Mayo Football Podcast episode: Chatting with Austy O’Malley

Fatherhood, forward-play and the current state of the Mayo football team were all on the agenda when Mike chatted to Austy.

The former Mayo attacker – who runs Hexagon Performance and works with high-performing teams and individuals in the corporate and sporting world – gives us some great insights into how Mayo’s forwardline is shaping up at the moment.

Austy also speaks about Kevin McStay’s messaging in recent weeks and looks ahead to the weekend trip to Kerry.

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3 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Chatting with Austy O’Malley

  1. Looking forward to listening to this when I get a chance. So many podcasts so little time.
    Great work Lads.

  2. Love the podcasts but jeez lads will ye stop goin on about ROD’s injury time pass to Boland. He took a quick free in a league game. Dublin weren’t tuned in. Ferg popped it over from 35 yards but if he missed your call it a bad miss. It was quick thinking in a relatively meaningless match but nothing more.

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