Mayo Football Podcast episode: chatting to Kevin McStay

The Mayo manager sat down with Mike ahead of the start of this season’s National League.

They started by going back to half-time in last year’s All-Ireland SFC quarter-final against Dublin and finished by talking about the year ahead.

In between they chatted about finding scoring forwards, the upcoming clash with Galway, and Kevin confirmed that Mayo’s nutritionist Evan Regan has not been recalled to the squad.

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87 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: chatting to Kevin McStay

  1. So all the rumours about Evan Regan were just rumours and Kevin put that one to bed. Listened to Liam McHale earlier and enjoyed his positivity and enthusiasm for the job but fair play to Kevin McStay because he was equally positive and enthusiastic. He seems to be firmly of the belief that we will improve on last year and if that’s the case and we play decent football then no complaints. Looking forward to the Galway game now but dreading another nightmare getting out after it. Worst venue in the country.

  2. Well that’s about all I got from that interview, about Evan not being in the panel. Kevin is able to talk alright, but as the fella said, it’s alright to be talking as long as you’re not saying anything.

  3. Can someone answer me why the Chairman of the County board is sitting at the top table at a senior team media briefing? Does this happen in other counties and should there not be a separation of officers and the management team?

  4. @PK Don’t think this happen in other counties as few if any other county has a national media briefing before the league starts.

  5. Definitely a future in politics for Mr McStay, or possibly a role in the diplomatic corps. I’m mindful of the wise owl who said, a diplomat is someone who says nothing twice.

  6. @PK, I was thinking the exact same. I also was wondering why he was coming off the team bus with players & coaches before a championship game last year. I don’t know the man, but he’s coming across as more of a “fan boy” than a chairman. Never saw Waldron or Connelly hopping of a team bus, looking like backroom team.

    Kevin is well able to talk the talk. My personal opinion is he has delegated our tactical approach, and Rochford is more hands on. Even when Kevin is on the sideline he looks more of a supporter than a manager. Richford seems to be doing the in game analyising and giving direction. Its funny, the social media sensation from Kiltimagh, famously stated “Rochford is not running the team” back in 2017, now it seems Rochford is running the team and he’s not the manager. Couldn’t make it up lol.

  7. Whether it’s normal in the GAA world IDK

    But in the corporate world you wouldn’t do something like this without the primary stakeholder/decision maker being at least represented.

    If you did something like this in the Corporate world without including someone like the County Board Chairperson, the rumours of rift between the respective organisations would not be long spreading.

  8. Is there anybody other than myself of the view that there appears to be a trend in Mayo football teams performances , namely , slow starting and pushing on towards the end of the game ending in a sort of glorious defeat . This trend was very evident in the 23 Connacht club championship with all Mayo representatives starting abysmally , I do accept that Lahardan got through but still displayed that slow start trend. I would appreciate if there is a stat person who could provide figures for our Senior intercounty team over the last 10 yrs or so. My own thoughts tath there may be a coaching influence within the county that over emphasises caution tactical options at all times. Of course in given situation it will be appropriate. Players overall confidence may be affected if they are not motivated to go full commitment with loads of positivity rather than submitting to the minset that we will see what the opposition can throw at us.

  9. For those interested in the season tickets may be worth keeping eye on line Looks like a lot of people as discussed on earlier threads have cancelled and our allocation is no longer a sell out so going back on the market.

  10. @Cork Myles from home.

    I thought Kevin’s words on the podcast were interesting – the impression he gave was that basically both Mayo & Dublin had similar game plans – stick in it until half time and kick on in the second.

    It’s pretty much the meta though ATM in the game.

    What stats are you looking for exactly?
    Because the Results Archive is very user friendly and you would probably be able to find what you are looking for there a lot easier than you possibly realise.

  11. When it comes to county performances, the last quarter is constantly our worst. That’s the quarter that’s down to management to make the right calls re substitution and the time for players to show a steely attitude. Even counties like Louth have exposed our soft centre.
    It will be interesting to see if we step up to the plate in that regard. Departure of Niamh Fitzpatrick a loss imo. Any reasons given. Maybe travel, other commitments
    Also we have Rochfords side kick as a Coach. What will his impact be. His activity on the sideline will be interesting, starting of course with the Galway game.

  12. Niamh Fitzpatrick would have been a huge addition years ago when we were good enough to win All Irelands. Won’t tip the scales now in my opinion.

  13. Loss after one year all the same, when working with a psychologist its good to get know them and have them for a decent period of time to suit you, with a new person in you start back from scratch as they have to get to know your back story all over again so an inconvenience for players.

    Liam Horan seems to be gone as well, from the set up. and another man in to that mystery role.

  14. Gizmo but i dont think they ever do back on public sale for Mayo or Dublin , there have been a few season tickets not renewed i know of from talking to people but they didnt open sales for them , its frustrating .

  15. Sean check with your club for link to purchase. Ourselves and Dublin were only ones who used to sell out.
    But seems we’ve lost our pulling power, especially with loss of value you get.

  16. People should avoid the season tickets in my opinion. €100 package for all the league games without the season ticket, why pay €150 for the same thing with it. It’s absolute lunacy to buy them at this stage. Give the extra €50 to charity instead if you have money to give away. I cannot believe that anyone renewed this year.

  17. @Gizmo

    I’d be wary of passing judgement on why people like Niamh Fitzpatrick are moving on.

    We don’t fully know the roles people are being brought in to fulfill. For example Niamh could very well have been brought in for a year to ensure that our structures, processes and people in the Sports Psychology area were up to the required standard.

    And it makes a lot of sense to do things like that, in particular because the GAA is now such a blend of professional and amateur.

    We’d all love to have a leading light in their field like Niamh working day to day with our Senior Team but is that sustainable long term financially?

    And it also would make sense for the County Board to be managing this anyway to a large extent, because we need things like elite sports psychology and Strength and Conditioning across all our teams.

    And this might explain why Kevin was so awkward when asked about Evan Regan – Evan might be under his instruction day to day, but it’s very possible that he’s reporting to a manager who is responsible for Nutrition across the entire county scene.

  18. I didn’t pass any judgement Frosty, just noted the fact. Financial side of things not an issue I’d imagine given they’ve brought in 2-3 MORe people to help with Physio, S&C etc.
    But they didn’t name new psychologist brought in it seems which seems bit strange given fanfare previously used to name such appointments.
    But on specific roles, most teams have psychologists and from experience many retain same one for several years to allow continuity for the individuals availing, as it reduces time needed with the person to develop rapport and knowledge of the individuals.

  19. Is Evan not the managing nutrition across the whole county Frosty that’s his day to day paying job along with Munster kids teams I thought.

  20. People are allowed buy up to 4 season tickets. But as West is Best indicates they really are poor value.

  21. You may well be on the money Margie!!

    On Evan Regan, I thought that was the one area where McStay was straight – brutally straight. He kind of scoffed and seemed to suggest that Evan himself wouldn’t expect to be near the panel, and he was quite dismissive of high scoring in club matches as compared to the different planet of county demands.

  22. Yeah to the no value but my god is the build up to an all ireland final a pain in the hole if youre begging for a ticket and for tgat alone its worth the hit imo considering i go to all the games anyway .thats just a personal preference , id jump at the chance to get my hands on one , missed the renewal deadline a few yrs ago and regretting it since .

  23. Kevin McStay is definitely some man tto talk alright without actually saying much!! The Examiner Sports page said the new Psychologist is Lisa O’Neill (a former jockey). I was hoping it would be Caroline Currid. Who is the new ‘media’ person instead of Liam Horan? Seems to be no shortage of money anyhow with huge backroom team. Any word on the new training field(s) beside McHale Park?

  24. @Gizmo

    You’re right you didn’t. I used stronger terms there than I should have and my apologies.

    You could very well be correct on Evan, I wouldn’t be fully up to date on his exact role.

    Niamh’s bill could very easily be worth three 3 full time wages for guys just starting out on their careers.

    Management were in a very different place last year – first season and putting the building blocks in place.

    I’m getting a different vibe from management at present but it won’t really be apparent how different their attitude is for a few weeks yet.

  25. No need for apologies at all FrostT 🙂

    Agree with you that we will have to allow few games of the league to see what situation is, if the style of play and players in certain positions are same as last year after 3-4 weeks we know we could be in bother, I would not mind losing them at all if signs of constructive changes being implemented.

    The game this weekend you would imagine be close to the team v Galway the following week. Ryan, Tommy, Sam and Rory likely all be tied for Sigerson duties so be chance for several lads to show their stuff.

  26. Galway beat Meath last weekend, Comer did not play but was doing supervised exercises on the line.
    Walsh and Conroy came on in the second half.

  27. @Gizmo

    I meant more in their attitude to media.

    On the style of play though – we have an issue with playing lower ranked teams, but with the possible exception of the Rossies and Galway, Louth was the first time in the almost exactly two years – the 2021 Connacht campaign – since we played anyone other than a Division 1 team.

    Since 2019 we have, by my rough count, played a total of 8 Division 2 teams, our record is 6&2 and that is including the season we spent in the division – 4 League games in 2021, Meath in Championship 2019 and Louth, Cork and Dublin this year.

  28. @Craggy boglands

    Yes; 1 o’clock on Sunday 28th and followed by the Rossies and Tyrone.

    Ladies – it’s also the noisy neighbours – from 3 on Saturday the 27th

    FBD final is on tonight

  29. I heard on the Ah Ref podcast today that all Mayo National League matches will be televised live by either TG4 or RTE with the exception of the last match v Monaghan which will be taped delayed!

    Go hann maith ar fad!
    Mhuigeo Abú!

  30. @Craggy boglands.. Tg4 showing FBD final ..
    Looks like experimental Galway side .
    Rossies going strong as possible without their All Ireland club players

  31. Rossies hell bent on staying in D1 id say, very strong panel named for tonight. Probably burn themselves out again as usual come the real stuff. Still will be dangerous after New york. They bet us last time we played NY.

    Be awful craic if a 3rd string Galway bet them tonight.

  32. Thanks lads. That’s something to really look forward to as I’m not in the country but the red and green is always foremost in my mind.

  33. It’s a genuinely excellent service for those of us living aboard. Hopefully we’ll see the team take shape while helping pass the winter weekends!

  34. @Margie

    I’ve a feeling that this may go the other way tonight. I saw the Rossies a week ago in person and I think they’ll run up a decent score tonight.

    And I’d be surprised if this deep into the Galway panel is significantly better than the corresponding lads we put out against London.

    I think Galway could get a trimming tonight, and I would not at all be surprised if Galway go into another Connacht campaign having failed to beat their local rivals in the league.

  35. Watched McStays interview on OTBAM and he’s a guy I’d have a lot of time for.

    However I found the interview a strange in that he was trying to talk up Mayo in that they’d be in 5 national finals in the last few years and are in the mix.

    Anyone who watches football knows how good Mayo are.

    I found it strange in the sense that every other manager tends to talk things down and I just felt he’d be better of down playing Mayos chances and keeping the powder dry.

    Maybe it was his own camp he was talking too.

  36. @Frost the hammer agree with you I think the Rossies will win tonight.

    Galway are saving their best for us on the 28th be hard one to call in salt hill but I think mayo will come on top even if we don’t though not the end of the world.

  37. Interesting West Kerry – I think there’s a very negative mood in the county which sees the glass as practically empty and I think he wants to, as I do myself, convince himself that the Dublin match wasn’t the absolute disaster many say it was. There is plenty of evidence for the latter argument!

  38. @West Kerry

    “Anyone who watches football knows how good Mayo are.”

    – I’m not sure that is the prevailing mood atm

    The majority appear to believe that our recent catastrophic championship campaigns have been a massive overachievement by a very ordinary and poorly managed group of players.

    Or at least that’s the impression I get around here :ROFL:

    We’ve as good a bunch of lads as anyone else. They have been performing year after year at a consistently high level and a lot of whom are still improving, and we’re as well run behind the scenes as any other county.

    And right now with Dean Rock’s retirement, we probably have the most leader filled and deep full forward line in the country – neck and neck in that regard with yourselves imo West Kerry. You’ll have 3 captains or former captains in there this year but both Ryan and Tommy will captain Mayo in the future.

  39. Jesus the rossies look like certs for sam with this performance so far, seriously though very very good.

  40. Rossies 11 ahead already just goes to show that Fbd is a nothing competition with Galway putting out a very experimental side same as we did and rossies going full tilt at it.

    Galway obviously know that Fbd means nothing in the long run same as ourselves.

  41. If the prevailing mood is not good within the county then I’d use that to the teams advantage.

    We know there are serious players there and of McStay could build a bit of a siege mentality then you never know.

    It’s better listening to lads talking ye down than lads talking Mayo for Sam.

    Mayo need to get Tommy Conroy back in form to partner Ryan O Donoghue.

    I think they are solid everywhere else.

  42. That’s what Donegal will be doing over the charge v McGuinnees I’d imagine West Kerry, everyone out to get them 🙂
    Not something I’d thought of but it’s certainly an interesting take as to why Kevin was building us up so much referencing the continuous final appearances etc.
    Perhaps it’s a strategy developed with new psychologist.

    Think it’s Kildare for us this weekend, high quality division 2 team. Galway v Meath was meant be fairly lively (so to speak) challenge game.

  43. One other thing and I know its only the league but Mayo need a win over Dublin in Castlebar.

    A good trimming at that.

    I always thought it was a mistake that Mayo didn’t target Dublin in the league when you both had that huge rivalry.

    You can always pinpoint games that you won that you knew were more significant that just the fixture or the league points.

    Kerry in 2022 was Mayo in Tralee and Armagh away when we won games we’d have previously lost.

    Mayo need that and Dublin would give that to the team.

  44. If as the Examiner reports, that Lisa O Neill is the new psychologist on the Mayo management bandwagon, then it is an amazing appointment. Lisa is a nice lady but very much on the lower rungs of a learning curve and Gaelic Football or team sport is certainly not her forte. Less likely to offer any challenge to Rochford and co. And yes, McStay is a master of the ‘whatever you say, say nothing’ brigade.

  45. A right hammering a Very inexperienced Galway team are getting atm..

    Galway won’t give a toss though guarantee you that by tonight’s result same as we shouldn’t over the London game.

    Galway will be at their best in salt hill same as we will be and that’s where it will start kicking off.

    Really makes you ask the question what’s the actual point of the FBD…

  46. I don’t think a siege mentality is how we want to go about things West Kerry.

    Imagine if it worked – the prevailing wisdom would be we need to foster a siege mentality, and after a few years we’d end up with the most unenthusiastic shut away from view county panel in the county.

    It’s alright for you lot not to worry about how you win but we’re setting a legacy. A benchmark.

    The examples of some very successful World Cup winning countries is really important. Our near neighbours and how their World Cup win dominated the thinking for the next 3 or so decades is a good example.

  47. We don’t need to beat Dublin – the margin was so much last summer that staying competitive is enough.

    I guess what we can’t afford is to not beat the Dubs if they are some reason vulnerable on the day. If they show us their belly, we should at least be tickling them into submission – the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom style heart ripping can wait a few months.

  48. @Frost the hammer agree we certainly do not want to go about a siege mentality and we don’t need to either.

    We are still a top team and don’t need a siege mentality.

  49. Frost,

    My point is that a if the mood in the county is not good then that can unite a team to prove the doubters wrong.

    A siege mentality so to speak.

    Ofcourse that only works once but all yoi need is it to work once and then the experience will be there.

    Tyrone often talk about that mentality and they had no success or history to fall back on.

  50. West Kerry, I recall one of the Dublin players from that great team saying in a podcast that they didn’t treat the league all that seriously until the Kerry or Mayo fixture. They upped it against their main rivals to lay down a marker for the championship. Dublin were not going to be a pushover in those fixtures whether targeted or not. As I recall, we were the ones who received a trimming or two during that period.
    As for Mcstay being (too) upbeat about our chances, I think its perfectly understandable- no other manager in the country has to nurse a squad, collectively and individually, that came so close, and fell so far, on so many occasions.

  51. Not that it matters but would people have rather lost to London by 1 point or Roscommon by 18 points in the FBD ?

    Dont think Joyce or McStay will be too bothered about either result

  52. Urmanthere,

    Yes I read that about Dublin too and it was true.
    It was blood and thunder in our league games with them particularly in Tralee.
    I’m open to correction but I don’t think Mayo beat them I that period.

    No issue with McStay being upbeat but I found it a little strange.

  53. We wouldn’t have gotten as big a trimming Tony, because McStay and Rochford won’t ever field a field a 15 that is that completely and utterly out of their depth.

  54. Loads of other county managers are always upbeat about their chances they are hardly going to be saying oh we have no chance at all this year. Mcstay is right to be upbeat being positive feeds off into players rather then being negative about your chances.

  55. @West Kerry, your spot on. Strange to see him bigging us up, its quite stupid actually. Reminds me of your fellow county man John Evans giving an interview (2014/15) saying the Rossies would win an All Ireland in 2 years. He was ran out of Roscommon a few months later, and ironically I see McStay been ran back to Roscommon next August.

    Nothing to fear from us this year. Dublin and possibly Derry the only ones in your way for sam.

  56. And look at Tyrone now West Kerry.

    How many of their recent AI team took their medals and left as quickly as they could.

    That’s Mickey Harte’s legacy – you can get the most of yourself and win all Irelands, but it’s not an enjoyable environment to be in day after day.

    And maybe it’s just me, but that’s not we are in Mayo – we keep coming back year after year, heartache after heartache, not because we want to show or prove we’re as good you guys – it’s because we enjoy it so much.

    Like sure what else would we be doing with our time? And a smile a day keeps the doctor away.

  57. @west kerry tbh I didn’t even comment to you in my last point? How is what I said nonsense?

    Find that a bit much to be honest @willie Joe?

  58. West Kerry,
    I think we managed a draw in one of those league encounters. Let a big lead (10 points?) slip too, I think.
    Mc Stay in fairness is always upbeat, so it’s hard to read too much into it really.
    If pushed, my concern would be that management has detected a lack of belief in the squad. Again, it would be an understandable problem given the squad’s history, but it would be a difficult one to address.
    I felt at times last year, during the championship campaign in particular, that the never-say-die attitude we usually associate with Mayo was absent.

  59. A sobering thought, if Dublin get to the All Ireland final they will win it: not beaten in a final since 1994.

  60. Welcome back Clare. We missed you a lot. We need everybody on board with the league starting next Sunday. It would be great to start with a win in salthill.

  61. So what if Tyrone players took their medals and left we would gladly take one all Ireland at this stage.doesn’t really matter to me how we win one at this point .one all Ireland win would take all the pressure off

  62. I still think there are a lot more positives than negatives. We did a lot of things right last year but shot ourselves in both feet in the Cork game and it was a tough ask after that.

    Its wide open again this year and although the Dubs will start as favourites they won’t be odds on as they once were. That gives everyone hope including ourselves.
    We have to stop giving soft goals away. Mind the House at all costs. An over my dead body mentality.

    If you think of some of the the most significant wins in recent years. Kerry last year. Galway league final and Championship. Dubs semi final 2021. The common theme was we didn’t concede a goal and won those games. The penny might drop one day.

    All goals are avoidable but we really do cough up some soft ones. Make teams work for their scores.

    Even the Dublin game last year we gave up 2 soft goals which sucked the life out of us. Its a different game otherwise.
    We’ll find out soon enough whether we took heed of what happened last year. Teams ran through the middle of us too easily. We need to be more aggressive defensively.
    I saw an old dog in the street the other day. He had a few battle wounds,was missing a few teeth but still had it in him to bare his teeth and give me a snarl. Good on him I was in his space. I couldn’t chance walking by him so crossed the road to avoid confrontation. He didn’t make it easy for me. That’s the point I’m trying to make.

    A defender at 6 would do for starters and I would tether him so he couldn’t wander from that central channel. Stephen Coen could be an option there. A spoiler and nothing more. No need to be running up and down the pitch. Stay at home conserve energy clog up the centre and police the back 6. I saw Coen do a job on Tierney in the league final. He might not be the answer but you see what I am getting at. It is recognition of an ongoing problem and an attempt at a solution.

  63. The seige mentality debate is an interesting one. I think it takes a certain type of manager to implement it correctly and for me McStay wouldn’t be the one. I think he’s to positive and some of his comments in interviews strike me as odd. I didn’t listen to his most recent one but I still can’t get that “baby in goal” comment out of my mind from last year.

    If someone could tell me what the drawbacks are to having an “us against the world” approach I’d be all ears. McGuinness worked it perfectly up in Donegal and seems to be trying to do it again with his “8 meter wall” around the training ground. Tyrone used Covid-19 and players getting sick to their advantage. Weather it was right or wrong is a different story.

    Even Kildare the year they knocked us out of the championship under during Rochfords first spell. Hell didn’t we all see the McStay documentary with AIB when he was with Roscommon. That was “us against the world” if ever I say it but completely backfired in Croke Park.

    I suppose there needs to be the right environment and catalyst for it. I think back to when we bet Dublin in croker in 2020. We only started playing shortly after Eoghan McLoughlin broke his jaw. A rallying call and extra motivation to win a game.

  64. I seem to be of the same mind as quite a few people on here in that, while hoping that I am wrong, I am not very hopeful about our chances this year and don’t see us as realistic contenders for Sam. I still think that we have too many weaknesses in our team. I feel that we are still in transition after the loss of so many stalwarts in recent years. I would be happy with a decent run in the Championship and signs of significant progress, especially in our vital problem areas-a proper defensive CHB, a couple of dominant ball winners at midfield and a few scoring half-forwards. And it would be nice to see a few more newbies break through. Better defensive structure, more adventure and directness in attack and an anti blanket plan. This would give us the platform to be serious contenders again over the coming years.

  65. “In the hotel the night before , we talked about it , this is the position we wanted to be in , a point up or a point down at half time and then take our game to dublin ” etc

    Thats what stood out for me re Mcstays interview , i cant understand that mentality , why settle for a point up or down . Is there a mentality issue that needs to be addressed , i do believe so . Why dont we believe we can kill teams , destroy them . Even in games whwre wè are superior we dont do it enough . Take the kerry game in kilarney we all enjoyed but we missed about 5 goal chances too , we should of absolutely humiliated them . Idc what anyone says something not right with this attitude .

  66. @Sean Burke, 1000% agree with your post. Im sick of being told he is a “nice fella/positive person” to me all that should be irrelevant. Its about results. This nice fella/ positive person has contested 3 All Ireland Quarter Finals as a manager, drew one, hammered out the gate in two.

  67. And all his plans were thrown out the window because we were 2 points down at half time.I am fascinated to see who is named at centre back next Sunday.our entire season last year was all built on that choice

  68. Just a few things from the comments overnight.

    WestKerry – as I said to another contributor the other day, it’s not okay to accuse someone else who comments on here (Clare in this instance) of talking nonsense. I’ve deleted that bit of your comment and please refrain from this in the future.

    Margie – as I likewise pointed out to someone else here recently, it’s not acceptable to level a charge about someone not being good enough. This is a cheap, lazy-minded jibe and has no place in the debate here. If you’ll re-read your comment you’ll see that you made the point perfectly well withouth it. You’ll also see I’ve deleted the offending bit. Please bear in mind for future reference.

    Welcome back, Clare! A word of advice – please try to keep the number of comments you post to a reasonable level, as otherwise it just crowds out the debate and can annoy other contributors.

  69. @Willie Joe thanks for that I will keep the number of comments at a reasonable level sorry for going over board before.

  70. “nice fella/positive person”

    – IMO this is actually really important – especially in someone who I feel is representing me and my dreams and aspirations.

    I actually use this in job interviews;
    “I don’t care if my colleagues are lazy – what is important to me is that pleasant and positive because it’s so much easier to spend 8 hours a day with”.

    This though is kind of a broader more philosophical debate and imo it would be best to separate it from the present – we can all read back through the Blog and see examples of how overpowering current emotions can be.

    Anyone looking for tips and tricks – I’ll make a conscious effort not to use current management as examples in my comments on the topic.

  71. Not just you 1985. I think the comments should stick to football. Its a Mayo football blog after all.

  72. @Clare

    I thought you dealt with things quite well last night.

    One message calling it out and both yourself and West Kerry left it there, and everyone else went back to talking football.

    Whatever you are doing, it’s working.
    Don’t be stressing over things. We can see your effort and appreciate it.

    :Happy: ???? 🙂 😀
    Sorry but the smilies are annoying me – I know you can do them, but I keep forgetting how.
    And they are so useful – currently we’re all getting far too confused when someone is being sarcastic.

  73. Ok so it’s the 🙂 😀 and 😛
    Or “:)” “:-D” and “:-P”

    For anyone unfamiliar with the above;
    The part within the quotation marks ” ” is what you type.

    – Western section -> Sideways Latin-only emoticons

    I think the most easily assessable place I can post that is the Mayo Football Podcast Discord server and I’ve posted in the Technical Issues.

  74. Then why don’t you actually talk about football lads.

    It’s not actually that hard you just say something like;
    Does anyone think Padraic Joyce will be arrogant enough to play last night’s 15 in Salthill or the Hyde?

    But when someone is trying to be helpful, if your only contribution is going to as above I would suggest that you don’t bother.

  75. I’d be very wary of Galway next weekend. PJ has one game on his mind for a very long time. Despite the digs that some neighbouring contributers threw last season, they didn’t beat us in 4 attempts and that doesn’t sit well. Joyce will want silverware this year and it sounds like they will have a very strong team next Sunday.
    My issue is the same as it is this time every year. Where are the scores going to come from. Mgmt can be as positive as they want in media but the last few months have done nothing to convince me we are any better this year.
    I don’t know is it a coaching thing or a confidence thing but I just can’t understand how we haven’t produced one or two big ball winning scoring forwards in the last few years. We seem to produce the same type of player which has become predictable. I’d have us bottom to mid table in the league and behind Rossies. Anything else is a bonus.

  76. Whether Padraig Joyce is arrogant or not is not a mayo football issue and most people on here do talk about football matters not a load of gibberish

  77. Sean Burke. I totally agree . But that’s Rochford s philosophy all day long. Totally negative. A point up or a point down. That’s the mentality. That’s why mchale left. I quote Rochford. The most disappointing thing in 2023 was letting a 5 point lead slip against cork. Was it not like why didn’t we drive it home and go 8 or 9 clear. No . Thats his mentality. Scrapping home just like 16 and 17 backdoor matches. Let’s see what changes 2024.

  78. I am very confident that we are in a great position for Sam,a brilliant .management team, MAyo for Sam

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