Mayo Football Podcast bonus column: Supporters in wait-and-see mode as season develops

In my latest Mayo Football Podcast column, which is part of our new written content offering for our Patreon club members, I look at where I think the collective mindset of Mayo supporters is currently at, in light of the county’s positive opening to this year’s National League campaign and in the wake of the narrow defeat to Kerry on Saturday night.

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75 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast bonus column: Supporters in wait-and-see mode as season develops

  1. The title sums it up nicely for supporters ‘wait and see mode’. If everyone is fit and flying near the business end go for everything. We have a bigger panel maybe more so defensively than last year so I’m slightly less cautious…

  2. The reason the public arent getting too excited about this Mayo team is the lack of scoring threat from play up front , a lack of goals and a Midfield pairing not able to dominate.We are not in the the top 4 or 5 teams when everyones has there best starting 15.Even Donegal could be ahead of us now.

  3. Sam og I don’t think you are allowed to say that.the minister for managers will be on here shortly to tell us how he learned years ago that you cannot comment on anything about managers,players or indeed any analysis whatsoever on a game

  4. We are shaping up but the expectations some posters have are unreal.
    Hession Carney Tuohy McHugh, Callinan Brickenden Towey Duffy……are all great players but not a finished product. And 2024 will be a movement up the learning curve. A top four would be a fantastic achievement.
    Im hoping to see improvement in the way we defend, not two yards off a player but on his foot.
    Game management is also important, if we go into the last quarter with a lead, how do we manage it?
    Tyrone need the points, we will be seriously challenged

  5. Our midfield will be tested here particularly if Tyrone press our kickout .Diarmaid o Connor is an excellent player but not an out and out midfielder .carney probably lacks a few inches particularly against Brian Kennedy and con kilpatrick

  6. I haven’t seen many posters expecting Sam and most don’t want to go for the league never mind try and win it so I think expectations are low. I think most on here will be happy with some good progression this year – the mood on here since 21 is more pessimism than high Octane..

  7. The midfield battle is usually won by the team with an effective strategy around breaking ball – a very low percentage of ball is won from clean catches although these look very impressive when executed. Mayo have plenty of strong players around the middle if properly utilised.
    One of our weakest areas at present is our kick out strategy – it got badly exposed last year with McStay even commenting that they did not have sufficient time to work on it which was a bit shocking to hear at the time.
    I don’t think it has improved much this year & I often feel sorry for Reape looking up & seeing so little movement in front of him.
    This needs urgent work to rectify as I feel it will come under serious pressure from the bigger teams when championship comes around.

  8. Hopefully Tyrone will push up and put us under pressure on those kick outs. I agree it’s lack of movement that makes Reape’s task more difficult. No more than Callinans forages forward are not often read by his team mates and he ends up with egg on face.
    Good game to relaunch Ruane’s career.
    @thedarkeyfinn, I don’t think expectations are low at all. Some stability in our performances are giving posters including myself the belief that we can be a force this year.
    It would be an interesting poll to take at the end of the league, posters expectations, top 8, top 4, finalists and dare I mention it, winners.
    and I have to disagree with you, deep down, for some posters, Mayo for Sam is the belief, albeit totally unrealistic imo.

  9. I suppose I was trying to say the mood is conservative which is fine based on our recent history. I am an optimist by nature and think I see enough to be optimistic to a degree. Lots of things need to fall right on certain days as well but there were 3 -4 things pointed out here several times that needed obvious improvement and I think the green shoots are there. I’ll be predicting a decent win for us Saturday but by no means will be getting carried away

  10. While I agree that movement in the midfield area is important.the top teams still have at least one big midfielder who is always there as an out ball .Dublin have Brian Fenton.Derry have Conor glass .Galway have relied on Paul conroy for years and Kerry had David Moran .we had Aidan and sheamie o shea .Tom parsons and Barry Moran

  11. We did Mark go toe to toe with what is supposed to be best of Ireland’s three best forwards and score as much as them when we were fifteen at a fifteen ,don’t worry we are up there

  12. 1985, don’t worry I can say with sincerity that our players know what they are doing,just enjoy the journey

  13. @Claremorris Native: The numbers on the kickouts are pretty interesting so far this year.

    Galway: Won 9/13 of ours long (and 5/9 of theirs long)
    Dublin: Won 4/5 of ours long (and 4/8 of theirs long)
    Kerry: Won 3/8 of ours long (and 4/8 of theirs long)

    So 25 long against us, with opponents winning 13 (52%) leading to 8 shots against us and 3 points scored against us.

    So we’ve won ~60% of our own long (including two windy days where Reape couldn’t fully use his driven kick to space well) and ~50% of the opposition long. Plenty of room to improve on our kicks (I’d be looking more to avoiding the 50/50s entirely than trying to win more of them…. but a mix of both ideal as they’ll sometimes be a necessary evil) but not sure I’d put it among our weakest areas at the moment.

    I’d also expect to see the options/movement in front of Colm improve when we hit the latter rounds and approach Championship. We looked pretty leggy in both the Dublin and Kerry games (a lot more runs to 10 and 12 space happening in Galway but not entirely sure if we were better that day or they were simply that much flatter). Don’t think many of the lads are close to top gear yet (notable the freakishly fit lads like Paddy and David or Sigerson lads like Sam and Rory showing well) so could be a relatively easy one to fix. We’d hope.

  14. @1985 .. Agree that we are struggling on the long kickouts , if I was Tyrone I’d target that area .
    Would Aiden be an option to go out and contest some of our kick outs . At least he could draw one of their tall midfielders to one side as decoy .
    Think we have to give Mattie another shout to see if he can rediscover his form .
    I’m happy enough with the league so far in that we are better defensively.
    Tyrone will be a massive battle

  15. Matt ruane is a fine footballer but his strength is bombing forward and scoring.he is not a ball winning midfielder and it was Tyrone and con kilpatrick that exposed this cruelly in the 21 all Ireland final

  16. If Aidan is on the field, I can’t for the life of me fathom why we don’t launch an odd scud from Reape right down on top of him. Reape has a cannon of a boot & can comfortably hit the far 65 or even 45. Not many defenders would be able to win it above him & at worst it could break off him & have some runners around him.

  17. Tsu
    So we’ve lost 16 out of 26 of our own long kick outs – I’d consider that a major weakness &so should McStay &his team of coaches,
    More focus on this aspect of our play would allow much needed early ball to our full forward line & should improve our score rate from play.

  18. 1985 – I’ve only now seen that catty comment at another contributor, which I’ve deleted. This isn’t the first time you’ve had a go at the same person and I really don’t want to have to pull you up again on it so if you could bear that in mind I’d appreciate it.

  19. Midfield battles are seldom dominated by one team although I think Dublin and Derry have the edge on everyone else. I Dublin’s case Fenton is a player of the ages, modern day Brian Mullins and Derry’s pair of last year are top players although they risk burnout with Glass.
    There are 2 other reasons Dublin do so well. One is Cluxton is a freak. Like a US Quarterback he can thread through the eye of a needle. The other is the runners. No matter how good Cluxton is he can’t find lads if they’re not moving into clever places. Cluxton’s best every performance prior to last years final (100% then success I think) was the 2nd half of the 2013 final where they had a plan to run out to the wings. We also did this vs Kerry in a replay a few years back with Clarke in goal but that strategy will only work as a one off. Kickouts need variation certainly between games but also within games. Dublin blitzed us last year, was that an accident or did they change something coming back out?
    Cluxton must have a playbook in his head or they’re may be signals sent to or from outfield players. I’m generally happy with McStay and Co but worrying if they haven’t time for a midfield strategy to max our long kickout success. What happens when subjected to a press, best strategy to counter that? overload 1 side of the pitch, draw them up and go over the top ? etc, needs to be worked out to maximise our chances. Then there’s the position of the players for the breakdown. If they know in advance where the ball is going it improves our chances. Carney is good on the breakdown with his long arms. Doesn’t always need to be a jumper. Same with Tuohy when Carney goes up, could use Flynn and Diarmaid as spoilers to try and ensure their ball breaks.

  20. @Claremorris Native: No. Sorry, poorly laid out/explained the numbers there as I was jumping between the blog and a Google Sheet.

    We’ve won 16/26 we’ve kicked long, so ~60%. We’ve also won 12/25 (48%) kicked long against us.
    So ~60% on our own vs ~50% on opposition against us (dramatic difference in what we’ve scored from opposition won vs our own lost, we’re way ahead on those, but too much luck/chance involved in that to be worth analysing in any depth besides knowing where a particular game was won/lost).

    The numbers don’t tell the whole story there, obviously enough. A loss where it’s a tight 50/50 and we just got outworked is very different to a poor (miss)kick straight down the throat of a Kerry man or identify that we’ve given up 100% of all short kicks against us (not sure we’re close to the legs for a sustained full court press yet so no issues with that this early in the year)…. but interesting to see how they’re trending out so far. From watching the games I’d have expected us to be 50/50 on our own long rather than up at 60%.

  21. Fair enough willlie joe but it was meant more in humour than being “catty” but of course you yourself said that this contributers comments were verging on trolling besides telling other contributors that they haven’t got a clue which obviously is within the rules

  22. I wouldn’t say there is an air of pessimisim regarding our chances this year, I’d say it is more a case of realism, and I think that reality bit hard in the aftermath of the 2021 AIF v Tyrone.
    For me anyway, and a few others I know, that day is the day that broke many in the Mayo support. That was the day that the red and green tinted glasses really came off, and the true facts were laid bare. The performance that day was so below par, and especially in the way the team was “prepared” by Horan which was disgraceful, and confirmed what all the country were slagging us off about for years, that we’re chokers. As good a “gimme” as you could ask for in an AIF and yet we found another way to lose. Following on from that we then lose generational talents like Keegan and Mullin, allied to the recent departures of Higgins, Boyle and McLoughlin has hammered home the fact that we will struggle to get back to those elite performances of 2016/2017 and that our chance has gone.
    The reality is that we are in rebuild mode and as such we must curtail our expectations. Supporters need to get real and accept that we are on the downward slope from 2016/2017 and need to refresh and rebuild a squad for the next 2 to 5 years. To that end I’m positive as I believe we have really talented, committed players coming through and an excellent management team in place. The current opponents are not of the caliobre of those Dublin teams we battled with for so long and presently the bar to reach an AIF win is lower than it has been for quite a while.
    For me, finish out the league comfortably in midtable, get to the New York game with a fully fit and injury free squad, prepare with the sole goal in mind of winning Connaught. If you achieve that, then we are on the easier route to an AISF and that would represent a good season. Build that squad with a 2 to 5 year plan in mind and aim to get back to the top in that period.
    Roscommon in the Hyde has to be the only thing on our minds for now. We need to be as ready for them as they were for us last year.

  23. Agree with alot of that Pebblesmeller.
    I’d be quite confident v Roscommon this year, they’ve good forwards and midfield especially if Ben gets back. But defensively they look to be able to be got at, and given recent manager comments things could be a bit nervy there. If we establish a working forward line we should be fine.
    2021 I think also broke whatever 3rd party support we had from other counties I feel, there just fed up of us ath this stage I’d say.

    Expect a few more changes to squad this weekend. Some older heads likely to return to panel as well we’ve not seen for a while.

    Expect a win as Tyrone in full rebuild mode.

  24. Nice post Pebblesmelker.
    For me, everyone fit, with a really smart game plan we can win a Sam this year. But, and there is history for this, we’ve not been smart innovators in terms of gameplan.
    Taking over the momentum of a game on 60 mins is an ocean of time left if you have the right shooters on the field and are winning the legs battle and doing well on kickouts.
    I’m not being pessimistic, but just stating the obvious that our tactics and bench usage has been generally very naive.
    Can anyone deny if McShane and Dara Canavan were Mayo players, we’d have started them in the 2021 final due to good appearances from the bench in the semi final.
    We’re still not coached or automatic enough on basics like “Get it to the shooter”. Those of you who played basketball know the nuance and play book of what that means.
    The fact that we are regularly having non shooters claiming marks and regularly switching up our key man marking assignments on each key forward. For me that’s still too chaotic.
    Ryan, Paul Towey, Tommy Conroy, Darren McHale, Fergal Boland. These are our shooters. They can post a match winning total. But I see that they are often having to fight for ball.

  25. JP. That’s a good point, remember the 97 Meath / Kildare saga in the Leinster championship. Can’t remember exactly what game but could be the one that went to extra time. Sean Boylan brought on Jody Devine and he kicked points for fun when Kildare were out on their feet. He knew he couldn’t do it early in a game when lads were fresh, but was worth carrying for period just like that.

  26. The momentum of a match is a bit like an 800m race pacing strategy. If you fight too hard to be leading on 600/700m you can fall apart down the stretch and end up losing easily.
    We would never ever choose to be fresh losing by two points compared to sweating like a sick heifer winning by two points and the finish line still a good 15/17 mins away.
    In my view it’s more effective to plan to simply stay in touch. Dublin 15 -Mayo 12 60th min and we are now planned on taking over strong to 76 mins. If we goal, we’ve got them.
    We give everything to be like 12 pts apiece and then get blown away down the stretch.

  27. @pebble, I agree we are in rebuild mode, and for supporters that means patience. Lots of positives in our play, but also a naivity that comes with inexperience. We have great players and more on the way, so all is healthy from that point of view. The 1st div of the league is a collection of elite counties and a great playground. That’s why it is so important we remain in top flight.

  28. @JP I don’t disagree in terms of getting it to the shooter, but the magic of having 15 players on the pitch that can shoot means the main “shooters” can not be double marked or targeted. The team of 2017 had so many players with the ability to take a score when they found themselves in a good position. Vaughan, Barrett, Keegan, Boyler and Zippy were good for a score or two while the main threats were busy pulling their players out of position.
    Its unlikely to have 15 players like that on a pitch but maximising that potential means we can overrun a team and the player in the best position can drive it over.
    I do agree with match management has been a major issue for us and you could see it in Derry/ Kerry SF , that Derry had run out of juice just at the worst possible moment and fell foul to a couple of bad refereeing calls.
    Timing is everything

  29. @williejoe. I’m expecting to hear you on liveline with joe. A big discussion about colour blindness and the problems trying to watch a game. I think you’re an expert on this.

  30. I would be of the opinion that we’re basically a year ahead of Pebblesmeller’s thinking.

    It doesn’t help to allow one single game like the Tyrone final to colour our thinking so much. It loses so much perspective, for example I believe that our only defeat of 2021.

    We expect the players to move on and refocus from days like that. Should we not then expect the same from ourselves as supporters?

    The group from 2019 to now is our most successful group ever and we keep trying to tell lads with two league titles like Ryan O’Donoghue, Tommy Conroy, Jordan Flynn etc that we’re in transition each and every year because it makes us feel better.

    What are we transitioning towards if it’s not to win titles? We should not be so focused on the end goal that we lose sight of the value in the steps along the way.

    This team is more than capable of competing for All Ireland’s, and most importantly they’ve shown it on the pitch. None of the players should believe that they can’t win an all Ireland this year, but if we as supporters keep telling them that we are in transition and can’t win AIs they’ll start to believe that and stop showing up. Look next door at Galway.

    For any supporters in Omagh at the weekend, it might be worth catching the mood of the home fans and asking if 2021 was worth it? Not been much to brighten up their days since.

  31. @no doubt

    Willie Joe With Joe might be an interesting addition to the Podcasts ever growing stable.

    Joe might not be feeling too secure at RTE right now, would be quite the coup were the Mayo Football Podcast to poach him.

  32. Frost T. What did we ever do to you to deserve that. If that ever happens I’ll be saving myself a fiver a month very quickly.

  33. @Nephin – I think you just volunteered to be the first “caller”. It’s exactly that level of outrage that the slot needs to work imo. 50% Liveline, 50% Gaybos Meaning of Life, with a sprinkle of Tommy Tiernan thrown in. Podcast Gold imo

  34. JP – I would agree a lot on the use of subs & how they can be utilised. And you are 100% right on McShane & Canavan. There is no way we would have left them on the bench & sprung them late on. A sub who is watching the game intensely can massively influence a game when they come on.

    There are very few occasions that I can recall us having some impact players on the bench. We had Diarmuid in 2017. Paddy Durcan at times that season came off the bench. Enda Hession perhaps in later years.

    The way this season is going, Mattie Ruane might find it hard to get back in. Unleashing him off the bench when the game is stretched could be a serious weapon. Rolling on Mattie, Aidan, Eoghan McLaughlin & Enda Hession if he doesn’t start….now that is something I could get behind & so should all the players. Media would paint it in a different light (being dropped) but it’s a squad game & they could massively influence the outcome of a game, maybe more so that when they start – I would have Hession in my team if he is fit though, but he is an impactful player off the bench

  35. That is a worry stat if we have lost 16 out of our 26 own long kick-outs.

    While Reape has done nothing wrong it would be interesting to see what our kick-out stats / ball winning around the middle is with Hennelly in goal, while a certain cohort of fans will just say they want him nowhere near the starting team we haven’t really got an opportunity to see him play under McStay.

  36. Matty Ruane a fine footballer in 2021 pre All Ireland final maybe.He hasnt done much since.whatever about Aidans form of late Matty went missing for his club in a County Final.give me Jason Gibbons before him any day of the week.Still the most dominating midfielder in the County.

  37. This is a weird year. No hype, none needed. Two crushing defeats in the quarter final stages of the All Ireland would do that to you. We sadly aren’t what we are and are realistically in the top 6 teams but not a genuine threat to the top teams come championship.
    Although they had their faults last year, no blame is required to be given to McStay / Rochford. Our players arent good enough, especially as we go forward. Our gimmicky style of 6 midfielders around the middle gives us a chance in most games, but it isn’t a sustainable way to win games, especially in croke Park.
    Our forwards who are 18-20 are outstanding and we need to wait for them to come of age in a few years. Sadly Ryan needs help and his supporting cast just isn’t there, especially without our most underrated player of last year James Carr.

  38. Very few man to man contests for possession anymore as its predominantly safe risk-free hand passing. Really matters little who plays in the centrefield area as long as they are athletic and can hold a pass and shovel it off to someone else.
    The old clichés of dominance in certain positions no longer pertain due to the jeopardy-averse tactics being deployed. A far more important factor is players having the basic cop-on of when to play and when to engage in keep-ball.
    Managers/coaches, players and indeed supporters would need to wise-up to optimising that facet of Mayo football. After all the spectacle is no lacklustre that our bit of cuteness would hardly be noticed.
    Will need alot of co-ordinated cuteness in Tyrone on Saturday – have we got it?

  39. @Achill75 ugh he was pretty smug in that for sure….But glad we are under the radar and no hype around us best way to be.

    So he thinks paddy durcan isn’t in the top 10 footballers in the country? You got to laugh.

  40. @FrostTHammer
    “For any supporters in Omagh at the weekend, it might be worth catching the mood of the home fans and asking if 2021 was worth it? Not been much to brighten up their days since”. I’d bet everything I have, that the answer will be a huge YES, it certainly was worth it.
    I’d spin that argument another way…. do you think that we are in a beter place for losing that final?
    This is the league, that’s all. no need to be getting excited. Championship is really like a different sport.

  41. It’s not about having a too 10 footballer, and possibly Ryan O’Donoghue is in the top 10 anyways.
    We’re comfortably top 10 in many aspects of the game and overall panel depth. Several players are comfortably top 10 in their position regardless.

  42. 1.David Clifford
    2.Paudie Clifford
    3.Brian Fenton
    4.Conor Glass
    5.Jack McCaffrey
    6.Paul Mannion
    7.Shane Walsh
    8.Ciaran Kilkenny
    9.Shane McGuigan
    10.Sean Kelly

    Hard to argue with J’OD hard to see any Mayo player better than any of them 10 players based on the last 2 years of championship form.Its up to the younger lads with Mayo to step up to the big 4 teams .

  43. @Pebblesmeller

    In the short term; Yes – I think a lot of the players who’ve left the team in the last few years leave a year earlier, and that’s probably the difference between where we are right now and where Tyrone are. Let’s for a moment imagine that we had lost at home last weekend to Galway.

    In the long term; it’s really difficult to say just yet. The biggest difference between ourselves and Tyrone is that we don’t have a working model for winning All Ireland – they’re much more secure in knowing that their time will come once a decade and they’ll earn the medals.

    But I don’t feel that is the model we should be pursuing – we should be trying to just hoover up trophies when we get the opportunity.

    And tomorrow is a key piece in that ambition because if we win in Omagh we should 100% expect a league final.

  44. When I heard James O’ Donoghue view that Mayo currently don’t have a player in the top ten I was annoyed but when I settled down I found it hard to disagree. Paddy Durcan,Ryan O’Donoghue would likely be in the top 15 or 20.

    It’s also true when Mayo was going head to head with Jim Gavins Dublin Mayo had a handful of players who would be considered top ten players in the country.

  45. Great to see hession starting back starting again

    Let’s see if hennelly can do better then reape so tough test for hennelly against Tyrone with not much game time think not sticking with reape to get the 2 points in is a mistake hennelly does need game time for sure but not for this one we shall see if our clean sheet goes tommorow..

    @Mayomagic yeah fair point there guess we just have to perform in championship for that to change.

  46. Walsh is the biggest snowflake in the country. Most overrated player I’ve ever heard of. Lacks heart, effort and passion. Goes missing most days and often whinges like his manager. The commute sob sob sob , O’Hora rattled him sob sob sob. I normally lurk and read but seeing his name in a top ten makes me a keyboard warrior.
    I’ll be moderated now but he makes my blood boil.

  47. @Clare – No harm giving Hennelly a run out, one area we have struggled in under McStay is kickouts and it`s one of the stronger parts of Robs game. We are yet to see him get any relevant game time under McStay so let`s see if things are any better tomorrow,.

    I dont think the reason we have a clean sheet in all 3 games to date is down to reape,its more down to our defensive personnel.

  48. I’ve wanted to say that for years in writing and I’ve held back everywhere online. I feel good now!!!! Wonderful therapy 😉
    Sorry to Galway posters but I respect the rest of your team.

  49. @JKEL88 I don’t think the clean sheet has all been down to reape for sure it’s because of our defence improving.

    I’m just saying is a game where we really need to get the 2 points to stay safe and omagh is always a tough test the right game to give hennelly game time? On kick outs it’s not just down to the keeper they can only do so much I’d be looking at what’s going on in our midfield.

  50. I think we need to know if Robbie Hennelly is capable of filling Colm Reape’s boots at present – complete 180 from me but Colm Reape has imo been really impressive this. There is scope for growth but he showing a fantastic determination and steeliness.

    It’s actually now more of a question of if Robbie can at this stage of his career perform a sweeping role to the level Colm can, and if his other skills offset that loss enough. If we need to be looking for another keeper it’s better to find that out now imo. Robbie would have been ideal for this stuff in his prime years but has time caught up with him?

  51. The kerry media lads are like a middle child when ever mayo go toe to toe with them. They get the hump and kick down because their bigger sibling keeps beating them up…
    It’s so predictable..

  52. Moose79, then take off with all their all Ireland medals and won’t let us play with them the b@£*#rds 🙂

  53. Sinead be assured that the therapy will work. Think of us all in a semi circle listening to you and nodding sympathetically, and applauding.

  54. Sinead 37, you’re entitled to your opinion, but Walsh gave one of the greatest exhibitions of point kicking and skill in the 22 final.. Was very unlucky Clifford was on the opposing side.. How many of our Mayo players have done that on the biggest stage?

  55. 2020 All Ireland Semi Final – Cillian O`Connor 4-9
    2017 All Ireland Final – Cillian O`Connor 0-7
    2016 All Ireland Final Replay – Cillian O`Connor 0-9
    2016 All Ireland Final – Cillian O`Connor 0-7
    2013 All Ireland Final – Cillian O`Connor 0-8

  56. Beat me to it JKEL88!

    Walsh got 4 points from play in that final. The same as Cillian in 2020. Andy got 1-2 in the 2013 final.

    Talking about top 10 players in Ireland is such a stupid debate. It’s all a matter of opinion. How can you compare backs, midfielders and forwards in any case? Just pointless!

  57. @ Great Ball, one of the few matches Walsh lived up to expectation in but he lost. So he gave up AGAIN and just lives off what he could have been for 10 plus years. His career is nearly over and I can think of only two matches of note – lost one and won a club final for another club. If he had played for Mayo the country and county Mayo would have treated him worse than AOS and forced him into retirement years ago because make no bones about it he is half the man AOS is. Walsh wouldn’t cope with the abuse. Never one whinge out of AOS and he does an honest days graft no matter what anyone says. It’s easy quieten Walsh.
    Now I’m going nice and quiet again and back to wondering where Revellino is gone and watching ye all!
    Good posts Pebblesmeller and FrostTHammer – agree with both of you.
    Catcol you made me laugh!

  58. Some here may not like this, but I rate Shane Walsh highly, he and Paul Mannion are my favourite forwards.
    Ye should see him play for Kilmacud, I mean at the game not just watching it on TV.

    Walsh is not being or never was fully utilised when playing for Galway, I don’t think they ever got the best out of him, bar the 2022 final.

    Mayo never had a forward that was able to put up a big score from play, frees excluded in a final, this has been the downfall.

    When watching Laochra Gael last night, ( Alan Kerins ), I was reminded of Joyce scoring freely from play into the Hill 16 end in 2nd half, I was there to witness it.

    Who says that one player cannot win an All Ireland on their own.

  59. Technically, Shane Walsh is a very good footballer but does not deliver consistently. Hard to argue about any Mayo player in top 10 and I think we are top 6 but definitely not top 3.

    I am of the view that we are improving this year but need a few players to step up and take on the leadership mantle. Let’s see where we are at the end of the league but I see signs for some optimism.

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