing aspect is how we just fucking went for it, when it was there to be won. Thats a damn good Kerry team, so its great to have had that experience and extra game before the championship. Great confidence boost for the young lads. Have to say their was a tear in the eye lookin at the emotional fans in the stand, th4 done a great job in capturing said emotion.

    I see Dubs and stuff shouting online that its only the league, and the emotion was laughable as if we’d won sam etc. But it runs alot deeper in all of us, whether it was a league final or an fbd final played in croker, its just the fact we won something. The tears are a result of all the heartache and pain suffered by us all, and it was just nice to climb them steps for once, it ment alot to the players. The dust will settle soon and the heads will go down in preparation for championship, but by God ill enjoy this win tonite.

    Commiserations to Gamechanger10, a great poster on here, whos posts i always enjoy. Not yer day today, but still a very successful league for both teams, that will hopefully serve us well in the coming months.

  36. Very emotional hearing the Green and Red belting out today in Croker with my sons. Fantastic display and I’m particularly delighted for Robbie Hennely, he exorcised the demons of 2016. Horan’s stock is sky high right now. If anyone is passing the Palace Bar tomorrow morning make sure to call in and give Martin Breheny a shoe in the hole. Now I’m off to trawl through the archive to find the clowns who didn’t want to play the league final.

  37. The pope signing that jersey might be working.

    Pat, if you have a relation or if your on the net yourself TG4 player should have the replay on it in a few days.


    So proud

    It’s “only” the league but by God it felt so so so good to sit behind after and hear the Green and Red belting out again and again

    Maybe just maybe …….

  39. What a magic day. It’s surreal. I think this will really stand to us in the championship. So so encouraging how the new lads stepped up and improved the team. Ciarán Treacy take a bow – the lad showed serious balls taking on that goal. Thought Aidan O’Shea had one of his best games in a Mayo jersey some amazing pin point passes from long range. A few tired heads tomorrow. Up Mayo!

  40. Watching it on telly I thought the steward had stopped Tom Parsons going on the field but then I thought ah no that can’t be……now it seems I was right the first time…

  41. Ardagh abu ! Proud of our club man’s performance in his debut as the fiirst EVER Ardagh man to start on Mayo senior team !
    Well done to all – bring on the Championship!

  42. Awful first half littered with errors. Inspired 2nd half (and great to see Jimmy Carr hit two on the bounce to get us going). Robbie pulled off great save but his opening half, like much of the team was iffy. Was nearly caught out with the first high ball that came in and punched one which could have been caught which resulted in a point. His frees were also off. When he was really needed at the end he stood up so congrats to him and the rest of the lads. Onwards and upwards. It was lovely to win today and it’ll do a lot morale wise and for the psychology of the group. We can enjoy tonight and the next few days but let’s remember there’s only one trophy that counts. We remember 2001, that league success marked the end of the road for many of the 96/97 team. We want this league to act as a springboard. It’s a league win in March. Bank the credits and move on. Let’s keep winning stuff and not have any more barren spells. Win. Win and win again.

    Up Mayo.

  43. Really liked the attitude of James Carr.
    For his first point in 2nd half he never even considered anything except putting it straight between the posts. It has to be considered the balls that takes on your debut in a league fi al in Croke Park.

  44. Heroes all over field (and the stands)Special mention to James Carr ,we needed a forward who could win ball in the full forward line .He also linked well and came up trumps when it mattered ..

  45. I was confident today pre throw in, I backed us to which I normally wouldn’t for fear of a jinx.

    We had a shaky first half, we all can admit that but our confidence, composure and sheer drive powered through.

    We weren’t leaving that behind.

    The team clicked, the subs worked, the energy was there. JH was quite close to be during the game and in line of sight and he never looked panicked.

    Our new captain massively stood up in the 2nd half and lead from the front. I’m not going to dwell on the rest but they stood talk.

    The ‘kids’ didnt falter.

    A win is a win is a win.

    The demons are rested.


  46. Today Mayo football came of age on a match for the ages. The young guns went for it and got us over the line. DOC was magnificent and him raising the trophy was a just reward for his performance in Newbridge. If there is such a thing a a world class save in Gaelic games, Hennelly’s save in the 70th minute was this. Delighted for him after the abuse he shipped in AI final replay While AOS, Barrett, Durcan, and Andy and Boyler when they came were superb but Ruane, Boland, Carr and Tracey were fearless and played out of their skins. This is the future of Mayo football and the future is so bright I have to wear shades.

  47. Mayodunphy , reservoir dubs is full of posters saying they were happy for mayo and the win and lots mentioning the loyalty of mayo fans. Don t be sour in your moment.

  48. One question for the rules experts here. Did Clifford commit a double bounce foul for the first goal? As far as I understand he didnt foul the ball as he toed it up the second time then palmed it off? Any opinions? Mayo GAA banter page was making out it was a foul, and the admin who posted is actually a ref at club level in Mayo so it would make you wonder!
    Secondly, just an observation on the forward Mark. I watch a lot of AFL and when you take a mark in AFL your opponent can stand “on the mark” effectively forcing you back 10 m to kick. In the gaa version, it’s the same as a free kick where opponents must move 13 m back from the kicker where the mark was caught. It actually makes a big difference and means the gaa mark is more advantageous to the attacker.

  49. Great day for Mayo thank God from now on we should play in blue everyday! Commiserations to Gamechanger who is always a very fair and decent poster on here no doubt Kerry will be back and won’t be too long before they win Sam but great to see a Mayo man climb the steps today and lift the cup. Now that we know the way up the steps who knows what the next few years hold

  50. I feel its only fair to point out the incident that led to AOS getting his first yellow card. It was clearly planned a in the Kerry dressing room with the intention of getting Aidan sent off which it did. That could have cost us the game and once again we would be accused of whinging as sore losers.
    Is there no accountability for these referees who make these stupid idiotic decisions. Does no one sit these guys down and say what in hell were you thinking. I watched the incident from start to finish and it was clear that the Kerry player was the instigator yet O’Shea gets booked for getting dragged to the ground. If the Ref doesnt see it then he cant give a card. So clearly he did see it and got the call compleatly wrong. Not on. These guys are getting paid. They should be held to account. Muppett!

  51. Well done Mayo, as a Galway man I did not rate Mayo when facing them in Connacht. Feel alot different to tonight which ye can take as a compliment!!! On a side note I found the amount of giving out from Mayo and Kerry people beside me was unreal towards the ref. Couldn’t see any big calls the guy got wrong.

  52. midfield and forward line 2016 u21 winning team below.

    2-5 from play from these lads today. One of the big positives out of the win today

    8. Matthew Ruane (Breaffy)
    9. Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore)
    10. Fergal Boland (Aghamore)
    11. Conor Loftus (Crossmolina)
    12. Diarmauid O’Connor (Ballintubber)
    13. Liam Irwin (Breaffy)
    15. Fionan Duffy (Crossmolina)
    5. Michael Plunkett (Ballintubber)
    17. James Carr (Ardagh) for Duffy (43)

  53. Have to say I was emotional enough hearing the Green & Red ring out after game .Definetly a great release for the fans. 4 points down at half time and didn’t drop the heads and went for it in second half .Very proud of them .Delighted for the lads .For the older lads who have waited so long for a National title and for the young lads embracing the day and going for it .I can’t remember our forward unit working so well.They are winning their own ball and making a nuisance of themselves and the young lads like Boland and others running direct at defences and that was what was missing . In addition I think we have found a home for AOS and also found a diamond in Ruane .Physically we beat Kerry in the second half and dominated the middle third .You can see why DOC is captain .Fuck it lets enjoy to night and tomorrow !!!

  54. Horan is right. We should have won this game by 6 or 7 points. We missed 6 frees/45’s scoring only 2 from 8 and there was another goal or two left behind us. That’s the pleasing thing, we won this without being hugely efficient. Defensively in the first half we were in trouble and their kickouts were finding their target out the field however, we hung in and kept the gap between us and them manageable. I didn’t see where that truely outstanding second half performance came from though.
    We were touch tight defensively, moved the ball through the foot much quicker and had plenty of support runners backing up our forwards. Their front 6 scored just 1-2 from play and their inside line just 2 points. Seamus O’Shea got taught a lesson by Keegan and we handled Clifford as best as we could expect.
    Higgins, yet again, gets yonger with every game and Boland knits the defence and front lines perfectly. Carr is going to be a major option and hopefully his injuries are behind him. Put Boland, Cillian and Seamie O’Shea in to the mix and there is serious competition for the match day 26, never mind starting 15.

  55. Phenomenal second half performance. Each and every player grew in confidence and intensity as the game wore on. The experienced old heads mixed perfectly with our fearless young new recruits won the day. Well done Mayo. Very proud.

  56. So proud of this team! They got what they deserved today. Dominated the game. Felt like 2017 final all over again except this time we got the rub of the green at the end. This team are one of the greatest of all time and let’s hope we now start to gather up some more silverware.

  57. Is there anything to be said for last years early exit reinvigorating the team? Today was very special and similar to our win v Kerry two years ago, one many Mayo people won’t forget for a long long time. Up Mayo!

  58. Was gutted not to be in Croke Park today but so delighted with the result , surreal to see Mayo players on the steps of the Hogan Stand , fantastic to see Treacy bury it at the death . It may be a league win but so many teams have used league wins as a springboard onto greater things later that year. No reason why we should be any different. Great days ahead !

  59. Well we’ll well what a win. Just bloody brilliant. I’m here watching it again as I haven’t stopped smiling since. God I love Mayo. Like a few others here after Kerry’s 2nd goal I started to get that sinking feeling but finally when we needed leaders to standup boy did they do just that in the 2nd half! James Horan you are a legend!!! Bring on the championship……Maigheo Abu

  60. Centerfield – I think it was 2-7 those players scored.

    Diarmuid 1-2
    Ruane 1-1
    Boland 2 points
    Carr 2 points

    Ciaran Treacy is the same age group but wasn’t on that panel. Very positive either way!

  61. “only the league” my arse!
    I’m sure people from other counties are wondering what we got so excited about, but no other county has been to so many finals and come out on the losing side.
    Today was huge psycologically for supporters and i assume players also. The relief, the joy, the pride of hearing “The Green and Red of Mayo” ringing out in Croke Park – it took me by surprise how much it meant and Andy Moran said the same. If it leads to nothing else, we still have today and we’ll always have it.
    If it leads to more, well….

  62. Delighted for the team to get a win in a national final and not have to be put through walking around Croke Park after another final loss. It will hopefully help the mindset of the young and old players on the panel and give them confidence to back up their unquestionable heart. As a game it really was 50/50. Some brilliant stuff – tackling and scores – but a poor first half and some very wasteful play too – wides and balls dropping short. Thank God it didn’t cost us. Diarmuid was absolutely immense. His points, tackling, goal. His work rate was staggering! One last point, although we love Midwest and the passion by Martin and Michael D, they maybe could rain it in a bit. Martin was talking about our deserved victory with 10 minutes to go! Kerry then had us back to a point. Let’s enjoy this for a few days and not lose the run of ourselves. 2001 didn’t lead us to F all in the end…

  63. Great day to be following this team. To win a league final whilst still being relatively experimental.
    We had 3-8 today from players under 25 with Paddy Durcan being exactly u25.
    James Carr showed one major trait that we haven’t seen, he really is genuine quick for a big physical forward. I really can’t recall Mayo having a big physical forward who also had pace. He seems quite two sided as well.
    Cillian to come back. Guys will be tearing lumps out of each other to make the 26.

  64. Thought I might have been in an all too familiar Movie when Kerry scored their second Goal. What a comeback from that. It certainly wasn’t a perfect, polished performance, but that gives us something to learn from too. A lot of critics answered and a lot of journalists will have to adjust their standard cut and paste job for tomorrow’s writings. I also wonder where are those posters that were telling us after the Roscommon game that this team was finished?.

    So many of the team stood up today that to pick just 3 from those that played seems unfair.
    Went with Do’C, Aido and Chrissy in the end.

    Anyway, we have unfinished business with some other silverware’s that needs to reside in the county after absences of a few years and a few long years respectively.

  65. 15 against 15 in the last decade we have been as good as anyone but we just haven’t had enough off the bench when it has mattered at the business end of games.

    all of a sudden we have serious competition for places and once we can get everyone near fit we will have a bench full of players who will feel aggrieved not to be in the starting 15.

    look at the players who didn’t start today plunkett, stephen coen, cillian, boyler, andy, sos, reape, fionn mcdonagh, ciaran treacy, cian hanley, eoin o donoghue.

    10 weeks ago we were hoping that new blood would emerge. todays win will give the younger players in the group huge belief going forwards and galvanise the older warriors if ever they needed galvanising!!

  66. Been a fantastic league.
    Blooded carr, boland, ruane, plunkett, mcdonagh. Could all be starters
    To a lesser extent coen, reape, diskin, mccormack. Reape falling away is a concern.
    Really surprised to see regan on bench ahead of loftus/reape.

    Aiden is in the form of his life. Diarmuid is a freak, amazing all rounder.
    Keegan,higgins,durken,doherty,barrett,harrisson great leaders.
    Andy and boyler steadying influence from bench.
    Cillian to come back.

    Still loads of room for improvement but tonights one to enjoy.

    Tom dont mind that gobshite. Im sure hes embarrassed with the slating hes getting.

    Great support today..

  67. Delighted with the men from the west did today in croke park to beat Kerry what joy they gave me and a wonderful boost for themselves now they will be full of confidence and they will push on and achieve to win more matches. What a great bunch of lads they never give up and one should never it pay off in the long run. Up Mayo

  68. @ Larry Duff

    From the rule book:

    Bounce: For a player who has caught the ball to play the ball against the ground with his hand(s) and to catch it on return to his hand(s) again.

    The ball didn’t come back into his hands again, so he didn’t bounce it two times.


    Throw: When the ball, held in the hand(s), is played away without a definite striking action.

    He threw the ball to the ground before kicking it = free.

  69. Special few minutes after final whistle. This is a special team and as Diarmuid said hopefully not the only celebration this year. Glad I recorded it as well, just watched the celebration footage, great stuff, kudos to TG4.

  70. Hard to add anything that hasn’t already been said on this thread. Great to win a national title of any description and feck the begrudgers!

    I watched the game today in the local Irish pub ( I’ve lived in Vienna for several years- hence the handle) and there was a local fella in front of me who had never seen hurling or gaelic football before.

    He had a few questions about the rules so we clued him in. By the end of the game he was shouting us on and high fiving me for the goals.

    We have a special bunch of players, and even those completely unacquainted with the game can see it.

  71. I’m so delighted for hennelly today.he was made a scapegoat by many on this forum for being put in goal instead of Clarke 2 years ago being put in a position he should never have been put’s too his massive credit and bravery despite of being told he’s not good enough by a lot of mayo supporters that he won us that game today.Absolutely class performance

  72. Great win and well deserved. Heading out to training next week will be a lot easier compared than when we lost to the dubs.
    I agree 100% with James Horan and others on here when they sat we should have won by a lot more. We left an awful lot of scores behind us today. Diarmuid O Connor needs to be in the centre a lot more. Look at the damage he did today when he came in. In other games I have seen him lost on the wing – hugging the sideline with very little ball coming his way. Our best players need to be centrally involved.
    We definitely have a lot more in us if we can iron out a few things and build a bit more fluency.
    Very proud today to hear The Green and Red ring out around CP. Great stuff lads keep it up!

  73. Dhá rud.
    Great to see AOS win frees, I counted 5 probably more ( is this a record).
    A great ballsy win in a final, and a horror movie for the video analysis when the smoke dies. Perfect.
    Let’s enjoy it, let the players enjoy the win and the taste of blood.

  74. Well done to Mayo better team won. BTW to say Kerry dressing room planned AOS getting put off is silly to be kind. Yes as a Kerryman I thought steward blocking Tom Parson was sad – TP a fine player and a gentleman. Will he be back soon.

  75. Forgot to say earlier… stick that one up your … Breheny…your cut n paste articles need a new template

  76. Congratulations to all concerned, no. 1 the team, subs and all involved and waiting for the call next day, no.2 the sideline . Well done indeed, no. 3 the loyal followers at the game…fair play to you, no.4 , Willie Joe, no. 5 all the brilliant contributors to this super blog, You’ve given us such a lift. We’ll worry about Brexit another day. And thank you Tyrone..Luck comes to those who seek it. A heartfelt thank you all.

  77. The man of the match should go to our defence for the massive shift they put in especially in the second half. Their tackling and covering for each other was immense and driving forward at every opportunity put the Kerry lads on the back foot time after time. This set the platform for our young guns up front to show what they can do and have no doubt there’s more to come from these guys later on in the year. For now, though let’s celebrate a great win.

  78. And around the county
    Tired children, snuggled safe in beds by proud parents
    A final look before lights go out through tired eyes
    At a well worn jersey splayed fully facing, on top of crumpled jeans
    To remind themselves today did happen
    This nights dream seeded by themselves
    It’s themselves
    The tunnel walk on to croke parks sun lit pitch
    The mayo roar
    The tired mind surrenders to the sleep
    They’ll play a great game tonight
    And in the morning, the jersey, still it’s there for all to see
    Proud prisoners,
    To their county by the sea.

  79. I’m glad we can now choose three players for the man of the match award.. that makes it somewhat possible.. if it was just one.. not a chance. Great to see the group photograph afterwards.. with the extended panel.. some line up of players involved. Very proud of them all and we’ll done James.. cool as breeze

  80. This has been a great day and I nearly missed out on it, but thankfully I got there.
    A few things I really liked about today.
    When we played Dublin in the 2017 All Ireland, it was said we had 16 first team players and our bench was weak. Well no one can say that now, there is a lot more depth to the squad and that is very pleasing, and is a real confidence booster for the summer.
    We have found forwards who can score and we are not depending on surging runs from the half backs for scores, leaving the full back line exposed.
    The tackling today at times was ferocious. There was a few Kerry lads that ran riot in the league kept under the kosh more or less today.
    The movement of the ball / interplay was great today.
    Kerry were only in it at half time because of the soft goals they got, and that needs to be

    Let s hope this is the start of breaking a few hearts and the end of the near misses.

    Feeling very proud of this bunch of lads and all who prepare them

  81. Brilliant, just brilliant.
    As one poster mentioned above, we have often played better and been on the the wrong side of the result but we deserved the win no doubt. The AOS red card, the Hennelly save and the few turnovers (shots dropped short) could of easily gone against us on another day, but it’s great considering how far we’ve come since the Newbridge aftermath.

    “Tis only the league” is a very loose saying and is way out dated now. My opinion is that it was often used as an excuse when teams under performed or got relegated. Or a way for Management to to deflate unwanted hype after a successful campaign.
    Players today are in great shape physically, all year round, whereas back in the day lads were given a run in the league to drop a few pounds. “Tis only the league” can be retired with the cassettes and vinyls.
    Paul Galvin said a few years ago the league is a way better competition than the provincials and I have to agree with him. There are very few meaningful fixtures that are closely contested, Leicester and Munster are foregone conclusions. Ulster will be interesting but unlikely to be exciting. Connacht may produce 1 or 2 good competitive fixtures from the Division 1 teams. And that’s it.

    Anyway, my main take home from the league:

    – New blood (too many to list). Not only did they perform but showed great leadership
    – Rejuvenation of Darren Coen and Boland are big positives
    – More names to come back (COC, O’ Donoghoe, Parsons?)
    – Our ‘B’ team is equally as strong as our A.
    – Circa 34 players used throughout, with decent game time. Not many cameos I can recall.
    – Hennelly playing the ball of his career and exercised some HQ demons.
    – Keegan found form again, nullified O’Shea today but still more valuable on the wing IMO
    – Experience from the bench to close out games. Andy contributed in 2 of the goals and Boyle’s reaction after RH’s save.
    – Our new Captain. DOC Wasn’t having the best of games up until his first point, also booked early. But what a final 20 he had.
    – Options, we have serious options. No ones place is safe. some very quality players will be left out of game day 26.

    Roll on May…

  82. Fair play to these wonderful players who have given us such wonderful entertainment since 2011. While the younger guys did really well I am especially delighted for the old stagers who now have a national title So well deserved. It would be just brilliant if the could push on and claim the one we all cherish.Maigh Eo Abu.

  83. Kerry goals were very well taken. 1st one Crowley had a good side step but the finish was top class. 2nd one,
    2 defenders going for a difficult floating ball and a Kerry man wins it. After that O’ Brien’s angle of running was excellent and so was the finish. OK preventable but equally they could have scored the same 2 goals against any team in Ireland.
    Our 2nd half goals were also very well taken so it evens out.

  84. To keep them to 10 points was impressive given their league stats.
    Stats had us on 65% possession in 1st half and Darren Coen took on a few shots he shouldn’t. That said if he finds his championship range he could do a lot of damage. Carr may have overtaken Reape and Diskin now and caused Kerry panic during his purple patch.

  85. I’m just after reading Martin Breheny’s piece in the Indo. Such a bitter man full of hate for the green and red. I reckon some Mayo caillin must have stood him up in Palm Court or the Beaten Path back in the day I imagine he’s sickened tonight

  86. Bravo, Mayo. Young and Old did their bit and it’s great to see so many quality young players coming into the reckoning. I had my doubts about the likes of Fergal Boland, too small and light, I thought, but no more. It’s not the size of the dog and all that!! Roll on the battle for Sam!!

  87. Kerry goals were very well taken. 1st one Crowley had a good side step but the finish was top class. 2nd one,
    2 defenders going for a difficult floating ball and a Kerry man wins it. After that O’ Brien’s angle of running was excellent and so was the finish. OK preventable but equally they could have scored the same 2 goals against any team in Ireland.
    Our 2nd half goals were also very well taken so it evens out.

  88. Someone asked how we managed to turn it around so much. Main reason is workrate and the ammount of turnovers we won with Aido leading the charge on this again but a lot more of the team were at it this time, very encouraging. Wave after wave of Kerry attacks were turned into a Mayo wave from which we blew some and scored some. But we got better and better at taking the right decisions the more the game went on. Don’t forget Mayo only trained once last week. If we find more efficiency we’ll take some beating come summer.

  89. As we celebrate a great win I would like to extend sympathy to the Corbett family in Carnacon on Jimmy’s passing. He made a massive contribution to Mayo Ladies football for a grreat many years now. Ar dheis Dé gor raibh a anam dhilis.

  90. Just watching the game back.Aido was immense and is the heartbeat of this team. Diarmuid,ruane,carr,zippy did great.Chrissy looked like a child beside tommy walsh but did unbelievably well.The Mayo crowd were unreal….these are great times!

  91. Shuffly Deck, O’Brien took about 9 or 10 steps on his run through for their second goal. That should have been a free out. Regardless, having looked back again at the game Mayo actually were by far the better team over the 70+ mins. We had more of the ball, created more chances and had a higher % of successful shots from play. 5 of our starting front 6 contributed 1-8 from play, our midfield 1-1 and Boyle, Andy and Treacy all had a big influence from the bench.
    One thing to note, the ball hit the back of the net for Treacys goal at 72:44, the game didn’t get started again until 74:20 and blown up 15 secs later. Durcan went straight to Sean O’Se and “made sure” he was going nowhere. It all kicked off and by the time the ref sorted it all out, it was game over. I seem to remember Paddy at the same crack up in Ballybofey last year when McLoughlin equalized in injury time. Paddy went to town on a couple of Donegal lads, in the ensuing commotion the ref lost track of time and then blew it up.
    Good to see we are getting street smart.

  92. That win is tainted. To see a mayo player deliberately haul down a player from the opposition and pin him to the ground, to waste time his deplorable. Surely there is more honour in winning fairly. I’m done with Mayo after seeing that. I’d rather support a fair loser than a “street smart” winner.

  93. @Revellino, Great piece of writing, capturing the mood! . Worthy winner’s Mayo, Hard to know who deserves the MotM award, a strong case could be made, for Harrison, Higgins, Barrett, AOS, Ruane, Carr, Boland, Durcan and Keegan.. by a whisker just now, I’d say Ruane!

  94. Apologies, how could I leave out Diarmuid O Connor? …. The guy is so Super Human, I probably expected his name?might just find it’s way into my post without my writing it!

  95. Paddyjotom
    you got the date right but the forum wrong. you should have clicked into Resevior of Dubs for your comment

  96. Paddy joejohntom

    The problem is we’re not half cynical enough when we’re leading. That game should have shut down when we were 3 point up. Lads should be fouling out the field outside our 45 repeatedly in this scenario and lads need to be taking yellow and black cards when the opposition are getting in on goal.

    Ridiculous we let them get a shot off on goal at end of match.

  97. I’d like to add my voice to congratulate these great Mayo men who vanquished a top Kerry team yesterday. It was a rip roaring second half, helter skelter stuff, from what I remember.
    I was galvanising myself in the second half, just hoping Mayo would somehow steel themselves and eke out a win. But my God, they upped the levels and went at things with conviction. The most thing I remember from the last part of that second half was Mayo men running down the field, running hard and fast like men possesed, towards the Kerry defence. They did it again and again and again and that gave me massive confidence at that time. Kerry’s defence were really unsettled. I could see these Mayo men running straight in my direction because I was sitting at the end of the Cusack stand just to the right of the Kerry goal. They just took a hold of things and went all out crazy in their focus.
    Hennelly’s point blank save at the end was crucial. So delighted for him. Boyler tidied up – as he did in August 2017 – after the save.
    I thought the young players showed great bravery and mettle taking on and nailing their points and goals. They didn’t hesitate and I can’t underestimate what a massive occasion and stage that was to perform on. I’d be daunted if it was me being the last person facing that crossbar or that net. But that’s why those boys are on that team – they’ve the temperament and the class. Bravo!
    That win meant a lot for various reasons – and that was evident on all Mayo faces at the final whistle – but one of the reasons that made it feel so valuable for me was that we had to beat an excellent Kerry team to get it. The number of sharpshooters in those Kerry forwards was staggering. Our backs were immense. That was an earned victory.

    It was great to see Lee back in form too and to see him carrying the ball out of defence in the second half.

    Fair play to all for your guts, your rising performance and your conviction yesterday.
    Great to see Diarmuid lifting that trophy yesterday. I felt massive joy for those players.

  98. Congratulations MAYO on a wonderful win yesterday, well deserved it was & as a Kerryman I must say that the Better Team won. I looked at the Mayo Team selection on Friday evening & I knew that Kerry would find it hard to beat that team . Kerry’s 2 goals in the first half made things look better than they were for us but Mayo dominated the game inow the second half. It is wonderful to see Aidan O Shea, Lee Keegan, Kieth Higgins, Colm Boyle, Kevin McLoughlin, Andy Moran , Chris Barrett, ,Diarmuid O Connor, Players who have thrilled followers of the GAA for a long time , winning Silverware in Croke Park . I have a feeling that the big one will come in September . Enjoy it lads & go all the way. Kerry will be back on top in 2020 .Eamon .

  99. Super day for Mayo, our backs were tremendous, Diarmuid got MOM but had serious challengers in Harrison (super job he done on Clifford) and Boland my MOM (I really like the way he plays). Thought Carr and Coen were also very good.

    On another note, have to say it’s appalling that Tom Parsons not allowed on the pitch afterwards, not good enough. I was in close proximity to a current Dublin player and noted how the Stewards were acknowledging him, I think they would have allowed him to p… on the pitch if he wanted.

  100. My match stats,
    The young guys scored 3-8 out of the total score.
    The belief came during the halftime break.
    The new guys / full of confidence lead the charge and gave the older guys that belief than one needs in life.
    Finally Mayo have subs to change a big game.
    Well done Hennelly, great to see him fielding those dangerous high balls under and over the crossbar ( as a former midfielder, the high fielding is my favourite skill in the game ).
    Diarmuid O Connor long range scores, the best I have seen in many years.
    To see the older guys after the game in such joyful mood was unreal, long overdue.
    Can anybody tell me why Aidan O Shea was given his first yellow card, I did’nt see anything he did wrong.
    Kerry woeful in the art of defending in the two games against Mayo, there fullback line pushed out or followed their assigned forwards way out the pitch, left huge holes / open space for the Mayo runners to score goals ( reminds me of Donegal v Dublin in 2014 semi final ) this is poor coaching, no one left to mind the house.
    The league game v Dublin in February seems a few years ago, such was the difference yesterday.
    No reason Mayo should fear anybody come the championship, plenty of options and match winners.

  101. Paddyjoe – I was going to delete that comment of yours but instead I think I’ll just leave it there to bask in all its asinine glory.

  102. Can’t wait for the connaght championship. I believe we owe a certain team a few lashes. And forgive me paddyjoe, if I have to sit on Comer myself to get us over the line, I will do it.
    Hon Maigh Eo

  103. this should be celebrated and enjoyed without qualification, national titles are massive achievements, in fact i would currently weight a national league title as worth more than a connaught. Well done to all.

    So many positives from the league im not sure where to begin

    – ill start with the captain, a leaders performance from him yesteday, a clear motm for me, grabbed the game by the balls when all around were getting nervous and sloppy, mighty from diarmuid
    – the newbies shone again, Ruane with his customary goal, Treacy with a killer goal off the bench, Carr and Coen chipping in
    – physically bullying Kerry for the 2nd time in a month, they have no answer to Mayos size and physicality, would have absolutely no qualms of meeting them in an ai semi final. Aidan o’rourke was right about their defence
    – weird old game, so many players on both teams played well in patches or were sloppy. Id say Barrett and DO’C the only ones who impressed throughout

    …and finally Horan, have to give him an A+ rating for the league, finally trusting in new blood and leaving guys like Andy and Boyle til the last 10 seems to be the way to go now, proper squad there now whereas last year you were really talking about a squad of 16

    Good times

  104. If Horan gets the defensive structure of this team right over the next couple of years (not coughing up a heap of goal chances in big games) and AOS stays fit (i think he’s irreplaceable power wise)
    the team has a great chance of winning an all ireland over the next 2-3 years.

    the way things were looking i thought this u21 team weren’t going to come through but they delivered in spades yesterday.

  105. I think that comment may come under the April fools heading.
    After yesterday’s performance it’s now beyond doubt that we’re better than that kerry team. The bigger fish to fry are now galway and dublin. Roll on the summer.

  106. Great to be there, just great.

    Do the team have some kind of symbiotic relationship with the fans? Do they know unconsciously or subconsciously, that the fans are quaking when things are not going well, and this feeds in to further fumbling and waywardness?Then, a few bolts from the blue – James Carr’s points – and we all accentuate the positive.

    Enough of the psychoanalysis – Keith Duggan is the master there.

    Horan really was the master yesterday. Daring team with James Carr starting – could I say I have ever seen him play a full game, at any level? Faith in Fergal Boland; bold substitution in Ciarán Tracey, and Andy and Boyler to settle things down.

    Jesus, even those blue jerseys looked good at the final whistle.

  107. What a win.

    The most pleasing thing for me was that the scores in the second half came from our young guns, Carr, Ruane, Treacy & what can you say about Diarmuid (talk about leading by example).

    We have genuine competition for places, we have genuine depth, we have a genuine presence to come off the bench. Fabulous

  108. Well done to the Mayo team and supporters, it was a great day all round for the county, and the game itself and in particular for young Mayo supporters, who have never seen Mayo lift silverware in there lifetimes up till now. It is often said that for a team to win big in our native game a team has to get the bounce of the ball and a little luck, little things and all that; let’s hope Mayo get there fair share of those things in the coming championship…

  109. Great day in Croker yesterday. Second half performance was superb……to score 3-7 in the second half alone? Marvelous. It should be a great confidence boost ahead of the championship. BUT dress it up or down at the end of the day it is only a League title. Of course we’ll take it and its nice to win it, but its not the All Ireland. A lot can change over the next 3-5 months, look how the Irish rugby team’s fortunes have changed in recent months! I think us Mayo supporters now have a duty over the coming months, not to lose the run of ourselves and send the hype machine into overdrive. I’m pretty certain the national media and social media platforms out there will start hyping us up big time now. So lets all enjoy the pint or two (only!!) for now and please no “Mayo for Sam” or “This is our year” statements for the moment. Remember there is a certain crowd up the road wearing sky blue and navy who’d be more than happy to hear Mayo this and Mayo that on the airwaves and be reading about us in the papers!!

  110. Actually Paddy Joe has a point, cynical play is not very sporting but the problem is every team is at it. So why wouldn’t we do the same as everyone else. We know all about other teams being cynical. We’d have an AI in 2013 and maybe another draw in 2016 replay if officials were able or willing to deal with it. In 2012 final Colm McFadden took a dive when tackled by Kevin Keane at a crucial point in 2nd half. In 2014 extra time donaghy was stopping Mayo kickouts illegally. It goes on wholesale in most sports. Basketball probably the better than most sports for dealing with it.
    If the GAA decided to take a firmer action I will be the first to applaud and the goalposts will still be the same for everyone. In reality Kerry were not going to get back a 4 point lead in 2 remaining mins.

  111. Nice feeling waking today after a win. One of my favourite things yesterday was walking back to Heuston station, sun in the West warming my face. So many times I’ve walked that path in despair.

    Another one of my favourite moments was about 10 mins into 2nd half. I think Jimmy and Darren had brought the game back to 2 pts and we won the ball back in our half back line and surged forward, a huge roar erupted in the cusack stand…you could sense we had this game. Its a long time since I heard that Mayo roar.

    There was plenty of emotion yesterday at the end which I guess is understandable. I’m hoping it was mostly relief not to see the older lads lose another final rather than any feeling of ‘getting there’s. In GAA the mood and sentiment of supporters and wider public has an effect on the county team. None of us want this victory to be ‘it’. We all want the big one and continued success. Let’s be honest, had Galway beaten Tyrone last Sunday we would have been all doing something else yesterday. Media would either be talking about a great emerging Kerry team OR Galway pressing on again from last year. No one would be talking about Mayo and we’d all be relatively ok about it because we’d say ‘sure it’s only the league’ and we did nicely bringing in some new players.

    Winning yesterday was very nice indeed. It was a relief and gave a flavour of what success in Croke Park can be like when there’s a cup up for grabs but it’s really important that as supporters we don’t give any impression of a hunger having been satisfied. It happened in 2001. If anything I’m hungrier than ever for winning more.

    Let’s enjoy this feeling but keep a lid on things and urge the team on for more. Listening to mid west last night you’d swear we won the All Ireland! Jesus would ye calm down, I was thinking. We aren’t there yet…long way to go but yesterday was a morale booster and a good psychological victory. Press on.

  112. Pretty sure there is little I could possibly add to this discussion. Heart is still bursting with pride and am unapologetically revelling in the joy of winning.

    “Only a league title” or not, winning a league represents consistently winning against teams of a similar calibre and to me is a huge sign of progress.

    By god we haven’t had many days like yesterday and days like that – even with an imperfect and hair-raising performance – are made to be savoured. If we are scorned or ridiculed by external media or other counties for enjoying it, so be it. That’s their problem, not ours.

    For me, the best thing about this campaign is the way our newer, younger players have quietly assumed a major leadership role – it is they who have taken on the burden and the yoke is resting easy on their shoulders. That fills me with an optimism I didn’t think was possible this time last year.

    Enjoy it, savour it, delight in it; I feel yesterday’s win will be if more significance this year than even we might yet realise.

  113. surprised to see Barrett polling so low in the motm poll
    second only to DOC yesterday in my eyes.

    Absolutely cleaned out Walsh despite being a foot shorter, when he caught that ball over walshs head in second half i knew mayo were winning

  114. Good point Ray Friel on hype but actually it’s no harm up to a point. That 2nd half looked like a Tsunami wave of Mayo and our fans are like a 16th player. If we make the super 8 no one will want to take us on in Croker because no team can turn a game on its head like we can. If the hype gets Mayo fans excited then it can be a positive. That game and how it panned out will give our panel huge confidence. If we were more efficient we should have blown them away so plenty to work on yet. But I think all that will click when the team starts having more than 1 combined panel session a week. The confidence factor is big.

  115. For MOM, Diarmaid with his ballsy scores at crucial times and workrate but AOS was immense yesterday for the full 74. Once again his turnovers were massive turning points. If there was a way of sharing the award they both deserve it. It’s just a nice add to victory to whichever player gets it and winning the game means much more. Boland was probably our most efficient player in possession. Always drove us forward running and passing when possible to do so and took the right options when road blocked. Our new Kevin Mc maybe.

  116. PaddyJoe may think he has a point but to be fair its that street smartness by the other teams has kept us away from the holy grail on more than one occasion. I doubt the supporters of the other teams give a flying fiddlers about the rows started in the dying minutes in Limerick in 2014, the dive to get Keegan black carded in the 2016 replay, or the targetting of Vaughan in the same game, or the dragging down of our entire half back line in 2017.
    Its about time we applied the same amount of street smarts.

  117. Mom poll how do you narrow it down to the top 3 performances on the day several candidates worthy on Sunday

  118. @paddyjoejohntom.
    I you are a Kerry supporter, I don’t understand why you are annoyed, Kerry and the Dubs are the masters of game management / dirty tactics when you are leading late in a game or very early in a game.
    I want to see much more of Mayos game plan in the second half yesterday.
    Too many times Mayo have been on the wrong side of a result in a tight game, with the help of God this has changed starting from yesterday. A
    big date lies ahead with the Dubs in the coming months, Tyrone and Galway are Mayo’s biggest threat going forward before the eventual showdown.

  119. My point Sinabhuil is if it’s cut out of the sport by strong officiating and new rules to deal with it no one will complain as the there’s a level field, if it’s ignored it will continue and supporters can be left with a bitter taste in their mouths. As the sport gets ever more professional, so are the levels of cynicism. Officialdom has to keep ahead of it. Rugby is a professional sport and deals with it. One simple solution for injury time shenanigans is simply the 4th official to send down a revised finish time for the game. It’ll never be cut out cynicism completely as teams will adapt new tricks but it can be reduced significantly.

  120. Delighted for the players , it was a deserved victory , better team on the day . Lots of positives , Carr looks an outrageous prospect . Some great competition for places , be difficult to guess the fifteen for ros/Leitrim game that’s for sure.

    Worrying was how Kerry got in for two goals .

    Long distance free kicks should be kicked short. Anyone got the stats for our long range frees , 45m plus ?

  121. Superb win and so proud to be there to witness it all. Great performances all over the pitch. Special mention to Aidan who takes so much criticism both on and off the pitch. He was superb yesterday and throughout the league. Player of the league no question. Special mention to Horan who has introduced new players so seemlessly. All players playing with a smile on their face which says it all. Well done all connected and let’s the enjoy the moment.

    Ps a very small negative from yesterday was the behavior of so called mayo supporters. Their language was atrocious at both their own team, opposition and the ref. It was shameful in front of young kids. Embarrassing really.

  122. A hearty and sincere congrats are in order. Well won.

    I watched the game back this morning – I was listening to Midwest while walking in the Mayo hills yesterday. Hard to gauge a game from all the gushing on there -sure Mayo had it won ten minutes from the end, despite there being a point in it.

    First half wasn’t any great shakes, but the second half was some very entertaining fare. Kerry’s nose has been well and truely bloodied. They won’t like that one little bit. They were made to look very ordinary several times yesterday.

    * Silverware in the cabinet.
    * A Couple of older players in fine form (and doesn’t Aido look good in blue?).
    * A few new lads unearthed (where the hell did that Carr chap come out of?).
    * A Solid bench.
    * Kerry put back in their box.
    * Galway feeling sightly worried.

    A decent days work methinks, to round off a pretty good Spring campaign. Well done again folks. We’ll see youse in the summer, and keep one eye looking westwards in the mean time.

  123. Congrats to our players and management on their magnificent second half “performance and victory against Kerry yesterday.Specialv mention to Robbie for that wonderful. late save. and to our two greatest ever servants Keith and Andy.Watching Keith. cut out Kerry’s attacks and drive his team forward at speed and. with precision foot passes in the last twenty minutes was truly inspirational as were Andy’s clever darting runs and well timed layoffs.Long may you continue to inspire and entertain.Well done to all. involved in this great victory.

  124. Good man Jaden, behind enemy lines wha’? 😉

    Regarding the ruaille-buaille at the end, of course it’s not nice to see and we would be unhappy if it happened to us. IMO the GAA Congress should bring in a rule to award the team with the kickout a 10 metre free in front of the opposition posts in the event of an orchestrated dust-up like that.

    However, Mayo were not the initiators of this particular tactic (Kerry used it to great effect against us in 2014, as did Dublin in both the 2013 and 2017 finals) so what goes around, comes around.

    Until the GAA brings in a strong deterrent against this sort of thing, I would personally prefer Mayo not to be choirboys when our main competitors are anything but.

  125. ???????????????
    Massive congrats to the Mayo footballers on their first National title since 2001! They have sacrificed so much to be part of this amazing team and this title is both overdue and well deserved.

    Thoughout the epic journey of 9 finals lost just in the last 15 years, we have all known that this was a team of champions, even if they didn’t have silverware to show it. We didn’t need a national title to know that they were the best of the best, only missing out on Sam by one simple point on numerous occasions. But yesterday, this team of heroes finally earned their ‘Official’ National title of being champions.

    For so long the football pundits have analysed our last minute heartache defeats in final injury time saying that we are ‘bottlers’, that ‘Mayo just don’t know how to win’ or ‘in order to win a final, you have to know what it feels like to win.’ And in the last quarter of yesterday’s final, it looked like the Kingdom would claw their way back to deliver us yet another last minute defeat. But no one can deny that there was something different about this team yesterday- they were clinical, unyielding and unforgiving – a fantastic mix of youth and experience- as they finished the job they set out to do and won a long overdue well-deserved National title. So yes, this may ‘just be the league’ but I cannot help to think that this is a turning point for our heroes… who now know how to win! ???

    Again, I know it’s ‘only the League’ and it sure as hell is not Sam, but to look around Croker at every long suffering Mayo supporter, young and old, standing tall and proud as our heroes lifted their hard earned silverware to the beautiful sounds of the Green and Red of Mayo echoing around the stadium… To put it simply, it was overwhelming and emotional. I could really get used to that feeling.?

  126. Those question marked in my comment were actually green and red hearts!!! There were no question marks over yesterday’s win, I can assure ye! Haha. Up Mayo!!

  127. Good to beat The Black and Tans in a final in Croke Park but nothing to get too excited about. Kerry cut through our defence like a hot knife through butter for two goals in first half. while Mayo forwards were slow and unable to convert good chances into scores. Well on top in second half but failed to kill off game with scores, and nearly let it slip in the end when Clifford was let through and nearly goaled , which would have won game for them ,Kerry or Dublin would never let that happen in the closing seconds of a game.

  128. And let it happen at the end too, in an exact carbon copy of the league goal Ruane scored in 68th min two weeks earlier.

  129. Great performance yesterday by all. However it is worrying that despite practically owning the ball we nearly lost it. It seems like we have to be twice as good as the opposition to beat them. Is that a mental thing I wonder. Needs to be worked on. Also need a more reliable free taker for both short and long free kicks.

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