Mayo Football Podcast bonus column: Mayo weren’t good enough for long enough

In his latest Mayo Football Podcast column for club members on Patreon, Colm Boyle looks back on last weekend’s penalty shoot-out defeat to Derry and points to how and where the game – and, with it, Mayo’s involvement in this year’s Championship – was lost.

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168 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast bonus column: Mayo weren’t good enough for long enough

  1. The dubs should not have started the bench… but great Galway defending as well

  2. Nothing but admiration for Galway. They did what we couldn’t two weeks ago, close out the game against Dublin. With a weeks turnaround. I hope they go far. Hopefully derry knock out kerry and it will be a proper open championship

  3. Delighted with the result. But in truth, Dublin were a poor reflection of their former selves. Kilkenny, McCarthy, Small etc. just shadows of the players they once were. Also, thanks for the support.

  4. Well fuck me… What a win for Galway.. I’ll admit I did not see that coming… Fair play

  5. Mayo, Tyrone, Dublin gone.. great time for Kerry to start their championship

  6. Well done Galway. The purveyor of lateral passing in Mayo needs to be shown the door we should have beaten both Galway and Dublin

  7. It’s an open championship. There’s no outstanding county. Mayo left Sam in The Hyde. End of

  8. I loved p Joyce as a player, was outstanding and still underrated.. Delighted for him today

  9. Mayo would have won All Irelands if they had enough scorers on the pitch over the years, too consumed in trying to stop the opposition rather than going for it.

    I suppose there is a reason why Galway are third in the role of honour on 9 titles.

    This makes tomorrows game al the more interesting, Derry to dump Kerry out?

  10. Congratulations to Galway. The better team won. Dublin were very poor and deserve nothing from the game. No excuses. Hopefully Galway go and win it now. Roll on the league haha

  11. Comhghairdeas do Gaillimh a great performance. PJ stated in his post match interview that he played a few young players that he tried in the League. Who did we try out in the league very few! It was the same team week in week out! Management needs to be challenged by Co Board delegates on our very poor season- regressed in my opinion big time!
    Well done to Cillian on his debut on GAAGO very articulate as was Cian O’SULLIVAN

  12. Really would get rid of McStay and Rochford now , Galway management have shown them up.We are not winning Sam in the next 2 years with that management team.If Galway do go on to win the All Ireland now which I think they will, there will be serious uproar in the County, McGearty called it right on the Ah ref podcast the Mayo set up needs a massive shake up.Management ,S and C, Medical staff the lot.

  13. Totally agree Hill 16, writing on the wall as far back as Louth game. Wife and several in-laws predicted this was the year they’d be gone early on. Have to say the conveyor belt is stuck as far as young lads stepping up. Dessie and several players will be moving on now. They’ve had a blast in fairness.

  14. Fair play and well done Galway!

    And well said evergreenandred:
    “… if you compare yourself with others
    you may become vain and bitter”.
    lets not go there!

  15. Completely agree with you Bate the Blanket. You can’t win all Irelands without scoring forwards, and we just didn’t have enough with the quality required to get the job done. And that’s not meant to be an insult because for the first time in watching Mayo over the last 30 years there was actually a belief and confidence in this team that they belong at the top table and we’re almost there but for the greatest GAA side of all time. I actually feel like we have decent enough threat upfront now but the ball coming in is not direct or early enough and not of a high enough standard. This northern conservative style of football we play needs to be put to bed. Too much time given to the running and keep ball game. We will win nothing with this game plan. Attack and be direct about it. Fair play to Galway. It makes for a great end to a very open championship this year. We will see how good Kerry are tomorrow. It will be closer than you think!!

  16. End of the road now for a few of the Dublin greats. Cluxton, McCarthy, Fitzsimmons etc. Should they have called it a day last year and ended their career on a high. Either way, theyl be very hard to replace. That was a once in a lifetime Dublin team.

  17. Well done to Galway.
    It proves a Team with only a handful of supporters can also be successful.

  18. Galway very likely playing winner of Derry/kerry.. as Armagh can’t play Galway or Donegal ( strong favourites to beat Louth)

  19. Fantastic win for Galwy, a game of two halves, they upped their game bigtime in second half & the bench made a huge difference, congratulations.

  20. The leadership given by so many Galway players was exceptional. The game is a great example of player driven success. Joyce admitted he said very little to the players at half time. They new what needed to be done. Joyce told them to leave everything on the pitch by the final whistle and each and every one of them did that…. Maybe we need to trust our players more…
    The dub team will have regrets. They took Mannion off and left themselves without a left sided freetaker. That’s a bit mayolike.

  21. @Pittsburg, from the games in the championship this year, only O Donoghue and Conroy offered a serious scoring threat, we need at least 2 more scores to win the big one plus more pace in defence and more attacking the ball rather than let the opposition forwards win the ball, all too consumed in stopping goals.

  22. As I said fair play to Galway honestly was not expecting that dubs at end of an era maybe.

    But you would have to look back at our year after this result. There’s nothing between ourselves & galway Ok yes we lost our best player and captain durcan who would walk onto any team

    Got unlucky with bad draws but by God you’d be sickened nearly. Fair play to gakway totally deserved that win and Shane Walsh some player.

    But I think mc stay and Co and our guys are gonna feel absolutely even worse tonight tbh.

  23. The fear is that this is like 2021 – championship there for the taking and we’re right there against all the big teams. But the inches between winning and losing are miles – each time a new crop come up just short rather than well short it may do more harm than good. The flip of this is that almost every season we put in a really solid performance; hope springs eternal

  24. As Padraic Joyce said they were lucky to beat Mayo, but the quest for Sam takes on a new level of intensity at the knockout stages. We fell or tripped ourselves up at the first hurdle. The Rossies went one step further than us, traveling to Tyrone, and Galway were superb. Is it a mental thing?, are we over relient on our coaches and our players dont take the bull by the horns.
    We need to stop whinging, reflect on the reality of where we departed the competition and why.
    We love trying to soften the blow for ourselves by inventing excuses…..
    Back to the drawing board for McStay and co, start with a new canvas.
    Derry should take heart from the fact you can win three games in a row…. But will cute Kerry have learned where Mayo came up short.

  25. Leppin around and celebrating a quarter final win is all well and good, but you have to back it up two more times…then do your leppin.

  26. @rakestreet if Kerry and Donegal win tomorrow then Galway play Donegal and Kerry play Armagh

  27. Galway have players that can kick ball straight and that is in sharp contrast to Mayo players. McDaid is a great bit of stuff. Best of luck Galway

  28. thanks @jimbo I clicked that earlier but still managed to get it wrong when I typed it!

  29. It was a day for the lesser lights on the Galway team.
    Dylan McHugh, John Maher, Sean Mulkerrin. They were as good as anything Dublin had.
    An awful lot of that All Ireland winning U20 team of 2020 coming to the fore, McGrath, Fitzgerald, Glynn, Hernon, Tierney, Culhane

  30. Congrats and well done to Galway credit where credit is due. They did it the hard way overcoming injuries and the nonsense that are those stupid preliminary quarter finals where zombie teams like the Rossies can lose 3 championship games and still get a say. I wouldn’t begrudge Galway at this stage – we have had our chances – the Rossies finally got what they deserved today.

  31. Was at the 2 games in croker today

    Fair play to galway, at ht looked like men against boys but they were absolutely full value for the win in 2nd half, got nothing from the ref and the walking wounded were dropping like flies

    McDaid was phenomenal as was John maher
    Johnny mcgrath might as well order his suit for the allstars as he is nailed on

  32. That 2021 All Ireland for Tyrone is looking softer with every passing year. What a catastrophe.

  33. Bate the Blanket, You have o Donaghue and Conroy and O Se all had a fantastic championships. I still think Boland has a lot to offer and he was suspended the last day. Towey scored a good point in extra time the last day, I think the talent is there. These guys are still relatively young. Carr, DOC, and in particular Durcan out injured just coming back are big losses for the year also. I do see hope for the future. I’m also of the view that if McDonalds Son Kobe if he is ready then he is needed. Yes he is young but why not, particularly if O Se decides he wants to retire. Give him some senior exposure, we need a big man in there . I’ve mentioned before on here if O Se got right early direct ball all year then he would be scoring a lot more. You saw what happened with the first game in Roscommon. I still believe O Se has a lot to offer for 40-50 mins and should be there to finish a game out as an impact substitute next year. Lads need to be told not to be afraid to shoot. It beggared belief at times this year. It looks like it had Rochfords hands all over it. He needs out and we need an assistant coach in there who is more attack minded. Ciaran Donaghy would be a great catch and bring back in Ciaran McDonald. Injuries and suspensions cost us big this year. Yet I feel on on our day we can still mix it with anyone left in this years championship. Good look to Galway!!!!

  34. Well Done Galway.
    Wide open for them now but think Kerry will beat them IF they get over Derry today
    Boyler was on better Mayo Teams who weren’t good enough for long enough too ….!! So knows what he’s talking about.

  35. Galway’s strategy is very simple and I’ve been saying over and again; they are very well set up defensively. Better than us and when they turnover posesssion the move forward as fast as possible. Basic counter attack strategy that when educated properly can be hugely effective. The lateral shite Mayo play is dreadful. As Boyler said “That first half (v Derry) was as poor as I’ve seen from a Mayo side in quite a while. Three scores from a miserable six shots only tells half the story. We were incredibly passive on and off the ball.”

    In my opinion Mayo losing Durcan was not just us missing a key player but a huge leader but the time has come now for others to stand up and start to lead. McStay absolutely has to use the league to test new players. The 2024 league was a wasted opportunity. Throw in young lads, peripheral lads and give them a run of games, not token 10 mins here and there.

    I was a big advocate of this management ticket and I really wanted McStay to get the job in 2015 but as I’ve reflected on 2024 I’m just seeing far too many worrying signings.

    1. As I’ve said, not bringing through any players during the league. Too much emphasis on retaining Div 1 status and not enough focus on trying to identify new talent. The league got me is a glorified series of challenge matches before the real competition starts.
    2. Poor strategy. Not tight enough at the back. Terrible transition to attack. Crab football. Doing it all bloody season and we’ll win nothing that way. Boyler gave one example from the Derry game:- “Aidan O’Shea wins the ball and pops it to Eoghan McLaughlin who is moving forward on to the ball. Mayo have a 3v3 inside the Derry 65m Line. As Ryan O’Donoghue, Tommy Conroy and Mattie Ruane all break into the space and look for the kick pass to be delivered, instead the ball is handpassed five metres sideways followed by two more quick sideway hand passes and the quick attack is dead”.
    3. Really bad in game decision making:-
    (A) leaving our FB utterly exposed v Galway
    (B) Taking O’Shea off too early in Dub and Derry games. Bonkers!
    (C) Not bringing Cillian on until the 68th minute v Derry.
    (D) not using Hession enough
    (E) resorting to Loftus in defence again!?
    I’m sure there are lots more.

    Do I think Mayo have a panel good enough to win an All Ireland? Yes. Look at what’s out there. Of course we do but the way we set up is wrong. The irony is we’ll probably win the bloody thing some day with a team not as strong as the 2012–17 bunch (they were just unlucky to come up against the greatest team ever).

    Did Mayo have a progressive year in 2024? Absolutely not.

  36. @Msyonaze, I think the defence has been fine, but what has killed us is transition attack.
    Galway won yesterday because of their mastery of one specific attacking play.
    Kicking the ball inside and handpassing it back to the shooter coming at pace.
    We’re rarely doing that play.
    Like literally that win was only possible with having coached and practiced it.
    You’re correct, our slowing down our counter attacks reduced hugely our ability to score a winning total.

  37. Remember Galway were playing a Dublin side yesterday who we slo got 17 points against, there’s no point comparing kicking in a game against Dublin vs playing Derry who to man man ran back inside their own 45 as soon they’d lost the ball

  38. @JP, think we have more work to do on our defensive set up to get acmean defence like Galway. Some of our backs were roasted against Derry and Dublin. Also look at late scores we conceded against Glaway, Dublin and Derry. Galway put enough pressure on the last kick from Con to make him miss. We have to be tightee and we were also very lucky not to let in goals in Galway and Dublin games. Work done but more to do.

  39. Morning.
    Had a scan over the comments here since the final whistle yesterday and it would do the heart well to read the gracious messages.
    I’ve always believed that whoever represents the West of Ireland against the Dublins of this world should get support from all western counties.
    That second half performance was a clear professional job by the lads but expertly coached and prepared by our management team.
    Defensively we have been so strong all year, and despite injury issues the scores and the massive impact off the bench was massive.

  40. Well done to Galway. I hope they don’t over celebrate beating all Ireland champions like we did in 2021. As happy as I was that evening, I felt very uneasy about the way our sideline reacted – like we’d already won the thing. The day of the final, it was like a carnival atmosphere – like we were just rocking up to walk around and collect the cup. Reality was that Dublin were poor that year – kerry and Tyrone were not. Tyrone came through a much tougher test in the other semi. Anyway, if Galway go on to win it, fair play to them. We had three bites on various cherries this year that we could finish.

  41. Galway’s win just puts into stark contrast our own performances.

  42. Hope we get a few more games like that esp the second half yday.. Hard open football with some great scores defending etc.. We’ll see but you can imagine blanket in derry has been on overnight, will be very warm this afternoon to throw over Clifford and Co.. Making it an eyesore. Wonder will Derry be any way adventurous.. Same for Louth, although a tougher task v Donegal.

  43. I don’t know where this indicates we are at.
    Galway beat Dublin in Croke Park. We drew with them in Hyde park. Dublin are always much less of a team outside Croker.
    Valid point that we also scored 17 points against Dublin. Just feel all season we’ve been struggling to get our 17-20 pts total on the board.

  44. As someone posted earlier it’s time enough to be leppin. There’s no cup handed out at quarter final stage as we well know. If our lads were leppin around like that afterwards we’d be told we haven’t won anything and should have left the field straight away. It really is small margins like what was conroy at with the last free giving away possession at a crucial stage and if Dublin had equalised from it with cons chance the story could have been a whole lot different also the free against fitzsimon was totally wrong. Having said that Galway were terrific in the 2nd half and Walsh was a joy to watch and he would be my man of the match the way he kept them in touch in the 1st half. So ya congrats Galway. Still think our lads were improved this year the only game we were behind at the final whistle barring penalties was the Galway game with a controversial free so i don’t know is it bad luck, bad management or just not fully good enough that we’re out. Again congrats Galway.

  45. In our game v Derry, we were more of a blanket than Derry ever were. We dragged all 15 back to defend and attacked lethargically. Galway were smart enough to leave Comer up front full time. Though he might not be fully fit, he played a game changing role in setting up vital scores.

  46. Mcdaids performance was brilliant and was closely followed by 5 or 6 more.. Teak tough corner backs in Glynn and Mcgrath.. Kept the dangermen relatively quiet as mcgrath did on Rod in connacht final. I was impressed by Mcdaids interview after.. Was not cocky just assured and the belief was there.. I didn’t think they’d get close.. But if a camp is together you never know. Walsh a joy to watch on form.. Gave small a real tanning.. His speed off left and right and ability to solo under pressure is incredible.. Cud we get a repeat of the 22 final shootout v Clifford.. They are the best 2 to watch on form.

  47. Agree ontheditch.. I took a pic of 29 players in one half v Derry.. Mayo were defending.. Awful stuff

  48. If you ever play five a side soccer as a striker, defensive minded players want you to come back into defence. However you’re actually a better defensive presence by occupying the last defender higher up the field.
    The same in Gaelic football. The last defender cannot totally ignore you so you’re effectively helping your defence. They face 13 outfield players instead of 14.

  49. The problem and it’s one of a few with mayo is the inability of anyone outside Rod to come up with 3 or 4 points when the chips are down.. We’ve saw it time and again.. Like is any of our forwards capable of doing what Walsh or mcdaid did yday.. Answer is NO. And I’m only saying Rod because he’s the most consistent forward, our best by a long way.. Tommy is OK in space..but no goal threat at all.. Flynn the odd bustling score but not great either.. So where is the Scores coming from? I’m not having a go, it’s just not there, and the kicking forwards we have are poor standard bar Rod and Coc who is it seems bit part at the moment.

  50. @Pete, One of the root causes of that quality of forwards issue is our poor talent identification system. When Dylan Prendergast was in form few years back you just had no confidence it’s been picked up on.
    If a player is shooting 70% every year in club football that’s not going to be picked up on.
    The game comes down to conversion rate and we need to get deliberate about seeking out high conversion rate players.
    Rian Durkin Westport has a brilliant accuracy rate, I’m pretty confident none of our mgmt know who he is. So our best u18 forward is a total unknown. Think of soccer. Do Liverpool know their best u18 player or an u18 they want to get?
    We can’t be leaving these things to chance.

  51. Just because you’re getting 15 men behind the ball doesn’t mean you’re defending right. We let Roscommon, Dublin and Derry players kick some easy points.

    Mayo need Oisin Mullin back. Look
    At McDaid, did two years AFL. He’s key to Galway. Mayo can’t afford not to have Mullin. We desperately need the guy.

  52. We have forwards who can kick the 3/4 points consistently I believe, but it’s only going to happen if we get the ball to them before the space fills up. Quick transition from back to front is our main Achilles heel under this regime.
    There were huge gaps appearing in the Dublin defence yesterday and all year, especially later in games.

  53. Fair post jp.. I certainly do agree with not identifying talent.. And this goes back a long way.. I remember Charlestown going well in the 2000s and Ginger Tiernan was the best midfielder in the county.. Won a Co title up against Brady and mcgarrity..wasn’t a big man but a great leap.. Great kick passer etc.. Cud kick a point.. Maybe got a couple of games for mayo and that was it.. Ridiculous stuff.. More recently one or two very accurate club forwards not given a chance from 2 or 3 yrs ago.. The odd league game.. And these are high scorers.. Reape at Moy Davitts comes to mind.. Is D. Mchale really a btr scorer than him.. NO. Is Flynn.. NO Tommy conroy.. NO.

  54. And just to elaborate. You’d stick Mullin at midfield or middle third/engine room because it’s an area we are not strong enough in. Mattie showed some form as season progressed but still can be more of a leader and missed that goal chance v Derry. A big moment.

    Carney..sideways football. He needs a big league in ‘25. Time to step up and lead. Drive at the opposition!!!

    Flynn. Doing ok, but again some more leadership, control and composure would be great.

    Diarmuid is our best in this sector it’s just about keeping him fresh

    Do we have anyone else? Bob didn’t show progression this year. Hopefully he can improve. Maybe the league will unearth someone new!?

  55. Mayonaze, Diarmuid didnt score at all in last year’s championship.. A good honest player.. But u need a midfielder or forward chipping in with scores

  56. If we got Oisin back, straight into midfield. Playing a role like McDaid but laying the ball off as he’s not really a scorer.
    Agree that our slow transition is killing our forwards.
    Ryan, Tommy and Paul Towey. Those three can score.
    In my view Padraig Joyce would have a Brian Reape involved as an impact sub. He’s not a high stamina lean runner so I think that hurts him. He’s a big target man scorer and I’d worry we didn’t get the best from him when he was involved as we are so last action hero about everyone doing high volume running training.
    No one can convince me we’d have got any career from Kevin Mcmanamon. Sorry Kevin 10lbs and the guitar need to go. We refuse to look at players or train players for sub roles.

  57. Was very impressed with the galway bench yesterday. All the subs made a big impact, Heaney, darcy and culhane all kicked huge scores and Cian Hernon looks a serious player too.
    I can’t remember the last game Mayo got anything from the bench

  58. Pete, he was injured most of the season and even in those latter games he wasn’t more than 70% right I’d say, at best. Agree midfielders need to scoring OR clearly dominating matters in that sector.

  59. @pete diarmuid has been do unlucky with injuries.

    @JP sadly no point of even thinking about mullin I don’t think he’ll come back to be honest.

    Think a northern team may win Sam now be very interesting to see how the kerry game goes!

  60. In fact he full total of 1 point between the club and County championship last year.
    A great player but not a scorer.

  61. But he showed great potential to score through u21 and definitely could have been used inside more often. We expect everything from Diarmuid and Managers had him out on the wing too often. I don’t think we’ve used him properly.

  62. At Least we are not Roscommon!!
    Haven’t won a championship match in Croker since 1980 ….
    And their glass is always have full , unlike ours

  63. Mayo do this time and again, we don’t get our best forwards on the field.
    Claremorris posters do ye remember Tomas Griffen? I seen what I seen and to confirm what I seen one year I checked some of his scoring return in club championship. He was a champion 110m hurdler, he was very well built and he could score. I was at a match once and the corner back tried to give him tinber. He shook the corner back like a rag doll with one hand. He didn’t play underage, possibly athletics interfered so that was him out of the picture.
    He was unmarkable 1 v 1, he was just too strong and quick to be stopped up.

  64. Remember after the 96/97 teams we went through a lean spell again until 2004.. Only mcd was a true exponent of kicking a ball.. Whether they be from distance for scores or passing.. He had some belt of a ball and mix that with skill.. We haven’t had anything close to him in that regard since.. Kec mcloughlin was a lovely kick passer and I think he’d have been very good at 6 spraying ball about v an open defence.. Anyway, we’ll see what today’s games bring

  65. @pete maybe not but he does so much ground work and a hugelt important player for us did he not score a great goal v Tyrone was it in league last year?..

  66. Well done Galway. The team showed huge composure in the second half and they deserved the win. McDaid is some bit of stuff. Galway now have a great chance of getting to the final. For once this great Dublin team had no cavalry to call on and they simply ran out of steam.

    A lot of posters commenting that Mayo are not far away. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that over the years. Two quarter final hammerings and a preliminary quarter final exit in the last three years tells me we are not getting any closer!

  67. McStay should hold proper series of public trials with 4 divisonal teams after club championship is over this year.Horan held them in Bekan back in 2018. Let the clubs nominate the players they feel are good enough to represent Mayo at Senior level. I feel the the selectors that went to club games last year have done a really poor job of identifying talent since McStay came in. How the likes of Caolan Crowe, Oisin McLaughlin, Conor Diskin , Ethan Gibbons arent been given proper chances but 4 Ballinrobe players are is a mystery, Kevin has not been invovled in the Mayo club scene for the last decade so I dont think he knows the players well enough.

  68. Finding Sam – we’re further away than ever. Failed to beat Galway or Dublin when we had it in our palm.

  69. I think we were massively unlucky this year. Honestly don’t think we are that far away but we need to figure out how to close out a bloody game.. It’s been our downfall and why we are out.

    If our guys sitting at home watching Galway go through doesn’t make us come back stronger then ever next year nothing will.

    Again well done galway but sickening at the same time!

  70. We weren’t unlucky Clare. We had 3 games won and ended up letting them slip. That isn’t bad luck. It’s entirely self-sabotage.

  71. Very tough looking on from the sideline as this championship unfolds.i suppose we should start by blaming “the critics” who clearly were responsible for picking the team and the dreadful slow ponderous style of football we engaged in this year or in the real world those that recognised the waste of good players by rigidly sticking to a horrible system.we were the better team against Galway in salthill and yes gough made shocking decisions by we invited that on to ourselves.Galway may well go on to win the all Ireland this year and in all honesty being from mayo that will be tough to watch but while we were a bit unlucky this year our management now need a big shake up .The drop off in attendance clearly shows that people are not interested in watching this lateral rubbish

  72. We scored one point from play in 35 minutes against Derry at our home patch. Is that unlucky? Have we a mcDaid or Walsh or Comer on our team. We need to stop behaving like children ad be honest with ourselves. The focus should be on what we are going to do about it and not comforting ourselves with pathetic excuses

  73. Back in January I went to the Dome for Galways two FBD games and Galway played a development side in both games..
    We beat leitrim but we’re hammered by a strong Rossie team.
    From that panel, Cein D’Arcy Daniel O Flaherty, liam o conghaile and Cillian o Currain have all seen championship action since..

  74. Its been a good year and it was a great win yesterday. I think the celebrations were fair enough as we just cant beat Dublin and that awful 90 year record is gone. It will be a huge battle to win an All-Ireland though with Kerry still there and strong Donegal, Armagh and Derry in the mix. Galway will need to improve their accuracy and get Walsh fit for the semi final but lads tried in the league have stepped up. I thought Cian Hernon really caught the eye when he came in, I understand he was in America but looks a serious player. I feel really sorry for Sean Kelly though, its sickening the way some lads are blighted by injury as ye well know in Mayo.

  75. Think everyone is forgetting what it takes to be an intercounty player, the step up is massive, the commitment is huge and the rewards on here are you’ll get called out for every poor game. The fact is even if those players have the ability, do they have the time and the drive to play intercounty? The sacrifices are huge, basically committing to a 10 year plus unpaid career. No matter the ability it’s not for everyone. I cant biy into the idea that Mayo arent doing enough to get the best players pulling on the green and red.

  76. Watching Donegal today, they have hit 1-18 without really going through the gears. Their ability to score is a million miles ahead of ours. Same story with Galway yesterday. We have no style or movement to our forward play when I see what other counties are doing. Our forwards coach from Corofin should be watching how Galway and Donegal have kicked scores the last 2 days. Left and right foot, quick passing and great angles. People will say we are close because we nearly bet Galway who bet Dublin last night but unless we seriously change up our style of play we won’t be close to any of these teams if McStay and Rochford hold on for 2 more years.

  77. @dreamysleepynightysnoozysnooze – “we’re further away than ever.”

    How can you seriously say that when Galway only beat us by the skin of their teeth and Dublin needed a last second point to draw with us? Absolutely ridiculous comment.

  78. “The five stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance – are often talked about as if they happen in order, moving from one stage to the other.”
    I think we’ve spent the last week oscillating between denial, anger and depression, hopefully an FBD win will move us to acceptance by January

  79. After 67 minutes of play today Donegal had 25 scoring chances and took 22 of them. 88% conversion. Have we ever seen that in Mayo over the last few years.

  80. And that level of conversion coming from the manager who apparently destroyed Gaelic football.

  81. What a difference a good manager makes. Whether they go on to win it or not – donegal were a rabble under previous management (including one of our own) and now look so good.

  82. Eleven different scorers. Incredible progression in short space of time. Very high levels of fitness.
    Imo, the Galway we saw yesterday was a completely different animal to the Galway we handed a Connacht title. Galway bench players were FBD development players last Jan.

  83. As others are highlighting the performances of Donegal and Louth show what a good manager can do . Mayo need to go for an external manager as there is no homegrown options who can bring anything fresh and break the culture of a weak mentality. We also need a strategic plan to develop good technical footballers from underage level.

  84. Donegal were decent today but think Galway will have their measure, their defence looks so much better and can limit them..

  85. This is very similar to our game against Derry ?????
    Kerry must not be breeding forwards either
    Or else Derrys horrible system is limiting them

    Third game in 3 weeks will hopefully tell
    As I do not want to see another minute of Mickey Harte football this year or ever again if I can help it

  86. Kerry contributing to a horrible game of football, I hope neither win the All Ireland.

  87. Brosnan was let know by 2 players about that miss . you’d have to admire mickey.
    Don’t think they have the legs,who knows

  88. You’d have to think Kerry will up the tempo now. They look like they’re in sleep mode. Kerry by 5. Secretly hoping for Derry by 10..

  89. You’d think Kerry didn’t watch our game last week letting Derry keep in contention. Wonder if there’ll be ball in

  90. Derry are tough nuts, tenacious, skilled. I saw it in Castlebar. When the heat comes on they have the ability to amp up with it.
    Unless they tire, they very much have the ability to win here.

  91. People who wanted us to draw Derry over any if the other 3 teams two weeks ago were insane
    It was by a distance the toughest draw we could have got
    As the past two weekends have shown
    We needed a softer draw to get over the disappointment of letting the win slip against Dublin .

  92. @km79 as a neutral I’d be more annoyed at kerry then derry here. Derry are after a bruising run and needed to take the sting and tempo out of it early (as hard to watch as it is) but with kerry it all seems so half arsed and lazy from o’connor, no ingenuity there outside of hoping clifford does something magical, also he has been starting basically the same 15 now for about 4 years in a row, no freshness to it, everyone looking very comfortable in their starting spots.
    They are no great shakes

    I think winner of Donegal/galway wins sam

  93. It’s the same game as last weekend

    Derry are the common denominator

    Mckeigue finally pulled up for his non stop off the ball fouls
    And then the ref books the forward as well
    Give me strength

  94. Who marked Murray last week ?

    Galway have blown the championship wide open, if they get over Donegal hard not to fancy them to win it out.

  95. Oh look
    Kerry’s midfielder caught an important ball in his own box in last minute of injury time

    We had all ours taken off at that stage last two games


  96. Something very curious about that Kerry win. I think it was the mark of a team that completely understands what it takes to win. In some ways that was as cold and ruthless a second half from Kerry as you could get. Was it pretty? No. But Kerry don’t care. In a semi final now and probably going into the last 4 as the favourites. The difference in mindset between mayo and Kerry playing Derry was clear as day there.

  97. The winning becomes more important than the entertainment. Kerry won’t be worried. One week break for one of the teams is fecking up these quarter finals. The rules committee have a lot to think about. Great credit to Galway, the team of the weekend.

  98. It’s still Donegal for me. There’s something about them. Time inbetween games favours the tacticians. I think Jimmy will outwit PJ.

  99. Mark Dempsey

    I’m not sure PJ is the real tactical brains there. I’d be looking more at Oneill. They came up against each other in 2014 where the Kerry goal proved vital on the day. Still will be a great battle no doubt. Kerry will beat Armagh.

  100. That was an absolute abomination of a game. I’m done with gaelic football at inter county level and I dont expect much better come the club championship either. How could you bring your young fella to a game to watch that muck. Its pathetic stuff. You then have 3 stooges applauding Kerry for being so patient and impressed with the tenacity and resolve of the Derry team. Give me a break. Call it what it is. Bullshit.

  101. Ive been to hard on Mayo, Kerry are playing in to there hands,we had no luck this year Derry are hard to break down, we should have got further, this is another real chance missed as there is no stand out team.

  102. That rules committee really has its work cut it out.
    The worst part of it is I’m seeing the same stuff now at club level.

  103. Kerry are winners. We are not. Unless we totally change our approach and mentality (like Tyrone did in the early 2000s) we’ll continue to repeat the same cycle. As in every organisation it all starts with management…

  104. That was painful to watch this afternoon. I was at a Junior B match last night that was 20 times more entertaining. As much as it pains me to say I’m happy that Kerry won, at least they’ll play football when a football match is played. But it’s impossible to play football against Holy Mickey’s brand of muck. I hate the thuggery that he gets his teams to play with.

  105. “We needed to hold our nerve. It would have been easy to panic”
    Jack O’connor after the game.
    That game was atrocious but Kerry don’t care. They hadn’t played anyone all year of note and they just needed to get through the day. Cold, calculated and winners. It’s exactly what we are not. And we’ve even gone away from playing nice football to boot!

  106. It’s the fuckin rules that allow for shite like that… The minute a full forward line were back behind the 45 in 2011 it was time to go hey, fuck that.. Can’t be having that.. And they didn’t.. Now they have to make it a btr game.. No choice or less attendances.. It’s supposed to be entertaining. (think Eamon Dunphy throwing pen and just going ahhhhh)

  107. I mean we drew to derry went out on penalties and kerry only beat them by 4 points so we really are not that far away yes first half was our down fall.

    But at the end of the day none of it matters really cause we are out.

    It’ll be kerry v armagh or Galway final.

  108. Kerry closed out the game and we should have too, we had chance to go 2 up and didn’t take it.
    Id argue we are better than all teams left with exceptions of Kerry maybe, no good to us now, we need a bit more cutting edge next year

  109. Fuck sake folks stop making excuses for our team saying we’re not that far away blah blah blah. It doesn’t matter we’re out and we need to firstly own our mistakes this season and secondly make big changes to our tactics going forward. How many times have we faced blanket defences over the years and have we learned anything? We still don’t have a clue how to break them down.
    Our psychological frailty, yes frailty was very evident this year? you might get caught once in injury time in a season but to be leading 3 crucial games in injury time and get caught signifies a system failure. Is our sports psychologist accountable if her input is not evident? I want to see Mayo players get their dog back and not let anyone ruffle their hair or sledge without consequence

  110. I agree , our time has come, we are mentally weak .
    We are carrying a lot of dead wood on the panel.
    Time to freshen things up.
    I think Cillians gone past his sell by date.

  111. Pete, I think we would have beaten of Donegal,and if Joyce get all his lads fit than I think Galway will be heading to another AI under Joyce, anything can happen then

  112. @our time has come no one is making exsuces.

    We fucked things up this year and I admit that is well we weren’t good enough to close out games and that was our big downfall.

    But there’s nothing wrong with saying we aren’t that far away nothing between ourselves and galway kerry didn’t exactly blow derry out of the water but managed to close out the game which we failed to do and ye questions do need to be asked what went wrong this year.

  113. Sorry ahh not again.. Donegal hammered Derry first champo game in their own back yard.. They are a phenomenal unit.. Their 2 half backs scored 6 or 7 between them today.. They have better forwards like gallen and mcbrearty.. So where is your evidence to suggest we’d beat them?, or is it just an opinion with no real facts to back it up?

  114. Derry crossed the line so often today and though I wanted them to win Coldrick let them away with murder at times. The fatigue factor caught up with Derry in the end thanks to the GAAs insane scheduling. Derry looked dangerous at times and should have concentrated on playing football.

  115. They were playing louth today, to be fair Jim Mc is a good man to get tactic right and he caught Derry, as he caught us before, but we can’t judge them until they play Galway, we should have beaten Galway, on our day I think we are a match for any team left, is just the closing out games that let us down.

  116. when Donegal broke with the ball today the played with the ball had four or five other players sprinting up the field completely cut open the Louth defence and any number were in a position to receive the ball and kick score under no presure which they did with ease. Contrast that with Mayo play of walking up the field with ball and then just passing it sideways and back till the opposation team had everyone back and Mayo ended up loosing the ball.

  117. Derry were absolutely there for the taking last week. Dublin were there for the taking the week before. And we had Galway almost put away in Connacht Final. Unless we address why we didn’t win any of these games, then we are going nowhere. Compare our pathetic final quarter agaisnt Derry to Kerry’s today? Kerry weren’t hectic but when they seized control, they finished Derry off. We had Derry almost broken & preceeded to spend the next 20 minutes trying to fall over the line. You won’t win anything with that attitude.

    Why can’t we kill a team off when we have all of the momentum? It’s infuriating. If you’re good enough to put yourself in a winning position, you’re good enough to close the deal.

    Our management team, if they stay on, need a huge year next year. There are no excuses. We’ve a decent squad, we’re as good as Galway, Armagh, Donegal etc on our day. But we’re being massively hindered by our approach

  118. Mayo Focus, 100% agree, and you sum it up well, not sure how we fix the issue we have, is it management or psychological,

  119. If and it’s a big big if Galway have Walsh Kelly and Comer fully fit then they are the team to beat. But I think only Comer will make it and even he doesn’t look fit.
    McDaids return can’t be overstated though. Savage player.
    I will stick with Donegal to win it but I’m not confident they will even win the semi !!!!

    Kerry will beat Armagh without a shadow of doubt

    If Galway were to make the final and have most fit I would fancy them to beat Kerry.
    It could be a long long winter in South Mayo of that comes to pass 😀

  120. With 2 central players that are guaranteed starters Jack Carney and Stephen Coen that play so lateral and safe and lack leadership at deciding moments in games , Mayo will not win championship for the next 2 years.

  121. Our failure to close out games has been with us forever not just this management team. I remember Meath in 1996. Game won and then the players started dreaming of the good life after winning and Meath shattered that.

  122. Clare there is nothing wrong or harsh in what Sam og says there, are you just policing the thread now to shut down any and all forms of criticism of the players/management.

    The amount of cheerleading in here at times in here would sicken ya.
    Suggestions that we are better then any of the teams left is based on absolutely nothing.

    2 quarter final hammerings and a pqf beating to a completely demoralised Derry team in the last 3 years is where we are at, and with Galway having beaten Dublin in Croker last night we don’t even have the “we gave Dublin a good game” trophy we seem to cherish so much in the winter months

  123. @supermac jesus I am not policing anything.

    I admited is well that we fucked things up no need to have a go.

    I’m just saying it’s unfair to blame 2 players and to say we won’t Sam cause of two individual players. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions but even Willie Joe would condemn blaming certain players for us not winning Sam.

    Again everyone’s entitled to their view but it’s harsh to blame individual players it’s a team effort.

    So need to snap my head off.

  124. Valdaam I’m not so sure it’s fair to label 1996 in with this new group. 96 was an All Ireland final. We are struggling to close out Provincial finals & Round Robin games & agaisnt Derry, a last 12 game. And in all the All Ireland finals bar 2017 (post 96), we’ve been the ones chasing the game at the end. It was only 2017 where you could say we didn’t close it out. Of course, we found a different way to lose it.

    There is a reason we struggle to close out games & i think it’s too simplistic to say it’s a lack of quality or that it’s psychological. Lack of quality isn’t correct because we had the quality to put ourselves in the position to win all those games. But the pressure in those games is so miniscule in comparison to All Ireland semi finals & finals, that it can’t surely be psychological. Most of our current team are relatively young & haven’t really gone through the trauma of losing multiple all Irelands.

    Hard one to answer. But we need to find the answer & quickly. Because make no mistake about it. The All Ireland is going to be wide open for a few years

  125. I think that Mayo are over thinking the game plan, a change in mindset could have a big impact. This is a bigger issue rather than the players. Look at Donegal, not a huge player turnover but serious change in intensity and mindset and seeing the rewards.

    Mind you, I think that it is more than likely to be a Kerry Galway final. Donegal will be confident but Galway may be just a bit further down the track but this is definitely dependent on their injury updates.
    Armagh can be frustrating, they played the long ball to good effect but they are being held back in their approach and can be too conservative. They also have that niggling attitude which is hard to watch. Kerry have not taken off but know what is needed to be done to win.

  126. Agree it will be wide open for a few years with Dublin surely losing some of there stars who have nothing left to give, a few tweaks could get us over the line.
    Caroline Curid psychologicalist for Limerick,any chance of getting her down as she is credited for a few teams over the years. I don’t think she is with Limerick this year and the only one Limerick lost she wasn’t involved so it will be interesting to see will they win it this year.
    If I win the lottery I’m going to see if I can get her down.

  127. Well then who would replace Stephen coen & jack carney?? Stephen coen led an under age team to an all Ireland and his college team also.

    Jack carney was on his clubs all ireland winning team is well. If you want to look anywhere to blame look at management maybe and that’s where our tactics and the boring latsrl play come in. But to say Stephen coen lacks leadership sorry just don’t agree each to their own sure.

  128. Going off tangent but i think we need a winner in our dressing room , im not sure where or who but i just feel mayo need to move away from Mayo , we are not winners , we will have to be taught it . James horan , rochford , mcstay , mcdonald , etc etc all great men and all have made a great contribution to Mayo football but ultimately they are losers , never been part of lifting the big cup . Mayo need a winner to take over .

  129. @sean Burke you’re a learned man when it comes to football Sean but I dont agree with you I think Galway will win Sam and most likely it will be Kerry theyll beat in the final. We’ll never hear the end of it and be called everything from bottlers to chokers but thats life

  130. I agree we need a proven winner in our dressing room I wonder would Paul Galvin and Tomas O Se fancy the challenge. Personally id give the job to Tony McEntee he’s doing lots of good things in Sligo

  131. I used to think it wasn’t important but I agree that having a manger who has one things is huge, we will have to go for outside manager to achieve that

  132. Agree Sean, we have a squad to match any team in the last 4. We lack self belief. We need a meaner streak like Joyce has brought to Galway and to build our team from the back. Do not agree with posts saying we have the defence sorted. Still need to get the defence water tight like Galway and Kerry and then play on the break. Our all out attack and one to one marking is a thing of the past and we just do not have the players for this anymore.

  133. Sean Burke didn’t we have an all ireland winning manager, a double winner in o mahoney and still won fuck all

  134. Jacko.. One of the greatest players ever.. 7 all Irelands and couple player of the years came up here in the early 90s..still couldn’t do anything best out the gate by 20 points in an all ireland semi final by cork in 1993.

  135. Look at the history of counties winning.. Usually the best managers are from within the county.. Micko, Jack o Connor, mickey hate, jim mcguinness, Jim gavin

  136. O mahoney prob was a decent manager but that Galway team of 98 to 2001 was once in a lifetime team. So I don’t think it guarantees success bringing in an outside manager. Jacko wouldn’t come up here to this circus for love nor money

  137. Once in a lifetime team.they had lots of luck that team from what I remember against Mayo Ciaran McDonald hit the the crossbar and the ball hit back down onto the goal line,had that gone in Mayo would have won , they also got a dodgy last minute free in Tuam stadium against Roscommon that Niall Finnegan scored a pressure kick it was , they beat them in extra time with a late Micheal Donnellan goal and then beat a very average Derry team when Ulster football was quite weak and played Kildare in there first final since the 2001 I remember Matthew Clancy getting a very late goal against Derry.

  138. Ok so they were lucky against every team by your summary Sam og? They got to final and lost in 2000 after a replay and demolished meath who had hammered kerry in 2001.

  139. Sure ifs and buts is no good anymore.. If Cillian o Connor kicked that score.. If we didn’t get 2 own goals in 16..but sure some team has to win.. And Galway did that.

  140. Perfect for Kerry. Didn’t play well, their stars well marshalled and still win comfortably. For those Mayo people who want proven winners from outside the county in charge look no further than Jack o Shea. Probably the greatest ever player. 1993 Cork 5 15 Mayo 0 10, 1994 Leitrim 0 12 Mayo 2. 4. Ah the good old days indeed.

  141. The winner in the dressing room suggestion has been counter agrgued with examples of failures but perhaps that is slightly flawed without giving context to where Mayo as a football county now stand compared to both jackos stint and indeed johnoos second stint . James horan put us on the map and developed solid foundations to keep Mayo football in and around the top table . My point was maybe just maybe we need a winner to tune it and that could be the final ingrediant needed to capture Sam Maguire . I homestly firmly believe we have the players capable in the next year or two . Its just an opinion , we have a couple of promising under 20s also despite the disaster campaign this year . S&C is also a bit of a concern but i onow fk all about the science /paticulars of all that , be good to see even the improved seniors li?e sam and donnacha mchugh get stronger for next year .

  142. What I would like is a member of the backroom team who genuinely knows on a modern level what we need to do to move closer to winning Sam. Maybe this is a Kinnerk from Limerick type person. They need to have been involved in actually winning an All Ireland in a mgmt ticket since 2015.
    I see four huge improvement areas for us. I’ve put them in order of foundational importance.
    1. Future Talent identification. Why are we leaving our u18s,19s and 20s that we put finance and time into as easy pickings for soccer to come along and pickup for the new county soccer team initiative? Some of our best young athletes, soccer did not put in that level of SnC the GAA Academy did. Plenty of these players would be interested in senior careers if we put them on a development path early. The best 18,19, 20 year olds are obvious.
    2. Identified Talent skills and tactical development. This is where we develop things like kick passing wing backs instead of the 57 carbon copy solo running wing backs that we’ve developed.
    3. Strength and conditioning, development, peak of career and end of career/impact subs.This surely needs a change up as the current SnC is a follow on from 2011 SnC. Obviously they update things, but for player mental freshness alone.
    4. On field tactical development and coaching.

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