Mayo Football Podcast bonus column: Five talking points for Mayo fans this week

We’ve another new columnist for our Patreon club members, in the form of Mayo Football Podcast regular Ger Flanagan. In his column, Ger sets out five talking points that are likely to be exercising the minds of Mayo supporters in the wake of the county’s one-point loss to Galway in last Sunday’s Connacht final.

This bonus column is now online and is available to our club members on Patreon – it’s HERE. To get access to this column and to all our other great content for as little as €1 per week, join the club HERE.

The Mayo Football Podcast has partnered with EBS — The Mortgage Masters — this season.

EBS are looking to hear from Mayo supporters who are living at home or abroad who might be looking for some mortgage advice.

They have an office in Castlebar where you can arrange an appointment to call in for a chat, or you can find them online by searching for ‘EBS Castlebar’ or by clicking here.

7 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast bonus column: Five talking points for Mayo fans this week

  1. Anyone know why no seats being allocated for tickets for next Saturday. Tickets on sale are general admission only. Are they stand tickets?

  2. @Justoutsideballagh

    Season Tickets holders have first option.
    It was the same for Pearse Stadium last weekend.
    Whatever is left over will be made available sometime during the week.

  3. Thanks FrostTHammer, for Pearse Stadium you could buy stand tickets as soon as they went on sale, just at edges of stand. Thankfully the seats were fine. Wonder will stand seats become available for next Saturday. Can’t imagine stand will sell out!

  4. Mayo 1-12 Sligo 0-11 FT. Good fightback from Sligo in the second half, we got a bit disjointed as we ran the bench but still did enough to win.

  5. I’d say all tickets for next Saturday are general admission and first come first serve. Sit where you want.

  6. Thanks @Southmayo Exile, true fans likely to have plenty choice for seats as we lose the band wagon crew!

  7. I’d say any bandwagon crew are long, long gone… (as in years gone). It’s not really a phrase I like nor do I like the air of superiority assumed by some, not all, of the more regular attendees.

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