Mayo Football Podcast episode: Are Mayo back on the horse?

After getting back to winning ways against Cavan, Mayo’s camp was hit by the news that Paddy Durcan will miss the rest of the season.

So Mike and Colm Boyle had plenty to talk about when they caught up for a chat 72 hours after the Cavan match.

Boyler reflects on the bad news about Paddy’s knee injury and talks about the knock-on effects for the squad.

The lads also reflect back on some of the positives from last weekend’s win and pick out some of the main talking points ahead of the clash with Roscommon in Round 2.

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89 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Are Mayo back on the horse?

  1. Looks like there is a better chance of finding out who shot JFK than when and where the next two matches are on

  2. When the final whistle blew in Salthill on Sunday 5th Mayo, everyone knew that Roscommon v Mayo would take place on the June Bank Holiday Weekend. 17 days later, still no confirmation of day and time. Mike said on the podcast it will be on the Saturday evening with throw in time still to be confirmed. You’d swear it was a secret! I would love to know why it takes so long to confirm these details! It will probably be confirmed today and we’ll have to wait another week for news on the Dublin game! Bizarre to be honest.

  3. With Cillian going well is there merit in AOS back at midfield. Maybe not as a starter but coming on just before half time if he cant last a full game . Also is there any real evidence that AOS cant play a full match because his legs are gone……sometimes opinions get into the ether and are accepted as fact without any real basis

  4. Are Mayo back on the horse? I think a semi final appearance this year, would be all I be expecting. But question is, are we giving ourself the best to challange for SAM in future. And I think we are not, I look at a Tyrone as the blue print for our path to glory. They alway seem to punch above their weight. Underage alway good, and can beat anyone when they get their ducks in a row. Even Clare hurling a good example. Brian Lohan, took over a couple of years ago, he standardised the strenght and conditioning programme across the underage team, and did not leave this to individual managers to sort out. This step alone, can help us in future,

  5. There is a serious bias to the group winners so to my mind the AI winner will be one of those so to make a semi the group needs to be topped. Can we beat Ross ? yes certainly if properly tuned up. Could we then beat Dublin ? who knows but it would be the best time to get them. It would blow the AI wide open if we did IMO

  6. Mayo are back on the Horse, whether that horse is Red Rum or a lesser steed will probably come down to the next match. Listening to a lot of the Podcasts this week after the match it struck me how we are in with as good a chance as a Galway or Derry. Both are still being touted as potential winners of SAM despite recent performances and arguably greater injury concerns. While Paddy is a major, major blow, I recall the chatter around Tommy Conroy while he was out injured. That if only we had him back we would be in contention. We have him back and his form seems to be improving for the most part but still not back to his best. There is a general theme of just writing Mayo off due to our previous results over the past decade. This is a new year, the past is the past. Most of the team do not have the baggage from our AAF defeats. Agree with @Thedarkyfinn , beat Rossies, beat Dublin. Sky is the limit.

  7. Aw god sad listening to colm Boyle talk about paddy Durcan there at the start but as he said he’s so determined there’s no doubt he’ll come back as strong as he can you never know maybe he’ll have the best years like Andy moran did after his injury to.

    Agree with him about the pitch invasions it’s nice to see but hard on the players and what happened to paddy puts it into perspective. There’s should be a time and a place for the kids to be able to meet and greet the players after the match let the players go in shower etc get a water like and regroup and come out half an hour later or something.

    @Bonni boyler totally agree with you we do have as much a chance as they do! Yeah exactly nearly every year we seem to be nearly written off so that shouldn’t matter to us we are well used to that by now. If we beat rossies and managed a magic win over the dubs who knows… Was nice to see a lot of dubs sending well wishes to paddy to.

    Colm Boyle said why didn’t cillian get more game time in league I was thinking same to wonder was mcstay keeping him safe till championship because he seems in great shape..

    Onwards and upwards do it for paddy as we’ve said!

  8. @Clare
    Regarding Cillian and what Boyler said.

    I thought there was nothing to be gained or learned by flogging Cillian in January or February when the pitches were heavy and there was more risk of injury. A high risk strategy if we had played him.
    I thought he might have got a bit more time against Galway but it is June and July we need Cillian on the pitch. I think the management have got it right with him. He looked in good nick the last day and as long as we can keep him on the pitch he will take some minding.

  9. Im completely baffled by the ott line Mayo supporters are taking about our chances , i understand people saying casually “doubt theres an all ireland in our bucks this year ” but its like people are metephorically banging a table with their fist shouting “semi final is very best we can get , dont you dare say we can get further or we will send you to jail for crimes against negativity “.

    One fella on a different pod mentioned we would have bother with dublin or kerry and another fella stopped him going further , dont dare mention dublin or kerry , we are not allowed be talked about in the same sphere .

    I mean we only beat kerry last year and dubs in 21 both championship too .

    I really do get the point about us not looking like we are shaping as good as dublin or kerry but will ye please just leave it at that ,its wild crazy the way some are afraid of optimism.

  10. @mind the house that’s what I meant. I think management where trying to time it right with ciliian by bringing him in now.

  11. The Roscommon races will be a good indicator of where our horse is at. Optimism has built since Saturday among supporters that I’ve spoken to, it’s almost all to do with the fact that Cillian had such a positive contribution.
    It would be getting closer to wild delirium if Paddy had seen out the remaining seconds!. Ah well. But it was a wasteful Cavan, without Paddy Lynch. We’ve been here before,so against the Rossies I’d settle for another incremental improvement in our play. Oh and a nice win obviously.

  12. @Sean Burke
    The negativity will always be there until the big one is landed. I get your point though. The negativity is miles OTT. There is a lot more right with Mayo football than is wrong. You’d swear it was the other way around.

    The team are well capable of putting it up to the “best” teams. Galway, Kerry, Derry and Donegal are all within range. Dublin for me are the stand out team and will take some shifting.

    We’re not a million miles off. Let everyone enjoy the ride and it will take us where it takes us. Going back to the horse theme I hope we do a Tidal Bay 2012 at Leopardstown. Nowhere to be seen until the last 50 yards and he got up to win it by a nose.

  13. Beware of the Rossies! They would love nothing more than to derail our season, even if they got nowhere themselves. If I was Burke I would be “throwing” the game v Dublin because no matter what the Rossies do they are not beating Dublin in Croker. I would take the mindset “why flog my best 15 in a game we can’t win, to then turn around 7 days later and try to beat a Mayo team who have had 2 weeks preparation?” Let’s not underestimate the sheep stealers and certainly do not forget the 3 goal chances they butchered against us in the Hyde in the Connaught semi final, nor they 5 or 6 very bad wides they swung at. The facts of that game are that they had enough chances to beat us but failed to execute those chances. We never got to grips with Murtagh or Carroll (despite him being half fit) and they hammered us on our kick outs. We will need to raise our game a level or two to come out of the Hyde with a win because they will be looking at us in the same way that we are looking at them, i.e. we both need to beat each other to have a chance of progressing out of the group.

    As for the Cavan game, that was as good and as solid a performance we could have wished to put in (despite the obvious injury to Paddy!). We showed improvements from the Galway game in our shot efficiency and long range shooting, a few players came into the mix to give us real options for the Roscommon game and, as importantly, a few players were dropped because of their performance levels not being good enough. The only controllable downside to things was our inability to take the 2 or 3 very good goal chances on offer.

    Onwards and upwards. Hon Mayo.

  14. Roscommon will play their strongest team v Dublin and won’t have a lot left in the tank for the following week against Mayo which should be two wins from two for Mayo.

    Round 3 v Dublin is the big one, the possible decider to see who finishes top. Let’s not forget 2nd in the group means three games in three weeks against your rested quarter final opponent.

  15. @pebblesmeller your right there I already saw some rossies saying we should send our under20s to dubs so our seniors are fresh and ready to give some payback to mayo…

  16. I am so optimistic that I have put another hundred euros at fourteen to one that we will win Sam,we will beat Roscommon easily because they can’t hide in the !ing grass because the silage will have been cut, I saw nothing from Dublin against Louth to worry me

  17. I saw somewhere on Google that Galway are looking to play Armagh in the ”Neutral” Croke Park venue, rather than a smaller ground elsewhere. Interesting times ahead, particularly when no fixtures are made for the third round games.

  18. Corick bridge, do you not think that the big guns may be holding back a bit in the games so far against weak opposition ?

  19. @Bate the blanket: I remember both sides claiming it had to be Croker last year as no Provincial venue would be fit to hold their travelling support…. before they failed to sell out Carrick-on-Shannon only managing a crowd of 6,803.

    I’d say the CCCC will listen to them just as much as they listened last year or as they’ll listen to us and our thoughts on where we should be playing Dublin.

  20. @Sean Burke, If Mayo got to a semi final, I would say that a semi sucessful season. We need to be getting to semi final regularly, but still think we need to mind out building blocks (underage) which has been well below average for a couple of years. Hope the current u17, improve our all ireland strike rate, this year. But when your getting beating by lesser lights in Connaght @ under age, more regularly, alarm bells must be heard

  21. Thats grand mayotillidie , ive no issue with that per se . Its this notion that we would just pull up the handbrake and not even show for a semi the way some are going on . The nature of a knockout competition when you get to a semi final is your 70 mins away from a final , the team youre playing might well be favs to go through but its one game , something could go right for you .

    Look theres a long way to go before any scenario like that can be thought about but i cetainly stand by my view that the completely irrational stance by a cohort of our support are making is fookin ridiculous and pure loser talk . Im not advocating for a mayo for sam shite talk either btw . How about just get behind them and see how it goes , furthermore some of them that have these platforms doing this talk dont even bother attending games, js.

  22. Agree to an extent Sean Burke, but may be no harm for the players themselves, take pressure off them so to speak. A lot have experience of big days in all Ireland finals so we should definitely be well in the mix. Player wise our panel is up there with most of not all the others.
    Paddy a big loss obviously, but we still doing better on injury front than some the other contenders, Derry have practically had entire halfback line wiped out.

  23. If you’re a mathematical 1 in 25 shot of Sam, well bloody enjoy the season because it could be the year. Even if you think we’re 1 in 40, these things happen.

  24. I know this is probably a daft question but what are the reasons for not giving date/time for the week3 games of all ireland series ?

  25. @seanBurke. I’d imagine tv schedule would have alot to do with it and the jeopardy etc in matches b4 they decide what games to show. Tv has power in when some games are on. Wouldn’t be surprised if they try for a mayo v dublin and Galway v armagh double header in the neutral croke park

  26. @sean burke. It is all about waiting to see the draw of the final set of fixtures I.e. tv arrangements , expected crowd ,jeprody of final fixture. We just need to be ready to support the mayo team.

  27. We can beat Roscommon. It will be a tough match but that is ok. We need to beat Dublin if we are to have a shot at winning Sam. But it is coming nicely for us. If we have to go the pre qualifying route it will be a repeat of last year. Either way we have to beat the Kerries the Dubs and Donegals. We might as well beat them in the group phase. I’m convinced we can take them.

  28. As I’ve always said the year we win Sam will be the year everyone have had us completely written off and we come out of nowhere and do it and everyone will be like fecking mayo just have a feeling that will be when we do it ha..

    Still think we will beat the rossies they will think they can take us as always but sure what’s knew there..

    Dubs will be tough but our guys always throw a surprise nearly every year and beat a big gun I’ve a gut feeling that it’ll be the dubs we always up our game for them to but lets see.. Be interesting to see how rossies go v dubs this weekend!

  29. @sean burke: As the others mentioned, knowing the demand (TV and attendance) likely the biggest factor in that.

    A more PR friendly justification might be waiting on the Tailteann Cup to know what venues are potentially unavailable for selection. Teams topping their groups in the Tailteann get home advantage for the Quarter Finals (likely Kildare, Sligo, Fermanagh & Down) that same weekend so that will take 4 venues out of consideration and could, up until the final round of games are finished, risk taking anything up to 16 venues out depending on how tight the groups are.

  30. Rossies would have wanted the 8 day turnaround (played Sunday) so that’s schedule advantage for Mayo

  31. It’s ridiculous that Roscommon only have a 7 day turnaround, in saying that people should not hesitate to remind anyone complaining that it was the same for Mayo in first round of Connaught Championship after the league final in 2023 while Roscommon waited in the long grass for us.

  32. @Clare beating Dublin in the qualifiers is not the time,
    Beat them in quarter or semi to knock them out

  33. @Tony Freeman

    It’s worse than the Mayo situation. Mayo won a national title on a high beating the neighbours and the rossie are near certain to lose this Saturday and even if they give a good account of themselves the Dubs more than any other team sap the energy out of team.

  34. Jr. I’m not sure we will meet them in a quarter or semi if we beat them in the group stage. They would go to the pre qualifiers and we would go direct to a quarter in which case it probably will not be Dublin in the quarter. Maybe in a semi. Does anyone know who we play if we top our group or who the second team play?

  35. @Muckle: It’s an open draw, with the exceptions of no repeat Provincial Final Pairings (so no Galway) and no repeats from the Group Stages (so no Dublin/Roscommon/Cavan).

    Using modelled results, StatsAndSolos did create a model on who each team would be most likely to meet depending on where they finish. Individual images for each side, so be sure to look at the 2nd image with “Mayo” in the top left corner for our most likely situations.

    If we finish first: Tyrone, Donegal, Armagh the most likely QF opponents.
    If we finish 2nd: Louth, Armagh, Monaghan most likely pQF.
    If we finish 3rd: Tyrone, Donegal, Armagh most likely pQF.

  36. @JR why is it not the time to beat the dubs?? We have to go all out to beat the dubs in the qualifiers and yes of course in knock out stages if we meet them there to.

    100 % qualifiers is the time to beat the beat the dubs when topping your group is your best route yes we are under dogs v dubs in this one but by God it’s the time to be beating the dubs you wouldn’t hear the dubs saying nows not the time to be beating mayo every time they play us they aim beat us well it’s about time we had the same attitude right back at them.

  37. Is there anything to stop Roscommon putting out a second 15 for the Dublin game ?

  38. I’d honestly commend Roscommon if they put out the u20s. The data is in on this, they are less likely to beat Mayo with that turnaround.
    Two years in and to not have the matches on an equal turnaround for teams is not right, including the preliminary quarter final winner.
    It’s probably going to be a hot summer, Gaelic football is far more recovery intense than professional soccer, you take big hits, you have way more intense sprints and then you need to go to work/study.

  39. Sure enough it’s a not fit for purpose system but make no mistake the rossies had no sympathy for us last year with the 1 week turnaround after the league final and tho it’s not ideal for them it doesn’t mean they won’t win. In fact it will give them more bragging rights if they do win.

  40. The big interest this weekend is dub v ros. Can we learn anything from the dub style of play that might benefit us?
    In particular, how quickly they move the ball out of defence( it takes us at least 6passes to get to the half way line). Will the Dubs rely on slow build up and allow Roscommon time to set u a defensive structure before taking them on.
    And how do the Dubs create goal chances? Is it from direct play, speed of attack forcing errors from the opposition or can they create goal chances from a packed defence?

  41. RTE reporting Mayo’s request for our game with the Dubs not to be held in Croke Park.
    We’ll see how that goes.

  42. Dublin won’t be at their most formidable in the group stages guys, no reason we couldn’t ambush them there, especially as they will likely already have 4 points on the board at that stage they won’t be in do or die mode.

    Easy to forget but they only really came to life last year in the quarter finals having drawn with the rossies and sleepwalker through leinster

    It’s an ideal time to get them. A free hit if ever there was one

  43. Great news to hear that mayo gaa requesting it to be outside of Croker and standing up for ourselves.

    Proper order as @No doubt said!

    It actually gives dubs advantage if in Croker they won’t have a near 4 hour bus journey to do on the same day and would be fresher.

  44. Delighted you guys have requested our game to be played outside Croke Park. Yous want it, we want it. Imagine the atmosphere in one of the compact provincial grounds. I have a feeling it will be the standout game of all the group games. Big atmosphere, And quality football. Then the championship will really begin.

  45. @Supermac Dublin will know more than most about the importance of topping the group. No team wants three games in three weeks and facing a rested table topper in the last 8.

    After they got the scare against Roscommon who came with a decent game plan the Dubs then dismantled Kildare, Sligo and Mayo in their next three games.

  46. Limerick would be ideal venue for that match with dubs…(we’ve had some classics there with cork last year the notable exception!)

  47. People saying it’s a free hit to play the dubs and that they will only come to life in the QF. Then are we running the risk of pissing them off and giving them extra motivation to turn up the heat in a few weeks time against us?

    Personally I don’t care if the game is played in Croke Park or Phoenix Park. But I also wouldn’t want to give the dubs any more of a reason to want to beat us. I think either way, or style of play and overall ability still won’t be good enough to beat the dubs. Let’s just beat Roscommon and see how we are fixed then.

  48. Portlaoise seems to be the obvious neutral venue. It has a capacity of 22000. watched the hurling from there on Tg4 last night and there appeared to be a great atmosphere. Dubs were beaten too!!!

  49. The only thing that annoys me about Dublin playing at a neutral venue, is that we had to ask. GAA, should know this already this. By us asking, put more pressure on team, to win.

  50. @mayomagic. Really it’s 3 games in 2 weeks. Sunday to Sunday to Sunday is 2 weeks..

  51. A well clued in journalist John Fogarty said on Irish Examiner a few days ago that the Dubin v Mayo match could be played in Hyde Park. That venue I think is now allowed 23k since it’s development work

  52. For the Rossies game I think we have to pin them back .
    Murtaghs on form O Carrol is handy and Cregg also so pin them back and tag on enough score to beat them .
    They are poor midfield but compensate by having Dylan Ruane and Ultan Harney work like dogs while Smyth we all know oozes class.
    I’d like Eoin Mc in a freer role and go for more athletic running team as to counteract Rossie settling this into a slog fest .
    If its a straight shoot out of inside forwards they will win .
    We need more from halfforwards and halfbacks and their plan will be to swarm us there and have no impact .

    Hession on Cregg……….Mchugh on Murtagh
    …………………………Mcbrien on O Carroll
    Coen…….Sam on smyth…….Coyne on Ruane
    Flynn……………..McHale…………Mac laughlin

    This is a very athletic lineup which is as physical as the Cavan one but with more punch going forward .
    Personally I’d give O Hora the start in this game but Coyne will probably edge it . Need big game from jack and most likely will fin himself in halfbacks as he won’t be trusted to Mark O Carroll, Murtagh or Cregg .

    Anyways looking forward to the game but if we play to our own tune and in confident sleek style we can , we win, if goes to dog fight and shootout they win but please don’t make heros of their average players by slowing us down and crowding out inside forwards .

  53. So many posters moving on to the dub game and dismissing the Rossies? At our peril. The next game in our group dub v ros is the game of most significance to us, our players and management imo.

  54. @on the ditch

    Don’t think anyone’s dismissing the rossies at all the dubs game just mentioned more today because of the move by mayo gaa to request the game not to be in Croker.

  55. Interesting times and an indication of the Mayo mentality at the moment.

    Pádraic Joyce demanding Croker as a neutral venue for the Galway v Armagh game; meanwhile Seamus Tuohy demanding that Croke Park NOT be the venue for Mayo v Dublin. Whatever happened to our ‘made for Croker, can’t wait to step out there, can’t get enough of it’ mindset. Our pace and athleticism ARE made for Croke Park, so why shouldn’t we be itching to get there?

  56. Hyde park has exactly the same dimensions as Croke Park and an excellent playing surface. The only thing missing is The Hill and the Dubs can make ,’Thr graveyard end’ as their hill. Not all about players, supporters, families in particular, too have additional expenses because of all the extra games.

  57. @catcol I don’t think this move has anything to do with our mentality atm.

    Neutral should mean neutral.. Soo many times the dubs get away with unfair advantages.

    If Joyce wants Galway to go to Croker and travel let them at it they will have a half empty stadium in Croker.

    As @HILL 16 says having the dubs game outside of Croker will create a big atmosphere and that it’ll be the standout game in the group stages I agree with that!

    Hard on the players to travel 4 hours by bus up in the morning then 4 hours back in evening I say fair play to mayo GAA for doing what is right.

  58. Outside of the capital is correct for a neutral venue. It will also guarantee a brilliant atmosphere which Mayo and Dublin will appreciate.
    Catcol. I trust your post is strictly tongue-in-cheek stuff, because if it’s not it’s nonsense.
    On another note, I see the Mayo lgfa U16s have a quarter final with Kerry on a Thursday evening at 7.30. Probably in Limerick somewhere. Bloody tough on families and fans to make on a work day especially if you’re living in North Mayo.

  59. I would love Thurles, the best venue outside of Croker, limerick the handiest in terms of size and travel.Cant see it been anywhere else.

  60. Clare, likelihood would be Dubs would overnight it somewhere and possibly even ourselves.

    Hyde will be likely venue given makeup of the CCC. In Fairness to the CB that request went in while back as well, not just last few hours. But The Dubs won’t give a shite where it is played, nor would I imagine most of our lads.

  61. Achill75, I also loved Thurles. However, it mightn’t be that easy to get to for a lot of our fans bearing in mind that people mightn’t be up for travelling long distances in the group stages.

  62. Joanne Cantwell just said on Radio 1 sport that the Gaa confirmed that there’s no plan in place to play any round 3 game in Croke Park and that they received no official request from Mayo regarding the venue for the Dublin game.
    Hard to know what is happening when Toughy said he asked for a neutral venue.

  63. Pádraic Joyce demanding Croker as a neutral venue for the Galway v Armagh game is daft. The two played in Carrick last year and was only 7k at the match.

  64. Ah now guys, I would say the venues are chosen already by the Gaa, I might start taking bets Mayo v Dubs in the neutral Croker.

  65. Saw some dubs going well people should go where they are told and GAA don’t like being told what to do ha all well and good when your a dub and guaranteed nearly to be in Croker.

    We like Croker but this comes down to principals to!

    @Gizmobobs yeah true probably would be overnight somewhere but I know sometimes mayo do travel back the same day..

  66. Just thinking, would Galway be playing tricks, ie, trying to force the Gaa into making it a Double header, that would be Mayo v the Dubs also ??

  67. @Bate the blanket: Nahhh. They (quite normally) would just love to give their lads another day out in Dublin. Especially with so many younger lads that wouldn’t have a win up there or that much experience of the match-day routines it’d be a huge boost getting the game there for both Armagh and Galway.

    If either side were due to face Dublin there, and all the advantages that carries for the home side, they’d have a very different view on it.

    The same two sides tried making the same request last year. It got ignored then in exactly the same way their request, and our own, will be ignored this time. Posturing and politics, nothing more. You can be sure both County Board Chairmen were getting questions from clubs (the reason it came to light for us was a response to a question on it) and both needing to show they’d taken the actions that were open to them (which wouldn’t include any type of official submission to the CCCC).

  68. Mayo v Dublin my favourite match up……Looking forward to it again this year……

  69. @MartyK yeah me to! My dub mates were really sorry to hear about paddy durcan they said they’ve grown to love /hate paddy as he’s amazing player but they get nervous when he’s up v dubs. They said he reminds them of the class of keagan and that. He’ll come again next year better then ever hopefully.

  70. @ Batetheblanket, I think Galway want as big a pitch as possible to give them an advantage against Armagh defence.

  71. Nice one Clare…………I lived in Dublin for 11 years up to 1990……..they’re good oul craic. Nice respect for Paddy and Lee there. I too was gutted when I heard about Paddy’s ACL injury. A big hit to a top athlete and sports star. Id say fellas stay nervous too for a while when they make the comeback that it will go again. But we can take serious heart from Andy’s ACL recovery and the 5 great years he had for Mayo after that including Player of the Year……….”ACL nerves” (……and I’m open to any correction on that) could be what’s holding Tommy back still from going all out.

  72. The thing about the ACL injury, the operation, all that weight training on the leg is that it requires a serious amount of work to get back to normal again, then add the fear of even sprinting 6 or 9 months following the operation re-construction, it’s a tough one to come back from.

    Tendonitis may set for a few months also while doing the leg exercises, it can be a mental challenge also, setbacks along the way etc.

    Some people have a fear of sprinting for up to 2 years after the operation.

  73. @Marty k 100% agree with you I think it’s the fear holding Tommy back sure we all know the talent is there…

    With Andy moran he was older when it happened so I think that had a part to play on terms of mental strength with experience and that but I still think Tommy will come good he has shown some of his old self in some games the talent is still there never leaves you just look at cillian O Connor now..

    @Bate the blanket also agree! It’s the worst injury to happen any player and takes incredible amount of work to even get back on the pitch again while Tommy is not at his best yet one has to give credit that he’s come back after that hell get there.

    Paddy durcan is soo determined in everything he does I’ve no doubt he’ll come back better then ever though.

    I see dubs 2nd goalie Evan comerford is out for season with acl to all to common sadly now in gaa.

  74. Any medical people here maybe able to shed light, but from my experience it usually happens on the weaker leg, ie, the one you use the least for kicking the ball etc.

    It has to be a strength imbalance in one of the two legs, training players in football to kick with both feet could be the solution.

    I’m not sure what the ACL injury rate is in other sports like Hurling or basketball?

  75. In terms of what ‘Neutral Venue’ for Mayo v Dublin. Dr Hyde Park , newly renovated, served by rail for both Mayo and Dublin. The biggest Venue by far somewhere between Dublin and Mayo. The local GAA volunteers have experience of big Provincial Final days,both in term of the in Stadium crowd and traffic control, parking ect. Its a no brainer.

  76. The GAA need to address the “neutral venue” nonsense and confusion. A neutral venue should mean a venue not located in either of the competing counties. This should be clearly stated in the rules and end this Croke Park as a neutral venue for Dublin nonsense, for once and for all.

  77. In fairness folks I don’t think the dubs are bothered where they play us. We ain’t at their level I don’t think. Concentrate on beating the Rossies.

  78. Part of the weaker leg thing might be the vulnerability of your standing leg when you are kicking, like when Colm Cooper got injured with a collision. By the way, pedantic, but your non kicking leg is physically more explosive to run and jump, but your kicking leg has all the technique and years of getting the muscles to whip in a coordinated explosive kicking movement.

  79. Re: the ACL recovery.
    Seems to be different experiences for everyone, its all about getting the right advise in rehabbing and then the individual itself being dilligent about the recovery and doing everything they are told. Can be lonesome

    I’ve seen lads at our club who done it and come back with varying results,one guy, a very athletic tall box to box midfielder not far off county standard done it, wasn’t the most disciplined in his recovery and then was rushed back by some pigheaded manager, he was never right again.

    Then I’ve seen others who are back at full speed within 10 months, not a bother on them as if they were never away.
    Gooch cooper was only half the player when he came back but Andy played his best football after his cruciate.

  80. Work life balance comes into the mix with recovery as well. The type of occupation would be a factor as well. Andy had the gym at the time of his rupture if I recall so he was fortunate that he could do his rehab and recovery which you need to be diligent with day in and day out. Others don’t have that luxury. I hope for Paddy he makes it back because he has so much left to offer.

  81. Not sure any team is on the horse at moment. Many are (to use another equine term) only riding out as of yet. Let’s see what the rossies are able to throw at the Dubs. I’m sure Tyrone might throw another curve ball today into the mix. Great craic ahead.

  82. I was really impressed by Louth in that Leinster Final. I feel like they gave a fantastic blueprint on how to play against the Dubs. Dublin will know that they have to improve and will use their games against us and the Rossies to full advantage to prepare for the knock out stages. With all due respect to Louth no one outside of Dublin in Leinster would come near Mayo or Galway in full flow. However Mayo and to a lesser extent Galway do have this ability to play down to teams of a lesser standard. And we have been caught once or twice in the past. Louth are bridging the gap in Leinster and have some fantastic young players coming through, It’s great to see, but there again they also have a big population of players to choose from and practically within touching distance of the capital, it’s high time that it happened. I would love to see Meath and Kildare make a comeback also. Makes for a more exciting Leinster championship. The Rossies for us will not be easy, this is a game we should win to qualify for the knockouts. As for the game against Dublin I’d be happy if we were close in all honesty. Also our younger lads need to step up and take the initiative and go for it. Take the bull by the horns and and make it happen. Now is their time. I watched the pitiful coverage of our game against Cavan, best part of it was Fitzmaurice giving absolute shade regarding our wasteful play. He was of course completely right, the right pass was on and we took the wrong option more often than not. While better the last day we lack directness in our attack, we over recycle when we should be going direct. If Cillian who showed well the last day figures out how to play with O Donughue, and Conroy, I feel like we could find that spark that’s needed to make a move this year. And a ready to go Aidan for 40 mins in Midfield or full forward alongside them three lads is a nightmare arrangement for any team facing us in the knockouts. I feel like we are not as far off as everyone is saying, we just need a spark. It’s great to see Diarmuid, and Cillian back, but I feel like we have been over relying on them and O Se as old guard from the 2010s, and now particularly with Durcan out now for the rest of the year our younger boys this is their time to shine and just go for it. So Losing to Dublin, I really feel like it not the end of the world. We have to beat a Kerry Dublin, or Donegal or Galway or Derry in the knocks out at some stage. And I feel it’s better not showing all our cards until the knockout stages should we be there. As far the rest of the championship to date have Derry shot their gun too early? Like we did a year ago who knows it’s all to play for.

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