Mayo Football Podcast article: a matter of style

Ahead of the start of this year’s National League, we’re adding a further feature to our Patreon offering for our loyal Mayo Football Podcast club members. Each week (or close to it) from now on, club members can look forward to reading a written article on a Mayo GAA topic of interest, which will be available exclusively to them on the Patreon app and website.

Our first such article comes from Edwin McGreal, a regular voice on the podcast for many years, and he provides a match analysis ahead of Sunday’s League opener against Galway.

Photo: Seb Daly/Sportsfile

We hope all our club members enjoy this new feature, which they can look forward to receiving on a regular basis from now on.

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72 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast article: a matter of style

  1. Just read Eds piece there ,he makes very good points .But I dont agree that was the reason we lost Dublin that it was all down to our forwards.For me we have a massive problem at centrefield and centre back.We are finding it much harder to win primary possesion in Midfield , Reape had no options for kickouts in that Dublin press last July , Ruane looked like a man that didnt want to be there and we dont have half backs or halfs forwards capable of winning dirty ball when a few years ago we where the best in the business at it.We have holes in our defence particularly at 6.Coen was particularly poor in that first 10 minutes after half time lacks pace and Conor Loftus should have been nowhere near 6 all season.O’Hora isnt a corner back and should be nowhere near a full back line from now on , Eoghan McLaughlins skill execution and choices on the ball have to improve ,you cant just be a really fast ball carrier to get a starting 15 spot you have to offer more They were all very poor management calls.Thought Barry Cullinane poked fun at a few of McStays bad decisions in the Pod last night particularly the Boland recall.

  2. Let’s not forget against Dublin we had two defensive blunders for two goals and our midfield got destroyed in the second half. Our forwards were living on scraps.

  3. Listening to the pod now and Cullinane’s immediate sneer about McStay saying we’re out to win the All-Ireland was more that irritating.

    Maybe I’m about too thin-skinned early season but I thought it was a silly comment to make.

  4. @Rock ..agree re Cullinane didn’t come across very well . Analysis with being silly .
    Good win for the Mayo ladies. A draw would probably have been a fair result but our ladies dug out the win .

  5. @Rock agree to that the comment was pretty immature and petty who’s not out to win the all Ireland sure silly comment of cullinane to make.

    Good win for the mayo ladies be good if it was the same tommorow for the guys!

    Derry ahead of kerry atm..

  6. Nephin – Hopefully we will have another one to add to the list tomorrow.

    2022 should be championship exit to Kerry.

  7. Watching the kerry v derry game you would nearly think the league matters. Huge intensity and decent football for January

  8. Of course it matters because you are crafting your team for the championship.
    The big players stood up. McGinless superb at 6.
    Harte will not be happy with goal chances conceded but they are building a panel….
    Kerry will not be loosing any sleep over the loss..

  9. Interesting development.
    A GAA version of VAR might be on the way for Gaelic games after discussions were had at board level regarding the possible introduction of a Television Match Official (TMO) for football and hurling.

  10. Jack McCaffrey made more errors in that half then he’d normally in several games.
    A half, but to my eye not seeing the replacements for the older Dublin players close to retirement.

  11. Dublin setting up a blanket.
    Monaghan struggling to break it down.

    Dublin look to have the better legs.
    Monaghan the bigger shoulders.

    Glad we’re playing the Dubs in Castlebar next weekend, but we’ll see tomorrow where we are at.

  12. @JP Mc Caffrey being taken to the cleaners all night by the young lad.Amazing how he can get away with foul after foul after foul and no card.

  13. Until the ball is brought up 50m for all the cynical fouling stopping attacking play we are going to be stuck with this lateral nonsense in 99% of games.

  14. Two very enjoyable games in the National Football League tonight, close fought with lots of direct running and quick foot passing into the forwards.

    Call me cynical, but I have a feeling that tomorrow’s games might be a lot more turgid, sideways passing affairs. Let’s hope not.

  15. Is it my eyes or something but nearly every Dublin tackle looks like a foul, constantly holding the Monaghan players tonight in every tussle for the ball.

  16. Great win for Monaghan. They may not be the relegation cannon fodder that some seem to think and that could be 3 very valuable points at the end of the day. A loss tomorrow could see us in the relegation dogfight.

  17. O Hanlon lad has some pace .jack Mccaffrey suddenly felt his years tonight.amazing the amount of stuff Dublin get away with in croker even going back over the last ten years when two of their backs were basically thugs masquerading as footballers

  18. Bate the blanket I would agree two Dublin players with their arms all around a player is a foul but refs won’t call Dublin on it in croker

  19. Good win for Monaghan who look like they will be a handful for all the teams even though the pundits had written them off. O Hanlon looks very good

  20. I think Monaghan and Roscommon are going to be very fit and really up for the league. Both have pace and scoring forwards. But then again Donegal beat Kerry in the first game last year so it’s hard to know.
    Dublin didn’t look fit tonight, but they won’t be panicking.
    A lot tomorrow will depend if ROD is playing IMO. If not I don’t know where the scores will come from.
    Our backs better be ready from the off as Damo etc will be..

  21. Ya have no love monaghan, they seem to have no fear of Dublin, always have a right go at them whenever they meet

  22. Two bad results for mayo tonight , Dublin and Kerry losing at home. They will be out for points in their next two games if they had both won tonight it would have taken the pressure off them a bit , win tomorrow for mayo is vital

  23. @James Nolan it’s not bad results for mayo tonight..

    Yes dubs & kerry be well up to beat us but when are they not ? we are well able for both of them I still think we will beat dubs in castlebar.

    Still think monaghan may get relegated dubs are no where fit as they were in final maybe still celebrating ha. But fair play to monaghan.

    Doubt the dubs will be worried by tonight’s result or kerry.

  24. @clare how are they not bad results for mayo? Dublin need the points next week now against us, and Kerry the week after will be in need of points, Monaghan away last game of the league is also a bad fixture they are the kings of staying up on the last day

  25. @James Nolan they aren’t bad results for mayo because mayo take each game as it comes yes the dubs and kerry are both in need of points now but so are we and we always knew we would need to get points from the off hence the strong team we’ve named for tommorow.

    It’s January league I wouldn’t be getting worried by results so far. League is important but these results tonight are not bad for us as we are well able for kerry and we will want some kind revenge on dubs even though only league. I wouldn’t be worried just yet.

  26. Two draws tonight would have been better maybe come the final tot up but it’s all in our own hands. Once we take care of business we shouldn’t need to worry or rely on others for favours. In the course of the league we’ll either be good enough or we won’t. Control the controlables is the buzz phrase.

  27. Monaghan well worth their win. Good to see Dubs are leaky at the back for goals.
    Very open game and Monaghan have pace to burn in 3 or 4 positions. Felt ref let a lot of heavy tacking go on both sides and the game flowed because of that. Great to see someone quicker than Mc Caffrey.
    Derry also looked decent and no fear of Kerry in Tralee.

  28. @2hops totally agree with you that’s exactly the point I was trying to make we shouldn’t worry about other results doing us favours etc so long as we take care of our games were good enough or we are not..

  29. Worrying signs for all four teams;

    Jack O’Connor will be furious at how scared they looked on opening night – a Kerry team in Tralee under lights should be bouncing into that game.
    Their reliance on the two Cliffords is worrying. Sean O’Shea on his own really isn’t a big enough threat at this level, and he wasn’t enough to get Kerry sparking. They should have lost this game in the first half, and probably should have won it in the second, but they let it slip. Need a reaction more than a result next weekend.

    Derry will have been delighted with the win, and now have great momentum going into next weekend’s derby. There would be concerns over their scoring power. 0-15 on a night when Kerry were there to be taken. Looked in serious trouble with their own kick out second half and gave up goals because of it. You’ll stay up scoring 0-15 points a game, but that weakness on their own kickouts is going to be exploited.

    Dublin should have won but their conversion rate was rubbish and they will struggle to stay up with that back 4. Too many Division 2 level players in there at present. Full forward line is very dangerous though and dropping deep won’t take them as far away from goal in McHale park next weekend. Lee Gannon looks a reliable addition to their middle 8 come championship.

    Monaghan will be delighted with their resolve and character. Looked very vulnerable at the back at times and their conversion was also poor. Getting goals when you need them is a great skill and papers over a lot of cracks. It’ll be interesting to see next weekend how they approach Kerry – I don’t think that Kerry defence is giving up 3 goals. Kerry only need to improve by 3 maybe four scores, basically show up for the first half, but a confident Monaghan could sit them back down pretty quickly.

    Good stuff tonight. Lot’s for everyone to worry about, and the Ulster teams hogging Mondays headlines, while the journos tell us all in great detail about how the Salthill weather meant they couldn’t really see anything of worth.
    Let the SoapBall begin 🙂

  30. One of the bookies relegation favourites grabbing away points is not good news for us, especially as they have us at home. I fear if we lose tomorrow, we could be in big trouble, as the pressure will ramp up against Dublin, which would probably become a must win or dare not lose. Hard to call tomorrow and I am not bursting with confidence, but a win would be mist welcome.

  31. Kerry, Dublin beaten at home on the opening round. The best format competition HQ have and will the penny eventually drop for them to flip the season and make the league the championship?

  32. Glasagusdearg. Relax we will not be in big trouble if we lose tomorrow. For a start it’s 2 points for league win, not 3 . In my opinion the lads playing sigerson this wek do not need and should not play tomorrow. We know how playing 3 games in 7 days this time of year usually ends. Ask Tommy Conroy. I hope we see other lads getting a decent chance over the next 3 games, namely Bob Touhy, Donnacha McHugh, Frank Irwin, Darragh Duffy, Fenton Kelly, Ethan Henry, Ruari Keane. Hopefully the likes of Fergal Boland, Eoin Donahoe, Darren McHale and Paul Towey get a decent chance aswell. Galway, Dublin and Kerry in first three games is the perfect opportunity to test these lads out. Anyone hoping to see a change in tactics over the next 2 months might be disappointed. For a start teams don’t usually set up ultra defensive until there is something at stake. (Championship knockout stage) Look at the Dubs tonight leaking 3 of the softest goals you will see all year. It won’t happen in June and July. Management and players will go out to win these games, maybe they will maybe they won’t. I for one will not be getting too excited/despondent either way, win, lose or draw. Hyde Park on the 21st of April is all that matters to me. The Rossies will set up the ultra defensive blanket and that game will give a good indication if we are on the right path or going backwards and in terminal decline.

  33. I agree and would go further, MayoMagic.
    Have a 3 tier league based championship with promotion and demotion. Tier 1 winners are Senior all Ireland champions, tier 2 winners are the intermediate Champions, and tier 3 are Junior champions thus replicating the club structure. You would have massive player buy in and meaningful targets\awards for lesser counties. We can all see how meaningful junior and intermediate medals are for club players.
    Abandon current league and championship and have the provincials (either league based or knock out) run off as a separate competition in late winter/early spring.

  34. Well yes the results tonight will make a difference in the the league shake up which was followed by a whole load of whole rambling whole nonsense again

  35. Personally im a stickler for tradition ususually but id love to see a shift in the league becoming the main competition , cup competitions dont always mean the best team wins it , a league based system always sees the best team win it .

  36. People were saying they don’t care etc about the league then when the results do start to come in it’s bad news for mayo etc and that it matters thought April was where the real stuff happens is what I was hearing on here for ages..

    Best of luck to the guys today!

  37. Any word on subs? Hard to understand why most other counties announce the subs list with the team but for some reason we can’t do the same. Just nice to know the options in particular regarding youngsters and lads coming back from injury.

  38. Safe travels for all supporters today,hopefully a great game to come,it will be very tight,I believe that we will have to be satisfied with a six points win,remember that all the players will be doing their best,so please be kind,up Mayo

  39. I can’t make the game today so if anybody needs a ticket free of charge hopefully WJ might put us in touch (if he’s on here before the match)

  40. Good man paddyjoe haha , any programme about to reveal the bench , feel that notion requires a drum roll tbh

  41. Jesus corrick I hope you are right but a 6 point win is not a tight game and I would imagine that any player that pulls on a green and red jersey would always try their best

  42. Willie Joe. ,they’ve only got some Duck left on the menu, And if you don’t like duck, well, your rather stuck .

  43. @Clare, don’t worry im still not bothered about the league.

    Galway by 4, Walsh only finished up with his club a few weeks ago, so im expecting him to be way ahead fitness wise today. He’ll cause havoc and will be motm.

    I think we’ll be relegated just like last time we won the league, 7/2 during the week was a great price. I do beileve we wont be near as fit as we were this time last year. Im happy with that. Expect us to be pointless after 3 games (I really hope im wrong) which leave’s too much to do.

    I’ll judge our year in July, but dreading the hysterical comments on here if we lose today.

  44. Why are so many Mayo posters tipping Galway?
    Based on what?
    Ye have a much stronger team named and as pointed out above PJ has a poor management record v Mayo..
    The gale blowing will make today’s game a lottery…

  45. Hi

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to make the game this afternoon. I have a ticket if anyone if looking for one. No charge.

  46. I was very impressed with Derry last night,while they defended in numbers they counter attacked with speed and strength.

  47. Some gale blowing and looks like it will be that way until after the game. Based on that folks better prepare themselves for the dourness that will bring and along with that the Galway shawl will be well starched and ironed to..

    You’d be looking for our speedsters to be making the difference today based on the conditions – Tommy, Paddy, ROD, Eoghan Mc, Sam and McBrien will be our match winners today…

    Mayo by 4 or 5

  48. Derry are very well managed and structured, first 15 are strong, panel depth particularly in forward division could be an issue for them if pick up any injuries.
    Fair play to Monaghan, they definitely targeting survival, and who could blame them. Fitness levels seemed well ahead of Dubs as game went on.
    Expect Cillian, McHugh, Plunkett, Towey on bench with newbies like Reid and maybe Quinn making up the rest.

    Cillian to start for Tommy at a guess and maybe McHugh for Sam or one the other Sigerson lads.

  49. Hi Mayoman.
    Yes. Can you post your email address and I can send to you. I’d put up my own email address but I’m a fatalistic at heart and would worry someone would email me claiming to be you before you emailed me…?

  50. Rain makes it look like TG4 are filming this through a potato.

    Good to see Fergie Boland back though.

  51. Mayo looking sharp in attack. Some great play. On the flip side Galway are terrible at the back. Shane Walsh so frustrating to watch at times.

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