Mayo Football Podcast bonus column: Kicking over the embers of another season

In my latest column for club members on Patreon, I look at the constructive debate that’s been underway here on the blog ever since our penalty shoot-out loss to Derry the weekend before last and the major themes that are starting to emerge from these discussions.

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30 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast bonus column: Kicking over the embers of another season

  1. The best thing PJ ever did was call out so called supporters. He called them “gobshites”. The following day his stock rose.. Maybe Kevin should do the same.

  2. I wonder if watching a few players in the club championship which i did last year here in mayo, in particular Jack Carney with kilmeena, is not stifled or being told to play a certain way no matter what with mayo.. With his club particularly in the semi and final he took over the game in the final quarter.. Ok its a different level at inter County but it seems he’s just passing it off or being instructed to take no risk. You can’t do that to quality players because you need them to play off the cuff at times. Just an outsiders observation. On Charlie’s post there.. A famous player and manager from Kerry once labelled fans as animals and got dogs abuse for it.. And this was a man with 8 all ireland medals and a couple as manger.. So depending on the demands and level of expectation it can work for and against.

  3. Don’t think it’s a good look for any manager to be calling fans “gobshites” weather so called supporters or not. It’s a bad look on a leader fans are entitled to opinions and for a manager to come out and call supporters that is something else.. Can’t say I’m overly surprised PJ did it though..

  4. That piece sums up the situation perfectly John. It really is a godawful championship setup now and it’s squeezing so much joy out of the whole thing.

  5. I was in croker last weekend and donegals fitness and conditioning was unreal,virtually same players that showed no effort last year.i know mcguinness deserves praise but the players attitude has to be there from 1 to 26 ,they reminded me of mayo with their style of running game in 16,17,ros in comparison looked jaded and no way as fit.

  6. Good point Norm. Carney has way more to offer. And there are similar arguments for other players. Can Jordan Flynn be our Ciarán Kilkenny. No reason why not with the right mentoring. There are more questions than answers at this stage

  7. If the talk of the backroom changes are true then the talking is only beginning

  8. That’s for sure Pod Fan. CB review not till August with the various management teams so likely be no confirmation of any changes until after then at least. But if half talk is accurate there be plenty of activity here.

  9. @JR it’s all well & good saying that. But when you see a lad taking plenty risks for his club & then literally talking no risks for Mayo, then there is a fair chance that player is being encouraged to take no risks. That’s how it looks to me. I could be completely wrong. But it’s something which has been way more prevalent over past 2 seasons & it’s something I absolutely hate to see. Carney is one obvious example. Boland was full of invention in the league, but as the year went on, he started to do the same shit as most of the team. It can’t be a coincidence

  10. Attended Claremorris aghamore. Enjoyable game. Claremorris were in trouble playing against a strong breeze down 3 points with ten minutes left but won by 2.
    Subs made a big difference. All young lads. 17 year old Darragh Beirne scored a brilliant solo goal before Niall Hurley kicked a great score to put them two up. Rio Mortimer and Craig Cassidy also very impressive for two lads going into leaving cert in September. Cassidy never played a minute of county underage football but looks like another excellent young footballer coming through Claremorris.

  11. Hopefully Claremorris can get youngsters through from underage to senior. Theve had so many good underage teams and no county players (Diskin oozing talent but short career at county level). Pity we can’t have the new rules for club championship

  12. McGuinnes had the Donegal panel training since last October nearly 7 days a week , they will run all day now even getting better as they warm up and the game opens up , and very few injuries all year , same panel of players that last year looked like a Division 4 squad. Manager and trainers do make a big difference.

  13. Yes Culmore managers and trainers make a difference alright but ultimately very few are successful. We are down to last 4 now plus 2 in Tailteann cup. Let’s have a look at who is deemed a relative success at moment. Start with Ulster. Jimmy without a doubt. McGeeney who has taken all sorts of criticism and is 10 years with Armagh has made it to semi at last. Yet if they lose v Kerry the knives will be out again. Lavery from Down gained promotion from Div 3 (lost final) and now in Tailteann cup final. Failures after that, poor season for Micky, poorer season for Dooher in Tyrone. Quality of players in Tyrone and Derry is very good with some exceptionally good players coming through.. on to Leinster. With the exception of Brennan in Louth, no standouts. While Louth had a good season if one is honest they were well behind Dublin Kerry and Donegal but knew their limitations and developed a style to stay respectable in games. Well done on that.Justin McNulty got tot Tailteann final with Laois and won Div 4 but a county like Laois should never be in Div 4. Other than that poor season for Leinster managers. Even the mighty Dubs are asking about Dessie now. Heading south, Jack is in an AI semi after a stroll where the only Div 1 teams they played were Monaghan ( relegated) and Derry.. Poor season for Cork. Clare atrocious in qualifiers and the other counties near the bottom of their respective divisions . Finally to our own beloved province. Fair season for an improving Sligo, but no promotion. Andy got Leitrim up a division but walked away. Davy B won one game of importance for Roscommon and got relegated. We only got as far as the preliminary quarter final so PJ is flying the flag. Now in his 5th year with a hugely talented squad he really has to deliver this year. I suppose the point I am making in a long winded way is that very few managers can be said to be successful in any given season unless they win something big. Were Galway and Armagh not to win AI then Joyce and McGeeney would again have the knives sharpened. In Kerry the knives are always sharp if Sam isn’t landed. Only Jimmy will be immune to lots of criticism if Donegal don’t win. It’s the same in other sports. Lohan would surely have walked if Clare lost yesterday. Kielys success in Limerick means that even a negative result today for Limerick would not have people calling for his head. The Cork manager has no such cushion. Tough gig this management business.

  14. To win just once, the money is some small comfort to those not successful or trying to help other counties outside of their own grow the game 🙂

  15. May John O’Mahony rest in peace. He was unluckyish not to win Sam with Mayo in 89 but he did it twice with Galway and of course won connacht with Leitrim and had a hand in Ballina Stephenites winning the All Ireland.

  16. Very sad news with the passing of John O’Mahony. I will never forget the excitement when he led us to the final in 1989. Sympathies to his family. May he rest in peace.

  17. Very sad news , started the ball rolling for modern Mayo football imo . He was an absolute gentleman , hed always stop and chat if ya met him down the town . Feel sad about this now , condolences to Geraldine and all the family .

    1989 ” well now youve heard the story wont ya rally round the boys ; and when we get to Dublin we”ll create a hell of a noise ; thè aul campaigners will be there to see the banners flow ; and the rouse and call for one and all will be the roar of UP MAYO “

  18. R. I. P. John. Sympathy to all his family and friends. Great memories from 89 and made us believe we could do something big. I remember the all ireland pull out section of the mayo news and if I remember right it was a 38 page piece that I must have gone through multiple times as a lad in my late teens. I suppose it was where boarded the hype train and still waiting for it to stop at some station.

  19. So c’mon Willie Joe and Kilgallon from Mayo
    Dermot Flanagan, Seán Maher and John Finn
    Jimmy Browne’ll light the fire and we’ll bring home Sam Maguire,
    John O’Mahony’s men are always on the move.

  20. Heartbreaking to hear the news on John O’Mahony. Hearing the stories of anyone who played under him, some of Andy’s especially, show just what a great impact he had over the years on GAA around the county along with the more obvious work managing. A true Gael. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.

    @Retrocut: Thanks for the brilliant update there. Great to hear so many of the younger lads, right across the county, showing so well in the league. Hopefully it carries over for the Championship too.

  21. RIP John, had the pleasure of meeting him a few years back in Vienna, where his daughter was working for the DFAT. He was very generous with his time and had some funny stories to tell about his life in Gaelic football and indeed politics later on. Go ndearna Dia trócaire air.

  22. John O’Mahoney that’s sad news a gent & great sportsman. Taken to soon RIP.

  23. Hoping that some players can gain a few pounds of muscle over the break.

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