Mayo Football Podcast episode: Connacht final preview show

There’s nothing like a Connacht final between Mayo and Galway to get the juices flowing. 

So we’re starting our build-up to Super Sunday in Salthill with a bang as Colm Boyle and Barry Cullinane join Rob to set the scene.

The lads look at the mood in both camps and counties, the likely line-outs and match-ups, the talking points and the consequences of winning and losing.

It’s football chat the way we know you like it!

And there’s lots more to come this week.

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One thought on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Connacht final preview show

  1. Back to what’s on front of us:
    Predicted Team for Sunday:
    Coyne Brickenden Callinan
    Coen McBrien Hession
    Ruane Carney
    Loftus Boland Touhy
    O’Shea Conroy O’Donoghue

    First half against the Rossies our middle eight wasn’t great – there was a lack of pace and in Flynn, Durcan and McHugh we ended up with too many players not fully able to impose themselves physically. So I have leant towards fitness in my selection, given Galway’s year to date I’d feel it’s the way to go on Sunday, and I have the following questions:

    • If Jordan Flynn is much the same fitness wise as in the Hyde, should we really be starting him? Or is someone like Bob Touhy, who has the minutes in his legs, a better choice?

    • match ups at the back. Given Walsh and Comer’s fitness concerns would Callinan and McBrien be wasted on them? Personally I think Galway would only be too delighted were a half fit Comer able to occupy David McBrien for 70 minutes given how important David is to our defensive structure. Similarly Callinan might be better utilised shutting down someone like Heaney.

    • the state of the Galway Shawl. 8, 5 & 8 point defeats are Galway’s home record in 2024. Mayo, Derry and Dublin were the opposition – all games that given Galway’s injuries you suspect that they might try to contain the opposition. Hard not to come to the conclusion that either Joyce hasn’t tried to road test his shawl or when he has it has failed miserably.

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