Mayo Football Podcast episode: Almost ready for off to New York

We’re joining thousands of Mayo supporters who are travelling to New York ahead of Sunday’s game.

So John, Mike and Rob are joined by Marcus Hannick, chairperson of the Mayo GFC in New York, to look ahead to the weekend in the Big Apple.

The lads talk about the mood among Mayo supporters at home and abroad, chat about the current situation for people trying to build a life in New York, and set the scene for Friday evening’s live event in The Joyce Public House, off Times Square.

Plus, we hear from Mayo manager Kevin McStay who looks ahead to the Connacht championship.

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29 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Almost ready for off to New York

  1. Flying from Shannon to JFK on Friday for my 3rd trip stateside for this fixture. Rumours it may be the last one for Mayo as a proposed change in the structures might mean this is the end of the 5 year cycle??

  2. Good luck to all embarking on the journey. The shadow boxing is still ongoing I see if McStay is to be taken literally. Time is upon all now to stop the bluster and step up.

  3. Try and get out of reach (8-10 point lead) and run the bench early. The only exceptions are Carr and Eoghan to get game time if fit as we’ll need them. There’s a case for starting Cillian too (perhaps instead of Ryan) as he’s seen so few minutes. Don’t risk anyone else with a recent injury.

  4. I might be the only one saying it but I still think we should go strong imagine if we played an under strength team and lost and New York pulled off another upset 2 years in a row and we went out embaressingly again 2 years in a row.

    No time for messing around I expect mcstay to name his strongest side.

  5. I would expect that management will field the strongest and, as Shuffly says, run the bench. That said there could be one or two surprises.

    Looked again at the Galway game last night (why not!). That first half was superb against a wind that almost blew me into Galway bay as I made my way to Salthill that day. A few things struck me:

    * When Paddy and David MacB (plus Eoghan on song), are motoring, its a very good defence and a very good offensive defence

    * Brick is very good at breaking the line – he’s big and strong; we’re always calling out for that type of player

    * Conor Reid, again big and strong, was very assured for a newbie; hardly did anything wrong

    * Hurson was appalling. We really need to think things through if he’s reffing any of our upcoming matches, which he probably will be.

  6. @mayotillidie: The official word is they’re all going well.

    Excerpt from Maurice Brosnan’s piece after chatting with him at the COE recently:

    ““I seem to be talking about injuries an awful lot and we’re one of the teams that don’t have injuries!” Ryan O’Donoghue and Sam Callinan were withdrawn in the final round against Monaghan as a precaution. Paddy Durcan, James Carr and David McBrien are all back. Diarmuid O’Connor is on the comeback trail although the New York fixture might come too soon. Everyone is on grass training. There isn’t a single long-term injury.”

  7. Good news re no long term injuries.
    I’d be inclined to start a strong team . While we all expect a win , its about winning so start strongish and give as many players a run as possible.
    If injuries are clearing up our panel will be getting stronger and harder to pick the 26 .
    You can’t avoid all injuries.
    I was at a Leinster u20 match yesterday evening and saw a player from each team get Injured in ( what was intense) warm up !!!

  8. Very excited to watch a progressive, expansive, and enjoyable mayo team tonight

  9. Can we believe that injury update. Twice before we had official reports on McBrien , one time it was cramping and the other he was withdrawn as a precaution and each time he was out for more than a month.

  10. I would prefare if there is a smaller margin then 2014 & 2019 meetings but I still Mayo with win easy New York could run them to 10 points. Mayo won’t have a overseas trip in 2025 but in 2026 resume of a fixture against London on the line up. As that London might run Galway close like in 2019. In 2025 could 2020 tickets for postponed London & New York fixtures be expected I wonder. In 2025 Roscommon vs London while Galway vs New York are the rotation fixtures in the Connacht football championship but in 2026 Mayo vs London & Roscommon vs New York fixtures recommended for the 1st time since 2016 not having them during Covid-19 in 2021. In the Munster football championship could Waterford knock out 2020 Munster champions Tipperary or even Clare out of the Munster final. Maybe the winners of Meath vs Longford will end Dublin’s era as Leinster champions. In 2027 next time that London will host Leitrim & Sligo going to New York in the Connacht championship while in 2028 Leitrim will revenge their defeat to New York in 2023 & Sligo with have their next London journey.

  11. Team for New York:
    O’Hora Brickenden Callinan
    Durcan McBrien Hession
    Ruane Carney
    O’Donoghue McHale Flynn
    O’Shea Carr Conroy

  12. Looks like Mayo U20 will be handed their first loss against Leitrim unless something drastic changes in the last 5 minutes.

  13. Be some craic in here tonight , all ireland winners last week , cant beat a tailteann cup county tonight .

  14. I seen comments last week of people picking their mayo 2026 team with 5 or 6 of this u20 squad after one good game, this week they lose to Leitrim, we are very good at hyping up our mayo players over very little ? back to reality

  15. Did Mayo managment underestimate Leitrim with the team they picked or was it close to full strength with exception of MacMonagle and McLaughlin ?

  16. No power , serious problem now that needs to be addressed , some posters on here have been banging the drum for a while about how light we are togging in recent years.

  17. Intensity missing tonight.Both midfielders replaced and well beaten.A well deserved victory for Leitrim and completly shut down the game after they went well ahead with 15 minutes left.MacMonagle well missed but the biggest thing missing from last week was intensity for me.Certainly an eye opener for all involved.A week off now and no harm.

  18. @Tony Freeman: Lorcan Silke (half-time) and Paul Gilmore (44 mins) had picked up knocks in the Galway game that had them subbed out. Hard to know how much of them not starting was ‘injury’ versus ‘rest’ in those scenarios.

    Nothing wrong with the team selected, it’s plenty talented enough, just lads never got near the pace of the game & the work rate wasn’t there (or close to it) to make up for Leitrim’s extra size and power around the pitch. 1 very good goal chance fluffed, easy points missed, quick & rising frustration at ref calls (which were sometimes harsh/daft but often consistent so should have been better adapted to) all met with a Leitrim team going full tilt to give themselves a shot of staying in the competition and played much better, fully deserving of their win.

    Not a good day at the office for lots of good players combined with the man v man setup, so highly praised when it worked great against Galway – where John MacMonagle was such a key part of it, opened up badly by the talents of Honeyman (along with McNulty, Cox and Guckian).

    Wouldn’t agree with underestimating them (anyone familiar with Leitrim/underage football knows all about Honeyman and McNulty the last number of years) so much as just not matching them on the day.

  19. TsuDhoNim, you mention extra size and power . Do you see that as simply a lot of our bucks are underage again next year with some i think rio for example have two yrs left or is it part of a bigger issue ?

  20. @Sean burke: That’s a small part of it and the extra S&C for next year will help lads like Hurley fighting for ball…. but no, just bigger/stronger/taller lads in general a more significant factor I’d imagine.

    John MacMonagle’s absence in the heart of the defence a big factor in how today played out. Not an especially tall lad to glance at (you’d imagine Beirne and McGreal, two of our u18s and among the ‘bigger’ lads on the team, might be as tall as him) but really strong and powerful, exactly what we were lacking to handle Leitrim.

    McNulty a big tower that’s been playing senior for Leitrim a few years now. A couple of their other lads almost the same size. Even Honeyman, still u18, well able to win ball out in front as a target man despite the age.

    Hard to put too much of the blame today on the size or player profiles, though. We showed against Galway that smaller, more mobile, hopefully more technical players can do a job on bigger lads…. we just never hit close to those levels today. We looked to be misfiring from the off, and the intensity in the tackle or even intensity in attacking seemed stuck in 2nd gear throughout. A great goal chance trickles into the corner of the net rather than fizzing wide and it could have woken us up, sadly the spark never came and between Leitrim goals and ref calls infuriating players it only seemed to be slipping further away from us.

  21. The only other time I ever heard the name Honeyman was playing for Leitrim about 40 years ago… could possibly be a son/grandson.

  22. Retrocut looked like Leitrim gave us that!

    With going with so many lads underage again next year are Mayo just writing off an entire year of footballers? I always feel, even at club that lads in the older age bracket should be given priority each year, maximise playing time as players develop.

  23. I am sick of this nonsense of playing under 18 and under 19 in an under 20 competion. Lads at that age should play in their own age group. They are still growing boys and a year makes an awful difference at that age. Stick with the under 20 for the under 20 competition.

  24. Just a point wih regards to this game, I think it is yet another disgraceful decision by Connacht and GAA that the tickets for this game went on general sale to every Tom, Dick and Yahoo.
    Why weren’t season ticket holders given first refusal, or at the very least a 24hr window before the tickets went on general sale? Myself and 4 life long mates who travel the length and breath of the country following Mayo for the last 30 odd years, are heading stateside, for the third time, and we could not get any tickets. But, the “sunglasses in the hair” supporters who wouldn’t know where MacHale Park is never mind go to watch a game in it, will be there. I know of loads of people going, with tickets, who have NEVER been to a league game, never mind a FBD game.
    Further proof, if it was needed, that the Grab All Association is still sticking resolutely to its title and that supporters are now just “on-line customers” whose wallets are there to be emptied and a lifetime of proper supporting means Jack Shit.

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