Mayo Football Podcast episode: Dome comforts and new faces

A new year means Mayo are back in FBD Connacht League action again.

Colm Boyle and Kilmeena manager John Reilly join Mike to chat about the start of a new season.

John talks about seeing Mayo up close in last weekend’s charity match against the Club All Stars and tells us who and what caught his eye.

Boyler also picks out some of the players he thinks could have something to offer and looks ahead to next Sunday’s FBD match against London.

Plus, the two lads give their thoughts on Lahardane’s All-Ireland Junior club semi-final against Listowel Emmets next Saturday.

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9 thoughts on “Mayo Football Podcast episode: Dome comforts and new faces

  1. Great podcast! Love listening to colm Boyle hes a great influence on the younger players I think to hopefully we see him in some kind of form in mayo management in a few years!

  2. @Clare

    Did he change your mind on the Hennelly – Reape debate?
    Boyler seems to be even deeper in camp Robbie than I am.

    It was really affirming to see so many of conversations we are having here, seem to be the same conversations someone like Boyler is having with his peers

  3. What I can’t get past in relation to whomever is the goalkeeper is that the modern keeper needs to be as comfortable as a 7th defender with the ball in hand.
    Now, I don’t like it, would love to see it outlawed, but whilst it’s a major factor we simply cannot have anything but a 7th defender type goalie.
    As long as no obvious big deficit in kickouts or goalkeeping skills.
    For me weighing all up Colm Reape is who we have to go with.
    Robbie has never shown that type of game nor near it in terms of kickpassing from the hands.
    I find it a bit worrying in terms of mgmt decision making. Like am I overstating or Robbie simply doesn’t have that part of the game?
    Nothing personal, the man has given a lot, but the game and how it is played is the game.
    My worry is how that is not screamingly obvious to mgmt. Interested in viewpoints and counter points.

  4. @Frost the hammer I’m still team reape for number 1 spot all the way..

    As they said on the podcast let them fight it out for the number 1 spot and if hennelly comes out on top fair play but it shouldn’t be just a given that he gets the number 1 spot back.

    I still think reape is much better theres just something about reape he has huge potential he has the confidence to to do everything he can to try and save the goal and we saw this in league final.

    As I said when Galway kept coming at him I said to myself I have never seen a mayo goalie make some of the saves reape did that day and he made some other magic saves during the year
    to lots to work on but it’s time for reape no disrespect to Robbie but I never saw the kind of magic I can see in reape.

    Hennelly gave a lot to mayo no doubt about it but it’s reape for me.

  5. @JP

    IIRC there were signs from Robbie during his injury hit 2022 campaign that he was actively working on this side of his game.

    It was I believe 2021 when Niall Morgan really kicked off the fly goalies trend.

  6. Yes @Frosthammer, there were inklings.
    Just think when you’re into those post 30 years, it’s very rare a player makes much major improvement to the degree needed.
    Andy Moran is one exception that made remarkable improvement after age 30.

  7. @JP

    David Clarke made huge changes to his game, in particular his kickouts, and was showing good progress on these changes right up until he retired.

    Robbie is 33 according to the Podcast – he still has 5-6 good years left in him. As long as he can commit and Mayo need/want him.

  8. David Clarkes kickouts never was always a looping hanging kickout which was still obvious for ballina this year

  9. I watched back those amazing saves colm reape made in the league final frost the hammer you should watch them back might make you see where I am coming from haha

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