Mayo Football Podcast episode: Are Mayo back? Had they gone away?

Between reflecting on the Dublin game and looking ahead to the Derry match, there’s plenty to talk about for Mayo supporters this week.

Mike is joined by Billy Joe Padden and Colm Keys of the Irish Independent to look back on some of the talking points from Dr Hyde Park on Sunday and to cast an eye over the prospect of next Saturday evening’s All-Ireland prelim quarter-final in Castlebar.

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53 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Are Mayo back? Had they gone away?

  1. It was sickening game to lose/draw in the end, be tough for the players to recover physically, mentally they will be disappointed but it should also give them a good boost and confidence, and now they have to show consistency and play with same effort, skill and attacking play again. While it was a good performance, there is still alot of improvement they can make, I heard people saying that Dublin will improve alot which they will but Mayo probably cant play much better, but there is room for improvement for Mayo and they will improve.
    Its mostly a young team, so they should take alot from that game, even the last kickout it was frustrating that they weren’t more cynical like Dublin would do and did in 2017, but alot of these Mayo players didn’t play back then so its a learning experience, a tough one, but isn’t it good that they experience it now in a group game and not in a final, they have a match straight away to get over it.

  2. They should definitely have the upper hand against Derry, psychologically anyway. Hats off to Mr McStay for learning from the league campaign last yr. We can see with Derry, and maybe Dublin too, that going all out early on in this compressed calendar leaves players drained and exposed. Although, with Dublin, their poor start meant they had to go flat to the mat.
    If Mickey pulls off a victory then he is the tactical genius some believe him to be. I most certainly don’t believe he is, considering how plan b didn’t exist against Donegal and Armagh.
    I think this young Mayo team can flourish this year, but my fiver is on Donegal to upend all at end of July.

  3. Mickey nearly caught us at home last year when he was over Louth, he has a better panel of players at his disposal this year but the main question is does he have their backing.

  4. Not gone away just re-invented ! Defenders defending and forwards scoring in the McBall era..

  5. Tommy Conroy at half forward made all the difference ,ran at them all day scored 3 won frees for afew more ,mayos running game back on track plenty of movement inside ,and defence very solid,playing like that there a match for anybody ,it will be interesting from now on,keep it going lads

  6. Don’t think Tommy Conroy was playing a different role the last day tbh. When Cillian dropped out, it was Carney, McHale and Flynn in our HF line.

    Tommy was very good against Roscommon and Galway in the Connacht championship games so it was nice that he rediscovered that form.

  7. You’re right Gerry Walsh and fair play to management for identifying it and implementing it.
    A couple of lovely scores from Tommy in the second half and that will do him the world of good.

    Very noticeable on Sunday that we looked to kick the ball early into Tommy. Darren Mchale played a ball to him in the second half that led to a score.

  8. Just happened to encounter the Dublin Gaelic Fans page on my Facebook feed because I had previously searched for their starting line-up before the match. They had put up a post complaining about the referee decisions towards the end, resulting in a stream of comments that were castigating the referee, and how he was doing his best to ensure Dublin didn’t win. Obviously the last 45 was an error by the Umpire. The RoD free was on the soft side, but anybody knowledgeable about football is aware that at any level, if you leave a hand on your opponents back, even without pressure, and he goes over, you are running a big risk of giving away a free. That’s exactly what Mick Fitzsimmons did, and he was punished for it. Up to that point, I thought he was giving a lot of 50:50 decisions to Dublin and McBrien in particular fell on the wrong side of a couple of decisions that led to scores. Just shows how difficult it is for referees and how they can draw the ire of both sides.

  9. Think a lot of us on here were calling for Tommy to be moved out 3 years ago to break Tyrone set up..

  10. Can anyone tell has Frank Irwin left the panel,or is he injured, he had a lot of promise.

  11. Two or three more observations on rewatching the first half (I remembered things I had noticed on the day at the game):
    Stephen Coen put in a great performance organising and marshalling the team, staying constantly tuned in and focussed, noting danger and positioning for the team. He is an extremely safe pair of hands on the ball and he must give great comfort and reassurance to his teammates. We need solidness and substance amid the running and he provides that.

    Secondly, at the game, about 15 mins into the first half I noted the huge amount of pace we had all over the team and I thought that this would seriously test Dublin. We were stretching them with our pace. Eoghan and Tommy were the standout examples but you could also say Sam and a raft of others moving the ball quickly (at other times, slowing it down). This pace is a distinguishing factor we have and a major asset if we are allowed to use it.
    If Eoghan was on longer – with the others – it would have boosted us a lot in the pace stakes.

    Cillian wasn’t on long enough to impact but he looked sharp in the positions he took up. He has the attribute of accuracy. I hope we can utilise squad rotation against Derry – Cillian could play more of that match and others I hope who didn’t play much on Sunday or were on the bench.

  12. Mayo need to be ready for the dark arts of the game because make no mistake about it mickey will have derry using every trick in the book. Having said that mayo would have the day off if they had read the book and disrupted the kickout after taking the lead v dublin. The more I think of it the more I think how the hell did they not learn after what happened in 2017.

  13. So finally after all the Connaught and round Robin matches, Mayo have reached the point of no return….loose and the season is over for another year.
    So it’s Derry in MacHale Park on Saturday evening in a must win game.
    Can we win it? of course we can but it won’t be easy and a lot will depend on how the team have recovered from last Sunday and what knocks or injuries we might have picked up along the way.
    There’s a lot of moaning going on around the place about having such a tough draw but getting to a semifinal, which was our target at the beginning of the year, then we could expect to meet teams like Derry along the way.
    I’ve no doubt McStay will have the team up for this one, so it will be over to the supporters to play their part and pack into MacHale Park on Sunday evening!!!

  14. The Dublin game is history and every decision has been analysed ad-nauseum and it’s time to move on.
    Some good stuff on the pod regarding Steven Coen and his reliability and also Tommy Conroy’s input and hopefully we can bank on the same again from both. Forget the result, the performance is what should boost confidence and confidence is so important to players.

  15. @mc’d we got decisions we wouldn’t have gotten in CP. It’s a reality check for Dublin fans

  16. Does Tommy tend to shoot as a plan b if there’s no pass on whereas most forwards pass as a plan b if there’s no shot on. I’d like to see Tommy taking things on a bit more and not be looking to pass b4 he decides to go for a score.

  17. Yes the dark arts factor has crossed my mind since we drew derry out of the hat . This is knockput now , they have some tough cookies on their side who are well able to mix it and more , they already showed they can stamp down on that sort of thing and they will be narky if it starts to slip from them . I wouldnt advise getting involved in any type of physical nonsense , as in melee ,throwing digs etc , make sure ya go down rolling though with any strike attempt thrown your way . Hurt them on the scoreboard and if they are indeed narky wind them up to the last verbally .

  18. McCague is the main man for all that. He’ll be Aidan’s tattoo for the duration, I’d say.

  19. He sure is, Mark. In the League game, Aidan got booked after only five minutes (very harshly – the collision wasn’t even a foul and certainly didn’t warrant a yellow) and McCaigue spent the rest of the game, without success, trying everything to engineer another yellow for him.

  20. Discipline will be key. Mickey will try & get the lads to rile us up. Will need cool heads for this.

    Would be hoping we start fairly well & start driving on early & that might finish them. The last thing we need is for them to still be in it coming down the stretch as their confidence will grow.

  21. McKaigue, brilliant player that he has been is absolutely smoked lads. I even thought so last year at times, his pace of the mark is completely shot since he won the allstar.

    He should be heavily targeted as he appears to be as much a weak link at odhran lynch.
    Management should be targeting him big time with ROD or Tommy running hard at him

  22. Willie Joe I remember that and he prob should have got a yellow after that but it was a very poor ref that day that wasn’t up to standard.hard to think when we played Derry in march that it was them or Dublin for things have changed

  23. I remember a game in castlebar v (mickey) Tyrone i think it was Aidans 1st year and the sledging and other dark arts were off the scale and I know he hasn’t lost it.

  24. I am sure that Derry will have players who can stamp on some of those things

  25. Am I reading this right ? . Ticketmaster sent season ticket holders email this morning, saying ” Your match ticket will be available until Wednesday 20/6/ 2024 at 10am. ”

    So, if a person hasn’t the money by that time, tough , you lose the opportunity to buy it as one of your ‘ 6 games, that qualify you for an All Ireland ticket.?

    You can buy it after this deadline I’m sure, but it won’t count as credit on one of your ‘6 tickets, is that what it means?

    Anyone care to enlighten me on this. ?

    And before anyone thinks I being a bit presumptuous, I’m not, we Will Not be getting to an All Ireland final, it’s just the principle of it , that rattles my cage .

  26. Great sports file photo in the mayo news, clearly showing Fenton’s foot block on Ryan O Donoghue. Another similar foot block on Conor Loftus on the 55th minute, again no free..

  27. referee made a lot of bad decisions and both sides suffered, we mostly in the first half and Dublin at the end.

  28. I saw those photos but the ball appears to hit Fenton on the back of the leg .I think the foot has to go towards the ball for it to be deemed a foot block

  29. It looked more like an arse block than a foot block but surely diving in like that with your full weight on an opponent’s kicking foot must at least be deemed dangerous play and a foul and, in that instance, a penalty? That was the gist of Colm Keys’ argument on the pod.

  30. What utter rubbish and disrespect by that twat O Donaghue on off the ball. Just saw the clip on Facebook.
    Let’s use it as ammunition when we take a swipe at his county later this year. Kerry haven’t had a test all year, again just trying to rile us up as he sees us as a threat. I’d much rather be fully seasoned by hard tough games than coasting through games before we meet. I have a sneaking feeling it will be Kerry come the quarters and I give us every chance with that being the case. Let’s go for it again. I truly believe there is another gear or two in this team. Players just need to believe and the younger lads need to step forward which they against Dublin.

  31. Well the photo seems to show the ball hitting the back of Fentons leg but you are right Willie joe it probably was dangerous play

  32. On first viewing at the game it certainly looked a penalty and certainly dangerous play to me and I’m sure that’s what the ref saw too , as neither myself or he had action replay.

  33. Corrick bridge. Outside counties have laughed at us for long enough, please don’t them reason to do more of it. We haven’t a bulls notion of reaching a final this year. Our minors ? maybe , our seniors ? Zero .

  34. In fairness, Paddy Joe, you don’t know that.
    I’m amazed that after Sunday’s game more people aren’t questioning whether Dublin will be in a final this year or will win a final this year. This is not because I’m saying Mayo are amazing or anything but moreso that Dublin had to wait til the eleventh hour to get a draw. And this is the team that’s supposed to be so much ahead of everyone else. No one is questioning them but on the contrary I’ve heard them praised for elements of their performance. It just seems strange.
    Moreover in 2021 people were saying Kerry would be in the final for sure and look how that ended up. There’s a chance there are twists and turns yet though I admit the next two games are perilous for Mayo.

  35. The thing is Dublin will now be playing all their games in croker and as we saw on Sunday that’s a huge advantage to them as I doubt we would have got some of those decisions in croke park.As for us reaching the final well that’s never been the issue

  36. O Donoghue doesn’t really rate us & up until Sunday, could you blame him? Since the 2021 all Ireland final, our championship performances have been average at best, outside of Kerry last year & Dublin this year. That’s the reality.

    I’m hoping Sunday is the new dawn for this new group & we build on it.

  37. Interesting to see the mood change. League time we didn’t have a hope of beating derry, now people are already talking about quarter finals. It’ll be an almighty battle to get through. It’s the first knockout game of 2024 for us

  38. Swallow swoops, simple answer is sundays game wasnt knockout and dublin will be a different animal now. I can guarantee you they will be in the final.

  39. The absolute smug look on O Donohues look was actually embaressing for him. It’s pretty sad that he despises mayo so much and he always has made mad remarks about us in the past ok yes we’ve had incredible bad losses.

    But come on that podcast on off the ball was taking the absolute piss dream draw for derry that have lost their last 3 games cone off it fuck sake sorry now but that’s being a smug arsehole.

  40. Bandwagon, I’m sure Dublin will move heaven and earth to be in the final – there’s plenty of wiliness and nous in them. Beyond skill or anything else that’s a hallmark of theirs. And they’ll probably make it to the final.
    I raised the question just to tease it out really, not to seriously believe in it. I had a few things in mind – Kerry and Dublin could end up playing in a semi-final (I might be wrong in this). If that was the case, one of those big guns could be knocked out. In addition, it was really Jack McCaffrey that made the big difference for them on Sunday. That’s a lot of reliance on one man. He was ably helped by Costello and Kilkenny, I know.
    I do think we have a bit of maturing to do yet – just to polish rough edges. You’d have to say for that reason that we are not the finished article. But it’s all game by game now. I want us to stay in as long as possible and to play well – I’d be happy with that.

    1985, never a truer word was spoken (class sentence!):
    “As for us reaching the final well that’s never been the issue.”

  41. Think we should be concentrating on a provisional quarter final only and just talk about a quarter final if and when we get over Derry. Forget the dark arts, just play with discipline and leave the ref to do his job. Match officials always share information and will know who to keep an eye on (not sure who they thought Fergal Boland was). Sean Burke. Usually agree with you on most things but rolling around feigning injury is the one thing guaranteed to piss me off big time whether it’s our lads or opposition players. Come to think of it I must say I can’t recall any Mayo players getting involved in that crap but some of our close neighbours can’t say the same. Hard to respect anyone trying that shite on and while I understand what you’re saying I’d have to disagree.
    On selection, should we be looking to rotate to a degree and give some obvious players a rest or go more or less the same as last week and keep momentum and continue to build fluidity? It really is a bit ridiculous to have to play the All Ireland champions on a Sunday and then face the League Champions six days later and possibly Kerry the next weekend! I wonder did the ones who sat down and decided this was a good idea ever kick a ball or play inter county football?

  42. Easier to get at Dublin early on in the quarters or semi. I’ve had a feeling since last winter that McGuinness would have Donegal primed for another Alamo and I think they’ll beat either Kerry or Dublin – with one caveat – not both in succession. Thinking back on 2014 and some Kerry man’s words we overheard in Temple Bar after their victory over the tir chonaill men : “hard to bate Foreman after Ali”.

  43. Derry are by far the toughest draw Mayo could have got. I just couldn’t understand the amount of people on here after saying they weee glad we avoided Cork!? Cork are decent, but they are not at Derrys level, even taking into account poor form. I’d have fancied our boys to manage Cork at home particularly after what happened last season. Monaghan would have been easiest, Galway’s reserves will beat them. Derry were being talked as real contenders this year, players don’t suddenly get bad. Sure, form and morale took a hit and perhaps energy levels but they are a very dangerous animal coming to Cbar on Sat and we better be ready for s real battle. It’s very hard to perform to a high level 6 days after an energy sapping (mental and physical) encounter v the Dubs.

  44. JoeG, I take it you did not see the clip of the red card incident if thats what you referring to.

  45. I am very happy with my two dockets one at twelve to one,one at fourteen to one for Mayo to win the all Ireland,I believe it is worth two thousand eight hundred euros

  46. Couldn’t really be encouraging gambling when you see the enormous damage it does to peoples lives

  47. I always get at least one cruise,usually three ,but certainly two cruises a year from my best on football

  48. Ah please stop Corick. There’s bound to be people reading this, that are struggling and want to be at the match and can’t afford to go.

  49. @corixj bridge that’s a bit much tbh gambling as nephin said a lot of people pit there finding it hard atm and a comment like that could trigger it to be honest.

  50. @corick bridge that’s a bit much tbh gambling..

    As nephin said a lot of people out there finding it hard atm and a comment like that could trigger it to be honest.

  51. Apologies,I don’t want to encourage anyone,I will never mention it again,all the best to Mayo on Saturday

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