Mayo Football Podcast bonus column: Are we bothered?

In my latest bonus column for our club members, I look at how we’ve approached the National League this year and consider, now that we’re all but definitely safe from relegation, how bothered we might be about Sunday’s meeting with high-flying Derry.

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7 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast bonus column: Are we bothered?

  1. I will definitely reconsider my season ticket for 2025 if the GAA don’t make changes to the structure and particularly the timing of the league. It’s laughable that teams are actively avoiding winning the competition. Does this happen in any other sport in the world?

    The GAA are going to notice soon too. I was able to renew this years season ticket 3 weeks after the deadline – that was previously never possible. Also, attendances will come down. Mayo used to be a cash cow but look at the crowd in Omagh recently. It was like a league game from 25 years ago. Other teams (bar Dublin and Derry) are seeing very small crowds as well.

  2. Its an absolute piss take on supporters , what do we shout , put it wide instead of put it over the bar

  3. Unfortunate heading…why bother going to the match if that’s the attitude!!!

  4. @John+McHale: Not sure you can blame the heading here. It’s simply an unfortunate truth.

    Just glancing on the Discord there’s less than 50% of the chat we had in the same time period before the last game (with a large enough number of those comments on what an odd situation we’re currently in with many wishing to avoid a win/avoiding potential silverware – said and totally understood as one of the few people that would love to see us go out and try to win the league despite the fixture congestion it would add to). I’m too lazy to count posts here on the site, but I’d imagine they’re also somewhere in that ~50% range of the period prior to the Roscommon game.

    I really am not bothered about the result today (big pros and cons whether we win, lose or draw so very subjective which scenario you personally feel wins out there – I’ll be hoping for a win myself & pushing on to try & win the league) but I’ll be very keen to see lots of things from the game that aren’t directly related to the result to still make it valuable for me. From tactics and setup, lads’ personal form or confidence and things like execution on some of the newer patterns we’re trying to build up will all play a big part in the year ahead. Throw in a chance to get some of the younger members of the family visiting for the bank holiday weekend that’s in it all excited to get some signatures to bring back to their far-flung GAA clubs and there are always some great reasons to get out there and support our teams.

  5. The current format is not the finished article by any stretch, they have really watered down a lot of what was great about the GAA season. I do think Mayo should lay down a marker with Derry today though, given that they are the form team in the level below Dublin. It remains to be seen whether they are genuine contenders, but they are not far off and it would do Mayo no harm to put in a good shift as next week’s game will be a complete non event.

  6. Round 6 of the league.
    “The leagues great. Ruined by the calendar. Depressing provincials to come. Structures need to change.”
    Every year without fail lol

    You order what you want but take what you get each and every year.

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