9 thoughts on “Audio reports from McHale Park today

  1. Job done very professionally, can’t ask for more than that. 1-7 set in stone and looking good but plenty of decisions to be made from 8-15 for Sligo game.

    Maybe worth a trawl through the records to see where this one stacks up in terms of amount scored and winning margin. But, at the same time, massively important not to underestimate the challenge ahead in the final.

    Well done today lads.

  2. Three successive matches in Connacht championship . 1967 Connacht final Mayo 4-15 Leitrim 0-7. 1969 semi Mayo 6-13 Leitrim 1-8, won subsequent Connacht final V Galway. 1973 Connacht semi Mayo 7-6 Leitrim 0-3, lost subsequent Connacht final to Galway. What it reaffirms is Mayos good record v Leitrim…nothing more.

  3. As expected a easy win. Leitrim had no answer once we moved into 3rd gear. Sligo will be a test but we should still win it by 5-6pts. Kildare or Tyrone in QF & likely semi final v Dublin is possible now.

  4. well done lads, wat have we learned today,not much really but that gearghty is no midfielder and doherty and freeman wer poor enough in tha foward line, sligo will be a much bigger test.

  5. what to say about such an convincing win , it was clear to see in the second half that there was a gulf in fitness between the two teams and that mayo won it while almost playing in 2nd gear , there are a number of positives to be drawn though , Barry Moran was deserving winner of the man of the match award , Kevin macloughlin worked exceptionaly well in the half forward line , the full back line had a good day in general even though i would prefer if keth was played as a half back as he seams much better suited to that role.
    donie was found wanting on Emlyn Mulligan as was lee keegan but the player in question was one of the best 3 on the pitch , i felt that Freeman and Dotterty had a poor day and seemed a bit lost as did cillian at center half forward i think moving andy out to that position may be the way we play for the rest of the year

  6. Good to win. I agree Jason Doherty and Alan Freeman (even though he scored a good goal) were not in the game. If you can’t shine in a game like this’, there’s something wrong.
    I believe we need ball winners, in the full forward line and the full forward line, that finished, are no ball winners, ie Conor Mortimer and Enda Varley, they will do ok in Connacht but will be exposed in Croke Parke.
    I was delighted to see Barry Moran doing well and to see Ronan McGarrity introduced.
    I wounder how are the O Shea’s, coming on, I would love to see Aiden playing at full forward, as a ball winning target man.
    Sligo are a big strong fit team and will be very hard beaten, we will need to be firing on all cyllinders ,to beat them.

  7. Gud win lads. Job done. I don’t think anyone who was in Sligo when they last beat us will be underestimating them. we need to sort ff line rapid. No team will win Sam without a settled ff line. Time for AOS at ff.

  8. Why would we put AOS at ff? He has rarely looked comfortable there and will be badly needed at midfield. Andy scored 2-0 at ff yesterday in second gear and didn’t even need the full 70 to do it. Leave him there. The concept of putting a big guy at the edge of the square is massively overrated

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