Galway 0-11 Mayo 4-16: seaside slaughter

Galway Mayo final score

From a Mayo perspective you can’t beat Galway often enough or by enough but after today’s utter destruction of the Tribesmen at Pearse Stadium it’s difficult not to feel just a little sated.  The thrashing we handed out to Alan Mulholland’s hapless home side bore a strong similarity to the mauling we gave Leitrim in our first championship outing last year, such was the gulf in class between the sides at Salthill today.  While this afternoon’s performance wasn’t perfect in every respect, it was good enough to have a massive seventeen points to spare over the Tribesmen, as we recorded our biggest win over them since 1907. As someone who is old enough to remember a good few bad days against the Herrin Chokers, it’s great to have been there today to see us destroy them in the emphatic way we did.

It’s easy to be wise after the event but anyone observing the two teams’ pre-match warm-ups couldn’t but be taken by the stark difference in how the two went about their respective pre-match calesthenics. Our prep was all cones, bibs and small-sided conditioned games with everyone working hard in what was obviously a carefully planned routine. Galway, by comparison, started with cave man stuff involving the entire panel doing dashes from the 21-yard line to the end-line and back again followed by some aimless pot-shots at the posts.  Having watched all this from the stand – which seemed to be full of our supporters – I couldn’t wait for the action to start.

And when it did we tore into them with ferocity and never let them get any kind of jump on us early on. Points from Alan Dillon – in for Darren Coen from the start, with Tom Cunniffe also starting in place of Kevin Keane – and Donal Vaughan got us going and during this early period of the game the confident way we were moving the ball at pace already augured well for our prospects.

We were also tackling tigerishly all over the place, contesting every ball and executing a number of stirring turnovers. And when the ball passed our end-line, David Clarke’s varied kick-outs repeatedly became the starting point for a series of raiding attacks.

Meehan got Galway going from a free but Cillian O’Connor – who was magnificent today, picking up RTÉ’s Man of the Match award for his efforts – responded in kind to restore our two-point advantage. Conroy pointed for them and then Enda Varley, set up by Cathal Carolan, smashed over a sweet point from well out. Alan Freeman added another to stretch the gap to three but Meehan added a third free soon after for them.

The danger of an early exocet having been dealt with, we now began to move with menace and the first big breakthrough for us came when Cathal Carolan showed great persistence to chase a ball that he had almost lost control of but which he ended up poking into the corner of Manus Breathnach’s net.

Cathal Carolan's goal

Photo: Mayo Mick

Galway got the next score – a Cummins point from play – but we then tacked on three unanswered points – two from Cillian, the second a free, and another from play from Alan Dillon – to surge seven points clear and the gap was soon up to ten when Cillian cleverly set up Enda Varley whose piledriver put a fair old bulge in the net.

Enda Varley goal

Photo: Mayo Mick

We were now rampant and Enda followed up his goal with a stunning left-footed point from way out. Galway managed to nick one back at the other end but then the house fell in on them again when another sweeping move ended up with Cillian sending Donie in on the unguarded goal for the Gaelic football equivalent of a try under the posts. Another Meehan free ended the scoring in the first half but it was transparently the case that Galway’s challenge had also been ended by that stage.

Donal Vaughan goal

Photo: Mayo Mick

We’d picked up a number of yellows from the picky Marty Duffy in the first half and when we emerged after the break one of these – full-back Ger Cafferkey – had given way to Shane McHale. This switch seemed to be prompted by concerns that the card count at that stage left us in danger of losing someone to a stupid red. There were reds to come alright but, as Galway’s day went from bad to disastrous, it was two of their lads who had to make the long walk.

The first to go was Garreth Bradshaw for a strike on Cathal Carolan after what can only be described as an assault on Kevin McLoughlin shortly after the start of the second half. As we were breaking forward, the Knockmore man was wrestled to the ground and in the afters the Galway skipper threw a punch on Carolan. Linesman Martin Higgins had a word with Duffy and this was enough for Bradshaw to get a straight red, thus extinguishing any faint hopes the Tribesmen may have had of a recovery.

Bradshaw sending-off

Photo: Mayo Mick

Despite this, they tacked on three unaswered points before Cillian popped over another free to open our second half account. But then Niall Coleman – in an act of quite staggering stupidity – punched Alan Dillon in the gut straight in front of Marty Duffy and even he could see that this one was a straight red.

With Galway now reduced to a rabble – Paul Conroy was damn lucky not to follow the other two eejits when he got into a tussle with Aidan O’Shea – the only question to be resolved was how big the humiliation was going to be. Another Cillian free and a point from play from Lee Keegan extended our lead, with Shane Walsh responding with a free at the other end for them.

James was now focused on emptying his bench, with Darren Coen coming on for Alan Dillon, Richie Feeney for Alan Freeman and James Burke replacing the unexpectedly muted Lee Keegan. But the biggest stir around the stadium – with all the intensity gone from the match – came as Andy Moran readied himself to make his first appearance for the county since last August, as he came on for Cathal Carolan with ten minutes left on the clock.

Andy Moran coming on

Photo: Mayo Mick

We continued to pile on the misery, with Richie Feeney, Darren Coen, Enda Varley and Cillian all pointing, but it was obvious in the way we were swarming all over them in those closing minutes that the only thing left on the lads’ agenda now was to complete the humiliation with a fourth goal. When it came, though, it was like one of those magic moments from a Spielberg movie with Captain Fantastic himself capping his return with a sweetly taken three-pointer. What a moment that was:

As I said at the top this wasn’t by any means a perfect performance but, by any measure, the result does represent a pretty serious statement of intent by our lads about this year’s summer campaign. Last year it wasn’t until the Down match that we started to turn up the gas and while I did in advance toss around in my head some idle thoughts about our chances of gutting Galway today, eventually I backed away from thinking that this might be what we’d see happen. I doubt that I was alone in this respect in relation to a performance that, to put it mildly, exceeded expectations somewhat.

We had a number of strong performers today. David Clarke bamboozled them early on with his varied kick-outs, he was brave on the few occasions when he needed to be and he pulled off a few important saves.

The full-back line was steady and composed, with Tom Cunniffe amply justifying his selection with a sparkling display in the corner. Donie performed very well – and not just on the scoreboard either – while Boyler was just outstanding, he’d have been my MOTM, but Lee Keegan’s performance was well below his usual high standard.

The two O’Sheas won the battles they needed to win at midfield, with Aidan growing in influence as the day went on, but the thought that this sector could be even better with Barry Moran’s return from injury shows how well endowed we currently are in the engine room.

Kevin McLoughlin was great, his three ‘dirty ball’ wins early on did much to steady us and get us on the offensive, Cillian O’Connor – a young player who is getting better and better and whose intelligence opened up so many scoring chances for us today – was simply superb and Cathal Carolan enjoyed a dream championship debut, scoring the day’s first goal and contributing handsomely besides to the win.

Enda Varley had his most productive day for the county at corner forward, with Alan Dillon – who started in the other corner before drifting out – returning to considerable effect in an attack where Alan Freeman also had his moments. Not everything went right for us in the inside line but neither did events go as badly as some of the doomsayers were claiming in advance that they might.

The subs all did well too. Shane McHale got a very useful 35 minutes of championship football under his belt, Richie made the positive contribution he always does when he came on, James Burke got a chance to show his considerable talents, Darren Coen lost his championship virginity with a lovely point and Andy’s cameo was, well, pure Hollywood.

Andy Moran's goal

Photo: Mayo Mick

In summary, today’s win was better than anything we could have expected and, with Galway now out of the way, the road to a hat-trick of Nestor Cup victories and football in Croke Park in August has started to peek out over the horizon for us. But first we need to focus on the improving Rossies in four weeks time and, as we do, do everthing we can to keep the lid on our expectations about what may lie ahead for us this summer after that one. Today’s win was sweet, for sure, but this campaign is only starting. Roll on the Rossies, roll on Game Two.

Mayo: David Clarke; Tom Cunniffe, Ger Cafferkey, Keith Higgins; Lee Keegan (0-1), Donal Vaughan (1-1), Colm Boyle; Aidan O’Shea, Seamus O’Shea; Kevin McLoughlin, Cillian O’Connor (0-6, four frees), Cathal Carolan (1-0); Enda Varley (1-3), Alan Freeman (0-1), Alan Dillon (0-2). Subs: Shane McHale for Cafferkey, Darren Coen (0-1) for Dillon, Richie Feeney (0-1) for Freeman, James Burke for Keegan, Andy Moran (1-0) for Carolan, Jason Gibbons (blood) for Aidan O’Shea.

95 thoughts on “Galway 0-11 Mayo 4-16: seaside slaughter

  1. Well done lads, it has been coming and what
    a better place than Salthill ……….Mayo 4-16. Galway 11pts……….still on for 3 in a row Connachts ………beat the hoodoo by beating galway after an AI final

  2. Very pleased that we got past this and move on. I was fairly confident we’d beat them but the margin of victory was surprising and it was obvious from the first few tussles that Mayo were physically superior and better conditioned, mentally and physically. Having said that, we must keep in mind, this was a poor and painfully inexperienced Galway team so no need to book the flight for September just yet.
    The most pleasing aspect of the game for me was that we took goals when they were on. I’ve said it many times, goals win games and those three in the first half, gave us a great cushion and Galway a mountain to climb.
    Standout player IMO was Donnie Vaughan. Showed his athletisism throughout the match by his many gallops up the field and took his scores well. We should remember though that his position is CHB and better teams will exploit any gaps left while he’s off to the races. Nevertheless, he had a great game.
    There are so many things to comment on really, I’ll have to watch it again, but a few stand out
    -Galway should have had a player sent to the line in the first five minutes for the pull down on Dillon, where he was put through by a bat down by Freeman. He was through on goal!
    -Much will be made of Mayos second half intensity, or lack of it. I wouldn’t make to much of it. I think the lads knowingly backed off to avoid any further injuries. Furthermore, good move by JH by subbing McHale for Ger. gets Ger off to avoid any additional cards and injury and got McHale valuable C’ship playing time.
    -Marty Duffy. Seriously, he couldn’t keep up with the play and as a result made many errors. Clearly, Marty needs to get in shape.
    -Andy Moran, effin class act man! I mean, we couldn’t have scripted this! Hats off to Cillianfor the hand off to Andy, who before he even turned, knew where the goalkeeper was and riffled it low and hard where there would be no stopping it. We’ve been missing that effin ruthlessness.
    -Coen, delighted to see him get a run on and very nice point to boot!
    -Carolyn, worked hard all over the field, but no harder than he did for the first goal, he made it and finished well.
    That’s all for now, will take another look at it later this evening. Mighty Bucks!

  3. Great victory
    I was there in 67 when we beat them 3 13 to 1 8.
    Galway were out of their depth & tactically unaware.
    Great to see O Rourke &Spillane get it wrong–Brolly all but called them 2 clowns at half time.

  4. We now know two things

    1. Galway are still waiting on the u 21 teams to mature, and it will never happen under current management after today’s filleting.
    2. Mayo are certainly not training as a way of passing a few hours or the fun of it, and horan is not there for the free Mayo polo tops and hats

    They will probably scrape by Roscommon,who will be stronger than Galway and win the Nestor cup. It’s when they meet Dublin, donegal, Kerry, cork or Tyrone that the fun starts. And it’s a comfort this evening knowing that they are capable of beating any and all of them if they steady themselves

    I’d love to know what was said to annoy the Galway lads so much in today’s fiasco?

    Well done Mayo, proud of you

  5. Mister Mayor above has already summed up my feelings on this one.
    Ruthless stuff early on to set the platform.
    Then 3 goals in one half …. I thought I had gone to heaven.
    Goals win matches & 4 goals to nil today away from home makes victory so much more attainable. Well done to all.

  6. Well done the boys! Good day at the seaside. Welcome back Andy. Will Galway beat Mayo, will Galway beat Mayo…… Not if they have AndyMo! Safe home agus Críost Linn.

  7. Brilliant from the lads today, we couldn’t have hoped for any better.
    Waiting for the inevitable “Galway are shite, New York would have beaten them today” stuff.
    We beat what was in front of us, with some style and ruthlessness as well.
    Well done to all involved.
    Moran’s goal was a wonderful moment, that man has the heart of a lion.

    What has happened to Brolly??! I guess he realised he overstepped the mark last year about us. But still, don’t make it too obvious eh Joe…
    Looks like Spillane and O’Rourke have taken up the mantle of dismissing Mayo instead – what do we have to do?
    Imagine if Kerry do that to Tipp next week…Spillane would have them crowned champions already.
    We did what we had to do, the opposition is meaningless when you play with that flair and intensity.

  8. I didn’t see that one coming, but then neither did anyone else. What took me aback was the intensity of our tackling, ferocious stuff. Its great seeing the competition for places, especially in the forwards.

    What we did today is what Dublin would have done facing similar competition, and we need to do the same to the Rossies. The team wont be complacent but realistically I cannot see us being threatened until August

    I remember Tuam in 1982 when we were beaten by 16 points so today was a bit of revenge for that one!

  9. Great to get out of there with the win – was surprised at how poor Galway were today. Thought our defense were magnificent throughout. Great to see young Shane McHale get some game time and perform so well. Hopefully most of our injured players will be back in time for the semi and keep the competition hot for starting places.

  10. Great stuff lads. Our focus was spot on. I was very impressed with our buildup with our training camp in Mayo and training in Salthill. Fair play lads and James Horan. We are a serioius team and have a very good panel. To beat Galway and have so many missing is a great situation to be in. Geating a bit excited.

  11. Superb performance from Mayo, huge amount of turnovers from intense tackling when without the ball. Attacked at pace, can’t say I looking forward to 4 weeks time. Really top performance, which I did not see coming.

  12. Its inevitable in situations like this for fans to get a little ahead of themselves. But my advice to all you Mayo folk would be to keep your feet on the ground and take it a game at a time, “game 2” or whatever Horan likes to call it. There is no doubt that ye are head and shoulders above every team in Connacht and there will be bigger fish to fry come August.

    I am a little embarrassed about what happened to my own country today, the lads have been training hard but it looks like we didn’t have a plan and we’re inept in every aspect, from tactics to physicality. Anyway, not to take it away from Mayo, as an above poster said, you can only beat whats put in front of you and thats exactly what ye done.

    I have no doubt in my mind that this Mayo team has an All Ireland in them and if ye keep improving then that All Ireland might come sooner rather than later. Good to see Andy Moran back for you also (not happy that he got the goal however). Best of luck for the rest of the year.

    A Galway man over and out.

  13. At half time I was gobsmacked. There was no danger of a heart attack in the second half. Was this really Mayo? Mighty.

  14. Can’t wait to hear what Eamon o hara will have to say for himself after tipping Galway earlier in the week.

  15. Lets not make anything big of O Hara who stars in his own movie.He possesses a single senior Connacht medal. His county has three titles, some of the current Mayo squad have five such medals so best ignore him if he wants to be a Brolly MK2.

  16. PS Michael Joyce…decent man. We are no strangers to dog days ourselves. The sun will shine again sir…be in no doubt.

  17. I really don’t have the words to describe how I’m feeling tonight after that.
    I’ve been a huge Galway football supporter since I can remember – which is probably around 1987 or thereabouts.
    We’ve had some lean times but this is without doubt the poorest Galway team I can ever remember wearing the maroon and white.
    Ye absolutely humiliated us today. Beat us by 17 points in our own back yard and ye weren’t flattered by a 17 point winning margin either.
    Ye were ruthless and beat us out the gate so all I can say as a genuine Galway fan is well done. Beaten by a far better team on the day.
    Ye are going in the right direction and won’t be far away come September

  18. Nice words M Joyce….Your best wishes for Mayo’s season appreciated……That certainly wasnt the old Galway we’re used to facing that we met today…….I’m a 70’s SJC man myself and always have a sporting respect for the tribesmen……Yes the goals were great, particularly Moran’s beautiful turn and shot…..the ultimate comeback statement !…….But for me the low foraging and tackling for breaking ball and possession is what stood out…..If we can keep up that intensity then the Green ‘n Red could hopefully have a long Summer !

  19. What the pundits think of us never did, nor does it now, mean anything.
    Still nice to have Mr Brolly refer to us as a pig of a team (a compliment).
    Enjoyed the intensity, hunger and clinicalism (a word ?) while it mattered.
    Colm Boyle my MOM.
    After that I would hate the Rossies to do us (another bag of scorpions job)
    Roll on June 15

  20. Sweet win for Mayo. My men of the match were Alan Dillon and Tom Cunniffe. Delighted for them both, delighted to see such a big win.

    And for all that, no harm to remember it’s only May 19th. It’s a long road yet. Galway tore Roscommon asunder last year and then lost in Salthill to Sligo in their very next game. We should keep the feet on the ground for another few months, I think.

  21. So proud of the lads today, Andy’s goal had to be the highlight of the match though, his celebration said it all! Everyone put in a big effort and it all paid off. Kevin McLoughlin was brillant imo, his workrate was unreal. Cant wait for June 16th now, bring on the Rossies!

  22. Great to see such sportsmanship from our Galway neighbours on all the forums. When we fail to make it I as most of our county back them to carry the mantle and they have twice gained the ultimate in the last 15 years.

    Great also to see that those of us who had faith and who kept positive getting their just reward……………………..I suppose the knockers who were wringing their hands over the last few weeks will now revert back to type and say ‘we only beat a div 2 side’……but as stated above ‘we beat what was in front of us and we did get the scores…………from everywhere………… Commiserations to Galway , no doubt you will be back.
    A great thank you to all our team, squad and management on a terrific performance and result……….oh ……and for throttling back when the game was beyond doubt, to prevent unnecessary injuries or showing your hand further.
    Maigh Eo Abu

  23. Michael Joyce and Galwayman – it takes a large amount of courage and humility to come onto the site and say what you’ve said following the day you’ve just had. Fair play, lads. This is obviously one of our best days against you but you’ll have other days against us, I’m sure.

  24. JJ – I am probably one of “the knockers wringing my hands and reverting back to type” because I dared to question this Mayo team. That is some insult to people who are not convinced about the capabilities of the team.
    Well let me tell you about my feelings after this game. I am delighted. It was a great performance but they had a little help from a very poor Galway team. It must be so terrible for Galway; I don’t envy them.
    We can take a lot of heart and and hope for the future. It was great.
    But now I will again become one of “the knockers wringing my hands and reverting back to type” and say it is only the first game but our prospects look much better.
    You were positive and kept faith and you got a just reward. Such a sad statement!! We got no reward because we didn’t deserve one. We were doubters but we are not arrogant.

  25. Cheers lads. Yes I have no doubt we’ll be back again in the future.It will take time though. Realistically ye are operating at a level light years ahead of us at the moment.
    I couldn’t get over the difference in physicality between the two sides today.
    The amount of turnovers from sheer pressure, workrate and physicality that led to scores for ye was something else. And I mean that totally in a complimentary way.

    Our game was naive in so many ways today. The sendings off were stupid but had no bearing on the result as the game was already well in the bag by the time of the first one.

    Just such a disappointing and demoralising defeat from a Galway point of view,
    Realistically, the other Connacht teams are not in the same league as ye so I would expect ye to win 3 in a row Connacht titles without too much trouble.

    Looking at it from an overall point of view – it’s Mayo, Dublin, Donegal, Kerry, Tyrone as AI contenders and that’s it.
    You’d have to imagine that playing in the AI final last year will stand to ye’re lads in a big way as well.

  26. I didn’t expect that…..who did. A draw would have done me. Fair play to the lads and the sideline. Horan and his helpers are doing v well. The backs were brilliant (Nallens influence!!!) and the O ‘Sheas were immense. And the forwards….well look at the scoreboard!
    But there is work to be done. Theres a long way to go yet and more severe tests to come. But one step at a time and we can make it. Keep the heads, and the hearts up. You’ve given the county a great lift . Same again please.

  27. I would hope that we all got rewarded today, it wasn’t arrogance that prompted my statement and it certainly wasn’t personal……..against you or any individual…….it was, however a general criticism of some of the awful negativity on the site over the last couple of weeks, leading up to the game.
    We have to be behind our team at all times and be positive about their prospects leading up to every game, that does not mean that we cannot criticize them but it would be fairer to the players, who are representing us ( and who probably read the blogs) to save such criticism until the game is over and we have lost……..but not before .
    I have touched on the ‘negative’ way a lot of our county people view our team, we sometimes outBrolly Brolly or in this case O’Rourke and Spillane.
    We have waited since 51 for Sam and this side and management (Imo) are the best Mayo I’ve seen in 45+ years of following and yes they make our heart-rate fluctulate but they are deserving of our faith and unreserved backing.
    Maigh Eo Abu

  28. Thanks for the memories lads,4 goals against the noisy neibhours is dreamland!.
    Delighted with each lads efforts,where Conroy would’ve fitted I dunno but he’d have made hay there.Dont think the “St.Brigids factor” will matter,they’re Div3

  29. Well done mayo, most unexpected and credit where credit is due.
    You can only beat what is before you, and without at least four players.
    Good to see Andy and Alan back, James Horan has got the team ticking nicely,
    so lets see how the season goes.
    Cathal Henry.

  30. Great display and very sweet victory. Team showed intelligence and determination. Fair play to all involved. I hope the whole panel and backroom team enjoyed it. The supporters certainly did.

  31. Now that GAA are introducing hawk eye would there be any chance they would get a guide dog for Marty Duffy! It’s disgraceful to think he’s regarded as one of the top referees in the country! Had it been a tight game there would have been murder over some of the stupid decisions he made!!!! That’s my rant for the evening! Well done Mayo super result! Looking forward to the next one already!!!!!!! Maigh Eo Abu!!

  32. While the team deserve all the plaudits they are getting;we should remember our supporters; the way in which they behaved post match in the taverns and all along the Salthill ‘prom’….no jeering or horn blowing or name calling; instead an eerie silence eked out from past disapointments which reflected the words of the management “this is game one; now we prepare for game two”

    Thanks to the Galway supporters who contributed to the site and as a friend of mine (a Mayoman) once shouted at aleague final in Croker between Ros and Galway when his alliagences was in doubt..”come on the West!”

  33. Mayo man in Galway are you for real? If you or i made the sacrifice the boys did then you wouldn’t begrudge them a drink and you would take the night out if allowed. next game not for 4 weeks and they seldom get a night out so let them out. I’m sure they will be well behaved. After today’s game and the way they gelled off the pitch let them gel off it for once too. Up mayo

  34. Pk – I’ve deleted his comment, I find it hard to understand how anyone who would call himself a Mayo supporter could stoop to posting rubbish like that after a day when the team played like they did.

  35. WJ I am a full blowing supporter of the lads . I would have felt that come the championship that the lads would have being off the beer. I am surprised you would have deleted a post that was made on a general observation and not made on a personal attack. I still hold the opinion that the lads should not be out in Galway be it or be it not the first round of the Connaught title . I totally agree the lads went to salthill done their job .But should they be out in Galway after no i dont agree.

  36. I think they should have a drink or 5 if they want, no problem, though I doubt you will see any of them vomiting later tonight.
    They done a great job today and have 4 weeks til game 2, so a bit of slack please.

  37. There is little I could add that has not already been said so I will confine myself to commiserating with our Juniors who i understand had only six weeks preparation for this game. It was obvious that fitness was the deciding factor as they played the best football for most of the hour. This lack of preparation calls into question the entire usefulness of the championship and reinforces my belef that it would more usefully be a mainly U23 development squad which would give a chance to keep track of ex minors and offer a chance to late developers.
    However I have to say that their score today taking was in stark contrast to most of what we saw in last years final.
    An issue I have with GAA programnes for the past several years is the lack of information about players. Apart from naming their clubs no other information is give e.g. age etc.I have a feeling that this Mayo team was a relatively young one and if so it would have been nice to know it. When they do give information it is about nonsensical things like favorite movie stars etc.

  38. Delighted with the victory, Superb performance all round, our squad looks to have real depth now. In fairness to mayoman in Galway, I can see his point regarding players drinking, it’s not that a few well earned drinks for the players tonight is any harm (it isn’t), it’s the fact that drinking with the mayo supporters giddy with excitement could have a negative effect on some player’s mindset for the next game. Fans telling you that your unbeatable, amazing etc. I’ve seen it happen too many times in the past to mention. It’s a game of inches at the highest level, and we need everyone 100% mentally ready for every game from here on, or else we will be beaten. Avoiding complacency will be Horans biggest danger the next day. The Players can celebrate with the fans for six months straight when we lift Sam, not before then.

    O Connor was superb today, himself, Com Boyle and Tom cuniffe the standout players for me. It’s still just a first round Connaught victory, no more no less, we keep our heads down and move on to the next game.

  39. Lads, I’m only copping on now to what I think is talk of some of the players going out tonight and having a few drinks. If true, I’m disappointed to hear that. Shaking me head at the thought of that, at this point in time, having won nothing yet, with perhaps another four months of C’ship ball ahead! And they’re dying for a drink! something very immature and juvenile about it, if true, IMHO.
    Just sayin!

  40. In fairness I don’t think anyone has said the players are dying to go out drinking, and there has been no suggestion that they are. I think some posters were just saying that the players deserve a few drinks after the performance, it’s very unlikely that the current team are about to go on a session for a few days to celebrate beating Galway. I would be of the opinion that the squad should try and minimise socialising with mayo supporters, especially after matches, while they are still in the championship, there’s plenty of time to do that in winter. Leave the celebrating to the fans. I think it lacks professionalism and I firmly believe that drinking with fans after big victories has had a negative impact on previous mayo teams. Can’t see it being an issue with this team though, Horan is much too professional to allow that happen.

    I thought that the interviews after the game on mid west with Varley, cuniffe, and andy Moran showed a mature attitude to the side, they aren’t getting carried away and just focussing on the next match, exactly what you want to be hearing at this stage.

  41. Ah sure why don’t we wrap them in cotton wool and keep them in a convent cell till next time out……………Mayo winning Sam is not just about us the supporters and rest assured the lads want it as much as we do………..
    They had a drink…….so what ???
    Are we the only ones to be allowed to celebrate, oh and they have won nothing yet ???? …..They have done as required and won Game 1…………………and celebrated and enjoyed a fine victory over our greatest rivals………….But there are always some who will forever snipe and no sneakier way than anon on the web…….well done fella…… the way how do ppl know that the lads were having a drink, were those that are against it on lemonade to hail the victory in the pub aswell ???????

  42. All – this story about the lads supposedly being out last night has clearly taken legs since I thought I’d nipped it in the bud before I went to bed late last night. My position on it is this – we only have one person’s word (uncorroborated) that they were out at all last night and so any claim that they were and what they were supposedly doing (and any discussion on this) falls foul of House Rule 6 – details here. As a result, that’s the last word I want to see here about this supposed incident.

    Mayomaningalway – I’ll reply to your email to me separately on this issue later on.

  43. Fair play Michael Joyce and Galwayman …. Ruthless performance from us we needed to see that … We should have nailed a few more scores towards the end too still a lot to do … I was shocked at Galways behaviour though had them down for a lot but not ‘dirty’ … was a bit disturbing really … My men of the match were Keith Higgins and Ger Cafferkey Kevin mc Loughlin was fantastic too … Alan’s standing ovation Andy coming on and of course Goal 4 will keep me smiling for a while .. But attention returns to Game 2 … First Galway/Mayo match without Dad but by pure chance was sitting beside a man that knew him and his Mayoisims so well …. he was telling me stories of coming home from england for mayo matches and this man hadn’t missed a mayo/galway match in all the years in england … i told him there is a book to be written yet on the life of a Mayo supporter … Have to be the most Loyal bunch ever …. Paddy smiling today …. Bring on Game 2 …

  44. That was what Mayo football, especially in the first half, is all about. Glorious and flowing. Lets enjoy the victory…I certainly didn’t see that result coming nor the manner of it.

    Mayo did what Mayo had to do but Galway did stuff unimaginable. Mistakes and mayhem at the back, Hanley sorely missed and of the three men who should have shown leadership, two were red carded and a third should have been.

    Now Johns inherent caution to the fore. Contrary to popular belief, Mayo with regularity run up big scores in Connacht. Back in 1991 Galway leaked 3-11 to our concession of a miserly 0-6 that’s a plus 14 to us. Next match saw us draw with the Rossies and lose the replay. In that awful year of 1994 our 2-18 to 1-5 trashing of Sligo (plus16) didn’t protect us against the humiliation of a Leitrim beating next time out. As late as 2009 we ran up 3-18 against Roscommon and conceded 0-7 (plus 17). That was the high water mark of Johnno MK2. We almost let slip the next match v Galway where we won by a point.

    For the doubting Thomas’s of which I am one…Mayo need to keep the pedal floored until we run out of gas. That way nothing will be left behind. Tús maith mar a duirt an fear ach tá bothair an fhada romhainn fos . Anyway the trip to Belmullet and the Blacksod lobster and crab has worked so far…perhaps a base camp back there if this outfit make late August/September?

  45. A mighty day to be a Mayo man in Salthill, enjoyed the ramble round looking for where I abandoned the car after, meeting well satisfied folks with green and red smiles.
    The play was magnificent some exceptions to this by the odd man off form, and the ball not always “sticking” when drove in long,was more than cover up by a rampaging work rate and well taken scores.
    Agreeing with the Health Warning from JC above; We as a county are prone to high emotion when we’re up we’re up and when were down.. so lets keep her steady and I’m sure the lads wont loose the head.
    PS Fair play to Marty D he provided much entertainment in the stand to day giving the comedians among us ample material to to work with.

  46. Getting back to the actual match (as opposed to the side issues) and your article WJ, I did notice the warm-ups myself and I was puzzled and bemused as to what the hell the Galway lads were at. As for the kneeling down along the endline and then jumping to sprint to the 21 yard line? I help to coach the Mitchells U14 Ladies and we have a more modern and better focused warm-up drill than that!
    Mulholland seems like a sound and genuine fella but looking at everything that Galway had to offer yesterday, from warm-ups to match tactics, the set-up seems a little antiquated and old school. Galway are in danger of getting left behind because the general structures needed, i.e. proper warm-up drills (as a minimum) and correct analysis of opponents (what were they doing handpassing out of defense against a forward unit that will work as hard as any defense when it comes to swarming and forcing turnovers?) not to mention the tactics employed on match-day do not seem to be near the level needed to be competitive in the modern game.
    As Brolly said last night, and I don’t like agreeing with him but he was on the money last night, football at this level is a brutal game and if you are not “at it” on every level you will get hammered. It is not good for Connaught football to have a Galway team beat out their own door by the greatest rivals.
    Fair play, by the way, to Galwayman and Michael Joyce for their comments above. I remember Mayo getting torn asunder by Galway in McHale Park about 20 years ago and I was sick to my stomach for days. I remember it yet, so, it is a shame that the Galway players didn’t show the same courage and dignity in defeat that the two lads did with their comments.

  47. Super performance by Mayo. The lines of running by the supporting man and ability to break the first tackle bore great dividends.It opens up space all over the pitch. They are a physically imposing outfit and use this to great advantage to turn over possession (legally).

    The half back line are a formidable unit with their hunger for taking the ball into attack – a real headache for any half forward. Higgins had a poor game by his high standards and will be disappointed to be beaten so many times to the first ball. A highlight was Aidan O’Shea shoving off three Galway players before offloading which resulted in O’Connor scoring a goal bound deflected point. Delighted to see Varley get 1-3 which will really boost his confidence this summer. Cunniffe is a solid performer with the bit between his teeth.

    Forget about the speculation about pints after the match. I appreciate that clubs need the services of their county men but what team takes precedence? I’d prefer to see the county lads absolved from all club league involvement. Better to put preventative measures in place now.

  48. I posted before the game that Dillon and Cunniffe should start (on the basis of the fact that if they were on the bench they were match ready). As it turned out I feel both made a massive difference to the Mayo performance.
    Cuniffe has the kind of pace that is needed in defence if you are to cope with lightning fast forwards. Dillon got the early score or two to settle us and his general play was very good – he laid on some great ball. I felt a bit sorry for youn Coen to be named and not start but he can be very proud of his excellent point. I haven’t seen much of him but the little I have seen is impressive and he is a big lad as well.
    I also think Seamus O Shea put in a huge amount of work – he is very strong in posession and an awkward customer for any opponent.

    Of course goals make the difference – Galway needed them but we got them. Goals made the difference last September – Donegal got them and we needed them! I wonder what would have happened in September had Cuniffe been available? (And that is not meant as an unkind comment on Kevin Keane who is good lad.)
    All in all a very impressive display. I had said in an earlier post that if we put up a decent score (with the injury list we have) then we can truly claim that there has been serious progress. There has indeed been SERIOUS progress and we are well entitled to have high expectations now. Well done to everyone!

  49. First Gen Dub – I agree with you regarding Varley. I thought he was fantastic and surprisingly not in the mention for the man of the match award. Scored 1-3 from play, set up Vaughans goal and should have been played in by Cillian for another goal. He was in constant movement along the full forward line throughout the match and was always showing for the ball, even if he wasn’t alwaya picked out. He took his goal very well – a right footed effort too – and he may not have even started had JH had a full and fit compliment of forwards to chose from.
    Freeman shoved my doubts about him for the physical battle where the sun doesn’t shine as he got through an amount of hard dirty ball-winning work, took his point well, hit the upright and set up countless scores. Again, he probably would have been in a tracksuit for the throw-in if everyone was fit.
    O’Connor is turning into a real natural leader for someone so young and his intelligent probing and passing – by foot and hand – makes him a viable option for the No.11 shirt. Also, it was good to see him so alert from the Galway kickouts as he was constantly pointing and shouting at his fellow forwards to mark up and not leave anyone free. As was once said, the best sides come alive when the ball goes dead.
    Score of the match goes to Darren Coen. Plucks a high cross field ball heading away from goal, turn inside his man and sends it over from 30m out under the stand.

  50. It was a great start to the Championship for Mayo, yes I agree Galway were poor, in a different league these past few seasons than Mayo.

    In the past Galway have carried the Connaught Flag to the winners rostrum and we all supported them , I know that the majority of Galway supporters will wish this team well in their quest for glory.

    I was disappointed with the Galway sendings off, this was never their style as long as I have been at games between Mayo and Galway.

    There were all positives for Mayo, they varied their game and had Galway bemused after only 5 mins.

    The O Sheas were immense, Seamus looked after the first 20 mins. and then Aidan took over.

    Just got home in time for the Sunday game, I was not impressed at all, and will leave it at that.

    The Rossies will be no pushover, they have some serious players, and the Kilbrides are playing very well this year. I will be expected a Mayo win by 6 or 7, and I can see us scoring goals on the 16th.

    What venue is the Final fixed for.

    Spare a thought for the Keegan Family. Lees brother Philip was on the Westport United Team beaten in the Connaught Junior Cup Final by Ballinasloe in the 104th. minute losing 2 1.

  51. Just on the point of the warm ups it’s only fair to say I watched both Mayo and Galway do a full warm-up on the the back pitch behind the main stand before they came on the pitch and Galway did all the modern drills! On another point I do think Brolly is right in his assesment of the top 6 teams in the land. They have now opened a gap from the rest of the pack and it has got very little to do with raw football talent. It’s all about body strength/conditioning and Intensity. You cannot achieve this overnight and Mayo have been working on this for 3 years now. It’s only when teams reach this level of intensity that raw talent and football ability may give one of those top teams an edge over the rest. I think James Horan was very shrewd in having Cian O’ Neill in first 2 years to achive the first Target and now replace him with Buckley to give us the football edge. For better or worse Gaelic football has moved on the another level and very few games anymore are won by a kick of the Ball, they are Won by one team steamrolling another as shown by Mayo on Sunday. If you are not at the top table right now then you are at least 2 goods years of self sacrafice and dedication away from it!

  52. In the interests of helping to keep the lid on things, I’d add to John C’s list by referencing 1987 when we destroyed Sligo in the semis by a margin of 20 points (3-17 to 0-6) only to lose the final to a poor Galway team by 0-8 to 0-7. That said, I’m not sure any of those past results mean anything for what’s facing us now. Even 2009 is of no relevance – then we had a plodding and, in retrospect, clueless management set-up whereas now we clearly have a team on the sideline that’s up there with the best and a bunch of players who are deeply committed and have their eye on the main prize.

    I’m no fan of Joe Brolly’s but just prior to the throw-in yesterday he said it was “unthinkable” that we’d lose to Galway, making the valid point that we’re one of the new breed of top teams and that Galway simply aren’t at the same level. He gave Galway no hope and he was right, the bollix.

    With Division 3 and 4 opposition left to overcome in Connacht, it’s got to be equally unthinkable – following the same logic – that we won’t retain our provincial title in July. But this won’t happen if we lapse into complacency (can you see James allowing this to happen?) and we also need to improve on those areas where we weren’t so hot in Salthill yesterday. I’d include some of the ball into the full-forward line and how it was dealt with and the way we too often allowed Galway to win primary possession from Hail Mary balls pumped into our backline as areas where we can and must improve on the next day. And it’s on this match that our sole focus has to be (and, I believe, will be) placed for the coming four weeks. We shouldn’t even be thinking about the Connacht final yet, let alone what might come after that.

  53. I agree totally regarding the 2 to 3 years needed to condition the body to the new levels of fitness/stamina required and that is where Mayo find themselves now. Tyrone in the 00’s probably started it with their “swarm defense” and the fitness levels alinged with the increased leg strength needed for the constant running, both short 10 to 15m bursts and then breaking 50 to 70m counter attacking runs. Pat Gilroy brought it on another level with his All Ireland winning team when each player had that “Tyrone” level of fitness but with increased upper body strength that meant each player was capable of going toe-to-toe and winning his own ball. They were fortunate to have 2 clinical inside forwards that, given loads of space, could get the match winning scores. Donegal, over 2 years, took the Dublin model and hung it initally on a very defensive framework designed to nullify and smoother the opposition. Then they beefed it out to be a direct counter attack running team with, again, a 2 man full forward line but a 4 man half back line.
    All of the above took time to fine tune the tactical side of things and get the right players knowing their jobs. More importantly, it took time to reach those very high, professional levels of fitness. It takes huge sacrifice from management, staff and players – not to mention all the families involved. But, if you are in it to win it, that is the minimum level you need to achieve to be in the running come September.
    An aside, wasn’t it great to be called a “Pig of a team” by Brolly.

  54. Pebblesmeller – I agree with what you have said about conditioning and add one further item. It takes time for players to settle into a role and for players to get used to playing together. All the top teams of the past had a settled look about them. Each player knows instinctively what others around them are going to do and this makes team play easier and more fluent. I feel Mayo are moving towards that stage now.
    I agree with all who say you have to bring in new payers and give them game time in case they are needed but you also have to balance that with the need to get your best 15 playing together as often as possible.

  55. @noel mcloughlin
    Final is fixed for July 21st. If we manage to get by the Rossies and play Sligo, it’ll be in Castlebar. The had “home” advantage for the hyde last year.
    If it’s Leitrim it’s in the Hyde and if it’s London it’ll be in the Isle of Man.

    Awesome stuff yesterday. Great show of support from our supporters, stand was teaming with our crowd.

  56. Just a few things to note in order to temper our celebrations. I felt that early in the first half the ball into the full forward line was a little “overcooked” and the ball carried/bounced out over the end line or out over the sideline. The pitch was dry but seemed very hard and this probably led to some of the ball being a little out. Also in that first half Galway had 14 scoring chances, they scored 6 points, kicked 4 wides and had 4 efforts blocked. We also had 14 chances, scored 3-9 and 2 wides. The point being that although the scoreline suggested that this was a battering for Galway, the stats show they had chances of their own. Add to that the fact that we didn’t look entirely convincing under the high ball initially in the first half and it is something that might need looking at. Particularly when you consider the 2 goals we conceeded in the AIL came from a similar tactic. Mind you, I probably am nit-picking.
    Boyle would be my choice for man-of-the-match and surely there is not a braver player in the country. The lad has no regard for his own safety whatsoever. I guess that’s what Junior football does to you!! Burke looks like a lively bit of stuff also and I have to admit to knowing little or nothing about the lad. Any info anyone?? He attacked well from deep positions and will add yet more competition for places in the back division that conceeded only 3 points from play in 73 minutes of championship football.
    By the way, huge and vocal support from the green and reds and by my reckoning we outnumbered the Galwegians by 2 to 1. Each Mayo player subbed off was warmly applauded and rightly so.

  57. re James Burke.

    Originally from Ardnaree. Has been with Ballymun for guts of 6 years now having relocated to Dublin for work. Has been playing great stuff with them in that time, think he has 2 Dub Stars in that time too. Played in the minor AIF of 2005 and was taken off after 10 mins, hadn’t started a game all year that year and was thrown in at the deep end. Has done very well to recover.
    Great left foot, very talented underage soccer player with Ballina Town, had a trial with Wolves. Very good coming forward, needs to tighten up a the back a small bit and will be a very useful addition to the squad/team.

  58. I’m very happy with that performance, some great heart shown there by all involved. Still, it was just round one and I am glad to see Mayo people are keeping it real. There are potentially 5 more games to win before we can even think of pouring praise on the players, they probably don’t want our praise until its justified anyway and there’s only one way they will feel its justified.

  59. A great game to start the year and hopefully now the lad’s see that the work that they have been putting in is being rewarded and the plans are coming together nicely, it will lead to a greater belief for the coming battles. This game could be the one that we look back on as the turning point where the inner belief of the Mayo team was cemented. It is early vindication of the decision to bring Buckley onboard and as Pat Spillane said yesterday, the Mayo forward play had his hallmark all over it.

    I am still not convinced yet that we are fully secure in the full back line especially uinder the high ball but we showed a great attitude and confidence yesterday that will have the whole squad buzzing for the next game against the Rossies.

    A point on Mayos third goal where The Sunday game Live attributed the layoff for Vaugan incorrectly to Freeman and the evening show attributed it to Varley when in fact the player laying off the ball was COC.

  60. @ Pebblesmeller re: James Burke,

    Was in my class in school, and also in college – from Ardnaree, now a teacher, and with Ballymun Kickhams, very left-footed attacking back, (light on his feet from doing Irish dancing I was told!), like Donie Vaughan in that he’s better at attacking than defending, and can also take too much out of the ball. Featured as a bit-part in Horan’s first league squad in 2010, only really got a run out in one match up in Monaghan where he scored 0-3 from play – a match where Lee Keegan also got his first real taste of action. Was dropped before the championship that year in the same cull as Kilcoyne, Ronaldson and, ironically, Barry Moran. Has obviously been put in the picture after featuring in Ballymun’s run to the AIF. Funny how things go.

  61. I see Alf beat me to it – it’s great to have so many knowledgeable fans in the one place!

  62. Alf and Noel

    I stand to be corrected but my understanding is that if Mayo and Sligo both get to a Connaught final, we have an agreement to play it at Hyde. Games prior to a final in the championship are on a home and away basis.

  63. Alf Stewart and Aussie exile…. Can ye get onto that P. Hanley lad in brisbane and tell him now is the time his county needs him, for the big push!!!

    On yesterday, Galway were awful poor it’s almost impossible to rate our own display. Job done tho so congrats deserved.

    The rossies will be a proper championship clash. They r a far more settled and confident side. Our focus must be solely on that match on June 16.

    Ps: fair play to the Galway supporters comments and well wishes on this thread.

  64. JJ – fair play to you and thank for your reply. I feel a bit different to day. I have followed Mayo since they last won Sam and sometimes the accumulated pain and disappointment rear their ugly heads. 60 years is a long time.
    Today I am really bugged about all the comments passed by the so called pundits. O’Rourke and Spillane after tipping Galway had to justify themselves by insinuating that the only reason Mayo won was because Galway gave it to them. When the Dubs scored the two goals against Mayo in the league, it could be said that Mayo gave them, which they did. The Dubs were great they said.
    The only thing that Galway gave to Mayo yesterday were ‘opportunities to score’ and boy, did Mayo do that. Look at some of the points but look at the goals.
    The first goal by Carolan was worthy of any striker in the Premier league, the determination and skill was brilliant. The second goal by Varley was a fantastic shot. The third goal – Donal Vaughan saw the possibility, and got a great pass, showing how his colleagues were tuned in. The fourth was the result of a great pass and a brilliant shot. Case closed. Please lads, a great day, one step, now lets have another great step.
    I would have loved another 3-9 in the second half just to shut up all those who over the years have said, “Mayo God help us'”

  65. No worries Joe and a good positive summation.
    Something good must be happening this year when Brolly has good words for us, don’t know how O’Rourke and Spillane got it so wrong but maybe it was all for the cameras or maybe they have not being paying attention, whereas Brolly has been.
    also the programme last night where the focus was more on Galways demise rather than our efforts……… but that is good if it keeps us under the radar…………………..
    Just one other thing, the phrase ‘Mayo God help us’ was a reply given by a Galwayman , when asked who they were to play next ( could be around the early fifties,when we won 2 in a row). The same phrase came to mind a few times when watching the game yesterday.

  66. @KOB, that could be right. Were Sligo not thinking of switching the game to Castlebar for extra revenue last year though? Anyways, whist on this talk. Game 2 is only thing that should concern us.
    @Mayonaze – Pearce is running the show for the Lions this year, can’t see them letting him go easily! Flamin’ galahs!

  67. JJ…
    whenever I get that oul shite “Mayo God help us” from ppl, i have a chuckle, cause ppl from other counties use it in the wrong context, as if “poor” Mayo. That’s the incorrect interpretation.
    Recently I was at a BBQ over here and was introduced to some visiting Irish ppl there, who were from Kerry. I was introduced as a Mayo man and immediately they proclaimed “ah sure mayo, God help us” …I just replied “God help yee is right”
    Later, I was talking to the older man and of course we got talking about all things GAAA and such, and I explained what I meant…”God help yee is right” I said, cause “we’re going to beat all who come before us and win the AI this year”
    That was 2 weeks ago…and so far we’re still on track.

  68. Good on ya Mister Mayor, lets hope there’s more of them saying it before the year is out.

    As yourself I’ve been trying to explain to many from other counties over the years, the true meaning of the statement and hopefully this year the penny may drop.
    Maigh Eo Abu

  69. Great Day in Salthill. Mayo are better than last year. Is it Donie Buckley. Tackling brilliant. Dillon a steadying influence. Galway were poor – I see on to-days paper that it was the highest margin over Galway since 1907. Roll on the Rossies.

    If it is a Sligo/ Mayo Connaughgt Final it could be in Roscommon or Salthill.

    Salthill was a great venue. We got home to Castlebar at 7.10

  70. Well done to a fine Mayo team yesterday. Everyone knows today that Galway were poor, not too many on Saturday night. I saw the team outside the hotel before the game and remarked how relaxed and confident they looked and Aidan sitting inside reading a book. I went to the match in the same frame of mind.
    All the experts asked where our scores would come from.
    Answer. Same place as last year, nine different scorers. We might not have a Brogan or Gooch, but the opposition don’t know where the score will come from, and Andy played 9 minutes in 9 months and stuck one in the net.
    By the way the new lads didn’t do to badly either.

  71. I think yesterday showed that we missed Alan Dillon during the league. In those matches against Kildare and Down in particular, when it needed somebody to just add a little bit more control up front, he was the man who could have provided that. I hope that his injury has fully cleared up because I would not under-estimate his worth to the team.

    There is a degree of consistency that has developed in this team over the last while. I think that you could pick out seven or eight guys who you would regularly mark down as at least “8 out of 10” in every game … David Clarke, Colm Boyle, Lee Keegan, the 2 O’Shea’s, Kevin McLoughlin, Cillian O’Connor and Cathal Carolan. They were joined by 4 or 5 others yesterday at the same level. The trick is to repeat this in 4 weeks time.

    Roscommon will be a different kettle of fish. One thing is for sure, they will not present as many goal chances as Galway did. Ros will be dogged, and as always will try to drag us down to their level if we let them. The same application in the first 20 minutes as we showed in Salthill will be needed. I didn’t think our fullback line had a fantastic day against Galway, but they did not have enought possession to exploit this any further. Paul Conroy would have caused more trouble if Galway had managed to keep a full complement on the pitch and if he didn’t seem hell bent in getting a flash of Marty’s red card as well (watching AOS swatting him like a fly and then looking back to see who was annoying him was worth the ticket price alone). Senan Kilbride will cause problems for the Rossie’s in the same way, but with a bit more discipline. We need to be able to counter act this, and cut off supply going in there.

    I would like to think that unlike other years, the team are focussed and won’t let the Galway result to their heads. It’s just one game over against a particularly poor team on the day. Move on….

    Marty Duffy…. enough said. Hopefully we won’t come across him again this year.

    Finally, given that performance, what would the team selection meeting be like if all those not available yesterday come back from injury… Barry Moran, Danny Geraghty, Jason Doherty, Evan Regan, Michael Conroy, a fully fit Andy Moran…. we can but dream.

  72. Digits, thanks for the Burke update. Sure a bit of Irish dancing never “kilt” a man! If he can hold his own in Dublin club football he is worth having a look at.

  73. Alf Stewart says:
    May 20, 2013 at 3:30 pm
    @noel mcloughlin
    Final is fixed for July 21st. If we manage to get by the Rossies and play Sligo, it’ll be in Castlebar. The had “home” advantage for the hyde last year.


    I don’t think that’s right. Hasn’t it been agreed if Sligo,Leitrim reach the final it has to be played in neutral venue.

  74. What exactly is wrong with Marty Duffy? I have yet to see a decent referee anyway. Duffy sent off two Galway men. He allowed Mayo to tackle, (correctly by the way,) in a way other referees would not simply because they get a fit of the vapours watching Mayo doing a Tyrone or swarm on the opposition. All refs interpret the game as they go along. We don’t have to go too far back in the league even to see some of the “decisions” against us. Also last years league final and All Ireland final saw two howlers that cost us dear. Duffy is fine by me and if we get him again I will sleep easy. I can name four straight away that will cost us and that should never be the way.

  75. Say what ye might but there is enormus improvement to be made in this mayo team yet, galway were very poor and i have to agree with spillano that mayo shoud have won this game by more, alot more. Injuries clearing up and competition for places will be immence and they,ll be all chomping at the bit to tear in to the rossies, agood thing i say. As for the lads goin for a drink ,thats nonsence and that day is well over, different ball game now were every little detail can be andvantage to the squad. Yes it does look like brolly is mellowing towards us even though he referred it was like playing against pigs, playing mayo…..dont know what that suppose to mean, god help us…see ohara was well out of his depth in studio and brolly let him have it as he did with splillano and rourke i believe in the live feed earlier inthe day…………ANYWAY GOOD DAY AT THE OFFICE BUT LOTS MORE TO DO………..ROLL OM GAME 2

  76. After last Sunday Pat Spillane should forget about puke football and write about puke pundits instead.

  77. John C. I have to disagree with you on Marty Duffy. He just didn’t look to be in good enough physical shape to keep up with the pace of the game. I thought it was fairly obvious. As a result, made some bad decisions and even got in the way once. I don’t want to be too critical but the yellows he dished out to Freeman and Ger Cafferky (after Ger himself had been wrestled to the ground) were atrocious decision’s IMO. Also, just prior to Freemans yellow, Dillon was close lined by the Galway FB after taking a bat down pass from Freeman….was straight through on goal if the Galway man didn’t take him out…deserved at least a yellow, if not a straight red, but didn’t get either!….ah well, we won this one anyway…carry on.

  78. best mayo team we have in 30 years, this is it if team keeps mentality right

  79. 30 years? that would ne 1983 by my reckoning, i dont recall the Mayo of that era being so great.

  80. Best Mayo team since 1996-97 those sides reached back to back All Ireland finals this current Mayo team are capable of that repeating that feat.

  81. The Connaught Final will not be in Roscommon. What neutral venue is left – Salthill??

  82. I’m pretty sure that (under the current rules) if Mayo get to the Connacht Final this year, it has to be played in Roscommon unless we play London. Last year we tried to ;’convince’ Sligo to come to Castlebar but they wouldn’t come. We may try something similar this year if the same situation comes up again.

  83. Neutral venue has been decided for Leitrim,Sligo years ago it was Mayos choice for the venue last year and picked Hyde park

    It would be Leitrim or Sligo choice this year maybe they will pick Pearse Stadium instead of Hyde park.

  84. We are not in the Connaught final at all yet so let’s not worry where it will be held, as James Horan says, “the next game” is all that we should be focused on

  85. Its a bloody disgrace that we gave up chance to have a connacht final in castlebar when we meet either sligo or leitrim in it regardless if their a so called weaker county or not, how the county board could do with the revenue, no. 1 from a conn. final and no. 2 its like a big white elephant now for all the times we will see even 25,ooo in the ground. We will have to depend on the draw now be it either ross. or galway to have a conn. final with mayo in it in castlebar… a fecken joke but am i suprised at the county board goin along with it……NO…this is same shower that when any of our minors or u-21 get to semifinal or replay against leinster or munster opppnents we always end up playing in their provinces be it Longford,Ennis or Limerick.

  86. A win is always a win regardless of the margin or the opposition.

    But a win does not guarantee future success. Supporters need to be critical and that can be constructively critical.

    Not all players did well on Sunday and the balance of the team needs to be established.

    Nice to see a ruthless if fair side to Horan- that is a big plus.

  87. On venues – and this is irrespective of how Mayo do, the position is, as I understand it:

    Mayo have a home and away arrangement for finals with Galway and Roscommon. We do not have such an arrangement with Sligo or Leitrim. Neither do Galway or Roscommon. Hence it is a neutral venue (usually Roscommon, e.g. 2012) when Mayo play Sligo/Leitrim, or Galway play them (Castlebar, 2002 v Sligo), or Roscommon play them (Castlebar, 2010 v Sligo).

    Effectively a neutral venue for the final is the default position, but the big 3, Mayo/ Roscommon/Galway, have made their own separate home/away agreements and neither Sligo nor Leitrim have grounds with the capacity/facilities to host a final in line with modern safety requirements.

    Frankly I don’t know what the situation is regarding London as a final participant.

  88. This championship has a long way to go.
    Injuries will play a part so will strategy.
    I think it is too early to say we will even emulate last years deeds let alone surpass them.

  89. Catcol, thanks for that! So we have a fantastic stadium in castlebar, that lies empty if we play Sligo or Leitrim in a final, fucking dumb if you ask me. If they are afraid to come to castlebar, lets give them a three point start and we’ll still bate them.

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