Mayo Football Podcast episode: All roads lead to The Hyde again

Game five of a rollercoaster championship for Mayo sees them return to Roscommon next Saturday evening. 

Rob is joined by Billy Joe Padden and former Roscommon forward and manager Paul Earley to look ahead to the second round of the All-Ireland Group Stage. 

Mayo come into the game on the back of a comfortable win over Cavan while Roscommon came up short against Dublin last Saturday. 

But form is likely to go out the window when the teams meet for a third time this season, so there is plenty for Billy Joe and Paul to discuss.  

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59 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: All roads lead to The Hyde again

  1. This is the moment of truth for McStay and the Mayo team. What’s gone before for either team counts for nothing after the ball is thrown in.
    We can’t be sure of the outcome of game will be but if we can’t beat Roscommon on Saturday evening then all bets are off for our chances going forward.
    In the context of the championship this is a massive game for us and tactics will play a major part in the outcome.
    The Roscommon full forward line were very impressive against the Dubs and if we don’t put extra cover back there then we will be in trouble.
    Our kickout strategy will also be put to the test and winning the center field battle could be key to the outcome of the match.
    I expect it will be a very tight affair with only a point or two in it and fingers crossed for a Mayo win ?

  2. I thought the Rossies played well for most of the game against Dublin and seem to be improved but ran out of gas towards the end and did not have the bench to match Dublin. Their full forward line was outstanding with a fairly limited supply of ball. Their half forward line was poor and Enda Smith has not found form this year so far. IF we play our usual man to man defiance we could be in for a difficult evening and so far we have shown no sign of changing. OUR forwards are too bunched together and do not seem to understand clea rout and our slow lateral passing allows the defense to stay in place. Too much slow close quarter passing leads to handling errors and turnovers. We always take learnings but we dont see it on the field. We should have superior fitness and the Rossies tired against us and Dublin and we have an extra week preparation. Mayo supporters seem to be overly confident going into this one and we may be taking too much from the Cavan game which we won handily against poor opposition but even Cavan and New York created more goal chances than we did

  3. Complacency and maybe not planning for the Rossie key players are the main risks here but I dont believe either will happen. You would hope the mgmt team have learned from last year in that respect and also taken the learnings from having played them twice this year and seen them last week. As someone else mentioned the Rossies have nothing to hide at this stage we know everything about them. Probably another reason I’d like to start Cillian for his leadership, cuteness elements

  4. Fitness is the key to winning Gaelic Football now, its not Gaelic Football anymore its just a running passing game where the fittest wins. Last weekend Donegal just ran Tyrone off the field in the last quarter , they were getting faster as the game went on. McGuinness was running the sh1t out of them since last October and since his return and training ways there has been no serious injury to any of his players. Same with Dublin their speed up the field near end of game was far better than earlier in game. Tyrone, Roscommon and most other teams are out on their feet for last 10 minutes and as a result loose badly in last quarter just like Mayo against Dublin last year. Hope our fitness levels are up to Dublin/Donegal standards.

  5. Lots of similar comments to this time last year when we were quite disparaging about Louth, who we eventually overcame by a point, and Cork who beat us. But of course our superiority complex kicks in as usual. Yes we have a good chance of beating Roscommon but they are not without hope. The “hammering” they took against Dublin was not the same type of “hammering” we took off them in 2019 and 2023. In both those matches we were very competitive up until half time, but were blown out of the water in the third quarter. Last Saturday Roscommon were doing well up until the 60th minute. I expect a very competitive game . If Roscommon have anything about them they will surely come out fighting in this one. They have a potentially better set of forwards than we have but hopefully will be unable to match our strength and athleticism over the 70 plus minutes. We did ok against them last month without being outstanding and the extra week should also be to our advantage. Having said that, they are a team worthy of respect who sent us packing last year and would enjoy stuffing us next Saturday as well. Maigh Eo Abu.

  6. I’m afraid that I don’t totally share the extraordinary level of confidence that some are displaying here about Saturday’s game and I hav’nt seen any evidence in our displays to date to justify such a high level of confidence. I expect this to be a tight tough game and Roscommon, at home in the Hyde, will be really up for this and we better be too. I am hopeful rather than confident that Mayo will win and this is based mainly on the 6 day turnaround for the Rosie’s, which should prove a factor. A win would be good and a performance would be great.

  7. I don’t get the pessimism, this will be our 5th meeting under McStay, we’re 3 from 4, with 2 handy enough wins already this year. Yes Paddy’s a huge loss but we are still the better team, just need to show it on the day

  8. @To win just once
    Rossies will be all out to get one over on us so a big one for mgmt to get the set up, tone and tactics right here. 74% believes we will win but I’d say most are thinking a ‘should’ win rather than ‘will’.

    On Carney and Coyne I’d be starting them on the bench. Both to me need another gear and a bit more bite. Carney has been effective of the bench a couple of times and I’d like to see him used as target man in the FF line if a tired Cillian or Aiden had to be replaced as Mayonaze alluded to on the other thread

  9. Whilst I don’t want to sound overly confident or dismissive of Roscommon, but should in all honesty be winning this game by 5+points. Roscommon have historically struggled to beat Mayo in knockout championship football and I do believe we have a better team then Roscommon. If we don’t win this game then it’s nothing short of a joke. Will it be a bigger challenge then Cavan, Yes! But we are better than Roscommon. If we are at 100% and Roscommon are at 100% we win. If we are at 75% and Roscommon at 100% then we are in trouble. Simple as that.

  10. @Culmore, Dublin did NOT run the legs off Mayo in the last 10 minutes of the quarter final last year. What happened was this. In the first half Mayo via Colm Reape’s ultra long restarts caused Dublin plenty of trouble as a result Mayo only went in at the break one point down , only for the concession of a soft goal, Mayo would have had a deserved two point lead . Whatever Dessie Farrell deconstructed the Mayo restart, and Dublin won almost all the Mayo restarts at midfield and Mayo had very little primary possession , James McCarthy in particular the major benifacary. The game was well over as a competition by the end of the third quarter, Mayo had plenty of legs for Dublin alright but not the possession. We didnt implement a Plan B when it became very obvious the Colm Reape was struggling very badly on his restarts in the third quarter.

  11. Agree with @Green&Red if we don’t win Saturday it will be a disaster. Not the end of the world in terms of qualifying but in terms of confidence..

    I may sound a bit cocky but we’re a much better team then the rossies we should be beating them if we have any kind of hopes for this year at all!

    But I get the worries though totally we haven’t been playing our best this year but time to get behind the guys and with cillian O Connor hopefully getting back to his best we should have another win on Saturday!

  12. I’d agree with Leantimes, we just didn’t get primary possession in scond half v Dubs.
    But it’s about where both of us are now in trying to predict outcomes on Sat. Will Roscommon have benefitted from the trip to Croke Park or will the week break kick in? Will they strip fitter than last time we met. Big questions for Mayo. Will they make essential tactical changes from the Cavan game, tactics that created no goal chances, saw Tommy C constantly double even treble marked, tactics that coughed up goal chances at our end against very average Cavan team.

  13. The fact is if we don’t beat Roscommon then how could we possibly expect to get the two points we would need against Dublin and are we really that much better than Roscommon as people seem to think.they beat us last year and the Connacht semi final wasn’t as comfortable as some seem to imagine it was.

  14. Currently, I think we have more forward energy and propulsion in our team than Roscommon have – that’s all that sets us apart in my eyes.
    That’s an advantage only if we can use it.
    Roscommon have excellent quality players all over the pitch, showed they could run with the best of them last day versus Dublin and they do not fear Mayo – in fact they relish a cut at us.
    Currently, I’m not saying we are a much better team than Roscommon. That’s based on circumstances going right for us so we better make sure to make the circumstances go right – based on intent, application and gumption.

  15. Don’t forget about that first half last year against the Dubs: the concession of a soft goal, AND a perfectly legitimate goal disallowed. We should have gone in four or five up. That wouldn’t have been a guarantee of anything given what the Dubs can do after half time.

    Our win in the league shouldn’t be dismissed, but it was Paddy who hurt them that night.

  16. I dont know who will win on sat , if i did id be wealthy by sat night .

    What amazes me though is how we talk ourselves into the ground , mother of holy its surreal .

    Facts . We beat Roscommon in the hyde a few weeks ago in the connacht champuonship and arguably didnt hit our max imo anyway .

    Roscommon got a trimming last week and only have a week to shake it off .

    How can that make supporters of Mayo less confident ? I honestly think its we who need lisa o neill to advise us in why we think like we do .

    Over to the hyde , get the win , out the fuckin gap and roll up the sleeves for the big clash with dublin .

    Maonaze are ya bringin the big flag to the hyde ?

    Supporters thinkin of sitting this one out too , up off yer holes , it really is time now to get behind the bucks.

  17. We are taking ourselves into the ground because deep down people know this team is nowhere near challenging for an all Ireland at present. The knockout blow will come eventually down the line. This is a far cry from getting to semi finals and finals nearly every single year for a decade. The “come down” from those high days are evident. Throw in the 2021 final debacle and the current style of play along with the new championship format and I think fans (not just in this county but it appears to be magnified here) are just fed up. Falling attendances prove this. Just my thoughts.

  18. P.S. I do still think we are good enough including to get to a Final and win it! But it’s not served to you on a platter. Swanning around thinking we’ll win easy against Roscommon or any other team doesn’t fill me with confidence. They have the resources that can hurt us and need to be taken seriously. I guess I don’t like the idea of complacency – honestly that’s more hurtful than anything.
    I’m in the camp thinking we can take on the Dubs and those boys but as Seán Burke says, let’s get into the Hyde and do the job there first. Ros will be ready.

  19. @ Ontheditch, if Tommy C is trebled marked on Saturday then we should have on paper 2 free forwards to do damage. We need to adapt quicker on the side-line to any tactical changes needed and we need goals.
    It looked like in the Cavan game we were trying to move the ball a lot faster through the hands and that we hadn’t 100% perfected it. Hopefully this will get slicker. I am also pleasantly surprised to see the number of wides is normally single digits, whether this is because we are not taking pot shots or not taking enough shots in general remains to be seen. We have the players we just need to believe like Donegal seem to.
    Quietly confidant on this match anyway. Hon Maigheo

  20. Re the dubs game much like games before they kill us after half time .
    Mannion played puck , I’d say we have staying power with them but need to drop back in start of second half .
    Then after that it’s bench impact . With paddy D we have a good chance of having a crack at them without him what harm u have to play with what u have let’s win this weekend and have proper go at the dubs in a no loose match .
    Ruane, diarmo and Flynn are well able to match Mcarthy and Fenton.
    Throw in Howard and lahiff there and ya we can match them .
    Mcgarry , costello and kilkenny are the powerhouse of 10,11,12 of flynn, Kilkenny and Connolly , so I’d be confident we can push them back .

    Inside line of Mannion, Callaghan and Scully has potential to destroy ANY team but Mcbrien on Callaghan is a physical match, Mchugh will be touch tight on Mannion but like every other player in the country will need help . And Scully roaming in and out should suit Coyne or Hession.

    Jack Mccaffrey will need special attention, Mchale or Loftus should be tasked with that job, Mchale is the quicker of the two .

    Other than that kickoff strategy, yes needs attention but plenty big lads out there , let Eoin Mac be our Jack Mccaffrey and go he’ll for leather.

    Inside forwards of Cillian ROD and Tommy won’t fear Murchan, Fitzsimmons and mcmahon.

    So ya get job done this weekend which will be tough and then time to express just how good we can be

  21. With the dubs game last year we just ran out of gas the 2nd half and also playing 2 big games in 2 weeks took a major toll the dubs had a 2 week break.

    Anyway mayo by a few on Saturday

    Need to get the winning mentality going Davy Burke seems pretty confident they will win on sat even though they just got a hammering off the dubs….

    Best of luck guys ye can do it!

  22. Thats fair enough i suppose yew tree , i dont agree with it . We are still in the all ireland championship and as such we still have a fighting chance .

    I did a silly bet a few months ago for fun as there was 1 euro change in my betting account with boyles , i did an accumulator of teams to win leagues , cups etc , most were favs but to bump it up i threw Atlanta to win the europa league at 20/1 & Mayo to win the all ireland at 15/2 they were at the time . . All teams have won bar Mayo of course but how unlikely were atlanta compared to Mayo .

    Ill tell ya this much , i aint cashing out thats for sure . €53 cssh out for a €2150 back for a euro if Mayo land sam. Keep the faith guys , it is of course highly unlikely for several reasons but these things do happen is my point , might be rare but it does occur . A wise man once said Mayo will land sam when least expected .

  23. In the betting for saturdays game , Aido is not in any of the player markets . Probably means nothing but still kinda odd .

  24. I do think we will win on Saturday, whether or not be the convincing win we are looking for, I’m not at all sure.
    The difference I see between Donegal and Mayo is that the players have bought into the management system.
    We are now one of the slowest teams in the country to move a turnover ball to the half way line. It’s an obsession with playing possession football.
    @ Bonnie Boyler, it’s not as simple as that because when you give the opposition time to pull 15 players behind the ball, it becomes so congested that any one defender can close down a space and be an extra marker too several players.
    I do hope there is urgency in some of our attacks, it will facilitate players like Tommy and Ryan. Why are we not creating goal chances in our games? We have the players…

  25. Think you answered your own question there ontheditch , your goal chances will always be limited with limited fast counter attacks from a turnover . Im still adamant we need to bring tommy out to wing forward , it might also help us transition defence into attack quicker .

  26. @ontheditch See where your coming from regarding 15 behind ball. Need a performance Saturday. I think we will see it.

  27. Clare says:
    May 29, 2024 at 2:22 pm
    With the dubs game last year we just ran out of gas the 2nd half and also playing 2 big games in 2 weeks took a major toll the dubs had a 2 week break.

    Now it’s roles reverse. Mayo 2 week break and this will be Roscommon’s 2nd big games in 2 weeks and they ran out of gas against the Dubs last Saturday

  28. It is hard to know where the Rossies are at the moment. They have a great record versus Cavan so in reality this should be to decide who gets second. Not sure if they have the same spirit as last year. However, they will not want to lose three times to us in the one year so expect that they will be seriously up for the match. Some of their players are coming back from injuries so would expect more from them than the last two games.

    Given how they play, it is to their advantage to get a lead and play on the counter. If they get a good start, then we could have a long day. I think having DOC back will tighten us up significantly, Mattie is also improving and I think that we played well in parts against Galway and Cavan so expect further improvement on Saturday. I am hopeful of a win but for me a good start is key.

  29. I was talking to a Roscommon lad today and they are confident of a good performance. Their forwards are of course dangerous but on 2024 form Mayo should have a few points to spare. The only doubt I have is that at some stage Roscommon will have to win one but I dont think its this weekend. Ryan would need to be held to give Roscommon a fighting chance, I assume Stack will take up the challenge. If Stack can get to grips with a very elusive player then Roscommon would have a good chance. Conor Cox in good form and will need to be watched. I expect the young lad Carroll to play but he is not in same form for Rossies as for his club earlier in the year. I will be away so will follow scores on Score Beo. If ye win ye are guaranteed 2nd and a home tie. I cant see ye beating the Dubs or indeed any other team beating them either, their bench is too strong.
    We face Westmeath without Comer or Finnerty so will need to be tuned in to get a result there.

  30. @ Sean Burke, I think it’s worth a try, and it’s a pity we didnt experiment against Cavan. I think he’s best when one on one close to goal. Tommy is just an outstanding footballer who is not made the most of under this painfully slow build up system we have. I’m worried that some of the players are not buying into the Rochford way. Both Jordan Flynn and Jack Carney are way better players than the role they are given.
    I just hope we cut loose in the Hyde, as the saying goes move our blooming arses, and get quick ball to our forwards
    I don’t think Roscommon have gone back since last we met, could be a dog fight if we don’t get at them

  31. @MO2023 you’ve summed it up there.

    If we don’t beat rossies after they have come off the defeat to dubs I’ll be worried as will a lot of us.

    Already hearing alot of the rossies are really getting confident for this one (don’t know why if I’m honest)

    Hope the green & red is loud in the Hyde Saturday sadly can’t make it but hope the colour & noise is brought as much as possible on Saturday this is a massive test for mcstay & Co…

  32. We will win on Saturday,by reckoning by about eight, we will then have to set up for Dublin

  33. I was hopeful of a good year for mayo but if they’re on offer at 2150 to 1 to win sam I might aswell forget it.

  34. Listening to the ah ref pod there and they were saying they would also like to see tommy tried out wing forward . Surely its worth a shot ?

  35. Mayo will need to be in top gear for the full 70 plus minutes of this game . Roscommon know its their last chance, and a “dying bee can sting quite badly”. The Rossies played extremely well against the Dubs. Its always in the last 10 minutes that Mayo get caught, can anyone instill in their minds to put the boot down on that home straight.
    Good luck to all the team, step up their lads and do it for your Captain Paddy, for Mayo and for yourselves .
    Good Luck. The Green and Red forever.

  36. @(old lady in waiting)

    Sorry I have to dis agree that. Rossies didn’t play extremely well v the dubs.

    Dubs where not out of 3rd gear for most of the match they didn’t look arsed. Ok yes rossies held them off for 50 min or so but then dubs stepped up into 2nd gear and hammered beating by like what 12 points..

    Its funny Rossies get beaten by 12 points yet seemingly played well if that was mayo we would get laughed off.

    By no means take rossies for granted but this is one we should be winning.

  37. Right so Dublin were in third gear for most of the match against Roscommon and then after 50 minutes they went into second gear and hammered fairness Roscommon did play quite well up to the lad quarter but could it be that Roscommon running out of steam as well as Dublin bringing on subs contributed to the score line

  38. @1985 everyone said dubs didn’t look bothered in that match and where not playing out of 3rd gear.

    I said rossies held them and even if they did run out of steam obviously did contribute to the scoreline and so what if dubs ran their bench they still hammered the rossies as I said if that was mayo certainly no one would be saying ‘we played well’ they would be saying we got hammered and we’ll beaten.

  39. Fair enough clare but as we know Dublin running their bench is their big strength as we have found out on many occasions.I think lee keegans analysis today is very accurate

  40. Clare, from what I saw on the TV highlights it was a very fast paced, surprisingly open, game for 60 minutes at least. The Rossies were fully engaged in that fast running, quick movement game. I don’t think I had seen them playing at that pace before and felt surprised. It didn’t look like the Dubs were at a pleasant canter to me. They had to work a bit.
    That said, the Dubs were working within their capability and had another gear (maybe more). That’s the difference with the Dubs generally, for me.
    (Old Lady in Waiting) – I like that post and let’s not get stung on Saturday.

  41. Dublin’s bench will win them most games (if not all). There isn’t a team in the country who can compete with their squad depth. They turned the screw and hammered 12 points into the Rossies in literally less than 10 minutes when it actually mattered. They absolutely have another gear and the bench is key to that.

  42. Yes for sure I do agree that Dublin bench is a above most I just meant that if it were mayo who got defeated by 12 points in our last game I don’t think we would be as confident as the rossies are heading into this game.

    Certainly wouldn’t underestimate them though.

  43. There’s a motley crue of old timers on that Dublin squad – if examined closely – alongside a few very raw newbies. I’m not sure Dublin are as refined as some are suggesting. Sure, they’re playing at a low tempo at the minute, as are Kerry. This dogs dinner of 3 qualifying from 4 ensures nobody truly knows what the main contenders will look like in 3 weeks time.
    There’ll be more than one upset in the coming weeks.

  44. @Tomthumb what’s that got to do with dubs not being out of 3rd gear etc v dubs.

  45. *v Rossies

    We won v cavan well but we were only in 3rd/2nd gear that was more like a challenge game I felt sorry for cavan if I’m honest.

  46. @tom same gears we played in last year… have seen any sign of new ones

    Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Saturday doesn’t go well. We don’t wear favourites tag well. We don’t have a bench to pull away. If we dont go direct early and hit a couple of goals and the Rossies don’t tank like they did a few weeks ago, we will be in bother.

  47. In the grand scheme of things a loss on Saturday only means we will lose Home advantage for the pQF, assuming Rossies beat Cavan. That’s of course assuming we don’t beat Rossies and Dubs and sail through to the QFs.
    Be interesting to see the difference 1 week vs 2 weeks makes for us.
    It really is bizarre how all teams are not given 2 weeks for these group match stages. .
    The more i see of this format, the more I think it simply does not work on any level.

  48. @Mark Dempsey: I do wonder if the folks speaking about 3 teams qualify as if they qualify equally or that there’s a lack of jeopardy in the games has been paying attention last year or to the possible permutations this year? Not aimed at you specifically, it’s a really common trope and thrown around by pundits and media constantly, just not one I can ever wrap my head around.

    If anything, IMHO, there’s too much jeopardy on the 3 games. The difference and imbalance between finishing 1st & 2nd in the Group Stages is too wide.

    If Dublin finishes 1st, they’re looking at (from most likely to less likely):

    QF: Tyrone > Derry > Donegal > Armagh > Monaghan > Cork

    If Dublin finish 2nd they’re looking at:

    pQF: Derry > Armagh > Cork > Monaghan > Galway

    QF: Kerry > Galway > Donegal > Armagh > Derry

    Throw in the loss of momentum from results that would put you in a pQF, throw in the additional fatigue (mental & physical) of the 3 games in 2 weeks, throw in the tougher QF pairings and throw in that every additional game carries a significant chance of losing (any of those pQF games would be 80% at best and more likely 70% games even for Dublin, combined with some potential 60% games in the QF) and any suggestion that there’s a lack of jeopardy or teams still not trying is absurd to me.

    They’re all going all out to win now, there’s no shadow-boxing or falling back on 3 go through. 1 team goes through unscathed, while the other 2 get bloodied and bruised.

  49. What was the main issue with original backdoor two chances system , qf weekend august weekend , honestly i dont think the championship has been as lit since that period . There are so many flaws in both super 8 & the present system . There is never going to be a perfect utopia and this desire to completely balance things aint goin to happen either in the context of the same as stockport county are never going to win the champions league nor Ireland the world cup , same goes for Leitrim competing for all irelands .

    Back to the backdoor is the best way forward , weve tried these group things akin to champions league and it doesnt work im afraid .

  50. To much bias and flaws in the present system – could be made much better and balanced by just allowing the top 2 from each group qualify and give every team the same time between games

  51. I agree TsuDhoNim – finishing second in the group and having to play a preliminary quarter final doesn’t seem like a great reward to me. If Mayo get to a preliminary quarter final and have a quarter final the following week, how likely are we to win it, given the fact of playing two big games in two weeks?
    I feel we’d not be likely to win it.
    I hope we can keep winning these group games and finish top of group.
    Otherwise this group format is performing the function of getting rid of some top teams due to them being ranked second or third and having to survive a preliminary quarter final and final.
    Yes, Seán Burke, I liked the Qualifiers too. Very exciting.

  52. Am hearing there is a lot of noise around provincial winners going straight to quarter finals, and the other 3 teams will have a sort of a group to decide who goes on to quarter finals. Not perfect, but better than the latest iteration.

    Love the talk about gears!! Ha I don’t think we know how to hit top gear anymore, such is our tendency to pull the handbrake at the merest possibility of excitement!! I don’t think Horan even knew what the handbrake was!

  53. If Kerry or Dublin have to play a PQF ,they will win it and the QF.
    A lot of the problems are in the head and no training for the week break.
    Perhaps a group swim and a team meeting

  54. Agree with both @SeanBurke & @darkyfinn. Either bring the backdoor back or top 2 go through to the QF’s.
    Super 8’s didn’t really work either.
    @TsuDhoNim great post to explain the devil in the detail of the current system.

  55. @tsudo, no problem with the riposte, but there’s something wrong with a system that entitles any team to be in the equation after finishing third from four. Regarding the jeopardy aspect, I’m not convinced the fancied teams see it as a statistical feature. I’m thinking Dublin and Kerry have the permutations worked out are playing accordingly. I won’t reference the overused “gears” analogy but from what I’ve seen there’s another level to come when it’s quarter finals time. Let’s be honest here: Kerry didn’t need to oil their gears at all with the group handed to them.

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