Mayo Football Podcast bonus column: War is coming and Mayo must be ready

In his latest column for our Mayo Football Podcast club members over on Patreon, Colm Boyle looks ahead to tomorrow’s rematch with Roscommon at Dr Hyde Park. Boyler is in no doubt that the Rossies will be up for this one and in his column he argues that we need to have a similar mindset for what’s expected to be a full-throated Championship encounter.

This bonus column is now online and is available to our club members on Patreon – it’s HERE. To get access to this column and to all our other great content for as little as €1 per week, join the club HERE.

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9 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast bonus column: War is coming and Mayo must be ready

  1. Of course the Rossies will be up for it.
    Another crack at Mayo iteam minus 2 key players in the Hyde .
    Much an all as I hate the Rossies with their booing, jeering and general spitefulness.
    They have a good panel capable of beating us tomorrow.

  2. @Glorydays I don’t think we need to be talking about that on here to be honest.

  3. @Clare,
    I agree with Glorydays,
    Why is the heading War is coming and Mayo must be ready at the top of the page so.

  4. Willie – I agree with Clare. This isn’t the place to be raising issues about world politics. There are plenty of other more appropriate places online to be doing so. I’ve deleted the last bit of your comment as it’s not appropriate to be raising this issue here. (Same goes for you, Glorydays).

  5. For Gods sake, surely everyone here understands what Boyler is saying and the context it’s meant to be taken in. He’s talking about a real dogfight and that’s what’s coming.

  6. Every team has injuries, I understand Comer out for r Galway.
    Just get on with it.
    Difficult to beat a team 3 times in a year.
    I don’t think McHale showed much loyalty to McStay, family meetings will be interesting

  7. Fair enough Willie Joe but its only a game of football not life or death. In the current climate I find the heading in poor taste

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