Mayo Football Podcast episode: chatting with Billy Joe and Boyler

Photo: Sportsfile (Ray McManus)

The countdown is on to the start of the National League at the end of the month.

So Mike caught up with Billy Joe Padden and Colm Boyle to find out what this time of the year is like for county players.

What’s going on behind the scenes, on the training pitch and in players’ heads?

The lads also talk briefly about Mayo’s clash with Galway and their Sigerson Cup memories.

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42 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: chatting with Billy Joe and Boyler

  1. Or a youthful Peadar Gardiner,maybe??
    BJ should probably have learned how to do it himself at that stage,hah.

  2. That guess is good, Tubberman! The match was a League game against Fermanagh in early 2007, played in Clones as Brewster Park was closed for redevelopment work then. Incidentally, it was the first Mayo match I attended after having started the blog a few weeks before then.

  3. @Willie Joe

    I’m finding myself increasingly interested in the (his)story of the blog.

    My rough timeline is;
    2007 – blog starts
    2008 – comments section starts

    Would you have a few minutes to fill out that timeline with some more key dates? Eg what year does the Archive start? When the podcast start out?

    Has anyone expressed in an interest in this before?

  4. Another brilliant pod lads. Could listen to Boyler all day. I really enjoyed Mike skirting around asking Boyler did he ever consider pulling out of a tackle in a preseason challenge match to avoid injury. I think you got away with it Mike.

  5. I recall a conversation I overheard in a pub between two old men almost 50 years ago. They were discussing a player from before that. One said, Ah he was a great footballer, the other replied, yeah if the rest were playing in the stocking feet. Why asked the first.
    Well he wouldn’t hear them coming up behind him.
    I don’t think Mike or anyone else would have to worry about Boyler in this regard.

  6. FrosTHammer – apologies, I never got back to you about that timeline of key dates on the blog.

    In answer to your question, it’s not a topic anyone has expressed any interest in before.

    As you’ve said, the blog started in 2007, on 1st February that year. The comment facility was open from that date but, of course, nobody knew about it in the early days. The first comment was posted in April 2007 and it built from there.

    The results archive goes back to 1902, which is the first year we contested the Connacht Championship. To the best of my knowledge, the archive lists all National League and Championship games we’ve played since then at Senior level, as well as all U21/U20 and Minor (U18/U17) Championship matches we’ve contested. Initially I started the results archive as a way of keeping track of results of matches we’d played since the blog’s inception but this quickly expanded to a record of older results. Once I’d started scratching that itch, however, there was no stopping. This project culminated in the launch of the searchable archive, the brainchild of friend of the blog Ultair, which went live in 2021.

    I believe the podcast first saw light of day in 2009 but my association with it began in 2016. The blog and the podcast have become intertwined since then, to the extent that we’re now moving to integrate them.

    I think those are the key dates but let me know if you want any more info on anything.

  7. @Willie Joe

    Just gave it a quick read over, and the one thing that’s jumping out, is just a rough date on when the Archive went live.

    But that’s really it I think.

    I’d love to do a “what we were talking about last time we met” piece to match your usual match preview pieces, but whatever doing one for Galway in Salthill, the week on week nature of the league, would make it difficult for me to find the time.

  8. FrosTHammer – the archive would have gone live when I shifted the blog over to WordPress at the beginning of 2008. I’d only got a few years results in it then (back to 2001 or 2002) and these were confined to Senior. I kept chipping away at it – with help from others, without whose input the job wouldn’t have been done – for years, until it ended up all the way back to 1902.

  9. I wonder have many decided not to renew there season ticket, now that the deadline has passed

  10. Very nice to hear Willie Joe. It’s momentous work you have done and is much appreciated.

    In relation to Mayo going forward Sam Callinan had a fine game on Ruari Canavan last night for UCD in the Sigerson. Moving forward I feel he’s our best natural 6. I see a lot of posters pushing Mcbrien to come out but he was so good at full back why move him out of there.

    I would like to see this team against Galway in two weeks assuming all fit and well.:
    1. Reape
    2. Coyne
    3. McBrien
    4. Brickendon
    5. Durcan
    6. Callinan
    7. Mchugh

    8. Carney
    9. Tuohy

    10. Diarmuid
    11. ROD
    12. Flynn
    13. Conroy
    14. AOS or Cillian
    15. Towey

    Subs:Hennelly/ Coen/McLoughlin/Ruane/Boland/ AOS or Cillian
    Morahan/ O’Donoghue/ Kevin Quinn

  11. @Clubman 51
    The worry would be whether Carney and Touhy would be good enough in midfield. Good news if they are. Maybe there’s only one way to find out. No Hession?
    Also it would take a brave manager to leave James Carr out of a Mayo team vs Galway considering the previous he has against them.

  12. Also good to see Brickenden getting a favourable mention for UCD at full back. If both he and McBrien were going well it will give us a bit more height and power back there. I’d like to see Sam get 3 league games at chb ,and maybe Brickenden or Mc B also tried there.

  13. Have been lurking rather than posting for the last while but nothing better than an upcoming Galway game to brush off the winter cobwenbs. Any official update anywhere on who has left the squad, who is in the squad and where any injuries are at (Walshe, Plunkett, others ?)

  14. The NUIG v Sligo IT sigerson game this evening is been livestreamed from 7 pm. Assuming pitch is OK and game goes ahead

  15. @GaryEgan I completely forgot about Hession. He definitely has to start after the nonsense that went on bringing him on last year.

    I have my doubts that McBrien is back fit after serious shoulder surgery last summer.

    Nothing like a Galway game to wet the appetite. Sean Kelly recently referred to the hurt of being knocked out by Mayo last year. By my calculations we have knocked them out of the championship in 19’,20’,21’ and 23. Not bad going!

    I still feel they are a more put together outfit at the moment with the key difference being their experienced forward line. I pray that we can keep ROD, Cillian and Conroy fit all year round and see how far they can take us. I don’t know if we fit Aido into that XV. An impact role may loom for Aido, albeit he had a good club seasons and he’s in fantastic condition which is testament to a man of his size. I would imagine he would have to work a bit harder to keep off the pounds.

  16. Tommy Conroy
    Ryan O’Donoghue
    Jim Kelly
    Evan Iver’s
    All starting from Mayo. Dylan Thornton and Darragh Syron on bench possibly Ferguson from Swinford

  17. Big save from the Knockmore keeper, NUIG do look more menacing going forward, Sligo not quite the fire power to match.

  18. Good match so far, Sligo showchasing plenty of talented young players who have won Connacht minor and U20 titles.

  19. Jim Kelly from knockmore very impressive for ATU Sligo.
    Tommy Conroy and Ryan o donoghue very passive and not offering anything of quality.

  20. @Clubman51
    We have knocked Galway out of the championship 4 years out of 5.
    Galway haven’t knocked Mayo out of the championship since the last century (or last millennium if you like)
    We’ve also beaten them twice in league finals in that time yet they like to call us chokers.

    I don’t see us winning in Salthill as Galway will be really up for this.Not too bothered if that’s the way it goes,it’s all about championship in my opinion now.

  21. Galway lads Cian Monaghan, McLoughlin and Ryan O’Donoghue stepping up has made a big difference 2nd half.

  22. A one off game is hardly enough to go off but i do worry Tommy might never capture that 2021 v dublin semi final type form again.That horrible injury in 22 has really set him back

  23. sean burke – i wouldn’t be worried too much about Tommy, he will kick into form when the ground suits him.

  24. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am not too hopeful for this season.

    Think our standards have slipped a bit & we have lost some high quality players, which we’ve yet to replace.

    All Ireland semi would be a result imo

  25. I suspect youre not far off the mark there Mayo focus , we might struggle for a couple of years yet , we are looking for something to bring us back to that form of the last batch circa 13-17 but perhaps we are just shy of that type of collective quality with the current squad , not a lot you can do if thats the case , all they can do is give it their best shot .

  26. One factor that we ignore is that our 2012 to 2017 team would struggle to make those finals nowadays with the exact same squad undergoing 2024 preparations.
    Look at the other teams.
    Galway, far better.
    Roscommon, levels better.
    Kerry, far better.
    Derry, levels better
    Kerry, far better
    Dublin similar
    Tyrone similar
    Armagh, levels better
    Monaghan, far better
    I think we make at most two finals nowadays and in some years would miss the semi.

  27. Sorry JP, think you are way off the mark there! That Mayo team was exceptional, some of the football played in 2013 for example is the best ever produced by this county.

    A lot of the teams are better now, that is correct but they still aren’t that good and aren’t anywhere near the levels we reached in those years. The top team, Dublin, are nowhere near as good. If our 2013 Mayo team entered this years All Ireland, I would be extremely shocked if they didn’t win it.

    There was more of a gap in those years between the top teams and the rest but I think in part that is because Dublin and Mayo were so good.

  28. Exceptional is a bit strong. I mean we have to have meaning on words. They were a very good side. They got close on occasions. It’s a reality, but the exceptional word can only be used if we had managed to finish the deal on one occasion.
    Also, we didn’t have the consistency or depth to be considered exceptional.
    I don’t think I’m way off the mark. It is a much harder route to win Sam now with the quality of teams competing.
    The 2013 minors, sorry but you’re going way off track on that tangent.

  29. I didn’t mention the minors, JP.

    The reason I brought up 2013 was I think it was our strongest year and best team. We made an All Ireland final and lost it by one point, having largely played badly but for a good 20 minute spell at the start of that match. We made the final with winning margins of 17 points, 12 points, 16 points, 16 points and 6 points (playing quite badly) along the way.

    I think you greatly underestimate how good we were and greatly overestimate how good certain teams are at the moment. Dublin, for example, are a shadow of the 2017 team. Armagh, Monaghan, Roscommon, Galway and Tyrone are all actually ordinary enough teams at the moment. It is the lack of top sides at the moment that means you are seeing these ordinary teams in semi finals and finals.

  30. I’d agree with JP – I think ourselves, Dublin and maybe Tyrone and Donegal, were ahead of the curve in terms of S&C and outright organisation.

    But Unstoppable isn’t wrong either, some of the football that team was able to produce is now the benchmark for modern football.

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