Mayo calling

This post is a first on two fronts, i.e. it’s the first (and hopefully not the last) that I’ve done while physically located in Mayo. As a consequence, it’s also the first time I’ve tried to post using GPRS. So far, although far slower than 3Mbps broadband, it’s okay but let’s not tempt fate.

First, the final update on the Clare match. Thanks to the wonders of the printed version of this week’s Western People (old technologies can often be best), here’s the full team for the Clare match last weekend:

Kenneth O’Malley; Dermot Geraghty, Ger Cafferkey, Tom Cunniffe; Enda Devenney, Ger Brady, Aidan Higgins; Ronan McGarritty, Colm Forde; Mickie Mullins, Aidan Campbell, Aidan Kilcoyne; Marty McNicholas, Barry Regan, Mark Ronaldson. Subs: Trevor Howley (for Geraghty), Paddy Navin (for Cafferkey), Sean Ryder (for Cunniffe), Gary Mullins (for Forde), Michael Conroy (for Regan) (all half-time); Edmond Barrett (for M Mullins, 45), Seamus O’Shea (for Campbell, 45), Mickie Mullins (for Barrett, (65, inj).

In all, nine of last year’s U21 team played a part in the match. Okay, enough about the Clare match.

I’ve just seen the team for Sunday, in today’s Irish Times. There are widespread changes, as follows:

K O’Malley; L O’Malley, J Kilcullen, K Higgins; E Devenney, BJ Padden, P Gardiner; R McGarritty, D Brady; K O’Neill, G Brady, A Dillon; A Campbell, T Mortimor, A Moran.

That’s far more changes than I’d expected, I have to say but the defeat by Donegal did call for a shakeup. Johnno is sending a clear message here about the consequences of underachievement – a cruel but necessary lesson.

That’s enough over GPRS. More tomorrow once I’m back in broadband land.

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